Prempro Settlements Reached in 2200 Lawsuits: Report

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Pfizer, Inc. has reportedly agreed to settle Prempro lawsuits filed on behalf of about 2,200 people who allegedly developed breast cancer as a result their hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which was developed by the drug maker’s Wyeth subsidiary.

According to a report by Bloomberg Businessweek, Pfizer has agreed to pay $330 million to resolve the claims, which works out to an average of about $150,000 for each case. However, the drug maker has indicated that some of the reported settlement terms are not accurate and remains tight-lipped about the deal.

The Prempro settlement comes after eight years of legal battles by Pfizer and Wyeth, which was acquired by Pfizer in 2009. It also comes as a Chief Executive Officer, Ian Read, takes over the drug maker.

A number of Prempro trials have resulted in multi-million dollar compensatory awards and even larger punitive damage awards after juries determined that Wyeth intentionally hid the risk of breast cancer from Prempro. Just this week, a Pennsylvania appeals court reinstated a $10 million verdict in a Prempro HRT lawsuit, which included $8.6 million in punitive damages.

Prempro contains a combination of the drugs Provera and Premarin, to artificially boost hormone levels in women undergoing menopause due to surgery or in postmenopausal women. Known as hormone replacement therapy, or HRT, the drugs are designed to provide relief from symptoms such as hot flashes, irregular menstruation or weight gain.

In 2002, the National Institutes of Health released the results of studies that found women receiving HRT were at higher risk of breast cancer, strokes and heart attacks. The studies, part of the Women’s Health Initiative, sparked most of the Prempro HRT lawsuits currently pending throughout the country. By that time, Prempro and other HRT drugs had been used by more than 6 million women.

There are now about 9,000 lawsuits over breast cancer from Prempro pending against Pfizer’s Wyeth unit by women who claim that they developed breast cancer from the medication. All of the lawsuits claim that the drug caused plaintiffs to develop breast cancer, and that Wyeth failed to warn patients and doctors of the potential side effects of the hormone therapy. A number of those cases are consolidated and centralized under U.S. District Judge Billy Roy Wilson in Arkansas. Others are in state courts across the country, including Pennsylvania, Nevada and Minnesota.

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  1. Linda Reply

    I was diagnosed with Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma in January 2011 and have had a lumpectomy and will undergo radiation therapy in the near future. I took the drug Prempro from 1999 to 2004, I believe that my breast cancer is a result of taking Prempro.

  2. BONNIE Reply

    I took both prempro and premarin through the years I was having bad hot flashes.
    I was diagnosed with breast cancer on 10/8/09, had chemo first to try shrink the tumer, then had my right breast removed and 36 lymph nodes (20 which were cancerous) and then had 33 radiation treatments. I believe these meds contirbuted to my cancer as there is no family history of breast cancer.

  3. Mary McLean Reply

    I was on birth control pills from 1971 to 1977…I was 27 years old. I suffered a heart attack. From about 1984-2002 I was on preamarin/prempro. In 2008 I was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal breast cancer. Estrogen receptor: 100% There is not doubt in my mind that I was hit with a double dose of estrogen overload.

  4. Sharon Reply

    I have had 4 surgeries on my right breast – went thruogh 5-1/2 weeks of radiation therapy. My surgeon would not remove my breast after the third surgery indicating that it was still a good breast, however, there is nothing there be skin. Can’t find a bra, can’t wear a swimming suit. I think if the Pfizer/Wyeth executives had 2 inches taken off of their manhood and told “it still works”, they would feel the same way I am feeling. $150,000 for what they put us women through is just not enough.

  5. Maureen Reply

    I got it, too….Bilateral mastectomy this year…then got an infection from the tissue expander. I am seeing an attorney this month to see what I can get as a settlement…I AGREE…$150,000 for loss of my breasts? I do have a good attorney…

  6. Nancy Reply

    I am not able to get any lawer to help met deal with Phizer for the damage Prempro caused me. I have lost my whole right breast do to estrogien and projestion receptor positive cancer. Were do I find an attorney that will help . I have looked for three weeks I can not find any attornery that will help. They all think I have a case but none will help

  7. Patricia Reply

    I took both of the drugs and developed cancer, which I have had two cancer surgeries.

  8. Louisa Reply

    They claim that I wasn’t on the drug long enough to be included in the lawsuit. The drug that I took was Premarin.They claim they have scientific evidence that it didn’t cause it. They all work together to get their money. But what goes around comes around. I’ll just leave it up to the Lord

  9. Janet Reply

    I took Prempro from 2002 until 2010 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer 2/9/2010 and was taking PremPro right up until the diagnoses (In fact Kaiser gave me a credit for the unopened boxes of Prempro) Invasive Ductal breast cancer. Estrogen receptor. I have had a right mastectomy followed by Chemo and Radiation. Is there an attorney in Oregon that I should see?

  10. Willa Reply

    I HAD CANCER IN 2003 from taking prempro; It was breast cancer I itook raidation and kemo. i was damage by the raidation under the arm where i was burned by it. I need an attorney please help me find one’

  11. marie Reply

    I was diagnosed with invasive ductal breast cancer Feb 2002 which was estrogen receptor positive. I had been prescribed Prempro from July 1998 until the day I was diagnosed with breast cancer so 3 1/2 years. This was prescribed for fibromyalgia treatment. I asked my PCP to stop it Jan 2001 and was told that since my dad had alzheimers and my mother had parkinsons, this medication would protect me. In May 2001 I had a physical with a new PCP and when I asked to stop the medication, I was told that I needed more. August 2001 I met with GYN and asked for him to take me off this drug. He told me to stay on it and if there was a drug like this for men, he would take it. Then after a positive ultrasound and biopsy Jan 2002, I was told to immediately stop this prempro. I had lumpectomy, chemo, radiation and estrogen depleting medications for 5 years. Now I have all kinds of conditions as arthritis, osteoporosis, chronic venous insufficiency, CT of heart has been undetermined with shadows from the radiation over the left breast over coronary artery. My memory has declined and I have multiple restrictions from these conditions that I can’t think of any job I can do.

  12. dawn Reply

    I had hysteractamy and they put me on prempro about 6mths later I was having chest pain and trouble breathing. They did many test and found a blood clot on my lung I was hospitalized and put on blood thinners for 6mths. They just took me off 6wks ago and did all the blood test to make sure nothing in my blood would have caused the clotting and found that there was nothing and that it was the prempro. I\’ve been in and out of the hospitAl because of this trouble breathing because of this and if I ever get another clot I\’ll be on blood thinners for life. How do I sue them for this?

  13. tracey Reply

    I had been having horrible abdominal pain prblems with my bowels I wad misdiagnosed at first when my stool was just pure blood and clots I went to the hospital they told me I had colitis and sent me home exactly a month later my abdoman was bloated pressure and horrible pain that went into my chest ribs and back went back to the hospital they had me drink 2 iodine cocktails done a ct with the iv dye and discovered the whole time its been a blockage due to a blood clot in my aorta at the part that ballons to tour colin and other organs was hospitalized foe 3 days was pur on bloodthinner that have not helped the bloating pressure and pain has gotten worse so I went to my family dr and found that my premerin that ive been on since 2004 due to my having a hysterectomy my premerin caused the blood clot so now im having to do anotherore indepth dye ct scan to pin point the clots new location and size so that they can do surgery on My aorta to remove the clot ive also had skin irritatins that resemble lupus ony face and very terrible headaches and memory loss how do I go about suing premerin for all my mental, emotional, and physical anguish please help me

  14. Roy Reply

    My wife and I are looking fora lawyer that will file a case for breast cancer from preparing……. we lived in Las Vegas Nevada at that time…… anyone know of a LAWER???

  15. Sharon Reply

    I was diagnosed 092112 right breast cancer. I live in Minnesota. My oncologist confirmed that it was caused by the HRT prempro as that is the lab showing estrogen receptor as being positive.I had a double mastectomy. I have contacted four lawyers and not one will take the case. All saying the rejection of the claim does not mean that it is without merit, but if I wish to proceed with the matter I should consult with an attorney immediately because of legal deadlines. Well what is the point if no one will even consider taking my case? Is the lawsuit on prempro ended? I was taking the medication as I went into early menopause and to prevent osteophorisis The last few years I kept asking if I could go off it and was told just one more year and no worries as it just a real low dose so I had nothing to worry about, I finally just weaned myself off and not long after that I was diagnosed. Went through many weeks of chemo and radiation and also on a drug I have to take for 5 years. I have now finally given up on finding a lawyer as I am guessing the drug company has more clout than us little people.

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