Rhino Pill Side Effects Linked to Hospitalizations and Injuries, FDA Warns

  • Written by: Martha Garcia

Federal drug regulators warn that side effects of Rhino male enhancement pills have been linked to reports of serious injury and hospitalization, indicating that a number of different products marketed as sexual aids should not be used. 

In a press release issued on November 27, the FDA indicates that Rhino pills should not be purchased or used, citing a number of complaints involving severe headaches, chest pain, and prolonged erections that may lead to the need for surgery and hospitalization.

The products in question are sold under names like Platinum Rhino 25000 and Krazzy Rhino 25000, with marketing claims on the packaging that promise “stamina,” “size,” and “time” for men seeking sexual enhancement. They are often taken as an alternative to Viagra, or for an extra boost before a working out.

The FDA has determined that Rhino products contain sildenafil or tadalafil, which are active ingredients in Viagra and Cialis; prescription drugs for erectile dysfunction. However, Rhino products are sold as dietary supplements and do not mention that they contain the drugs. Therefore, the FDA considers Rhino pills misbranded and adulterated, since they have never been approved as a safe and effective drug.

The two drugs found in Rhino pills fall under a class of medications known as phosphodiesterase type-5 (PDE-5) inhibitors, which can cause individuals to experience severe drops in blood pressure and are linked to significant safety issues and the risk of serious adverse events.

These ingredients may also interact with nitrates found in some other prescription drugs, causing blood pressure to drop to dangerously low levels. They can also interact with medications for diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or heart disease.

The ingredients in the products are often promoted by the manufacturer as a sexual enhancement product, a product for weight loss or bodybuilding, or sometimes as pain relief products.

Since 2007, the FDA identified 25 products marketed as variations of Rhino products that contain hidden, or undeclared ingredients. They are the same, or significantly similar, to drugs which should be given only through a prescription by a medical professional, not sold over-the-counter.

The products are commonly sold at gas stations, conveniences stores, and are available online through Amazon and eBay. They are marketed as dietary supplements, so consumers are unaware of the serious consequences when taken.

The FDA has posted dozens of public warnings indicating recall announcements for the fraudulent products. However, the FDA cannot test and identify every product which is sold on the market and may contain undisclosed ingredients.

“We remain vigilant in our efforts to protect the American public from the sale of these potentially dangerous products,” said Donald D. Ashley, director of the Office of Compliance in the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research.

The agency recommends consumers search the FDA’s Tainted Products database to identify any harmful ingredients in a questionable product. If the ingredient is not listed, consumers should still be cautious about taking certain products, especially products marketed for sexual enhancement, weight loss, body building or pain relief.

Anyone who experiences a side effect after taking a Rhino product should report it to the FDA’s MedWatch adverse event reporting program.

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  1. Dee Reply

    My fiancé took this pill on Monday an it’s now Wednesday an he’s throwing up non stop he also had diarrhea with some stomach pain. He also had the worst headache ever his head been hurting for a couple days now an nothings working I’m thinking about taking him to the emergency…. he took the 18K rhino pill an he will never take it again this is HORRIBLE

  2. Ethan Reply

    I took this on Tuesday and it’s now Thursday (all out of curiosity – I don’t have ED but I thought fuck it.) There’s still pressure in my eyes and I have a full headache. I don’t have much energy as I couldn’t sleep. I have a mild body ache too.

  3. Andre Reply

    Have headache and pressure behind eyes 4 days straight been in bed after taking rhino pill that say no headache on logo false advertising

  4. Sean Reply

    All of the testimonies are true. After approximately 1 hour of taking the Rhino pill. I began to I guess salivate. That feeling in your mouth when you feel like you may need to throw up. Next, my body temperature began to raise. It was the most frightening feeling I’ve ever had.It just kept rising. I yelled for my GF. I was sitting on the floor and was too natious to get up. On top of that, my heart began to gradually beat faster and faster. She felt my arm & said it felt normal. That response made me even more afraid for my life. Next, I began to throw up uncontrollably. Alot. I could not even wipe my face. I could not move. All I could do was pray to God in my head and be thankful my GF was there. This went on for about an hour. She wanted to take me to the hospital but I refused because my temperature seemed to slowly decrease after I threw up my insides. My body was in so much pain. My testicles were in pain. I sat in my original position for a couple hours. Any loud noise or sunlight would make me dizzy. I finally dragged my self to sit with my back against the wall. I still was not able to stand. I was still throwing up about every 30 minutes now. I could not eat or drink ANYTHING. Not 1 drop. By that night I was able to swallow small amounts of water. But out of nowhere I’d get uncontrollable hiccups until I threw it up. I hiccuped every 10 seconds for over 2 hours. Words cannot describe the pain. I began to force myself to throw up because everytime I threw up I could taste that gross ass pill. So, I would drink water & force myself to throw up. Very painful and draining. I did not sleep for almost 48hrs. I did not eat as well. Finally I got a couple hours of sleep. When I awoke I was afraid to eat or drink but I tried. It was a gift of mercy from God that I actually ate a spoon full of scrambled egg & it stayed down. From there it took a couple days to eat normal again. PLEASE DON’T TAKE THIS PILL…IT CAN KILL YOU

  5. Jaiey Reply

    Can anyone advise whether or not this rhino pill has caused permanent side effects?? I took a rhino 69 6K 6 days ago and I’m expressing mild ache in my groin area as well as a on and off headache.

  6. Thomas Reply

    Anybody suffer a heart attack? If so, please contact me. Thank you

  7. Rochelle Reply

    Im a female and took it out of curiosity. My pressure went up, nothing happened down there, i only had a headache for 2 days straight. But oddly enough, I took it Friday night and Monday to Wednesday ive been having SERIOUS back pains!!!!!! I havent done anything out of the ordinary to hurt my back, so im wondering if latent side effects is the cause of serious back pains

  8. Anthony Reply

    I want to talk to a lawyer about a law suit cause I ended up in hospital cause pill and continue to have bad side affects

  9. Anon Reply

    My boyfriend and I decided to take these last night, I had the female version he had the rhino 6k and we both ended up passing out before anything could happen but he woke me up around 5 and just started to projectile vomit. He has aches and pains, I ran to the store and got him Gatorade, Pepto, ginger ale and Pedialyte. I’m really worried, he’s also experiencing body aches.

  10. Troy Reply

    I ended up in the emergency room after having a seizure. Still dealing with the effects.

  11. Ronnie Reply

    I took the Pill Friday night. Within 30 min I felt very nauseous. I Began Freezing and then burning up. My blood pressure was going sky high then would bottom out. My heart was racing so bad I thought it was gonna beat out of my chest, then the weirdest was it would like completely shut down like it wasn’t beating at all. Then I would be freezing cold. Couldn’t get comfortable in any way, shape or form. Had to get in shower numerous times within an hour. Had to force myself to do that all while feeling like I was going to pass out or just die. I have high blood pressure anyway so I thought I was having a heart attack or a stroke and may have had. Vomiting uncontrollable, it was like foam at times. Very weird taste. Both eyes were bloodshot just all of a sudden really, really, bad. Thank goodness my wife was trying to take care of me. She didn’t know what to do. We were both praying to god to get me thru this. We were gonna call ambulance because i really thought I was dying. We should’ve but we didn’t. It was the worst experience I’ve ever had. Headache since Friday. Body aches all over. I can actually hold down food today (Sunday) it was so miserable I probably would’ve shot myself, it was that horrible. I’m definitely gonna go to my dr to make sure I didn’t have a stroke or heart attack. Worst feeling And experience I’ve ever had. It lasted for 3 days but still feel really weird and lifeless. This product should be taken off the shelves. I hope no younger teenagers walk into a mini mart and think oh this would be fun, we’ve already warmed our son and his friends to never, ever buy something like this. The owners or marketers of this product should be in jail, with lawsuits out the wazoo. This shit can kill you!!! Like I said I’m really wondering if I did have a stroke. If anyone else takes this I hope they film what happens to them, but I’m sure nobody reads the reviews on this before they buy it. I sure wish I would have,and I’m sure everyone else with these same side effects wish they did also. TAKE THIS SHIT OFF the MARKET before someone DIES! They ought to be ashamed of theirselves after everyone has had almost the same experiences with this. I will never buy anything like this ever again. If I have suffered a stroke, like I think I did, I will be suing this company and I feel others should do the same.

  12. Emmanuel Reply

    Do your self a favor. DO NOT USE THIS PILL. ITS NOT WORTH it. I took one on Sunday the 8th.and 5 days later my low back still aches like crazy. My headache went away yesterday, thank God. I workout everyday and I am very fit. I had the worst headache EVER. I wished I had done my research by reading more review on this pill before taking it. So if you are planning buying it and seeing this message. It’s NOT worth the PAIN.

  13. Tony Reply

    I took this about an hour ago. I’m not doing too cool. Trying to laugh it off but everything looks pink I’m getting super hot and I’m shaking so yeah

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