Royal Prestige Cookware Recall Issued After Reports of Melting

  • Written by: Russell Maas

About 1.7 million cookware products have been recalled, after more than 1,100 reports were received of the pots and pans deforming when exposed to heat, posing a potential burn hazard for consumers and a risk of damage to nearby property.

A Royal Prestige 9-Ply Thermal Wall Cookware recall was announced by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) on January 17, after at least 1,136 consumers reported problems where the cookware collapsed, crimped, or deformed when exposed to heat, causing at least one consumer to be spattered with hot oil when the pan collapsed inward.

The recall includes stainless steel 9-ply “Thermal Wall” pans sold under the “Royal Prestige” brand name. The following recalled cookware were sold individually and in sets; 1.5 qt saucepan, 2 qt. saucepan, 3 qt. Dutch oven, 4 qt. Dutch oven, 6 qt. Dutch oven, 8 qt. Dutch oven, 8″ skillet, 10.5″ skillet, 10″ paella pan, and 14″ paella pan. The recalled pots and pans have a seal displaying “Thermal Wall” and “9-Ply” imprinted on the bottom of the pan.

The recalled cookware products were manufactured by Meyer Europe, SRL, of Verdellino, Italy and imported by Hy Cite Enterprise LLC, of Madison, Wisconsin. Independent distributors of HY Cite Enterprise sold these products through door-to-door sales for between $250-$800 for individual products and from $800 to $3,500 for sets.

The CPSC is advising consumers to stop using the cookware products immediately and contact Hy Cite at (800) 609-9577 for instructions for sending the cookware to the firm to repair. Hy Cite has announced that any damaged pots and pans will be replaced, for more information consumers may visit the Hy Cite Enterprise website at or and navigate to the “Recall Information” link.


  1. FABIOLA Reply

    I have this product for five years, and two pots have black spots , and i called the company so they told me to stop using them and sent via ups, and they going to repair the p[roduct and replace the bad pots. i paid over $2,000 dollars for the set. How i know is not going to happen again?, and how i will be sure if they repair correctly my pots?. I want new set or my money back, this is a expensive product.

  2. Patrick Reply

    I received the first of my pans that was “repaired” from Hy Cite enterprise. To fix to these very expensive pans, Hy Cite drilled a 5/8 inch hole on the side of the pan and plugged up with a rubber-like button. Never would I consider buying cookware that needs a hole on the side to function. Looks like it needs to be filled with water like a squirt Gun.
    Also, the pan that was returned was not my original pan sent. This pan is much more weathered than my cookware.
    Never will consider buying this product ever again!

  3. sharon Reply

    I purchased the pans from Hy Cite enterprise.( Royal Prestige) I sent my brand new pans that I hadn’t even used yet in, because of the recall. I have yet to get all my pans back and I sent them in January of 2013 This is March 18, 2013. I too am not happy with the way they have fixed my new pans that I did get back. I am afraid to used them now!!!!!!!!! I feel we should get new pans, as I have paid over $2,000 for them. It is horrible to of bought new pan and you are afraid use them!!!!!!!!!

  4. Sonia Reply

    I bought this very expensive pan set back in 2006 and another in 2012. When I received the recall letter I was very disappointed at these products. I sent them in and they return with a rubber button that covers the hole they drilled. It makes them look ugly. I had not had problems with my pans before until this hole was made. Now the food sticks and burns. On top of this I was sent a pan that was not the one I sent in. This one was burned and nasty. I called they said they would send mi a new one and its been a month and have not received it. I call today and they were trying to send me a 5-ply because they do not have the 9-ply in stock. I refused because I paid my good money for the 9-ply to get and less. For the money we paid for these pan we should get the newer model not the older versions. I won’t ever buy another Royal Prestige product again! I am so disappointed!! They have lost their prestige with me.

  5. kevin Reply

    My wife and I were also swindled into buying these pans because my wife went to a bridal show and made the mistake of giving out our real phone numbers and email addresses. Next thing you know my wife says we one a honey moon all expenses paid trip. We would just have to go to a hotel and watch some jerk do his speech, and cooking demo. Our own mistake we took the bait, bought a set of pans, had issues with the pans the first use. Food stuck to our saute pan, the cookie sheet folded like a pretzel, and we were given a substitute for a pan we really wanted. Worried we were scanned I called the company and asked for a refund, we were told that they simply “do not do refunds”. They never made anything right, they said no interest but they charge a monthly surcharge of almost 50 dollars, no interest my ass. I am so mad at these people I told them that i will no longer pay them, I own my house my cars I don’t need credit, they can put in collections for all I care. Today my best friend called me, said he is receiving collection calls from royal prestige regarding my account. They are Facebook stalking my wife and I and even text me. We have no idea how they got my best friends phone number??? But I am lawyering up Monday. This company was squashed in California a few years back for bad business practices. Horrible company, horrible product!!!!!!

  6. Jackie Reply

    I agree with all these negative comments. After sending my brand new pots and pans which I had just finish paying off and which I had not wanted to use until I was done paying them, I received a letter about a recall. I ended up sending my pots and pans back only to receive a mediocre job done on them as the inside had like water level edge sharp surface ridge. This is dangerous. I called them and said that they did not have any of the 9 ply in stock and that to get those it would take a long time and they didn’t know how long it would take them to have in stock so I was better off taking advantage of the 5 ply set the company was offering in exchange along with an additional pot or pan that I could select of the two they were offering. According to them this would be my “free gift”. Like I told them, “free gift?” there is no such free gift, I paid my monies for my pots and pans already. While I don’t like to involve myself in legal ordeals, I just feel that this is not fair. We should either have our pats exchanged for new ones OR have our money returned. I just wonder if there is anything we as a community can do something about it legally? This is just not fair.

  7. Flor Reply

    Does anyone know if there is a current lawsuit and how to get in on it? I don’t know anything about how to try to join one as I too am extremely dissapointed with my pans 🙁

  8. Don Reply

    We also had problems with this recall issue. Took forever and several phone calls to get them back. First told be they lost them, would you take 5-ply. Told them definitely not that is not what I paid for. After giving tracking numbers they located 2 of the 5. Sent them in in February, just recently got them back. I even contacted a dealer we had got them through and was no help. Not happy with their appearance, don’t feel they cook the same. Would love to have new ones but no 5-ply, had one piece of that and everything stuck to it. Very unhappy customer. Will do some real complaining when we go to the State Fair this year.

  9. josefina Reply

    I been carringg these heavy pots around because I moved so I got the letter a few weeks ago saying that I had to return them. I was told to take them to any UPS store. I did but I was told at the UPS store that I have to call first where and which store is accepting this process. I paid a lot money for these cookware and I will be without any pot for a while without knowing if I can trust this company again.

  10. Ruth Reply

    I live in Mexico and just went through a sales pitch to buy the 9 ply pots! I was totally convinced until I looked them up online and saw its actually a recalled product! I can\\\’t believe royal is still selling these pots in foreign countries. Boy am I glad I checked!

  11. Dario Reply

    If there’s a lawsuit please let me know, same issues here with these expensive pots and pans,

  12. Maria Reply

    I bought my set from a home show in 2008. I sent my set in when I receive the recall, some pots not even used. What was sent back was 9 ply with holes covered up with black rubber stoppers. The pots I received were not the original sent, I could tell because the new pots I sent in were scratched and marked up.

    Now I’m reading there is a second recall? I don’t want 5-ply, I want the original 9-ply that I spent well over $3000 for. Please include me if there is a class action lawsuit.

  13. Eloina Reply

    It has been a nightmare with this very dishonest people they promise to exange for their new sistem innove and I returned 10 pots and pans and ten lids they replace 5 on innove wich i do like a lot better than 5 ply but they send the rest on 5 ply I am missing lids and one paella that they are sending soon include me on lawsuit

  14. luna Reply

    I pay $2,700 for my pots…Im very dissapoined
    I send them back cause the recall worse a plastics valve y it melted with the heat …..please includ me law suit I want may money back

  15. Kevin Reply

    We have been miserable. The valves they replaced blow out. One shot a stream of boiling water 4 feet nearly hitting my Son. I noticed consumer reviews that there are loads of people there that were in for a lawsuit. Count me in! I called them yesterday and told them I am sending their crap back and just like everyone else, they want to replace them with the cheaper pan. That is absolutely ridiculous!!!

  16. Kevin Reply

    Tonight my mother was cooking with her 9 ply pots (which had already been repaired via the recall) when the rubber Peice they recently put in the side of the pot blew out causing an eruption of hot oil, followed immediately by an oil fire which covered the stove. My mother could have easily become disfigured or worse had she been a foot close and/or not reacted as quickly. My grandmother also spent thousands on these things and uses them all the time. At the very least we want our money back but it sounds like this is one of those companies who’s garantee isn’t worth a damn thing. Any lawsuit info or advicevon how we might at least get out our money back would be greatly appreciated.

  17. Jacqueline Reply

    I have been harassed my a distributor for Royal Prestige.

  18. Oneyda Reply

    I have not returned mine, and now i am afraid to do so, i would not like to see the hole you are saying they are drilling to the side of the pans, i am trying to see if the person i bought them from can help, i dont want to go thourgh the nighmare of losing them

  19. Jonathan Reply

    I also was swindled into the cooking demonstration in order to win a “free” cruise for our honeymoon. I was very sick that day with a stomach virus and was told that we couldn’t win the “free” cruise without buying the pots. Reluctantly, I handed over my credit card so I could get out of there. I have had these pots since 2008 and I still love them but I don’t want to continue using them with this recall present. I also do not want to return this set for a modified version or a set that is of lesser value. I do not want to drop off my complete set of pots with a random number for the UPS company to deal with only to either lose the shipment or never get compensated. Please include me in the lawsuit if possible.

  20. Kortum Reply

    I purchased the 9-Ply Thermal Wall Cookware in 2006/2007. The only reason I purchased this product is for the durability and reassurance of the warranty. With that in mind, you can probably understand my extreme disappointment with the fact that both of those reasons are now obsolete.

    I sent one of my pans in for the recall, with the notification mentioning nothing about getting a lesser product in return. Having no choice but to have it replaced with the 5-Ply, I opted to hold on to my remaining 9-Plys. Now I have one pan that does not match, and feel like I no longer have the option of the warranty. I am now questioning why I didn’t just purchase pans, of the similar quality of the 5-Ply, at my local department store?? I would have saved a tremendous amount of money, and a lot of them have great return policies as well.

  21. Shirley Reply

    I have not had any problems with my cookware yet but as expensive as these pans are I do not want to keep defective products if I should have PROBLEMS with them in the future. I am very disappointed that they have been recalled as I believed I was buying the best pans on the market. I want to be included in the law suite.

  22. Viviana Reply

    I still owe my pots they work fine have not had a problem yet but I do cook with caution do to the recall..I’ve been wanting to return them but after I have read all this comments am debating. I also paid lots money on them if there’s a lawsuit please let me know..

  23. Elvia Reply

    I recently learned about the recall when I was inquiring about one of their new products. I never received any letter(s). I’ve been using these pots all this time without knowing about these safety issues. I recently reached out to the company and I was told they will exchange my 9-ply products for 5-ply, so I asked about the price difference $$$ I paid they told me they are longer giving price difference reimbursement. This is a total rip-off what happened to their lifetime warranty. Please tell me there was a class action lawsuit against this company with unethical business behavior practices.

  24. Lori Reply

    My entire set is brand new and I have never used them they were in storage while I was working out of country – I found this old letter about the recall and find it so unusual that after paying thousands for this cookware we have come to this situation. I called the company and have sat on hold for over an hour. No one to talk to. Is there a class action law suite we should be able to get our money back!

  25. Maria Isabel Reply

    Please add me to a class action lawsuit.

  26. Esther Reply

    I recently reached out to the company and I was told they will exchange my 9-ply products for 5-ply, so I asked about the price difference $$$ I paid they told me they are longer giving price difference reimbursement.
    want to be included in the law suite.

  27. yolanda Reply

    I’ve had to deal with my broken 9 ply skillet for some time. I don’t have but 3 and I am afraid to send it out and not getting it back soon or well repaired. As too all negative feedback up above don’t trust this company. I’ve been on the phone for over an hour with no success. I paid over 1,500 for my order. When I purchase the set they say it’s warranty for life but don’t live up it. Include me if there is a lawsuit too.

  28. Gloria Reply

    Received the whole line of 9 ply thermal deluxe as wedding gift. Nothing has been opened but I know my grandmother paid over 5k for everything because she had a set of royal prestige and understood quality and craftsmanship.

  29. Tonto Reply

    Never buy anything from a sales representative. At least half (and sometimes far more) goes to the rep as a commission. Also, anything sold by a sales representative will be priced ridiculously high, and you can always buy something of equal quality for a fraction of the price in a store somewhere. Or just buy it used on eBay for a fraction of the price. No set of pots and pans is worth thousands of dollars. I just bought a Royal Prestige 7-ply piece in Goodwill for $5.99. I’m sure someone paid hundreds of dollars for it originally, and it’s still in new condition. The big secret here is to never let a sales representative demonstrate anything for you! Also, never buy anything that you haven’t researched ahead of time.

  30. Luz Reply

    Has annyone stoped paying for the royal prestige products ? And if so what happens ?
    As a young mom i was persuade by verry persistent people saying i needed to get their verry expensive water filters because i couldn’t let my baby shower in dirty water ! They also said it would help my credit but i have other payments to make i told them many times i could but they keep insisting so my husband gave in and said yes and gave a $600 down payment ! As of now we have many payments to make and due to covid i havent been able to work let alone pay supper expensive water filters ! the waters filters are still new unopened in the box they came in and i have been calling and emailing to see if i can return the stuff ?!?!
    And im scared becuse i dont know what to do if they can sue me?!?!

  31. Angie Reply

    Please add me to the lawsuit. Purchashed 9 ply, in return they sent us 5 ply. No compensation for price difference. Would NOT recommend this product.

  32. Jessica Reply

    Just informed of the recall. They also told me I would get new 5/ply pans. Returning 5 pans hopefully I get 5 new ones back. Mine are in excellent condition.

  33. Gregory Reply

    I also bought the 9 ply and 2 weeks after they delivered them I had to return them for a recall. They drilled a hole and put the plug in. I was convinced they were not my new pots but they said that is what I get. The plugs never worked and water would get inside, but was told at the time they would be fine. Now I find there is another recall and they will replace with the 5 ply pots. I am not happy about this and if there is a class action lawsuit I would like to be included.

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