RWS 5G Magnum Air Pistol Recall

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The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced a nationwide recall for the RWS 5G Magnum Air Pistol due to a defect that could cause it to accidentally discharge, resulting in a risk of serious physical injury. The black air pistols have “RWS Diana P5 Magnum” printed on the top and were sold from July 2006 through February 2008 for approximately $250.00.

The recalled RWS – 5G Magnum Air Pistol was manufactured by DianaWerk GmbH & Co., which is based in Germany. The air pistol was distributed by Umarex USA, Inc., of Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Approximately 7,250 of the air pistols were sold at sporting goods stores and gun shops throughout the United States. The recall applies to pistols with serial numbers between 03316930 and 03344312 printed n the left side of the barrel.

RSW 5G Magnum Air Pistol Recall

At least one report of a serious injury has been received by Umarex USA, leading to the air pistol recall. Individuals who own one of the RWS 5G Magnum Air Pistols have been asked to stop using the pistol and to contact Umarex USA toll free at (866) 633-2910 for instructions on returning it for a free repair.

Product liability lawyers have recommended that individuals who have suffered a severe physical injury as a result of an accidental discharge of the RWS 5G Magnum Air Pistol, consult with an attorney to review their legal rights before returning the product or allowing the manufacturer to make any alterations.



  1. paul Reply

    i got a rws 5g in USA but I live in new Zealand ,it stop cocking ,i went to new zealand seller ,he went to the new zealand importer of rws they would not help, what the best thing to do

  2. Jim Reply

    I have one of these in the recall ser. no. range with a similar, if not the same (I suspect the same), as your description of “not cocking.” The fix for me was in the trigger adjustment screws in front of the trigger, which required backing off of the outer screw so that the sear would operate and allow the cocking mechanism to complete the operation (the sear operates properly and the piston stays back). The smaller, inner screw seems to fine tune the trigger release by spring/ball detent (?). However, the outer screw is fragile and doesn’t seem to fit the threads well. I don’t know if this problem is related to the recall problem, or not (My guess is yes.). The fail is that the sear release gets stuck down in front of the trigger sear preventing the piston from staying back in cocking position. I live in the USA and have a friend in NZ if I can be of any help.

  3. anthony Reply

    i have an air pistol and it has gone off and hit my foot. I assume there’s not much I can do seeing as to it being a superficial wound. How am I to know?

  4. Walter Reply

    I need to buy ” O’ Ring for it. Where can I get one ?

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