Samsung Class Action Lawsuit Filed Over Top-Loading Washing Machine Recall

  • Written by: Russell Maas

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Samsung over problems with top-loading washing machines, which were recalled last year amid reports that they may begin to shake violently and explode, resulting in debris that has injured several consumers.

Oklahoma resident Jerry Wells filed a complaint (PDF) in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma on January 13, 2017, seeking class action status to represent all individuals who purchased one of the recalled Samsung washing machines.

According to allegations raised in the Samsung lawsuit, the manufacturer is trying to force consumers to take a rebate option that will result in additional money being spent with the company, instead of paying for repairs or offering a complete refund for the defective and dangerous washing machines.

The case comes only two months after a Samsung top-loading washing machine recall was issued, impacting about 3 million units. The recall followed at least 733 consumer reports that the machines broke apart or exploded due to excessive vibration.

The Samsung washing machines have reportedly caused at least nine injuries, including a broken jaw and injured shoulder from a consumer being hit by pieces of the metal frames or struck while attempting to control the shaking washing machines. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), many of the reports also included incidents of property damage to surrounding walls and floors in laundry rooms.

Before the recall, a warning was issued on September 30, alerting consumers about the risk that Samsung machines may explode. The warning initiated an investigation by both the CPSC and Samsung, which concluded that the impacted top-loading washing machines can lose balance at high spin speeds with heavy loads, such as bedding or bulkier water resistant items. When the loss of balance occurs, the machines may spin out of control, causing excessive vibration that may result in the top of the frame detaching from the chassis, posing an impact injury risk.

According to the lawsuit, Wells purchased his Samsung washing machine new in May 2013. After the recall was issued, he attempted to schedule a repair or in-home modification, but the lawsuit indicates that the Samsung representative failed to show on at least three separate occasions.

“After learning of Samsung’s recall of the Recalled Washing Machines, Wells has not used his Samsung washing machine because of the danger posed from potentially having his washing machine ‘explode’ during normal use,” the lawsuit states. “In addition to being without a washing machine since November 2016, Wells has spent countless hours on the phone with Samsung attempting to have his defective washing machine repaired or replaced.”

The class action lawsuit names Samsung Electronics America, Inc., and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd as defendants, alleging the manufacturers intentionally delayed and denied repairs for the machines.

The recall statement from Samsung promised customers three choices, which included a warranty extension and in-home repair, a rebate on a new machine, or a complete refund if the consumers had purchased the machine within 30 days of the date the recall was issued. However, the Samsung class action complaint suggests that “Samsung was intentionally cancelling repair of Wells’ Samsung washing machine so that he would be forced to use the rebate, to purchase another Samsung washing machine, thereby creating business for Samsung and saving them money on paying for repairs.”

In reports received by Consumer Affairs, many others have come forward stating that Samsung has either refused to refund them or have also cancelled several appointments, potentially attempting to force consumers to use the rebate option.

Wells is also asking for a court order that would require Samsung to replace parts for all consumers’ washing machines free of charge and in a timely manner, and for the court to bar Samsung from continuing to manufacture top-loading washing machines, given their dangerous nature and poor business ethics.

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  1. RON Reply

    SIGN US UP !!
    We bought our W&D in early 2013. First thing we noticed is rust growing in 2 areas of the washer. Samsung said it was our fault for not keeping the lid open when done. That’s BS! We are both over 60 and have more smarts than that!
    Now it has been doing the same thing as others have stated….not spinning out..ect. My wife just told me she has heard just heard a “gear-grind” noise also.
    Now the dryer….. element went out last year… I fixed it. Constant mildew smell in the dryer. I eliminated the water hose hook-up.
    I would love to THROW these POS’s threw Samsuck’s window like the old Lady in the tire commericial. !!

  2. alanna Reply

    I have 2 sets with recalled washers. They told me i didnt know how to wash laundry. Now after repair they broke the venting on drier and i am fighting to get it fixed. And if i understand they are reinforcing so tops dont come off but what is going wrong that forced them off is not being fixed. I paid good money for a good set. I didnt want another samsung. I reported first issue within 3 months took them years to fess up and now they say i can have $275 and buy a mismatched washer.

  3. Brendan Reply

    I will be signing up. My washing machine was repaired for the recall. It still did not work after the repair. Contacted Samsung to verify they would accept a Credit card statement showing purchase. Customer service rep says yes .Samsung says they have not received 4 or 5 of my emails with credit card statement receipt information for full refund. When they finally received the document they say they will not accept a credit card statement invoice. I told them to review my recorded conversations with service rep. Did not get very far. They are playing games and will not stand behind there product. Will never purchase Samsung again after dealing with this B.S.

  4. meta Reply

    We purchased a Samsung washer and dryer from Lowe’s three years ago. I contacted a technician a couple of months after i purchased the machine, as it was making a loud knocking noise. The technician from Lowe’s assured me there was nothing wrong with the machine. I continued to experience problems with the machine before the rebate, so i contacted several other technicians from Lowe’s who said nothing was wrong with the machine. After i received information about the rebate, i made numerous attempts to contact Samsung. After applying the stickers and using the recommended settings, i thought the appliance would be safe. The washer worked for about three years then exploded and damaged our floors. Samsung would not honor the rebate, so we had to purchase another washer from Lowe’s at Spartanburg, SC. I am also disappointed that the technicians at Lowe’s were not more helpful. I still have the Samsung dryer and it we have to run it three times before the clothes get dry. I also had a technician look at the dryer. We will have to replace the defective dryer, as it is increasing energy costs. Samsung should be held accountable for the damages caused by defective products.

  5. Rafael Reply

    Sing me up,too! This Chinese piece of work just offer me $31.00 for mine that is 4 years old because I’m going to another brand…..,!!!!!

  6. Douglas Reply

    Boy, its good to see someone is finally taking Samsung to task for their piece of crap appliances. Our units (Washer and Dryer) are only two years old and the dryer has rusted so badly at the top around the drum that holes have developed and the top is literally falling apart. The unit shakes so bad during the rinse cycle that I’m afraid its going to shake apart!! I contacted Samsung about these issues only to be told that our units was were past the warranty period (1 year from the date of purchase) and was not covered. I purchased an extended warranty when I bought the unit and have been told that rust is not covered under that plan and that Samsung is responsible for both issues anyway. After multiple calls to the Samsung Customer Service number, I finally was able to get them to agree to replace the rusted top, but they would not address the recall issue if they fixed the rust issue. Now I can’t get a repairman to come even though Samsung referred my info to a Samsung authorized repair shop. AAAAGH!!!

    I was led to believe that I was buying high quality/high end appliances which would perform well and last, only to find out their products are crap!! I
    also own a refrigerator which is terrible too! Last time i’ll ever buy Samsung and you can bet that I’ll sign on to the law suit too!!

  7. Haley Reply

    We were part of the recall as well. After making an appointment for a technician to come out to do the repair and extend our warranty, they were a no call no show. I had to take 2 days off of work for them to finally hold up to their appointment. Nine months after the repair the washer flooded my laundry room ruining the baseboards. I am still just put through a big circle for them to fix it. I just want my money back for this piece of garbage.

    We just bought a new washer from GE. We still have the Samsung washer in the garage just waiting for something to come of it.

  8. Hubert Reply

    Numerous repairs, within days same problems over and over!!! POS. I will NEVER purchase a Samsung ANYTHING again!

  9. Jennifer Reply

    Why is this company not being held responsible for selling a cheaply made,over priced, inferior product. Our 5 yr old Samsung washer had repairs at 2 yrs. then it started rusting,. The liquid bleach dipenser has never worked so i stopped using it plus it is horribly rusted. I can never get answers. How is it that they can continue to manufacture or sell productif they dont abide by consumer fraud and other laws and rules? WRONG WRONG WRONG!

  10. Teryn Reply

    Does anyone know the status of the lawsuit?
    I purchased a Samsung w/d and refridgerator in 2015.
    The plastic around the lid on the washer broke, so I called and they sent someone out that installed brackets in accordance with the recall. I then had to call to get them back out to fix the actual lid. No one ever explained that I had ANY options. Seven months later, the lid broke in the exact same spot. They said as a “courtesy” they would repair it. At that point, I asked their technician to check the machine, why is this happening again? He said there was nothing wrong. Guess what? 6 months later, the lid broke in the same spot yet again. That was in May of 2018. Now, in November, the lid broke again in the same spot. When I called, they said I should call the recall dept. Who demanded to know what was wrong with the machine that the lid keeps breaking? Really???? You are asking me? They told me since they put brackets on it, there was nothing more they can do. To call Samsung home service. Which is what I have been doing each time. Again, they wanted to send the same company out to replace the lid like the prior times–the same company that keeps telling me there is nothing wrong with the machine.
    Meanwhile, I bought the extended warranty on the fridge. They have been out 4 times now. The ice maker has been replaced twice, the front control panel once and now I am currently waiting for the back control panel to come in so they can replace that.
    I certainly hope that the lawsuit makes them pay. Inferior, dangerous products and horrible repairs.

  11. billy Reply

    my Samsung top loading washer has been in storage for years because no one wants to use it because it may explode and injure or worse me or my loved ones.

  12. Diane Reply

    My first Top loading Samsung washing machine has started to jump around and be off balance and unable to balance it self. Another time it didn’t spin out all of the water from the load. It did it again the other day three times. When I started to realized this could be dangerous I stopped using my machine. A friend said I should do something before someone gets hurt. It can’t be a good thing for it to being to do this. Now I am reaching out for help. These issues kept getting worse.I don’t know where to go to get the help I need before it shakes apart.

  13. keith Reply

    Sign me up same problem as the others.

  14. Sherree Reply

    I purchase the samsung washer and dryer in March 2016. It has been an serious hassle to get repairs done. The company used to be top-rated for their products, now I want to avoid most of their products. Seriously Disappointed, I want my MONEY back!!!!!!

  15. HIRAM Reply


  16. Darrel Reply

    my top is rusting,, and starting to flake apart.

  17. Frank Reply

    I purchased a matching set top load washer and dryer 3 yrs. ago. Dryer has already been replased by the 5 year waranty i putchaae from Lowes. Now washer doesnt work . Lowes has replaced main board, water valves, drain valve, drain pump, main motor and transmission. Still doesnt work. Then Lowes tells me to call Samsung. Samsung wants to give me $240.00. I paid$ 500.00. I am still fighting with both parties trying to get it replaced. Hace been without a washer for a month. Been on the phone for hours. I will never buy another Samsung appliance nor shop at Lowes again. Thanks for letting met vent. Sign me up.

  18. PATRICIA Reply

    Purchased this machine in 2014 and it has always gone to unbalance when doing any cycle with anything but low spin. Samsung is not a good machine and I waste more time and water trying to wash one load. It rusted after 6 months. They need to give everyone more than $31 for rebate of non samsung washer. I mean really, who is buying a samsung again???

  19. Kathleen Reply

    I am sick of Samsung! My washer has rust and Samsung said it’s only got a 1 year warranty. The washer was only 2 years old in February of 2020. I started seeing the rust and called Samsung in June. They said I’d have to pay for any repairs outside the lid they would replace if that issue did not resolve the rust problem because it’s not under factory warrant! I’d accept that BUT Samsung has had litigation class action lawsuits and complaints of the very same issues since 2012! The repair company they set up has never even returned calls to replace the lid that Samsung said they’d replace. Here it is a month later and NOW I have a mildew smell on my clothes!!!! I washed the clothes a second time today and used the Persil detergent that makes everything smell wonderful twice!!! The mildew smell is still there. As I’m taking the clothes out I smell the mildew STILL! My gosh I thought let me go google this because I told my husband last week I heard a funny noice and also the clothes were not wringing out completely. He washed a load and said to me, the washer worked fine for me. O.K. I thought and went out to do a load. As I went to take the dog out later I heard the noice coming from the washer again. SO long story short I googled, my husband is always saying Will You Stop googling lol so I googled, “Samsung washer with rust and mildew smell on my clothes and noice coming from washer”. BOOM!! The sites appearing were everywhere with lawsuits, class action lawsuits, etc.
    Why are we still dealing with this?!? Why hasn’t some Great Attorney stopped this some 8 years later it’s GETTING worse. Am I suppose to like others put the washer in storage and buy another brand so I don’t get killed by an exploding washer SAMSUNG!!!!

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