CDC Warns Of Errors In Giving Shingrix Shingles Vaccines

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Federal health experts are warning about the risk of problems with Shingrix, GlaxoSmithKline’s shingles vaccine, indicating that errors have been reported in recent months due to confusion between the new drug and its older competitor, Zostavax. 

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published a report this week in its Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR), highlighting the number of adverse event reports submitted in recent months involving Shingrix administration errors.

Shingrix (recombinant zoster vaccine; RZV) is a new GlaxoSmithKline shingles vaccine that was just placed on the market in October 2017. It is only approved for adults age 50 and older, and is one two shingle vaccines that are currently approved in the United States. The other is Merck’s Zostavax (zoster vaccine live; ZVL).

The report indicates that 155 reports were submitted to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System during the first four months Shingrix was available, including at least 13 problems with Shingrix administration. According to the findings, nine of those errors were because the drug was administered in a single subcutaneous dose, instead of as a 2-dose intramuscular injection, which is how the vaccine should be given. The single subcutaneous dose is how Zostavax is administered, suggesting confusion among doctors.

All but one of those patients suffered injection site reactions, including pain, erythema, and pruritus.

In two cases, patients were given the vaccine information statement for Zostavax instead of for Shingrix, and not instructed to return for their second dose, which also suggests whoever administered the vaccine thought they were giving the patients Zostavax, or thought that Shingrix worked the same way.

In the other four cases, the patients given the vaccine were younger than the minimum age of 50, for which the vaccine is approved.

The CDC researchers suggest that early monitoring indicates that the vaccine providers are confused over administration procedures, and storage requirements of Shingrix. Nine of the 13 vaccine administration errors occurred in a pharmacy, while two happened in a health care provider’s office, and two occurred at unknown sites.

“To prevent RZV administration errors, vaccine providers should be aware of prescribing information, storage requirements, preparation guidelines, and (Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices) recommendations for herpes zoster vaccines,” the CDC report recommends.

Shingles Vaccine Problems

The report comes amid concerns over the potential side effects of Zostavax, another shingles vaccine that was introduced in May 2006. Merck now faces a growing number of Zostavax lawsuits, which claim that the drug not only fails to protect against shingles as advertised, but actually causes a more persistent strain of the infection.

According to allegations raised in dozens of product liability lawsuits filed over the shingles vaccine, Merck used an under attenuated live strain of the varicella zoster virus (VZV) in Zostavax, which was not weakened enough to prevent reactivation of the virus. Instead of the body developing the proper immune response, the live virus combined with the old virus in some users, resulting in a more virulent strain of shingles.

Zostavax sales have fallen sharply in recent years, while Shingrix sales have far surpassed original projections, with full year sales now projected to exceed $600 million for the new drug.

Shingles is caused by the same virus, varicella zoster, which causes chickenpox. Later in life, the virus can be reactivated and cause shingles, which is a painful rash that usually appears as a stripe of blisters on the body. Pain can continue even after the rash is gone, which is known as postherpetic neuralgia.

Shingles itself can cause scarring, bacterial infections, encephalitis, hearing loss, vision problems and other complications.

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  1. Betty Reply

    I had my second SHINGRIX shot and immediately became ill. I was hospitalized with upper lobe pneumonia and severe bronchitis. I’m on my third week and am still ill.

  2. Carolyn Reply

    I received the Shingrix both of the recommended dose. I have shingles worse now than i have had them in 30 yrs. Miserable. And my vision is blurry. I’m not sure if I would get it again. And now i can’t take my meds for Rheumatoid Arthritis.

  3. Jim Reply

    I took a chance and got this shot and I am really sorry I did. Since then my glucose has been impossible to control, white cell and lymph count shot up, extreme and long periods of fatigue. The bicep pain lasted several days and soreness lasted close to a month. This shot may end up being the death of me. GlaxoSmithKline is an evil corporation with history of criminal convictions of lying about the effectiveness of their drugs and their horrible side effects including death. The hyped-up trials GSK paid-for finding 95% effectiveness are probably just pure BS. And lots of people complaining on Internet about serious side effects of Shingrix. Just stick with Zostavax.

  4. George Reply

    I am a 71 year old white male blind in my right eye due to a childhood injury. I received the 1st Shingrix Vial injection on 04/12/2018 at CVS. I was diagnosed by my eye Dr Snead with Macular Degeneration in my left eye on 07/24/2018. I was referred to my retina Dr Ghuma on 07/31/2018 for treatment that is still going on. I received my 2nd Shringrix Vial injection on 08/03/2018 at Publix.

  5. Dara Reply

    I received my first Shingrix shot 6/8/18, subcutaneous in my right arm. Swelling, pain, tenderness and rash on entire arm that lasted 3 weeks. Was told the reaction was because the shot was given incorrectly and I shouldn’t have a problem with dose 2. Received dose 2 3/13/19, intramuscular in my left arm. Extreme pain in arm, headache that lasted 48 hours, fever, and now rash that covers half of my upper arm.

  6. Pam Reply

    Received my 1st dose Shingrix shot February 1st I have been suffering with some palsy effects on left side of face. Painful headaches and feeling exhausted. Went back to Drs and put on predizone. Nothing changed. Seeing a nureologist . I could cry that I agreed to this shot. I should of done my research.. I pray I get my once good health back being only 57 …

  7. Terry Reply

    I received the Shingrix vaccine in August of 2018. I broke out with a rash of hives 2-3 weeks later. I went to a Dermatoligist and she said it looked like shingles and took a bi-opsy witch came back negative for shingles and said I dont know maybe just a fluke. My pereferal vision has developed worse to almost nothing, hearing is worse. I have had lung and breathing problems since the vaccine. After a doctor visit he advised me that the booster could be deadly and I had all ready told him I was not going to get the booster. I have had to take disability from my aviation carrier. I am 59years old.

  8. Les Reply

    April 24,2019 I received round 1 of Shingrix.

    Within 24 hours I developed severe flu like symptoms and my Sciatica flared to a 10 level of pain.

    I had Sciatica prior to the injection but it had been reduced down to a 2 or 3 level of pain.

    I have read on another site the comments of 3 others that developed Sciatica from Shingrixx.

  9. Deanna Reply

    I received my first shingrix shot in July 3018. Immediately after I got shingles in my pelvic area with horrible nerve pain. I was hospitalized to control the pain…

  10. Julie Reply

    My husband Troy got the shingrix vaccine for shipping gels and 3 wks later got shingles which doctors said also triggered Gout in his left arm and hand

  11. Tammy Reply

    I received my first dose on Nov. 5th 2018. 6 months to that day I was diagnosed with Bells Palsy. How did I ever get this if the vaccine worked?!? Thank God the pharmacy was out of the second dose whenever I went back. I will not be getting the 2nd dose, and truly believe that the reason I got Bells Palsy is directly related to the vaccine. I am already out about $1500.00 and have an appt. with an EMT to consult for surgery. I feel compensation should be mandatory!!!

  12. Geneva Reply

    I got the Shingrix shot on July 5, 2018 at Walgreens. Had a horrible reaction to the sho t including swelling and redness, severe pain, flu-like symptoms and a headache for days. Could not use my left arm. Had continuous severe pain and still have pain in the injection site to this day. Cannot use that arm. I have pictures of my arm showing the reaction I had. I have experienced severe fatigue ever since. I am 72 years old. Could not use that arm after injection and still cannot. Has caused blurred vision. I had severe headache for days after the injection. I called Walgreens and reported the horrible reaction. They said they would report it and for me not to get the second shot. No way I was going to take that second shot. It has ruined my life..

  13. Caroline Reply

    Can you update me on your sciatica problems. I also had a quick onset after my second vaccine. Wondering how long this will last and how it will go away abruptly. This has been awful

  14. Carol Reply

    Caroline and Les
    … I would like to chat with you about your experience. I also had a quick onset of sciatica after my second shot. Flu like symptoms day 2 after shot.. horrible sciatica day 3 and onward. I am finally nerve pain free, but have muscle cramps and tightness and pain in the same leg I had the sciatica. I received the second shot on June 7 … so it’s been 7 weeks. If you are willing I would love to contact you by phone or email.

  15. Alli Reply

    I received the Shingrix vaccine at Walmart and it has caused severe pain in the top of my left arm. The first several weeks I could not lift my arm. It’s been three weeks and it is still very painful and I can barely lift my left arm to brush my hair. It throbs during the night. I will not got the second shot. I hope my arm gets better.

  16. Mae Reply

    I received the Shingrix vaccine at North Seminole Family Practice & Sports Medicine on September 6, 2019. Within 24 hours the entire left side of my body felt like it was on fire, and my right middle toe was completely numb. I had to get blood drawn today at Quest labs, and i asked the phlebotomist to look at it and she told me to IMMEDIATELY go to the Florida Blue clinic to have them examine my left arm. When the Nurse Practitioner examined me, she immediately notice the Shingrix vaccine was administered entirely too low on my left arm. She went on to tell me it should’ve been given in the upper deltoid area. The nurse practitioner informed me to follow up with my PCP, to see if I should get the second dose. If I need to to have it administered by my PCP ONLY AND NO ONE ELSE AT THAT OFFICE. I don’t want to receive the second dosage EVER. I have been extremely fatigued and my whole left side of my body feels like lava is coursing through my veins. This pain is REALLY SERIOUS…OH MY GOD

  17. Michael Reply

    I had a severe ear infection that lasted about 4 weeks. It was both bacterial and fungal. When the infection cleared up I had an audio test done to determine what type of hearing aids we were going to use. We did the examination and I made an appointment for 2 weeks later to get fitted. Everything was fine and then one week before I was to be fitted I took the shingles shot. Within 5 days my hearing deteriorated so much that they could no longer fit me for hearing aids until the severity of my hearing loss could be determined. I have taken steroids prescribed by my ENT to help regain some of my hearing but they are saying I will not regain what I had lost.

  18. Michelle Reply the shringix vaccine on 9-19-19 broke out with severe shingles on 9-21-19. I was feeling like I was hit by a truck on 9-20-19
    The virus is still running its course. I am in Hell.

  19. Herschel Reply

    I received the shingles vaccine on August 12, 2019 and loss my hearing out of my left ear. I went to a ear specialist he said I have nerve damage to the inter ear cause deaf in that ear. Both ears were perfectly normal before the vaccine, I’m 63yrs old. I will not get the 2nd dose not worth loosing my other ear. I am blessed that I can still work and drive without issues. Very concerned why this happened to me. Concentration is very hard because the ringing noises that continues around clock. Learning to blockout the noise through other wind devices while sleeping.

  20. Kim Reply

    I recieved my second shot of Shingrix in September 2019. A day after I developed severe neurological problems that lasted a week. I’m so glad no permanent damage was done. And so glad that was my second shot!!

  21. Greg Reply

    I got my shingrix vaccine October 10th 2018 same time I was going through dental work assumed it was related to that in the 10 months since then I’ve been to a neurologist and neurosurgeon acupuncture acupressure General Practitioners MRI MRI with contrast all told normal friend of mine told me she was getting ready to go get a vaccine but was afraid of the side effects I asked her what they were and she read them off and it was exactly what I have numbness left side of face lips tip of my nose to my ear all on the left side taste buds can’t taste anything I only got the one vaccine thank God I didn’t get the other… I was told that these side effects or indicative of the first type of shingles vaccine and not the new 1 BS

  22. Stephany Reply

    I got the first Shingrix vaccine in Aug. 2019. It is just a few days before Halloween and my shoulder still aches and is still very swollen. Seeing my doctor about this in a few days.

  23. Michele Reply

    I received my first shot around 5 weeks ago. My arm was killing me for over a week. I too had flu like symptoms and now for the first time have developed sciatica nerve pain which was so bad I have to see a spine doctor to receive shots. The first round only worked for two days. Went back yesterday for round two if spinal shots and only a little better. Have to go for round three in two weeks and I can tell you this that the booster shingles shot is never going to happen.

  24. John Reply

    I received the first dose of Shingrix on July 2nd, 2019. After severe earache in August 2019, I was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome due to contracting shingles near my face and ear nerve. I had palsy on right side of my face, severe mouth drupe and could not shut right eye. Hearing in my right ear is reduced by half with severe ringing. Persistent vertigo prevents me from driving, now two months after the fact. Unreal. 54 years old.

  25. Bob Reply

    I’ve had severe rheumatoid arthritis since 2015. Dr doom told me to get my shingles shots since my blood tests showed me in near remission. First shot was 8/1/19. Injection site was very sore for a couple weeks and flu like symptoms. Got second shot 10/9/19. Next day have had bad flu symptoms to this day. My whole body started aching, loud ringing in ears, all my joints are in severe pain, can barely walk now, rectal bleeding, very dry mouth and sore throat. RA and pain meds no longer affective. Set up an appointment with dr. doom, my rheumatologist. All he could do is report it to the Shingrix co. Took a complete blood count. All RA and inflammation markers are back in the upper red zone. WBC is back over 13. The only time I’m not in pain is if I’m sitting perfectly still. Wish I would have never got the injections. Life sucks now.

  26. David Reply

    I got 2 Shingrix shots. 1st was early June 2019 and 2nd Sept 2019. I have had left shoulder pain since June. I’ve been in physical therapy off and on since late June. I’m getting an MRI mid December 2019. The only thing I can think of for a history of this issue is the shot. I can barely lift my arm after a certain elevation. Range of motion is very limited. I’ve brought the shot up to providers as a possible source but nobody is really considering it yet.

  27. Lisa Reply

    I had the first Shingrix Shot November 2018 and I am still suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia and many other debilitating symptoms. Right after receiving the Shingrix shot I could not use my arm due to severe pain and the next day I had fever and flu like symptoms. I could barely walk or function at all. Within the next few days I started getting severe headaches around my eye area and the right side of my face went completely numb. My mouth constantly aches and feels like I have several absessed teeth where I don’t have any teeth at all. My face is somewhat deformed and I have eye issues along with shocks and tingling in my face. In addition, my lower back is worse then ever and I can barely move my arms without pain. It is impossible tctively and am afraid I will no longer be employed. I did not have any of these symptoms prior to receiving the Shingrix shot and the pain has been constant for over a year now…….I have tried medications, acupuncture, and pain relief creams all of which have not helped. After reading some of the reviews on the internet, I wonder if I contracted internal Shingles after getting the shot however I have had little medical help in this area….I am not sure how much longer I can deal with this debilitating pain all over my body………PLEASE HELP!!!o sleep at night and I am constantly fatigued and extremely DEPRESSED. I have not been able to do my job effe

  28. Susan Reply

    I had the first shingles vaccine in May 2019 and from the moment the shot touched my skin I was in pain. My arms was immediately sore and I suffered flu like symptoms for two days. Immediately after and to this day, 7 months later I have experienced an array of issues including digestive issues, throught issues, headaches and fatigue. Blood work all comes back fine but I have not been right since.

  29. ivi Reply

    My first Shingrix shot was this Monday Dec 16. Within few hours I felt like getting cold or flu. At night I started to run fever, chills, today I had to stay at home because I felt sooooo bad, weak, everything hurts, joints, throat, back, nose is running, just horrible. Advil seems to help a bit but who wants to live on Advil. This vaccine should not have been approved with such side effects. I am going to report it to CDC. This is not right.

  30. Pamela Reply

    I had my second shingles shot the first week of November 2019. The injection site is still visible, itches and pain to touch all around the area. Sort of like it’s bruised under the skin. I have total body pain. I can only stand or walk for a few minutes before I feel exhausted. Even sitting can be painful. I see my provider for a physical in about 2 weeks and plan to go over this with her.

  31. Emma Reply

    I received the first Shingrix injection on my left arm on 9/9/2019, and experienced the horrible flu-like symptoms for three days. The arm pain was difficult to handle. On 11/8/2019, I received the second vaccine on my right arm. The pain on my arm has lasted for several weeks. There is a constant feeling of numbness from my armpit to my fingertips. It is very painful and has caused me to experience much sleep deprivation. My arm feels as if there is a ball of pain at the injection site.

  32. Cynthia Reply

    I was Vaccinated for shingles in September. About 12 hours later I woke up in the middle of the night with serious bed spins and Vertigo such that I began vomiting. I was unable to walk sit up straight or even stand. I was eventually diagnosed with Labyrinthitis. The cause of which was the introduction of the shingles virus which has introduced itself to my brain causing lack of balance. For the 1st couple of months I was almost unable to do anything. I am 57 years old and I am extremely active and healthy. However now I feel like I’m totally disabled. While it has gotten somewhat better there are days when I can’t even get off the couch. Here it is December and I’m still fighting this illness because of us simple vaccine that I was told I needed because I’m over 50. It’s been terrible absolutely terrible living through this period and I’m told it might take an entire year before in better. I hope that I am able to return to my active ways however I’m very suspicious. I used to be able to do things like ride my horse, Kayak, exercise daily, hike, and scuba dive. I Feel robbed!

  33. Sara Reply

    I was a healthy 76 year old female, not on any medication AT ALL. This vaccine was highly recommended by my PCP. Received the 1st Shingrix vaccination in Jan 2019, by the end of the month I could not even lift my arm to put deodorant on, throbbing pain at 10+, unable to sleep at night, numbness in hand and fingers, along with extreme fatigue. I suffer with pain up and down my neck. I was diagnosed with “frozen shoulder”. I had to start wearing garments I could put on without using both arms. Received booster in 4/19 on other arm. I have had to see Neurologist, have CAT scan, be in PT for three months, see an Ortho for cortisone. I was given a a prescription of gabapentin (a habit forming medication). My range of motion is very, very limited now. As of today’s date I am scheduled for carpal tunnel surgery 1/6/20. Before this vacation, I had a yearly check up for the past nine years- that’s it! This vaccine is deadly! I also am contacting the CDC regarding this faulty vaccine! #MASS TORT!

  34. Denise Reply

    Had shingles years ago and got the Zostavax vaccine. The only side effect was a sore arm. Got the 1st new RZV shot in early November. Had 3 colds in December. Got my second RZV January 8, 2020. As I was given the shot I felt it travel up to my neck. I have had very sore muscles all over and chills. Also very fatigued last nite but couldn’t sleep until 4 am. Woke up this morning and went to the restroom an had blood in my urine. (I am 69 years old). Anyone else have this reaction?

  35. Thomas Reply

    I got the first of two vaccine shots for Shingles on January 6th, 2020 and it did make my arm a little sore for a couple of days but nothing unusual. Then a couple weeks later I noticed that my tongue felt off, kind of numb, a few days later I started getting a pain here and there under my right ear, it was a semi severe pain but it only lasted for what seemed maybe 5 to 10 seconds and would go away. A few days later on the 27th my tongue felt even more numb, it was affecting my taste ability. It all seemed like no big deal and that it would go away at some point. Unfortunately this hasn’t been the situation, the following day on the 28th I did some errands, came home and made dinner and everything was fine. Then about an hour later I started to notice that my lips felt kind of numb and things didn’t feel right so I called a 24 hour nurse for a phone evaluation. She told me to get to an emergency room so I did and they were quick to get me in, my symptoms (I was told later) mimicked a possible stroke. I was admitted and run through a number of tests and seen by a number of doctors and admitted into the hospital. The end result was that I have Bell’s Palsy. This is the worst thing I have had to deal with… the right side of my face is somewhat paralyzed and my speech is impaired. Since I left the hospital my speech has gotten worse. Could all this be a side effect of the shingles vaccine? I don’t know for sure but a doctor said that it’s possible, they all kept asking if I had been sick with any kind of cold or virus but I generally never get sick. So now I’m hoping that I’m one of lucky ones that recovers from this and I’m trying to stay positive but it’s tough when I dwell on the thought of the idea that this could be permanent. At this point I can only wait day by day and hope that there will be future improvements. So it’s extremely doubtful that I will get the second part of shingles vaccine.
    I will try and post an update in the future of my recovery.

  36. MV Reply

    Had Flu like symptoms and my arm was very soar, also my Sciatica was so painful for almost 2 weeks…At this point I choose not to have the second vaccine and still have a bruise from the first one..had a hard time breathing, vision was totally impaired and f..k this!!! Lost the desire to not having the itch!

  37. Lynda Reply

    Received the Shingrix vaccine on January 21, 2020. I have had chronic muscle aches in my arms, legs and neck since that time and chronic tiredness. I have had back pain that was at a level 2-3 and is now a 10 since this vaccine. I will not get the second dose. Hope all of this goes away and is not permanent.

  38. Tanya Reply

    Dad age 68 got his 1. shingrix vaccine end of Oct 2019. 10 days later the armpit lymph node grew to the size of an apple. End up in ER due to stomach pain and arm pit ‘apple’. ER too CT said other lymph nodes enlarged. Recommended PET scan. In meanwhile, the armpit lymph node started leaking water for 2-3 days and the size and pain went down. PET scan reveled some radioactive trace uptake. And recommended thyroid ultrasound and hematologist for blood test. Thyroid ultrasound at 1. hospital reveled L 9 mm nodule, R 11 mm nodule (needs biopsy). Went to 2. hospital (after 1 wk). Took another ultrasound, L 7 mm nodule (too small to biopsy), R nodule VANISHED. 1. hospital fudged the results by playing with the ultrasound contrast. We went to the 2. hospital for evaluation of possible low grade lymphoma. No symptoms, no history of cancer, no fever, no rash, all blood work NORMAL even leukocytes normal and even went down from 1590 to 1300 in 2-3 weeks. Docs are covering up the shingrix side effects. Shingrix its a gift that keeps on giving to the Medical Industrial Complex.

  39. Eileen Reply

    I received my first shingrex shot on May 23, 2019 with no side effects the second one I received on July 24. 2019. The second one has given me problems since getting it my arm was sore for weeks. The night I received the shot I was paralyzed in my bed when I could finally wake up I could barely stand up. I have never felt so horrible in my life my legs and every part of my body was weak and to this day I have not regained my strength back.

  40. Art Reply

    I recieved the Shingrix vaccine Oct 18 2019 and after 3 visits to the ER it was deterimined I had Shingles. After the 3rd day I had the Rash down my right arm and hand. I was treated with the antibiotics and after a few weeks the rash went away but the pins and needles pain has continued to this day. I have other symptoms including the feeling of frozen Toes in both feet, My vision in both eye’s has gotten worse and my overall nervous condition has forced me to quit my retirement job two weeks ago and two years earlier than I planned. I will not be getting the 2nd dose. A report was sent to shingrix about my situation but they have not yet responded.

  41. Teresa Reply

    My husband, who walked 2 miles a day and lifted weights three times a week at our local gym, contracted shingles 8 days after receiving the second Shingrex vaccination. He had varicella encephalitis two days later. Within two weeks, he got two brain bleeds. He was in two hospitals, and three rehab facilities but had been 3 months now and he still can’t walk, his bladder function is not under control, and he is unable to continue working. We also had to forgo a cruise to South America and Viking would not reimburse us on anyway.

  42. laurieann Reply

    I had my 1st and only Shingrx Vaccince 6/26./2019 no reaction at first. I had a stroke on 12/11/2019 with no none health risk ! is it possible that the vaccince had something to do with it ? Had to get TPA to break up the clot ended up in ICU. All follow up test have be negative for heart issuse , clotting , vascular, neuro. lost the whole right side of by body. Has this happen to anyone else ? Nobody can give me answer. Thank You

  43. josephine Reply

    I had no problem with first shingle shot had second one can’t hardly lift my left arm biggest problem my neck I have to hold it straight or pain shoots up back of neck been like this four days

  44. Daniel Reply

    I got my shingrix shot over month ago.
    The first night woke up with chills and flu like symptoms which lasted for a couple days-also stinging fingers–sore arm/shoulder,weird muscle aches..
    I still have shoulder pain now after a month!!and stiff neck..
    I am 66 ,not on any meds.I do yoga ,exercise, work out ,ride my bike and now massage my shoulder..
    I wish I had read up on the side effects.
    hopefully the shoulder pain will go away.I appear to be one of the lucky ones without more serious side effects so far….I will NOT get the second shot…

  45. John Reply

    I had shingles in 2007, and did not want to have them again, so I was eager to get the new shingles vaccine. My pharmacy finally had availability in January, so I had the first shot one week before my 74th birthday, the 20th. On the 22nd, while showering, I felt the equivalent of an electric shock in my right ear, and I suffered a sudden hearing loss. My otorhinolaryngologist put me on steroids, which reduced the hearing loss temporarily, but did not restore full hearing. After the hearing loss seemed to worsen, he put me on a virus suppressant, which again seemed to help while I was on it. Now the hearing loss continues, accompanied by loud tinnitus in that ear, and may be spreading to my left ear. As a semi-professional musician, I would much rather have shingles again than lose my hearing in either ear, much less both. Nothing warned against such a potential side effect, but testimonies on this site make clear it may be one.

  46. Maggie Reply

    I received this injection October 2019. My life has been a living hell since then. My deltoid is still sore with a knot in it, after the injection it was pie-left and swollen for 8 weeks. I had flu like symptoms for 3 days with temp of 103-104 degrees, nausea, aching all over. Then to my shagrin I starting getting burning and tingling in my feet and sudden, severe low back pain. I now have constant ringing and buzzing in both ears and a strange vibration throughout my body. I am being evaluated now for chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy. I would rather have the shingles! If I could go back in time I would never get this shot, what’s left of my life is a nightmarish hell!
    I am having to postpone neurologist evaluation until Coronavirus crisis
    has passed. I am having blurred vision and other visual disturbances.
    The numbness is in both feet but particularly great toe and second toe and the muscle twitching feels like electrical impulses traveling in my calves and feet. Do not get this shot!
    Has died down.

  47. Laura Reply

    I had my first Shingrix in my left arm in May 2019. I had the expected side effects of fatigue and sore arm which I signed a consent acknowledging side effects. The sore arm has never gone away and now seems worse with numbness and tingling and limited range of motion due to pain in the bicep area. Maybe the needle went into the bicep instead of the deltoid or maybe the needle hit the tendon beneath. I don’t know. I feel a lump on the surface of the bicep. External rotation of my left arm is excruciatingly painful. My second Shingrix was in the right arm in August – no symptoms at all. Why would I have a sore arm for months and then a flare up like this????

  48. Wendy Reply

    I received the first Shingrix vaccine in early November of 2019. Two weeks later to the day I completely lost hearing in my left ear. I have horrible tinnitus as well. I have been to an ENT specialist who prescribed oral steroids as well as steroid injections. I am still deaf in my left ear. I am writing this in April of 2020. I am 58 years old. This has been especially traumatic because I am a retired Language teacher. I currently work as an ESL tutor at a public middle school. This job brings me purpose and joy. I hope and pray that I will be able to continue.

  49. Michael Reply

    I received my first shingles (shingrix) shot towards the end of August 2019. On our way down to Kentucky to visit our daughter a few days later, my legs began to develop red spots. This continued to worsen over the next several days, and I ended up going to a hospital emergency department in Lexington soon after we arrived. This turned into vasculitis and I had open sores on both legs, especially around my ankles. I had bandages on both legs for over three months. Along with that I had neuropathy (that pins and needles feeling) in both legs and it was very painful. The neuropathy finally went away, but after the sores healed (these looked like something out of a forensic pathologist’s book), it left reddish scars that I still have. I called the attorneys who are handling the class action suit, but nobody every returned my call. Needless to say, I did not get my second shot, as it’s administered in two stages.

  50. Donna Reply

    I got my 1st shot of shingex on November 19 2019. Not long after that started having issues with not having contol of relieving myself and some really serious back pain. I couldn’t make it to the bathroom in time on many occasions. I had to just wet on the floor beside my bed. I started keeping towels by my bedside. And while trying to keep a somewhat normal routine, I would just mess myself. Could not control my bowels. I assumed it was from by back issues…swelling, etc not having room inside from the swelling and full bowels and bladder. I did not tell anyone because I was embarrassed. Now to the back pain. I have had sciatic issues before but not this extreme. This was around Thanksgiving and Christmas, I called my neurologist, I received 3 shots to help with the pain. Hardly touched the pain i was having. Finally I coul not get any more shots. The doctor ordered exrays and MRI’S. They saw a cloudy area near my spine. They really didn’t know what it was…som w kind of infection. They would not prescribe any meds until more test to determine what kind of infection. Finally got a antibiotic that would cover most any infection. Went back for more MRI’S , the cloudy area was gone. I was told it could been several different things nothing definite. I was told that I gave spinal stenosis. I had tons if blood work looking for cancer, etc. Nothing.

    I cannot even start to explain how much pain I was in. It was cramping muscles and would not stop. Felt kinda like someone had hold of my nerve and rubbing it together with sandpaper. I have cried and cried at home, nights, days, while at work..all the time.
    The major pain is gone after the antibiotics, but I still have pain in my lower buttocks.
    I didn’t put 2 and 2 together until I read an article on the shingles vaccine.

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