Skechers Shape-Ups Class Action Lawsuit Filed Over Misleading Claims

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A class action lawsuit has been filed against Skechers U.S.A., alleging that the company made misleading claims about its Skechers Shape-Ups toning shoes, which were marketed as providing certain health benefits, such as increased muscle tone, while they may actually increase the risk of certain injuries. 

The Skechers class action lawsuit was filed last month in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Kentucky, seeking damages for individuals who purchased “Shape-Up” shoes and an order that would stop Skechers from continuing to engage in the deceptive advertising.

According to the complaint, Skecher Shape-Ups were sold at a “premium price”, with a rounded “rocker” bottom. Consumers were led to believe that the design would allow them to develop toned muscles without the need to go to the gym.

Plaintiffs allege that no data has been released to back up the marketing claims that the Skechers toning shoes provide any benefits over regular athletic shoes, and that the Shape Ups may actually create instability, alter the user’s normal gait, and increase the risk of falls.

Skechers is currently under investigation over the marketing claims by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The commission has already punished Reebok for allegedly making similar claims that their shoes toned muscle. The shoe company paid the government $25 million in fines. Some say Skechers could face fines as high as $75 million.

In addition to the class action, a number of consumers who have suffered a serious injury that may have been caused by the Skecher Shape-Up shoes are considering a product liability lawsuit against the shoe manufacturer.

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  1. julia Reply

    when walking wearing the skechers i experenced severe lower back pain..tge deterating disc in my right became os painful i could no longer walk in the skechers.

  2. otis Reply

    got a pair of walkfits for christmas wore them two times and stumbled and fell. I was not injured but shoes made me feel disorienated so i never wore them again. I responded to get money back for shoes.757

  3. rose Reply

    I bought these shape-ups from the shoe carnival here in spring hill fl about 3 years ago. I was walking 5 miles a day and working out at least 2 hrs in the gym and my Zumba classes. I noticed about 1.5 yrs ago or maybe 2, I started having severe lower back pains. did not know what was causing this, so I had an MRI done and it shows I now have 2-3 herniated disc in my lower back hence the pain I was getting. still to this day I have much pain and I did not realize that this may all be the cause of my sketchers-shape-ups I bought. I stopped wearing these shoes about 2 weeks ago. I believe in my heart that it was the shoes I was wearing. I did not wear any other shoes except my shape-ups. Where can I go from here?

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