Smith & Nephew Knee Replacement Lawsuits

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Some Smith & Nephew knee replacement systems have been linked to a high number of failures and other problems that could lead to the need for revision surgery. 

SMITH & NEPHEW KNEE REPLACEMENT LAWSUIT STATUS: Potential claims are being reviewed by Smith & Nephew knee lawyers for individuals who have experienced problems after a knee replacement involving certain Smith & Nephew Journey knee components.


OVERVIEW: Some components from the Smith & Nephew Journey line of knee replacement systems have been associated with a high rate of failure, which may result in:

  • Pain
  • Permanent Knee Problems
  • Limited Range of Motion
  • Loosening of Components
  • Revision Surgery

SMITH & NEPHEW KNEE REPLACEMENT PROBLEMS: As a result of problems with Smith & Nephew knee replacements, thousands of individuals may have been exposed to an increased risk of early failure.

In early 2010, nearly 40,000 Journey Uni Tibial Baseplates were recalled due to a number of reported failures, which may have a tendency to fracture or break. This could result in severe pain and instability, often resulting in the need for surgery to revise the Smith & Nephew knee replacement or replace the base plate.

In February 2011, a study was presented to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons that found that 16% of Smith & Nephew Journey-Deuce knee implants began to fail within 21 months and 39% of recipients reported poor results after receiving the implant.

A number of individuals throughout the United States are pursuing compensation through a Smith & Nephew knee replacement lawsuit as a result of the manufacturer’s failure to adequately research the artificial knee system or warn about the risk of Smith & Nephew knee problems.

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  1. jon Reply

    i was given smith and nephew knee implants in 1997. i find pain in my knees from time to time. when i have my feet under me while sitting in a chair and try to bring them forward, my knees lock up sometimes. since the surgery, i’ve had constant lower back pain while walking and standing. and i am constantly losing my balance to the point of falling to the floor unless i fall into an object to stop me.

  2. stephen Reply

    had smith & nephew implants for knee. after 1.5 yrs,can barely walk.
    extreme pain in knee joint,ct says it is coming loose.

  3. Jim Reply

    Ii had a Smith & Nephew total knee done to replace a DePry knee, after the Smith & Nephew was installed I had a follow up x ray of the knee. Then 3 months after that x ray because I was in so much pain they did more x rays. The center disk popped out. When the doc saw the film he called the Doc that did the implant and the next day I was sitting in pre op when the doc came in and said ” I have been doing total knees for 20 plus years and this is the first one I have ever seen this happen to”

    I looked and him and told how happy I could say he was no longer a virgin in this area. The replaced the center section and I was sent home again. Now going on a total of 4 years I have not seen one day that was pain free. To this day I do not sleep more than 4 hours and I have to take more pain meds.

    I have been taking all the bad drugs Oxy this and that both long acting and short acting. My life has been a nightmare at every level. I am 61 and had no dreams or want of stopping work until I was at least 70 years old.

    I never have sit on my butt as much as I have. I have to look at what I am ask or want to do and then guess how much drugs I am going to have to take and how many days before I doo anything.

    I never wanted to die as much as I do now, no I am not going to kill myself but I would not call for help if I felt like a heart attack taking place.

    I have D N R on my chest now, Now I am looking at an other operation IF they can find the cause. I have had bone scans tons of X rays M R I and today a CAT scan.

    I am in debt up to my butt and the goverment sends me 1500.00 a month for SSI. I was making 5 k a month. I cant ride my bike, I cant walk the beach with my wife, I cant have sex with the drugs I have to take. I have to make sure I dont drive when I have taken to many drugs that would make me un safe.

    Dont get a Total Knee until you dont sleep for 2 night in a row WITH pain meds. Its not worth it. I asked them to cut my leg off. I would be better with out it

  4. kdw Reply

    I had both knees replaced at age 44, both at the same time. I had a walker on and off for 2 years. I was in constant pain. I had 5 surgeries on my legs in 1 1/2 years. Both are Smith and Nephew replacements. I still have pain and cant straighten my left leg all the way .I have had them 3 1/2 years.

  5. kdw Reply

    @ Stephen & Jim. Get checked for Rheumatoid Arthritis. Go to a Rheumatologist to find out the source of your pain. It may not all be coming from the replacements.I lost 90% OF MY PAIN by controlling my Rheumatoid with meds. I dont take any pain meds now. its worth a simple blood test check to get some relief.

  6. Howard Reply

    The FDA’S newest comments and recommendations seems like a smoke screen to appease the public regarding metal on metal hips, including hip resurfacing as with Smith and Nephew’s Birmingham hip resurfacing device.
    There exists enough information and data on adversities in using MOM hips, reports and data have been submitted by the very surgeons and scientist the FDA request data from on this matter. So WHY and WHAT is the FDA waiting for another 10’s of thousands of innocent folks to report injuries ??? before they come to their senses and remove these hazardous to your health devices from the market place or is the FDA awaiting an OK from the device manufacturers.
    After all the manufacturers call the shots.
    When will the FDA prove to me they are ensuring the well being and safety of my life and the 1000’s of other victims that have all ready suffered and will continue to suffer for the rest of our lives.
    The CORRUPTION is sickening is there no person or persons in politics willing to stand up for the truth and truly represent what is best for the very people that voted them into office ???
    The FDA was formed to protect people not guarantee rates of returns to the device manufacturers clients.
    The pre-emption laws protect some of these manufacturers if their device was pma (pre-marketing approved) such the case with Smith & Nephew’s Birmingham hip resurfacing device. The mere fact this device was approved is a sham. Then other manufacturers followed suit with their resurfacing devices being approved through the less stringent approval process than the pma, by way of the 510 k approval.
    In simple words their device was much like the Smith & Nephew bhr so their devices were approved. Look at what has happened since, the adverse reports have sky rocketed in the past few years with patient complaints on metal on metal hip failing way to soon.
    Let’s face it FDA you made a wrong decision in approving mom hips, especially in lieu of not knowing your biggest written concerns:
    ” What about those metal particles entering the human body, what will happen ?? ”
    The manufacturers could answer that because they didn’t know, yet the manufacturers were willing to gamble and so was the FDA.
    Now look at what is and will continue to happen to all of us lab rats.
    Admit it FDA you made a terrible-terrible mistake, do something right about this TAKE THE METAL ON METAL DEVICES AND RESURFACING DEVICES OFF THE MARKET NOW, NOT YEARS FROM NOW, TELL ALL RECIPIENTS OF MOM HIPS TO HAVE ANNUAL MRI’S, AND BLOOD CHECKED FOR COBALT AND CHROMIUM LEVELS. For those that aren’t having problems, I hope you are safe, remember the problems may not be apparent immediately, maybe 1-7 years down the road. If you are experiencing any problems with your mom hip have it checked and be satisfied with what ever you are being told, do not take this matter lightly nor do not think it is just you.


  7. June Reply

    On 9-28-2011, I had a Smith/Nephew Genesis II implant put in my left leg. Then 6 months after the surgery, I was having a lot of pain, swelling, hot to touch. On 10-2-2012, I went back in for revision surgery because my implant loosened, that was a Smith/Nephew Genesis II that was put in the first time. I was told that the cement never adhered to what is was suppose to causing my implant to loosen up. Then on 2-21-2013, I had to go back in for surgery again, because of all the surgeries…I built up scar tissue an had to have it removed. So in the last year an half, I have had 3 major surgeries on my left knee. To this day, my knee isn’t 100%, I have to wear a knee brace if I am out on my legs to long, my knee locks up on me when it is bent an I try to straighten it out. If I knew then what I know about Smith/Nephew, I would of never allowed them to put it in me.

  8. Patricia Reply

    I am a 44 yr old female
    2 1/2 years after having the Verilast ( 30 yr implant) surgery I continue to have constant pain and stiffness, loss of range, hip and lower back pain, and less and less sleep. I will say that this TKR was the 8th knee surgery on the left leg ( freak accident at work ) over a 12 year period. When I was told that I had no other option than TKR due to the severe damage and loss of cartilage I believed this was the ” holy grail ” to solve all my problems from the original injury. My OS was young and had done 40 prior to mine and assured me of the success rate he has had in his practice. If I had only known that 2 1/2 yrs later I couldn’t work, couldn’t walk w/o a brace/cane, couldn’t take car trips longer than an hour, would lose all muscle tone and gain weight and become depressed I wouldn’t have done it. In my situation I have become allergic to almost every med given so I am VERY limited to any pain relief also I am healthy other than I can’t do much anymore with my husband whom likes to go everywhere but is understanding of my limitations but is frustrated as well. Today I went to my pain management appt and requested a 5th opinion at the Mayo Clinic and asked for a new brace. PT what a joke never got better went all the time and didn’t make a difference worth celebrating about. I have been told many times by different doctors ” at least you can walk “.
    As I said earlier this was my only option in my case. Believe me I did it ALL before finally opting for TKR. Hopefully, it is just in my case that it has been difficult and eventually I will get some better answers. So please listen to what your doctor is telling you and do all the other conservative treatments before doing a TKR. Wish me well and I wish you the best of luck in your recoveries.

  9. sharmain Reply

    I had TKR done on both legs 6/21/10. My knees still buckle, dry swelling, pain all the time. They lock up on me if a sit or stand too long and now I have start to have lower back pain. My Orthro states that base off the x-ray’s all looks good and no need to change anything. I was 43 when I had my knee’s replaced. Before having them done we did the scopes, injections and Therapy none of that worked. By having them replace the only thing that’s not happening is me falling now, but I still have all the other aches and pains. what do I do

  10. Patricia Reply

    I had a R knee replacement in Jan. of 2010 and the smith nephew journey knee was used because it was suppose to last 30 years I was around 54 at the time. After 6 months and much pain they determined that the spacer needed to be replaced. When they opened up the leg however they found that the tibial baseplate had failed too and was not adhered to the bone. No wonder I had been in such excrutiating pain. They closed the knee and did nothing as they had to check to see if infection caused the failure-it didn’t. Keep in mind that my deductibles were all paid that year because of the first surgery.

    In January 2011 a revision surgery was done, the spacer and tibial baseplate was replaced. Yet the pain remained and i had either been on percocet or vicodin the entire time. The revision even became loose!

    Going to another doctor in 2013 I had to have all the smith journey implants taken out and have a “constrictor” lnee put in due to the damage these other surgeries caused my ligaments were streched and found to be non repairable.

    Have the statute of limitations run out for me? Now that people are realizing many people have been affected I hope there will some compensation for us. I have never been able to work again.

  11. Robert Reply

    Had my right knee replace in 2009 had to have it replaced 3/2 2015 .the first one came apart

  12. Kathy Reply

    I had a TKR in 2009 with a Smith & Nephew Genesis II. I suffered from day one with swelling heat and little range. The pain was intense and woke me up at night if I could fall asleep at all. I’ve been to therapy, chiropractor, taping, braces, pain management, and and several pain medications. The more therapy I had the worse it got. I developed a terrible gait which caused severe pain to my hip and back. I had no quality of life. I went to 4 orthopedic doctors and they all said the same thing. I needed a revision. In 2011 I had a revision. I am suffering so bad now with pain sometimes I wish they would just cut my leg off. I have a hard time getting into the car, going up stairs and even sitting in a chair. It looks like I’m headed toward another revision. The Smith & Nephew Genesis II ruined my whole left leg, hip and back. I can’t do any normal everyday activities. I could go on with all of the problems it has caused in my life but it would fill a book.

  13. Sherry Reply

    i had total left kne surgery sept 30, 2014. it is loosening. I can find no one on line that even can represent me. I need a revision due to loosening. Some one is at fault. first surgeron, manufacturer or someone. All these online lawyers say it is not a recall #. Mine was a Smith Nephew Legion # 4. HV smartset cement under investigation and it has stopped. This is frustrting and everyone of these attys says e can’t help you. Someone out there can. Mine is LOOSENING. !!

  14. Kevin Reply

    What? Is this nightmare thread really happening or am I just slow? I just looked up this thread and to my amazement ALL of the concerns are listed right here! Replacement surgery on 12/11 and had a total knee replacement with the Verilast Miracle 30 year knee after two surgeries that forced a replacement. To my surprise, after being inactive for a few years and moving south to Texas I became more active than before. After a few months….leg felt like it was in a meat grinder from the knee down ALL night long keeping me up in excruciating pain. Call the original Ortho surgeons office up north and nurse calls me back and tells me it’s a Syatic nerve problem……Problem with that is I had 9 vertebrae fused from T-12 up and there’s no way to have a pinched nerve if she looked at my file she would have known that. So she tells me to get an Ortho doctor here, because there’s nothing they can do……??????? Wife buys me a sports brace and with daily wear the pain wasn’t as bad at night. Fast forward 2 more months- have to keep it wrapped with light pressure 24 hours a day… Fast forward to the last month….. In constant pain and went to the ER about knee, my leg swelling twice its normal size, pain, worried about a blood clot and had 5 views done on knee and had a pain management appointment the next day. The pain management doc is not an Ortho surgeon but told me it looks like the cement has a corrupted area in lower leg, had all the labs with me….no infection so that was immediately ruled out. He says get an Ortho doc. On SSI disability and can’t afford doctor after doctor to cover each other’s asses in this mess and like everyone here…NO QUALITY OF LIFE now. There’s got to be an answer here. Must a class action lawsuit be initiated here folks? Sure looks that way to me. Too many litigants for it not to happen.

  15. Neale Reply

    Sherry I had the same surgery done at about the same time my torture began on 20 oct 2014. I was given the verilast Legion 4 ( the supposed 30 year top of the line system. My replacement started to give out lock up and pop and grind all the time going up or down stairs was dangerous as the knee would not support me it gave away regularly. I searched for a long time ( 5 months until I found a surgeon that actually listened to me and decided to really take a look at my knee rather than the after surgery Xrays. This great system has now lasted a total of 358 days not 30 years. He found that the issue was the pad between the upper and lower plates. He replaced it with a much larger pad ( 6 mm or 1/4 inch thicker pad) it corrected the issues I was having. The night mere was just beginning . You stated someone was at fault. well the medical community and the manufacturer do not look at it that way. In Utah where I live there is a debacle called a medical review panel. Any and all medical malpractice cases must go before this panel and prove their merit of the case.( amazingly the panel has not found any case in 12 years to have merit,) so then you have to go to your treating Dr. and beg for a certificate of Merit for the case to continue. Unfortunately the Dr.s are all in the same malpractice insurance pool so they all refuse to issue the certificate of merit and that is the end of your case. it can not go on with out the certificate of merit. so My original surgeon is not at fault nor is Smith and Nephew nor is anyone according to the review panel here in Utah. If any one knows of a class action suit +Please contact me on facebook they do not understand and tell me MR. Humes it is just one of those things that life is full of you need to be thankful that it is finally fixed. I am oputraged at how many people are treated by the medical field and there is nothing that can be done . I hope to hear from someone on facebook.

  16. Barney Reply

    Had both knees replaced in 2013. Had pain in both knees then till present. The pain in my right knee/ leg started getting worse spring of 2015. Could not even move roght foot from gas pedal to brake with out pain, almost fell several times when knee gave out. Went to several doctors and finally two Ortho Surgeons. One did a bone scan on right knee, May 2016, found that right knee had signs of movement. Had knee revision surgery June 1st 2016. Surgeon stated that when he got into knee, he could move the base of replacement knee all over with just his finger. The original knee replacements were Smith & Nephew knees. After almost three years of pain right knee feels better. But have been told will need to replace left on soon.

  17. Steph Reply

    Barney, What type of replacement did they use to replace your Smith and Nephew one? I had my right knee replaced in June 2014. I had to have a manipulation to increase flexion a few weeks later. I have had nothing but pain since the beginning and it is worse and worse each day! 🙁 I have been told it is loose, needs a revision, etc. I am in so much pain and sick of this!

  18. Bobbie Reply

    i had a total knee replacement in 2010 had so much pain for I don’t even know how long. I went in finally august 2016 and found out it tilted in my knee doc took me off work , I had to have it redone Sept.7 I’m still off work. The doc said the peg that goes in leg wasn’t long enough so this is much longer. I was pretty upset about this its bad enough going through it once but to do it again 6 years long I was not happy let a lone the money it cost me.

  19. Steve Reply

    They said the ligaments have been streched, and the spacer may have to be replaced. After 2 months i still can not get the original doctor to fix my knee.

    Right knee replacement March 17,2015.
    It is now loose.
    It is smith & nephew hardware system.

  20. Cheryl Reply

    I see I’m not alone with loosening of a smith/nephew knee. October 2011 I had a total right knee replacement. Dr used Smith&Nephew Oxinium Technology. I don’t know the lot numbers. I was still in a lot of pain afterwards. I couldn’t bend the knee much. I had made several visits to the Dr and had tried different things to ease the pain. The pain got a lot worse, was painful to walk. So late 2015 I went back to the Dr and she ordered a bone scan. It showed that the knee replacement had loosened and recommended a revision knee replacement surgery. This was with a different Dr. The revision was done in March 2016. I am now almost pain free. Walking is a lot better and I am also able to bend this knee more. It took the first Dr 4 years to finally do a bone scan and to see the replacement was bad. I don’t think it should have taken that long. As for the new knee, I don’t remember which brand he used.

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