Smith & Nephew Journey Knee Lawsuit Filed Over Recalled Tibial Baseplate

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An Alabama man has filed a product liability lawsuit over problems with a Smith & Nephew Journey knee, alleging that his artificial knee failed when a recalled tibial baseplate fractured.

The Smith & Nephew knee lawsuit was filed by Kenneth King last month in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Alabama.

According to allegations raised in the complaint, King received a Smith & Nephew Journey knee replacement system in 2008, which included a Journey Uni Tibial baseplate. Within a year after his knee surgery, the device was malfunctioning and by 2010 the knee replacement failed resulting in revision surgery in the form of a total knee replacement.

King’s doctor examined the implant and found that the Smith & Nephew Journey Uni tibial baseplate had fractured.

In January 2010, the FDA announced a Smith & Nephew knee recall was issued for the tibial baseplate used during King’s surgery. After multiple reports of broken base plates, Smith & Nephew recalled nearly 40,000 of the components.

The product liability lawsuit claims that the knee implant should have lasted for a minimum of 10 years, and realistically should have been serviceable for at least 20 years. However, the implant King received lasted less than two years due to design defects.

King seeks compensatory damages for physical and mental pain and suffering, loss of earnings and employment, decreased earning capacity, permanent impairment, disfigurement, medical expenses, loss of consortium, loss of quality of life and other injuries. The lawsuit accuses Smith & Nephew of negligence, liability, breach of warranty, and failure to warn. The lawsuit also seeks punitive damages.

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  1. Mary Reply

    yea in the year of 2007 i had a knee replacement done and the name of the knee is Smith&Nephew Jounrney and i went back to the doctor a lot about my leg hurting a lot and i was always in pain and i went back to my doctor a lot for years then i said i would get a new doctor to look at my knee and the new doctor said the old knee went bad in my leg it crumble all up in my leg and went in my leg and my bones and now i went and had a new knee put in the year of 2011 and i need help with this soon . THANK YOU.

  2. robert Reply

    I have had two knee replacements done in 2009. I still have to take pain pills because of the pain im my legs. I still have grinding and my legs are hard to walk on. Nobody cares and I still can’t walk.

  3. Richard Reply

    On 04/21/2011 I had Total Knee Replacement my doctor used a Smith & Nephew Genesis II Oxinium femoral component size 6, size 6 S&N tibial baseplate. In Sept. of 2014 I started having problems and in Dec. was told my knee replacement had loosened and I would have to have it replaced, I had knee revision surgery on 01/23/2015. I live in TN. and have been told there is a 3 year barrier on this and since mine happened 3 1/2 years I have no case. I think this is crazy. The knee I was told would last for 15 to 20 years had to be replaced in only 3 1/2 years because of doctor error and or product failure.

  4. David Reply

    I had a replacement in 2016 revised and 2017 didn’t last a year was a smith and nephew was told nothing could be done just have to live with it

  5. Don Reply

    bilateral partial knee surgery in January. 9 months later they both have loosend and need 2 new full replacements

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