Problems Continue After St. Jude Eon and Eon Mini IPG Recalls

More than 214 St. Jude Eon and Eon Mini implantable pulse generators (IPGs) have failed due to battery issues, causing potentially serious burns and other problems for patients, according to the manufacturer.

Late last month, St. Jude Medical issued an update to a recall of the Eon and Eon Mini IPGs (Product Code 65-3716 and 65-3788). The devices were removed from the market in 2011, due to defective internal battery components, which are sometimes unable to recharge properly, resulting in shorter charges or sudden loss of power.

The battery defect was a result of inner weld failures within the battery due to weld cracks. Initially, the weld cracks were attributed to moisture within the battery; but additional analysis has disproved this theory.

St. Jude put forth a new cause for the problems in the letter, dated July 26, indicating they were caused by “[a] need to more frequently maintain and replace certain tools during the internal battery welding process by a St. Jude Medical supplier in order to assure complete alignment between the welding apparatus and the battery.”

These failures resulted in loss of pain relief and led to subsequent explant surgeries in some situations. Adverse effects of explant surgery can cause pain, scarring, infection and complications with anesthesia.

In another follow-up letter, St. Jude reports that it has taken steps to correct the problem with the battery supplier, suggesting that un-implanted devices should be returned to the company for a free replacement. Implanted devices should not be immediately explanted, but closely monitored for malfunction.

A total of 325 battery issues have been reported due to overheating problems, resulting in 72 removals and reports of first degree and second degree burns in at least three patients. At least 127 of these reports pertained to the warmth and heating of the IPG, resulting in 29 explants, and 214 of Eon Mini IPG’s resulting in 43 explants.

These burns were a result of batteries overheating while recharging. The heat generation was a byproduct of energy dissipation that occurs when an electromagnetic field is used to inductively transfer energy between 2 objects, according to the letter.

St. Jude reported the company has taken steps to correct the problem with the battery supplier by “implementing design improvements to the charger to address possible increased energy dissipation when the IPG and charger are misaligned or the IPG is located too near the surface of the skin.” The firm also advises patients who feel discomfort or pain to stop charging until the discomfort subsides and to adjust the position of the antenna and attempt more frequent recharging for shorter periods to avoid problems.

In recent years, problems with manufacturing defects have also been cited as the cause of problems with St. Jude Riata and Riata ST ICD leads, which were recalled after it was discovered that the small wires used to connect an implantable defibrillator to the heart may poke through the insulation. According to allegations raised in several St. Jude Riata lawsuits filed following the recall, the company failed to manufacture the leads consistent with the FDA approved processes, exposing patients to a risk of problems with the lead wire.

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  1. Kathy Reply

    I currently have an Eno Charging system #3721. I was recently charging the battery that is implatned under my skin and received a 1st degree burn, I can not explain to anyone the feeling and the pain this has caused me , not to mentioned that I am very Nervous to ever recharge this again when the burn heals .Upon Speaking to St Jude they were aware of this problem in 2011, and I guess I would like an answer as to why they would insert this into my body in 2012.. I am possibly looking at a surgery to remove this and to go with another type that works ,which means under going surgery once again, Any Sugggestions

  2. Rinny Reply

    I am just a few weeks over my 1 yr mark with the St Jude SCS and my battery is frying my bahookie, sending shocking surges into my entire system that causes my body to freeze up from the shock.. its getting electrocuted internally. I was told from my neuro that St Jude is ONLY willing to pay for a new battery to be placed.. NOT the surgical costs to get the POS out of my body. I am sorry this is so wrong in many ways.. I didnt ask for a recalled battery to be placed inside me, nor burn me, shock me, then have to pay for more surgical costs, airfare to get to the doc and my medical escort. there is a group of us who have recalled batteries and one who had ANOTHER recalled put in place of her already recalled and its doing worse things.. we need to unite and start a class action suit.. they need to pay for our entire medical bill for replacing and suffering through the faulty batteries evil ways…. even doing smaller charges every week, or several times a week still causes issues… so contact us on FB, your not alone with a recalled bahookie .. the group is “my spinal cord stimulator”

  3. mary Reply

    In feb 2012 I too had a st. jude scs put in, modle 3721 I had burning feeling ever time the machine was turned on and while chargeing. my battery was place in my left stomach area. the machine worked great at first . after a month, I noticed the burning and reported it to my drs. and st. jude the ones that adjusted the scs, they didnt think anything about it. by june just 4 months after surgery , pain was back ful force and it seemed that the scs wasnt working like it was suppost to. July 27 under went another surgery for the leads to be ajusted and planted deeper to get relief but to no success. Oct. 29 another surgery to have the implant removed due to the battery was
    not working. this implant was to relief at least 50%of pain but by now causeing alot more pain and suffering plus unnecssery surgerys. that if it would work like they told me it would, will still be in me.. St. Jude If you knew it was bad why did you allow this scs be put into me. sham on you.. dont you know how much pain we are in, that we will do anything to get relief. St jude does need to pay for all our medical ,pain and suffering. and our money back for the scs.

  4. George Reply

    My wife is having he same problem. over a year ago in Oct of 2012 she had mentioned that the battery seemed to be getting hot. I didn’t think that there was anything wrong so I just told her not to charge it as long. Well it only seem to get worse. We had scene our doctor who had done the surgery a few times after that. Then I think it was in the summer we got a Cert letter explaining the situation of the battery. It stated the doctor and our Rep was informed and we should have know about it by now…. Well no one told us anything. So our next visit back to our doctor he didn’t say anything about it until we mentioned the letter then he got all bent out of shape and his attitude got real bad. Sense then we have no success in getting any response for replacement. Not till 4 months latter till we finally get someone to call us and say they were going to take care of it…. Well were still waiting. in the meantime my wife has been suffering for just about over a year due to the battery is not supplying the power that the stimulator needs so im guessing.

  5. Christopher Reply

    I had a saint Jude stimulator not even two years ago and I suffer from multiple herniated discs and it quit charging so I’ve been in all kinds of pain without it seen doctor yesterday and I’m scheduled to have it taken out and replace the box or battery it’s just not cool already suffered once and was told the battery will last 15 to 20 years and it didn’t even last two years

  6. kurt Reply

    I have the model 3721. I also was told that would help with pain i have rsd in my foot. The eon realy never worked like they said it would. Now im having it renoved. I think that st. Judges should pay also. I have a lot of pain at the site where the battery is. The rep for st. Judges saif that would go away never did so now i have more pain than when went in to have less pain I THINK ST. JUDGES SHOULD PAY FOR THEIR MISTAKE OR THE MANUFACTURE SHOULD.

  7. Al Reply

    I have the model 3721. The surgery was done for me on Dec. 5 ,2011.
    The eon work on the left side only and every time they adjust the right side after couple of days it stops again, never hade the relief I should have. When I charge the battery the area gets hot . I have to stop to cool of the battery the continue the charging. I stopped using the eon but lot of times I will feel an very low electric discharge true my body, couple of times I though that the eon is on but it wasn’t.
    St. Jude sent a letter about the recall issued in Jan. 26, 2012. I do not understand why they kept promoting and selling a deflective device.
    I hade a spine surgery on July 2005 and the eon on Dec. 2011, I had lots of pain I do not want to go for another surgery, now I am back on painkiller and hope the battery will finally run out of charge.

  8. kim Reply

    I am sorry but this problem with the battery has been going on for awhile cause I had the shocking and it taking forever to charge and it would get really hot. I had a infections and after all this and 6 revision I now have medtroic. But it has scared me so much that I now have to have a pain pump put in cause we can’t get the leads right.

  9. Nancy Reply

    I had the EON mini unit implanted and removed due to extreme pain with the unit ( which would drop me to the floor ) I now have scarring and pain from the surgery which removed the device. It’s been two years since the surgery. I had a neurologist tell me that I should have never had the device in the first place for my condition. It was a unnecessary surgery and something should be done so others don’t go through what I have gone through.

  10. Donna Reply

    I also had a St Judes Eon battery placed in my buttock area over 2 years ago for back and leg pain. The first 6 months were great, then one day when changing programs I received a great zap! I was flailing like a fish out of water trying to get the maching to turn off. It was as if I was tazoring my self. I went to my physican’s office had the leads x rayed no issue there, got reprogrammed and was sent on my merry way. The reprogramming helped for a short time. After a few months the self tazoring occurred again, got reprogrammed told the St. Judes rep I was concerned about the device and worried that I would surpass the one year warranty period by their delays. Reprogramming worked again for a short period. Then Battery would only stay charged for a day, zapping returned, heating of battery when recharging. Went in again St. Judes rep did not mention the recall, MD walks in the room and asked the rep if he told me about the recall. I could no longer use device as every time I turned it on I would get zapped. Battery then explanted, St. Judes rep told me it would be covered. FIrst got a bill for like $25,000 told the local hospital it was St. Jude’s responsibility. Now I got a bill with the battery charges taken off however operating room fees. I will be calling the local hospital again and St. Jude’s and inform them of their responsibility to take care of this issue. If they do not I will be seeking legal counsel. When my car has had a recalled part the manufacturer replaces the part and does not charge labor. I think it is incredibly stupid for St. Judes not to cover the complete cost. They could have avoided some major law suits

  11. gary Reply

    i had a spinalcord stimulator placed in oct 2012 and its feb when i charge my the area gets very hot it has caused a burn yet but im very worried cause it hurts about 20 to 30 mins after charging is done

  12. Kathy Reply

    Well here I go once again, back to surgery. I am on my 2nd St Jude SCS as I was told that this one would be different for me. I have been doing fewer charges so that I would not have to charge for a long period of time and 2 weeks ago after charging I began to have this burning at the battery site, I then yelled for my husband and had him to look and he said yes it is red and the longer I stood there the hotter it appeared to get and as he was watching the site he said it is getting really red. They give you this large magnet to turn the unit off in a hurry as it took us approx 10 swipes with the magnet to get the unit to turn off, I was then taken to a local hospital where I was given a pain shot as well as a burn cream for 2nd and 3rd degree burns. I am now being scheduled for surgery to have the ST Jude SCS removed and going with another company for replacement.. WOULD like any suggestions on any attorney’s that would handle this case in West Virginia.

  13. Jeffrey Reply

    I had mu EON Mini implanted in January 2012 with the expectation that it would be the answer to my chronic pain in my leg and back. After going through the external trial and those issues the St Jude rep called me allmost every day to see how it was going and explained away all my issues like being shocked like a taiser was normal with the temporary because of the movement of the probes etc. A month or so after the trial was removed the and I was convinced that this was going to solve all my problems or at least 50% of them my surgery was scheduled.After the healing for 3 months after it seemed to work a little to relieve some of my pain for the first 6 months. I noticed that the charges did not last as long and got very hot when charging the unit. When I said something to my doctor he seggested I get it reprogramed. Now when I called the St Judes rep he could not remember me but we scheduled a meeting. He made some adjustments and off I went. It has done nothing for me and I seen to keep it off most of the time because of the charging problem and the feeling like I just stuck my fingures into a electric outlet all the time when it is on. If i sneeze,caugh,turn or twist it sends a shock all down my body. I have asked my doctor to remove it but he seems to be reluctant, Get it reprogramed is his answer. Not sure what to do next.

  14. Lynda Reply

    I had my Eon Mini implanted in Sept. 2011. I had problems immediately with battery getting hot, the tazer shocking. I had my head one way it wasn’t bad but turn my head another way and I shocking was so bad it hurt. There were several times I tried to use it and it made my heart race and tightening in my chest. In Dec. 9 of 2011 my heart started racing so bad I couldn’t get it under control and my daughter took me to the ER. That was on a Wed. and on Fri. they did 7 Ablasions to my heart(they had to close 7 holes). I have severe migraines due to lead placement along with weakness in my left leg and spasms. I fell and broke my arm a few months ago due to the leg problems and I fell and fractired my nose. St. Judes says it’s a trade off. I have to deal with the burning for pain relief. I have no pain relief. I think it’s off but I can feel it in my fingers. Several times I have tried to turn it off and it gives me an error message. St. Judes says that it just like the internet and sometimes gets an overload. It’s a nedical device and should go off when you need it to

  15. Randall Reply

    I just received the new charger from St Jude and I want my old one returned. It takes me more than twice as long to recharge and seems to be very critical about where I place the pad. The first time it took 3 hours and 35 minutes and now after just 5 days usage it took 90 minutes. If you have your old charger and are not having issues with it keep it in my opinion. St Jude also is giving out remanufactured units even though in the letter they state new. I don’t trust them anymore. I asked the rep if my charges would take longer and was told no. Supposedly I wasn’t given some piece of paper telling me about the extended time. When I asked St Jude if they were going to add something so the customer is made very clear it will more than double their charge time I was told no. It seems they are only interested in getting the old chargers back into their possession at all costs to eliminate liability.

  16. Sharon Reply

    My husband is to have the st Jude trial stimulator put on on May 9 next Thursday after reading all this thinking of having him cancelled his appointment has there been any changes this is to be done st Henry Ford Detroit

  17. david Reply

    i had the eon mini implanted into my right hip on oct.2011.with in 3 months the battery died and was to be scheduled for surgery to replace judes agreed to cover all costs of medical bills involved for the replacement of date no bills have been paid.have had a couple other issues of implant having uncontrolled shocking .very disappionted with this system.i was told by doctors and st jude reps. that with this device implanted in me,that my quailty of life would be so much hasne’t

  18. Linda Reply

    I live in Japan and just looked at the number on my recharged, guess what? It is 3721 just like other people complaint of heat problems. I’ve had my stimulator since October 2011, and I am very angry. When I went to the Pain doctor he seemed very kind and sincere. I went to ask him to put an interthecial pump in so I could put my own medicine in at a lower dose, but he said I was too young and would have problems with infections requiring the pump to be moved around. I could understand that concern, but the whole time we were talking in had the Eon Mini in his hand and finally he said don’t you try this. My pain was getting so much worse I was desperate, I have chronic Pelvic Pain and a terrible sciatica type pain that is a thousand times worse now. I knew about the stimulators because in the early 1970’s I was one of the first people in the world to have a Meditronic Stimulator implanted in my ulnar nerve going own my arm. In those t days they were very simple which really made it much easier for the patient. It worked very well, finally I got to the place where I could have it removed, but this new stimulator is a problem. The doctor never told me until after the surgery that he didn’t know how to program the stimulator without the aid of the medical device representative. That meant every time I needed it programmed the there of us would have to find time in our schedules to get together. The hospital is far from my home requiring an hour or an hour and a half to get there and a train change. If you are in pain in your pelvic area p, lower back and down your legs standing and sitting that long just brings tears to your eyes from the physical pain of having to stand and sit so long. I only went once to have it reprogrammed and it wasn’t done to my satisfaction so I just gave up and didn’t go back. Another reason I have been upset is that Zi told the doctor I had trouble tripping, and he just brushed it aside, when I told the medical representative about it he said ” oh, that’s a side effect”. And sure enough reading over a specialist in the U. S.’s opinion of the stimulator they can cause ” gait disturbances” as he wrote. I have cataracts on both eyes and am slowly losing my vision and have to put my laundry out side to dry in the garden and our garden has rock stepping stones sometimes when I’d trip on those I get the biggest jolt from the stimulator. Also recharging the place where the paddle was place over the internal battery would get so hot, but I thought oh, it’s just me. Now I’ve received a letter saying I’m receiving a new recharger. There is another thing I’ve never had headaches. I’m just not a headache person, all the pain I’ve had has been below my waist, and I’m wondering if the doctor didn’t injure my spinal column in another way. Also I was told by the pain doctor I had before the pain doctor I had that put the stimulator in that I had a terrible lower back. I really wonder if it was a wise thing to have this done. I tried my best to be a good patient I let them take photos in the operating room, I didn’t complain much when they were doing the two operations with just local anesthesia, feel I really got ” screwed” to say the least. Now what!

  19. Mathew Reply

    My father and I both had the St. Jude\’s unit installed, we were told we were \”ideal\” candidates for the relief this unit could provide (my dad was 66, I was 38). We both have bulging discs, spinal neuropathy, stenosis, and rheumatoid arthritis from our back problems.
    We were never told about any possible problems these units might cause, everything from both the surgeon and the \”salesman\” was this unit is the best thing since sliced bread.
    My dad had his unit put in after mine, as mine in the beginning was appearing to provide some relief. His surgery did not go as well as mine, he first had a problem with the initial battery installation site so they moved it to his left buttock. He then, even with a home health nurse coming every two days to clean the site, developed an infection that somehow went all the way to the stimulator unit, requiring complete removal of the whole system. He now has two horrible looking scars along with a new pain that he never before experienced. BTW, once the unit was installed and it became a problem, we never saw the St. Jude rep again!
    My unit lasted about 8 months, having constant adjustments from 2 different St. Jude reps. Finally, it was determined that scarring that had occurred at the installation site was causing some of the medical leads to no longer work. So in January of last year (2012), I had the whole unit removed. I now have a constant pain in the area where the stimulator unit was, and a shooting pain from there (left side of lower spine) all the way into my right shoulder.
    I am mainly interested in anyone who has tried (successfully or not) to sue for damages because of this faulty unit.
    I am considering having a pain pump installed, because the medicine I take now (fentanyl 50mcg transdermal patches, 10mg Percocets every 4 hours as needed) is not providing me much relief. The doctor was prescribing me 2 4mg dilaudid pills to go along with these, and they really seemed to help. I am now trying to get him to get rid of the Percocets, and replace them with the dilaudid every 4 hours.

  20. David Reply

    In total, I have had three (3) St. Jude spinal cord stim implants surgically placed in my back. I now have a Boston Scientific Implant that works wonderful. Over the span of 2008 – 2012, I repeatedly notified St. Jude and ANS, of the problems with the units. I have been burned multiple times, shocked intermittently while going about my day, had so many wall chargers fail (which I am now learning it was an internal problem all along). I was charged again and again for wall chargers, made to drive 110 miles one way to obtain a charger…on loan from the ANS programmer, and have 12 inches of scars on my back as the internal stimulators were implanted and removed as they ALL stopped working!! AT NO TIME DID ST. JUDE OR ANS TELL ME THE PROBLEM WAS ALL ALONG ON THEM! I have exhausted my savings paying for this device all in an attempt to help in some way the searing nerve pain, burning, aching, throbbing I now live with. Tilt…hold… Let me rephrase, I used to live with. As stated earlier, I now have a Boston Scientific Stimulator that works very well reducing my pain.
    I contacted St. Jude, each time a unit began acting up. Not once have they ever breathed a word of this. Likewise, my ANS programmers, not once have any one of them mentioned a word of this. By this I am deeply shocked and hurt as each of them observed the pain I was in and simply walked away each time. I view this as less than human.
    I would imagine that St. Jude / ANS legal department watches this closely. My question, knowing you later did recall units, why didn\\\’t you contact me in an attempt to make things right with me? After three major back surgeries, and four surgeries to put in or take out these units, my pain is pretty much 24 / 7. All I wanted you to do was stand behind your product. Was that to much to ask?

  21. Hardwired Reply

    Like most of you I have multiple IPG\’s and got promised the world and not told about the horror side. One of my batteries is on fire continuously. I have it turned off and it is burning the hell out of me. That system was implanted only 9 months ago and has never been anything but trouble. Yet I some of the others are working fine and giving me good relief. I honestly believe I have a faulty battery I cant wait for it to drain completely flat & hopefully the burning will stop. I feel like suddenly the St Jude rep has dumped me. Has anyone else had a burning battery when it\’s turned off?

  22. Linda Reply

    The last time I posted a comment on this site was July, 15,2013. I have to apologize for all the grammatical mistakes because usually when I write it is when I am a wake at night and can\’t sleep because of the pain, plus I just can\’t see too well, sorry, this coming from an ex-English teacher. I finally made the trip back to my doctor after the pseudo-recall letter came, all in Japanese of course. By the time I got to my appt. I was ready to explode, especially after reading other reports. I have two Pain Doctors on I see monthly and she is a wonderful local doctor educated with the Great Dr. John Bonica. The other Pain doctor I see is the doctor at the hospital where I had the stimulator implanted implanted. My local doctor remember how excited I was that there might be some relief for my pain, so when she read the letter that was sent out to patients and doctors she was also very upset. I took my old recharger and sat in her waiting room recharging my stimulator and when I had asked her to feel the spot where I recharge and she also agreed it was much hotter than my other skin areas, she even got out a special thermometer that could measure the difference in skin temperature, and it also measured a difference. The reason I bothered her to check for me rather that someone in my family I wanted another professionals opinion.
    When I did get to the appt. with the doctor who implanted the stimulator right away he ordered another x- ray to make sure the leads hadn\’t pulled away, but he just didn\’t get it that was not what I was complaining about, it was the heat at the site or the recharging and the fact that I trip all the time when it on at the level I need it. The Rep. was there too, and he asked for the old recharger back and I said \” no\” that I have three lawyers in my family, and two friend\’s who are journalist who are very interested in what happened to me. Boy, did the quality of care I got from the company change. They did some reprogramming and I promised on my part to keep in touch more frequently, but I said I\’d take each day at a time. The second time they did some reprogramming they even brought the head of the Asian office of St. Judes to apologize. By then I had cooled down a little, but it takes a lot to ruffle my feathers but this did because even though they knew about the problems, they were still putting them in innocent people who would do anything to get rid of their pain. So what I\’m doing is taking one day at a time.
    A few things with the new recharger is it takes a lot longer and I have to recharge a lot more but that maybe I am using it more. The problem with gait problem, in other words having a change in perception of how high to lift my foot when I walk is still a problem, and when I change positions like to lift my arms to put up the laundry outside to dry I\’ll get an increase in stimulation, a shock. If the day comes that I have to have it removed for any reason, I\’ll never have another one put in, that\’s for sure. My leg is going down hill really rapidly, I can no longer get out of bed to hobble down the hall to make to the toilet at night, I wake up every two or three hours in excruciating pain in my abdomen and going down my leg. I feel so sorry for all of you who have such horrendous hospital bills.

    This is off on a different topic but my fellow foreigners and who have lived in a country where everyone must have medical coverage, I live in a country with socialized medicine, and we can\’t for the life of us understand why the people who need socialized medicine the most the middle-class and lower middle-class are so afraid of socialized medicine. If I didn\’t benefit from it I would have been dead a long time ago. I can choose my own doctors some who are the most well known in the country and world. I have had excellent nursing care. Japan is a country now facing a crisis because we baby-boomers are now heading for old age and because in the decrease in the younger people there is a chance we may not have the care we have enjoyed until now. I wish the U.S. Would study Japan\’s system, or England\’s or the Scandinavian system of medical care. Don\’t be afraid of it, it may take a while to get the kinks worked out, but think of this the last time I went to the pain doctor I paid 210 yen about $2.50. Our doctors are not as rich as American doctors and dentist but they are still good and sometimes if not better than the doctors I\’ve had in the U.S. Don\’t be afraid of Obamacare, take the name off it and call it American care, and stay out of anymore wars and bring our young people home before they need medical care. Nobody should be denied medical care and they shouldn\’t have to lose their homes to pay for it. In any situation when one person is sick in the family the whole family becomes sick, I\’m speaking from experience my husband committed suicide four years ago and I think my illness played a role in it, now my four sons are without a father and I\’m without the man I loved more than anything. I know there is a lot more to his decision than my illness but it was like the straw that broke the camels back. When I had the stimulator implanted on the operating table I started to cry because the trial went so well and they thought I was crying because they were hurting me but I said \” no I\’m crying because maybe if I had had this stimulator implanted and had some pain relief maybe just maybe my husband would still be here here.\” it is a lot of guilt to live with. Again please forgive all the mistakes in this comment.

  23. Margaret Reply

    I am appalled reading through this post….ditto on all the above. The trial (which my docs at the pain clinic literally told me if I did not go through with they would “discharge me from the program for non compliance) when the only control you are gettting is threatened to be taken away and you are in so much pain you will try just about anything…. I digress the trial worked quite well and I got good coverage so fought with the ins company and finally got aproval to have implant Nov 4 2008. It never really worked well to reach the pain I was told during the trial that the perm implant would be more effective since they would place 2 leads for a wider coverage area. Reprogramming at one point caused me much pain after being electocuted so bad it mde me scream out loud for the whole bldg to hear…then I sat there shaking and crying with snot running down my face feeling like a fool and afraid very much to let them continue with the programming. I feel like I was scammed and when I finally had enough and asked my doc what should I do? He and I quote told me ” I don’t deal with those anymore those people are effing liars” and sent me on my way. I also had charging issues and had to replace the charger. and after the “big shock” it never worked correctly just kept stimulating my guts which is a horrible feeling. The pain at the top of my back is now excruciating and I complained about that since the day it was implanted. I now have an appt on NOv 4, 2013 to have this thing removed from me. I am beyond angry reading all this info that was not found before. And those reps telling me that I needed a bigger unit because I required such high stimulation made me run the other way no way was I going to go through that again… I am very concerned that just having this removed is not going to help my level of pain…..These units are a scam! I don’t believe in law suits but this one is changing my mimnd!

  24. KK Reply

    I would like to know How much is normal for an attorney to charge for this type of class action law suit. Also how many people are filing and how much are all these attorneys are suing for on our behalf.

  25. Steve Reply

    I am experiencing the exact same issues, after having my implant installed on October 7th 2013. My abdominal region gets “zapped” whenever I turn this thing up to the point I can get some relief from it. Too bad, at that point, I am cranked up so high on the levels, that I feel like I have parkinsons disease, in fact, during the trial, I was asked “How long have you had Parkinsons?” while at my sons graduation. All because I was told that “this was the way to go”, and that this was a median point between no surgery, and disc fusion surgery, which I was trying to avoid. I took the bait, got the implant, after 3 times being cancelled at the last minute due to my benefits failing me, thats another story in and of itself.
    Long story short, I am experiencing the same symptoms that you all are describing, but I have not been burned, (physically burned that is!, at least not yet), but I sure do feel like I have been taken advantage of, that is for sure.
    I should have taken my gut instinct and just had the fusion. That way, I would only have had to have 1 invasive surgery, rather than 3:
    1 to implant it,
    2 to remove it
    3 to get the disc fusion.
    Live and learn I suppose, I just hope that there is some recourse that we can take to get compensated for the pain, suffering, hinderance of livelihood.and other negative factors in this matter.

  26. Jamie Reply

    I am in my 30’s and I have had 5 back surgeries and numerous procedures done in the last four years. I am so sick of being in pain. These less evasive procedures only last about 2 to 3 weeks. My doctor how put me in contact with St. Judes for a stimulator but from what I have read it seems like this is not the best option for me. My pain is bad enough I don’t need added shocking and burns. I have limited use of my left leg as it is. Some days I can’t show the pain is so bad and anyone who knows me I have an OCD of showering. I was told by the St. Judes rep. The same stories I am reading here about the 90 percent success rate. I put my full trust in a man I feel took advantage of me causing me to have these multiple surgeries within a 10 month period. I died twice within the process and I am just done with the BS. Overall I would like some feedback on what to do. Do I go with St. Judes stimulators or are there any suggestions on any time labors that have been more successful? PLEASE. Any assistance will help I am so tired of being cut on like a guinea pig.

  27. keith Reply

    i talked to a lawyer today about this but i didn’t no my model number but i also have model # 3721 implanted and it seemed to be working as well it would take the burning out of my leg’s but not the pain’i started having problem’s about 3 month’s after but with the damage that i have in my lower back and leg’s i figured it was just that causing my other heated feeling’s i was getting when i would recharge ‘but i started putting my hand over the battery and could feel the heat and then i knew it wasn’t just my back and leg’s it was the mini eon causing the heat and burning.i talked to my doctor several time’s and they said that it wasn’t the mini eon causing this problem but now i see with everybody else having the same problem with the mini eon model
    # 3721 it was the doctor’s just didn’t want to admit it.i knew they were getting mad every time i would ask or say something about the mini eon model # 3721.

  28. keith Reply

    i have already made a statement on here but i would like to know if anybody lost the use of your leg’s for a short period of time because of the stimulateor .may 19th was me and my wife’s 35th year of marriage so we went to new your for the day and just walked around taking in the site’s .every hour or so i would have to stop and sit for at least 45 min. because of the pain even with the eon # 3721 turned up the following 2 and a half day’s I COULD NOT WALK i had to use two of my cane’s to hobble around in the house and it scared me to death .now i am afraid to even use it i called the person that programmed it for me and told her what was happening and she did not seem to be concerned to much about it i think that they think it is just in our head’s and there is no problem. could someone let me know if you have had this problem losing the use of your leg’s.

  29. beth Reply

    I got my unit in Feb of this year and so wished I had read these comments first. I have been in constant pain from disk problems and 4 failed spine surgeries including a 360 fusion. I went to doc several times now being told all kinds of things about how I must be doing something wrong cause in their own words..”it can’t just turn itself on and shock you”. I am finally getting it out and will never let them put another in. I guess my question is how is it legal to put a recalled devise in someone? Isn’t that wrong? I did get an attorney as there is a giant hole in my spine where wires are connected that is so very painful and I’m being told cause I’m too skinny…well if that’s the case then why put it in? I weigh the same..someone please tell me if you’re having same problems with wire harness.

  30. tammy Reply

    I have a st jude I a spinal cord stimulator model number 3716 ion
    ipg .
    had it put in on 1/30/2012
    And after 6 months it started burning and pain couldn’t charge it because it would burn my back.
    has anyone else had this model?

  31. dan Reply

    I have the 3722 model and its burns me when I charge dr did2 x rays and said its st jude tech said the same thing.i need this thing out but no one will do it.

  32. Anthony Reply

    I also have model 3722 put in April of 2013. St Judes told me I was the only one who had said anything about the charger burning me & it must be in my head. Finally Mar 15 my Dr removed it with the St Judes rep standing right there & he saw it was bad.

  33. Susan Reply

    I had Model 3722 implanted April 2014. My surgeon was adamant this was the only stimulator he would put in. I trusted he knew what he was doing since he was such a huge advocate of the St. Jude stimulator. It never worked as well as it did during the trial, which was only 3 days. I had it adjusted 3 times in the first 3 months and then out of the blue my St. Jude rep left the company! For moral reasons! Whoa, what does that truly mean? In November 2014 I began experiencing intense shocks and zaps that became constant when the unit was on. I could no longer use the device. The worst part was I experienced the shocking sensations while the device was off! I likened it to licking a 9 volt battery, sharp and intense. I finally received approval to have it explanted and had the surgery Feb. 9, 2015. Now I suffer with excruciating upper back pain as a result of the two lamenectomies necessary at implant and explant. So who is at fault, St. Jude or the surgeon who should have known better?

  34. zac Reply

    I had the stimulator implanted in 2010.the stimulator later was implanted in stop working cause I’m pain to the back area where the wires or leads are going up into the head area from back and the ribcage where the battery is located. The stimulator was given shocks,jolts and a burning sensation when the battery is being recharged. After the second surgery it still was given a lot of these send pains in the back area and the doctor told me that they don’t know what’s going on all the. just kept try to give injections with they called A lube job to the affected area. The model number is 3722 372 3851 ans and if thank you for your time and patience I would hear from you if it’s something that could be done about the problems that persist as of right now this does not work and is still causing pain in the area of the back in left side where the battery is located.

  35. Tracit Reply

    I have 3851 for RSD. In my right hip and my stimulator is shocking. And burning

  36. Matthew Reply

    I had my system put in 10/30/2012. It worked okay for about 6 months and then I had to call the St Judes rep to reprogram it. This happened three more times. My pain seemed to overpower the sensations of the stimulator, which made me see my regular Dr. This started my addiction to pain pills. Started out with hydrocodin that over two years of looking for another neurosurgeon lead to Nyucenta and ms contin. Very nasty stuff. Anyway my stimulator went rogue 8/12/2014. It just hit me as I was watching TV. Couldn’t move my arms or legs and felt like I was being zapped. By the time the ambulance showed up I was on the floor convulsing. Felt like getting hit with a police tazer. This went on for over four hours! The ER had no protocol, hell some of the nurses were crying because they didn’t know what to do. Finally the Dr who put it in showed up with a rep from St Judes, who said he didn’t understand why this was happening because the unit was turned off. They took it out, and St Judes guy took it for observation. That was four months ago and we have yet to hear from him. I have nerve damage in my leg and foot and still tick and tremble. We finally have an attorney that agreed to look at our case, thank God. By the way my model # is 3851ANS. Good luck to everyone! These assholes need to be held responsible!

  37. Janice Reply

    St Jude needs to be held accountable for theEON neural stimulator that has been placed into people that is burning bodies. I am seeking an attorney in St.Louis that can help me with my case. March 2011 neurostimulator was placed into my body. July of 2012 the neurostimulator overheated and shocked me. My primary care doctor immediately referred me to a neurosurgeon at SLU Hospital. St Jude sent me a letter in July of 2012 stating that my machine was one of those machines that was on recall and for me to seek immediate Medical attention. I finally met with a neurosurgeon doctor several times over a year At Saint Louis University. I was set up for replacement in November of 2013. Little did I know that st. Jude was also in the operating room . They wanted to get their portion of the box that overheated. I still have my other burnt half in a banks safe. I was then referred to a doctor for an EMG study to find out if I had any nerve damage. I’ve had several back surgeries and numerous injections into my back to help with the evere spinal pins and needles. I ended up having blackening of my feet because of no circulation to my feet which resulted in two surgeries on my feet. I’ve had to have numerous injections before and after the surgeries on my back. Then I was referred to a pain specialist who implanted a neuro modular box in my stomach for pain because of the severity I was experiencing with my feet my back my fingers and my shoulder. Due to the fact that I had to have the back surgeries and the foot surgeries and the shoulder surgery within a year’s time I was not able to take care of myself and was admitted to a rehabilitation center for 4 months.Also, I have permanent nerve damage in my back and wearing a back brace and have been in a wheelchair, have had numerous foot Orthotics and boots. Depression has set in so bad we won’t even mention the 15 to 20 pills I take daily to control blood pressure, heart palpitations, pain, and headaches. One attornry stated that st. Jude’s charging systems was considered a class 3 medical device under the medical device Amendment to the Food and Drug and cosmetic Act. As a result it means you cannot bring action against them. That they’re preempted and protected from any loss claims from negligence strict liability or other cause of action which challenges the safety and effectiveness of their product. Even though they have admitted fault and said that the recall was a results of a defpective internal battery and the batteries defect was it result of the inner weld failure within the battery do to weld cracks. Is this true? So are they thinking of Saint Jude’s children and not st. Judes Medical. Because st. Jude Medical needs to be held accountable for these defective boxes that were on recall 2011 and were still put in people’s body. Especially since st. Jude admitted fault that the battery was defective how can they be exempted from anything or preempted from anything or protected from anything. Some of the attorneys here we’re asking me did you lose any limbs. How trifling no one wants to work to help someone whose life was turned upside-down.

  38. KathyD Reply

    Hi, I too have been implanted with the St Jude EON mini model 3788 and have had the intense burning, shocks and daily pain from this battery. In 2015 it stopped working and I contacted St. Jude Medical and they told me that since it was implanted in 2013 it was NOT the defective model. When I stated that I had the recall model number 3788 he stupidly told me that they had fixed the problems and just kept the same model number. Now anyone with a brain would know that you do NOT keep the defective model number on your improved battery, that would be bloody stupid and confusing. They refused to help me.

    In May 2016 I met with the St Jude rep at my doctors office and he fussed with my battery trying to make it work and all it did was cause me pain as the right lead has become attached to a nerve. He told me that I need to have the battery replaced as it is the defective model and that I have the defective leads also. He also told me that I will have to pay for the entire surgery. I have Medicare as I am disabled and I can not afford to pay for what Medicare doesn’t. It shouldn’t be up to me to have to pay for the removal of this defective battery or the defective leads.

    I am searching for an attorney who is still taking these cases so that I can get St Jude to pay for the entire surgery and my pain and suffering. I had this done to help with my daily migraines and now I have no relief but daily pain from the battery pack. How is that my fault and why should I be forced to pay for the surgery? If anyone knows of an attorney who is still working on these cases can you let me know. Thanks.

  39. Kimberly Reply

    I had the EON SNS system implanted in 2011 which, first and foremost, the psych evaluation dr that determines if I am a candidate or not, said I shouldnt have it put in but my dr override his decision and went ahead anyways. I have had soooo much pain since I had it put in. My spine looks like it caved in and I cant stand up for more than a few minutes because the pain is excruciating and brings me to tears. Second, I think one of the leads may have come out bcuz I have a stabbing pain under my bottom rib on the back left side. I can hardly clean a litter box without crying. I HATE IT!!!! I am trying now to go see the dr who put it in to take it out. I wish I never had it put in and for anyone whos thinking about getting it, think long and hard. I also have Systemic Lupus Erythemetosis with secondary Sjrogrens and would flare almost every time I used it. I am suing once I find out how much damage is done but by the excruciating pain, I will be lucky if I can walk and I am only 46yo. I can’t lay on my back at all and can hardly lie down. I have been sleeping sitting up for the last 6yrs. If you go thru the psych eval and he recommends that you should not have the surgery, listen to him….He is right on

  40. Regina Reply

    I have Model 3722. I have the same issues as reported above. Shocks to the system that are debilitating. Difficulty charging without skin irritation. No relief to pain after implanted. No where near the relief received after trial period. I don’t understand how things like this can be approved. We pay for surgery and all expenses related to it and nothing can be done after it’s all said and done. Is there any justice for this.

  41. Troy Reply

    I will make this short and state facts:
    1) in an auto accident in 08. Damaged three disks in my back.
    2). Had multiple steroid injections with little relief.
    3). Was on high doses of pain meds from 8/08 to 11/15.
    4). Treated by chiropractor- no relief.
    5). 2011- had St Jude Eon implanted. Got some relief.
    6). One to two years later, EON stopped working all together. St Jude rep tried many things but no success. Had no explanation other than maybe leads disconnected from device.
    7). Started experiencing some discomfort in the region of the device. Had it removed 4/2017. Requested the device be returned to me. Waiting for the hospital to return it. Incredible pain from the surgery to remove.
    8). Will be seeking an attorney to determine if there is legal recourse.
    9). Continuing to manage the back pain without pain killing medication because meds also reduce quality of life.
    10). Have accepted the fact that lower back pain is something I will live with for the rest of my life. Not happy with the pain and lost time/income due to surgery to have the device removed.

  42. William Reply

    I had a ANS Unit installed. It never worked correctly. I was burned,shocked. It would turn itself on and then you could not get the unit to turn off. I found out after I had the unit removed. I have permanent damage. Please understand the first doctor died in a plane crash just before he was going to relocate or replace it. It took me also a year to find another pain doctor to take me as a patient. This pain doctor relocated the same unit. The pain and troubles persisted and I had a Nero Surgeon remove it. He gave me the unit after he removed it. He said I might need it. A year ago I saw where there is a class action lawsuit against St. Judes for the EON MINI (IPG). It took me almost a year to get medical records from the pain management doctors. I can not find a law firm to take my case. I live in Oklahoma and there is no law firms handling class action lawsuits. Does anyone know a law firm that can help me. I have a year from this July (2017) to file a lawsuit.

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