Stork Craft Crib Lawsuits Filed Over Recalled Drop-Side Cribs

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Following the recall of more than 2 million drop-side cribs last week, a mounting number of Stork Craft crib lawsuits have surfaced.

The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) announced the Stork Craft drop side crib recall last Monday, which was the largest crib recall in U.S. history. About 2 million Stork Craft drop side cribs and another 147,000 Fisher-Price drop side cribs, which were also made by Stork Craft Manufacturing, Inc., were included in the recall.

A wrongful death lawsuit was filed last week against the Canadian children’s furniture company in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Louisiana, according to a report in The Advertiser. The complaint was filed by the parents of 7-month-old Reese Morgan, who suffocated in one of the recalled Stork Craft cribs after becoming trapped between the mattress and drop-side rail.

There is also at least one other lawsuit over a death in a Stork Craft crib, which was filed last year in West Virginia. According to a report in the West Virginia Record, that complaint was filed by the family of Carter Michael Pack, who suffocated in his Stork Craft drop side crib in 2007.

In a statement released on November 23, 2009, the U.S. CPSC indicated that the defective cribs could allow a dangerous gap to develop between the drop-side of the crib and the mattress, where an infant may become trapped. Parents have been urged to immediately stop using the cribs and contact Stork Craft to receive a free repair kit that will change the crib from a drop-side crib to a fixed-side crib.

The CPSC and Health Canada have received 110 reports where the drop-side detached, including at least 15 cases where infants were entrapped and 20 cases where children fell from the cribs. Four reports involved infant deaths in the cribs, all involving children 9-months old or younger who suffocated.

In addition to the wrongful death lawsuits, at least six Stork Craft class action lawsuits have been filed across Canada on behalf of parents who bought the cribs and want their money back. While the company has offered a free repair kit, attorneys on behalf of the plaintiffs in Canada say that parents do not feel safe using the cribs, even with the repair kit offer.

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  1. michele Reply

    90 babies died after becoming entrapped and suffocating in drop-side cribs and 11,000 were injured within a two year period of time. This doesn’t include my son Tyler or Susan’s son Bobby, both also strangeled by their drop-side cribs. Because I am an advocate for banning the sale of drop-side deathtraps, hundreds of parents have contacted me in the past week. Simply said, they want their money back! They are putting their babies to sleep in playpens and carseats or co-sleeping with their infants. Very dangerous! Please parents order the plastic part that makes the drop-side stationary until someone can figure out a way to help you replace your cribs. I am trying to start a “dollars for drop-sides” program. But I do have a relatively simple question: Why did it take all these deaths for manufacturers to figure out that the drop-side is a flawed design? I tried to tell you in 1998…don’t you companies talk to each other? Read about reported deaths via the CPSC? Horrific!

  2. Lidor Reply

    I tried to call the hotline number, but I cannot get through to the company. It is ALWAYS busy. I called Wal-Mart, and they told me I cannot return it, even though I have the reciept. I have to use the repair kit. I do not want to do that. This is the second thing on my crib that has been recalled. The mattress brackets and not the drop down rail. I want my kid to live, so I do not want this crib anymore. Wal-Mart doesn’t care for our children safety all they care about is money.When I purchased my crib I read all the safety details about my crib and bought is solely because it was promised to be the safest. The company didn’t keep their promise so i want my money back.

  3. Tracy Reply

    this is the second recall on my daughters crib!!!!!!!!!!! I already ordered and installed one ‘fix it’ kit!!!! I am not playing around anymore, does anyone know how I get involved with this class action lawsuit??? All I want is my money back to get her a new SAFE crib so I do not have to worry!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. ethel Reply

    i need all the hardware for my storkcraft crib model 04560-02c

  5. R. D'Alessandro Reply

    How would a person be notified of a recall if the crib was bought with cash and no other information given to the store?

  6. Mac Reply

    That Simplicity would not notify there customers after product registration and three separate recalls concerning structural and connective fixture failures leading to many deaths and numerous injuries is inexcuseable and actionable. Model 8994, 2-06DH purchased at baby’s are us will not refund or even have parts that make unit functional. Supposedly Quality purchase w/o notification on a deadly structural failure with a bankrupt company. Let’s get together and chase the money and get these bastards.

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