Tennessee Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Results in $24M Verdict

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A Tennessee jury has awarded nearly $24 million to a woman and her husband in a breast cancer misdiagnosis lawsuit. The award is reportedly one of the largest verdicts ever returned for a medical malpractice lawsuit in Tennessee.

The malpractice complaint was filed by Courtney Hill and her husband, Robert, against Dr. Claudia Moise and OB/GYN Specialists P.C. of Memphis. The Hills alleged that Dr. Moise ignored repeated complaints that Courtney Hill had an unusual lump in her breast. The lump later turned out to be breast cancer that spread to other parts of her body.

The failure to diagnose lawsuit claimed that Courtney Hill complained to Dr. Moise about a mysterious lump in her breast in 2003, but was advised not to be concerned until her next check-up. When Hill appeared for the next check-up, Dr. Moise failed to order a mammogram and said that it was likely a cyst or fatty deposit.

When Hill later became pregnant, the lump got worse. Hill was seen by Moise’ partner, Dr. Paula Pilgrim, who had her undergo a mammogram and ultrasound. The test results revealed that she had breast cancer that had spread to her liver.

To treat the cancer, Courtney Hill had to undergo repeated chemotherapy, a hysterectomy, a lumpectomy and radiation treatment. Hill was too weak to appear in court and her testimony was presented through a video deposition.

Following a two-week trial in Shelby County, the jury awarded $11.85 million to Courtney Hill and $11.74 million to her husband. It is believed to be one of the largest, if not the largest, awards for a Tennessee malpractice lawsuit in the state’s history.

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  1. Nancy Reply

    I just went through and currently experiencing a very similiar scenario with the same doctors office OBGYN Specialist. I complained to Dr. Ruffin during my annual exam about a lump I found in my breast. I asked her to check it out for me. She said that its just dense tissue. I just felt something didnt feel right and scheduled a mammogram. The diagnostic place called me back saying a needed further testing a breast ultrasound. Afterwards they said they would contact Dr. Ruffin because I needed biospy and they don’t do it there. Dr. Ruffin called on the phone to tell me I had an appointment for the biospy with the Breast Clinic of Memphis never notifying that it was possible cancer. So upon arriving at the Breast Clinic they were telling me just from looking at the film tIhat I was aware already I have breast cancer. I told them no, I thought I was just coming in for a biopsy. Since her office I had sen me for a biospy in 2003 which was benign, but follow ups were not done after that because they were not reccomended. So I didnt have any thoughts of cancer. And from that moment I knew I had breast cancer and Dr. Ruffin or her office never notified me I had breast cancer and If I didnt persist on my own to do a mammogram would still think it was dense breast tissue. I thought they would have atleast called me in the office once the lab told them their findings but instead sent me alone to hear the news from a stranger. So I just had a masectomy and starting chemo soon, no thanks to any word from Dr.Ruffin or her office.

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