Thane H2O Mop Steam Cleaner Recall: Risk of Shock and Burns

More than half a million H2O Mop Steam Cleaners manufactured by Thane International, Inc., have been recalled as result of reports that people could be burned or shocked by a defective power cord.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced the steam cleaner recall on Thursday after Thane reported that at least 10 people were shocked and eight suffered burns after the power cord unexpectedly wore down.

The recall affects 580,000 Thane H2O Mop Steam Cleaners, which were sold throughout the United States between June 2007 and December 2008 through television commercials, retailers, QVC and Thane’s website. The units sold for about $100 and were manufactured in China.

The CPSC recall notice warns that the power cord can wear down unexpectedly, exposing the wiring and creating a risk of burns or electric shocks to users. Owners have been advised to immediately stop using the recalled steam cleaners and to contact Thane at (800) 485-0017 to request a free repair kit.

The steam cleaners are white with a purple water tank with “H2O” and “M” printed on top of the cleaning head. The recalled units have the model numbers 808.092 and OEM-TV-001, and only include the H2O steam cleaners with the following reference numbers printed on a label on the back: 200709198 to 200803148 or H20M1000 to M-H20M1198.

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  1. Gerald Reply

    My Thank H2O steam mop (model OEM-TV-001) was purchased November 30, 2008.

    The reference number 0n the back label is

    Does this model need the safety upgrade?

  2. Theresa Reply

    I have been told that i will be receivng a kit to correct the cord on my steam H2O mop which is part of the recall however i only used mine once and i liked it but a year later when i tried to do the rugs again the steam never would get to anymore than a little puff and was not usable. i think the problem is that the water does not get to the heating unit. the little pin that is supposed to let the water out of the bottle doesn’t seem to be long enough. Has anyone else had this happen and can i get a new water bottle?

  3. rjsisti Reply

    My H20 model number in the back says: MH20M1132-2.

    Please reimburse me for the cost of my Steam Machine. The value of my life is worth more than your Steam Machine. I also referred many friends to this product. I’m very upset. I also have a very extensive legal background and I don’t wish to play games. Just reimburse me my costs and I will contact my friends that I high referred this product to as I don’t want them injured.

    Everyone that purchased youru product should have been notified immediately. I, by chance came across this recall my accident. Shame on you. You you chance someone getting injured and not notifying them????

  4. Rose Reply

    I have referred two people to this product and both purchased it. I’m livid.

    I want the two above including myself to be reimbursed for this product. I thought I did my homework and selected what I thought was the best steam machine on the market but I guess I was wrong.l

    Kindly send all three of us a check to reimburse us for this product ASAP. Should you wish to retrieve the product, it will be at your expense and not ours.

    Shame on you for not notifying your customers who purchased this product that there was a recall. I found out by accident online

  5. merelyn Reply

    I My steamer will do about one floor and then the pad is soaking wet and falls off. I can never get the pad to stay on. I also burned my hand when I tried to put it back on.

  6. James Reply

    the Thane mop steam cleaner is a piece of garbage. had three of them sent to me and it always cost me money. they lie and we should start a class action suite. this company sells nothing but junk and should be put out of bussiness.

  7. Tony Reply

    I contacted H2O on line to get the repair kit so I could use the steamer on my floors. It has been about 4 or 5 weeks now and no kit has arrived!! I have not used the machine based on their recommendation since i requested the kit.
    I do not believe the kit will ever be sent, The company will go belly up be that.
    I am really upsetas the phone number to the company doesn’t seem to be connected. Buyer beware.

  8. janie Reply

    I also have had two mops sent too at my cost. The first one never worked correctly and the replacement was at almost full cost. This mop worked great for about three times then problems started happening again and again. Customer service said to buy another new mop! Why? I have been shocked by this product and the product recall correction to attach the cord is not a good fix. I need/want a full reimburse for the costs I have incurred Thane H2O Mop Steam Cleaner! I am in on the class action suit!!!

  9. n. allinotte Reply

    I was to get one as a gift…thank godness, they were out of stock

  10. robin Reply

    i have done all needed and it is now over 2 months and have not received anything to fix my wire. do i need to get burned.

  11. David Reply

    I have a recalled H2O mop. On July 30, I received the repair kit. I installed the kit per instructions. On 8-25-09, the power cord shorted at the strain relief and blew in half. It shot a fireball and blew my circuit breaker. thye fix does not seem to be effective. I called their number and they are supposed to be sending me a replacement unit. We’ll see.

  12. sharon Reply

    I bought a h2o from wal-mart model number MTDC03684-3
    When I used this machine it left water all over the floor even though
    it was steaming.
    I have been told by people who use a Shark which has a smaller
    water bottle they can do thier whole house and have water left in the bottle
    not me, mine is always empty .(I’m sure this is not right)
    Is this the same machine.

  13. Aprill Reply

    I bought the mop over a year ago. I love the way it cleans my floors but it stopped shooting out steam. It is also on the recall list which I filled out in the beginning of September before it broke. I still have not received the unit to fix it. A friend also bought one that is on the list and she has not received hers either.

  14. Kirsten Reply

    Upon my suggestion, my mother bought one for me for Xmas and one for herself. My mop didn’t even last a year. It bit the dust before it could shock me. I want her reimbursed for both units, which were over $100. Why should anyone have to fix it themselves and risk doing it wrong, when the quality of the item to begin with is crappy.

  15. LInda Reply

    The model on my unit is H2OM1162-2. My husband used it previously. I tried to use it yesterday. It steamed briefly then never got hot or steamed again. Since this is on a recall list, I would kindly like to get a reimbursement for the unit. And to top it all off, the area that it did clean, is streaky. That just doesn’t seem right.

  16. Karen Reply

    My H2O mop stopped working also. I didn’t get to use it enough for the cord to wear down. Instead, after 5-6 times, the H2O mop has stopped shooting out steam. I went to exchange it at the store I bought it from but they no longer sell them. We all deserve refunds!

  17. ms. mattie Reply

    I cannot get this micro pad to fit. The bottom keeps falling off. The instrutions that came with the steam mop states that the mop is to be used with the pad. I am not satisfied with this product. I want my money back, plus shipping cost.

  18. lucci Reply

    One of these beauties showed up on my moms front lawn one day. In wonder she gave it to me to try out. It steamed, and wet, alot, and left a streaked, kinda cleaner area on my floor?! I had to mop it up it was so wet. ( i later learner i needed some kind of pad with it) Mom says, look it up on the internet, I said yaahh right!! Well I did and Wow, I found all kinds on this little bomb steamer. My logic says, toss it in the proper garbage so nobody else will be tempted to try it out. It was two digits away from being the deadly steamer.
    Im taking to the garbage container tomorrow. Dont get it, I tried the one canadian tire has and was also disappointed. I think the steam cleaner idea is fantastic, I have yet to find one that works as I only dream it could.

  19. Rachelle Reply

    I was not aware of this recall and was using mine this past weekend. Sparks started flying out of the top, it started smoking and then there was a pop noise and a huge flame burst out from the back. I had a friend over and we were both screaming so loud my husband came running in from the garage. At this point I don’t want a replacement, I want my money back. This is horrifying

  20. elaine Reply

    purchased 02/08/08from commercial on TV Handle broke while using on05/24/10 no answer customer service 775-412-6017

  21. hiten Reply

    I was also not aware of this recall,while using on saturday(5/29/10), it’s just shut off and stop working. if you can send me new one….

  22. sheri Reply

    I was just given this mop and it did not come with instrutions so I went on line to fine information and then to find out that it is recalled .I am shocked.

  23. Jenny Reply

    Went to use mine and it stopped spitting water out. I went online to find out what could be wrong and I came across this. Oh my I guess I should not try to even fix it.

  24. Pamela Reply

    Mine stop working and I burn my fingers.

  25. Jerry Reply

    I have one too that just stopped and just hums, maybe it hums before it explodes, how can companies like this get away with peddling substandard garbage from China and then not being accountable when they release thousands of defective or not-fit-for-purpose units. We all don’t have the time to pursue a hundred dollar claim and that is exactly what these type of companies are banking on. If they were a real company they would “man up” and be accountable for the thousands of units they spewed onto the market. If there are 500,000 people out $100, that is 50 million dollars worth of garbage that no one is going to service.

  26. sandra Reply

    terrible product !!!! Glad I saw recall before I got shocked. Does not do as they advertised, not enough steam to moisten a stamp. JUNK

  27. Sharon Reply

    My H20 steam mop is 2 1/2 years old. Used it today & mopped half the floor & started to smell a burning smell & then sparks started flying from where the cord meets the unit. Fortunately I managed to turn it off without getting electrocuted and I’m 8 months pregnant so that would NOT be good! Going to buy a new mop from a different company. I’m surprised it even lasted me this long considering it’s made in China!

  28. Barbara Reply

    And I thought I was the only one….I also have had problems with my steam cleaner. I purchased this steamer when it was being advertised on TV and thought it was a great machine. After only three uses it would get hot stop and just humy. We ordered one part after another and still the steamer would not work properly. The customer service received is entirely useless. They just told me it’s the not the number of uses, but the amount of time I had the steamer. And the only way to purchase parts is through Thane. I’ve recommended and some friends have purchased it and they all have complaints. This is a total rip-off and I feel I along hundreds of others should be reimbursed without going the legal route. Thane should stand up and do the right thing by reimbursing everyone and make a proper unit before selling to the public. Shame on you Thane……

  29. Sarah Reply

    I have one of these steamers and have been using for more than a year now. I personally love it. Anytime I need to mop, I use this thing instead. When people are complaining about the steam not coming out and all their problems, it seems as though they are not MAINTAINING the product. You do have to clean it once in a while. There IS a filter… Don’t yank on the cord.. maintain the thing… maybe I just got lucky, but I really like mine.

  30. Mane Reply

    I had purchased my H2O through QVC in 2007 or 2008. On 02/01/11 i was mopping when I heard a loud boob and saw flames and sparks from the mop, I quickly let go of the mop and unplugged it, I contacted their customer service to report the problem and was told that I would be contacted withing 2 to 3 days, still have not hear anything from them. When I put the phone down, i realized that there was a black whole on the cord that is behind the water chamber. If my body or hand was close to that area, I would have gotten burned. Through google I found out that there has been some cord discrepencies that could cause burns or serious injuries, however I never received a recall confirmation for this matter (my product is registered and I had received one for the cord holder kit) however never received one for this. I was so shaken by the loud explosion and fire that I no longer will purchase one just for the fear that it may happen again.

  31. Gladys Reply

    I have an H2O Mop Steam cleaner, the RED one. I loved it but it has quit steaming. I came onto this website to see if anyone else had the same problem and that might know how to fix it. I have done everything the manual said to do, vinegar, CLR, new filters. I am totally frustrated because it just “won’t” work. I have a dog, and grandchildren and I thought this was a wonderful machine. Who can tell me what to do. I don’t think this is the machine that was recalled. By the way, I did look after my unit, cleaning after each use, etc. Followed directions very carefully. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks.

  32. Lupe Reply

    I have had this mop for almost 2 years until my water tank started leaking & would get the pad soaking wet!! I put it away in the garage & think it may still be in there. I am horrified that I was never contacted by the company on the recall since it posed a serious risk of shock & burn!! We need 2 sue this company & get this item off the market b4 it seriously hurts someone..

  33. Jenoatha Reply

    OMG! I have one…just found it in the basement. I’ve had mine for years…and the model # is different…M-H20M1215-4. I need replacement pads and just saw the recall…now, I’m afraid…this is very scary…will probably toss mine…don’t need the shock treatment!

  34. Millicent Reply

    I have bought 2 of these and they did not work! They would heat and steam then they would just stop working. Sometimes they would start working again, but most of the time would not for about a week. Finally I just gave up on trying to use them. If I have to use a mop and bucket at the end of the floors; I will just start out that way

  35. ccinhershey Reply

    I was using my steam mop last week when it shot flames and sparks out of it. I have severe heart disease and had quadruple bypass 18 months ago. I also had 2 stents this year. I got shocked bad. The first thing is that I’m afraid something happened to my heart that I can’t see. I’m now having chest pains intermittenly. The cord to the mop is completely fried at the part where it attachs to the machine itself. Not a fun time! Just found the recalls tonight. I will be calling Thane tomorrow!!!

  36. Zhana Reply

    I bought a H2O mop back in 2008 from Thane. It worked fine for 1 year, and then it stopped. No steam, only roaring sound and smell of burnt plastic or rubber. I had no idea what’s wrong, the warranty had already expired. So, I never used it again, it’s still sitting in my closet. Thane never contacted me about the recall. My model is – M-H2OM1186-8. Thanks to this web-site, I read about the recall, because I believe mine could be defective, also. Thane did send me some kind of a plastic part back in 2009 (though it wasn’t for my model, but for some H2O models that had it missing), but I never heard about the defective mops and recalls!

  37. MA Wheeler Reply

    I hooked mine up and it made a loud noise. It won’t heat up and no water comes out. I have used it less than 10 times. It is the original model. I am totally disgusted. They do not even have a phone number. Has anyone had any luck having this fixed by a handy man or anybody???????

  38. Donna Reply

    I bought 4 h2o mops for myself and my family and 3 broke with in the year, they stopped steaming and had exposed wires at the back. when I phoned up and asked was there a problem I was told no by a very Rude person called Mary! When I phoned the second I allowed myself to be talked into buying another one a later model! I havent u.sed it very often because it fell back on the floor and the handle cracked, I have to fidget with it to get it to work. Thankfully other companys have brought cheaper more reliable and easier to repair ones to the marked. I spent nearly €500 on thane mops but will opt for a different brand the next time

  39. Bev Reply

    I was given the H20 mop from a family member OEM-TV-001 and went to use it and it does not steam and is very loud, So I went on line to see if I could find out what the problem might be and I see a recall on this product, I wonder how many more people out there are unaware of this recall I know my neighbor has one down the street and I will be letting him know for sure.

  40. george Reply

    I bought a stem cleaner H 20 mop and it is not working and the product came with some missing parts.

  41. Joan Reply

    did not know about recall until a friend told me got it a wedding gift in 2008

  42. Angela Reply

    I bought the mop as well and it just stopped working after I used it for the 10th time. It runs the water through all over my floor but no steam. It is one big azz piece of junk taking up space.

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