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Levaquin Settlement Reached to Resolve Tendon Rupture Lawsuits

  • Written by: Austin Kirk

About 845 plaintiffs have reportedly reached an agreement to settle their Levaquin lawsuits with Johnson & Johnson, resolving about one-third of the claims filed by former users of the popular antibiotic who allegedly suffered tendon ruptures. …

Motion for New Trial Denied In Levaquin Lawsuit, Despite Juror Issue

A federal judge has denied a request for a new trial filed by a plaintiff who received a defense verdict in one of the first Levaquin lawsuits to reach a jury, rejecting the argument that a new trial was warranted because it was discovered that one of the jurors had business dealings with the drug’s maker. …

FDA Investigating Data on Zithromax Z-Pak Heart Risks

  • Written by: Austin Kirk
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Following a recent study that suggested side effects of Zithromax (azithromycin) may increase the risk of cardiovascular death, federal drug regulators have indicated that they are reviewing the potential heart risks associated with the popular antibiotic, which is also known as Z Pack, Z-Pak or Zmax. …