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Illinois McDonalds Hepatitis A Infections Reported in 30 People

Health officials say at least 30 cases of hepatitis A are now linked to an infection outbreak caused by workers at a McDonald’s in northwestern Illinois, which has been blamed on a breakdown in communication among the restaurant, the employees and health safety workers.…

Hepatitis Exposure Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against McDonald’s

A class action lawsuit was filed Tuesday against McDonalds after thousands of patrons at a restaurant in northwestern Illinois were exposed to hepatitis A. The complaint alleges that management knew at least one employee was infected with hepatitis A and failed to take steps to prevent patrons from becoming infected.…

Illinois McDonald’s Hepatitis Outbreak Linked to Fast Food Workers

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A recent hepatitis A outbreak in northwestern Illinois may be linked to employees at a local McDonald’s restaurant who were known to be infected with the disease. Both the McDonald’s management and local health officials have come under close scrutiny for potentially exposing thousands of people who ate at the restaurant to a risk of infection.…