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Colorado Salmonella Outbreak Leads to Ground Beef Recall

A ground beef recall has been issued for nearly half a million pounds of meat distributed to Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming, due to the possibility that it may be contaminated with a treatment-resistant strain of Salmonella.…

Salmonella Lawsuits

Salmonalla food poisoning can be caused by negligence during the manufacturing or preparation of food products. The salmonella bacteria is one of the most common causes of food poisoning, and it could lead to severe and potentially fatal illness for some people.…

Sprout Food Poisoning Lawsuit Filed in Nebraska

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The first known food poisoning lawsuit over the recent salmonella outbreak linked to sprouts, was filed last week in Nebraska. Contaminated alfalfa sprouts, onion sprouts and gourmet sprouts sold by SunSport have been linked to more than 121 cases of salmonella poisoning in five states, and it is expected that additional lawsuits will be filed in the coming months.…

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