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Half of VA Health Centers Fail Surprise Inspections Before House Hearing

  • Written by: AboutLawsuits

U.S. lawmakers railed against problems with the veteran health system after surprise inspections revealed that only 43% of Veterans Affairs facilities had adequate health safety procedures for endoscopic procedures. The inspections came following a discovery that thousands of veterans were exposed to unsanitary equipment, hepatitis and HIV due to unsafe medical procedures at VA health centers.…

VA Hospital Problems to be Examined by Congressional Panel

A congressional panel will look into the recent problems at VA Hospitals that occurred in at least three states, where thousands of veterans were potentially exposed to HIV, Hepatitis C and other diseases caused by unsterilized equipment.…

VA Clinic Colonoscopy Problems Result in Four Positive HIV Tests

The latest figures released by the Department of Veterans Affairs indicate that at least four patients treated at VA Clinics in Florida, Tennessee and Georgia have tested positive for HIV after being exposed to non-sterile equipment. Another 20 veterans have tested positive for Hepatitis C and thousands of other patients treated at the clinics have been warned to obtain blood tests.…

Positive HIV Test Found Among Veterans Treated with Tainted Equipment

Among the thousands of veterans tested after being exposed to contaminated medical equipment used during colonoscopies and other procedures at three different VA clinics, the Department of Veteran Affairs has found at least one positive HIV test and another 16 positive tests for hepatitis B or C.…

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