Trasylol Settlement Reached in 150 Lawsuits for $60M

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Bayer has reportedly reached an agreement to settle about 150 Trasylol lawsuits filed on behalf of individuals who allege that the heart surgery drug increased the risk of kidney failure, heart attacks, strokes and death. 

The Trasylol settlement was announced earlier this month in court, but terms of the agreement were not disclosed. Bloomberg News now reports that Bayer AG will pay at least $60 million to settle the Trasylol lawsuits, averaging about $400,000 per claim.

Bayer faces about 1,600 lawsuits in the Trasylol litigation, involving similar allegations that the drug maker failed to exercise the proper degree of care in designing and testing the drug, and that it did not properly alert healthcare professionals and users to the risks of Trasylol side effects. Although the drug maker was aware of negative study results, some of the complaints allege that they delayed disclosing the data to the FDA and failed to issue adequate warnings or a Trasylol recall.

Most of the cases are federal lawsuits that have been consolidated in an MDL, or Multidistrict Litigation, before U.S. District Judge Donald Middlebrooks in the Southern District of Florida. The first Trasylol trials in the MDL are scheduled to being early next year. It is unclear whether those are among the recently settled lawsuits.

After it was first approved by the FDA in 1993 to control bleeding during heart surgery, Trasylol (aprotonin) was administered to an estimated 4.3 million patients before it was removed from the market.

Concerns about Trasylol problems first gained national attention in early 2006, when preliminary data from a study suggested that the drug increased the risk of serious kidney damage, congestive heart failure, strokes and death. After adding strong warnings to the drug, Bayer ultimately suspended sales in November 2007 after an aborted study suggested that it increases the risk of death by over 54% compared to alternative drugs to control bleeding.

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  1. Marsha Reply

    Does anyone know how much the families will actually receive? This article states that an average of $400,000 would be paid per claim. My father died from kidney failure after receiving this drug during heart surgery. My mother is part of this suit but, so far, hasn’t received anything.

  2. Jacinta Reply

    This whole thing is a hurry up and wait kind of thing in dealing with Bayer. They have made billions of dollars selling this drug, knowing that it was killing people. My mother was also a victim of this multi-million dollar Bayer genocide. She was alive when we filed this suit three years ago. It has been three years and they are still debating about it. Bayer knew and didn’t even care enough about the patients to tell them what they had found themselves. They should be made to pay without question. They administered without question. I am angry! I now know to ask what drug is going to be administered before a surgery so that I won’t lose my life because a giant company like Bayer decided they would rather make more money. It’s ridiculous! They should be made to pay. Judge Middlebrook, please hear our cry. This company should be shut down!

  3. Alan Reply

    I am waiting for my medical records to discover whether my post heart surgiery stage III/IV kidney failure and circulatory eye problems causing blindness in my right eye could be attributed to Trasylol.. My surgeon revealed that he used the drug extensively in the type of heart surgery he did on me but needed to check the records to say for sure. I am waiting for the records now.

    I am familiar with the type of profit at all cost driven thinking that goes on all too often in the development of highly profitable pharmaceuticals. Big pharma’s cold calculations put profit over safety when the financial costs of covering up negative safety information ls outweighed by the potential profits. They seem to have no fear of the criminal implications of endangering the public. This is what happens when the regulators (FDA) are so much in bed with the drug companies they are supposed to regulate as I am of the opinion has happened in this case. These companies have immense political influence through the millions of dollars they spend lobbying and bribing politicians and the regulators.

    I wonder how many overly dangerous drugs they have been successful at getting on and keeping on the market for too long, and how many effective medicines they have been able to keep off of the market so that they could continue to sell ineffective treatments when we could be enjoying more effective and less expensive treatments?

  4. curtis Reply

    my dad put in a clame 2 yrs 6 mo ago. havent herd nothing abought this yet, but in the mean time they got a devorse, and he died in 2/21/10. then she had me sign a papper for the clame of his , thai i was his only son and the pappers would come to me , non so far. but when i signed the pappers i was having eye trouble couldn’t read the small print , she told me what wes on it ,so i did it with no adress on it she said they got it already.. just want to know what is going on, and anything else…

  5. Karen Reply

    I to have a pending suit on behalf of my deceased husband(47). I agree Bayer is to blame ….they knew from the get go!! But my question is what about the F.D.A.??? They knew too and allowed it to be sold …they tabled back discussion on taking it off the market for over 9 months …who was getting paid off to do that…I don’t think this suit should just be against Bayer it should be against the F.D.A. also…they allowed this medicine to stay on the shelves far to long….do ur research …what firm has the guts enough to takeon the big boys of the F.D.A.??? Count me in!!! Where’s “Denny Crane” IM READY WHEN U ARE BOYS…LET’S DO IT!,,

  6. michele Reply

    My husband died in 2002 from Trasylol…Bayer is only offering $100,000, which to me they are accepting responsibility, and I have been told if I want more money they will file a petition with the judge in Forida that I filed after STATUE OF LIMITATIONS!!! My husband had kidney failure and then started stoking out within 20min of being given trasylol…the heart surgery was a success however, I took him off machines after 2 days because of his kidneys and strokes…My attorney said Bayer will pull the plug on this offer if I don’t accept…this is disgraceful to me..I knew something was wrong, and then I found out about Trasylol;…Attorney’s called me and said there was a way to get around the Statue of limitations and took the case…now they want me to settle…PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME IF THEIR CASES WERE FILED AFTER THE STATUE OF LIMITATIONS…Will someone let me know if this is true?

  7. Jan Reply

    My father in law died from kidney failure due to this terrible drug. We filed over 3 years ago and am still waiting to hear anything about a settlement. My mother in law is in a nursing home and we could sure use the money to pay for her care. Yes Bayer knew all about this drug and unfortunately it killed so many people. We will do whatever we have to, to make this situation right unfortunately, it won’t bring back my father in law.

  8. Peggy Reply

    I understand our mother’s case has been settled over a year ago. Who ever is responsible for releasing the money to the families is taking their time. I can’t even get to the them to see why it is taking so long. The money won’t bring our mother back.But right now my brother’s daughter has comeout of remission from AML leukemia and needs a stem cell transplant. My brother is going to have to take out a second mortage on his home to take her to New Orleans and stay there up to 6 months while this is done. He has used all his savings to cover the experimental drugs and drugs medicaid won’t cover. Him and his wife are working up to 16 hours a day to stay afloat. Even thou the attorneys are getting a good share of the money I think someone should pead up and give out the money.I also want to know who is getting the interest earned while this money sets there. My brother and his family are the biggest concern at this point.
    I have contatacted the probate attorney and our attorney for this settlement and they have gotten no where with the release of fund.

  9. d mack Reply

    i have been waiting for 2 years 4 mounts now come on bayer do whats right

  10. sue Reply

    My case was settled in Dec 2010 and then I had to wait another year while it went through probate. Now thats all over with, now I’m justing waiting for Bayer to release the settlement check. I was told by my attorney it would take 30 to 90 days to receive my check. It has already been over 30 days. Has anyone recieved their check yet? If so how long did you have to wait?

  11. Peggy Reply

    As a family member of a mother who died due to Traysol ,not one dose but 3 doses. We set back and wait for our settlement while Bayer continues to use and abuse drugs to make money. It doesn’t matter what and when you settled it it by which batch of people you are in and when Bayer decides to release the money. I have heard 2 more weeks for awhile now while I run interferance between the siblings that are waiting. I did some of the leg work myself and this whould have been settled along time ago but families whose family memebr did not die deal with medical bills and bascially waitng only early death of their loved ones. The big boys get away with alot while the little man waits for them to play God.

  12. Diana Reply

    The statute of limitations was 2 years for my state and I filed 4 years after my mothers death. They worked around the SOL because there is a clause about knowing the cause until afterwards or something. Basically what happened is my mother died in Nov. 2004 after heart surgery. Th surgery went fine but in recovery her organs started failing and went into renal failure and was put on life support. We took her off because she never wanted to be on LS. I never found out about the Trasylol drug and cases until 2008 (4 years after her death and 2 years after the statute of limitations was up). But, since I never knew anything about the drug or cases, they were able to get it through. I am still waiting also but the last contact I had from them was April 28, 2012. They said that they were close to a settlement but I would hear back in the coming months. In the coming months means who knows how long yet, lol.

  13. gino Reply

    I was given trasylol when I was 20 yrs old Android had kidney failure, dialisys for weeks. Now my attorny is saying I will net66,000 but groos 178,000 before everyone gets there money. Should I except? Sounds alittle wak to me.

  14. Melinda Reply

    I have been waiting for at least 2 years and I signed all the release forms and had everything approved by the judge in Florida. Its now in the hands of the Bayer Co and they are not releasing any money yet. My mother passed away after she was given this drug during her heart surgery. She suffered and tis company could careless about anyone that they more or less killed in my opinion. What is the hold up???

  15. sandy Reply

    my dad had heart surgery and as a result of the surgery his kidneys were damages and was on dyalisis, I am wondering, the criteria from lawyer to lawyer seems to differ, what exactly do I need to do?

  16. Angel Reply

    My 13 year old daughter died after being given this drug during open heart surgery. She had complications right away, including multi organ failure and finally a massive stroke. She was taken off life support a few days later. We found out about the drug after her surgery, a doctor told us about the drug and said he was seeing a lot of patients have complication after getting the drug. She had the same surgery done 6 years prior with no problems. Same hospital , same surgeon, same procedure(mitral valve replacement ) the only difference was the first time she did not get the drug and th 2nd time she did. We never thought we would walk out of that hospital without her. Such a loss for our family. My prayers for all of you. Audrianna 8/6/91-7/29/05 Surgery date 7/18/05. Settlement date 12/28/2010

  17. Christine Reply

    My husband put a claim in after he open heart surgery which resulted in kidney failure after taking the drug trayslol. He had all the papers filed and was told that he had a good case. He was on dialysis for almost five years. He haed been in the hospital when my son called the attorney’s office and was told that the case had been dropped. My husband has passed since,

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