Actiq Lawsuit Filed Over Tooth Decay from Fentanyl Lollipops

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By: AboutLawsuits | Published: September 17th, 2009

A Texas man has filed a lawsuit against Cephalon over its Actiq fentanyl lollipop, saying the sugary painkiller rotted his teeth. The Actiq lollipops, which contain a powerful pain medication in a lozenge on the end of a stick, have also been connected with a number of fentanyl overdose deaths.

The Actiq lawsuit was filed earlier this month by Greg Lee Minckley, in the District Court for the 419 Judicial District of Travis County, Texas. The complaint alleges that the sugar in the Actiq fentanyl lollipops destroyed his teeth and resulted in $37,000 in extensive dental treatment, according to Courthouse News Service. Minckley was prescribed the fentanly lollipops to treat pain caused by pancreatitis, which is not an approved use for the strong painkiller.

Actiq lollipops (fentanyl citrate) are designed to slowly release the potent drug over time as the patient holds the lollipop in their mouth. Minckley alleges that Cephalon developed a sugar-free version of the lollipops, but decided not to market it.

Actiq side effects have also been linked to other serious and potentially fatal fentany injuries, beyond causing tooth decay. As a result of the candy-like nature of the lollipops, there have been a number of fentanyl overdoses and deaths, including users who took too much of the medication and young children who found the fentanyl lollipops and mistook them for candy.

Although Actiq is only approved for the treatment of cancer pain in patients who have already grown tolerant to other opioids, Cephalon has been criticized for marketing the drug in a way that led to off-label sales.

Earlier this month, a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit brought by a Cephalon shareholder, which alleged the company illegally promoted the drug off-label. According to a story by BNET Pharma Blog, the company did not dispute the off-label marketing charges, which claimed that sales reps aggressively marketed the drug for other uses, but got the lawsuit dismissed because the shareholder, Jerald King, was unable to tie the actions of Cephalon marketing staff to the company’s board members.

It has been estimated that more than 80% of Actiq users received the medication “off-label” and do not have cancer. The FDA was concerned enough about the power of the lollipops and the potential of abuse that it is requiring Cephalon to alert the agency if any group of physicians who represent potential off-label use, such as doctors who are not oncologists or pain specialists, account for more than 15% of its sales.

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  1. I’m looking at the same problem. I was prescribed Actiq for back pain due to herniations, degenerative disc disease, etc. several years ago. The doctor suggested the medication quickly after briefly reviewing my records without suggestion of an alternative treatment. He even had a person in his office who worked closely with the drug rep to help patients locate pharmacies that carried the medication. I used it as directed by my doctor as well as according to the documentation enclosed in the packaging. Doing so has left a line of decay along the gum line, both top and bottom, on both sides of my mouth. Today a molar which had been capped following a root canal prior to actiq treatment simply broke off leaving only a flat area of decay where the base left after the root canal for the cap once sat. It wasn’t until I changed doctors that I even heard the suggestion that I should brush my teeth after finishing each dose of actiq. My new doctor changed my medication, but the damage was already done. I’m fearful that the only solution will be to pull my teeth and replace them with dentures at the age of 43.


  3. can someone tell me how to get involved in a law suit i have lost most of my teeth from the actiq and is there a class action law suit i can join please let me know it’s going to cost me over $9,000.00 to get my teeth fixed please call me someone

  4. How high does you IQ have to be to realize that sucking candy can rot your teeth and to use extra preventative care?

  5. I too have now lost all my teeth after being on Actiq. I have to have all my teeth pulled and replaced with dentures. I can not afford to have the work done on my mouth and have to suffer with the problem. My teeth are breaking off at the gum line. Had I known this was a side effect I would never have started this medication for pain. I only hope to find a dentist willing to help me.

  6. Iam taking dilantin and my gum bleeding and iam losing my teeth. Is there a lawsuit out there that can help me or a dentist?


  8. I had braces all through Jr. High and then again when my Wisdom teeth came in. Then I was in a car accident in 1975 I was 16 (Michigan) the car rolled 5 times and (VW bug 73 no seat belts, had sunroof) I went half way out the sunroof on the 3rd roll and car rolled over me and was ejected on the 4th roll. I just had knee surgery from racing quarter mile flat track motorcycles and still had the hip cast on when the car accident happened. I have had 33 corrective surgeries since. 78 wire sutures removed, my back was broked in 7 pllaces, all ribs on right side, closed head injury, in a coma for 10 days. Well now some 30 years later the pain has mostly left me home bound. My pain Management Dr. gave me Actiq and the medication did work well. Then they pulled it off the market. I now have 7 teeth left and on disability of $599 a month I can’t even afford to have a cleaning, let alone extractions and dentures. Due to my parents I had a beautiful smile and it cost them a lot of money back then. Now I don’t even smile because of the embarasement. I look like I sleep under a bridge and beg for money. There is nothing worse (To me) then someone that has let there teeth go. It truely is your first impression. You smile and say hello. Then they turn there heads and walk away. By the way I am single, and with these teeth I don’t expect to draw any date’s any time soon. It’s just terrible. And, on top of the pain from the car accident I now have to deal with the pain of teeth breaking off at the gum line-just sitting there throbing all night, all day. I had wondered why this happened so quickly. From 2000 to 2005 they all just broke off and there are sign’s that the others aren’t far behinde.
    Well, that’s all. I hope The Cephalon Corp. does the right thing and step up and help ALL of us.
    Blessed be to All of US that are going through the same thing. Hang on. Pray that something good will come out of this.
    Miss Patton

  9. i have dentures bevause of actiq i would atleast like them to replace my teeth with permanent dentures where i dont have to take them in or out its embarrising having a date then your teeth fall out as your talking its all actiqs fault ive been taking them over 8 yrs

  10. I was on dilatin too for10years and saw a dentist every year. kept my checkups and as soon as I went off of it the gums weren’t swollen anymore and they all started breaking and had decay. The dentists & Doctors agree its from the dilatin. I need alot of work done probably
    $16,0000.00 I am looking for a lawyer too. All the money I put in dental work in the past was for nothing and my teeth are a bloody mess

  11. Y can add me to the growing number of Actiq users that is now looking at total tooth replacement. But I can’t use dentures because of a bad gag reflex. So I am looking at going with inplants top and bottom to hold an upper and lower plate that will stay in permanently.

    They will be like having my very own teeth that I will still need to brush and take care of each day. I just don’t have the money to do it. I would guess that every tooth that I still have in my mouth has decay. So I’m on borrowed time right now and looking for an attorney that will help me as this attorney is doing on this case.

  12. I had the same issue with Actiq…..I had just completed a phase of braces, then my teeth starting breaking off….a direct result of Actiq.

  13. I began using Actiq for chronic back pain following operations that were the result of three shattered verebrae. My doctor never mentioned the side effects, nor that I should have brushed my teeth after each “sucker”. I had no idea I putting so much sugar next to my teeth. I didn’t know the make up of the drug at that time. It took less than two years for all my teeth to become decayed. Last year, I finally paid to have 20+ cavities filled. I was told then that I would need four or more root canals at some point in the future. That time has come, and I’m angry. I shouldn’t have to pay for this out of my own pocket, when no one advised me of these issues. I, too, am looking for an attorney to help me. I contacted the drug company directly and they didn’t offer anything!

  14. Since 2004 we have spent over $70,000.00 on dental work as a result of Actiq and now I’m looking forward to a full upper plate and I have to complete work on lower implants which we just can’t afford.

  15. My wife had been taking Actique for 5 years for breakthrough migraines resulting from brain surgery in 1990. Because her teeth started to decay at a rapid rate she has stopped using the lollipops. The estimate to repair the damage will be about $20,000. We have contacted two Law Firms. One said the damage was not severe enough to pursue and the other was not taking anymore Actique cases. Can anyone suggest a Law firm that will help?

  16. PAXIL cause teeth to decay and loss of all teeth. The so called “WARNING LABEL” for PAXIL states DRYMOUTH only. It does not state that prolonged usage may cause tooth loss. I continue to use PAXIL and have dentures done. Extreme Pain of teeth removal etc. I have to decide being CRAZY & Teeth.

    Any attorneys in California who have had successful lawsuits against PAXIL for tooth loss?

  17. I too have lost all of my teeth as described by many as a result of Actiq. This is not tooth loss assiciated with sugar . As stated by other patients teeth sheer off, despite every six monlth dental cleaning, checkups x rays, ect. Hammond’s comment above has arisen from ignorance. I too need an Attorney.

  18. I had surgery on a rotator cuff in 1997. I have had to take Levaquin as I get very bad and frequent sinus and sore throats. Plus my troubled side (left side) feels like nothing has been to fix it and the pain goes down my right arm to the fingers especially hurting my elbow. The pain is going up the side of my neck. I don’t dare try to hold anything, I will surely drop it. Now the right shoulder is getting ready to go, sadly.

    I have antihypogammaglobulin anemia. I give myself Vivaglobin, 66 ML via infusion every Tuesday evening. Suddenly after taking Levaquin my shoulders begin to go into pain and aching and hard pain like a tooth ache, all the way down the arm. I am always in pain, always! Sometimes i wake up crying dreaming about some sad thing that has nothing to do with my shoulder but it is coming from the shoulder pain. I have taken Savella for fibromyalgia,

    9pain pills I have really god bones from the bone density test. I have not had any accidents of late or hit my shoulder.

  19. My wife was on Actiq for her medical condition for more than 5 years. She always had perfect teeth, no cavities, zero plaque, no need for braces..just perfect beautiful teeth. After getting on the Actiq, her teeth started to break. One of her front teeth broke in half while eating a Pop Tart one morning.
    At the time, there was zero mention of the need to take extra care of your mouth while using Actiq. She has a habit of always reading the product literature when she begins a new med.
    She has had 4 root canals already and needs 9 more at the least. In addition, she has had to replace her front tooth with a crown and she is extremely distraught at the loss of her perfect smile not to mention the damage done to her mouth.

  20. I’ve also been using OTFC/Actiq for 9 yrs, brush my teeth after each use but have still lost 1/2 of them and am losing the rest. I followed the instructions included and even brushed after EACH USE but the acididity in the fentalyn suckers is causing the decay. I desperately need my teeth fixed but don’t have insurance or the $$ to it.

  21. My daughter had beautiful teeth. My husband and I spent money on braces and regular visits to the dentist. The doctor prescribed Actiq for her severe Crohn’s disease pain. She brushed after each one and the dentist gave her a floride rinse to use. Her teeth still broke off and decayed. They want $25,000 to fix them. She is only 33 yrs. old and doesn’t want dentures. But my husband has passed now and I just don’t have the money to help her. It seems the drug company should be libal for something. There was no warning label on this medication.

  22. I too have all the tooth problems that everyone here is experiencing. It really makes my blood boil to think that these rich drug companies have so little regard for our well being!!!! All they care about is making the largest profit they can. I read another report of a lawsuit brought against Cephelon by whistle blowers who complained about the marketing practices of the company. They charged that they were expected and forced to advise doctors to prescribe Actiq for “off-label” conditions. They were awarded 40 something million dollars!!! I think we should all get together to file a class action suit to force Cephalon to pay for our dental work and all the extra pain and suffering we have had to endure. All they needed to do was add a warning on the label to advise us that these could cause tooth decay!!!! I have always had perfect teeth now I am experiencing severe pain and losing teeth. I am unemployed and have no insurance. I can’t keep paying for this, and I DON’T WANT DENTURES!!! I’m only 46 for goodness sake!

  23. I also have had extreme trouble with tooth decay from actiq suckers. It is going to be 40,000 worth of dental work. I am 47 have always been proud of my teeth dentist told me I need to have all my teeth replaced

  24. I was prescribed Actiq for breakthrough pain, when Oxycontin 80 mg 3 times daily didn’t cover the pain. I have been on the Oxycontin for severe head pain related to a car accident in 1999. The Actiq was added about 2 years ago. In these 2 short years, ALL of my previously perfect teeth have been damaged. Several root canals have been performed and I am told I will be needing to have reconstructive work done on ALL of my teeth. My dental insurance only covers up to $1,000 per year, but I feel the manufacturer of this product should bear the cost of this, as I was never warned of the potential for such damage, and would surely never have started using this medication had I been aware of this. I feel this company assumes that most users of this product are terminally ill and won’t live long enough for this to be an issue. Well, this is an issue for me as I am only 42 and now have to live with the damage and pain caused by this product. I want the makers of this product held liable for their gross neglect and dangerous product.

  25. After reading all the information regarding Actiq Pops, I was very appalled at the incidents regarding this medication that have caused mega pain and suffering to not only people but their pocketbooks. I am ashamed to admit that I also have fallen as a victim to this drug. The pain doctor who started me on Actiq had developed his own lollipop. With the assistance of a pharmacist, he made Fentanyl in a different type of homemade medication with a name of Fentanyl Pops. This med was given to me after a Lumbar Intradiscal Electrothermal Annuloplasty was performed. I recall that since it was given to me postoperative no written information was provided. The verbal instructions were minimal with no warnings or adverse reactions noted. I continued to use this drug for two years with this doctor, who was my friend and colleague. we had a falling-out and I transferred my care to another pain specialist who started me on Actiq Lollipops. Even then I started having problems with my teeth but they were minimal. If you feel stupid, don’t because I am a nurse with a masters degree and have worked with hundreds of doctors and attorneys. I will attempt to seek help, but I won’t promise anything. I worked with an attorney who took a class action suit on clients who had dental surgery with a type of product repairing their TempoMandibularJoint disorder. This product dissolved the base of the skull and into the brain. It was so painful people committed suicide. Anyway, I know it is possible to have someone who will represent all of us in this horrible situation. Please pray and have hope that there is an attorney who will represent all of us so we will have justice. By the way, I have had all but four of my teeth pulled because they are totally decayed. I started having problems with my teeth at 57 years of age.

  26. I have lost all of my teeth and it has destroyed what little life participation in life that i had.Works good,great even but never knew the price.

  27. I wont share a long story that is identical to everyone elses. The only difference is my age and a few minor details. My dr who insisted I use the pops for breakthru pain is no longer a practicing dr. He has had his license revoked or suspended. What the cephalon (actiq makers) leave out along with the drs are, once you take actiq on a regular basis, your other pain medication does not work as well and sometimes at all. Point is, once you take pops you cannot just change your mind and go back to a pill to maintain or manage your pain without having incredible discomfort. IE. Withdrawels. The pills do not work after fentanyl has been working in your system for a period of time. Its a tolerance that prevents your standard tolerance go through the roof. Actiq says in there paperwork (must be opiate tolerant). Well after the pops your definitely beyond opiate tolerant. Which is probably why actiq got away with literally starting at $16 per pop and now charges $75 per pop
    Bottomline, Im 35 and single. Im considered a good looking guy. Reason I add that in is because I have no confidense left. My teeth are shot! And they are the exact teeth that the pop would be twirling next to on the cheek. Out of no where your teeth just decay, crack, and fallout in a span of a year when using Actiq! I cannot take a girl out to dinner because I refuse to take a tooth out while I eat my meal. Plus the few teeth that are left and beginning to decay towards the front cause me to not be able to smile with an honest genuine smile. Instead I keep my mouth closed and smirk. I hate it! Can we hopefully update this page if anyone at all hears of an attorney that can help? This article above didnt really make sense to me. Did the guy file a lawsuit due to his own teeth? Has he wan the lawsuit? Has anyone considered calling attorneys who represent lawsuits against the fentanyl patches? Maybe they would be interested.

  28. Same story different victim. In 2003 my pain doctor prescribed Actiq in conjunction with fentanyl patches for pain from Crohns disease. Had a hard time getting the patches to stick so I relied on the lollipops for relief. Fast forward a year and half at my biyearly dental checkup. After xrays and a cleaning my dentist came in and literally said what the hell is going on? You have 24 surfaces (cavities). It’s been downhill since for my teeth.

    Tried to get my doc to change pain killers many times but no luck, i definitely think there was financial compensation for docs to prescribe. It is not even that good of a painkiller and only lasts for approx 1 hour. Also, the price is extreme! I’m convinced I became a target for firing after my company became self insured (lollipops cost about $70,000 a year for my prescription) I could have gotten better pain relief with a couple hundred dollars/year of hydromorphone, oxymorphone, levomorphanol, etc without half my teeth falling out. I don’t believe all of the decay is only caused by just the sugar content. Lots of people have serious candy, gum and cola habits and don’t suffer the tooth decay seen with this product. Some of the damage is due to the massive dry mouth that fentanyl causes.

    If rotting teeth is not bad enough wait until you try to quit fentanyl. The side effects and the addiction were worse than the pain. After a failed attempt or two I suceeded but it was tough. I was in detox with lots of heroin and oxycontin users and they didn’t suffer near as much.

    Good luck everyone

  29. I have major bone problems, degenative disc disease, dual hip replacements that won’t work properly due to the weight caused by the steriods that have been injected into my lower spine. I have restless leg sydrome, surgery on both wrist, left elbow, rt. shoulder, neck, 4 disc replaced in the spine. the bones won’t hold the rods due to the crumbling spine. I have major arthritis in all the areas.. I have fibermyalsis and in pain all the time. I was on ACTIQ until I could not longer afford it since Medicare doesn’t pay for it. After being on Actiq pops for several years, my teeth which had not prblms. starting rotting at the base of the teeth – all of them and I had beautiful straight teeth and a very pretty smile (I had been told). So last year I had to have them all pulled and fault teeth put in. Also, my large intesting quite working and had to be removed. The pops worked concerning my pain and now that I don’t have $800. per month to pay for them, I cry alot for the pain. Morphine makes my stomach sick. There’s a big trade off. I just don’t know whats worst.

  30. You should move to Canada. Free medical. I don’t see what any of your problems have to do with Zinc overload.

  31. I have been on Actiq for years, except for those periods when my medicare part D insurance company stopped paying, I was lucky enough to get switched over to a lower dose of Fentora with coupons supplied by the drug company. I just had one tooth extracted due to tooth decay and the tooth next to it must also be extracted. Due to problems numbing the area, I’ve had to see an oral surgeon. I was totally unaware about this side affect and must now decide whether to continue taking a medicine that’ll kill my teeth or stop it and lose the quality of life I’ve gained by taking Actiq. Cephalon has been irresponsible; their only concern has been one of profit. Until our lawmakers begin protecting their citizens, this kind of irresponsible behavior will continue and will flourish. These companies must be held accountable!! I only hope and pray that America wakes up and begins caring for their citizenship!!!

  32. I have mainly lost all my teeth due to taking dilantin, because when taking this medication it would swell my gums causing them to bleed badly. During the time my gums were swollen, all of my teeth were pushed out of place and easily rottening out, and I would like to know can i file a lawsuit? Because I would really like some help with my mouth.

  33. I was given the Actiq lollipops since I was allergic to the glue in the Duragesic fentanyl patch. After using the lolipops for awhile, I started to get cavities at the gum line. Never before have I had a cavity at the gum line, nor so many cavities, decay and infection. Well fillings didn’t hold at the gum line. Then all the teeth were crowned. I continued the Actiq, as I wasn’t aware of any other pain med that would control my pain., Well, somehow the Actiq gets under the crowns and destroys the teeth and bone structure. Crowns started to break off. Recently, I have had so many root canals, bone grafts and bridgework for the teeth that may be able to be usable for bridges. But who knows if the bridges will last. Later down the line, those will probably need implants which I cant afford. I quit using actiq just over a year ago, but the damage has already progressed too far. I try to get dental work done now little by little when I can afford to. It is so costly. I had no idea that the Actiq affects the bone structure as well as the teeth. I spent $20,000 to get off the Actiq in a detox center. This situation is ludicrous. The company should have alerted the doctors and patients about these issues and discouraged off label use. $120,000 plus for the yearly cost of the Actiq, and they encouraged off label use, not emphasizing the bone and teeth problems which is unavoidable under any circumstances. I wish I could file a lawsuit. At least Duragesic company advised me not to use the patch when I was allergic to the glue, but I would rather have dealt with the allergic reactions than these teeth problems.

  34. I was advised by my dentist that it is the fentanyl in the Actiq that inhibits blood flow around the teeth and gumline and bone. This causes decay at the gumline and decay from the inside out. I think many of us noticed that the visible decay started at the gumline, not typical of sugar type cavities that usually have some development of decay on the top of molars. I can’t be certain at this time, however, I feel the manufacturer did not develop the sugar free version of Actiq because they knew they could blame tooth decay on the sugar instead of the fentanyl actions within the body. I wish someone were smart enough to research this and get some action started against Actiq manufacturer.

  35. I feel your pain on multiple levels as I suffer from chronic pain due to multiple cervical spine conditions for which I was prescribed Actiq and now I have multiple dental issues consequently. The biggest issue for me is the lack of warning about the danger of Actiq’s use and the fact that due to my disability preventing me from earning an income, I don’t have the resources to pay for these damages. Worst of all, even tho I stopped using Actiq several years ago and took excellent care of my teeth before during, and afterwards its consequential damage continues to ruin my teeth. After reading the postings on the website it doesn’t sound as if there currently exists a class action lawsuit for the victims. I am somewhat shocked by this and don’t understand why not?

  36. Same here. I was on Actiq for over 10 years and only stopped taking the meds. when the insurance stopped paying. The meds work, just need a different media applicator. I lost all but 10 teeth and have x-rays, bone scans and dentist, doctor reports. They all are keeping quiet on the problem. We all need to remember, “it is not your fault”. I feel guilty for having this problem of ‘meth-moouth’. We did not do this to our selfs. Someone did this to us. I agree we need compensation for the life altering conditions we all now live with. I am here and not going away. The law firm that takes lead will become multi-millionaires.

  37. Add me to this list. I had a head-on car accident in 2003 and a double disk fusion at C2/3 and 3/4 in 2004. On three Actiq 600′s a day for four years. Now, I too am facing multiple implants and repeat visits for fillings and lots of pain. I am checking with a few big law firms here in Las Vegas and if I find the right guys to fight for our pain and suffering…I will let you all know.

  38. Product Liability Use:

    (2008) Life-long addiction,

    (2005) Hospitaliztions: (Johns Hopkins University Hospital Pain Clinic: $20K+) (Fairfax Hospital),

    (2006) Deep caries, a.k.a. rotted teeth, 7 molars ~$8K+)

    (2010) Continuous decay – molars removed+ ($12K+)

    Medication expense $$$: Sales Rep agressively, provided coupons.

  39. I am a 52 year old woman who was diagnoised with Neuro Endocrine Tumor which is a rare cancer. They started me off with 200 mg and I ended up with 800 mg which I was percribed 8 lollipops a day. I was killing myself taking 8 lollipops a day. I got tired of living that way; so I tried getting off by myself and ended up in the hospital on Christmas Night. Also the medication totally ruined my teeth. I have a letter from my dentist and medical records stating what the medication did to my teeth and I just can’t afford to pay to get my teeth fixed.

  40. I also was prescribed the lollipops. I have had SEVERE chronic pain as the result of a car accident. Multiple levels of my back were so damaged that I could no longer control my bladder or rectal sphincter. After several years of trying various medications to try to control my horrible pain (I also have RSD, Fibromyalgia and other neuropathic pain), I was prescribed the fentanyl. I worked for my pain, however at age 38 I can no longer eat anything that doesn’t disolve in my mouth. I haven’t been able to chew food for the past year and a half. Every single one of my teeth on the sides of my mouth have cavities. Some so bad that there is just a gross stump of decay where my tooth was. I brushed my teeth everyday but I still am now plaqued by massive tooth pain. The kicker is that because I am unable to eat good food, (i.e.: salad, meat, fresh fruit) I have developed diabetes. The only foods that will disolve are things like jello, mashed potatoes, you get the idea. Not exactly the best things for a balanced diet. I got an estimate and I was shocked that it will cost almost $40,000 to fix my teeth. I don’t want dentures at 38! My insurance doesn’t cover this kind of work. They consider it “cosmetic”! What am I supposed to do? Isn’t it horrible that we go through such chronic pain we feel like walking in front of a bus, but then to be sideswiped with having to endure excruciating tooth pain added to our already everyday body pain? Had I known this was a possiblity I would have tried something else. I buy oragel by the case!

  41. I too have had tons of teeth lost, root canals, etc. it costs tons of money & you like trailor park trash. Try to get work or do well in work, especially sales, when you look like that. it messes with your marriage, sex life, everything.

  42. I can’t believe there’s still no change after about 7 years of the “improved” drug matrix. At the very least, the FDA could step in and MAKE Cephalon produce a sugar-free version. I didn’t even realize what was happening until teeth started getting pulled. I finally found the secret ingredient (sucrose or whatever) by reading the Physician’s Pamphlet… Thats crap should have a BIG WARNING on the front….

    I was referred to a doctor who, like William, was crooked. I had no idea what kind of drugs I was taking. I still remember this guy telling me that Actiq was “the cat’s meow”. I should have walked out right then. But I was only 24 and in serious pain and he was more that willing to give me Oxycontin 80mg 3xday and #30 2400mcg Actiq on the FIRST VISIT (not like I knew what that meant at the time)! I’m glad that guy lost his license and I hope he pays for any patient that died under his care.

    For any people who are still out there using this crap, there is a company in FL called “Avinza” that could prepare liquid fentanyl for oral absorbtion, if you can talk you PMD into going that route, but it ain’t cheap ($10k a year) and insurance doesn’t cover it. Best of luck to you all.

  43. I had all good teath and no dental isssues untill starting actiq for pain from military (disabled vet) lost 6 teath and the rest are very bad and going , I want permanent teeth, i want a class action

  44. I have been on Actiq 1600 MCG or the generic equivalent for several years. I currently take several per day for brake through pain in concert with Oxycontin 80 MG. I have had numerous teeth to fail as a result of the product. I have been turned down by one attorney to try and recover the damages to my teeth. I have tried to have a compounding pharmacy make me some of the transmucosal suckers with artificial sweeteners but all declined to do so. I have tried to have them made in other states where they were advertised online but they said they were unable to ship them over state lines. Have any of you had any luck with compounding pharmacies making these for you or been able to secure legal representation? Best wishes for a happy healthy New Year!

  45. I have used actiq snce its introduction until june of 2010 , I has destroyed all of my theese leaving me with over 60k in damage for omplants.

  46. I am having the same problems as everyone else, but I brushed, flossed & rinsed after every dose & still I need at least $40K worth of work done to my teeth.
    I was run over by a drunk driver 18 years ago while standing in a drive~way, 9 operations later… Well in 2004 I was prescribed Actiq for my never ending back pain @ Walter Reed(I know I’m not the only military member having this problem), my doc had warned me about the sugar, so I took every precaution, but no luck. I was always smiling before my teeth started rotting, breaking off, etc. I still smile, but it isn’t the same, I’m embarrased to show my teeth, my self esteem is shot. I want my smile AND self esteem back!
    Where do I turn, I live in the Washington DC suburbs so there are many lawyers, but I don’t know which one I should hire. I don’t want to waste time I don’t have…

    Good Luck to everyone!!!

  47. I have used Actiq since 2001 when a patient injured my shoulder and back, leaving me unemployable, managed by a pain clinic and losing 3 molars…documented by my pain specialist and dentist. Thankfully, last year, I was transitioned to fentora with less dental fears, but the need for titanium screws and porceline crowns…big dollars, I don’t have.

  48. Like all the above comments I am reading I have had severe dental issues with cavities starting under fillings at the gum line etc and have lost 6 teeth in the past year. I am in need of additional extractions and much more work and will now have to look at dentures of some kind.
    I have been on ACTIQ since 2002 and am only 50 years . Too young to loose teeth like this.
    I was put on it for back issues etc since I was not able to take any NSAI.
    I have recently been diagnosed with something like celiacs – as I am having allergic type reactions. the Actiq makes it worse. IF I am gluten sensitive does anyone know what the “food starch ” is that is one of the ingredients besides sugar?
    My doctor never told me about the sugar and when I finally asked, the response was “I don’ t think there is sugar in those is there? ”
    I had asked repeatedly about a stronger or RX toothpaste however no one seemed too concerned at the time. Now it is way to late and I am facing some other digestive complications!!
    I am out of money, and can not afford any further dental work. I can’t chew on on e side and have limited chewing on the other. I am so embarrassed at my appearance and bad dental issues.

  49. Can people share with me how soon these dental problems emerging after starting Actiq or Fentora? Weeks? Months?

    thanks very much, beth

  50. In 1975 I had a car accident where I was half-way ejected threw a sun-roof of a VW and the car rolled over on top of me. I worked for my Family business for 18 years where if I had surgery or pain I could lay down in the office. In 1996 due to the weather I moved to Florida from Michigan and got on Total Disability in 2000. The pain from 33 surgeries,78 wire’s removed, the degeneration of my body from many different diseases my Dr. put me on Actiq moving me up from 200mg to 800mg a day. Then I noticed my teeth were getting very sensitive. Went to Dentist and was told that I needed over $5000 worth of work done. I could not afford that and my teeth started breaking off at the gum line. Gold Crowns even broke off. After having braces and finally being able to smile again, now this was taking that all away from me now. I am so tired of Dr.’s and Drug companies making money off of US and we can’t even have good day’s anymore for who would notice because we can’t even smile anymore without looking like we were in a bad fist fight and lost. My parents spent a lot of money getting me a wonderful smile. Now, a Multi-million Dollar Company has taken it away from not just me but so many others.
    I have tried to hire two other Law firms and both said that they could not proved that it was the Actiq because I have been on and still on many pain reliever drugs. I think they are just afraid of the Cephalon Corps. Lawyers. Is there no Law Firm with enough back bone to take this company on for ALL OF US? What seems to be the problem? Are they really that scary? Well, try looking at me smile if you want to see something scary. I use to smile all the time. Now it’s even led to Depression and more medication. Won’t some Law Firm grow some brass one’s and stand up to these people? Oh, our Family business was a Motorcycle Shop so pardon my language. No, don’t because if you can’t stand up to a few pip-squeak lawyers, then you can take my language. Try looking like Marilyn Monroe for most of your life and then end up like Mike Tyson.

  51. I too suffer as many of us do and echoe the same above comments.. I just pray we all can get our lives back because life is so precious and we all deserve to have those special memories…. Please help us to get the justice we deserve… Thank you

  52. i started using actiq for break thru pain several years ago. i had never heard of a pain patch, fentanyl or actiq when my pain management specialist recommended it to me. he never warned my about how addictive product was or what would happen to my teeth. my mouth is in crisis as i write this and expect to have another tooth pulled today. manufacturer of actiq failed to mention anything about what would happen to teeth from using this product. i even undestand that they thought about making actiq without all the sugar but decided it might not sell as well if it didnt taste good. this is criminal behavior from a company pretending to want to help people in pain.

  53. dear beth , i assume from your question that you probably have not been using actiq or the patch for long. i would suggest stopping use of these meds and going back to using pain pills. the patch is a medication that dispenses narcotic 24/7 and should only be dispensed to terminal patients as originally intended. pharm reps for the maker of this product have pushed its use onto people in pain who should not be using it. these reps did this for their own profit. i did not noticed problems with my teeth until i had stopped taking this product for over a year. i stopped taking fentanyl and fired my pain management doctor after i forgot one day to change my patch after 72 hrs and awoke feeling ill.i immediately knew i was dependent. it was very hard to beat the addiction of being on something so strong 24/7. i should never have been prescribed this medication but put my faith in the hands of a doctor, a so called medical professional who probably was being compensated to push this new drug. i was only on fentanyl less than a year. good luck, beth

  54. I feel like a record to the other people that have had tooth and gum problems caused from ACTIQ. I\’m in the midst of getting dental work done that I CAN NOT AFFORD. I\’m on Social Sec. and it is VERY DIFFICULT to find a dentist that will accept Medicare for dental work. I\’ve tried. I have a dentist that is REALLY interested in this problem for he see\’s my teeth and gums being destroyed! He and I would like MORE information to follow-up on the best way to prevent any more problems. My teeth have been in pretty good shape since I\’ve been an adult with many cleanings and checkups showing nothing. Now, all of a sudden I have all kinds of problems. PLEASE HELP MY DENTIST COME TO THE BEST CONCLUSION AND FOR ME TO KNOW HOW TO TAKE CARE OF MY TEETH while on Actiq. I take 1200mcg up to 5 suckers a day. This has been prescribed for (approx/) 7 years. Also, if there is a Class Action suit, I would like to be advised of this also. In the instructions that come with the suckers,\” seek dental care if you have question.\” The dentist can only give you a PAT answer as with other \’sugery\’ items, Rinse your month after use and brush your teeth often just isn\’t enough preventive care and the dentist are not informed or aware of how to treat patients with RSDS, as a lot of doctors are not either.

  55. I’ve been using Actiq for several years. I’ve refused several times to add any further strength in my dosage, I am still using only the 200mcg. I have had no teeth incidents due to the medicine and am truly grateful for the pain relief I am given by the medication. My physician that prescribed the medicine did inform me that I would need to see my dentist at least 4 times a year. Which I have done religously. I am saddened to see so many having adverse reactions to the medication. However of all of these posts I have not seen ANYONE say that the medicine did not take away their pain. All medications cause some sort of reaction. It’s always been in bold print on the inside packaging to take care of your teeth while using this medication. I’m not sure I see a lawsuit here.

  56. I was prescribed Actiq for chronic pain. Took the medication for several years. My teeth began breaking and I was in constant horrible pain. I would not have realized it was related to Actiq back then except for the fact that my wife was also perscribed Actiq and the same thing started happening to her teeth. Being 100 % disabled and forced to live off meager SSI income made it impossible for me to get dental treatment. I always had beautiful teeth and brushed and flossed several times per day… apparently this didn’t help while I was taking Actiq. I had all my teeth removed by a caring dentist who performed the treatment for free but I am unable to wear the dentures that were made. So I am finally pain free from tooth decay but only able to eat soft foods and now my face has caved in. This is a horrible way to live on top of having pain syndrome. I notified Cephalon of my problems way back in 2004. They denied that the Fentanyl Actiq could be the cause and said I probably had poor dental hygiene to begin with. What an insult. Everyone who knows me also knows I had a beautiful smile and healthy teeth prior to taking Actiq. I won’t tell you that the medication was not affective for pain control because it was! At the time I took Actiq…. there were no warnings of tooth decay on the insert. They knew the side effects long before they were made public because me and my wife both contacted Cephalon and MedWatch to report the adverse effects once we connected it to our use of Actiq. It was just to big of a coindence for both of us to be taking the prescribed Actiq and both have broken and decayed teeth occurring at the same time. Coverups and lies. I believe they knew all along but there was alot of money at stake.

  57. I too have extensive dental damage, and being on SSA disability income only, there is no way I can afford the extensive dental proceedures required to correct my mouth after using this medication.

  58. i wish to find a lawyer that would take on my case i was on actiq for six or 7 yrs for back pain and no where does it say you will loose all your teeth i can even go on a date because of it its just embarising is there any lawyer out there will to take the case if so please email me

  59. I’ve been taking Actiq and now the generic form and for all of you who are complaining about dr, pharmacy or company not telling you about the sugar in it, how do you think they make it sweet tasting so you can suck on it? Obviously it’s got sugar in it. I’ve been on it for 10 years and no problems so far. If I did have a problem, it wouldn’t be the Actiq, as I’ve had poor gums prior to starting the Actiq. Also, have any of you people read the large pamphlet that comes in every box of Actiq? I did when I got my first prescription and it clearly states it has a certain amount of sugar in it and to brush after each use. Also, my prescription printout also lists the possible tooth problems, among the normal problems that every drug seems to list nowdays to prevent from people wanting to sue. I bet half the people wanting to sue had bad teeth and no money to begin with and are now finding out they can blame it on Actiq and make them pay for some new pearly whites. It pisses me off that I’ve actually got my life back because of the Actiq and now it too, just like the Oxycodone, could be pulled off the market because stupid people abuse the drug, leave it out for kids to take causing death, etc. The people who left their Actiq out and a child injested it should be sued or charged with manslaughter, not the company that makes Actiq. The packaging clearly states to keep it away and dispose of any leftovers so children can’t take it. I will be deeply depressed and ready to end my life of suffering from Lupus, chronic and acute pancreatitis and degenerative disc disease, along with biliary stenosis. All these things cause serious pain and before I started taking Actiq I was in the ER at least once a month for pain control, which cost my insurance company more in the long run (and me too). Please don’t sue the makers of this drug…to me it has been a God-send. I would put up with missing teeth if I had to choose between than and the pain I am constantly in. Yes, I am once again in constant pain, because ObamaCare has decided that Medicare won’t allow Actiq for anything other than cancer pain. Yet this same plan that I was on last year approved it…now that Obama wants to take from the middle-class and give to the poor, I’m getting screwed. I pay for my premiums to get the Actiq (and now can’t get it), and I pay taxes for uninsured people to get Actiq for free since they are on Medi-Caid. It’s a bunch of BS. I think anyone that feels like I do should get together and form a lawsuit to sue our government for playing God and deciding whose pain is worse, someone with Cancer or someone with Pancreatitis, Lupus, Vasculitis, etc. Who knows what anyone’s pain is like unless you have the same thing. I bet the people working for the insurance companies and the government that are denying my preauthorizations don’t have a clue what kind of pain I am in. I’m bedridden and can only sit up for 10 or 15 minutes at a time. Life sucks and I wish I was dead. I’m tired of fighting to get prior authorization for the drug that was already approved last year, but Obama’s plans apparently are now requiring Medicare to deny Actiq in all cases except Cancer. I realize it was marketed for that, but 90 percent is now prescribed for other pain, because pain drs see their patients and the agony their pain has caused them….the government and insurance companies don’t see us and don’t care.

  60. I am a 42 year old male in chronic pain. I have had a 5 total back surgeries. I no longer take Actiq for pain. The damage has been done. The bottom line is that I was prescribed a medication by a Doctor. I used it as directed. As a direct result, my teeth are in such bad shape, that I am in need of over $20.000 in dental work. I have never filed a law suit in my life. I am not a lawyer but it seems that this is exactley why we live in America and have the ability to use the judical system to make me “whole again”. It only fair that they pay for my dental work and pain and suffering. The warning should say, use this product and you will lose your teeth. I need help with this.

  61. My 30-year-old autistic chronic pain patient daughter was on Actiq 800 mcg. suckers for what I would estimate to be the majority of time from 2002 until about a month ago with her last prescription for them being in June 2011. She is now on Duragesic 100 mcg. During the years of lollipop usage she had to have all of her teeth surgicallly removed because they were dying. She hasn’t had any teeth in over 6 six years. I’m trying to afford dental implants but they’re costly.

  62. I also have been on actiq for five years and its the only painkiller that even touched the chronic pain I have in my back. I have already had two fusions and am only 34. My feet and toes are numb all the time and I have way too many problems too list but my teeth terrify me. I am so embarrassed to go to a dentist and I know that they would say I need all my teeth pulled. I don’t see how their can be so many of us and no lawyer to help??

  63. Wednesday, July 20, 2011

    I do not have cancer, never have. Actiq was prescribed to me by Mt Sinai Pain Clinic after surgery for spinal stenosis. I was put on a very high dose, first box for a month was 2 lollypops, 1600 micrograms each. I later found out that it was remarkable that I did not overdose. I only found out about what this drug does to teeth 1 month after I was off the drug, by a fellow passenger in an ambulette. This young man was in the end stages of some awful cancer and asked me if I was given the protective prescribed toothpaste. I had never heard about any toothpaste and wasn’t sure I completely believed him when he said that I might start to loose my teeth. About 2 months later was when I pushed my first loose tooth, root intact, out of my mouth with my tongue! You can imagine my panic. All my top teeth were the first to go. None could be saved. I was given a first really bad denture. Then I went to NYU and told them my story. They gave me a new denture but it is ill fitting now too since I have only 4 bottom teeth, and they are not enough to support the top denture so it is lopsided. The 4 remaining bottom teeth are so loose that I cannot chew, one is now giving me horrific pain that I am ready to yank it out myself, it is that loose. I am on a waiting list to be scheduled to have the rest pulled by NYU, and have a bottom denture fitted. I am only 53. It has completely changed my face, I used to be pretty and now I cannot recognize my own face in the mirror. I am on SSI due to becoming disabled after surgery and cannot afford fast and good dentures to restore the shape of my face. I don’t smile anymore, I am so self-conscious that it has altered my personality. How could informed doctors due this to a person? Was it because I was a Medicaid patient? Why wasn’t I prescribed special toothpaste? Or at least informed about what may happen using this medication. Why was I put on this medication when I do not have cancer? Can anyone suggest what I can do? Are there lawsuits I can become a part of? Are they still doing this to people?
    Thank you for letting me rant.

  64. I’m 48 and am having all my remaining teeth pulled and getting dentures after years of trying to keep up with the rotting. All my problems started two years after being prescribed the pain killers for chronic back pain. I stopped taking it after they changed the formula to be more chaulk like and was less effective. They would not give a reason for changing it but i believe they new it could cause dental problems. I have had numerous crowns break off and my remaining teeth are not worth saving.

  65. major loss of tooth structure and it has cost me thousands to repair my teeth from what Actiq has caused.

  66. I too have this problem. I presently have one crown left in my mouth and one molar. The rest of my teeth have all crumbled away. I contacted Cephalon about three years ago and they told me that the drug was never supposed to be prescribed for back pain. They did mention that it was to be used for cancer pain, I asked them about the decay and they kind of hinted that when used for cancer Pain they didn’t have to worry about the tooth decay. My response was “is that because you count on patients dying before they run into dental problems, their response was–you said that, we didn’t. They then told me that I should have been brushing my teeth regularly (which I had been doing). After that I noticed that they changed the instructions in the drug info sheet that they give you with the drug. They then added that there was a small amount of sugar in the drug and that you should brush your teeth after each use.

    The funny thing was that on my very next visit to my pain doctor he asked me how my teeth were, ( he knew all along that they were crumbling away because I always told him about them) he then told me that I was suppose to brush well after each actiq. Being i gave I Cephalon my name and doctor info they must have contacted him to tell him to give mevthe warning about the drug. Now my dentist wants $38,000 to pull all of the teeth that are decayed and under the gum line. It’s been about three or four years now that I haven’t been able to get my dental work done. Where does some that is living on disability get $38,000.

  67. We have excellent attorneys in this country of ours. You would think at least one oe two firms would step up and help all of us that were led to believe Actiq would help our pain but not at the expense of our teeth. I have always been complimented on my smile. That is all over now due to the incredible tooth decay I experienced in such a short period of time. Not one of us would have even considered Actiq if our pain doctors would have told us we were exchanging pain relief for all the teeth in our mouths. I was prescribed this medicine orginally for chronic back pain after 8 back surgeries left me with the arachnoditis or failed back surgery syndrome. I have to now use it for a severe liver disorder called NASH. I am waiting to be listed for a liver transplant. Fentanyl will do a number on your liver if your not careful. I didn’t realize this until my liver was destroyed. There are no symptoms, so I recommend that all my fellow suffers due to Actiq get a blood test of your liver enzymes and you will instantly know if your liver is damaged beyond repair. This is extremely serious and life ending. You think you have problems now with tooth decay wait until you find out what the toxins in Fentanyl are, you will be shocked. If you want to know more just google liver damage and fentanyl. I hope none of you are going trough what I am presently with liver failure. There just isn’t that many livers available to transplant all those that took fentanyl in either the lollipop form or with the Durgesic pain patch. We are talking about life ending not just massive tooth decay. Some of you will find out very soon if you have been on fentanyl for any time period whatsoever that it is irreversible. I pray God spares all my fellow suffers the agony of which I am dealing with right now. So many of you have NASH and simply don’t know it. If caught early enough you might have a small chance. God Bless all my fellow suffers Greg

  68. I had great teeth, now I have so much damage to my teeth and no dental insurance anymore. I lost my daughter and gave up my business, and am affraid of what it is going to cost me to continue to get dental care. All of my teeth have damage except maybe a few in the front, I have been so distraught over the whole thing and about what to do. I’m so affraid I’m going to lose all my teeth that were once beautiful, and affraid of the work and expense it will cost now that I have no insurance to help pay for it.. This is nothing compared to the loss of my 24 year old daughter, because the doctors over dosed her with medicine and they are getting away with it. I also know that my liver was effected and I have MS, but after the loss of Jasmine I didn’t care about anything anymore. I’m just shocked that nothing is being done about all this damage being done to all of us. But then like I said they killed my precious daughter and got away with it, so what would make me think they care about all of us that are suffering. I’m sorry you are all going through this, maybe something will be done if more of us come out. Thank you all, and God Bless, and be with you all. Kimberly

  69. Also, on Actiq now for about 8-9 years. I have great teeth. Recently it has started to affect my teeth. But the conspiracy theory is that the fentanyl causes the decay, not the sugar. If they had marketed the sugar-free product then it would have been obvious that the sugar was not the cause. People using the sugar-free actiq would have noticed decay with their teeth as well.

  70. I, too, have basically the same story as many of you on this site. I have a rare disease that causes my bones to infarct and die…the word pain can not describe how this feels! I am on lots of Oxycontin and my dr put me on 1200mcg, 4xday approx 8 years ago. I have 3 bottom teeth left, and 1 natural tooth up top left…my husband recently left me, and I am only 42 and college educated. It was embarrassing enough for me to have to go on disability, but how am I supposed to meet and date looking like some meth user? I wish there was something we could all do!
    P.S. I read your story Kimberly and I pray for your daughter, Jasmine.

  71. I as well was given atiq and fetynal for back and neck pain due to several car accidents and not only did it rot out my teeth I had seizures and I took my self to a rehab so i could safely get off that stuff. I still till this day have broken teeth and missing teeth and was told they were going to have to cut my gums open to remove what peices of teeth i have left and i have no money for this . I became disabled due partialy from the atiq. i had 2 of my friends that sucked on them so much because it tastes like candy as i did to, not knowing what the affects were going to b. Both of my friends were found dead with a lolipop in the moth, which brings me 2 another point, and that is scheduled narcotics should not taste like candy. I need a lawyer desperatly.


  73. I have to agree with Steven’s comment- would you rather be in intense pain or have your teeth?? They could have big huge red lettering across the box that said-”may cause tooth decay” but truly- how many of you/us would have opted to live with the pain? Not I.
    When I began taking/wearing the patches 10 yrs ago I was ready to end my life. Fentanyl has given my children back their mother. And yes, my teeth are suffering. My smile will never be what it was. But-before you jump on the lawsuit bandwagon and make someone else responsible for your choices-THINK. WOULD YOU LIVE WITH THE PAIN?

  74. I am so disappointed in this drug and Cephalon. I have lost all my teeth and I brushed my teeth and rinsed my mouth during the day. But when you take it at 2 or 3 in the morning how can you get up up and brush??? I lost all my teeth. Had to get dentures and now I have bone loss so I can’t wear the bottom denture. I am so devastated and depressed over this whole thing.. No money for implants…go figure… Why isn’t a law firm willing to take this cause on. There are so many people who have been effected by this product. Took me a year to drop down to 200mcg’s after being up to 1600 every 3-4 hrs!!!

  75. I have the patches (which I love), then the Actiq for breakthrough, and then Dilaudid if the Actiq doesn’t cut it. My docs have even told me to take the Actiq first every time, even TAKE A SECOND one if the first doesn’t help within an hour, before going to the Dilaudid. My teeth started breaking off the day before my wedding- I’m not able to fully smile in any of the photos. I even lost my wisdom teeth. I stopped brushing and flossing, because every time I did, more chips came off. I just had my front teeth crumble and break away in my mouth a few weeks ago, and it is going to cost me $6K to get the minimum fix! I saw a new doc 2day who looked at my meds, picked up the Actiq, and said “If you put one more of these in your mouth, I’ll break your neck. Didn’t anyone tell you they rot your teeth out?” He has now prescribed Exalgo, and you should all go and talk to your docs about it- not only am I away from the Actiq, I’ve been able to go down in the patch strength, and moving toward getting off Fentanyl for good. Exalgo. go get it! Actiq- bad. Exalgo- good.

  76. I would like to respond to shells comment : there are other meds. That can manage pain. The fact is that actiq was made for terminal patients not for us it is meant for short term use. I am a chronic pain patient with a history of spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, and cromic arthritis of the joints. I was on 12 1200mcg suckers a day, 2 100 mcg fentanyl patches, 60 klonapin, 60 zanaflex, 150 norcos, 60 liderderm patches a month. My teeth are done. I only have 3 left on top that need pulled and the ones on the bottom are all needing a lot of work. I transitioned off all that to 6 oxicodone 30ml a day 6 months Ago I would have defended actiq with my life it is designed to make you crave it and I did. after being on it for 12 years my tolerance is so high that the most suckers I had in one day was 92 1200 mcg lozenges and they didnt even phase me. I finally admitted to my self that I had a serious addiction to fentanyl and choose to lay in a room for week and gave the fentanyl up the suckers and patches both. It has been 3months. The after effects of the drug are horrible it messes with certain receptors in the brain. I cant sleep, I have no energy, I am withdrawn around people, I am depressed, I have no drive, I am having panic attacks which I have never had till now after 54 years. What about the potentional damage it does to the liver and kidneys. And the sexual side effects it has on us men which is a lack of intrest and premature ejactulation which has completley changed since going off of fentanyl. My wife of 33 years left me for another man due to both the sexual side effects and the addiction. I lost my buisness, cars, home everything. You may think actiq is the answer for you. Dig down deep and ask yourself do you really need to be on this or is it that you crave it the taste, the smell, the high. Whatever. The fact is it may be working for now but believe me after being on it for12 years you will suffer long term side effects. Get off of it is is designed for terminal patients with cancer. It will effect your longterm health

  77. @ Joe- go see your doc about the continuing withdrawal symptoms. They can last up to 6 months, trust me. My doc put me on a med called Suboxone to help with the withdrawal and I am now off that as well. For the people saying “would you rather have pain or teeth?” I would rather try to control my pain with any other medication than actiq. I went 25 years, never a single cavity, went on Actiq for 13 months, brushed and flossed religiously, saw my dentist every 3 months. I am now having surgery on Monday to remove my remaining teeth due to the actiq. I received opinions from 4 different dentists and all agreed it was the actiq. For the people saying that we are “poor people who had dental issues to begin with and are looking for a free ride”- really, are you that ignorant/stupid/discriminatory? I not only NEVER had a dental issue in my life before starting the actiq, I am also not “poor”. I may not be rich, but I am not looking for a free handout- I am looking for Cephalon to do the right thing and help the people who had so much damage done due to their product, it’s the responsible thing to do. When I went on Actiq, I read the info sheet- at that time there were NO WARNINGS. I know that they now do have warnings, but don’t feel they do justice to the severity of the dental side effects this drug can cause. Yes, it helped my pain tremendously, (I have a soft tissue disorder that has resulted in 30 orthopedic surgeries in 17 years) but I would rather have found ANYTHING else, even if it meant less pain relief. But, until you are put in that position, I don’t feel anyone has a right to judge. No one has a right to judge your pain, so you don’t have a right to judge anyone for not wanting to lose their teeth.

  78. My teeth were destroyed due to this medication. I am looking for a class action suit to join. I have all of my dental records from 09 and 2010 where my teeth were perfect and now they are destroyed from 3 years of this medication. If anyone is joining it, I will be in!!

  79. Kind of shocked to read all of this, b/c I thought maybe it was just happening to me. Chronic Pancreatitis for 13 years, too many surgeries to count, teeth now breaking off every few weeks. Prior to taking Fentanyl and Fentora almost five years ago, I had only had four cavities in my life. I just came off of them, and yesterday was actually the first day in many years without pain meds. That’s scary in itself, b/c CP is no joke. It’s scary thinking about facing an attack without the meds, but they were ruining my life. I’m 37, and I look like I have meth mouth now. I ordered Imako teeth just so I wouldn’t be embarrased to go outside. All that does is cover a problem that I don’t have the money to fix. I spent $3,000 two years ago trying to fix the issues. Everything that was fixed is destroyed now. I used to be a paralegal and have family members who are lawyers, so I think I’m gonna check on the possibilities of doing something about this. I see these posts go back to 2009. Has anyone had any success with class action suits regarding the subject during that period of time? Also would be interested to know if anyone has gone ahead with filing their own civil litigation suit against the company. Thanks for any information you can provide me with. It’s unfortunate that this has happened. Sorry to everyone.

  80. Same thing happened to me. At the beginning, there was no warning on the Actiq info. My dentist put in my records that the decay was caused by Actiq lollipop. I am 55. I have a full set of dentures I can’t seem to keep in my mouth or eat with. I had huge white smile! Maybe with practice it will come back with dentures. Cephalon had a patient assistance program that paid for 800 MCG of 4 boxes every month no fee. I am now disabled, so I have medicare (doesn’t cover fentora or actiq) and cold turkey they cut me off. You can have NO insurance andmust be very low income. I used my back pay from disability to have my teeth pulled and dentures, but did not have enough to get the implants in lower denture as I have a problem with “small bones”? I contacted a personal injury attorney (One I almost married) and left him a message. I will keep you updated. My insurance co. will only pay if I try methadone, morphine Sulfate RS, and duragesic patch and fail. My understanding is the patch is long term and the lollipop is for BTP. You cannot trade one for the other. To the gentleman who asked if I would have ather lost my teeth or lost the pain? When your teeth ache so bad it goes into your neck, jaw, head and even your shoulders…I would have chosen a different pain reliever. Do you know you can die from infected teeth? Infected teeth can cause a bundle of serious diseases from all the infecton you are constantly swallowing. Had I known in time….I would have quit the actiq. As soon as my doc and I saw the corelation he put me on fentora, which is sugar free. It was far too late,though. They say Actiq causes dry scoket and that is where the problem ls. Who knows.I will keep you updated when and if my atty calls back.

  81. Was diagnosed as epileptic one year ago. Prescribed Dilantin. Used it. In one six month period, 7 teeth are so decayed that they need to PULL them. My neuro never said a word. Never. One simpole Google search gave all the info I need. Dilantin+tooth decay. Not exactly medical science or computer science. HE SHOULD HAVE DONE IT! “Knew or should have known” is the standard of care in this state for negligence of doctors. There are a bundle of other meds he could have given me! I need a lawyer!

  82. Same problem as above teeth decay, because of Actiq suckers. If anyone knows of class action suits please contact me. Thanks David

  83. I have tooth loss from a different drug, M.S. Contin. I,am only 35. A doctor rxd this drug after I was dx with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, but he failed to tell me that it would cause my teeth to rot above the gumline and then need to be extracted. This happened in 2007, but I only found out about the side effect in 2011 July. Also, the manufacturer does not list drymouth syndrome in its drug insert, so how do you know. My teeth were beutiful before this happened and so was I and i have the pictures to prove it. I have to work with the public every day to support my daughter and I ,am humiliated . Can you help me?

  84. I also have severe tooth loose and decay from Actiq. When prescribeded to me in 2004, I had no idea of these side effects. I assumed the sweetness was sugar free as at that time there was no sort of warning for tooth damage. I am also on SS Disability and cannot afford the 5 figure estimate from my dentist. Where is the class action lawsuit? Plus, I just read a CBS News article that stated the drug company paid a $425 million settlement. Who got all that money?

  85. I am yet another person who has had ALL of their teeth destroyed by Actiq. I was prescribed Actiq for breakthrough pain due to RSD (while on Workers Comp). They even supplied the first prescription to me for free! the 38 years prior to the Actiq, I had a few cavities and one cap. WIthin a year of starting the Actiq every single tooth had decayed. I DID pay attention to the need for increased dental hygiene, brushed after every meal, water pic’d every night, used dry mouth aids as well. Workers comp paid to have virtually all of my teeth capped as they admitted to the connection between the drug and the decay, but the caps were short lived as well (even after stopping the Actiq) and I lost every cap and every filing that was tried save one. I am having my last (rotted) tooth roots pulled out this month so I can have full dentures made, but the dentist advises me that at my young age I am likely to lose a lot of jaw bone over time (even to the point at being at risk of Jaw fractures from eating or mild trauma as I get older), but at least with the dentures I will be able to eat. The correct treatment would be full implants or implant secure dentures, but there is no way I can pay for the care that is needed. I cant describe the pain, constant dental infections & abscesses, as well as the social humiliation that this has caused over the last few years.

  86. You can get sugar free Actiq at a drug store that does formularies. Medicare won’t cover formularies, but all other insurance co do.


  88. Where were the lawyers 7 years ago when I needed them? After two spinal surgeries for spinal stenosis I was put on Actiq. They started me on, honestly, 32,000 mcg (that’s HUGH), plus I was also on Morphine. It was only due to my unusually high tolerance that I did not overdose. However, I lost all of my teeth. I was literally pushing them out by the root with my tongue, this was about 2 months after I was weened off of Actiq. going down in micrograms by half every month. I am now at NYU and they are trying to return to me a suitable mouth of teeth. I was only 53 when the teeth started to fall out. I have been so miserable since, I cannot remember the last time I enjoyed a meal. I could not sue because at that time the window of opportunity to sue was very narrow, less than 2 years since the time I started. I hope dr. surban is sued to death.

  89. I wanted to offer a solution to some of us dealing with the Actiq issue. I am 37 and had been on the 1600′s 9-12 a day for almost 5 years starting in 2004 for chronic pain from herniated discs and other health issues – NOT CANCER. My teeth all began doing the same thing and I had braces for cosmetic reasons as an adult and only had one cavity before it all began. I live in SE Florida and after finding out at a cleaning went to several dentist locally, only to leave in tears after being told to “pick a tooth” bcuz my dental insurance I’d been paying for years did nothing for the damage I had. It literally didn’t cover one tooth!! After 4 local dentists and being told I’d be looking at 60+K in bills to save my teeth, I went to a dental school here in Florida. It was 4 hours away but since Medicaid would only pull the teeth not care about replacing them, I didn’t know what option I had. This worked for me in several ways. It obviously only cost me a sixth of what I would have paid locally (which I didn’t have either of those amounts!!) I lost 7 teeth before they were able to stop the progression of the decay. Every single tooth in my head had to have work done on it. But I wanted to tell everyone also that I was told by both my pharmacist and the dental staff at Shands, that NO AMOUNT OF PREVENTATIVE MEASURES WOULD HAVE SAVED MY TEETH!! I saw in the beginning of these posts some ass said why didn’t we do something to prevent this. These things melt the enamel off our teeth like lava and enamel can not be replaced. So not only did I end up with implants and teeth back (after several years of work) it also taught the new students that are going to be our dentists in the future, what Actiq and other medications can do to a healthy mouth with good oral hygiene. The dental schools only charge a fraction of the cost and though they take longer than a regular dentist, if your only other option is to have no teeth at all-it’s a good option!!! Hope this helps someone & I hope the makers of Actiq all lose their teeth!!!

  90. I’m 32 years old I have epilepsy earlier this year I lost the last of my teeth due to the medications I take for my disibility, in which a couple of them are dilantin and deprokote in which they would swell up my gums, push my teeth out of place causing my gums to bleed and my teeth to losen and ache. So over the years I have lost all my teeth due to medications I take for my disibility and I have ask doctors about this problem and they would act like they didn’t care they would just tell me ask your other doctor about that problem. Earlier this year I called one of my doctors because four of my bottom teeth were hurting at the same time, the doctor never returned my call so I ended up going to the emergency room for the terrible pain I was having. I just don’t like how I’m 32 years of age with no teeth and can’t afford dentures and dealing with a lot of depressions. So I would like to know can I file a lawsuit for medications damaging my teeth and again doctors when they act like they don’t care?

  91. I too have had 7 teeth removed in 2010 after years of break-through pain for RSD/CRPS II and back surgeries, extensive on going pain conditions. I struggle to deal with everything now. Special Tooth paste must be used.

  92. My ex-wife has been on Fentanyl Oral / Actiq lollipops. All her perfect teeth just turned to rubber and broke off. It took years of searching to figure out as to why?? Dentists and doctors have told her it was a vitamin deficiency and a host of other unknown causes. One day I got online and looked up lawsuits and found the answer. She is in constant pain from the infections in her mouth caused by all the damaged teeth. Just broken jagged pieces are left now. No one seems to want to help her. She is treated as if she is an evil drug addict and deserved it. Brush your teeth?? hahaha…What a joke…she did. Everyday til they all broke off. Triple read all the warnings and not one word on all your teeth turning to rubber and breaking off without any notice…..Not even the doctors or dentists had a clue about this…..

  93. I can sympathize with everyone dealing with the Actiq dental issues. If there is a class action lawsuit out there, count me in….my health is suffering greatly. I would appreciate any info.

  94. I also used the Atiq suckers for breakthrough pain when my fentenol patches were not enough.I used these for several years, At times I would just fall asleep with them in my mouth. . My teethe are in horrible condition. I am no longer on any pain medication. I have had three disk replaced & am able to manage my pain without narcotics

  95. I am only 25 years old, I was prescrbed Aqtic/Fentyal sucker’s by a Doctor who didn’t care about his patients, I was only 21 years old when I went to his pain managment clinic for my back and a tumor on the back of my neck. My Doctor never told me that this medication would make my teeth crack, have a ton of cavities, and eventually cause a horrible amount of pain. My Doctor ended up getting fired or his liscense suspended, I am not exactly sure which, the amounts he was prescribing me and other patients caught the attention of the DEA. But as far as I know he is still prescribing at his residence to a select few patients or so ive heard. If anyone knows any dentists that help people that dont have enough money to fix there teeth please let me know, im in an extreme amount of pain, and the side of my face is swollen from my teeth. I have a hole in my heart and am high risk for a stroke, and everytime ive ever even been to the Dentist had to take antibiotics. I think this Doctor I used to have should pay for my teeth to be fixed considering he did not tell me my teeth could have problems because of the sugar in the suckers, he told me absolutly nothing, and im now 25 going through so much more pain on top of what im already going through. Please if anyone has any information on this please contact me. Thank you, I truly hope the best for all of you. Tahnee Hart

  96. I am a pain management patient for endometriosis, intercystial cystitis and arthritis. I’ve had at least five major surgeries. Years ago my pain management doctor (PRN) prescribed actually lollipops. Contrary to some opinions, Actiq does not taste sugary. I, like many others now need dentures. I was supposed to start school today to study for my Masters but I have to get my teeth fixed first. I deal with very educated and wealthy people everyday. I am horrifically embarrassed by my appearance. HELP! I’ m on disability and cannot afford this!

  97. I join the others with the suffering and damage done by use of actiq prescribed for severe pain secondary to Lyme Disease. I developed some heart issues as well as numerous dental problems requiring thousands of dollars of expense, pain, suffering….am still in the process of correcting, or attempting to have all of the dental issues corrected…too much suffering to delineate on this page.

  98. I was prescribed them for back pain bc I had adverse reactions to long acting timed realeased oral pain medication. I too never received any notification any where regarding what it does to your teeth. I hv seen the same dentist since I was 5 and he too blames the fentenyl. He said my teeth were in great shape as did two other dentists I saw during military relocations. All my front teeth are perfect not one cavity, but I now need 8 crowns on all my back teeth. I struggle as a single mother of a child with Autism to barely afford to do lil tiny bits of dental wk done here & there. I took my self off of it bc of all the other effects it had on my body. The physical dependecy your body devolps to this drug is so bad they may as well hand you some needles and some heroin and tell you to have at it. No one told me it was 100 times stronger than morphine. With all of this proving the obvious to even the simplest of minds, there should be a lawyer that has enough confidence to file a class action requiring them to pay for every ones dental work at the very least. Especially when my insurance paid them over $7000 for a 30 day supply at only 4 per day. There was no psychological addition it was completely physical, the drug nearly killed me, destroyed my teeth and they got rich. Shame on them, like I said this should be a class action that doesnt go away until it is settled. Maybe if we all scream loud enough they may hear. Best wishes to you all…

  99. I agree with Sally–shame on them(Cephalon).I\\\’m in same boat with all teeth bad from Actiq and it costs a fortune to fix. I am shocked to read all of this and still no class action law suit? I will be calling lawyers this week. Anyone with info on class action suit please let me know! Warning to all Actiq users: Actiq is a powerful drug and your body will become tolerant to it if on it for any length of time and you will become physically dependent on it. We all know NOW that it rots teeth. There are many other negatives to this drug. I thank God I no longer take it.

  100. I am only 34, a senior staff nurse in ITU in the UK, I was born with a defect to my bone marrow which results in an inability to produce adequate antibodies to fight infections and everyday pathogens. I was diagnosed with the disease at the age of 9 at Great Ormond Street Hospital for children, London, UK and have received antibody replacement infusions (white blood cells), one per week since diagnosis. As I went 9years with recurrent infections to my lungs and ears, I have suffered much damaged to my right lung in particular and severe ear drum damage which was repaired by an operation. I was first prescribed Actiq once a week in 2000 by the hospital for pain relief during the 5hour injected infusions of the blood into the subcutaneous tissues. My script was then increased to 5 times a day in 2010 for chronic lung pain on every inspired breath. By feb 2011, large pieces of enamel had started to fall off, and a quick decline of the loss of 9 teeth occurred despite specialist dental treatment twice per month. I have had over 40 deep fillings, several dental dressings, x-rays, impressions made and to my horror, disgust and anger at Cephalon Ltd, have lost 9 teeth in total, due to Actique causing rampant decay at the gum line and even to back / u derides of the teeth. I have had to undergo the making of a full upper denture and am currently awaiting extractions of the remaining 7 teeth on my upper jaw, most of which have only the retaining roots remaining. I will be left with less than 50% of my natural teeth, a full upper denture, and only front and right sided teeth to my lower jaw. I am currently ringing as many no win no fee lawyers as I can find to sue Cephalon for their failure to highlight the damage that the lozenges often cause when used regularly. In the UK it costs £15000 (almost $30000) to replace my upper jaw with implants which I simply can’t afford, & that isn’t including any bottom teeth replacement either! My dentist prescribed a high fluoride toothpaste and rinse, and says the Actiq is responsible. An article is written by a dentist in the British dental Journal highlighting a case of a 24yr old who lost all her teeth to Actiq whilst also suffering terminal cancer, terrible! The article holds weight for anyone wanting to claim for damages, please email me if you need it. The Cephalon leaflet does not mention regular dentist input let alone prescription toothpaste and rinses. It should be block highlighted in the leaflet so patients on the medicine are able to give their informed consent to the use of Actiq for their pain. I am now on a liquid diet, and prescription drink to keep my weight stable to prevent previous rapid weight loss due to severe difficulties eating now, which in turn caused malabsorption of my weekly blood due to too little fatty tissue. I am also undergoing counselling and CBT for anxiety and tearfulness which is down to the mental trauma of loosing my teeth and facing an upper noticeable denture at the age of 34, especially as a front line intensive care nurse being with the public every day. It is so hard, Cephalon have so much to answer for as far as I am concerned. I believe it is not the fault of doctors or pharmacists as they can only advice what Cephalon disclose to be advice! Shame on Cephalon for ruining so many people’s lhappiness, confidence and smiles.

  101. same story, tooth loss . had it for breakthrough pain. I believe and if someone can varify, when they first came out the brochere that came in the box was different. they later realized about the tooth decay and added a clause to the brochure to try to protect themselves. the addded clause said something about use other then cancer then cancer.

  102. I have been on Actiq for several years due to chronic pain from a modified radical neck dissection as a result of throat & tongue cancer.The 400mcg lollipops have been a God send as far as relieving the breakthrough pain when nothing else seemed to work.Like most others virtually all of me teeth have been destroyed. I have spent over $10.000 out of pocket besides hat my insurance has payed. I pray that a medication that doesn’t have this horrible side effect will soon come to market.

  103. I am yet another Actiq/fentanyl citrate user that has spent over $50,000 over a period of 7 years on dental work due to this product. I have suffered from severe chronic cervical pain from an auto accident in 1977. The 1st of 2 surgeries to remove and fuse discs at two levels was a miserable failure due to the surgeon using methromethacrolate (plastic) to fuse the vertebrae. It didn’t fuse a one level and took me 3 1/2 years, and exactly twelve specialists, to diagnose the problem. Those 3 1/2 years of non-fusion left me with permanent nerve damage and severe chronic pain. The Actiq’s helped were very effective for the pain but the costs for dental repair have been financially devastating. I still need 5 more extractions with bone preservation material ($1,500) and a partial (bridge) which is an additional $1,700.00. I,ve also started suffering renal distress that adds to the problems of pain meds effecting the body over a period of long time use. I’m not “sue-happy” but I wish there the folks like me could start a class action suit against the drug manufacturer over the damage this product has caused to our teeth. If anyone has a good idea I hope they will voice it.

  104. I just called the company to ask what could be done. They told me to write a letter to explaining everything to:
    The Legal Offices
    TEVA North America
    4251 Privet Road
    Horsham, Pa.
    Don’t know what will happen, but if they receive enough letters they might think twice about doing something. I’m not asking for pain and suffering just to get my teeth repaired so I don’t look like a homeless person which I will be if I have to pay out of pocket for this dental care.
    Good luck to all of you.

  105. same story re; Actiq use and extensive tooth decay. have also had problems with fentanyl patches and breathing and loss of consciousness causing falls and broken shoulder and ribs. am no surprised at number of problems associated with these meds, just with lack of response from attorneys. good luck to everyone and God bless.

  106. As it is time consuming to read these, I’ll simply add that it is the same story. Major traffic accident. Prescribed Actiq. Got off of it after about 3 years (the withdrawal was a four-day ticket to Hell-on-Earth), subsequently watched my teeth begin rotting as if I were using acid for mouthwash.

    They are ALL gone now (cut off at the gumline as if by a chainsaw), but not the infections, the extreme difficulty in eating anything solid & the overwhelming pain my mouth puts me through day after day.

    One other MAJOR similarity to so many here is the inability to locate a lawyer or lawfirm with the skill, the smarts and the determination to file a class action on behalf of everyone here and anyone else who have been victimized by the makers of Actiq. There was NO WARNING that severe tooth decay was a guaranteed side-effect. Not even a hint.

    Getting $100k per victim should be a piece of cake, and if this were only for the 100 or so people who posted here, that would put $5M in the lawyer’s pocket if he/she demanded 50% of such a settlement, leaving each viction $50k to get their teeth fixed. I actually think a jury would award a great deal MORE than that(!) once informed of all the facts. $100k per victim is truly peanuts in a case like this. So where are the brave, smart and justice-seeking attorneys? Where are you??? We may not have been killed by an overdose, but we ARE slowly being KILLED OFF by starvation, stress and the oral diseases we are now experiencing.

  107. I started using the Actiq suckers so long ago I don’t remember, but at least seven years ago. I then started on the 1200MCG but soon escalated to 1600MCG which I took 12X daily. I took this dose for five years and then my doctor said that the FDA said that these meds could only be prescribed by Pain specialist or to people suffering from Cancer. I then took Oxycontin 80MG 12X daily for my pain and Dilaudid 8MG 10X daily for breakthrough Pain. My teeth started crumbling at the gum line as everyone has said. I have had $10.000.00 in dental work done and this is really just a bandaide on the problem. I have some teeth with implants which are loose now. I have called several dentists about getting the dental work done and the possibility of litigation and needing them as an expert witness and all declined to become involved. Most probably I’m going to have to have my remaining teeth extracted and wear dentures for cosmetic reasons. I’m 59 and not too concerned about anything but the health ramifications of having rotting teeth. I have contacted several personal injury lawyers about this problem but Texas enacted a $250,000.00 cap on awards unless your damages were fatal under the guise of tort reform. The insurance companies and large corporations were behind these bills being passed. What was really done was to get them off the hook for their misdeeds past and future. Trial lawyers were vilified as thieves and robbers and shown to be getting unfairly large judgements for their clients. I am always reminded of Ford Motor Co. and the decision not to correct a $.50 part on the Ford Pinto which caused the car to burst into flames when struck from the rear. Ford decided that it was cheaper to pay the costs of litigation and damages than to rectify the problem. So if you were a passenger or driver in the car and were burned to death “TOUGH LUCK”. This is why there should be punitive damages of a magnitude that these corps. are dissuaded from making purely economic decisions based strictly on the bottom line. Of course if you can buy the courts, why worry. This unfortunately has become the case in most states and certainly in the federal civil courts. Covidian has certainly made the decision

  108. I was in a car accident back in 1998 and I was diagnosed with a herniated disc and degenerative disc disease along with stenosis both cervical and lumbar as well as Fibromyalgia. I was put on MS Contein 900mgs per day which was way too high a dose. I went to a different doctor and was put on 60 mgs 4 times a day with 15 mgs 4 times a day for break through pain.Then due to stomach surgery I could no longer be on any time released medicine so they changed it to Morphine sulfate immediate release and I have been on morphine for over 14 years and now they have changed it to 8mgs of Dilaudid 4 times a day because the morphine was no longer controlling my pain. I went to the dentist twice a year for cleanings and brushed my teeth after every meal and at bed time and flossed everyday. I carried a gallon size jug of ice water with me everywhere I went because the medicine caused dry mouth,which was one of the side effects written on the leaflet that came with my prescription, but it never mentioned that it could cause tooth decay. I had beautiful strong teeth, never once did the doctor, dentist or pharmacist warn me about tooth decay and it was never on any information or side effects from the pharmaceutical company. then they started to rot away where my back tooth started to crack piece by piece till I had to have it pulled. Then I noticed that I was getting a black spot on the gum line and I went to the dentist and it was at that time 13 years later I was told that I had 16 cavities and they pulled 4 teeth and several fillings were done,but my insurance only covered 2 filings per year and so I paid to have 4 filings done but then my husband was killed in a car accident and being on disability I could not afford to pay to have any more work done on my teeth. Even with constant brushing and flossing my gums are always swollen and get infected constantly causing pain and bleeding.I am only 48 years old and my Mother is 73 years old and she still has all her teeth and they are extremely healthy and if it wasn’t for the narcotics mine would be the same way. I have a picture of my teeth from back in 1999 from my dentist which show how beautiful they were and now I suffer everyday with mouth, teeth and gum pain. I use the Biotine spray and mouth wash but that has not slowed or stopped the decaying. I take additional medications, and one of them that I was on for just a short time had a list of side effects and it listed dry mouth which can lead to tooth decay. So the pharmaceutical companies know that dry mouth can cause and will cause tooth decay after prolonged use, so why are the companies that sell narcotics not listing it on their warnings and side effects? I need thousands of dollars to fix my teeth so that I can smile again and try to repair and replace my missing teeth, but as long as I am on the narcotics which I will for the rest of my life, I don’t see a solution other than implants for all my teeth or dentures. I want the pharmaceutical companies to pay for implants and the other costs to repair my teeth, plus I want them to pay for all the pain and suffering I have been through, and I want it made mandatory that they put warning labels on their medications so people can try and prevent tooth decay from the start. I live in SC and I am willing to file an individual claim against the companies or a class action suit, either way I want them to be held responsible for what they have put me through and others like me.

  109. Ditto. 1) has anyone successfully sued the makers of actiq for dental damages?
    2) does anyone know if there is a class action suit pending?

  110. There isn’t any question that actiq CAUSES dental problems including infections and tooth decay. Denying this is worse than the idiots that use to deny that smoking caused lung diseases.
    The truth WILL come out. LIKE SMOKING DID!!!!!!!!

  111. I was on actiq lozenges for approximately 5 years due to sever back pain after my surgery. I was in so much pain I never realized that it was rotting my teeth. When I read the side effects it never mentioned anything about a chance of tooth decay or tooth loss. Now I lost all my teeth I look like I have meth mouth. I have a full denture plate for my top teeth and now I have to have all my bottom teeth surgically removed cause they all broke at the base of my gums. I am hoping someone is responsible for this and will foot the bill for all this dental work and the pain and suffering.

  112. I also lost ALL MY TEETH and also on SSDI which will pay for no dental work. I had to have surgery to have remnants of the roots removed. I did win a lawsuit but my luck MY ATTORNEY WAS ARRESTED FOR FRAUD AND WAS IMPRISONED. When I received my files both he and Cephalon conspired and altered the dates and the addendum for the cost and implant document were missing. I have NO ONE TO GO TO. NO LAWYER WILL TOUCH THE CASE. TO ALL WHO ARE GOING TO HIRE A LAWYER RECORD ALL YOUR CONVERSATIONS REMEMBER TO DOCUMENT TIMES AND DATES.

  113. Same story here…both my son and I have a genetic bone condition which causes severe pain. Both of us were prescribed actiq for breakthrough pain. He started the lollipops about 2 years before I did. He is now 30 and has a brand new set of dentures. I have so much damage to my teeth I cannot eat. I’ve lost 10 lbs! I was skinny to begin with!
    The dental costs are astronomical! Who can help us? All anyone has to do is look at these comments that span YEARS! Do we have any recourse? We are both disabled so rely on social security, and now this? I don’t know what I’m going to do!

  114. I’m not that interested in a class action suit, but I’m definitely interested in litigation against Cephalon, the maker of Actiq Lollipops, asap. I’ve included the details of my situation in the confidential area of this page, and would like for an attorney to contact me. Thank you.

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