Energy Drink Health Risk Warnings Needed According to Researchers

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By: AboutLawsuits | Published: September 26th, 2008

According to researchers at Johns Hopkins University, the labels of popular energy drinks, such as Red Bull and Rockstar, should contain warnings about the amount of caffeine they contain and the potentially harmful side effects they could cause.

In recent years, a number of different energy drinks have been introduced to provide an energy boost or as dietary supplements. They contain high levels of caffeine as well as other additives,such as taurine, ginseng and carnitine that act as stimulants.

Some of the more popular brands are Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar, No Fear, Tab Energy, Wired and Fixx. They are heavily marketed, especially to young adults, with slogans such as “Red Bull gives you wings” and others that compare the effects of the drinks to the use of drugs like cocaine.

The FDA does not currently require energy drinks to display warnings or limit the amount of caffeine they can contain. However, a report published in the September 24, 2008 edition of the journal Drugs and Alcohol Dependence calls for warnings to be added about the potential health risks energy drinks could pose.

Scientists from Johns Hopkins have spent years evaluating the effects of caffeine and the impact these high-caffeine energy drinks can have on a person’s health. While a typical 12 ounce soft drink has about 35 milligarms of caffeine, some energy drinks contain up to 500 milligrams. The researchers suggest that most consumers are unaware of the caffeine content in these energy drinks or about the potential dangers, and that information should be added to the product labels.

In addition, many of these drinks are heavily marketed in bars or for use in combination with alcohol, which could further increase the health risks for consumers.

Last month, an energy drink lawsuit was filed by the Washington-based consumer advocacy group, Center for Science, against MillerCoors involving their alcoholic energy drink Sparks. The lawsuit filed in the District of Columbia Superior Court alleges that Sparks contains unapproved additives and poses a health risk to consumers.

Similar alcoholic energy drinks sold by Anheuser-Busch as Bud Tilt and Bud Extra were removed from the market in June 2008 after a similar lawsuit was filed by state attorney generals and advocacy groups.

In August 2008, a study conducted by the Cardiovascular Research Centre at the Royal Adelaide Hospital in Australia found that energy drinks could increase the risk of strokes and heart attacks. According to the research, even consuming one can of the caffeinated energy drink Red Bull could cause the blood to become sticky, increasing the risk of clotting.

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  1. [...] the FDA does not require warnings or information about the possible health risks of energy drinks. The regulatory agency also does not limit the amount of caffeine in these drinks, many of which [...]


  3. i drank them till they caused me to have a heart surgery and caused my blood to go way to thick. i am looking to see if there is a way i can put a lawsuit against them due to this. i cant stay in the job i am in now due to the surgery and am looking for help.

  4. K, i am addicted to rockstar’s, i consistently drink 3 a day, one right before i go to work, then i feel like i need one in the afternoon, and then i have one at night, i don’t drink alchohol any more, but i am always sleepy, its unbelievable, and i work 12 hours a day, then when i don’t have these sugary caffeinated drinks then my head hurts really bad, so my body has adapted the way that it handles all the rockstar i put in my body, i haven’t really realized the risk and the expense’s of doing this, but it is getting way to out of hand and now after researching it for a while i am kind of scared to continue drinking these things, and my breathing pattern has changed when i am lying in bed, it feels like i can’t get enough breathe in my lungs, like i have to force myself to keep some breath coming down, sucks

  5. i drink energy drinks everyday, but when i dont have them i get tired. but when my boyfriend told me about energy drinks. i am starting to cut down. he told me that there was this one guy who died because he had 5 energy drinks in one hour, becuase he got dehydrated to fast.

  6. My son was drinking red bull and vodka and almost beat his girlfriend to death. He spent the night in jail and It’s been a nightmare. I have now come to the conclusion that He is a mean drunk when he mixes red bull and vodka. There is no warning on the can. I think someone should start class action lawsuit againts red bull

  7. @ mary : So someone should sue Redbull because your son is abusive asshole who drinks too much and can’t control him self? What should the label say ? “warning… if mixed with vodka.. you may beat up women, kick babies, or rape the elderly” ? Tell your son to take some accountability for his own actions and stop pushing these frivalous lawsuits.

  8. A member of the Gilbert HS Marching band just died this week after consuming 3 energy drinks before going on the field for a performance. He collapsed and his heart stopped. They were able to revive him, but he was later declared brain dead and taken off life support. I don’t think children under 18 should be able to purchase these drinks, and they should have warning labels about possible heart complications.

  9. I think the issue is moderation.. 1 can lasts me 3 days simply because i will have but a little bit to add a few extra hours of energy to my day if I know I need that extra boost. Otherwise I don’t drink it. My only concern with it is even as little as I drink, I will have the worse cramp pains..

  10. I have drank Rockstar sugar free 2 a day every day (with 3 once in a while) for two years, I really like the taste but think I am addicted to them I have chest pain once in a while from them or a headache thay I can usually get rid of if I drink another one.Sometimes they make me pee alot like every 10 minutes for about an hour. I have noticed that I have very high blood pressure once in a while,but will only last for a couple of days 170\113 if I just stopped drinking them right now would I get any side effects?

  11. For any who need the energy~ should try eMV by MonaVie. It’s a Healthy Energy Drink made up of 80% fruit Juice~ no added caffeine or sugar!

  12. I think that maybe energy drinks have some sort of relation to stupidity. First of all, people are trying to sue energy drink makers because they are addicted. GET SOME SELF CONTROL, YOU ARE THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE AMERICA LOOK BAD. Also, all of the people who complained about drinking too many energy drinks HAVE NO ENGLISH SKILLS either english is your second language, or you really need to cut back because i think they are killing your brain.

  13. Think about it, caffeine is a diuretic…not good, lose water. Second, too much caffeine can lead to hypertension which hits all the organs and causes a multitude of problems including heart attack, anuerysms, or stroke. Third, they have a lot of sugar which can lead to diabetes by increasing the likelihood of insulin resistance.

  14. ive been adictid to monster for a couple of weeks and it didnt really affect me very much but i became alittle shaky . my parents are worryed about me aand thy think i might have a heart attack’ but reading all this stuff is making me try to stop…………hopefully

  15. hey guys and gals,
    I’m looking for folks that would be interested in filing a class lawsuit against energy drink companies.
    Please email me your info and if you are interested in joining me.

    I have a liver problem because I was drinking Red Bull on daily basis. I drunk one per day, before I went to work for some time. I’m 30 and never smoked a cigarette, don’t drink alcohol and never used any kind of drugs.

  16. My son drank Red Bull and noticed that he had swelling in his ankles. He had been drinking Red Bull for sometime. He had just one can of it one day along with some alcohol and had an arrythmia which caused his heart to stop for a second and he passed out. He did not associate the episode at the time with Red Bull, but after seeing physicians and going through testing, that is the only reason that I can think of for this to have happened to a 22 year old man. My son could have lost his life to Red Bull.

  17. energy drinks are good for proven by the FDA

  18. So i just got over having pancreitits…and i think that energy drinks may have been to blame, I use to drink Mosters(32oz) daily..for a long time, it got to the pint that now if i drink one i get so sick and a real yucky feeling in my stomach! I cant drink them anymore…anyone else drinking energy drinks suffer from pancreitits? ps im not a drinker at ll…had 2 drinks in 2 years….but i did drink a shot 2 days befor i got it..

  19. I have had NO problems with drinking Red Bull. I have been drinking the sugar free version for 8 years and still think it is FAB!! America and it’s bloody lawsuits!!! calm down. Stop drinking it if it is causing ill health.

  20. i drink mother and it is good and i feel fine bloody america and sewing people get over it or stop drinking it

  21. My name is Laird Doherty i have been drinking rockstars for about a year .Let me tell you they had better put a warning on those cans because those dinks just about ruined my life!!!!!! Well lets see i have had a grate deal of weight loss ,not sleeping well , not eating ,and i was drinking 8 diet rockstars a day!! I know its alot but everytime i stop for gas there on sale 2 for 3 bucks and you dont even think about it when you get 2 at a time right?? I work a pritty hard job but its nothing i cant do, i clean swimming pools for a living pretty easy right ?? Anyway let me get to the point i have had problems at work , at home, in my band,hell with everything in my life!!!! EVERYONE thinks im on drugs !!!! like speed!!!! i had to take durg tests because of these drinks as well . I used to weight about 200 pounds i now weight about 170. none of my clothes fit me i have to get all new clothes..I tell you what i have never felt so bad in my life physically . If i didnt have the drinks in the mornig i would just feel like shit all day. Its funny but then when you have that rockstar or red bull you can feel it make you feel better . You drinkers out there can attast it dose for a min., but you end up having another one later. If there was WARNIGS ON THE CAN THAT SAYS DONT DRINK MORE THEN SO MANY PER DAY would have keep me from haveing way to many and not thinking about it! Its funny you know myself and my girlfriend fianlly firgured out that the rockstars was why all this shit all happend to me???? The worst part of this thing was being accused of something and it not being true!!!! and by the way i have been sober for ten years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this was not funny at all.

  22. Like coffee is to adults is an energy drink to young adults. Having two brothers who drink an average of three maybe four a day, one in the morning, another perhaps during lunch and if there is any money left from the last time they went to the store to get some more and finally drinking some more on the way back. It’s a horrible cycle for anyone to see, after telling them what it could do to them, they reply, “It tastes good.” or “It gives you all these vitamins, B12, yeah, try getting that from your ‘fruit’.” (Even though he does not have a clue of what it does) thinking that their argument defeats mine, I just ignore it. It bothers me on how ignorant one could be or how far he would turn his head for something. However, after speaking more on that topic with them, one told me about an energy drink called Monster Nitrous. The first thought that came to mind was of Nitrous Oxide; it was laughing gas and what makes cars go faster. It bothered me that they would put something from cars into a drink. I looked farther into this subject and the company says that it contains nitrous gas technology. Furthermore, the farther I looked into it, the harder it was to find any valid information on this and soon ended up at a dead end. I found nothing on this ‘nitrous gas technology’. I have many friends who also consume energy drinks, some even admitting that they are addicted to this drink, asking for a solution though I’ve never had one in my life and still refuse to touch one. My first option was to tell them to quit immediately, but after listening to their story on how their day went when they tried it, how many tests they’ve failed and so forth, for the sake of participating in extracurricular activities, they figured it best to keep drinking this beverage. But for some strange reason, weaning them from such drink has not occurred to them.
    I’ve read this saying several times, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” and it’s getting to me. We should concentrate on the prevention, nevertheless, also put our efforts for those who are too late for prevention. Such task will not seem feasible at first, but one must stay strong and be a prime example for others to follow for this to become a reality.
    In addition, for those who speak of self-control, try to think about it like a graph. Number of “So and So Company” Beverages Purchased at a Given Store on the x-axis and the Number of People Purchasing “So and So Company” Beverages on the y-axis, those who look at the extremum on both ends, (excluding the outliers) you’ll see that those “who drink very little” or “none at all” and the highest amount, (still excluding the outliers) differs greatly. Sometimes if people have the money, or just plain idea that good things will happen, they will have no self-control. Like great people in our past, having no sense of self-control has led to their downfall. It is only in our nature, to indulge in, well, anything really, be it food, expensive clothing, drinking and the list can go on and on. Discipline, or rather self-discipline is the best way to go, since the reasons are self-motivated, they are most likely to keep themselves under control.
    True, it technically is their fault, but it is like sending a recruit straight from Basic Training without any experience with a weapon whatsoever and sending them amidst a raging war. People will hope they survive, but what are the chances? The weapon is self-control, without it, the recruit’s chance of getting through the war is slim, lacking the sufficient discipline and skills from training makes it harder to make it through. If the recruit pulls through, they will be rewarded and prove to be a good example for other recruits to follow. That it is possible to overcome and be the victor of this war, though it may prove to be an arduous task, but it is one worthwhile. Save for the circumstance the recruit falls in battle, it should be a lesson for other recruits to heed as well as those who just recruited. It should not many lives for people to learn, it should not even take a life at all for a lesson to be learned. Lives should not end for people to learn their lesson, it is not necessary.
    For those who turn their heads, for those who slip it under the mat or do whatever they will, remember those recruits, remember those battles, remember those who have fallen in this war. Proceed with caution; your life is much more precious than a sixteen-ounce beverage.


  24. I drink one rockstar punched every day for four months now i fell great and i do cardio exercise daily and feel fine quit balming someone else for your fn problem america,If you drink alot of energy drinks then drink alot of water to to wash it down for your kidneys sake if your worried.

  25. I hate this soo much because its going to be idiots who ruin it for everyone because they don’t have self control. If there are people dying because they dont have enough self control to drink less then 2 energy drinks in a day then they probably dont have the self control to not steal or to obey the laws or even to drive in a fairly safe way. I myself drink 1 24oz monster import almost every day. yes i walk into a store and there’s a shelf of them but i have the amazing self control to say no i wont drink 7 of them today. And I know monster have a warning on the side of the can that says not for women who are pregnant or people who are sensitive to caffeine, and something like dont drink more then 3 a day. People need to start blaming themselves when something bad happens to them and not blaming the makers of stuff. Thats like driving at a hundred miles and hour with perfect brakes and the best safety rated car but running red lights all the time and when you hit someone to get hit blaming the car maker for making the car be able to go 100mph.

  26. I wonder if these comments are moderated. It seems like the majority of this audience is anti energy drinks. I drink Rockstar everyday for 3 years now, Monster everyday before that, 2-4 cans every day. Nothing different. I like the taste, the caffeine isn’t really noticeable for me but coffee doesn’t affect me either and that’s much stronger. Maybe it’s cause I am 6’5″ and 250 lbs or maybe it’s because I am not a complete whining nut job who thinks every problem in him or her life can be traced to the newest health fad.

  27. Your body is made up of at least 60% water, of which 2.4 liters needs to be replenished by means of water or food everyday.

    What do you think happens when you feed your body 4, 6, 8 cans a day of high fructose corn syrup, 70 to 200 mg of Caffeine ?

    You become dehydrated. Then you hydrate yourself with another energy drink.

    What do you think happens then ? Well it takes a toll on your nervous system, your organs. It raises your core tempurature and your heart rate, and if you already have a heart problem, or even if you don’t you will certainly have one now.

    Do you people have no restraint ? Where does the person who can drink 8 cans a day of this stuff have time to drink water ? Do you even have an appitite anymore after drinking at the most 1,600mg of Caffeine ? Or do you rationalize… “Oh these energy drinks are awesome, I have all this energy now and i’m not even hungry. Actually I’m losing weight, how awesome is that”

    How cool huh, that weight loss is probably just dehydration, loss of muscle mass and loss of bone density, but hey at least you are losing weight. (and losing years of your life)

    Do you even realize how much Caffeine that really is ? My only advice to you is to steer clear of Kryptonite, because you must be Superman.

  28. i love nos and i am adicted have bad headaces and no enery if i dont have one i drink 5 to 6 a day

  29. This Comment is mainly to mary,
    reading you comment made me laugh, if your going so far as to say that red bull and vodka made ur son a mean drunk then maybe you should do a little more research, Vodka is what impares you judgment, not energy drinks, no i dont by anymeans recomend consuming both at the same time, im just saying if your son almost beat his gf to death, sounds like its an issue with either family life that represses him to that kind of drunk, or its just how his system takes it. alchol will effect each person differently, if a person has violent tendencies alchol may enhance that, i have never herd of someone taking red bull and going all crazy on someone, alchol seems to be the culprit in that case and i would recomend AA since if ur getting so obleritated to the point where u can not control ur emotions and body functions and can not think clearly enough to put the bottle down befor u hurt someone. Now moving on, energy drinks while may not be the best things in the world, there are a lot more things that people should be addgressing. when u drink red bull and drive you do not get drunk, it does no impare u vision or judgment, yes it does make you crash, that i am aware of but alchol gives u a hangover, so either way nothing in this world is good for u when u think about it. so people just wake up and better inform your selves and gather the information, you want to drink energy drinks then do it, moderation is key, they have warnings for children and those pregnant and sensitive to caffeine, besides that there is no need for any additional warnings in my view its up to the consumer to give them selves the knowledge and the information about what is out there. just remember moderation is the key in any situation

  30. I know how all of you feel. I have similar testimony. I found out about a vegan, organic, & gluten free alternative. It changed my life!
    I have lost weight & got myself back.

  31. OK here it is the straight truth. I am a 39 year old male and for the past year I averaged about three cans a day. They have proven these drinks cause a thickening of your blood within 1 hour of drinking an 8 oz red bull, the thickening of the blood also causes clots. This is a proven fact. Because of these effects I suffered a t.i.a. or a mild stroke earlier this week. These drinks will kill you. this is a fact, and no I don’t weigh over 300 lbs.

  32. My 20 year old daughter, in perfect health, had a grand mal seizure over the weekend and stopped breathing immediately after drinking a Red Bull energy drink on an empty stomach. She had never had any type of seizure before in her life. We took her to the ER and her blood work and everything was normal. I am following up with a neurologist this week. After this happened, I have researched and found that several teens have had the same experience after drinking these drinks on an empty stomach. One even died. Please be careful if you must consume these products. The makers of these drinks need to warn people that seizures, comas or death can occur.

  33. Has anyone else experienced an ocular migrane (dead spots in vision or flashes of light) after drinking Rockstar? I don’t usually drink these but while driving cross country I drank 2 in 3 days. I don’t usually drink much caffine, not even coffee. I had vision problems after drinking about half of a Rockstar. I immediately stopped drinking it and switched to water and the symptoms went away in about 30 minutes. I have never before or since had this issue. I talked to a friend who said he and his family alll experince the same vision problems occasionaly, and they all drink Rockstar frequently. I realize these energy drinks are bad for you, but didn’t expect such a severe and immediate reaction. I can’t beleive that others who experience this would continue to drink this stuff.

  34. ….time to quit the Rockstars! Two a day over the past two years-never coffee, or soda. However, two a day! For two years!! I am a runner and a rock climber, I eat healthily, rarely drink, never take drugs, and consume a lot of water. I had a t.i.a. in January, and, after many tests, the doctors could not come to a conclusive answer as to why…I am totally quitting today. A day of side effects is not worth years of heart issues.

  35. Cases of adverse ocular side effects reported to the WHO, the FDA and the National Registry of Drug-Induced Ocular Side Effects, and reviewed world literature for reported instances of adverse ocular side effects caused by herbal medicines and nutritional supplements. Out of 323 reported cases it is found that eight products associated with clinically significant ocular side effects: ginkgo biloba, Echinacea purpurea, chamomile, licorice, canthaxanthine, Datura, niacin and vitamin A.

    Energy Drinks have Ginkgo biloba in them–Rockstar has 150mg
    Additionally, some people may experience side effects from Vit B complex such as “Blurred Vision.” Vitamin B complex normally has a very low risk of toxicity.

    I think some of you are having side effects possibly as a result of drinking too many energy drinks on any given day, and not staying hydrated by drinking enough water! Just like coffee, if one consumes a heavy dose of caffeine in a day and/or frequently without staying hydrated–one is apt to have side effects, such as dehydration, high blood pressure, irregular heart beats, and ofcourse insomnia or fatique, to name a few…
    I know there are gastrointestinal issues that seem to be rising and possibly linked to Energy Drinks–

    The Energy Drink cans do label “Not recommended for Children, Pregnant or Nursing Women OR THOSE SENSITIVE TO CAFFEINE”

    I think “in-moderation” is the key here. If you are consuming something that makes you uncomfortable –stop consuming it. There are numerous case studies out there on Energy Drinks–Educate yourself–you will be doing yourself a favor.

  36. Many energy drinks are in large and extra large cans which contain 2 – 4 servings. Do the people who make them really think folks will drink 1/2 now and save the rest? Or split one w/ a friend? I doubt it. Most people who drink them drink the whole can as tho they were soda. They are not soda. That much is dangerous. Often you can get 2 cans for nearly the price of one.

    I used to drink Rockstar Sugarfree but stopped because they made me sweat profusely. I could feel my heart working too hard. I am on medicine for high blood pressure and should not have them at all.

  37. well my name is jarred an i have just started drinking nos, i would drink 4 every 2 weeks, but for like 6 months, sence then i have lost alot of weight, i am thankful but at the same time i see shadows an hear shit, i know it effects he brain, liver, organs an so forth, but i guess i have to learn the hard way, im scared that on of these days i might have an heart attack, thats a stupid comment thought right, its hard to quit but it just takes self control, idon’t wanna die, for some time now i have having sleep paralist or whatever, i would stop breathing at night, i would scared my self an say its ok jarred, but i know its not, i know i know im retarded :P for even commenting, but i need feed back, im really scared, my stomach hurts, every time i drink those 4 every 2 weeks, but then again just yesterday i bought like 12 of them nos, i thing i just should sell them or something….well i hope some one gots some feedback,

  38. I drank 3 8.4 oz and 1,12oz red bull with in 8 hrs of working at wk and the next day I was hurting pretty bad, woke up next day and stomach felt like some one was gripping my intestines hard made me feel like crap all day, it was hard next day had to qualify for ccw and exposed firearm for my job. I think I am really not going to be drinking redbull or any other type of energy drinks again after that pain.

  39. Don’t be dumb people. To much of anything is bad. Should they put warnings on milk saying don’t drink the whole gallon in an hour? Should they put warnings on a case of water saying to not consume the whole package in a day? Do you sit and drink 11 cans of soda in a day? No…then why in the hell would you think it’s ok to drink 3,4,5 or more rockstars/monsters/red bull? It’s all about moderation people. I have 1-2 rockstars a day and my husband has 1-2 monsters a day and neither of us have had any side effects. And we have been drinking them for 2-3 years now.

  40. Wow it was good at first and gets very additive and wants you to buy more and feels good for lil while then it’s brings you down and it hard to get out of it and i do have health issue and that does not help it’s like a drug gotta have more:{ i do not like this it\s worser than drinking acohol booze and or taken street drugs give you a good high then really brings you down

  41. Hi I’m 30yrs and have a little boy who is three and work 45 hrs a week married and runs a house too I hate coffee and tea I’m always tired so I thought I would give these red bull sugar free a try and feel they keeped me awake and keeps me going I have server asthma and never had a asthma attack but since I’ve been drinking these I’ve had 4 and each time been taken to resuss :-( I’ve just been discharge again today but it did not occur to me that it could be these drinks until my dad said to me about it in hospital today and we was trying to work out the triggers and there has been none the same to start me off but now I think about it I’ve been drinking these for years and think it’s time to stop as this might be the cause any younger steers on here don’t drink the they may give u a buzz and tast nice but your life is more important as I’m finding this out the hard was thanks for reading

  42. hoestly!!!!!!!!!!!! I drink energy drinks a lot! BUT the ADDICTION is nothing NOTHING compared to stopping the addiction to pain pills like I did! opiat addiction is 1000 X harder to over come! and I did it!

  43. it is their faith to drink same with smoking y band it when smoking is the same but has more prob.s than a energy drink people just needs to shut up and let people learn

  44. My son is 20 yrs old and his 1st energy drink was x-s tropical well Thurs night he had a massive seisure and requried the ambulance to take him to the emergency room. He has since then had to go for cat scan, mri & an eeg, The nuerologist stated it is his medical opinion that this drink caused the seisure. I am now seeking the advice of an attny, I also want to make others, especially you young kids 13 & older a chance to realize these drinks are not what they claim to be. Millions & millions of dollars are being made on the backs & health of our children… Why use them as guinea pigs and leave them with health risks for the rest of the lives…

  45. Anyone who tries to take any energy drink company to court in opinion. Is daft. Its your choice and every can does day about containing high caffeine.

  46. Haha. I drink two rockstars (original) every day for that past 3 years. I don’t get headaches, I don’t get wired and tired, I haven’t gained weight. I know how much sugar a can has. Why would I sue rockstar if something DID happen? Americans are too sue happy. The people who have heart issues probably need to get off their couch. The hearts a muscle, people. Treat your body well, it will last you. People who die from energy drinks die because they are STUPID. 5 energy drinks in an hour? COMMON SENSE

  47. My 13 year old daughter just bought a can of monster energy drink from our offlicence. I was horrified when i googled that a 14 year old had died after drinking 2 cans in 24 hours. I took her back to the shop and had words with the manager and got her 1.60 back. Hejust said they allowed to sell it and its down to the parents to warn them. I am horrified; my daughter was on her own on her way home from beinfg out with friends. All i could think about was what if shed drunk it and bbbbought more while i wasnt there. If it says not recommended for children on the can then they shouldnt be allowed to sell it to a child. Laws should be put in place just like alcohol .

  48. My son had two Rockstar energy punched drinks with in 2 hours. He normally does not get them but looked on the back and seen the B vits. and in small print is the hidden dangers of the ingredients that make your heart race and sweats, nauseated, symptoms he is experiencing right now. He had only eaten and piece of jerky and hour later some spagetthi, but drank no water and it was hot out today and he was active.
    So he is not feeling so well right now and will not drink them again but there has to be something to this. One can’t dismiss all these symptoms. Yes he should not have drank two but he had no idea and most people do drink 2 pops or take a refill but two could make you very sick or worse if you don’t know you have a heart condition. Yikes too scarey for me. Here Iam the parent now watching my kid and he is 240, 6’2″ but the ingredients were not marked clearly…nor does he know about guarana seed, that can make some shaky, jittery, it only enhances the caffine effect. So educate oneself on these type of drinks and just maybe stick to plain oh coffee in moderation or find a good quality vitamin!!! Pop kills too just slowly!!! I agree they should not be sold to minors at all…Hopefully we do not go to the ER yet tonight. He is complaining of his chest hurting so???? Iam flooding him with water and food to soak up the effects. If it thickens the blood I should give him an aspirin but he is 18 (Ryes Syndrome)? I wonder if it would hurt to give someone a blood pressure pill if it were low dose, in an emergency to slow the heart down? Just scarey shit when you have side effects! People that do not I guess are immune and handle some drugs better than others! Not a one size fits all.

  49. yes, causes caratoid arteries, and strokes

  50. I was drinking Red Bull, 2 a day. But after an Hour or so i feel down again and with amount of caffeine and sugar that energy drinks contains,i was worried with my health. After lot of reserch I switched it to another energy drink which has no caffeine no sugar. now I feel very good and energy is all only from B12 and herbs and not from the sugar.

  51. A little advice. ..take your preferred energy drink and write down the ingredients. Now research each individual ingredient on actual cites for physicians. Makes sure you note the dosages. Write down side effects and uses for each ingredient. Also write recommended dosages from said cite. Then make your own judgment on whether you should take this drink according to each individual health situation. For further questions about individual ingredients. Consult your physician about the individual ingredient and whether it fits in with the medicine you already take…or maybe should be taking if you are having health issues which you maybe falsely attributing to an energy drink or any other substances you are injesting.

  52. im 31 yrs old with no medical issues,
    i use to drink redbull maybe just twice or 3x a month but one day when i had a very bad hangover feeling very weak without nothing in my stomach and decided to drink redbull thinking to feel better and yes it does but after an hour i just felt loosing my consciousness im on my knees feels like everything is revolving and my heart beats very unusual feels like im going to have an heart attack,i thought im gonna die at that moment then i was rushed to the hospital,i was given a tablet under my tongue and after 30 minutes im back to normal. i informed the doctor about the red bull thing but he can’t give me what really happened to me

  53. Had a terrifying experience when my 19 y/o son had a grand mal seizure this summer while we were on vacation. He had no seizure history and all drug screens and blood work were clear. He was tired and drank 1 and 1/2 large Rockstar Energy drinks to stay up for a family party. A few hours later her suffered a major seizure that landed him in the hospital and traumatized us all. The ER doctor reported that the combination of these drinks and sleep deprivation were the culprit. The drinks are marketed as a way to combat fatigue and this is so wrong. Nothing this dangerous should be on the market!

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