Fresenius Dialysis Treatment Lawsuit


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Fresenius Medical Care may have withheld important information about the potential side effects of NaturaLyte and GranuFlo acid concentrate drugs for dialysis treatment, which may have caused thousands of people to suffer:

  • Cardiac Arrest
  • Heart Attack
  • Sudden Death

STATUS OF FRESENIUS DIALYSIS LAWSUITS: These lawsuits are no longer being reviewed after Fresenius agreed to a $250 million settlement agreement to resolve the litigation.


OVERVIEW: Granuflo dry acid concentrate and NaturaLyte liquid concentrate are used during dialysis treatment together with a bicarbonate buffer to help clean the blood for individuals suffering kidney or renal impairment.

These products are manufactured by Fresenius Medical Care, which operates thousands of dialysis clinics throughout the United States and also sells equipment and medications used at most other dialysis centers, including DaVita Dialysis Clinics, DCR, Renal Ventures and others.

Before 2012, individuals may have faced a serious risk of suffering a sudden heart attacks and cardiac arrest during dialysis treatment with Granuflo and NaturaLyte, due to Fresenius Medical Care’s failure to provide adequate warnings and instructions with their product.

Granuflo and NaturaLyte contain sodium acetate, which is converted into bicarbonate by the body during and shortly after dialysis treatment. However, the manufacturer failed to warn physicians that these products contain higher levels of acetate than most other dialysis treatment products, requiring physicians to carefully monitor and change bicarbonate buffers administered with Granuflo or NaturaLyte, to avoid a risk of cardiopulmonary arrest and sudden death from heart problems.

LAWSUITS OVER FRESENIUS DIALYSIS TREATMENTS: A number of families throughout the United States filed claims after their loved ones died or suffered a catastrophic heart injury during or within 48 hours after dialysis treatment.

According to allegations raised in Fresenius dialysis treatment lawsuits:

  • Fresenius Medical Care negligently manufactured and sold unreasonably defective products
  • Granuflo and NaturaLyte were insufficiently tested and unsafe as designed
  • Inadequate warnings and instructions were provided with Granuflo and NaturaLyte, which did not fully inform the medical community about the nature and extent of the risk of heart attack, cardiac arrest, sudden cardiac death and other health problems
  • Even after Fresenius Medical Care knew or should have known about the problems with Granuflo and NaturaLyte, they continued to sell the products and attempted to convert clinics to use of the products by offering pricing discounts and packaging Granuflo and NaturaLyte with other dialysis products
  • Fresenius Medical Care provided critical information about the risk of heart attacks and death from Granuflo and NaturaLyte to doctor’s at their own clinics before warning other dialysis centers that used their products
  • Information was withheld in an attempt to maintain Fresenius Medical Care’s market share and maximize profits, at the expense of the safety of dialysis patients receiving their products

FRESENIUS DIALYSIS TREATMENT PROBLEMS: According to an internal review of patients treated at Fresenius Medical Care clinics during 2010, there were at least 941 cases where patients suffered a sudden cardiopulmonary arrest at the dialysis center.

In November 2011, Fresenius Medical Care issued an internal memo to their own physicians warning about the potential concerns associated with Granuflo and NaturaLyte, and highlighting that bicarbonate buffers should be regularly monitored and adjusted to reduce the risk of heart attack, cardiac arrest and death. This same information was not provided to other clinics that used Granuflo and NaturaLyte.

In March 2012, after receiving an inquiry from the FDA about the internal memo, Fresenius Medical Care issued an alert to other dialysis clinics that may use their Granuflo or NatruaLyte products during hemodialysis treatment.

In May 2012, the FDA warned about the risk of hemodialysis dosing problems with NaturaLyte Liquid and Granuflo Acid Concentrate, indicating that these products can raise bicarbonate levels in patients going through dialysis treatments, causing a condition known as metabolic alkalosis, which can increase the risk of heart attack, cardiac arrest, stroke, low blood pressure and death.

In June 2012, it was reported that Fresenius dialysis problems have resulted in an FDA investigation, examining whether the manufacturer of Granuflo and NaturaLyte failed to adequately warn doctors that the products could cause heart attacks and other serious injuries during hemodialysis.

In February 2016, Fresenius proposed a $250 million settlement agreement that is expected to be accepted and funded by August 2016.


  1. jon Reply

    My wife died 7 Jan 2013 just 7 days after deadline. Bummer, I will not opt-ine either.

  2. michael Reply

    We had a lawyer that had our mother paperwork and told me and sisters and brothers we had a case now he saying we don’t have anything after 3 years u telling me we don’t have a case something wrong why wait until u got the settlement and we don’t have a case the lawyers is trying to take what belongs too us for them self I’m not going for that it’s just a shame u can’t trust your lawyers if it was one of there patents they wouldn’t do that we not going to accept no 1500.00 I’m sorry is there’s any attorneys u can trust

  3. Mikey Reply

    Opt out and stick it to them at trial! The clinical trials for granuflo = Smoking Gun!!

  4. michael Reply

    It’s not going too do no good too opt out .they all working together

  5. Trae Reply

    If anyone knows how to or wants to start a petition, I would be more than happy to sign. This injustice needs to be presented to the news and a higher power.

  6. jessie Reply

    I got my letter in august tell me i did not quailfy today i got a call tell me i qualified for the 1500 i am going to opt in because i think they will not get the 97% so when it go back to court i will seek some new lawyer to take my case

  7. Booker Reply

    Please do not opt in

  8. Leasha Reply

    how can you tell someone they are not eligable for this lawsuit when they died becouse of this drug but not by there dates, and the amount they are offering is a joke, they try to round everyone up and low ball them it wrongwe are not hard of for money we mlost loved ones and they were aware of what they were doing”’

  9. LaShaun Reply

    I’m so confused my mom passed away Feb2,2008 24hrs after taking dialysis in the hospital. This opt in/opt out crap is so misleading and all I wanted was for someone to own up to the poison that was administered in her body and this settlement is a slap in the face I’ve being going thru this since 2012 with this case and to opt in and except this insult to be split between my sister & brother is just like reliving that day all over again. This money want bring her back but to be insulted is total disrespect!!!!!

  10. Karen Reply

    Still no letter fr M lawyers. Is the cut off extended to October 15 now to opt in? My lawyer tells me nothing. I only get to talk to a paralegal who is useless and keeps saying I will get something in the mail around sept 15th. Nothing still has come on the mail. So frustrated. Why won’t they just tell me on the phone?

  11. thomas Reply

    Hello first I want ro say is im so sorey for those that didnt qualify as I read this blog one thing I see is a lot of you didnt qualify so that means the 97% may be met my attorney explain to me plan and aimple he rocommed I opt in to the granu an I c I dont he will with draw from my case my mothers case is like a story book the neglegence on they part was so serious not only did she have a heart attack during treatment the nurse mishandled her body and she was bleeding out the mouth and nose profusely to were the emt had to use a vacuum to clean up the blood that was profusely running out her mouth and nose so its sad for me to as well this company is really powerful the goverment need this company for the people thats takeing or goin to take in the near future its political bigger than any cooperate attoeney medicade medicare are the only ones that can stop them stop rhem go hire a medicaid attorney or the attorney general in ur state

  12. Booker Reply

    Opt out it is all games to the lawyers

  13. Booker Reply

    If u all opt in u will only get about $650 dollars

  14. thomas Reply

    Mr Booker sorry to inform u those numberare not true if u got your papers youll see what the number are and what it say thosd that qualify for granuflo if u meet the criteria and add ons as well as i read this blog most of the people dont qualify so the number of qualify people will be sosmall than expect my mothdr been gone for six years now its not no amount of money that can bring her back ima put it in gods hands on what happen i opt in had no choice this case is .over unless that company take the settle ment back no lawyers will take on this case another five years or maybe three at the least the limitation has already expire so ima say may god be with us and those that didnt qualify pray and appeal so to thaf i strongly feel that the people that make it will be giving a fare amount settlement me personally fell blessed to have been apart of thiz suit in my state if u are over 25 yrs old u cant file a mpratice suit

  15. Angela Reply

    I just miss my dad…this mess is a reminder of what we lost.

  16. Debra Reply

    My lawyer informed me that the opt in deadline was extended to Oct 31. They will not know if % was met until December. The next phase of settlement will be claim submission to prove settlement qualifications. It is still going to be a long process it sounds like.

  17. ROSA Reply


  18. Karen Reply

    Who gets the interest off the money they are earning while they keep putting off the settlement deadlines? My mom died November 2012 from cardiac arrest 2 hrs after dialysis. Rosa what was the reason for the denial? Your moms case sounds similar to my moms case. I still have not received anything. They told me I will get it sometime this week a packet. God bless all of us. Very sad these huge companies can get away with this kind of stuff. The McDonald’s coffee burned lady received more than we will for the lives of our family members.

  19. Arthur Reply

    Mr. Thomas every state has a statue of limitations on medical malpractice lawsuits. I received my package in the middle of August. But for myself I will not opt-in. I’ll take my chances in court. I hope everyone the best.

  20. Booker Reply

    Mr.thomas those numbers r very much true . They r offering 1500 to alot of people .and wheen the lawyer is done taking his cut out of 1500 u might get $650 r less .this is the true fact for alot of people .they r telling alot of people they use naturlyte not granuflo .so dnt tell me its not true i spoke with a lawyer on this .and hell no the lawyers dnt want to fight no more cause if they got more than one case they will still get a bigger cut then some one who has one case. These r the facts and its true .so i am advising us all to OPT OUT. I am

  21. Booker Reply


  22. Booker Reply

    Yes they r all working together. So Opt out

  23. Liv Reply

    U can not put a price on someone life and to give them sunflower seed and that not much. Why would a lawyer accept that can of money with a lot clients unless he is money hungry and he get sunflower seed or getting paid under the table. I will be praying for the attorney and the clients that they get MORE$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ IN JESUS NAME

  24. thomas Reply

    Mr booker im sorry for everyone loss im edge for the granuflo if thats the case if you are edgibke for the granuflo then the number of people edgible is small for the granuflo claim mymother passed away on the machine during treatment with this product plus she was only on dyalisis 9 days

  25. Thomas Reply

    I had no choice but to opt in to the granuflo my attorney advise me to or if I opt out the will withdraw from my case and strongly adviss me the cost time and trying to find another attorney thats almost impossible they way this cretieria set up u would have had to pass at the facility it clearly state within 24 hrs thats almost no one so many families been tricked buy attorneys this is so bad like a minnie war 12000 people with majority of them passed away after the 24hrs mr booker so if ever is natural lyte wouldn’t that 97% be eazy to get especially if the only concider the ones opt in remember my attorney basically quit if I opt out im sure the bade pay for granuflo is 88 k

  26. Calla Reply

    All of our loves died/ suffered because of the Granuflo, a lethal dialysis solution. This lethal drug had a negative impact that resulted in unnecessary suffering and or death for all of our loved ones, who were simply trying to live!

    The manufacture have made millions of dollars off of each one of them and they knew that this was a deadly solution. They received no warnings and they were allowed to use this lethal solution without WARNING, know it was deadly!

    Where is the transparency, accountability from our legal representatives and manufacture!

    Who can determine how much suffering each of our loved ones had to endure while on the dialysis machine using the lethal solution, Granuflo!!

    How can they DICTATE and tell us who qualify when they, the attorneys! have no idea how much our loved ones SUFFERED at the hands on the GRANUFLO, the lethal solution!!

  27. Jen Reply

    How many cases are there?

  28. Angie Reply

    So after reading all these comments, I called the attorneys office and had them clarify a few things. I received a packet at the end of July and I sent it back first week of September. I was told the deadline was extended, but they should have numbers figured by mid October and checks going out by November. We lost our dad in December of 2012. He was on the dialysis machine at a Fresenius clinic when he went into cardiac arrest. He lasted almost 4 years on Dialysis. I retained an attorney to find out what happened to him. Yes he was sick, but he was doing well on dialysis. My issue was, with all these medical professionals surrounding him, why did he sit for 5 minutes when they were supposed to be doing vitals in 3-4 minute intervals? Maybe he could have been revived if they would have found him in time. They said they thought he was sleeping. Even though sleeping wasn’t allowed. At the end of all this, he is gone and he is never coming back….I never expected anything monetarily from this….I just wanted someone to be able to tell me he didn’t suffer when he passed on…No amount of money will ever bring him back or make this right

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