Frigidaire and Kenmore Smooth Top Electric Range Recall

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About 200,000 Frigidaire and Kenmore Elite Smoothtop Electric Ranges have been recalled after 126 reports of problems with a defective heating elements, which could turn on spontaneously, fail to turn off or heat to different temperatures than what is selected.

The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission announced the electric range recall on August 27, involving of several models of Frigidair, Frigidair Gallery, Frigidair Professional and Kenmore Elite smooth top ovens with rotary knobs and digital displays on the electric range.

At least four reports involving burns and two reports of property damage have been linked to the defective smooth-top ranges. Consumers have been urged to immediately stop using them until a free repair can be arranged.

All of the affected rangers were manufactured by Frigidaire, and sold at Sears and other stores throughout the United States between June 2001 and August 2009.

The recall affects Frigidaire models with serial numbers from VF 122xxxxx through VF831xxxxx and model numbers beginning with FEFBZ90GC, FEFLMC55GC, FEFLZ87GC, GLEF396AB, GLEF396AQ, GLEF396AS, GLEF396CQ, GLEF396CS, GLEFM397DB, GLEFM397DQ, GLEFM397DS, GLEFM97FPB, GLEFM97FPW, GLEFM97GPB, GLEFM97GPW, LEEFM389FE, PLEF398AC, PLEF398CC, PLEF398DC, PLEFM399DC, PLEFMZ99EC, PLEFMZ99GC, PLEFZ398EC, and PLEFZ398GC. The recall also affects Kenmore Elite models with serial numbers from VF122xxxxx through VF334xxxxx and model numbers beginning with 790.99012, 790.99013, 790.99014, and 790.99019.

The model and serial numbers are located on a sticker at the base of the unit and can be seen by opening the range drawer.

Consumers can contact Frigidaire or Sears to schedule free repairs, or visit for more information.


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  1. Susan

    This has happened to us with our Kenmore. We had it where the oven would shut off either. We had to turn off the breaker in our basement to get it to turn off.

  2. Dolores

    I am one of 126 consumers that had this exact problem 2 times…yes 2 times: 10-8-07 and 3-24-08. When it happened the second time, I even asked the repair person if others had been having a problem. Of course, his remark was an infactic “NO”. Had I had a grandchild here visiting, it could have been disasterous. Or, had I been in another part of the house when this burner was BLAZNG, I may have been just a deceased statistic today. It was the same burner each time it was repaired. Red flags should have been all over this one, for sure!

    I have been paying for an “Extended Service Contract” for years. Will I be reimbursed for this? Sure, when the repairman came it was covered because of the Extended Service Contract, but now all these people that will be part of the recall will have to pay “nothing” to have this serious problem taken care of.

    Now, I ask you……does that seem fair????? All of us that have this contract, should be reimbursed for the money out of our pockets every year.



  4. Lianne

    the model number of my stove is 79095372801. purchased 3 months ago. One of the burners goes on by itself. does not get red hot just warm and does not shut off unless I shut off the breaker. the repair man came and told me it has to be a bad switch. that is all it can be.. I post this because this model is not listed and definately has the same fire hazzard.

  5. Becky

    This has happned with my Kenmore. The oven would not shut off and we had to turn off the breakr in the basement to get it to turn off. We called Sears and scheduled an appointment with a no show. When we called about the no-show, they said we never had an appointment and could not send anyone for several days. We then called a vendor who serviced the Kenmore and paid close to $200 to get it repaired and also had to pay for the cardboard insert for the controls aroudn $45.00 so we could see to operate the stove.

  6. Tom

    I have a Kenmore Range model #790.95420300 that is doing the same thing. It is not on the recall list it turned on three times last night after it was turned off. The only way to turn it off is to turn the control on and off a few times and hope it stays off. The only way Sears will do anything about it is to charge for a service call. I called the national customer service and got the runaround when I asked for a supervisor I was told that the supervisor could not help me. I them that the call was being recorded and I was told that I could not record them. She told me she was going to disconnect the call and hung up on me.

  7. John

    I have one of the stove s on recall.
    They are sending a tech. to fix the problem.
    I am also getting free filters for the fridge.
    These total about 100.00
    This at least some compensation
    If you have there fridge ask for these.

  8. Susan

    Our Kenmore is not on the recall list, but should be.
    Our oven spontaneously turned on, kept getting hotter and hotter until it was glowing and wouldn’t turn off until we turned off the breaker.
    Sounds very similar. Watch for Kenmore Ultra Bake with serial numbers starting RK

  9. Anna

    We had a house fire 3 weeks ago and knew that the problem was the burner on the stove. I was accused of leaving the stove on but now we come to realize that this was not the case. The recall for the stove came out after our house fire. We are thankfull that no one was home at the time and nobody was injured but our house sustained approx $50K in damages…. At the time of the fire we had no idea that these stoves were such a fire hazzard… Now my question will be will Sears foot the bill for the damages to our house…..

    I am thankfull that my daughter and our dogs were with me so that the out come could have been alot worse or it could have came on during the night when we were all sleeping… Materials can be replaced but people can not… So why did Sears wait so long in alerting the public if this problem has been going on since 2001… This is poor judgement on Sears part!

  10. Darryl

    I have the same problem on a stove not covered! Right front burner comes on HIGH all by itself and breaker has to be tripped to shut it off!

  11. Sherry

    I have a frigidaire model not on the recall list. Lt. front burner turns on high and will not turn off. I have 4 kids. This is ridiculous.

  12. John

    My range was repaired a week ago.The repair man explained to me the problem with these units. If the oven vent that runs up next to the circuit boards that operate the burner switches is not sealed the moisture when using your oven is shorting out these boards causing the burner to turn on. This vent must be sealed all the way to the outlet I cannot tell you to do this yourself. CALL AN EXPERT.
    In short the inside top of your range is not sealed from vent moisture. Hope this helps befiore I read about another house fire.

  13. Linda

    My kenmore stove oven was turning on. I would come home from work ,and my oven was on. It happen like 10 times. I call it in, they said we ever hear that before ,and did not one thing for me. I got rid of it ,do to the fact I want my house.and did,nt want a fire to break out.

  14. Joann

    i have a kenmore stove that is not on the recall list. The right front burner when turned down on low will continue to burn on high. I have burned lots of food and possibly would have started fires may times had I not been in my kitchen. There should be a recall on model #790-45791103 as it is definitely a fire hazard. I presently own many Sears appliances that were purchased within the past 7 years but must say the quality is not there today. When I replace my appliances, it will not be a Kenmore product!

  15. Michael

    I have Kenmore model #C970562082 that started to have same problem where putting the knob to “2” makes the stove blazing hot like past MAX. Very very dangerous and not part of the recall models, like so many posts here. Surely it should be – who can we get involved to get these dangerous stoves recalled before an elderly person or child dies?!

  16. Brenda

    My Frigidaire smoothtop range was recalled and the company that they conracted with to do the repairs said that I would need to make an appointment for an entire day, they couldn’t be sure what time they would arrive. I explained that this would be a hardship for me but since no other arrangements could be made, I made the appointment and took a day off from work. When I called that morning for an ETA they said it would be sometime that day but they didn’t know when yet and suggested I call back later. When I called back they said my appointment, that had already been confirmed that morning, was for the following Monday. I told them it wasn’t and it had already been conirmed that morning but to no avail. Ithink it might be best to throw it away since it’s costing so much to get them to fix it and I’m not sure it would be safe if they did.I will never buy from Frigidaire or Sears again.

  17. tom

    have a listed kenmore elite smoothtop electric range on the recall list. reported on 8/28/09 to recall # provided. STILL WAITING ON REPAIRS. part (circuit board) received on 9/2/09. tech scheduled for 9/4/09 and tech called that day and to cancel appointment. tech didn’t even reschedule appointment and took me til 9/14/09 for another appointment for them to do the same thing—CANCEL. rescheduled for 9/16/09 and tech arrives to put moisture seal tape in the backside stating that is the problem/recall and not the circuit board and takes the circuit board with him. well on 9/22 same problem occurs again and sears schedules me for 9/23 between 8 & 12 and here i still wait at 2pm. great customer service or at least a courtesy call for running late. will probably be another standup. called every number possible and no one can help except reschedule. way to stand behind your product—especially a fire hazard one. i think one month i quite excessive for a fire hazard recall with a family of 7 and a 96 year old grandmother with no stove/oven. HELP!!!

  18. ernest

    I have a kenmore elite elect. range mod# 790.99012. the right front burner came on and stayed on until I turn the breaker off, i looke in the back of the unit and found that the surface unit control board was burnet (fryed) and that cause the unit to come on with the control knob off.

  19. refik

    I have same issue model 79096009601 with defective top heating elements, which turn on spontaneously some times fail to turn off or heat to different temperatures than is selected.
    It is not under recall but you can report the hazard problem to this web site to push for recall:

  20. Leslie

    We have a Frigidaire on the recall list and we were told (when we called one of the 800 numbers to ask the nature of the repair) that the offered ‘repair’ includes a new relay board and a moisture pack . Obviously it seems, moisture is the problem.
    Is no one asking EXACTLY why these stoves malfunction in the very dangerous way described in the recall? Is no on asking EXACTLY how the problem is to be addressed? This, I believe is a vital question and one that we are entitled to have answered before we blindly accept that the ‘repair’ is in fact a satisfactory repair.
    If we are to receive a new relay board, does it differ in any significant way from the one we now have in our stoves, except that it is new and therefore, for the time being, absent the corrosion that can cause electronics to fail? It would be wise to start us all out with a new relay board as ours, that was replaced in 2005, failed once again several days ago and the stove now sits idle – but a moisture pack can only help against renewed corrosion for a limited time – beyond its saturation point is is ineffective. This limited time varies considerably based on amount and type of use of the stove. It is this uncertainty and the very dangerous nature of the defect in these stoves that concerns me a great deal. If we are to be subjected to a possible re-occurrence of this dangerous defect at some future indeterminate time, I wouldn’t find that acceptable. We’ve all been told to call an 800 number to ‘arrange a free repair’ . A free repair for what? And how is the repair described, exactly? Can this stove actually be repaired or can it only be ‘patched’ in a chancy way? This stove is a very very dangerous mistake and we’ve a right to know the specifics of it so WE can decide if we have confidence in the ‘repair’.

  21. Helen

    I have a kenmore stove, mod.c970-654021. It is not on the recall list, but I have the same problems. My oven wouldn’t turn of until I switched of the breaker overnight.The right front bruner stays on high temperature all the time.I called sears,and was told to call frigidiare.I e-mailed them but didn’t get a reply.I was also told by sears not to use the self clean for the oven, and that it might cause a fire.

  22. Leslie

    I believe we do have a legitimate legal argument in the recall of these stoves. These stoves need to be removed from our homes and we require compensation – the so-called ‘repair’ refused on the grounds that it is mitigation of uncertain quality and duration and therefore, we either have a stove that needs to be trashed or a stove that remains a possible danger. This choice isn’t satisfactory – nor do I believe it to be legal. We have no formal information regarding the nature of the ‘defect’ and no formal information regarding the nature of the repair. We are TOLD that people will be sent into OUR homes to fiddle with OUR dangerous stoves and we are told nothing of why so and how so !!!??? No information is provided on the internet recall notice and we personally, have yet to receive any notification in writing regarding our stove. Actually, I believe we not only are required to be told, we are then also required to be asked – asked IF we accept the ‘repair’. If this VERY DANGEROUS stove can’t be shown to have a specific defective part (s) that can be refashioned in a way that eliminates the fault that is causing the dangerous malfunction, we are entitled to know that. It is my understanding that the cause of this stove behaving in such a way as to endanger so many people, is MOISTURE – moisture from any functions performed on the stove top and moisture escaping the oven vent – all of which is given egress to the electronic panels inside the stove via cracks, holes, gaps etc. How effective any moisture barrier or absorbent will be, and for how long, depends a great deal on amount and nature of the use of the stove. Moisture absorbents fail when they have reached saturation and that I believe, is what is intended be used to try and capture some of the moisture(a moisture pack). This was the information given to me at the ‘general’ 800 recall number, although efforts to date to get repair/defect specifics in writing have failed. Although I can’t confirm the accuracy of it, one person on this website having reported their ‘repair’ to have taken place, said that tape was used to try to cover the cracks and gaps. Obviously there is a design flaw on this stove. The location of the electronics relative to openings that allow moisture to pass is obviously badly thought out. It simply is NOT AT ALL ACCEPTABLE to do a patch job on this stove – it is NOT AT ALL ACCEPTABLE that the so-called repair be forced on us when it is not at all clear to us that the stove CAN be repaired. When will enough moisture breach any barriers or saturate any absorbent, and once again corrode the electronics. WHEN????? When can I expect my stove to come on by itself? When I am not home or when I am sleeping – and what month, what year, what day, what hour? If left with these questions, I believe I am entitled to say NO – I don’t believe this stove is repairable and with such dangerous consequences if that is so, we need authorities to intervene.
    We are entitled to hear publicly and/or in writing (in some fashion for which Frigidaire can be held accountable) the details of this defect and the details of the ‘repair’. If they can truly repair these stoves that information should be easily forthcoming. The proceedings are being stalled with the lack of this vital information – we need it and are entitled to it so that WE might decide on the suitability (or not) of the repair. This is a SCARY defect – I’ve experienced it twice on my stove and I’ll not chance it happening again.

  23. Rich

    Oven just started to stay on even after it is turned off it is a 2002 Kenmore smooth top, not sure if Model # i will have to check. Would this be pasrt of the recall

  24. Frances

    Unfortunately, I am the owner of a Kenmore oven Model# 91147089100.
    The broiler coils are coming on spontaneously at dangerously high temperatures. In addition, when I try to use my cooktop, the broiler coils also heat up. It is impossible to turn the oven off unless I go to the breaker box and shut it off.
    My calls to Sear have been very unsatisfactory in that they do not have my model number on their recall list. I have suggested that they put it on the recall list in light of the dangerous situations I have experienced. If I leave my house with the breaker box switch on, I probably will not have a house when I return.

  25. indra

    Happened to us too. We’re in Ontario Canada a month ago, the front right heating element wouldn’t shut off. After jiggling with it a bit, it went off.

    Last night, it wouldn’t turn off. It stayed on and warped a saucepan. We were around and saw the food burning. It occured to me that if this had happened when we were sleeping, the house would have caught fire.

    This is unacceptable. Considering that we were willing to bear the extra costs of paying for a very expensive stove thinking we were going to use it for many years, the idea that the stove could have killed us that makes us very angry.

    I just arranged with frigidaire canada for someone to come fix it in two days, but now I’m thinking I’d rather get rid of it and buy a safer model — one that won’t burn my house down.

  26. Michael

    I have a Frigidaire Gallery series that is on the recall. Frigidaire is shipping the part. This stove is 7 years old. Turned the burner on and Yup, like everyone else, it would not turn off. Tripped the breaker to keep it off. Waiting for the part to arrive. After reading all of the comments here, I think I will be trading this stove for a new one. Especially if the govt, cash for applicances program gets off the ground.

  27. Debbie

    Our church has 2 Kenmore(Fridgidare) ranges that we  were notified were recalled because of fire hazard. We made the necessary arrangements and requested the parts to be sent for the technician to repair the stove. They only sent a part for one of the stoves and the technician refused to install it in the stove. He only did part of the recall repair and said he was told by management not to install the other part.We called Sear again and they said they would send out the parts on an emergency rush order since we were having a large conference in a week and would need the ranges to prepare the food. When the parts did not come I called again and was told that no parts had been sent. They assured me that the parts would be sent out that day and would arrive in 2 days and sceduled a service technician to come to do the repairs on that 2nd day. The day the technician was to arrive we still had not received parts, so I called again and was told the parts had been sent and would arrive that day. When I requested the tracking number for UPS they refused to give it to me. They repeate at least 4 times that the parts would be here for the technician to install. When I pressed for the tracking number the “customer service rep” hung up on me. I called back and each time had to talk to some one different and explain the whole thing all over – each time they would give me the run around and transfer to different departments and would get “accidentally” sent back to their automated phone system. This went on for two hours. When the technician arrived, he checked into it himself and said the parts had never been sent. They had been blatantlylying to me and were very rude.  Now they say the parts won’t be here for 2 months. In order to use our ranges for the conference we have to turn the electric breakers off when ever they are not in use. There is absolutely no customer service with Sears. Even though most of my large and small appliances in the past have been Kenmmore, I will never buy anything from them again. Most of the people at church are aware of the atrocious service they have given.  I had to buy a clothes dryer for my parents this week and I DID NOT PURCHASE IT FROM SEARS.

  28. Lori

    I purchaced a kenmore smoothtop range electric, Model # 66595779890, Ser # RJ1213723 back in 1999, this year 7, 09 the heating element went out. We purchaced a new heating element, installed it. It worked fine for a few weeks then the stove went nuts!! Now the sucker don’t even work. Does Kenmore care?

  29. pat

    Had the same problem , burner would not shut off. Unplugged it had an appliance man repaire it, replaced the power board and haven’t had an issue since , figidasses want to replace the other parts but wont refund the over three hundred dollars i already spent on this peace of junk because its not the part on the recall. Put me down for the lawsuite

  30. Mae

    Unfortunately I am one of a kenmore oven model that Sears said serial no. on recall but the model no. not but having the same problem. The stove left front burner comes on own its own and have burn when I Was not at home and have cracked in half. when the coil gets hot the fire comes in through the left front burner and burned the paint off the top of the stove. when I called sears they did not care. I also asked that they put this stove on the recall list because if my house catches on fire the will be responsible for the dangerously built stoves. my burner starts burning even if its not on even when i turn my oven off it willl start on it own. I need a stove where I can feel safe and can use all my burners.

  31. Karen

    A similar problem happened with my oven. My range is not on the recall list. If my husband wouldn’t have come home, our house would have most likely caught fire. I put ribs in the oven on 225 degrees for 4 hours. After about 2 1/2 hours my husband came home and smelled something burning. When he went to the stove, there was smoke and steam coming out of the vent and burn marks under the control knobs. When he opened the oven, smoke came bellowing out. The broiler had automatically come on. He tried turning the oven off but it would not turn off. He had to turn the breaker off. After about an hour, he tried turning the breaker back on to see if it would work correctly. The broiler came back on automatically without being turned on. He had to turn the breaker back off. Obviously, there is a problem with more ranges than just those on the recall list.

  32. Clifford

    I have a Kenmore Elite Range on the recall list. I am 140 miles from the nearest service center. Its been three weeks since i notified the Sears store in Billings Montana where i made the purchase, and also called the hot line number where they told me it would be 2 weeks to have a service man out. I do not want a range that has a recall on it . I bought a top of the line Range and expect it to work correctly. I asked them to just replace the range with another Kenmore Elite. They said to stop using it and to wait. What am i suppose to use? Wait….how long? Sears could not tell me anything. I asked them if they fixed it would they sign a liability statement if my house burned down. they didn’t think so… My insurance agent did not know what to say. The” Megga companies “are spending more to evade people than they would if they would just do the right thing.

  33. Nick

    I have a five burner cooktop PLEC36S9ECC don’t know if it is coming on when I’m not here but when cooking on other elements the one on the top left turns on to high by itself an will slowly come down , this is in the off position you can turn it to low but not off. I have to turn the breaker off to reset the cooktop! I didn’t see this model in the recall.

  34. Angelo

    In July, at my summer home, I saw that the front left burner on my 2006 Frigidaire range was glowing red hot. I was surprised that I would have left the stove on. However, the control knob was in the “off” position. I concluded that I had possibly bumped againts the knob and turned it on accidently, but even that explanation didn’t satisfy my concern. Fortunatley, I read about the recall in Consumer Reporta Magazine. This weekend, I drove the 6 hours round trip to turn off the breaker for the range to prevent a house fire and to get the serial and model numbers. When I called the Frigidaire recall hotline, the woman was very helpful and even scheduled the repair for a weekend – since this is not my primary residence. Unfortunately, the parts are on back order and the repair is scheduled for November. I just want to be sure I have a stove for Thanksgiving!

  35. Joshua

    I have a Kenmore Range with the same problems as others. Front left burner was on high when I woke up in the middle of the night, even though the switch was off. Had to shut off the breaker. The model is not on the recall list but should be. Sears will have one hefty lawsuit if someone is killed due to this defect. Lets hope it doesnt come to that. Of course STOP using this range if you have this problem. The best way to vote is with your dollars, if they wont address the issue then spend elsewhere. That’s what I will do. I will not pay to repair this stove I will replace it with a different brand.

  36. Wendy

    Unfortunately i own a sears elite smoothtop range and although it is not on the recall list, i have had the repairman out on numerous occasions to fix problems. I think that Sears needs to drastically improve their customer relations, we got a lot of runaround too. I will need to buy a new dryer in the next few years and it certainly won’t be a sears. I will never buy another Sears appliance again. It’s too bad that they don’t take the time to listen to their customers and see that they receive the help they deserve.

  37. Lisa

    I own a Kenmore smooth top range which was purchased on 2/23/07. The Model # is 790.9611340A and the Serial # is VF70741026. I am experiencing some of the same issues as all of you in that my left front burner will remain on high after being turned to a low setting and that same burner does not always turn off when I turn it off. Both of these problems will stop when I jiggle the control knob multiple times.
    When I saw the recall in Consumer Reports magazine, I immediately called Sears and was informed that this model was not on the recall list,but the operator did tell me she had received many phone calls exactly like mine from people experiencing the same problems whose stoves were not on the list. She suggested I report the problem to the C.P.S.C. which I did. The C.P.S.C. sent me a letter confirming the information and suggested I contact the manufacturer. I contacted Frigidaire/Electrolux via e-mail and was told by them that they could not help me and I needed to contact Sears Customer Care as that was the place of purchase. After an e-mail to Sears, I got a phone call from a customer care representative who said that Sears was willing to pay me back the $65.00 service fee if I would pay parts and labour for a technician to come to my house and repair the problem. She also explained that this was a different problem from that in the recall and probably was a control knob issue and that I didn’t need to be concerned about a fire because of it. I did not take the offer [ which is good for 30 days ] because I wanted to do a bit more research into the matter.
    Now that I have read all of the complaints from so many people like me, I believe this is the same moisture problem which is causing the malfunction. I AM worried about a fire and I agree that this recall obviously needs to be expanded to include many more stoves before someone dies or sustains serious injuries !
    I really feel as though Frigidaire and Sears are both aware that this recall is not extensive enough and are putting cost ahead of their customers !

  38. Kathryn

    I have Frigidaire range/oven model #FEF352AWC. A week ago, we had two pizzas to bake. We turned the oven on to 400 and cooked the first one. Then we put the second one into the oven to cook. It had been in the oven for only 5 minutes when we smelled a burning smell. The entire top of the pizza was burned! The broiler element was red hot, but the oven panel was still set at 400. We turned it off, but it wouldn’t shut off. Finally, we unplugged it. While waiting for a repair man, we have continued to use the range, but everytime we plug it back in the broiler comes on full force! My range model is not in the recall, but it is doing basically the same thing! I have read many complaint on the same problem. One thing I want everyone to know is DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FRIGIDAIRE! We purchased a Frigidaire package deal, Range/oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, washer and dryer. We have had problems with every single one of them !!! Very poor qualify, so BEWARE! The joke was, well at least the oven hasn’t given us a problem. Then this happened!

  39. Katherine

    Mine is also this and has for a while…It is not on the list, but come on..The parts are all the same on these things! I even have this on video..I am calling the BBB and consumer safety department!

  40. David

    Like the rest of these complaints, we have very similar problems with our oven heating way to high. Wife was baking cup cakes for my sons birthdayand about 2 minutes in the tops were burned black. The Model number is 79099123400 serial number VF43557244. I got the run around from Sears and Fridgidare, with each saying to call the other as it was their fault. My range is now totally dead. No oven, no clock and no cooktop. Just beeps and diplays FS00. ThIs was a $1,600.oo range and this is the customer service I get??? Shame on you Sears.

  41. Peter

    Right front burner. Same issue. Kenmoore 79054….. for the serial number.
    This is ridiculous. How can the recall not be expanded for known repeated issue?

  42. henry

    I have one

  43. Lisa

    Mine made loud popping sound the other day when I was boiling water for pasta. When I looked at the burner on which the pot was boiling, I noticed a long crack. I have also had trouble with the knobs not locking into place. It is hard to tell if the burner is on or off most of the time. Plus the top has been impossible to clean. It looked old after about one year of use. Terrible product. I’ve had so many problems with Kenmore products that I vowed never to buy one again. Especially their “joke” service plan. Don’t get suckered into buying it. It will only give you a replacement on an appliance after you’ve had it serviced for the exact same problem 3 or more times. Had to trash my washing machine after 5 years.

  44. tracy

    The same thing happened to my sister now she is being sued by the insurance company of her ex landlord. she has court monday suggestions would be great.

  45. Dave

    Sears Kenmore Elite Electric Stove…..left rear burner turned off, with pot of potatoes….10min later, almost boiled dry and still on high! No end in sight. Will turn off circuit breaker. Any one in Ontario have any luck with service.


  46. Mike

    I have a conventional Kenmore range with the typical type burners, but I too have this burner that fails to regulate the heat to the burner from time to time. Now, when I use it, no matter how low the setting, the burner stays wide, red hot open all the time. I had a grease fire because the grease ignited above the red hot burner and I had a kitchen fire. Luckily, I was in the house, but downstairs and noticed the smoke.

    These things are ticking time bombs and something needs to be done. I was out thousands of dollars repairing the damage.

    I suspect these thermostats are being purchased from an inferior supplier…..

  47. Bill

    I also have one of these death traps.Ihad called fridgidair a few years ago and told them that my stove would turn on by its self, I was told they had never heard of that before. I explained what had happened twice to this stove and they told me there was nothing they could do . So i have been unpluging my stove when not in use for several years .I could not afford to buy a new one with this economy the way it is ,A week or so ago our oven started beeping and would not stop til I unplugged it . I thought I would look it up on the internet thats when I discovered the recall. Nobody informed me that I had a potential fire hazzard in my home ( THANKS FRIDGIDAIR ) I see you dont give a damn about my family. I will remember this every time I buy a new appliance for the rest of my life. P.S.contacted them about the recall just been getting the run around like everyone else. Shame on this company when lives could be at risk……..

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