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By: AboutLawsuits | Published: August 17th, 2009

The FDA and Barr Laboratories, Inc. have announced a recall for generic Adderall tablets that may contain more of the active pharmaceutical ingredients than they are supposed to have, posing a risk of serious side effects among users of the ADHD drug.

The generic drug recall was issued on August 14 for one lot of Dextroamphetamine Saccharate, Amphetamine Aspartate, Dextroamphetamine Sulfate and Amphetamine Sulfate (mixed amphetamine salts) 20 mg tablets, which were sold in 100 count bottles. Some of the tablets from lot 311756 could contain tablets exceed weight requirements, which may result in super-potent pills.

The generic Adderall tablets are approved to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy, and are also often used off-label for weight loss. The 20mg pills are oval and peach in color, with “b/973″ stamped on one side and “2/0” stamped on the other. The recalled Barr ADHD pills were distributed between June 11, 2009 and June 16, 2009, but could have been filled by a pharmacy after that.

Taking an oversized pill could lead to an overdose, with symptoms like palpitations, tachycardia, hypertension, headache, tremor, tic, dyskinesia, dizziness, blurred vision, sweating, insomnia, agitation, euphoria, mania, anxiety, restlessness, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, dry mouth and decreased appetite.

No injuries have been reported in connection with the oversized tablets, according to Barr Laboratories. Consumers who have any of the recalled dextroamphetamine/amphetamine tablets have been advised to stop using the drug and contact their doctor or pharmacist. Any adverse reactions should be reported to the FDA’s MedWatch program.

The recall is the latest in a string of recalls involving generic drugs that were distributed with too much of the active medication in each tablet.

In late June 2009, U.S. Marshals raided generic drug manufacturer Caraco Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Ltd., shutting down production due to unsafe manufacturing processes that allowed similar problems to occur. In March, Caraco issued a generic digoxin recall for tablets of their heart medication due to irregular sized pills.

In April 2008, a Digitek recall was issued by Actavis Totowa for their brand of digoxin which were distributed with up to twice the appropriate amount of the active pharmaceutical ingredient. At least 667 deaths from digoxin overdose were linked to the recalled Digitek tablets in FDA adverse event reports following the announcement of the manufacturing problems.

Last year, generic drug maker Ethex Corp suspended manufacturing and shipments for all products after issuing several generic drug recalls due to oversized tablets. Among tablets that were distributed with too much of the active medication were generic versions of morphine, which could cause a potentially fatal morphine overdose. Also included in the recall were dextroamphetamine tablets that were generic versions of Dexedrine and Dextrostate.

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  1. I received a call about this recall around 9am EST this morning, August 17th. It was very brief and undescriptive; had to do research on my own to find out about the recall. I can attest I’ve had all the symptoms above except euphoria. Sleep is hard to come by, except when you’ve exhausted yourself from being up and find yourself NEEDING it. Same with food, it’s become 1-2 meal(s) a day now.

  2. How do we know if we got new pills, if they are not from the same batch. I had mine replaced and they look exactly the same. Why can’t they change something about the pills, too mark the new ones from the old. Then I wouldn’t be so skeptical of the new ones.

  3. i received a message from my pharmacy on 8/19 regarding my prescription that was filled on 8/7. Over the last 2 weeks i’ve averaged 3-4hrs sleep a night,i’ve been aggitated and anxious and my coworkers have to wear sweates and coats in the office because i cant stop sweating unless its subzero. Its been very unpleasant but at least now 4 know whats going on. Thank you.

  4. I recieved the call for the recall mid morning today as well. The pharmasist said the dosage was 60-80mg instead of 20mg. 3-4 times what I usually take. I have had all of these symptoms, including blurred vision. I wrecked my motorcycle wednesday due to the blurred vision, I thought my eye’s were going bad, but I have 20/10 vision.

  5. What are the non active ingredients in BARR’s 30mg tablet Adderall? How do I find out what fillers are used in something I take? Thank you

  6. I’v been taking a 20mg Amphetamine salts combination arenufactured by Barr Pharmaceuticals for the treatment of ADD for 6 years now without incident until Monday August 16. They are a generic version for Adderall..

    My first dose from my new script got me really buzzing really hard, and I stayed up all night three nights this week. Couldn’t figure out why until the pharmacy called and told me to stop taking it. I have had a big problem w/constipation which has seriously interrupted my work schedule. What the fuck??????????

    Hey Barr, get your shit together when you’re mixing up your pills! You’re gonna kill somebody sooner or later you idiots!

  7. I was infirmed just this morning from my pharmacy that I got these “super-pills” and given an 888 number for TEVA. After being bounced around from TEVA back to pharmacy to TEVA to my doctor to the pharmacy and then back to TEVA. I was told completely different things from all of them, none of which were helpful or knowledgeable regaurding this situation. Doctor said not to take anymore and discard/destroy what I had. TEVA said to return what I had left to Pharmacy for exchange. Pharmacy and said it was against the law for them to take the meds back (which I discarded) and that TEVA is responsible for replacement. Then TEVA said that phamacy was “uninformed” and that their people were poorly trained and that they WERE supposed to take back Meds for exchange. Also, I would need a replacement RX to give the pharmacy which my insurance will surely not cover so I will be on the hook for the full cash price. Pharmacy…again, tells me that they have spoken with management at TEVA and that they are supposed to handle all “reimburment,” whatever that means. At this point it is 5pm on Friday, I’ve spent several hours, a ton of my cellphone plan minutes, all of my patience, and most of my sanity with absolutely no results except that I am without medicine for AT LEAST the weekend. That’s AWESOME! Should be fun. Real 5- star service they have over at the manufacturer. My head is going to explode!!! Hope the others out there dealing with this have a better experience than I have. Down with TEVA!

  8. I received a phone call from my local pharmacist today close to 1700. He asked me if I could please read him the Rx. # off of my bottle. I did. He said it was a match for the batch being recalled. He stated he did not know any other information he could share with me. He said I am supposed to contact the company Barr Labs. He gave me the number & I called and got a recorded message – “the office was now closed”.
    What I can say is this; I had a two month supply of my medication. I still have 1/2 the bottle left because I was experiencing difficulty. I had all of the above listed symptoms, including visual disturbance, heart palpitations, HTN, insomnia, anxiety, and GI hyperactivity. The hardest part is this, I was on a 90 day probationary period in a new position. I am no longer working for that company. I am angry. Not to mention the economy, the loss of employment, but my self esteem, my sense of self, I was worried I was decompensating. My friends and family are very concerned and will attest to my situation.

  9. i have complained to rite aid for years telling them that the barr 20mg tab has different side affects then other generic brands that i took. I have been on adderall for 7 years mostly bar 20mg and have experienced pills that had different affects magnified effects. i would request eon labs brand but it was hard for rite aid to get. This is not a isolated incident i believe there is more bad lots. and think this has been going on for years i hope that they get rid of barr 20mg it the worst generic adderall i have ever taken

  10. when i first started taking adderall i would get my scrip at rite aid and i would get the eon labs generic 20mg in the fall of 2005 all they were giving me was barr. i told them that this does not work or make me feel like the eon brand. they told me eon labs went out of buisness. i resherched eon labs and found out they were bought out by a company named zandos i made the complainet to rite aid and it took them 3 monthes to get the med back that i had taken for the last 3 years that helped me i would always tell them not to give me bar because of the way it made me feel i would give them a monthes notice and still could not accomidate me on certian occasions barr 30mg has a different affect than the 20mg the work and feel different the best brand that i have taken is the zandos brand. why rite aid would take a drug that helped me away and than give me a drug that made things worse it sucks

  11. I have had all of these side affects, I went to the Doctors I thought it was because I had bumped my head. the symptoms got worse and I was shaking so much my husband had to call out of work to be with me. This went on for three weeks. This month has been very scary for me, I hadn’t a clue why I was hallucinating and jumping out of my skin. This explains it all.

  12. This is the worst drug! I have all the symptoms and want to stop taking it all together but cant or else I wont get up in the morning.I dont know where to turn for help. It is a scary addiction!I should have never been perscribed this drug to begin with!

  13. i just recieved a letter from my pharmacy stating that my pills are being recalled…. i have taken them and feel that i could have the ones in question …. what dose did Barr supposively put in the pills and how can they get away with this …

  14. I was sent into a mania lost my job had to drop out of school move in with my dad and relive some very emotional stuuf concerning a mild mood disorder i have. I though my mood disorder was getting worse noone knew what was going on. this caused serious emoitonal and finanancial damage to me and my family…. Im glad to know the cause but its still not. cool. my docotor was saying it was ptsd well i had over come that now i do have more acute trauma and i am scared to take the medications i have just learned accepted and decided i can trust to take.

  15. Wow. I don’t know what to do now. I have been on the Barr 20mg. tablet for over a year now and have had so many different side effects, I thought I was going crazy. From teeth grinding and severe emotional highs and lows, destroying relationships, etc. I suffered from several skin infections and believe the pills might have been suspect, but now I am left with scars, like chicken pox leaves!! I DID NOT have these problems when I began treatment, but over the past 90 days, WOW, my life has been a rocky mess. I can’t afford the manufacturers brand so have had the generic version filled at Rite Aid for the last few months. Then I receive a letter from Rite Aid, confirming that I had had the recalled perscription lot number filled at their location. Now what?

  16. I received a call from my pharmacist on 8/21/09. All they said was that there was a recall on this medication. I’ve been taking this for 2yrs. now, prior to that I’ve taken it for several years in the past. Taking this medication this time , I became agitated, constantly filled with anxiety, little to no appetite, nauseous all the time. I’ve been thinking there’s been something wrong with my heart. This medications has neve made me feel like this before. My Pharmacist couldn’t or wouldn’t tell me anything regarding the recall, they told me there wasn’t any further information. How could this be, if all I had to do was check the web and see this for myself? I’m wondering if this is in fact the truth about this even now? I was getting to the point where some one would say my name and I’d literally jump, the phone would ring and I’d freak out, as I said this never made me feel like is in the past.I had some days I thought I was going crazy, even suicidal thoughts..this does explain it.

  17. So will there be a lawsuit here or what?

  18. I haven’t been sleeping well lately. About 3-4 hours per night and I wake up in between. If I force myself to sleep I have strange dreams. This has happened on three occasions in the last two weeks. I have been complaining of chest pains also for about two weeks. My Mom said, oh, it’s probably stress. I’m 34 with chest pain. Doesn’t seem right. I haven’t been able to concentrate on serious matters lately (I had summer finals last week) and I seem to not really care either. My decision making process seems out of sync too. It has been very hard to arrive at final decisions lately.

  19. Oh, and I received a letter today from rite aid instructing me to return any pills in my possession.


  21. Like all of you, I received a call from my pharmacist and when speaking to her told her about my side affects…dizziness and nausea, extra sensitive and easily agitated, not to mention the countless headaches I got EVERY day. I thought I was pregnant until I heard of this recall. I had left work numerous times because I didn’t feel well and was spoken to by one of my bosses and my relationship recently ended… Not to mention I live with a heart murmur and what if the higher dosage could have done something to me? (I don’t think it did, but who knows) How does something like this happen? We put trust in our pharmacy and the manufacturers and things like this continuously happen.

  22. Trust me…you can tell if you got some.
    I KNOW I did.

    I thought I was losing it.
    I won’t even go into what a nightmare it was.

  23. You know, it’s funny, I started taking the generic ones a few weeks ago (switched from adderall xr to the generic ‘salts’) and I wasn’t having any of those symptoms until my pharmacy called about the recall and switched them for the “right” ones on Friday. Since then I’ve been having anxiety and excessive sweating…. Is it possible I had the right ones and I was given the recalled ones………??

  24. It is ridiculous to think that they can get away with this! My daughter has been complaining about ALL KINDS of odd symptoms since taking this last refill. She has had an issue with grinding and gritting her teeth, anxious, unable to sleep, dizziness, blurred vision, sweating, insomnia, agitation, anxiety, restlessness, nausea, diarrhea, dry mouth and decreased appetite.

  25. I used to take Aderral two years ago. I moved, and my insurance would not cover it, so i had not taken it for two years now. I just started back on it, but started on the generic (cost) at 10mg. Was on that for a month- i felt a little wierd on the generic (compared to what i recall being on the adderal. Last month my doctor increased the dosage to 20 of Adderal. I filled it beginning of August. Again at the pharmacy I chose the generic (for cost purposes). HOLY SH*%…..I have been feeling like I am going to jump out of my skin. I didn;t know what it was- but i felt terrible. I cannot even think straight- my mind is racing and i feel really fuzzy and wierd vision- I thought I was having a siezure. Can’t sleep, sweating like a pig at night, restlessness, irritability, exhausted, heart pounding, —- it is awful.

  26. First of all I would like to comment on the different effects that different patients are experiencing with different generic manufacturers.
    I have found that the Barr Amphetamine combo to be the most effective generic Adderall, far better than the manufacturer Sandoz, which always seems to be more “speedy”, like drinking too much coffee. I couldn’t settle down and accomplish anything and it seemed to actually contribute to my ADHD. And Barr is certainly better that the Pharma-Core which simply does nothing. However, I have heard here and elsewhere that other patients experience the exact opposite.
    I forget exactly what the percentages of active ingredients are required for generics to be marketed but I think it’s only like 10%. You can find that info online somewhere but it’s pretty ridiculous. Like I said, people’s body chemistry is different and the effects of these generic medications can vary greatly. But you all know that. The point I guess I am trying to make is that this incident may have caused us some difficulty and may lead some of you to seek an alternative to the Barr manufacture but keep it in mind that that in my experience the alternatives can be much more difficult.
    I agree that it is an awful mistake on the part on Barr. But I’m more afraid of the consequences of a lawsuit. Every time I have had to switch insurance. Or times that I have had no insurance and have had to seek out a clinic or every time that I have had to fill a prescription at an unfamiliar pharmacy or supermarket. I have been afraid to discover that they didn’t carry the Barr generic. And so I fear just what the effects of a class action lawsuit would have.
    But also, I logged on here after receiving a letter informing me of the recall this afternoon, and was kind of surprised to read all these negative reactions It’s kind of funny in a not so funny way, sorry if it seems insensitive, but when I initially read what the reason for the recall was I was exited! There’s no way that I would return these pills, It was simply an explanation as to why I have only need to take one dose a day instead to two. I don’t know why that wasn’t anyone else’s response now that you know just cut ‘em in quarters! You may need to if you have lost your job and/or insurance! Man this is like my dream. Again, I’m sorry if I have offended anyone. If you take anything from this keep in mind that you may find that the other generic manufactures don’t work for you as well, or at all. And you should really do some research, and look into what the percentages of active ingredients are required for a manufacturer to market a generic drug of any kind. Especially one that you rely on.

  27. Hi I currently take the generic brand amphetamine and have been on this for years. My dosage is 40mg a day…I come home to day to find in my mailbox a letter from my pharmacy “CVS” that it has been recalled and should stop taking it right away……..Hello u can’t just stop taking this medication u will go through withdrawl and have to be admitted into a hospital.. I to have been experiencing some side effects such as heart palpatations, severe diarrhea, dry mouth, sweating etc. I actually thought it was my birth control but i have been on that for over 2 mths now. I am so nervouse about I contacted my doctor in which he said to not take it but i am nervous once the morning comes and I am suppose to take it…..What other meds could they put us on? This manufacturer is playing with peoples lives and others that are effected by it!!!!!!

  28. my son has also taken this, im afraid what is giong to happen to him now.

  29. our son is 11 years old,he had his prescriptio filled on 8/5/09. I received a letter today august 27. he has been having headaches,cant sleep at all at night,severe facial ticks,etc. heas switched to this brand because insurance forced us to over a year ago,since he has been on this he has started grinding his teeth and chipped them up,hes had severe mood swings,his grades suffered at school because of mood swings and a “i hate life” attitutde. I am furious that the doctors didnt notify us,the pharmacy told me they tried to call me for over a week,thats funny,my cell phone does not show that. Its a corporate cover up. who may I ask is goingt o tell me my child died do to this drug?PEOPLE CAN NOT BE REPLACED!! I WANT SOME ANSWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. that wasn’t very nice to not post my comments, have you read some of these statements? From the sound of it the majority of these people shouldn’t have ever even been prescribed this medication. Your going tell me that they don’t know how the medication effects them in the first place? That they can’t tell that they’re suddenly on three times as much amphetamines than usual? And that there just going to keep taking in every day for weeks at a time? I’ll tell you something, there is a reason that some of these people are prescribed medicine in the first place, and thats why there loosing there jobs and destroying there relationships, because there unstable to begin with. That there not in tune with themselves or there illness enough in the first place. Thats why there exhibiting so many problems in life. Clearly you don’t want anyone to be able to offer any of these “victims” any advice other than your own. you don’t want it to turn into a thread of people discussing there problems with each other, but just an outlet for your firm. That’s understandable. But this is a poor format to do so, creating the the appearance of an open forum. I would say the only real potential are cases involving minors. Everyone else can keep on twitching.

  31. I am 3 1/2 mo pregnant and been on This brand from this company for a little over a year, I thought what was happening was from being pregnant, guess i knwo why after the pharmisist said it wa a different medication! she told me it was abilify not adderall. I am very upset, becuase of the amount i am on, and i was reassured by my doctor it was okay to continue while pregnant, and because of this, it it hurts my child there is going to be hell in a certain company’s CEO’s office!

  32. Is there a way to know what lot number your pills came from by looking at the Rx bottle or receipt? I got mine from Target Pharmacy and received a letter, but with no instructions on how to know what lot mine were from. I have been feeling weird, and b/c of that skipping my PM dose but I thought it was just from extreme stress and my emotions being totally out of control.

  33. I’ve been taking the 20 mg generic Adderall for a few months now. The last two months, I’ve been getting really bad headaches and blurred vision. I thought it was from work related stress. In the last 2 and a half weeks, I’ve fallen down stairs three times. I’ve completely thrown out my back and I have all of these bruises. Rite-Aid sent me a letter, which I received yesterday, about the drug recall. When I saw that the side effects included dyskinesia, dizziness, blurred vision, and headaches, everything made much more sense. Is there a different generic I should switch to?

  34. I noticed the first day, of taking these pills, something was different….There was a note on the bottle stating these pills were a different color, but the same drug……I feel “non-productive”, sleepy, have had more than normal headaches…….Although I am sleepy during the day, dozing etc….I still have insomia at night…..Blurred vision, ill, etc…..Got a letter in the mail yesterday…..I am out of town now….This is not right. I want to enjoy my life, don’t you????

  35. I am wondering if there could be any permanent damage to my body from the recalled Adderall. My mother just received a letter in the mail addressed to me that says I have been taking the recalled generic Adderall. I am currently out of the country in the UK on a visa and have no way of returning my recalled pills for new ones. I can not stop taking my medication abruptly as this will cause bad side effects. I am worried and anxious right now and I don’t seem to be getting many answers from the Barr or the drug store.

  36. Today, I received a letter from CVS Pharmacy. I’m a couple of months behind on my pills (surplus), so I haven’t taken an affected pill yet. I just took one. If I feel anything weird, I’ll report back :P

  37. OK I feel left out….I have yet to receive a letter from my pharmacy (Target) and I just happened to catch this story on the local news tonight and googled this. I literally had to change pharmacies to finally find one that still prescribed Barrs generic Adderall as I have found it to be the one that works best for me. I am guessing I did not receive the “bad” batch but I am refilling my next months tomorrow so I will be interested to see what they say.

  38. Hi, I just received the letter from the pharmacy also about generic adderall. Now I understand why I feel the way I do. Plus…I’ve had my eyes checked 3 times but still cannot see worth crap! My vision is very blurry to the point that I really shouldn’t be driving. I have the same question as the person in an above post…is there going to be a lawsuit? The way it has affected my life and it seems the lives of others? There should be!

  39. I too have been having some frightening symptoms and had attributed them to a number of things, but had no idea of course that my prescribed medication has been the culprit all along! Whats worse is that my Dr only recently increased my dosage to two (20mg) tablets 3-4x daily!!! When filling my prescriptions at Walgreens (different manufacturers) I had no unusual side effects, but this from Safeway has been a nightmare. As I write this, it’s approaching 5:30am and I am yet again wide awake and exhausted at the same time!!! Now I see why this has become out of control. I have indeed lost weight…but due to zero appetite, nausea, sweating, nervousness, and heart racing etc etc. Ridiculous, I am tired of these companies killing us.

  40. I think you are all a bunch of whiners. Just consider yourselves lucky you have a prescription for adderall. i have to buy mine off the streets, and have just came across the “recalled” pills. wanna see what all the hype is about but if none of you can stand the heat i suggest you stay out the kitchen. EASTSIDE

  41. I have been on adderal 20mg for years. My dr just raised my dose from 30 mg 2 times a day to 40 mg 2 times a day. Since they dont make a 40mg tablet, I was advised to take 2 20 mg twice a day. It seems that a lot of pharmacies dont have this generic dose and need to order it so I have been contacted by 3 pharmacies. I have been stressed out for so long I just thought this was stress related. Well now this all makes sense. I can see at all. Even people are blurry. I have had the worst headaches I can remember that hasen’t gone away even with narcotic pain medication. I thought again that I was stressed out and I just had migraines. I have been trying to start my first relationship in 5 years. Things were fine. Well he says I have been no fun to be around, I’m moody, I dont remember things, and he even thinks I’m skitxo. I seriously am to the point of not caring about anything I normally do. I’m so damn tired but I can sleep or think straight. Since adderal is supposed to be a stimulant, sometimes I took an extra dose to try to “snap out of it”. Needless to say, it made things worse. I’m irritable as hell. I said F you to my 11 yr old son. I would never do that!!! I cant drive. I’ve been hitting curbs, medians and even getting lost when going to places I go to often. It’s affected my memory big time! I finally after 9 yrs got my briefing to see if I am eligible for assistance thru section 8. I was a mess. I had all kinds of papers that were unnecessary, it took me way longer then anyone else and i was just unorganized. I hate this feeling. I want it to go away. It’s my understanding you cant just stop this, that you have to taper. The pharmacies I spoke to, CVS and Rite aid offered to replace them but of course one was July and gone and the other I can do that but how do we know they are ok and will work like they are supposed to??? To tell you the truth I’ve felt wierd on and off since I’ve been on this so I dont think its just something that started June 11.

  42. I am taking up this request on behalf of a friend who has had a traumatizing and life threatening experience with the most recent Adderall recall. He got the prescription 2 days after the recall from his pharmacy and has already taken some. Currently he has admitted himself to the rehabilitation and psychiatric hospital Ten Broeck in Louisville Ky after having crashed his car over 48 hrs into the drugs negative affects. Have received many disheartening messages from said friend with threats to end life (very unusual for him). His life has just been flipped head over heels by the drug. He still has pills left and it’s unclear on whether or not he has continued to take them.

  43. I have a 14 year old son, who has mild Autism, and started Adderall in March 09. It has seemed to work well. We have the infected batch from June 16th, and July 29th. It seemed that he was going back into the Autistic world, and about a week ago, he started hearing voices, and this past Friday I had to hame him Addmited to the Hospital. I received a letter from Vons on August 28th, about the recall the day I had him admitted. Has anyone else dealts with this, because I do not know what to think or do.

  44. So what now we just have to move on and deal with the fact that we haven’t been able to sleep for the past 3 weeks.

  45. You people just want to sue somone so that you can sit on your a** and not work. Your inability to keep a job is due to bad character, not because there is too much active ingrediant in these pills. I haven’t noticed any difference in the recalled pills from any other months pills. If there were really 60 mg to 80 mg in a 20 mg pill, there would be some reported injuries.

  46. Makes perfect sense now. I have now made a connection. I was diagnosed with shingles about a week after I got my scrip filled on Aug 4. About a week after the shingles diagnosis is when I got the call about the recall. I was sick from stress and anxiety for 3 weeks. This is ridiculous. Cost me a week at work.

  47. I’ve had severe mood swings on this new batch of barr adderall and consequently lost my job and am still not quite better.

  48. I was recently prescribed adderall for the 1st time on August 6, my birthday, and what a present! I took it for 3 weeks, and didnt sleep a wink the entire time. I finally said enough is enough, and when I went to see the shrink last wednesday, told her about all the side effects, and she asked if id give it one more try. I agreed, went and got the script filled, and they were not the same oval peach pills I got the last time, they were round and pink. I work all the time, so I probably get my mail once a week, I checked it that night, 9-2, and on the very bottom there was a letter from Target pharmacy telling about the recall stating there have been “super-potent tablets” that have been distributed. I dont have insurence, I pay out of pocket, and everyone at work has noticed a severe change in me. I was throwing up all the time and not eating at all. I dont know if it has left any long term, lasting effects or not. I plan to keep everyone here posted on my outcomes

  49. Makes perfect sense is right. I suffered all of the adverse side effects in the letter I received from my pharmacist–after taking the bad drugs in July and August. After I quit taking the bad batch, a week now, I still have bladder problems and suffer from a constant thirst. I am also concerned about kidney damage. I would like to find out if there is any long term effects from taking this drug. I have taken this medicine for years, with no side effects. The super pill has caused so many problems.

  50. just conducted a national study with 966 viewers of a news clip highlighting the potential dangers of generic brand drugs. illustrating the dangers of texting and driving. Results showed that nearly half of viewers (46%) reported that they are less likely to purchase generic drugs after watching the video. The study also found that 66% of viewers had a more negative perception of generic brand drugs after watching the news clip. More in-depth results can be viewed at

  51. Makes perfect sense is right. I suffered all of the adverse side effects in the letter I received from my pharmacist–after taking the bad drugs in July and August. After I quit taking the bad batch, a week now, I still have bladder problems and suffer from a constant thirst. I am also concerned about kidney damage. I would like to find out if there is any long term effects from taking this drug. I have taken this medicine for years, with no side effects. The super pill has caused so many problems.

  52. omg, I just stopped taking my medication from yesterday. I didnt take my afternoon dose and I slept for 14 hours last night! Before yesterday I had hard time sleeping, and I had to wait to pass out.
    I am 100% sure that these pills where over dosage. In the past weeks I was suffering with an extreme mood swings, I was scared, depressed, angry, and mania, hopeless. I thought I am bipolar and its just started showing its symptoms. I was laughing one day; next day I was crying; I had a physical fight with my sister one time over something that wasnt worth to argue about it. I felt like I dont know myself anymore. I was very irritable, I lost more than 10 of my best friends in this time, and I broke up with my boyfriend. I had 2 one night stands in this time! It might sounds like something normal but not for me that never did it in my 29 years life. Everyday, I missed my classes which I never have done that in past. I never went to the research lab that I am doing my research there, and I think the professor will kick me out when he comes back from vacation on Tuesday. My memory was working very bad that recently I felt that I am losing it, and I really thought I’m getting crazy, and etc. I went to my doctor and asked for a new diagnose. She prescribed me Prozac, and she told me I should cut off my medication dose and she said lots of these symptoms could be for taking higher dose of medication. I started arguing with her because she was my new doctor (second visit), and I tried to explain to her that how careful my doctor was increasing the dosage to find the right dose before, and I was on this dose for the past 14 months. However, I just remembered that I had a call from CVS few days ago. I told her that I think I had a call from CVS about a recall on medication. I think she didnt believe me, she asked for their # and I didnt have it on me. Later, I called the pharmacy and they told me some pills might be in higher dose. I called Barr laboratories and they told me they are not even sure! They said they are investigating! And they asked me to stop taking the medication and changing it……
    I wenyt online from last night and I just realized all whats going on.
    I really think someone has to be responsible for this, this is not a joke! I had horrible days and I am sure lots of ppl have experienced it. I am a biochemist myself, and I know exactly how high dose of this drug can harm someones body.
    NOW I am writing to ppl who left comments here like “so what, just deal with not sleeping for few weeks” or “u guys just wanna sue someone”
    NO, This is not a normal thing, Mistakes like this SHOULD NOT happen. They can make damages that never can go away!!!! Any human in this world can have mutant genes or silent genes in their genomes that can get turn on with drug abuse. High dose of this medication is DRUG ABUSE. Genes that they can stay silent till the last day of anyones life, and they never experience any problem!!!
    One way for bipolar disorder to get turn on is one of them some types of cancer is another, and…. I dont want to scare anyone, but there are some damages that can never go away. Not everyone can get their jobs back, some cant get their relationships back, organ damages, some psychology effects will stay with some ppl forever. Some will start getting damages. Using drugs for few weeks or few months wont have only “not sleeping” effect. There is up to 7 years and 20 years prison for ppl who use or sell class A drug without prescription. So be sure that it is not something NORMAL. I personally think all the ppl who are responsible for this have to go behind the bars!!!

  53. I have been takeing adderall over 10 years includeing two bottles of the suposed over dosed pills and have noticed none of the adverse side effects attributed to useage of this medication. Maybe people are suffering from panic more than overdose!

  54. Usually when using generics, the problem is that they are weaker than the brand name because the government allows a wider variation in the exact amount for generics. Of course, they are going to err on the side of LESS rather than MORE. However, as long as you are taking the prescribed amount, the amount of difference, within the pills is nothing to be concerned about. For once an error in the consumers favor! Hoe ’bout that!

  55. I have taken adderall for quite some time now, and I have never felt as bad as I did the past months. I had almost all of the symptoms listed. I have lost close to 50 pounds in past few months due to an extreme lack of appetite. I was easily agitated, always trembling with goosebumps, and I could never sleep. I went to work one morning and my eyes were all black from not sleeping. The veternarian I was currently working for called me aside to see if I was feeling alright. I told him that I hadn’t slept and I was extremely cold. I felt myself feeling increasingly agitated throughout first hour of work. I ended up going into a manic, aggressive state of mind. I had a fight with a fellow employee, who really was a friend to me, and almost choked her. The fellow employee said she was physically assaulted and made out a police report. She didn’t press charges, but I did get fired from a job for physically attacking a fellow employee. I loved that job and really need to work to help support my 5 month old daughter. I’m suffering because the lack of financial assistance, mental and emotional stress. The vet I worked with for almost 3 years, exclaimed how that was not me and I did not look well when I came in. He told the owner of the hospital how I was shaking, all black under the eyes, and he defintely felt that something was wrong with my behavior. I have spoken with cvs and the pharmacist said I did recieve my adderall during the times they were dispensing that particular lot number. This has caused so much damage to my family, mental and physical health, and do not have employment to support my infant. I am able to provide witnessess, signed statements and proof of these events. I just need a lawyer who will help me find the pieces to put my life back together.

  56. I take generic Adderall and this summer I have had all the side effects listed in the article and many more especially paranoia and very severe symptoms of mania. I wrote down about five pages of them including examples of exactly what I experienced. I can post a brief summary if anyone is interested. On that note, inability to stop writing is another side effect I’ve had. I experienced stronger side effects more recently which makes sense as my dose was recently increased from two “20″ mg pills a day to two and a half “20″ mg pills daily. Although the earlier bottle I got seemed to be much different than normal as well as I believe I did experience many of the harmful psychological side effects listed in the article. I have been taking Adderall since last year without any mental side effects until this summer. And the only physical side effects prior to this summer were decreased appetite, dry mouth, and stomachache. These pale in comparison to the side effects experienced this summer. Concerning psycological side effects: This summer I experienced two (probably irreparably) broken relationships with people I really care about. Around July 1st, one of those two said he thought I was acting very different because of the Adderall and that he thought I should try taking a break from it, but I didn’t listen because I thought I was doing the right thing by taking what my doctor told me to take. He put up with the unusually severe mood swings and *constant* sad/mad/bizarre text messages from me for a few weeks but finally he couldn’t take the stress and stopped talking to me entirely. I really wish I’d heard about the recall a few weeks ago when it was issued. I just received the letter about it in the mail today. I really would like to know how much the superdosed ones actually contained.

  57. my son took this drug all summer, by the time he got the recall notice, he had lost his job, wreaked havoc at home, and gotten arrested. Recently an EMT told him he had hypertension. He is soon to be 19. He is on SSI and disability, and if he goes to jail, they wont give him his medicine.

  58. robert and others who think everyone’s overreacting: we are not! those pills contain 60-80 mg amphetamine, which is 3-4 times what was supposed to be in them. I was supposed to take one and a half pills a day which normally would be only 30mg. With the superdosed pills I unknowingly got and was taking for over a week, i was getting 120 mg a day. to put this in perpective, there is a less commonly perscribed adhd drug called Desoxyn. desoxyn is methamphetamine. it is about twice the strength per mg as adderall. it is slightly more effective but doctors don’t like to perscribe it because it is labeled as “meth…” Okay, now look at street methamphetamine, again you have the ratio of being twice as strong as amphetamine. so you need to take twice the amount of adderall to get similar highs, mania, physical side effects as the same amount of amphetamine. Back to me. Because of the drug company’s error, and slowness in letting me know about the recall, I was taking 120 mg (“30″mg perscribed at 4X strength)of amphetamine, equivalent to approximately 60 mg methamphetamine. 70 mg methamphetamine is considered chronic meth abuse. this is higher than your average recreational user. and we all know the average recreational user of meth usually is not doing too well. at this point i am afraid to stop taking the pills because there WILL be withdrawall and it WILL be terrible. if you want to know more about long term side effects that can result from this level of amphetamine use, google “chronic meth abuse”

  59. I have been on Adderall for about two years now. I take Barr’s generic brand but it’s lot 974 and 30 mg. Although it’s not matching the recalled lot number, I am experiencing similar side effects to others on thi page. The side effects are so severe that it has caused some major changes in my life (negatively). These side effects became very apparent within the past 2-3 months. I thought it was me. I don’t believe that the recalled lot is the only one. It’s so hard to wake up in the morning, stay awake during the day, and sleep at night. I lost my job 2 months ago and I firmly believe that my medication had a lot to do with that. At this point I feel absolutely defeated. My 4 year relationship is coming to an end as I have been asked to move out by the end of the month (and quite honestly, I don’t blame her). It’s hard to explain to people who aren’t taking this medication exactly what it is that you’re feeling. She thinks I’m lazy and have lost all ambition. She’s right. But it’s because of this. How do you make someone understand what you’re going thru? Im worried that I will hit a wall soon and completely give up. This is by far the most difficult thing I’ve ever dealt with. I’m 32 years old and feel like my once enjoyable, fullfilling life is quickly wasting away. Now that we know about Barr’s error, what do we do? At the risk of sounding lawsuit happy (I’ve never sued anyone in my life), someone needs to accept responsibility for all of our losses. As stated before, I lost my job ($75,000/year) and a relationship that I once held so dear. It’s unacceptable, to me, that Barr has admitted to this error, and although it has caused HUGE issues, they will not be held responsible. Also, it’s not just lot 973, believe me. This needs to be looked into.

  60. I recieved a call from my pharmacist in early August informing me of the Barr recall. I was told to discard all my current medication and to get a new Rx filled asap, which I did.
    This explains the really bad days I had in July and and August. I couldn’t think clearly and was overwhelmed with depression and anxiety. I was unable to accomplish anything and my husband was deeply worried.
    Everything improved as soon as I switched to the replacement meds.

    How does something like this happen and what is being done ot insure it doesn’t happen again?

  61. My son has been taking this adderall without knowledge that it had been recalled. He ihas been away at training camp and has been experiencing dehydration, hives, rashes, dizziness, headaches, feeling of things crawling on him, blurred vision, out of body experiences. When he came home I took him to the ER and was told that the adderall was the problem. He was given a steroid shot, Benadry shot and sent home with three prescriptions and told do not take another one. A few weeks ago I almost lost him due to severe dehydration caused by this medication and his body makeup. He stopped taking this drug and has no more rashes or symptoms, feels so much better.

  62. I’m so glad I found this page.
    42 Yr old male- Adult ADD. / 20 mg day.
    I’m so relieved. I thought it was just me. I thought I was going crazy.

    I too went off the deep end because of the super-strength pills. On July 9th it peaked. In a 3 day period, I threatened suicide, quit my job, and called and texted my fiance (who was out of town visiting family), HUNDREDS of times a night for a 2 consecutive nights.
    For several days, starting about a day or two after I refilled my prescription, I was extremely anxious, Wildly manic, had most of the symptoms listed above (racing heart, severe sweating with no physical exertion, felt like I was going to jump out of my skin, blurry vision, and I couldnt sleep more than 3-4 hours at a time for nearly 2 weeks, and then stayed awake for over 48 hours straight during the 2nd week of July.
    I was told by my psych that this is typical bi-polar behavior during a quick cycliIng manic/depressed period. It was later determined that I’m not bipolar.
    For the first time in my life, I had experienced a full-blown panic attack, and being so anxious, I took a Xanax with no results, and then took another one, trying to calm down. They did nothing except to lower my inhibitions and in a hyper, yet semi-drunk state I posted suicidal threats all over my fiance’s facebook page. (I’ve never done anything remotely like that, and later explained it away by blaming it on a reaction to the Xanax, but I knew that my anxiety was abnormal, and I had no real stressors causing me to go off the deep end.
    I had no clue what was happening. I thought I was losing my mind. It was only after I received the letter from CVS, that I started putting the pieces together what had happened. The call from the local pharmacist came 3 days after I finished my bottle of pills which contained the super-strength ones.
    Thanks to the behavior caused by the ” overdose” I am now required to see a psychiatrist, have to go to counseling 2 x a month, and I was almost locked up in a psych ward for observation for 48 hours on the day of my suicide threat.
    So– In a 2 day period, my life crumbled around me as I felt so out of control and so overwhelmed by inconsequential things, that I almost threw it all away.
    Something has to be done.
    How can the entire batch of bad drugs be found, and then only after most people have used them up, they finally issue a recall. I got my call from CVS 3 days after I took my last pill of that batch.
    I think they knew long before they went public and figured that if people had finished their bottles of medication, that they (the pharmaceutical company) could get away with it.
    I was a week away from having health care benefits at my job that I quit. Now I’m left not only with no health insurance, but also because of the psychological melt down I had, now I’m burdened with a pre-existing condition that most insurance companies won’t cover for a 12 month period. So, when I get insurance from my new employer- my psych “issues” won’t be covered. Talk about a catch 22.
    I’m trying to rebuild my life, and make ammends with those who I put through hell. My fiance has family and friends telling her to get out of our relationship because I’m unstable. She spent nearly $1000 for an emergency flight home, and I ended up moving back in with my 70 year old parents because of the financial issues that one encounters after quitting a job. I have since moved back in the home my fiance and I shared before all this happened, and I’ve gotten a new job.
    Now I’m glad I found the stories you’ve posted. I thought I was going crazy- Now it makes sense.

  63. I needed no confirmment regarding this recall….I had the most horrible side effects. I could not catch my breath from morning until 3a.m., at which time I would fall asleep. My mouth was incredibly dry and my heart raced out of my chest. Even worse, I had a migraine headache which lasted three days. I am extremely furious; I am an adult and I cannot imagine a child experiencing the horrible side effects. That is it for me…I am working on my master’s degree and instead of helping me along with tasks, the medication almost killed me.

  64. well there has been a death in my family! my younger sister passed away in her sleep on August 13, 2009. two weeks later a letter was sent to her house informing her about the recall!!! well it was two weeks too late for her and I am very interested in getting some answers from those responsible for the horrible mistake. nothing will bring her back and give her 17 year old daughter her mother back for these so important years in a young girls life. we are all deeply saddened by her death and need to get to the bottom of this incident.

  65. I have the batch No. Josh, you can go to any MHMR clinic and get a prescription for adderall. I am not whining. A product approved by the FDA, several clinical trials done on it, was manufactured and marketed as safe for us and our families. Consequently we paid for this medication — some of us for years. I know I have for my son and I. When a corporation, acidenttally or on purpose, poision its product base, it should be held accountable. Personally, I had a transient ischemic attack, high blood pressure, vertigo, fell and hurt my back, bitting my inside lip, nerve pain up and down my arms and legs, bad headaches, mania and depression. So Josh, speak for youself because you choose to buy adderall as if you are buying cocaine. There is no street-drug cool effect to this medicine. It gives us a better quality of life, and that’s why we pay for it, take, and give it to our loved ones. Live and learn Josh.

  66. You are all a bunch of idiot sissies. A higher dosage isn’t going to make you kill yourselves, crash your motorcycles, rape your wives, or eat babies. If anything, you should have gotten way more productive and way more addicted. You’re not going to get any money so just give up, you’re wasting your sweet time.

  67. Below i explain my experience with adderall. I believe that there should be a further investigation into how long and what exactly the errors in production were. Also if there are any long term damages to my heart or liver or whatever. If this has been going on longer than they say, then i feel that they are responsible for my and from reading the above post many people’s suffering.

    I just got my first refill since the recall and today being the seventh day of taking the new prescription, I have definitely noticed a dramatic difference in everything. I’m not all achy, irritable, depressed(anymore than normal). I think that BAR has been producing these off spec. pills since January. I have been on adderall since Oct 08. The first two months i was taking the medication it worked very well. I did experience slight side effects such as slight irritability in the evenings and lack of appetite, but starting in January every evening I would feel absolutely terrible. I started to take pain killers in the evenings to be able to be comfortable in my own skin. I didn’t inform my doctor of this because I didn’t want to be taken off the medication. Several times I tried to wean myself off of the medication but was unable to get out of bed or get ANYTHING done at work if I did manage to get out of bed without it.

    I’m going to talk to a class action suit lawyer and determine if there is a case here, if only to hold the head of this company accountable.

  68. Lindsey, i would have agreed with you last week, but after refilling my prescription I have noticed a complete difference in this script compared to the script I have been getting since January. I thought i was going crazy.


  70. I am an RN with a lot of knowledge about meds and their side effects. I am shocked to learn the dose was as high as 60-80 mg! I had a visit to the ER for chest pain and my BP was very high. I have been having lots of anxiety lately, got Ativan in the ER and a prescription for Xanax. I started taking sleeping pills. A lot of this is explainable now. I had been cutting back on my doses just because I didn’t feel well, but took the full “20 mg” dose on work days. I didn’t learn about the recall until this week as I was out of town, and only moments ago learned about how strong the dose was.

  71. I was hospitalized on Tuesday with acute Adderall intoxification after I took one dose and woke up with shooting pains from my foot to my head. Sharp “electric pains”. I have been an emotional wreck this last month and a half and now I know why.

  72. Without adderall id be completely lost, intellectually castrated and emotionally aa zombie.
    I cant/wont tell you what I used ti do, or stil occassionally dabble in.
    I can say WITH ABSOLUTE certainty is when ive visited local emergency rooms, my powerful detractors have deep pockets, and a sacred mission statement to sway doctors to their side without even having been admotted yet.
    Last night a Virgjna based healthcare conglomorate that has a pAper trailm 5 miles long of giving me this drug, suddenly got cold feet and stopped the rxs for adderall 30mg times 80 capsules or tablets.
    someone wants to undermine my health, safteey, and wellfare and im virtually powerless to stop it soley because of whom is disseminating the misinformation.

  73. I knew that something wasnt right and was under doctor care by the time I recieved my recall letter from CVS. The doctors were unsure what was wrong.My kidneys were not fuctioning properly.I was passing blood and was blacking out. lost time at work not to mention the doctor visits and the pain of my system shutting down.I have to still go see how much kidney damage I have not to mention what else it caused.

  74. the bads meds caused my bp to spike which damaged my vision so bad that it is called “can count fingers” my bp had been normal before and the damage is likely perm.

  75. Guess what! We got the recall letter too late… my mother died the 13th of august…the letter got here the 22nd! thanks a lot… im a 17 yr old with no mother thanx to you!

  76. I filled my prescription on Aug. 14th. Between that time and August 19th the day I received the letter from Walgreens notifying me of the recall, I had already destroyed part of my home, physically abused my 3 year old son which I have never harmed in my life.
    I have NO criminal background, never got suspended from school for any reason, prior military, law enforcement.
    Since the episode of what I call “complete and total rage” I have missed several unpaid days from work, hundreds of dollars in MD bills, DHS and police visited my home while I was away to make sure that I wasn’t a habitual abuser and offered my wife a way out of a bad situation.
    We have been married for 14 years with little more than a change in tone during any type of “argument” we have ever had.
    On one of the following days I came to work and went into the “RAGE” that I had experienced two days earlier.
    Being raised the way I was I always use manners, well this incident yielded a very profane and hostile situation for two office employees. I threatened them physically, cursing uncontrollably and having them fear for the safety of their lives, one was a small woman. I am 6′-2″ and 260 lbs.and they had no chance of escape I was blocking the only exit.
    After leaving the office I began driving very erratically and hoping I would die or kill someone to remove the uncontrollable rage within me.
    I quit my job the day after because I was too ashamed to face the people that once respected me.
    I know my situation isn’t as bad as some of the others here but my family of five will remember it for the rest of their lives.
    My 3 year old asked me two days ago (almost two months since) “where’s the BAD daddy?” I told him that he was gone. He replied “Good cause he hurt me.”
    Now I have to look at him the rest of my life and instead of remembering good times I will remember his words.


  77. I have definitely experienced these side effects. I too thought I was dying. Im currently taking 10mgs of b-973/2.0 . I still feel like I wanna jump out of my skin a lot of the time. I have been to the hospital countless times since I have been taking this b-973. I have been a step away from killing myself and hurting everyone around me. I almost lost my girlfriend due to the anger outbursts and emotional instability.I truly damaged the relationship because It quickly got physically abusive.We have been together 4 years and have a son together. I was kicked out of the place I was living, because she could not handle how much more emotionally unstable I had become. My dad thinks Im crazy now and will have nothing to do with me. This is a serious problem. How can these people literally get away with murder? Barr Pharmaceuticals will be held accountable if I have anything to do with it. When will someone realize that add/adhd is a growing disorder that is hereditary. Cant you people see, you or I would have never had these problems. If our parents,grandparents,great grandparents,etc, had delt with there damn problems and not takin drugs to fix everything. think about it, if they use a drug that alters the chemicals in there mind will it effect our kids minds, comon sense. c’mon you people need to stand up and fight for your mental illnesses, caused by concious bad decision making. The reson we have to take these drugs is to counter act the chemical imbalance caused by other and probably drugs like these. You people should be mad and should join the fight, When we take a drug that comes from the doctor we automatically trust that its right for us. the research needs to be thoroughly investigated again and again. But it is not. We are the lab rats and nobody deserves this kind of pain and suffering. Barr should be held acountable and the people should not stop there they should push the issue and atleast try to find a cure so we can stop passing this debilitating disorder on to our kids. Its only going to get worse if all we do is take out pills we are just contributing to the problem. we have to search beyond ourselves and make a diffrence. J. Rice

  78. Why is there so much hate against the people who are complaining about being victims? Taking amphetamines in massive doses can causes heart failure…i.e., death. This is not a small “oops.” Yes, there are many instances in our society where people refuse to take responsibility for their own actions, but most of these posts do not seem to be examples of that. People have a right to be upset when their lives are jeopardized by the recklessness of others.

  79. All I can say after reading almost ALLLLLLL the post’s on here is I ABSOLUTELY AGREEEEEEE!!!!!!! I got my refill last month and threw it away. The medication I received made me feel like a person I didn’t know and NEVER knew I could feel like. When I was off it, I felt GREAT. But, I truely have ADD and need the ORIGINAL medication i was given when I was first diagnosed. The ORIGINAL medication i received served its function.

    The situation I see hear is simply this. A company saw the opportunity to produce a generic brand of this medication. BUTTTTT did not implement, at any lengths it seems, the same standards of production or regulation as the ORIGINAL medication. YETTTT they have profitted and now have the financial resources to put up a legal fight against any of their “wrong doing”. Even after opposition, for making an inferior product, they still make a profit and take NOOOOOO responsibility for their actions.


  80. Every since my son was prescribed adderall he has lost tremendous weight, he stays angry all the time. For him to be ten years old he doesnt play with his peers. He complains of tremendous back pain around the lung area. Im so worried about him but we dont have the proper insurance to get him further tested.

  81. Not only does Barr make bad adderall but their prozac does not work at all. I looked up their records on the FDA website and they actually failed to get approval several times and were granted some kind of exception. To my understanding, reading the files available to the public they have been unable to meet the requirements but the ok was given. I told my doctor and the pharmacies I use that I do not want BARR products. When you take a medicine that works for you, you know when it’s not doing what it’s suppose to. Shame on you BARR.

  82. I think that BARR generic Adderall is STRONGER than brand name adderall and other generic adderall. I have been taking this medication for the past 10 years and i became addicted to the med and it has caused serious problems in my life. I have taken the brand name adderall and the other generic that is out there (hot pink tabs) and the BARR was always 2x as strong. I urge others who may have had similiar experiences with the BARR generic to come forward and perhaps file a lawsuit against BARR. This drug has really messed up my life and Im thankful to now finally be off the drug, only after months of therapy and a lot of hard work.

  83. This is the first I have heard of this recall and I too have been a long time adderall taker. My pharmacist JUST called me and asked if I had any left from the last prescription that I had filled which was over a month ago because they needed me to bring them back so they could REPLACE them! I took my medication like I was supposed to and therefore NO I DO NOT have any to give back to be replaced. I too have been going through EVERY SINGLE symptom listed here as well This is absolutely ridiculous! They should have better control over these sorts of things!

  84. I got the call from my pharmacy today. Funny, I got these pills on a Monday and was in the emergency room by Friday night. I was in the midst of a flee infestation and thought bugs were hopping on my skin.

    I won’t go into full details, but I will tell everyone, it was by far the worst week of my life. I almost went on FMLA. I experienced a drug induced psychosis. I was having hallucinations and thought people were trying to kill me.I was kicked out of the hospital at 11pm…they knew i didn’t have a car…i was stranded…i walked the streets of Houston at midnight…got picked up by a mexican named oscar…he thought i was a hooker….i heard things…i saw scary things…the next hospital visit said i was maybe bipolar or schizophrenic. I was admitted to a psychitric unit. My mom flew in from Ohio to help me. I thought I literally was CRAZY!!!!

  85. This medication caused my friend to weep considerably in a corner for hours, anytime someone tried to talk to her or made any loud noises around her she would start growling and yelling, and disturbing her caused her to go on a rampage and sometimes seriously injure another person.

  86. I just got a phone call today from my Winn-Dixie Pharmacy January 11 2010,telling me of the recall. I have been taken adderall for years now.I have been feeling so bad for the last year. This is just now being told to me. I am so very upset.

  87. I just found out my pills were apart of the bad batch from my pharmacist tonight at food lion’s pharmacy. I have been getting my medicine there for almost 3 months after switching from Kroger’s Pharmacy “witch also get the same barr 20 mg tablets.”It’s Scary to think I wouldnt have known if it wasnt for a tooth I had to get pulled today!! I too have been experiencing all the side effects but thought it was because I had to get back used to my medicine after returning back to it after my pregnancy with my son now 8 1/2 months old. I went back after I quit breastfeeding about 6 months ago and it got so intense that I had to increase my anxiety medication just to feel normal. As soon as I read this, I threw my bottle out and I am calling my physician tommorrow and getting my dosage in the 10mg tablets”like my pharmacist suggested”!! He let me read the recall sheet they faxed him and it was incredably scketchy! I’m a new mom and I should be overjoyed right now instead of feeling Anxious and paranoid all the time.
    Barr PLEASE get it together!! People’s Lives depend on it!!

  88. What a nightmare roller-coaster I have been on since receiving BARR generic Adderall medication! This last refill (filled 2 weeks ago) was the last time I am going to get anything from them. Their generic Adderall batches are SO inconsistent, and I never know what my reaction will be when I take their medication. The last few days I have been monitoring my blood pressure because I was feeling overly anxious after taking my dosage, and low and behold it skyrocketed after taking it. At the highest point it was 175/119!! Luckily I am prescribed a beta blocker. If I hadn’t taken that I think I might have had a heart attack or stroke! I threw out the rest and will NEVER take anything they manufacture. I am done with them!

  89. I have been informed i recived more than one batch of the tainted aderall,and boy has my life been altered due to these pills ,i thought it was because i became addicted in a MAJOR way and that was the cause to all these problems,(im shure the extreme doses played a huge part too)it made me need a higher dose due to the high dose without my KNOWING!!!!also it has givenme extremeand crippling headaches(to the extremes of thinking I need to stop these at any cost(never thought aderall was the cause since i have been on them for yrs),backpain ,lower back pain,pain in my lungs,ive become what i guess we call bipolar,up then down MOODSWINGS in seconds,my body turns red and i get purple bruise like marks on my back of my arms…My eyesight is causing extreme pain and i cant handle life one molment to the next….What have these pills done to us???IM a young woman whos looks have paid for my meds not to mention my fit not to bad looking BODY,well everyone has noticed a change !!!NOW WE KNOW WHY!!!!

  90. wow…. my husband takes the 10mg generic, and has for years. but in August 09, he took his usual dose…went to mow the lawn and suffered a massive stroke! wonder if it affected the smaller doses to? he is 285 in weight and takes 3 10mg per day. it wasnt heat stroke, was islemtric (sp?)now i am wondering if this had anything to do with it.
    although he took it for bi-polar, he had just graduated from school and was 3 days from starting new job. now he cant drive speak pr remeber anything he just learned in school.

  91. Comment by sara on 5 September 2009: PLEASE CONTACT ME! I am a SAHM mother of 2 boys who nearly committed suicide because of those generic pills. I actually asked to be locked up in a padded room!! I KNEW there was something wrong with those pills from the moment I took them.. I was taking 60mg a day! SO GOD knows how much I was really taking. And the withdrawls… OMFG! Even worse! I want to sue the company not only for THEIR MISTAKE but the fact that because of that I was THISCLOSE to ending my life.. leaving behind two young children and a husband. So I know this is going to be a long and hard process but you know what, it’s worth it. PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW OUR STORIES AND WHAT WE WENT THROUGH!!! They can’t just say “oops, sorry haha” and sweep it under the rug. There needs to be a Class Act Lawsuit and I am willing to give it my all. I have paperwork and documentation from my Psychiatrist, PCM as well as pharmacy noting that I complained of the way I was feeling and that I thought it was the pills PRIOR to Barr stating a recall.. So there is my evidence.

  92. People, please. Two things: One, I have been taking geneic Adderall for about two years. I started with those awful hot pink round ones and experienced headaches, blured vision and bad crashes. I did some research and found a pharmacy that carries Barr generic. The peach, oval ones. I have never had any ill effects from the Barr, even though the good effects were actually stronger. It is a better pill. Secondly: I did get a bottle of the super pills and noticed pretty quickly that there was an issue. So I halved my dose and everything seemed fine. About a week later I got a letter informing me of the recall. I kept mine. BUT…..had I experienced any of these horror movie reactions some of you are claiming, I DAMN SURE would have stopped taking the meds! For crying out loud, think for yourselves! If your meds make yoiu feel that bad for any reason, CALL YOUR DOCTOR. Don’t keep eating pills-AMPHETAMINE PILLS-which are known to cause increased heart rate-if you are having chest pains! Duh! I am not saying Barr is not culpable, but you boneheads really take the friggin cake. You have some responsibility for what you put into your bodies, too.

  93. Adderall XR generic and brand are also tampered with!

    Im on the same boat here but not with this Barr lot. I have taken adderall (Shire brand name) for 7 years and on February was given the generic amphet salts only to have a horrible narcoleptic/depressive reaction. Then the pharmacy (CVS) mixed the generics in with brand when my doc wrote brand name only. I started to take only the pills market with Adderall XR on them but the symptoms were the same as with the generic. So I bit the bullet and tried vyvanse for 2 months which turned out to be garbage too.

    I made a complaint at the FDA’s website in March this year, but I doubt anything will be done. Also, I called Shire only to be told that they were making a “brand name generic” (whatever the hell that means) and distributing it to the other companies such as Barr, Teva etc. So, in my view, Shire has sabotaged their own product in order to puch vyvanse now that their Adderall patent has expired and other companies are biting off their profit chunk. Its all about the money. Health should never be for profit or this criminality ensues.

  94. Dougie,

    You are exactly right. I don’t know about he recall because I never did receive one from anyone. Anyway, after being on this medication for quite a while we all build up a tolerance. I guess that some of us build up a higher one than others do and it is probaly why some of you are feeling euphoria [and I also noticed that some of you are not], jittery, nervous, and so on and so on. I have been on this medication for about six years now, dextroamphetamine 10mg sig 4 x’s daily. This month, June 2010 is the first time that I have noticed that my medication seemed to be somewhat better. Instead of having to take all 4 tablets [40mg daily] my body and mind was satisfied with just taking 30 mg. instead. Before this month I was trying to figure out how I was going to get my doctor to increase my dosage upward because they just didn’t seem to be helping but whenever I took started on this last months dosage it just seemed to be a better pill. I have often wondered if not enough of the medication was being put in the pills. If for example if someone figured out how to skim some of the medication out of the pills and take it to the streets and sell it. I don’t know how strict and stringent the pharmaceutical industry is when it comes to making their drugs but I am sure that it could happen. Well now, what am I talking about. It has happened at all of these different pharmaceutical companies recently in the past so I guess that answers my question and should answer everyone elses. We are at the hands of these people and we just have to hope and trust that it will all turn out right the way it is suppose to. I, like everyone else don’t want an overdose of drugs but I do want the most effective dosage that will help me without keeping me awake 24/7 and having many of the other side effects that many of you were talking about like insomnia, ticks, moodiness, and lack of desire for life. Let’s all just hope and pray that this will get worked out and that everyone will be ok. Thanks and God Bless everyone!

  95. I have been taking adderall for the last 20 years. I am 29 years old, and have had life altering benifits from this drug. I am not a abuser, I have never taken more than my prescription, my brother was a drug addict so I was always afraid of addiction. I started at 10mg, at my highest doesage I was taking 160mg a day but as I have gotten older I only need about 60mg p/day(20 x 3) I have used the generic and it is garbage. Who in their right mind would come up with a medicine that had only portions of some minimum bioequivalance (active ingreedients in adderall) and use this as a substitute for adderall. would you revers engenier your mercedes to buy a toyota with a mercedes emblum, or would you reverse engenier youu gasoline into crude oil and use that to fuel your car. Why is the public let to believe that taking substandard extreemly addictive and potentially fatal medication, because everyone wants a deal. If you can not afford the real brand name then you have no warrent to complain about what is in the adderall you are taking. This Is you body, and you only get one of them, so my suggestion as a pharmacologist is to switch medications, control your self and deal with a lower dose, or buy the brand. if you are in disbelief its because you have never tried it.

  96. Amen OhPuhLeeze….BUT in defense of individuals who just aren’t as educated (not to be taken as accused!), overly trusting of doc’s and pharmacies instructions, or just plain gullible with a lack of free-thinking…breathe…..they do not deserve to be called retards, boneheads, or any other labels. Some people may have conflicting mental health issues, such as PTSD, addictions (which NO ONE should be ashamed of), severe depression, emotional trauma, and for women (which I fear you didn’t even consider) menstrual cycles that result in a severe form of PMDD, coupled with other meds like prednisone or other steroids – this all makes one believe that the effects they are experiencing are a part of their conditions and don’t attribute this to the Adderal in the first place! So be a little less judging Mr. holier-than-thou’s. I am a freakin 30 yr old woman and I have been through trauma that no one should ever have to explain; however I am not a victim and I felt all of the above plus had a miscarriage (my first child) in Sept. and never thought it was my Adderal. In the future, try to educate or share your experience, not dictate and place blame. We take prescription meds by choice people. Noo one puts a gun to our heads and makes us and you can’t tell me that you couldn’t ask doc what was up with the weird sensations lately – take accountability. All this country does is find ways to sue the crap out of everybody and their dog and it’s alarming. Take OWNERSHIP and educate yourselves.

  97. A year later and this crap is happening again. Now with the Brand Adderall who is NOW MADE BY BARR. I just found out that, Barr now formulates BOTH the Brand Adderall (IR), and the generic Adderall. Don’t trust BARR. They are the DEVIL. @ OhPuhLeeze, yes, everyone is responsible for what they put in their body, but drug companies have our trust and faith in them to do the right thing. Something as simple and as IMPORTANT as spiked (high) blood pressure, may not even be FELT by the victim, when it is jacked up by these pills. As everyone knows, high blood pressure is a SILENT killer. People’s lives are at stake, all for the sake of making money. OhPuhLeeze, grab a clue, because your ignorant opinions mean nothing.

  98. I think its mess up how teva/barr is distributing their so called brand name” adderall”. Shire sold their rights and patent to make brand name adderall to teva/bar. They changed the formula. The original adderall(shire) no longer produce IR adderall. Only the Extended tablets are still be made by shire. teva/barr uses very minimum low quality ingredients and their inactive ingredients and fillers is garbage Completely . . Best bet is generic adderall made by sandoz eon labs. I dont trust barr/teva(same company) any longer with my meds.

  99. i had to go to the generic Adderall 30mg. last December because i could not afford the bran that i took for 6 years .it was not until a month ago a dermatoligist found likely was causing my legs and arms to discolor and had ed like scars all over which will most likely be permanant. also my skin texture is disgusting. i am lucky that VIVA made an exception and approve the brand name. i saw on the website so many other people whose health insurance would not do that. Why are thy not responsible for scaring me for life?

  100. I just wanted to add my two cents in case it helps anyone. I can testify from experience that there DEFINITELY is a difference in the effectiveness of different brand generics.

    I don’t remember what my old generic Adderall brand was but when I switched to Eon Labs (Sandos), I stopped having side effects and it worked WAY, WAY better…… like not even any comparison! My life actually got a lot better on the Eon Labs version.

    The Eon one is really easy to break with your hands too, at least the 30mg that I take. It’s scored into four sections which break anytime, anyplace that you want, with just your fingers.

    Hope this helps someone. God bless…….

  101. I have been using Barr (now Teva bought Barr out), for years. I had EXCELLENT results for years and years on Barr brand UNTIL around three years ago. I am no longer myself anymore, but just trying to function with the pieces that are left of me as I feel I HAVE to take something!! Sandoz/Eon Labs seem to be in hiding or maybe they don’t ship to may pharmacies in the USA, well at least not anywhere near Greenville, SC. IF ANYONE could lead me in the right direction, I would be etternally grateful! I can use my discount card at BILO, WAL-MART, K-MART. Some othe places like CVS, WALGREENS, RITE-AID aere still autrageously expensive even for the gernerics. Let me ask you all this question– I taked Barr/Teva brand Adderall IR. Is the Original Shire formula the same and as effective as it has always been? Thanks so much!

  102. I don’t know if I received “higher dosage ” dextroamphetamine or not but I can tell you that taking this drug has ABSOLUTELY ruined my life. I lost my family, quit jobs impulsively, lost tons of weight, picked at head until scabs formed, ruined myself financially financially through impulsive gambling, started smoking, stopped sleeping ETC., ETC.
    Immediately after I stopped taking Dextroamphetamine, all these behaviors stopped for me…..I can’t believe I smoked(have never had the urge since), can’t stomach the fact of losing one cent to a casino (haven’t gambled since), am back up to my normal weight (because I actually have an appetite)………but you know what……it’s all too late because my life has been destroyed by this drug AND I’M REALLY PISSED OFF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. Getting on this drug has been the worst mistake of my life. I am a 52 year old married guy who has been on this drug for about the last seven years. The previous years of my adult life were productive and enjoyable, now days I just seem to exist like a caged animal. I have quit the drugs for months at a time, but gained lots of weight and struggled to even get off the couch. Prior to going on this drug I had launched and managed three businesses, personally built three houses and ran a youth sports league with 2000 kids. I have experienced just about every side effect mentioned; high blood pressure, skin rashes, severe constipation, teeth grinding, obsessive behaviors, racing heart, but yet I can’t quit. I can’t believe the drug industry, medical industry and our government would condone this drug considering what I have learned about it over the last few years. Especially considering Shire bought the formulation which was originally marketed as Obetrol, a weight loss drug in the 60′s and 70′s that was apparently taken off the market because too many women were addicted to it, relabeled it and marketed it to kids in the 90′s!

  104. I’ve recently been permanently disabled due to severe unknown cardiac conditions… well, a few are known of, but my condition is nothing any cardiologist in Boise Idaho has ever seen let alone a St. Judes Representative. I was born with SVT that presented itself in 1999, age 19. After undergoing 2 heart surgeries, a pacemaker and numerous tests, I am now disabled. I have a new baby on top of all of this. In 2009, I was taking the 20mg Barr Brand Adderall. I had severe complications during the months of June, July and in August was told the SVT had returned, over riding my dual chamber, top ventricular pacing pacemaker. I was placed on Heart Failure Medication. Do I believe the Adderall being twice the actual dose per pill had everything to do with my current condition? No. However, as I stated my life took a turn for the worse during that recall as did my health ultimately leading to loss in my career and completely bed ridden by November 2009. I still take the Barr brand Adderall however, I switched to the 30 mg tablets after the 2009 recall. I would suggest others do the same as the Recall has occurred again.

  105. I also have severe kidney issues not too mention went to see an eye doctor for the first time in my life. I have 20/15 vision yet still need glasses? I lost everything in my life at this time on my life… well at least thats about the time things started going downhill head first. June and July of 2009 was the beginning of my end… I’ve lost everything including myself. It is absolutely concerning to me that marijuana is illegal and wayyyyy tooo many are sitting in prison or jail for such a harmless substance yet these drug companies are allowed to profit billions from us and putting us all in harms way to do it…….. WELCOME TO AMERICA… LAND OF THE FREE RIGHT????

  106. I have taken adderall for a year now. Mine is the 973/20 orange. I started off with the blue tablet.

    i lost my appetite severely last July,then got really sick to my stomach. After several E.R.visits w/in a week. My gi dr did an endoscopy on me and diagnosed me w/gastroparesis. I had to have a wire in my stomach,up my esophagus and out my mouth. Then I now have an implant. I just started back on the adderall and it caused such severe abdominal pain that I had to stop it.

  107. I see this recall was in 2009, for b/973, 2/0.. yet I have the same recalled pills in my 2011 prescription fill in my hand now… What do we do about being sold recalled pills from 2 years ago? My Lawyer is lovin this :( I wish an organization would stand up for us voters that are being heavily medicated by drugs under the law, prescribed to help us, all the while stats show thses prescription drugs arent helping anyone evolve what so ever… they are stunting our growth, creating dependances, and numberous other terrible side effects.

  108. Why is such a big differences between manufactures when it comes to the same medicine..Then when u try to find out what the differences are, u can;

  109. this is an outrage. Adderrall is the best drug out there for adhd anybody that has complained about any side effects obviously dosen’t know how to take it correctly, because of everyones over paranoid complaints people like me who need to take it everyday are now stuck without it because they are recalling it all over some stupid made up complaints i’ve been on it since 9th grade i’m 24 years old now and am in perfect health so for all of you that felt the need to complain thanks a lot cuz i’ve been without it for days and can’t find it so screw you all!!!!!

  110. Goes to show that the standard refrain of pharmacists and insurers that there is no difference is an often mistaken generality. Not necessarily bad. My Dr. told me to make sure to go to Rite-Aid or other pharmacy ro get the Barr orange ovals, because his patients getting the other brands from Walgreens complained that they didn’t work. There was something wrong with the others! Heather is right. If you get too much out of the brand you’re taking, take less or ask for a different brand. Don’t turn it in to a basis for suing for profit and make the very useful drug unavailable to those of us who need it and have some common sense. There’s a nationwide shortage now, and the dangers of the basic drug are no different.

  111. The people at Barr Pharmaceuticals are liars!!!!!!! I reported to them the serious side effects my daughter was having via email to their web site in August 2009, and I never heard back from them! I also made a copy of that email. I didn’t realize at that time that I was no longer getting the name brand Adderall, and for two months, my daughter and my family went through Hell! We were frightened of her when she suddenly became extremely violent and was severely scratching/pinching/hitting everyone, threatening to kill us with knives, screaming, throwing heavy items and breaking items. She was agitated, restless and also had insomnia. We all have scars on our arms from her scratching us and I also have them on my face. I was looking at putting my daughter in an institution and then I discovered that the pharmacy filled her prescription with the new Barr generic 20mg XR. She NEVER had any of these side effects with the name brand Adderall! I immediately made an appointment with her doctor and applied to have the name brand approved for the insurance. When we stopped the generic Barr Adderall, the side effects immediately stopped!!! My poor child and family suffered because of this horrible drug. Of course, they never let me know that there was a recall and I just found out now. If there is a class action lawsuit, I will happily join in!!!!!!

  112. My husband is a OTA and works with Doctors all day, He was told by a Doctor friend of his that “Dr’s just practice medicine, which means they are only about 50% sure of what they are doing”. Same goes for Pharmaceutical companies….WTF?

    And for the past year or so I have been getting terrible headaches, I’m talking light out, don’t move kind of headaches. First it started maybe one every 3 months then once a month and now I had 2 in 10 days? I finally went to my Dr and she said it could be the Generic brand of my medication, I thought they had to have the same active ingredient yes they do but it could be a different % of that ingredient. Oh come on !!!!

  113. September, following 3 months of taking the “super pill”, I have been diagnosed with neuropathy, diabetes, chronic headaches, and high blood pressure. I have been fighting these conditions for 2 years. Prior to the incident my headaches were not as bad and I had perfect blood pressure. I was not able to work from December 09 until August ’11. I am still battling the headaches, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

  114. I am another victim. Usually take the Barr 10mg 2x/day. Due to the unavailability of that generic the pharmacy replaced it with the 20mg “Super Pill” that I broke in half every day for a month. I thought I was going crazy. Debilitating headaches and a brain fog that was like nothing I ever experienced before. It made me sick and completely unable to function. I unfortunately did not realize it was this stupid superpill causing my sickness until I took it for a month. I am lucky, I began feeling better within ONE day of dc’ing it. BEWARE OF BIG PHARMA. & WHY is Walmart still allowed to dispense this pill two years later?

  115. I took one of the 20mg adds and noticed that it made sex feel sensational! An orgasm lasted at least 2mins, and I felt high. I saved everylast one of those pills and told my pharmacist I flushed them, so I got 120 more for free. The super adds, I save them for when I’m about to get sexual with my GF, and may take one when I really have a lot of paperwork to do, my advice is don’t take the whole pill, even the beads themselves are XR. Split it or third it, no need to take them back, & you mite find them useful in sexual situations…;)

  116. i was on adderal 10mg xr, then i switched to the generic, 20mg. wasnt xr, i took them for a week and noticed a big change, i wasnt focused, i was tired all the time, and it felt like i was a zombie,, but when i was on adderal xr my whole life changed,, my husband even noticed i was a different person not just cause of the stimulant but because i was more focused and organized. so i went online to see the side effects of the generic and i run into this about the recall,,, my pills have the same stamp on them , could they be from the same lot.

  117. On October 31, 2012, I had my prescription for Amphetamine Salt Combo (30mg) tablets filled at Walgreens. I noticed that the new prescription was a different size, shape, and color from my previous prescriptions. When I started taking this new prescription, I began having daily side effects of constant nausea, headaches, nervousness, and irritability. In addition, I noticed that I was not getting the same results for my ADD.
    I spoke to the Walgreens pharmacist and told him of my symptoms associated with the new prescription. He told me that they are receiving the medication from a different manufacturer called Teva/Barr. My previous prescriptions were from CorePharma. Teva Pharmaceutical Company bought out the Barr Pharmaceutical Company in 2008. Therefore, prescriptions labeled with either Teva or Barr are the same and manufactured by the Teva Pharmaceutical Company.
    I called several pharmacies until I located the medication from CorePharma at K-Mart. When I picked up my prescription from K-Mart on 11/29/2012, I told the pharmacist about my side effects and the ineffectiveness associated with the Teva/Barr brand medication. He informed me that I was not the only customer that has expressed the same complaints about the Teva/Barr brand amphetamine tablets.
    I went online and did a search for Teva/Barr amphetamine tablets side effects. I was amazed at how many people have reported the same side effects and/or ineffectiveness of this drug. I started taking the CorePharma brand medication on 11/30/2012 and did not have any side effects. In addition, I am once again experiencing the drug’s effectiveness for my ADD.
    I hope that by reporting the unpleasant side effects and the ineffectiveness of the Amphetamine Salt Combo Tablets manufactured by the Teva/Barr pharmaceutical company will prevent others from having to suffer from the same consequences that I endured for the past month.

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