Gynecological Malpractice Lawsuit Filed Over Undisclosed Burns

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By: Staff Writers | Published: October 26th, 2010

An Ohio woman has filed a malpractice lawsuit against a gynecologist who she says botched an endometrial ablation and failed to tell her that she suffered severe burns to her genintal area from scalding liquid during the procedure. 

The gynecological malpractice lawsuit was filed in Hamilton County court by Pamela Williams, who is suing Bethesda Hospital and Dr. Alan Altman, head of the hospital’s Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Williams herself is a Bethesda Hospital employee of 14 years, and works in the public relations department.

An endometrial ablation involves a procedure where the uterus is filled with a saline solution heated to about 195 degrees Fahrenheit in order to destroy the endometrial lining of a woman’s uterus. The procedure is usually used on patients who suffer from excessive bleeding during their menstrual cycle and do not wish to have a hysterectomy. The procedure is contraindicated for women who want to get pregnant. Women are usually given a local anesthetic during the procedure.

According to the complaint, Altman failed to keep the hot liquid inside of Williams uterus, and it flowed out and caused tissue damage to her vagina, rectal and other areas. Williams claims that Altman never told her about the error and she did not discover the damage until she developed second and third-degree burns.

Altman, who has allegedly admitted to never having read the operator’s manual for the hot saline-filled wand used during the procedure, has accused the two nurses assisting him of failing to turn off the machine in time to prevent the liquid from overflowing, according to a report published by Altman maintains that he did not deviate from standards of care.

However, the two nurses have said that they never heard Altman give the warning to turn the machine off. The lawsuit claims Altman ignored warning beeps from the machine trying to alert him to stop the procedure to prevent Williams from being burned.

The lawsuit seeks an unspecified amount of damages from the hospital and Altman for Williams and her husband.

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  1. You shouldn’t always believe what you read. If you weren’t there, you don’t really know…and for the record…she sued for 1.2 million but only got 30,000….I don’t think that’s a win!

  2. After procedure I bleed just as heavy for one year after.( or heavier) My pain is worse now than before surgery. I have to take 4 advils and 2 tylonels …….that often doesn’t do the trick. Now I have had other symtoms……..I wish i never had this procedure. I FEEL its better to have a complete removal of female organs …….

  3. i had ablation done damaged all of my pelvic organs had to get 2 surgeries ablation done in 2005 dr did not know what she was doing do not get this preocedure ihad scar tissue all over my pelvic organs had to get cat scan from another dr 2 surgeries 2009 2011 still trying to recover I missed 5 months out of work I had pockets all over my organs do npt get this procedure you will burn when I had ablation done I did not know what I was signing get a hysterectomy I had endometriosis did not know it you will suffer if you get scar tissue

  4. i had the ablation also.It stopped my period for two months after that every time a week befor my period until it goes off also.i was in so much pain !!I told my Dr. he kept talking about if the pain consists that I would have tgo have a hysterectomy,I told him no i’m not ,i’m only 38 then,I was.i’m 39 now I got a second opinon and that Dr. fixed my problem this year in january 2013.My hole some how closed after the ablaton and it would not allow my menstrual to flow out,so when the second dr.did my sugery he saved me.It should be a law suit out for endometriosis ablation,that stuff not no joke,i thought i was gone die!!!!!

  5. Please contact me for information on a class action lawsuit against the procedure. I had nova sure in january of 2013 I am 41 and Im not sure but I think I died on the opperating table because a nurse came out of the surgical area where i was having this done and told my family that they thought they lost me but i survived, however when I got my medical records from the hospitol after a couple days following the surgery there was no mention of this incident. I have since had sever pain, blood clots and discharge bad enough to scare me to the er 2x and also back to gynocologist who performed procedure. I can\’t control my bladder anymore and this is destroying my life. I have to change clothes and panties 4 to 5 times a day I refuse to wear a fucking diaper or huge pad between my legs when I am i n the prime of my life. I am also sick of my 16 year old being embarrased in public when his mother smells like piss. I was told i wouldnt gain weight bullshit I have gained 40 fucking lbs. I want to squish the bitch who ruined my life along with the makers of this botch surgery. I am waiting for appointment with different gyno and really scared what he will tell me. Apparently doctors push this bullshit surgery because it pays alot really fast and surgery doesnt take long. This is in humane I have been to other sites where stories are worse than mine. These money hungry bastards are destroying lives all for money. And there has been death. Why the hell is this fair. Its not and power comes in number. Please dont just complain lets make these evil sons of bitches pay!!!

  6. My wife had the procedure done a few months ago, she now has the worst abdominal pains every month. She cries from the pain, we\\\’ve been to the E.R. and they can\\\’t find anything wrong. cat scans, ultra sounds, blood tests show nothing. The obgyn put her back on birth control, nothing helps. I feel so sorry for her because she is not a complainer or a hypochondriac. Don\\\’t know where to turn, she\\\’s 33 and this is ruining her quality of life.

  7. I had the procedure done I still bleed it didn’t stop mine and I still have pain and my back hurts me

  8. Nova sure put me back on the operating table 1.5 days after the procedure because it burned thrum my uterus and small bowel. 7 days in ICU..hysterectomy…bowel resection..and full of infection!!!! 1 year of deciding to have the procedure has made my life hell not only for me but also mu finance…I am in pain sec drive..severe pain with sec and since the surgery awful weight gain..bloat …water retention..gallnladder attacks and just plain miserable and I have no way to turn….. Angry and sad altogether with young children and one severely autistic…. I would take back my decision almost a year ago if these complications were listed!!!!

  9. I had an ablation done about 3 years ago. The first maybe year was ok. Barely any period at all. Thought it was a miracle! The the pain started. The first time I felt the pains, which were worse than LABOR pains, I went to the hospital. They thought it was appendicitis! I had multiple tests done, including STD screenings (how embarassing when you KNOW you dont have any) and ultrasound, only to be told they dont see anything. I went to my ob/gyn a month or so later when the pains hit me so bad at work I had to leave. My gyn sent me to have a vaginal ultrasound ( extremely uncomfortable and embarassing). This showed nothing as well. Dr recommended a D&C which I refused. By now I am scared to death to have any additional procedures done. The pain still comes. Not every month, but about every other. I am very upset I was not informed this could happen at all. The pain is so bad it makes you cry. I cant function when in pain. These people need to be sued for our pain and suffering.

  10. I had this procedure done December 2013. The doctor told me I would only have a few side effects that was a huge lie. Two weeks after the procedure I started my normal period and bleed for a month. I still was in pain and bloating out of this world I looked 6 months pregnant. When I went in for my two weeks check up I was bleeding. After waiting 8 weeks I tried to have intercourse with my husband but I was in soooo much pain and started bleeding again. I have a low sex drive now and I’m only 30. I have cramps even when I’m not on my period and have to take Tylenol often. My life really sucks and all the doctor wants to do is make me have a hysterectomy. I’m more than sure if enough people come foward something will be done.

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