Invisalign Invisible Braces Linked to Reports of Serious Allergic Reactions

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Federal investigators have issued a warning to the makers of Invisalign for a failure to notify the FDA about potential problems with their invisible braces, which have reportedly caused some users to suffer extreme allergic reactions. 

The FDA Invisalign “invisible braces” warning letter was issued last month and accuses Align Technology, Inc. of failing to pass on adverse event reports to the agency in a timely manner. Some of the complaints, which include incidents of severe allergic reactions that have required hospitalization in some cases, date back to November 2007, but were not reported to the FDA as required by law.

According to the warning letter, allergic reactions to Invisalign braces reported by users include swollen and irritated lips, sore throats, a burning sensation on the tongue, ulcerations in the mouth and swollen lymph nodes. In some instances Invisalign side effects led consumers to stop using the braces.

Federal regulations require medical device and drug companies who receive consumer complaints regarding potential side effects of their products to forward those adverse event reports on to FDA within 30 calendar days of receiving them or otherwise becoming aware of the incident.

In a response to the letter, Align Technology said in a press release that it was attempting to fully comply with the FDA’s concerns, that they are turning over all copies of documentation requested by the agency and that they want to resolve the issue “with minimal impact on the company.”

Align Technology claims that the Invisalign system has been used by more than 1.3 million people since it received FDA approval in 1998. The product line includes Invisalign, Invisalign Teen, Invisalign Assist, Invisalign Express and Vivera Retainers. It was not clear from the warning letter which Invisalign products were associated with the reported problems and which were not.

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  1. linda Reply

    Afer using Invisalign for two years, in December 2010, the first incident, I awoke to severely swollen lips and face. I had chapped lips, cracked and bleeding mouth corners, a burning, tinling sensation of the tongue. This condition continues today with the addition of the inside of my mouth and gums are bleeding and so inflamed and I do not want to brush my teeth or rinse. My skin itches. This condition has continued with lessening and worsening until today.
    I went to an allergist and was tested for food allergies. Negative. I have gone to two other doctors. I have restricted my diet, kept food intake logs. I am frustrated and fell horrible.
    The last doctor has suggested I no longer use the aligners. This is day 3 and the condition seems to be lessening however I have been told by the doctors that it could take a month for all symptoms to disappear.
    Why was I or my dentist not notified by Invisalign that this condition could occur? How did they get FDA approval?

    In December 2010 I received my first mailed-directly-to-me replacement aligners from Invisalign via Mexico. Then my nighmare began.

  2. Beverly Reply

    I’m sorry that you didn’t yank those suckers out of your mouth at the first sign of trouble. That’s what I did when I began to cough inexplicably. I asked myself, “what is different that could be causing this cough?” The only difference was the Invisalign plates. I immediately discontinued use. I showed my ortho the many complaints about this product, he contacted the company and they replaced the trays with their hypoallergenic version which gives me no trouble. I would go to acupuncture or a naturopath or someone who can help strengthen your immune system as soon as possible. Good Luck.

  3. Karen Reply

    Hi Beverly, i had been using invisalign since Nov 2011. In December i had the most awful cold and flu like symptoms with a hacking cough. I was ill continuously for the next 5 months with excruciating headaches, coughing and a feeling of fluid on my chest. I went to the docs 3 times (i just thought i had a recurring cold). I was prescribed a course of antibiotics which i took reluctantly as i had not taken them for years as i prefer to let my own immunity fight a cold. But i was so rough that i needed something. I know that normally within a day or so, you start to feel better with antibiotics – but as directed I took the whole course. I was no better. I could not exercise and was short of breath performing activities that would normally be a breeze. The final straw came this spring when i attempted a bike ride with my husband. I believe i had what can only be described as an asthma attack. Eventually I took my aligners out for 48hours at one point and realised there was an improvement. I have since returned to the dentist with my issue. He tells me that this has occurred in only 0.1% of circumstances. My health has improved dramatically in the 2 months that i have not worn the aligners. I am now wearing a standard retainer. My dentist now tells me the only option is fixed braces. This is not an option or me as I want invisible ones as per the value proposition sold by Invisalign. He tells me that Invisalign dont do hypoallergenic versions. So, Beverly I am keen to know how you managed to get the hypoallergenic versions. Can you let me know.

  4. Danielle Reply

    I had the same symptoms as you can they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. They thought I had cancer bc I had swollen lymph nodes all over my body some the size of a golf ball. I had extreme fatigue to the point I couldn’t go to work or get out of bed so then they thought it was mono but it wasn’t. I spent 2 yrs going to doctors- hematologist, ent, rheumatologist, cat scans,X-rays and they all showed nothing. I felt no one believed me anymore. On top of it all I then started suffering with extreme gastrointestinal issues. I had refused to go to more specialists bc I just couldn’t deal with it. I heard from a friend whose brother is going through the same exact thing as me and she called me to tell me it happened as soon as he began Invisalign. I almost fainted and then realized that my symptoms were at that time as well. I’m so upset that there’s no documentation about this so I called my dentist today and he says he’s never heard of this at all and he didn’t offer me any hypoallergenic options bc he said this reaction was not possible. I showed him all of this info and he doesn’t believe me… Very interesting. I’m contacting the FDA and will get to the bottom of this bc no one should ever go thorough what we all did. I spent months on diff. medications, had to be put on steroids bc my throat was closing and thought out all theses treatments nothing worked.

  5. Diana Reply

    Like some of you, the first symptom I had was a horribly dry mouth I could not relieve. I felt perhaps there was some type of residue on the braces so soaked them in Retainer Brite. The dry mouth continued so I tried soaking in a solution of vinegar and warm water. Nothing seemed to change. Over months the dry mouth became less of a problem but I developed a cough. At first I thought it was environmental allergies but the cough continued on to the point that I visited my primary care physician. She gave me all the prescription medications which have cured any cough in the past. The cough continued. We went on a short vacation and one night I forgot to wear the Invisaligns. Magically, within less than 24 hours, my cough was gone. Because I already have two autoimmune diseases, I don\’t want to risk putting whatever chemicals there are in the Invisaligns in my body any longer. I\’m very disappointed my dentist didn\’t warn me in advance about all the possible side effects.

  6. Suresh Reply

    Hey Guys,

    Thanks for all the messages above, now I know my invisalign might be the root cause for my severe allergic reactions. I tried braces first however I had ulcers, then I tired Invisalign, initially it was good and I thanked GOD that I have some fix for my teeth. however I was always getting ulcers in my mouth etc and it was manageable. but since 1 week my cold, sneezing and runny nose is so bad, I am totally exhausted, I was scared that I had asthma. very scared to see bleed in my nose some times. few hours back I removed it. let me see for few days if it can fix the issue. BTW I see that someone said they have hypo allergic ones, if it is there, could you please let me know.

  7. Rebecca Reply

    I tried the Invisaligns for about five months. Almost immediately, I started having asthma-type problems, a sore throat, and had swollen lymph nodes in my neck. I always felt like I was walking through a smoky room (I have never smoked in my life.) My doctor ran several tests, and my eosinophils (sp?) were elevated. I stopped using the aligners at that time (almost five months ago), and my eosinophils returned to normal. However, my body is still reacting. I still have the “smoky room” feeling in my throat and esophagus, and asthma problems. (I have had exercise-induced asthma in the past, but it always went away when I was in good shape (which I’m in now).) My swollen lymph nodes gradually returned to normal, but it took several months.

  8. shannon Reply

    I haven’t wore my invisalign in a while so I clean them and I put them back in. Then I felt like my breathing went shallow like slow. Then my chest felt like I had an elephant sittimg on my chest. Pretty scary feeling. And the thing is the invisalign never madse me feel like this. And I don’t have an allergies.

  9. Gigi Reply

    I started invisalign almost 2 years ago. On day two of my first tray I had a sore throat/ear pain/swollen neck lymph nodes. These symptoms re-occurred about 5-6 times in the following months, and my lymph nodes started getting bigger. I’m not an allergic person and never had asthma, so I didn’t even think about the connection with the trays. I thought I was getting run down by work/stress, and under advice of my doc I got tested for HIV/lymphoma/glandular fever etc – all negative. I decided to stop worrying about this until I changed my tray one day and got 4 mouth ulcers and the symptoms again with crazy swollen painful neck and jaw lymph nodes, and that’s when I realized that it was the invisalign causing these problems. I spoke to my otho and he brushed it off saying it was impossible as he never heard of it. So I continued the treatment for another 6 months- at which point one of my neck lymph nodes got to the size of a walnut, and excruciatingly painful. I have recently stopped invisalign as I though this was really affecting my health – my teeth feel very uncomfortable without the retainers as they have been moved for over a year and now cannot settle… my lymph nodes are less painful but still big, and I suspect will be so for a few months at least… what a complete and utter nightmare- I wish I had never embarked in this treatment or was advised correctly as soon as I started having these problems!!! Glad I am not alone, though…

  10. Jocelyn Reply

    I used Invisalign trays around 2003-2004 and have been using the Vivera retainers since completion during the night. The beginning of June this year, the soft tissues in my mouth (mostly my upper and lower lip) maintained a gradual swelling over the course of almost two weeks. Along with the swelling, I experienced a burning sensation on my tounge as well as on my lips. I saw my allergist, my pcp and a GI. So far, everything has checked out fine. I was suggested to stop use of my trays and was placed on a 5 day treatment of Prednisone, though the swelling was still unexplained. My symptoms resolved after two weeks of the irritation without the use of the trays.

    After nearly a week without the irritation, my teeth grinding prompted me to use the tray again (unaware at this time the tray had caused the issue). The following day, the tissues in my lower mouth began a tingling sensation and presumed to enlarge again! Though not as bad as the initial reaction, it is so frustrating. It has been two days and nights without the retainer and the swelling and irritation has maintained. I have an appointment with my dentist this Friday and have placed a call to my allergist again.

    I am almost certain that the trays have caused this reaction now. What if anything can be done about this? SO frustrating.

  11. Lisa Reply

    I am so glad I made this connection and searched this after a sleepless night from a mysterious allergic reaction. I started invisalign 2 days ago. Yesterday, I started getting irritated areas on my tongue and swollen lymphs. But days end…my tongue had swollen and I was getting itchy all over. Calling my ortho 1st thing and getting a refund. Thanks to all for your posts.

  12. Jennifer Reply

    I started my first set of trays in May of this year, I went through 6 sets of tray. All the while in communication with my dentist that something was wrong. My lips were swollen, chapped, even bleeding. My throat felt like it as closing up and I had trouble swallowing. My dentist was able to provide me with a new set of hypoallergenic trays. I wore tray 6, 7 and 8 of the hypoallergenic trays just fine, my lips were back to normal size and no tingle feeling or swollen throat issues.

    Now today, I put in tray #9 and bam! Swollen lips, chapped and my throat is closing up!
    I think the manufacture in Mexico tossed in a regular tray thinking I wouldn’t notice!!
    Well I have and I am not happy!!!!

  13. Grace Reply

    My lips began bleeding, on and off, starting on my first set of Invisalign more than a year ago. It’s also accompanied by constant sore throat and dry mouth. I have tried all possible remedies but nothing helps. I toughed it out all this time until my lower lip was infected recently. It was so painful it was impossible for me to function at all. My family physician had to treat me with antibiotics. When I talked to my orthodontist later he said Invisalign is FDA approved and it should not be causing these kinds of problems. Now I know better, thanks to all who are sharing your experience. Like couple other people, I’d like to know where/how to get the hypoallergenic trays as my orthodontist didn’t seem to know there is such a version. Beverly and Jennifer, do you know if your doctor had to contact Invisalign directly to request for the hypoallergenic trays? I’d do the same if that’s the extra step I need to take to ensure I will not be suffering further because of the material used in my Invisalign trays.

  14. Navin Reply

    I’m a man in my mid 30s and I’ve this strong man ego to ignore certain bodily discomforts as far as possible and not mention about it. To tell you my story, I’ve completed my invisalign treatment and I’m now on retainer. They said it might take 1 year but the treatment took me little over 2 years. I couldn’t say anything back because they entrapped me by having me sign all those fineprint paperworks. You are all right, I’ve had exact same symptoms. Got severe sore throat, overall discomfort and irritation in mouth everytime I changed new aligner. But it faded within days as I knew I’m coping certain allergic reactions to the plastic. I was asking myself to ‘cope it, cope it’. Somehow I wanted to get my teeth back in shape and so I decided stay on it and be suffered. But I didn’t know it would cause so many other health problems other than mouth discomfort. I spent thousands of dollars on my gastrointestinal issues I thought was totally unrelated to this allergic reaction. My physicians were clueless what’s wrong with me, because tests would come normal. They prescribed me anti-anxiety pills since nothing wrong is found in me, they decided it’s my stress causing all that physical problems. I denied taking anti-anxiety pill, as I’m an avid meditator and practice spiritual lifestyle. Now, I’ve gotten my retainer as the treatment came to it’s end last year, ever since my mouth is subtly burning off and on. It’s just random, the problem would vary. Sometimes it’s my back of the tongue feels like burning, sometimes my lips, and sometimes I would feel if someone is squeezing my neck I mean felt tightness in my throat. They again tried to prescribe me anti-anxiety and some nasal spray. I told them I still have a bottle from my last prescription and denied am not gonna use those anxiety pill but okayed to nasal spray. Didn’t do anything. So, it seems like I’ve been tolerating it for long time than you guys.
    Some of the symptoms I’ve had is:
    -Unexplained lethargy
    -Appetite swing
    -panic attacks
    -overall mouth discomfort on every new aligner change
    -sore throat, sore mouth

    Symptoms now I have is:
    -subtle lip/tongue burning
    -throat discomfort.
    -lymph discomfort, ear tube irritation(I guess)
    -back of my throat and dull ache in the upper back spine area..

    Can you guys imagine, I went to ENT to get me scoped three times in less than six months and they saw nothing wrong out there. ? One ND prescribed me strong sets of antibiotics thinking those bad guys in my tummy may be acting up? So many blood tests, stool tests, pressure etc etc.. nothing serious would come up.

    Yes, at certain point I thought I had cancer and demanded doctors to run those tests while doing all bloodworks, they would look at me strangely and few days later, they would convince me, “you are all right, reports are normal, don’t think too much, you are stressed out, may be a change of job.. etc etc” .

    I’m gonna get back in touch with those orthodontist and describe all this. Probably sue them.

  15. Jacey Reply

    I started my invisalign treatment in Oct 2009. Almost immediately I developed a bad cough which led to a bad cold. The cold went away but the cough persisted. I visited my doctors about the cough but they couldn’t find anything wrong. My dentist noticed the cough and I mentioned to him that it started the time of my first tray but he brushed it off. I continued my treatment for 2.5 years.
    Five years later I still have the cough. I’ve done several breathing tests, been to ENTs, respirologists and done MRIs/CT scans., cancer, TB tests – they showed nothing wrong with me. I mentioned the invisaligns to the specialists but they won’t hear me. A few weeks ago I got a cold – took Buckley’s Complete……to my amazement the cough subsided a lot. Last week I decided to put my retainer on and the cough is back. I believe it is the plastic that is causing the cough. The scary part is I don’t know how much damage the invisaligns have caused.

  16. Gayle Reply

    As like many of the other stories on this forum, I too have all those symptoms. I just completed 14 months of Invisalign and two days after I got my retainers, I came down with the worst sinus headache ever. My right eye, jaw, ear, head, neck, teeth were all extremely sore. I thought I just had a really bad cold so persisted for about 2 weeks before heading to the clinic to get checked out. He said I had a viral sinus infection, so I had to do the sinus rinse and wait it out. Meanwhile I went back to the orthodontist to get him to check me out and he said it must just be a sinus problem. Then I waited again before finally being able to get in to see my regular doctor and the tests all began. Blood tests, xrays of chest and sinuses, negative. Then I decided to do some googling on the internet and found a few places of people with symptoms just like mine. Back to the orthodontist and he made me a new set of retainers and they seem to be fine except the right jaw area around the eye and top of the teeth is extremely sore. When I push on all the top teeth, they don’t hurt. This morning as I write this, my right jaw area feels like it is the size of a golf ball yet it doesn’t look any different. My tongue is still has a bit of a burning sensation on the right as well. I have another call into the orthodontist and we’ll see how he wants to proceed now as I’m at my wits end and don’t know where else to go from here.

  17. Janet Reply

    My son almost died from invisalign braces. It’s been almost three years since he has had them in and he still has pain attacks, no appetite and has basically been forced to quit school as he is ill so much. Was the healthiest child before putting those poisonous things in his mouth. Dentist,doctors and even the ceo of align technologies and health Canada refused to do anything to help him If anyone is considering a case against them, I am the one to talk to as I have everything documented and am ready to sue..

  18. Ali Reply

    I started my first set of trays last Tuesday. I was in-bed ill with terrible mouth pain for five days. My tongue was swollen, my throat was swollen and I felt like I had strep throat. I had watery eyes and I was sneezing. Incredibly, I just thought this was my body getting used to the trays.

    Then when I couldn’t talk at all on day five due to intense tongue swelling which made it absolutely impossible to swallow and my tongue erupted in sores, I yanked those trays out and began to feel better pretty much within an hour. The sores are still healing, but I am myself again. Its the weekend so I can’t contact my orthodontist. I payed almost $5k for these trays so he better have a solution!

    I started Googling Invisalign problems and I feel bad that in all my years of researching this product, I never once saw any mention of allergies and sores. I wish I had gone with regular braces at this point and am hoping my ortho recommends that as well. We will see what happens, but as it is, I will not be putting those poison pellets back in my mouth. Everyone trying to “tough it out” may be forcing your body to be on fight mode, which will lower your immune system and could trigger other illnesses. You have to be careful with allergies.

  19. Liz Reply

    I started my Invisalign just before Christmas, and for the first 2 weeks all was well, but two days into the second set of aligners I began to feel very uncomfortable having them in my mouth, had two days of bad nausea then started to develop a dry cough that became almost constant. My tongue felt one afternoon as if I had burnt in but I couldn’t think of anything I had eaten or drunk that was very hot. I then experience two short panic attacks and woke one night sweating. I took the trays out the cough lessoned immediately, back in it started again. I agreed with my dentist to cease wearing them immediately two days ago until it is reviewed with the manufacturer. 36hrs of not wearing them and I am still feeling nauseous and sometimes start coughing and dry retching. I feel I must be having a reaction to something toxic. I am amazed that no allergy testing is not done on such an expensive product when clearly others are suffering as well and that if there is a hypoallergenic option why is this not offered at the outset? I am not sure what to do next.

  20. Laura Reply

    My daughter was rip off by out dentist. By getting invisalign for her. I made a huge mistake by letting a regular dentist that not a orthodontist. On September 2014 she received a small blue tray. With her first tray only and the bottom tray did not even fit. That was a red flag right there he was showing her how to make the bottom tray fit. By putting two dental swabs on her bottom tray and where it ,until it losen it up to fit.I told his assistant she’s 20 years old ad she not going to do that. I told her to ordr a new tray which they never did. She was told the next time you come in you will have a new tray. They always had a excuse why a new tray was not available. She went back 3 to 4 more times. Always the same story On Dec 2014. I realized he was cutting corners with my daughter. I told them how I felt and she’s not coming back. I did my homework after that. It was not invisalign if it was it comes in a box with many sets of trays aligners. with her name on it. When my daughter stared crying in the car she was very upset she has to start all over. With either braces or invisalign somewhere else. It upset me so much to find out that all the ortho money was use all up from my insurance and my husband. And Next week she will have to start all over by a real orthodonist. And now I have to pay more money. Its not fair I’m fighting grievance at this moment . Not sure if I’m getting my ortho money back from both claims. I will sue him if I dont get my money back. He’s a crook dentist he needs to pay for the damage he cause my daughter.Depression over this situation. He charges both insurance for the same treatment. One tray since September and on December when I spoke up. Why don’t you ever have new trays for my daughter. He said because the holidays. Really since Sept 2014.

  21. Missy Reply

    People, obtain the material data sheet on Invisalign. It contains a toxic chemical called MDI used in polyurethane. It is hazardous /toxic to those exposed it. Will cause immune problems and slowed functioning. Read about it. Imagine it being in your mouth, saliva and enzymes breaking it down and into your tissues/blood through the port of entry of the mouth sores caused by the aligner trays. Company doesn’t disclose hypoallergenic trays are available but they are. Request the MDS first and learn what is in the product. It’s not “just plastic” that your dentist or ortho will tell you. Huge physical health risks.

  22. RTM Reply

    This is so crazy! I started my Invisalign 3 weeks ago. After a week of having them in, I lost all sense of taste and my tongue feels like I burnt it. I also have a tingling/numb sensation on my tongue. I went to my dentist today and she feels like I could be having a reaction to the trays. Well duh! Now I’m reading about so many other people with similar if not worse symptoms! This is horrible! I’m sorry for all of us experiencing this and hope the horrible conditions go away soon!

  23. VAL Reply

    It has been 3 days since I started with Invisalign. I have developed red welts up and down my neck and into my chest. My neck is very sore. I called after reading the sheet that was given to me that warned of adverse allergic reactions in some and was told not to continue wearing them. I have an appointment with the dentist on Monday and will see what will transpire but I will not continue wearing them. Thank you for these comments.

  24. Sandy Reply

    I had my Invisalign for 10 days and I’ve been having this terrible coughing that kept me up and awake all night. This started immediately the day after I put my first trays on. I had sore throat, coughing, mouth ulcer, itching in my mouth, tongue and throat, feeling of burnt tongue, and wheezing or asthma-like symptoms. Three days after my cough started, I consulted my PD and he prescribed me a Z-pack which I took the full course. On top of that I am taking Claritin and Flonase for my allergy. I was a little suspicious about the Invisalign so I googled it and check out for side effects. I found a websites that tells of two possible allergic reactions from wearing Invisalign such as sore throat and coughing, both of which I have experienced. So I contacted my dentist about it and he told me to stop using the aligners for a day or two. But then I wasn’t too sure if it’s the aligners that caused my terrible coughing or just the pollens. So I told him I’m just going to tough it out coz I dont wanna go back to week 1 of using the aligners. But 10 days later and still on medications, the coughing didn’t show any sign of improving. I still have the sore on the corner of my mouth, my tongue hurts, my throat itchy , I felt dizzy spells,. So I searched the net again for possible allergic reactions to Invisalign and voila, I found this website and read about all your comments and reactions! I was horrified to say the least. I didn’t even wait to speak with my dentist. I took them off right away. As I write this comment, it is now 20 hours after I stopped wearing my aligners and I’m still coughing terribly with all the other issues that I mentioned I have.

  25. Lisa Reply

    I embarked on the invisalign journey in february of this year. I opted for the propel treatment to expedite the length of treatment. This meant I was changing my trays on average every 5 days. Within a week of wearing invisalign I developed a severe sore throat, ear pain like I had never experienced (think ice picks being jabbed into my ears) and a high fever. I chalked it up to strep throat being as how I am a nurse and work in an emergency department. My primary care physician wrote me a prescription for antibiotics. I finished the course of antibiotics and the sore throat persisted along with the ear pain and seriously swollen lymph nodes, hard as rocks. I revisited my pcp several times over the following two months. I mentioned to the Orthodontist in each visit about the sore throat and the ear pain. He never made a suggestion or inquired about my symptoms. I was given three additional rounds of different antibiotics and steroids along with allergy medications by my PCP. I was run down, short of breath, an tired of being in pain. It was literally wreaking havoc on my life. I finally made a trip to an ENT, only to have a horrible scope pushed through my nares and down into my throat all to find nothing. Approximately three months into treatment I considered that it might just be the invisalign. I didn’t want it to be, I desperately wanted to perfect my smile. I took the invisalign out and discontinued using for three days. Symptoms were subsiding. I called the ortho to have the buttons removed within that same week. My symptoms went away instantly. However, Im still out the already $4k I paid for the treatment, and an additional $1500 chasing other doctors around to get to the bottom of my symptoms. I am a nurse and used my own common sense to determine I was having an allergic reaction when an orthodontist, general physician and an ear nose throat specialist could not. So frustrating. I will strongly advise against this product after reading everything I have regarding its composition and health hazards.

  26. Barb Reply

    Hi everyone here!
    Well, first, let me say I WISH I would have found and read this site PRIOR to Invisalign. I’ve been in treatment for breast cancer and after the ordeal of that was mostly done, stupid me… I decided to straighten my teeth. I do have to say, my teeth were not very crooked and was not noticeable. Knowing I would not be able to do regular braces, I thought I’d try Invisalign. I spoke with my dentist and my orthdontist and they thought this would work. When I was fitted for the trays, I ended up having 8 upper and 14 lower “attachments” put on some of my teeth. In case any of you don’t know what this is, it’s little dots of dental cement that they put on the teeth so the Invisalign moves those teeth.
    I started my trays approximately 6 weeks ago. The next day, the inside of my mouth was bleeding, very sore, inside of my lips was starting to swell, and it felt like the trays were cutting me. I called the orthodontist immediately and went back in. He trimmed the trays and we thought everything was fine.
    Over the next few days, my lips hurt, mouth was bleeding on and off, and as many of you mentioned, I started getting a sore throat and cough. I called the orthodontist again. Another trip in and more trimming and “adjusting” the trays. Also the attachments were cutting the inside of my mouth.
    This routine continued through the 1st two weeks. Then I was to go to tray # 2.
    I started tray # 2 and more of the same painful symptoms and another trip to the orthodontist. He also filed down some of the attachments.
    Two weeks ago I started tray # 3. The same day my mouth began to hurt so bad I thought something serious was wrong with me. And also, more of that cough that won’t go away.
    I called the orthodontist and he had gone on vacation. His office said to leave tray # 2 in for now until he could look at my issues.
    Last weekend, my tongue, which has been uncomfortable the entire time, began to swell on one side. I removed the trays and left them out of my mouth. My tongue has a “boil” or pimple type area on the under left side. It is finally beginning to calm down but is still very sore and PAINFUL! Also it is bleeding on and off.
    I saw the ortho today and he said it’s rare to have a reaction to the trays but that some people do. I told him I’ve not had the trays in for 4 days and my mouth is finally beginning to calm down but still hurts. He took pictures of my tongue to show the Ivisalign representative so they can document my reaction. As far as I know, they are going to give me back the money I’ve already paid – $4,000.
    I wish the dental doctor’s would completely explain that you can have more medical problems from Invisalign. If I had know this was all possible I would have NEVER done this. I’m just glad I did not continue using this product and this has only been 6 weeks!
    I’m so sorry everyone here has gone through such pain!

  27. Laurie Reply

    I started invisalign in August. I wish I would have read these stories sooner. I had them in and the next day I started getting a tingling in my lips , they would swell, peel and are so dry. I was not able to to go past the 2nd tray. I was never warned that some people can have an allergy to them. They said to stop if I wanted and they would order hypoallergenic tray for me. THERE ARE NO HYPOALLERGENIC INVISALIGN. The minute I put the so called hypoallergenic trays in I felt the same thing immediately. So I took them out and went to an allergist. he said it may take 1 to 3 months for the symptoms to go away. So Called the dentist and I was told that they are not really hypoallergenic but run through again to get rid of more of the product . I would have never put them in my mouth again if I had known. So pissed.
    My lips swell, burn , tingle and peel it is 2 months now.

  28. PN Reply

    I only lasted 5 days. I also wish I had seen these comments beforehand. I was in excruciating pain by my 5th day. The burning sensation in my mouth and tongue was intolerable. I lost 5 lbs in 4 days because eating was so painful. By the 5th day, I was unable to speak. I had researched Invisalign prior to getting them but had never heard of allergic reactions or the burning tongue reaction. I ended my treatment on the 5th day and was so relieved to be free of the pain. My entire system felt off kilter and is still recovering. How sad that I spent $3,800 to endure 5 days of pain. Absolutely regret my decision, however, my dentist may refund a small portion.

  29. Marilu Reply

    I started Invisalign in May of this year, right after using the tray I started having sore throat , dry chapped lips, swollen lynfo, I felt like I’ll, I was feeling nausea and once during a meeting for work I had to run to the bathroom as I felt extremely nauseated and felt I had to throw up. Well the worse has still to come, my immune system started reacting to many things and I suddenly also developed metal allergies and I was feeling metal in my mouth and was giving me bad allergic reaction as my throat felt like flooding up so I immediately was getting Benadryl. Well after 2 weeks I started understaffing that it was Invisalign that was causing this, so I tried to not wear the trays for about 3-4 days and my symptoms were great,y improving so I called my doctor and he said that it is rare but that the have hypoallergenic ones, I absolutely did not want to try them, I was dine with this. Well the main problem is that it seems that the plastic trays intoxicated my body and my immune system got more sensitive and started reacting to almost everything which brought me several times to the hospital and has to take cortisone and other medicines to call this down. After almost 5 months of stopping using the Invisalign I still have the consequences of the 2 weeks I have been using them. Why they do not give the hypoallergenic ones since the beginning? What there is no warning about these reactions? Invisalign is a scam, I would not suggest it to no one. I think it would be right to sue them, it is not correct for us to go through something horrible like this. Good luck to everybody!!

  30. Jodi Reply

    I cannot believe that I just found this site. I joined the Invisalign bandwagon in 2012 and had many issues with the trays cutting the inside of my mouth. However, my plight escalated to the extreme. After almost 1 1/2 years of the Invisalign saga of discomfort, I finally said enough is enough! My tongue was killing me 2 months before I stopped. I believed it to be an irritation from my tongue rubbing up against the trays on the left side of my mouth. However, after we stopped the treatment, my tongue persisted to hurt immensely. I ended up going to an orthodontist (a dentist applied the Invisalign), to help put my teeth back in place and hopefully stop the discomfort in my tongue by doing that. However, after being n braces for 15 months, trying different tweaking methods to try to give me some relief, there has been only a little relief. My tongue burns constantly. I went to an ENT specialist to check my tongue and he said it was perfectly healthy to the eye. I went to my dentist and he said the same thing about the health of my tongue. BUT, I feel the continuous friction of the rubbing up against my teeth. Finally, my dentist today believe that there is some nerve damage caused by the invisalign that is giving me the burning sensation. What to do now? I am still searching for that answer.

  31. Shirley Reply

    I didn’t know this site existed until I google Invisalign and sore throat. I have been wearing Invisalign for six weeks now. Every seven days I put in a new tray. The fifth week I noticed a different taste on the plastic. The next day my lips were swollen tongue swollen throat extremely sore face itch tongue numb face swollen and inside my mouth was very red and sore and I was nauseous couldn’t eat. Went to the Doctor he treated me for allergies. Four days later it flared back up. again I was treated for allergies. Tuesday l put in my sixth set Wednesday I was back been treated for allergies again. I prayed went to Walmart bought me some Lysine for my lips. I went home took the Invisalign off and soaked them in in some dawn dish washing detergent drank me some warm lemon water swished some warm salted water around in my mouth several times put some ice on my lips then I put the Invisalign back in my mouth after an hour. Today is Thanksgiving. I have no problem eating and I have no symptoms. I will wait until Saturday to see if what I did work since I flare up every four days. Plastic never been good not even with bottle water. I’m drinking plenty of water because those Invisalign are full of bacteria in the mouth. Glad I found this site!

  32. Cara Reply

    Luckily I stumbled upon this while searching if the marble size ball under the inside of my lower lips is caused by invisalign. I’m so upset. I have not had chronic chapped and peeling lips since I was 20. I’m 39 now. Also, being someone who practices yoga I like to do deep breathing exercises… not since starting Invisalign nearly 2 months ago. Today while sitting at my desk I felt a marble size lump inside the skin between my lower lip and chin. I freaked out! I just took my trays out, and will not do anything else until I speak with my Orthodontist. Why doesn’t everyone get Hypoallergenic Invisalign? This makes no sense!

  33. Brandy Reply

    I started Invisalign and shortly after started having shortness of breath and gum irritation. Once I reached my 3rd Trey or so I noticed a big purple spot was forming on my upper lip as well as my gum where the Invisalign touched. I was concerned as to what may have caused it. I immediately thought it may be my Invisalign but once I mentioned it to my orthodontis, he dismissed the idea of it being an allergic reaction so I went to the doctor and they ran many tests which came back normal. I demanded they send me to a skin specialist and they diagnosed me with dermatitis which is an allergy/allergic reaction. She advised I stop using Invisalign and after a month of discontinuing my huge purple spot on my lip has faded tremendously to where I don’t have to wear lip stick to cover it. But it is still slightly noticable. Not to mention my testh are now Crooked because I had to doscontinue. So much money wasted I pray they make this right by refunding my money or something this is insane how much stress I have gone through trying to find out why I am having a hard time breathing let alone have a huge purple spot on my upper lip that can’t be disguised with the darkest lip stick smh dot ever do Invisalign so not worth it!! I may have to sue this is insane all these complaints and I wasn’t even notified that there are potential health risks associated with Invisalign.

  34. Naoka Reply

    I started my invisalign december 16th, 2015. I first noticed pain in my back so I assumed it was my lungs. Since it was winter time I figured it was just a bug I had caught. Four days into my invisalign the pain in back spread to my chest. I started having a shortness of breath and I also felt completely exhausted even though I was not tired. That same day I noticed a swollen lymph node under my armpit and tiny sores on my gum line, however it wasnt where the invisalign touched. I then googled mouth sores associated with invisalign and found this website! I immediately took them out. Most of the symptoms have subsided but I still feel like there is something stuck in my throat and chest. I seen my ortho today (Jan 5 2016) and he assures me that it is not invisalign but I dont believe him and Im not willing to chance it again like he suggest I should.

  35. Xiomara Reply

    Can’t sleep 3am. I started using invisiline in Oct 2015 just before we went on a cruise. Three days in I woke up with a swollen lip. Since my immunity is low I thought I had been parting to much and my body could not take it. A few months later a woke up with swollen lymph nodes and felt like a cold and with a swollen lip. I have small bumpd on my lips and they also peel. I through maybe a was having as reaction to alcohol, stress, starting my cyclkr or oils that I started using. A few weeks ago I call my orthodontist and told them about my lips situation and they stated that the trays did not cause my symptoms that I have cold sores. After reading this took of my trays.I will be going to the office and talking to my orthodontist. My teeth are fine the reason I was wearing them is because I have tmj. Thank you so much for this site.

  36. debbie Reply

    got my first tray on March 3rd.A few hours after wearing the first invisalign retainers I felt my tongue burning.My lips were swallen and had blisters on my tongue and lips.
    I wore the retainers about 32 hours thinking that I might be a crying baby.The cement put on my teeth tore my skin all over. the sharp edges of the retainers cut my skin and tongue or so I thought.
    Went to see another dentist who made the cement bumps smoother and cut part of the sharp edges of the retainers.
    I wore the retainers for a another day thinking it would be better which never happened.
    Called my Orthodontist and he reassured me things would be all right. Could not stand it and took the retainers out for a few days.
    The symptoms subsided a lot but did not completely disappeard. That was when I thought that I have an allergic reaction to the retainers.
    After the symptoms calm down I started wearing the retainers again for about 3 days which were a nightmare. All the symptoms from before and many others appeared,like head aches,ears aches,jaws aches,nausea,stomach cramps and diarrhea ,mouth ulcers.dried mouth,dizziness. I stopped wering the retainers for 2 days and the symptoms got a bit better.
    Called my Orthodontist again and he told me to wear the retainers in intervals of 2 hours to get used to them and that I should see him to try to fix the retainers. When I told him that I have an allergic reaction he said that it is impossible because my retainers are Hypoallegenic.
    I put back the retainers back on my teethe and the symptoms were back within a short time like minutes.
    I am so mad at the orthodontist for dismissing my complains.
    I am going to see him in a few days and try to get a refund for my money.Without any doubt I am not going to wear these invisalign retainers.

  37. marion Reply

    my name is marion i had the same problem with invisalign the orthodontist that i had did not care his name was gersh i went throught the treatment it has been a year and i am still having problems excess saliva can any one helpme i hope you can contact me so we can talk

  38. Elle Reply

    I decided to get the Invisalign Express 10 (five trays over 10 weeks) for some minor shifting that’s occurred as I’ve gotten older (I had braces in middle school back in the 80s). Although I did experience allergic reactions, mine were isolated to my mouth area alone, specifically my lips, corners of my mouth and the skin surrounding my lips. It definitely caused some pain and discomfort, but it was so unsightly and very noticeable. The dry mouth with wearing the trays was beyond annoying, so I initially thought the chapped lips and mouth irritation was a result of that. One mouth corner was really irritated…I thought I was getting a cold sore, but never happened. Took some Acyclovir just in case, no improvement. Also took Lysine supplement and applied Lysine ointmemt, also no help. My lips felt hot, and I had a red ring on the skin surrounding my mouth, which also felt hot. I could always tell when the redness got worse without looking because of that hot feeling. One corner of my mouth was just raw. I was afraid to open my mouth that much because the skin felt so tight, I thought it would crack and bleed. My whole mouth area just hurt (but not inside…no sores, no swollen tongue). I also don’t recall any coldlike symptoms, but I also have allergies so maybe it didn’t register with me. I Googled for dry mouth/irritation with the Invisalign for suggestions and learned about the history with allergic reactions to invisalign and that there was a hypoallergenic version. I hit Invisalign up on Twitter asking for advice bc I was having a reaction. They responded quickly, told me to stop wearing the trays, contact my dentist and follow a link to fill out infomercial they could contact me directly. Had a dentist appnt a cple days later and showed him the problem. Invisalign replaced all of my trays with the so-called hypoallergenic tryas. Same thing happened within 8 hours of wearing those. They said they have, one more option/type of tray and I’ll get those in a week. BUT, this 3rd option is simply the first or at least a previous version. And the only difference b/t the 1st trays I got and the “hypoallergenic” is a slightly different polyurethane. At least Invisalign has offered to give me a full refund if this 3rd set doesn’t work. Still sucks bc my teeth have already moved and my night guard no longer fits and it’s $800 for a new one. I wish I never started with Invisalign at all. The redness still hasn’t fully healed and still often gets inflamed on one side, and that’s after only having the 2nd set in for 8 hours over the past three weeks or so. Starting to think it will never go away. The Rx my dermatologist give me for it is over $300 (not covered by my insurance…and it cost me a $70 co-pay) so I can’t afford to fill the script.

  39. maria Reply

    I’ve been using Invisalign bracets since july 2015.I was stuck in bed for almost 2 month with severe abdominal inflammation and the cause was not found. I was diagnosed with burnout in december and further in february. In may I stopped working already taking antidepressants.I could not move.Dizziness, foggy vision, strong headaches, chronic fatigue, pain in the bones and veins were some of the symptoms. I only associated that with Invisalign after reading exactly the same reports in internet. After quitting Invisalign I recovered.

  40. Jennifer Reply

    I had a similar reaction within minutes of getting Invisalign . My lips and gums burned , I was dizzy , had flu-like symptoms( sore throat , achy , chills ) , and my neck got stiff . I went to the ER and asked me what I had today and I told them Invisalign was done and they said it was an allergic reaction . Very scary !!!
    Is anything being done about this ?

  41. Dana Reply

    I can’t get a refund because of no official doctor’s report?
    What if people don’t have a health insurance like me?
    I should pay few thousand dollars by cash to find out the cause of the symptoms,

    (I’ve already talked with friends and doctor friend,
    many people they paid few thousand dollars with health insurance to see the doctors…)

    If the return money is only $250.00,
    I can’t spend more than $250.00 dollars by cash, right?
    Please let me know how much will be the refund, then maybe I will go to see the doctors.

    If you have an official letter from clear correct representatives, could you forward me that?
    Can I talk / send a letter to clear correct directly?

    BTW, can you replace the trays with hypoallergenic version?

    Thank you,

  42. Gina Reply

    I started wearing Invisalign in October 2015. I experienced dry lips from the very start, but it was fall and the furnace was starting to run so I thought it was just that the house was dry. Now it is July 2016 and my lips are still dry. If that were my only problem, I would be fine with it. However, I have been getting recurrent cold sores. These cold sores, if that is really what they are, don’t respond the Abreva or Lysine like previous colds sores did. I have also gotten them within a few hours of having impressions taken for the Invisalign. That got me to wondering if the cold sores and dry mouth was caused by my Invisalign. I did a search and found this site. I am on my second set of aligners and about two and a half months away from finishing so I might just try to tough it out. I am hoping that the retainer won’t cause the same problem. At least I will only have to wear that at night. Does anyone know if the retainer is made out of the same material?

  43. Laura Reply

    Has anyone experienced feeling overheated? Excessive sweating? Difficulty breathing or asthma like symptoms? Since I started Invisaligns a year ago I have excessive sweating day and night. I have never had trouble breathing before I started wearing Invisaligns. Then I see this site. I will read the MSDS sheet on the plastic. Why wasn’t I given any material that would warn me of this?

  44. Phyllis Reply

    I wore the Invisalign braces without issues for 1 1/2 of the 2 years that I was scheduled to use them. Gradually I started feeling “off” and it got to the point where my throat felt tight and I felt spacey and like I was having a panic attack. There was no reason to have a panic attack and they had never happened previously. I went to the fire station to have my vitals checked. Oxygen levels were fine, heart rate up a bit and having PVCs – they suggested I see an allergist. I made it home; something told me to google Invisalign and allergic reactions. I took out the braces and took a Claritin. Started to feel more normal after half hour or so. Left the braces out, had to take the Claritin daily (still do even though the braces have been out now for many months) plus additional vitamin C for the anti histamine effect. Did see allergist, explained what had happened. She did some tests; ended up doing a nebulizer treatment to increase lung air flow. A blood tryptase level came back elevated; this can be associated with an increased risk of severe allergic reactions. My younger sister, who gets allergy shots weekly, also tested with an elevated tryptase level. Interestingly enough, I had additional labs, IgE and RAST testing and they all came back completely NEGATIVE. No food or environmental allergies (they don’t test for chemicals like whatever is used in the braces). My orthodentist had a retainer made for me, stainless steel with some type of plastic (different from the invisalign material) for the part that is in the back of the retainer. Within minutes of inserting the retainer my throat tightened so I yanked it out and immediately took 6 additional grams of vitamin C. Symptoms eased after half hour or so. When I read online about some other people who had had reactions, they commented about the sense of panic and anxiety; some had local swelling or blisters. No one had warned me about any of this before I started. I now notice on the TV commercials for the Invisalign there is a caution about possible rare allergic reactions. Too bad I couldn’t be refunded for the unused trays. This treatment is EXPENSIVE.

  45. Bun Reply

    Hi There! I had most of the symptoms in the beginning, but I noticed after a month of suffering in my bed from fever, headaches, servere cough, swollen throat, low energy, tired, and allergies, I thought it was from food poisoning, since a friend and son had it. I have never been that sick in my life, I thought maybe it was in the air.

    Someone mentioned the loss of taste. I have that with the loss of smell. I now have this strange smell and it’s hard to enjoy food. It’s like a cheesy/chemical taste and smell, its stronger depending on my surroundings, like smoke the smell gets worse. I also went from 145-150 lbs to now 121 Ibs. Later I had no idea what was causing everything. I thought maybe it was Cancer, Candida, or Diabetics. I wonder if it affected my mental health, since I was confused and had a hard time remembering things. I am so grateful to The Lord for directing me to look closer to the dangers of the trays. I’m surprised the dentist did not mention the hypoloallergic trays, or share other people’s side effects, and share the chemical ingredients. I removed them three days ago, now experiencing itch and headaches. My ortho. office recommended a fluoride toothpaste: Colgate, PrevilDent 5000, which I will stop using as well, and go back to Tom’s non-fluoride toothpaste, I heard fluoride is very bad. Dentists say use only a little bit, but if you brush your teeth more than twice a day, the fluoride adds up. Thank you all so much for your comments!!

  46. TP Reply

    I have had my Invisalign since Jan. of 2016 and I’m at the refinement stage now. I would be done, but have to do a few more tweaks. I have had the worst migraines of my life during the course of this treatment and I thought it was stress related. I had to be put on prescription migraine medication and even still when I get them I am paralyzed with pain. I truly believe these retainers have caused it. I’ve also been dizzy, light headed and get extreme motion sickness. I never used to experience any of these things until a couple months into my treatment. They have to be related. Looking forward to getting these things out and detoxing/cleansing. Hopefully symptoms will resolve when I do.

  47. Daniella Reply

    I got a plastic retainer my lips swelled I had seizures and emergencies now im disabled in college wondering how I can find enough to eat.

  48. Jenna Reply

    I am floored! I am a dental hygienist. I have worked in dental since I was 17 years old and simply stocking rooms, and am now 42. It’s all I know, professionally. But, as I sit here, in bed, at 2am, with super swollen lips, I am in total disbelief! Here is my story. The orthodontist that we refer our patients to was so kind as to offer to realign my teeth for me, February, 16′! Note: After a first, successful round of Invisalign in 2003, followed by 9 years of wearing Invisalign retainers at night, religiously, and WITHOUT any side effects, my retainers had broken. After about a year and a half of not wearing them, my teeth had shifted, considerably, which brings us to today. Right about the time I received my first set of trays, in February of this year, I began to have a significant occurrence of hives. Full body, head to toe. I immediately began taking antihistamines, Benadryl, Zyrtec, Allegra, alternating. Had no idea, till this very night, that this could be from Invisalign!!! My hives were so intense that if I skipped even one day of antihistamines, I’d wake with an entire body full of raised, burning, itchy hives, ALL OVER. Because my insurance is horrible, and specialists are expensive, I chalked them up to seasonal allergies (that I had also experienced during a majorly stressful time in my life, 16 years ago, also resulting in hives), so, I continued to treat my symptoms with antihistamines. However, the seasons have changed, and I am still medicating, since February! Am still medicating, to this very day! Now, this lip swelling thing has been off and on, and getting progressively worse, throughout all of this, but I hadnt connected it (till tonight) to the retainers. I thought it was my lip balm. Thought, maybe, the face masks that we wear at the dental office? So, I have discontinued use of both of those things, for about a month, now. (Wearing a face shield, instead of a mask, while treating patients). No recent swellings of my lips, so I hoped I had solved the problem. Till tonight. Put my new retainer in, around 9pm, tonight (tray #3 of 7, for this newest ‘revision’), and just woke with a hugely swollen lip, swollen tongue (both, rt side), and extreme tightness in my chest! So, I began to search the Web to see if there were any others out there, like me, with this same experience. (Imagine my surprise). And, yes, I also have been having inflamed lymph nodes in my neck (thyroid area) and a few, the size of golf balls, a few months ago, in the back of my neck! Chalked those up to a history of cat dander allergy, or seasonal stuff?! I am astounded that after reading all of your posts, (there are many!), these crazy symptoms are definitely related, and due to the Invisalign trays!!! It all makes sense now! I am in shock. And, I must say, a bit embarrassed, that I didn’t connect all these dots till now! Thank God for the Web and for all you amazing people that took the time to share your stories. Forgot to add that my lips have also been significantly dry and burning, lately. And, with removing lip balms, of any kind, from my routine, they have felt even worse! So, now what? Going to call my orthodontist as soon as the sun is up!!! Oh, and I’d better get these retainers out, stat!
    Sincere thanks to you all!

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