Levaquin Lawsuit

The antibiotic Levaquin has been associated with side effects that could increase the risk of tendon ruptures and permanent damage to the tendon, resulting in hundreds of failure to warn lawsuits filed throughout the United States. The manufacturers now face questions about whether adequate warnings have been provided about the risk of retina detachment with Levaquin.

STATUS OF LEVAQUIN LITIGATION: All federal Levaquin tendon rupture lawsuits have been consolidated in an MDL before Judge John R. Tunheim in the U.S. District Court for the District of Minnesota, and a large number of cases are also centralized in New Jersey state court. As of mid-2012, reports suggest that Levaquin settlement agreements have been reached in some cases.

Although most lawyers are no longer reviewing new claims for individuals diagnosed with tendon damage, lawsuits for retina detachment injuries on Levaquin are being evaluated, as a result of the drug maker’s failure to adequately research the medication or warn about the risk of the eye problems.


MANUFACTURER: Johnson & Johnson’s Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

OVERVIEW: Levaquin (levofloxacin) is an antibiotic that is part of a group of drugs known as fluoroquinolones. It is prescribed to prevent infection by stopping the reproduction of bacteria.

Approved by the FDA in December 1996, Levaquin has become one of the more commonly prescribed antibiotics. In 2005, annual sales exceeded $2.3 billion.

LEVAQUIN TENDON RUPTURE SIDE EFFECTS: The use of Levaquin has been associated with an increased risk of tendon ruptures, tendon damage and tendonitis, which has left many users permanently disabled after taking the drug.

The risk of tendon ruptures has been associated with all fluroquinolone antibiotics, but the risk appears to be greater with Levaquin. According to reports received by the FDA, Levaquin tendon ruptures accounted for 61% of all fluoroquinolone-associated ruptures between November 1997 and December 2005. However, the drug only accounted for about 45% of all prescriptions written for fluoroquinolones during that time.

A tendon rupture is a very painful injury that often requires surgery to repair the tendon damage. Symptoms associated with a Levaquin induced tendon rupture could include swelling, inflammation or pain.

The most frequently ruptured tendon with Levaquin is the Achilles tendon, in the heel. However, reports have also indicate Levaquin side effects could cause tendon ruptures of the shoulder, biceps, hand and thumb.

The risk of Levaquin tendon rupture side effects is said to be higher among those who are 60 years of age or older

LEVAQUIN BLACK BOX WARNING: In July 2008, the FDA announced that the makers of all fluoroquinolone antibiotics, including Levaquin, will add more prominent language about he risk of tendon damage to a “black box” on the label. In addition, the manufacturers will provide a medication guide which better informs users about the potential side effects of the drugs, and that they should consult with a doctor at the first sign of tendon pain.

In August 2006, the consumer advocacy group Public Citizen filed a petition with the FDA requesting that these stronger warnings be provided, but the drug makers and FDA failed to take steps at that time to warn users. In January 2008, a Levaquin lawsuit was filed against the FDA alleging that their petition had been ignored.

LEVAQUIN RETINA DETACHMENT SIDE EFFECTS: Although doctors have long-suspected that Levaquin and other antibiotics in the same class of medications have a detrimental effect on connective tissues throughout the body, the manufacturers may have failed to adequately research or warn about the risk of eye problems and vision loss.

In April 2012, a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found that users of Levaquin may be five times more likely to suffer a retinal detachment, which is a medical emergency where the retina peels away from its underlying layer of support.

Some lawyers are now considering whether individuals may be entitled to financial compensation through a Levaquin retina detachment lawsuit if they suffered an injury, as proper warnings may have allowed individuals to avoid the eye problems, since prompt treatment may the retina from detaching completely.

Symptoms of a developing detached retina from Levaquin may include:

  • Flashes of Light
  • Floaters or “Hairs” Visible to the Temporal Side of the Central Vision
  • Dramatic Increases in the NUmber of Floaters
  • Feeling of Heaviness in the Eye
  • Dense Shadow Progressing from Peripheral to Central Vision
  • Impression that a Veil or Curtain Was Drawn Over Field of Vision
  • Central Vision Loss

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  1. sheila Reply

    i took levaquin a while back for a UTI and it almost killed me. i just took one pill and a few hours later i had severe diahherea and vomiting. the food i had eaten when i took the pill never got broken down (it was almost as if it was still on the plate). i could not digest solid food for about 6 weeks after this. i was very weak. i finally went to the emergency room and it was there that i first threw up and started to improve, but it took that 6 week period following the emergency room experience to get over it. a few years later my mom had to have more than 50% of her colon removed and when i visited her in the hospital she commented to me that she didnt think she would make it out alive from the surgery. i was somehow prompted to look at her IV bags and noticed that they had her on levaquin. i made the doctors take her off of it immediately and it was then that she started to improve. this is a highly dangerous drug and i highly recommend others to be careful in its use.

  2. Shan Reply

    I just had 3 500mg pills of levofloxacin. My right legs feels like it will break any moment. Right Knee aches if I walk few steps. Doctor only told me that he is going to give an antibiotic for 20 days. Unsuspecting, I had 3 pills. Since I read through the leaflet given along with the pills using a magnifying glass, I think I still can limp. I stopped taking it soon after I noticed the first sign of problems. I am not sure if this has helped me yet.

    I think I will have to start treatment soon to fight against disability. A good drug for the health care industry, this one. Doctors prescribe it and dont mention that this has a side effect , that may never go away and could even disable you. They dont give you a choice. I doubt there is something going on behind this drug.

  3. Teresa Reply

    I took levaquin for 18 days in November 2010 and I am still feeling the affects- chronic sore, stiff tendons in feet, ankles, fingers and wrists. I don\’t walk right anymore. I couldn\’t use my thumb for an entire month; it was so sore I had to turn off my ignition with my left hand. When moving the thumb, I could hear the tendons snap if I put my ear up to it. Sometimes I have trouble pushing myself up out of the tub as my wrists hurt too much. Every time I sit for a period of time, I have to carefully walk slowly as I am so sore and stiff. I talked to one lawyer but he wouldn\’t bother with me as I didn\’t have a ruptured tendon and he said that the chronic stiffnees etc. could be attributed to other problems. I believe that these drug companies need to be help responsible. I have heart irregularities which I am not sure if are caused by the levaquin. Doctors cannot seem to find out what is causing them. I can no longer do parts of my job or sleep well at night.

  4. Marg Reply

    I too had Levaquin for pneumonia in October 2012 and now am losing grip strength in my hands, have skin issues over Achilles\’ tendons and hands, elbows, calf. Have been treated with multiple topicals with no effect. Prednisone helped (given for lung issues) but once stopped, the rages occurred again. Biopsy inconclusive (dermatologist felt is psoriasis – no). The weakness will likely end my career as a therapist.

  5. Peter Reply

    I took Levaquin for an unknown illness in June 2013 and have been having serious side effects ever since. It started with painful ankles (even to stand for a few minutes) and progressed into my entire head, neck, and chest burning nonstop. This has continued on daily (until this day). In the last month, my ankles have started to vibrate and standing on them has become even more painful. I have developed numbness in my face (cheeks) as well that will not go away.

    I have been tested over and over – blood work for everything, MRIs of the brain and full spine, Cat Scan of the lungs, multiple x-rays, a halter monitor (for heart palpitations that started).

    I honestly have no clue what else to do. Insurance has run out and I can’t seem to stop any of the numbness, burning, or pain in my ankles.

    Please help!

  6. Russell N. Reply

    Don’t bother going after Levaquin drug manufacturers as they have been pardoned by Bush and if you do get a recovery on a class action it won’r be worth your time.It is same as Donald Trump running over you and making you unable to work and then he hands you a McDonald’s coupon for compensation.

  7. Vanessa Reply

    worse drug made me panic and had pain in sleep and awake , pain in legs locking up and electric shock feeling, thought i was seeing things and when sleep woke up with heart pounding.

  8. Aaron Reply

    I recently took levoflaxcin for an ear infection. I was taking 1 a day for ten days. On day 6 I participate in a flag football torunement. I am active and in goof shape. One the first play i was running acros the field and felt like someone hit me in the back of the leg. I turned around and no one was behind me. I instantly could not walk on my toes. I went to the ER and after showing the ER doctor what I was taking he showed me the box warning for.levoflaxcin. I then went and say a ortho doctor and was told I ruptured my planatris tendon likely from taking the drug. Othro doctor stated that i was in good shape as well. Looking for some information on what to do if i can do anything.

  9. Sandra Reply

    Took levequan for uti which it did not cure and have numbing in my fingers which is very bad and slight numbing and pain in my toes . Also have severe pain in my left bicep which makes sleeping almost impossible as it hurts so much . I did not exercise at all while on this drug for fear of Achilles tear so now I have to deal with the numbness and immobility in my right arm.

  10. Leftos Reply

    I started taking Levofloxasin 500mg two days ago, on October 8, 2014 after my doctor prescribed it for Bronchitis. The first day, after 2 hours I took the medicine I felt pain on my right leg by the heel. In a few hours it went away. I took the next dose on October 9, 2014. In 2/12 hours I developed pain on my left knee. This time the pain has been very severe to the point I walk with a limp. I took the medicine last knight at around 6:30 pm and I was with a lot of pain on my left knee all night. Right now is 10:00 am the next day October 10, 2014 and I still have a lot of pai. I called my doctor to see what he is going to say. I am waiting for his phone call. But after reading all the above comments, I am going to stop it regardless what my doctor will say. It is scary to even think what will happen if I continue taking this medicine. Meanwhile, I hope that I will not stay with this pain, at this level of pain for a long time.

  11. Linda Reply

    I was on Levaquin once before and didn’t haven any major problems. This time I’m 67 yrs old and finished ten days of 500 mg x2 a day for 7 days, and then 1 a day for the next 3 days. My feet have bothered me throughout the ten days. I finished taking the pills three days ago, but my feet, legs and knees have really bothered me more today. Tonight I was walking in my bedroom and my left knee gave way, and I had instant pain. It felt like something tore. I am icing it now and pray going to bed is the right thing to do. I don’t want to put any more medicine in my body, so I won’t take Aleve for the pain. Getting old is a pain, but I was leary of taking Levaquin, but nothing was curing my pneumonia and now it is almost 100% gone. What to do. What to do.

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