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Published: June 1st, 2012

The antibiotic Levaquin has been associated with side effects that could increase the risk of tendon ruptures and permanent damage to the tendon, resulting in hundreds of failure to warn lawsuits filed throughout the United States. The manufacturers now face questions about whether adequate warnings have been provided about the risk of retina detachment with Levaquin.

STATUS OF LEVAQUIN LITIGATION: All federal Levaquin tendon rupture lawsuits have been consolidated in an MDL before Judge John R. Tunheim in the U.S. District Court for the District of Minnesota, and a large number of cases are also centralized in New Jersey state court. As of mid-2012, reports suggest that Levaquin settlement agreements have been reached in some cases.

Although most lawyers are no longer reviewing new claims for individuals diagnosed with tendon damage, lawsuits for retina detachment injuries on Levaquin are being evaluated, as a result of the drug maker’s failure to adequately research the medication or warn about the risk of the eye problems.


MANUFACTURER: Johnson & Johnson’s Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

OVERVIEW: Levaquin (levofloxacin) is an antibiotic that is part of a group of drugs known as fluoroquinolones. It is prescribed to prevent infection by stopping the reproduction of bacteria.

Approved by the FDA in December 1996, Levaquin has become one of the more commonly prescribed antibiotics. In 2005, annual sales exceeded $2.3 billion.

LEVAQUIN TENDON RUPTURE SIDE EFFECTS: The use of Levaquin has been associated with an increased risk of tendon ruptures, tendon damage and tendonitis, which has left many users permanently disabled after taking the drug.

The risk of tendon ruptures has been associated with all fluroquinolone antibiotics, but the risk appears to be greater with Levaquin. According to reports received by the FDA, Levaquin tendon ruptures accounted for 61% of all fluoroquinolone-associated ruptures between November 1997 and December 2005. However, the drug only accounted for about 45% of all prescriptions written for fluoroquinolones during that time.

A tendon rupture is a very painful injury that often requires surgery to repair the tendon damage. Symptoms associated with a Levaquin induced tendon rupture could include swelling, inflammation or pain.

The most frequently ruptured tendon with Levaquin is the Achilles tendon, in the heel. However, reports have also indicate Levaquin side effects could cause tendon ruptures of the shoulder, biceps, hand and thumb.

The risk of Levaquin tendon rupture side effects is said to be higher among those who are 60 years of age or older

LEVAQUIN BLACK BOX WARNING: In July 2008, the FDA announced that the makers of all fluoroquinolone antibiotics, including Levaquin, will add more prominent language about he risk of tendon damage to a “black box” on the label. In addition, the manufacturers will provide a medication guide which better informs users about the potential side effects of the drugs, and that they should consult with a doctor at the first sign of tendon pain.

In August 2006, the consumer advocacy group Public Citizen filed a petition with the FDA requesting that these stronger warnings be provided, but the drug makers and FDA failed to take steps at that time to warn users. In January 2008, a Levaquin lawsuit was filed against the FDA alleging that their petition had been ignored.

LEVAQUIN RETINA DETACHMENT SIDE EFFECTS: Although doctors have long-suspected that Levaquin and other antibiotics in the same class of medications have a detrimental effect on connective tissues throughout the body, the manufacturers may have failed to adequately research or warn about the risk of eye problems and vision loss.

In April 2012, a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found that users of Levaquin may be five times more likely to suffer a retinal detachment, which is a medical emergency where the retina peels away from its underlying layer of support.

Some lawyers are now considering whether individuals may be entitled to financial compensation through a Levaquin retina detachment lawsuit if they suffered an injury, as proper warnings may have allowed individuals to avoid the eye problems, since prompt treatment may the retina from detaching completely.

Symptoms of a developing detached retina from Levaquin may include:

  • Flashes of Light
  • Floaters or “Hairs” Visible to the Temporal Side of the Central Vision
  • Dramatic Increases in the NUmber of Floaters
  • Feeling of Heaviness in the Eye
  • Dense Shadow Progressing from Peripheral to Central Vision
  • Impression that a Veil or Curtain Was Drawn Over Field of Vision
  • Central Vision Loss

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  1. i too have had tendon damage to the tendon in my foot planter fasitis. my elbows are in a great deal of pain. my hands feel like they have arthritis now my legs are very week and i was so tired and ached all over.

  2. i have tendon pain and have taken levaquin twice.

  3. have taken levequin since 2003 for sinus infections .
    I now suffer from panic attacks…have ringing in my ears,
    almost constant pain i my feet and heel area..leg pain at night
    and my neck and face seem swollen. also had cataracts at 58..
    I have not seen a doctor yet thinking the above was just getting older sydrome…but read an article on levequin and wow was convienced that it was the culprit of my symptoms..

  4. In March of 2008, I was hospitalized and put on levequin, by May 2008 I felt like I could die from the pain in my thumb swelling in my wrists. I let this pain go untreated for about 2 months before I starting getting treatment; however, I have been seeing a doctocr about this unbarable pain for about 4 months now and still there is no change with my pain or swelling it seems to be getting worse. I have had a MRI and an X-ray done only swelling showed up but not in the area that hurts. I am very much frustrated because I never ever get releif from this pain. My doctor has prescribed motrin 800 as well as vicodon 750 and even when I take them together the pain is still relatively strong, sometimes I can get a small amount of relief if I take 2 motrins but at the same time I know thats not safe not to mention my prescription stresses the take with food which reduces my daily intake because I dont have a desire to eat. Im suffering from a lost of appetite Im not able to do every day things without my wrist feeling like its popped out of place, I drop things, its like I have no strength in my right wrist sometimes I cant even move my thumb and the pain is worst in the morning, I can no longer pick up my son who is only one and now Im just awnry as hell because of this unexplained every day pain that the doctor cant prove I have. Also, my doctor now tells me I have dangerously high chelesterol…I asked if it could be depositing into my wrist he said its possible but rare. Im 31 and feel as though Im 90.


  6. after being given levaquin for a respitory infection i began having shoulder and wrist, thumb pain i felt like i had arthritis in my hands i also felt pain in my elbow i went from taking motrin to vicodin, dicoflenac none of them takes a all the pain away but they do take the edge off

  7. Took Avelox and walking became so difficult that I am now in a walking cast. Had MRI – micro tear of the posterior tibialis tendon. Pharmacist told me today, Avelox is in the same class of antibiotics as others that are connected to tendon problems. No warning from my doctor. I am 46. I have lost the ability to do my usual work because of this.


  9. This is painful for me to type. I had ankle surgery to fix a torn ligament and an ankle scope on Oct. 30, 2008. I was put on 500 mg of Levaquin to prevent infection. On Nov 4th, my entire body felt like it was beat up. I could barely get up off of the couch. I also developed severe pain and burning in my foot. I couldn’t support my weight on crutches due to pain in my arms & wrists. I took this dose for 10 days. On Nov 24th, I couldn’t take the pain anymore. I ended up being hospitalized for 10 days. I had severe swelling in my ankle and bruising up to & including my toes. The doc thought it was an infection so I was started on 2 types of IV antibiotics. Didn’t get any better. On Nov 26th, the doc tried to aspirate it and only dried blood came out. It was sent for a culture and came back negative. He asked me how my pain was and I told him the back of my ankle hurt really bad. He said “the MRI that was done on Nov 25th showed I developed tendinitis in the Achilles tendon. I asked him how that happened since I haven’t walked on that foot since my injury date of August 23rd. He said he wasn’t sure. I had 2 previous MRIs (Sept & Oct) which did not show tendinitis at all! On Dec. 1st I went back to the operating room so the doc could cut open the golfball size hematoma on the outside of my ankle. He got a lot of jelly-like blood from the back part of my ankle. He left the drain in overnight and then removed it. I was released on Dec 3rd with a script for 750 mg of Levaquin for 7 days (which I finished yesterday). The swelling is down about 25% and I have been out of the hospital for 8 days now. The pain in my body was so horrible today that I went to my family doctor. She did a thorough exam of my joints-which was complete agony!!!! She explained that she was going to run some tests to see what is wrong. She explained to me that she thinks this is a reaction to the Levaquin & she has had patients who have had ruptured tendons from this medication. She sent me for bloodwork and gave me a script for morphine (Avinza) to control the pain, which 750 mg of ES Vicodin and 800 mg of Ibuprofen didn’t make it any better. I feel helpless as my 9 year old has to do eveything for me because I simply cannot get up. I hope my doctor figures this out real soon! This is unreal to have to suffer like this. I will keep everyone on this page in my prayers! Good Luck to everyone!

  10. I was given Avelox 2 yrs ago for a sinus infection and needed to be rushed to the ER after having stroke like symptoms. My right arm wouldn’t move, my legs were weak, my eye sight wasn’t right and I had a difficult time taking. In the hospital they treated me for a severe reaction to this medicine and told me not to take any of the meds in this family. I had been on Levaquin prior to Avelox but I didn’t experience any of these symptoms then. I have had severe pain and weakness in my right shoulder,arm,elbow and hand for over a year. I was told it’s tendinitis and I go to PT. I never knew other people had similar problems being on this medicine.

  11. I took levaquin back in may 2008 it wsaas 3 day script to be taken the day before the day of and the day after I was scheduled for a biopsy, that was the middle of may 2008, I did not start noticing the that I was getting numbing sensations like pins and needles in my hands (both of them) until a few weeks ago which usually starts in the thumbs I ddi not think anything of it until I saw part of a commercial on tv for this medication and looked it up.

  12. I was given leviguin at my doctors office as samples for a 10 day period, which I believe turned out to be 20 days due to the problem not being resolved. I will have look this issue up, as I recall , it was because of the bacteria MRSA.
    While taking leviquin my shoulder began hurting. It got so bad , I could not lay on that side because of pain. The pain eventually went to above my elbow. I could not raise my arm and being right-handed, this became an issue. I told my doctor of this and the comment I got was “I never heard of this issue before”.
    It took about a year before I could use my right arm that I would consider near normal use. To this day, it is not bad to where it used to be.

  13. In January 2000 I was prescribed Levaquin for a urinary infection. In 2-3 days I had serious pain in both shoulders. I called the doctor several times, and was prescribed pain medication.

    The pain became so unbearable I went to the emergency room. They tried steroids, which had no benefit.

    No mention of a potential side effect of the Levaquin.

    I visited the doctor again after the 10 day course of Levaquin. He prescribed another ten days, even after the severe pain.

    My wife mentioned the possibility of a drug side effect. I studied the information delivered with the drug, and noticed the obscure warning about tendon damage.

    I called Ortho McNeill, and the lady I talked to said that the problem would go away with physical therapy and normal treatment for tendonitis.

    Over several months I was seen by 2 or 3 Orthopedists, had an MRI, and lots of Physical Therapy.

    None of this produced any satisfaction, and some doctors appeared to be afraid of potentially getting involved in a lawsuit.

    My next attempt was a Rheumatologist, who was unable to provide an effective solution.

    For eight years I have been unable to sleep properly due to the pain. I am unable to lift more that about 25-30 pounds, and that is with severe pain. I can not hold my Grandchildren. My wife has to put my luggage overhead when we travel. My golden years are very painful.

    And the biggest fallacy of the entire sequence is that I am not allergic to the old, effective medications such as Penicillin and Sulfa Drugs. I informed the Doctor who originally prescribed the drug of this fact, but he wanted to try this “new” drug. He said it was expensive, but my good insurance would cover it.

    A simple, cheap. pedestrian antibiotic would have been just as effective, and had none of these serious side effects. I would like to believe that had a black box warning been in place, the doctor would not have immediately chosen Levaquin.

  14. I was put on Levaquin 500 mg once a day due to a possible severe sinus infection…I am an RN and should have read the side effects but felt so sick that I was just relieved to take something…After just two days on Levaquin..woke up with prickly sensations and my entire body was bright red from head to toe..not just a rash..more like a second degree sunburn..tongue swollen and face more swollen…face was already swollen from sinus infection and I was already achy due to my previous high fevers and infection….by morning…EXTREMELY painful calves that Vicodin and Motrin did not touch..seemed to come in spasms or waves. Also, my wrists, ankles and elbows…if not for the rash..I would have thought these sudden pains were related to my infection and continued on the Levaquin…my fingers are still swollen and body still pink..after three days OFF of the drug…waiting for my symptoms to disappear and worried about the thousands of NON MEDICAL people who would continue taking this drug, after the pain symptoms…due to relating them to their infection…Still very uncomfortable and spasms of pain in hands and joints….missed work due to the Cure doing more harm than the original problem. Would love to see this drug pulled off the market…Will do a better job educating my patients about this.

  15. I took 750mgs of levaqin 0n January 27th and 28th and 500mgs for 5 days after that . Levaquin was given by my doctor from samples to treat a respiratory problem.No warnings came with the samples. also prednazone was given at the same time for the same problem.On january 30th I begun to experience pain in my left calf, the pain became worse so I called my doctor and he ordered a doppler scan of my leg to rule out a blood clot none was found. The same day I went back for the follow up and he prescribed another 7 days of levaquin and 5 days of prednazone. When I went to the drug store to get the prescriptions I read the information sheet that came with the medication and I realized that I was experiencing the symptoms described in the information sheet. In addition to the pain in my calf I have pain in my neck as though you slept on it wrong. also experiencing anxiety ,nervousness, ringing in my ears,and muscle fatigue.

  16. I was given a course of levaquin of 500 mg for 7 days for complications from oral surgery that resulted in a wound infection and a triggered sinus infection. The surgeon asked if I had ever taken the drug before which I had not, but did not offer any precaucions. With the exception of the bad tooth, I was in excellent health and only took a statin for boaderline cholesteral. Intially with the first does I had atypical anxiety, nightmares and a feeling like I was crawling out of my skin. By day three, my right knee had ballooned and was so painful I could not bear weight without the assist of a cane. I also had joint pain in both wrists fanning up my forearms.I was unable to grip anything due to the pain. On day 7, the last day of the course of the therapy I had an attack of crushing chest pain, burping, belching, gas, lightheadedness and dizziness, tingling and pressure at base of skull and crown of head. It subsided after 45 minutes, only to return almost daily for more than a month, now several times a week. The swelling in my knee has gone away, but both knees now buckle and pop and the wrist pain trends from moderate to severe day by day. I have been given gastro drugs that have been completely ineffective. I have seen my internist 3 times, an urgent care Dr. once, the gastro Dr. twice and been transported by paramedics to the ER for cardiac symptoms. I have been scoped, had a mid-section vital organ ultrasound, complete blood workup, cardiac stress test, etc. Some days I can’t walk, some days I can with a cane. I can’t drive due to lightheadedness. I can’t eat very many foods due to gastro symptoms. I feel like I am slowly dying from taking this drug. My health history is unremarkable with no major events. I am sensitive to antibiotics, but have never had a lingering reaction or anything this severe. I am now three months out from taking levaquin and as sick as the first week with regard to side effects, but considerably weaker overall from it’s toll.

  17. My problems began in October of 2008 when I took Levaquin for a sinus infection. Within two days my entire body hurt; all of my joints, especially my hips. Because the only thing I had done differently was to take the Levaquin I stopped. The pain to my joints slowly subsided except to my right knee which was swollen with fluid. It was drained, numerous tests conducted and I was given a shot of cortizone but it did not clear up. I had an MRI taken which showed tears to my medial & lateral miniscus. Everyone wanted to know how I injured myself but I didn’t. I did not fall, twist, or do anything to cause that injury. My belief is that either the Levaquin instigated some type of inflamation (and because of that) a pre-existing injury was found (that before had NOT caused me a problem) or the Levaquin did something to my knee joint; weakening it somehow causing the tears. I am now eight weeks post surgery and am still experiencing, what I believe to be, an excessive amount of overall body ache & joint pain and specifically a greater amount of joint pain to my right knee, then I feel is appropriate. I am 53 years old and was in very good shape and feel that taking the Levaquin was the worst thing I ever did. I have spoken to my doctor, who is a very conciencious and excellent doctor, and while he had recently heard about the connection between Levaquin and tendon issues it was appearently not raised as a serious issue or as an issue to older patients; which I think may be a problem because while my doctor thought I had received Levaquin in the past (without a problem) maybe it is not an issue when your 30 but dibilitating when your over 50? I’ve been to a physical therapist, for six weeks of therapy, and he thought that a lot of the pain I was describing to him was tendon pain. I’m just really disappointed in this whole affair and am very concerned about my long term prognosis and would like to know if I’ll recover.

  18. What about extremely severe skin rashes that actually look like the user (of levaquin) has first of second degree burns all over their body?

  19. I haven been on Leviquinn 500 mg, daily for approx 5 weeks, while treating another bacteria. I had the most excrusiating pain in my shoulders, knees and achilles tendons. I was completed dibilitaed. I went to a orthopedic surgeon to had my knees looked at. I received x-rays and MRI’s. I was diagnosed with menicus tear’s in both knees. I had surgery yesterday on the left knee. I will have 9 weeks of therapy. The right knee is equally painfull. I received two injections of steriods to this knee so that I cold function during the therapy. The right knee will be scheduled forsurgery in4-5 weeks. I continue to have pain in my shoulders and am scheduled for MRI’s next week. My infectious disease physician has removed me from the Leviquinn.

    This has been a horriable year for me. I searched for info on the internet and was stunned at the inofrmation I gathered regarding regarding this side effect.

  20. I am a New Zealander who was prescribed Levaquin for a UTI in Hyannis Mas. USA back 2001(?), and suffered archillies tendonitis in both heels. I was, and still am, on Prednisone and Cyclosporin for kidney transplant from 1995. Since then I’ve had years of undiagnosed aches and pains, been tested for all sorts, all negative. Just recently my tendons have become very thin and weak and since October 08 have had L bicep tendon tear, then R bicep tendon tear (both almost off the bone), as well as a week ago a hamstring tendon tear in bone area. I am very concerned that this may relate back to the Levaquin I took.

  21. DO NOT TAKE LEVAQUIN! I was diagnosed with a UTI and given a 7 day supply of Levaquin. I only took one pill and my left wrist and hand hurts extremely bad. I can barely move it. I called the Dr and she said it does not seem likely that this pain could be caused by the medication. But, I have not done anything to injure my wrist. I’m a 25 year old healthy woman and should not have to deal with this pain……It’s extremely uncomfortable and wakes me during the night. Stay away from this medication!

  22. [...] Side effects of Levaquin have been found to increase the risk of tendon damage. The FDA required that a “black box” warning be added to all of the antibiotics in this class in July 2008, warning users that they should contact their doctor immediately upon noticing any signs of tendon problems so that the medication can be stopped to reduce the risk of a tendon tear. [...]

  23. i was hospitalized for asthma and had a sinus infecton. they gave me levaquin drip. the same day after having the drip for several hours. i experienced having chills,lower extremities right leg weakness and numbness. it felt heavy and i couldnt move my leg. i had pain and suffered for two weeks. after another couple of weeks its my right side of my neck, down to my shoulder and my fingers. i had swelling, heavyness,pain, and muscle weakness. i couldnt get a grip of a spoon and glass. the symptoms started while i was working. i ended up in the emergency thinking i had a stroke. i couldnt even talk straight for awhile until they gave me something to calm my nerves. it happened from jan. 09 until now i am still in pain.

  24. I took Cipro and some of its related drugs for a persistent bladder infection while I was struggling to control my type 1 diabetes in the 80s and early 90s. In 1989, at age 29, I developed severe body aches that were wrongly attributed to “somatic complaints,” leading to an 8-year period in which I was unable to work. This began one year after I graduated from college.

    The repeated doses of Cipro went on with my having repeated severe bladder and kidney infections, which contributed to my complete kidney failure in 1994. Later that year I received a kidney-pancreas transplant. I was then given daily doses of Cipro prophylactically, to prevent constant bladder infections.

    During these years I had numerous hand operations for trigger finger/thumb. These were painful but necessary for me to retain the ability to type. The tenderness in my muscles seemed worst in my joints and tendons, especially after any sort of exercise began (such as walking), often making it hard for me to sleep at night.

    Now I have lost the pancreas to infection and subsequent damage, and have de Cuervain’s tenosynovitis in my left hand and very sore tendons in my right. I also have retraction of the tendons in both hands so severe that I can’t make the finger sign for number 3, or the sign language letter W. At this point I am unable to do much of anything physical.

    While it is a relief to know all of this may have had a recognizable cause, it doesn’t give me back the years of work, money spent, and lost enjoyment of life all these tendon problems have cost me. I hope something can be done to compensate.

    Paula in Cincinnati, Ohio

  25. My friend has been suffering from several adverse reactions to Levaquin 500mg, since l Sept 2007. The doctor who prescribed it, ignored the initial symptoms of severe reactions (which started after the very 1st dose) , including severe rashes, swelling, a lesion changing shapes over time, extreme scaling, skin discolourations, edema, burning, tingling, crawling sensation under skin, anxiety attacks, weakness, insomnia, etc. The “doctor” scoffed at concern about the rashes especially….. and told him to stay ON the Levaquin! As a result, he got even worse problems, including severe contact dermatitis, pruritis, tendinopathy- (showed on first MRI- 9th day of Levaquin); plantar fasciitis, Tendinopathy in other area (showed on 2nd MRIs). Painful itching uticaria (Hives), photosensitivity, nervous conditions (including nightmares, confusion, panic attacks, paranoia, insomnia)
    occurred during and after the complete dosage. (14 days). About 2weeks to 1 month later, one lesion developed necrotic tissue. There was another fracture blister which after healing, developed a rash, Then hives//blistering/peeling kept recurring, one codndition was diagnosed as “contact dermititis”. Some “hives” appeared also on arms, back and torso. The larger lesion later turned into an ulcerous wound, which would not heal, while going to another doctor Every Week for 5 months (Nov 07 – Mar 2008) That osteopathic doctor tried over 33 prescription/wound products on him (most of which Conflicted with the residual Levaquin as catalyst, Triggering More adverse painful, depressing and debilitating reactions, especially Skin, Internal & Nerve Disorders.)
    Lately Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome and Denervation also showed up on an MRI, as well as indication of a hairline fracture on the 5th metarsal. This is after over a year in which he has NOT been walking on that foot…and using crutches for the last few months, after being in a wheelchair. He cannot drive or work.

    We found out about the connection to adverse effects of Levaquin on the News in Jan 2008, which led us to Public Citizen and more research. After informiong the wound doctor with a written report on it, he at first agreed it was probably the Levaquin, but later one of his assistants (not even a doctor) was trying to find other things to blame the bad reactions on, The recurring contact dermatitis, hives, and other skin conditions, high A/G ratio, Adenopathy (lymph node in upper leg). panic/anxiety atacks, confusion, etc, all pointed to LEVAQUIN reactions. Other Conditions he has/had: skin discolourations/ ulcer-; necrotic tissue, peroneus longus tendinopathy, tibialis tendinopathy, plantar fasciitis! ( shown as some adverse reactions to Levaquin and other fluoroquinolones)
    In one report we read. “Levaquin is mainly bound to serum Albumin in humans”.
    My friend’s test showed a High A/G (Albumin Globulin ) ratio, which indicated Levaquin’s bounding on the Albumin may have depleted the Globulin levels…. which indicates weakened immune response. Another test also showed a lymph node present.
    Research reports shows: Levaquin 500 mg tablets ingredients includes Synthetic Red and Yellow iron oxide. Levaguin 250 mg does Not contain the Yellow oxide, and the 750mg tabs does NOT contain either the Red or Yellow oxide. This could be significant as to the different types of reactions. RED IRON OXIDE is used in Rouge, Paint, etc.
    To this date, my friend cannot walk on the initially injured foot…over 1 year now, and still has Hypersensitivity and internal damage. . He was cut off his WC benefits, and has been with no income after he made genuine complaints about mistreatment, ommissions and some False/misleading reports, and Mis-prescribing. He has submitted corrections to medical reports, and has been tormented. He was NOT informed of the adverse reactions to the Levaquin, nor was it necessary, as reports showed no infection was present then.
    He and his family have been put under cruel treatment, unnecessary duress psychological abuse and financial hardship, and further harmed by people who were supposed to be helping. .

  26. I wen to my Doctor for a bad upper respiratory infection on March 3rd, 2009. He prescribed Cipro for me. 6 days later, I was no better and went to another doctor at an After hours Express Care Clinic. He said I had developed pneunomia and stopped the Cipro and put me on 1 Levaquin 750mg a day for 5 days. By the next day, I was stiff getting out of bed, by the 2nd day, I could hardly walk. I read the script warnings & stopped the drug. 2 days later I am walking up the stairs in my house as usual & I feel something above my knee tear and then my foot started hurting when I put weight on it. Will this hurt me forever? Don’t take this drug, I still don’t know what else will happen to me!

  27. In May of 2008 I was prescribed Levaquin and in just about a week I noticed problems with my thumbs. I had pain while writing but thought it was due to all my note taking for my nursing class. I seemed a little better until this February. I developed pneumonia and was again on Levaquin; this time the pain is so severe in both hands that nothing helps and I can’t perform simple daily tasks including driving, not to mention how cold weather affects it. Of course doctors said I had arthritis of the thumbs, but it came on acutely and severly and I don’t have it in any other portions of my hands. I’m also feeling more pain in my heels. As a nurse I am concerned that this is going to affect my job performance as I never know when the sudden burst of sharp, knife-cutting like pain will hit. I certainly don’t want to give up my job, I enjoy being a nurse. This is so unfair and typical of the FDA and the drug companies.

  28. In March of 2008, I was treated for severe pneumonia with Levaquin IV while in urgent care. I was then given a sample pack of the same drug, maybe Cipro, to take one a day for three days. About two months later I started to have severe shoulder and arm pain with no associated injury, to my right arm. I am left-handed. At times, the pain would bring me to tears. Over the last year, it would come and go with intensity but never left. I can’t lift my arms over my head and sometimes need help just hooking my bra. I am an active 55 year old who has NEVER been down because of pain. I’m not a quitter nor do I take any meds stronger than Ibuprofen. I’m not blaming the drug company for this, or the doctor. I just want to know if it will go away so I can lift my saddle up without excruciating pain. I haven’t been to a doctor regarding this. I’ve read that some doctors are leary about relating this type of injury to Levaquin because of the pending law suits.

  29. I have taken Levaquin numerous times for upper respiratory infections and 4 rounds of pneumonia over the past 10 years. I am a Paramedic and I am exposed to just about every reapiratory bug you can think of from patients in the ambulance. I have had both PO and IV doses of Levaquin and I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I have taken it until I dig out the paperwork, however, I have had a complete full thickness tear in my right rotator cuff and as well as a torn meniscus in my right knee. The Shoulder landed me out of work for a year along with surgery, the second injury was about 6 weeks out of work and surgery. I need to go back and chesk the dates I was on the levaquin and I would be willing to bet that I was on Levaquin around the same time.

  30. I took Levaquin for ten days in February 2009. While taking it, my legs cramped and hurt behind both knees. Then it attacked my left hip and caused the tendon that leads from the rib cage to the hip to tighten and cause terrible pain. I could not turn over in bed. Since then, I have visited my chiropractor 5 times. My upper neck and lower back, hip and legs still hurt. I am amazed that this drug is being used on human beings. It needs to be removed from the market.

  31. A year ago i went to the ER for a Severe UTI infection and was given levaquin through an IV, i immediatley had a reaction within 2 minutes i was in extreme pain, my body swelled completely, my lungs began to collapse, my throught was closing next thing you know im hooked up to machines like an ekg, breathing assistance and almost died, it was horrible the scariest thing ive ever been through in my life,after i recoverd if thats what you want to call it i was in pain like never before, my legs feet, arms, knees and every other part of my body ached. They gave me vicitin for pain and sent me on my way, within weeks i was having panic attacks and still have them to this day and i have lung problems all the time i was diagnosed with chostochondritis which is inflammation of the muscle in my chest a month ago, i also have knee pain till this day and im always in pain, im only 26 and healthy i have migranes all the time since the reaction. this is an aweful drug. I pray that others read this and do not take it.

  32. After seven days of treatment with Levaquin 500 mg for UTI, the next morning, shortly after I woke up, I sneezed. At that moment I felt a terrible pain that started in my right inner thigh and ran thru the right leg. It got worse the following days. I could not get up from my bed because the pain was unbearable. Seven months later I had a surgery of my L5-S4 disk, which was severely damaged and teared. I still have pain and never recovered completely. Because of the strange of the condition, the only explanation is the lack of pefusion to the disk caused by Levaquin

  33. i took this drug it raced my heart so bad i was in the er. now i was diagnosed with lupus, joint pain ect lupus? come on…..

  34. One side effect that I think is being missed is Severe Vitamin D deficiency, which also causes severe muscle pain, bone problems–rickets, osteomalcia, Costochondral thickening can look like beadlike prominences along the lateral chest wall. After nearly a year of constant chest pain from taking Levaquin, I found a new Dr who ordered the 25-hydroxy Vitamin D blood test, I was severly deficient and was put on 50,000IU prescription Vitamin D, after 6 weeks the chest pain greatly diminished, after 2 months, no chest pain or hi power pain meds needed. I only have lower back muscle pain to deal with now, which has been a been another battle daily. I went through the whole gamut of symptoms, joints popping, severe all over muscle pain, ringing in the ears, high blood pressure. Numerous ER visits, 1 hospital stay in the Cardiac unit. When before I took the Levaquin I was able to work and drive long distances, go bike riding, walking, etc. Since then, I had to quit working a year ago due to the physical problems. Now I think I’m coming out of the worst of it and I am so glad I had the Vitamin D test, also my husband’s co-worker’s wife took Levaquin 6 weeks ago and had the Vitamin D test and SHE’s now Vitamin D deficient–and having some symptoms, if I was closer and talked daily to his co-workers I would have told them all to avoid Levaquin.

  35. I was given levaquin a year ago now ican not work it ruined my life

  36. My 14 yr. son was given this 500mg pill by his pc and some samples, to take to help with infection. He took it for several days and we have regretted it ever since. The terrible joint and tendon pain as well as the alternated mood thoughts. He still hurts everyday and is on homebound form school. He can hardly eat any food and has problems with anxiety attacks. We took him to a heart doctor because he was having trouble with is heart racing that required hospital visits. For any one that is reading this PLEASE DON’T TAKE THIS DRUG

  37. I took 750mg of Levaquin for 17 days.


    Since then these are all of my changes:

    Both Hands:
    Burning sensation, pain, can not make a fist, Knuckles hurt, cold water or hot water hurts my hands – they feel like burning, tingeling, pins and needles, hands feel like I have arthritis, when I hold the phone to my ear they both get numb.

    I cannot sleep on eighter side, they start hurting.
    I have trouble falling asleep.


  38. I took Levaquin for 14 days after being diagnosed with pneumonia. Soon afterwords I had swollen hands and fingers and wrist pain. I now have trouble lifting a gallon of milk. I’m 53 years old and I normally play competitive tennis but that’s out until I can fix these symptoms. Other joints that had previous injuries (but were feeling fine) have started hurting now too. I hope time will fix this joint swelling and pain.

  39. I was hospitalized 3/30/09 for a kidney infection, they gave me Levaquin through the IV and when I asked the doctor about the drug being recalled or any open lawsuits against the makers he talked to me like I was a child! I am 21 years old. I instantly knew something was wrong. When i asked to be taken off the medication he told me “Your just being paranoid” So far I’ve only got pain in my right hand (Where the IV was) At the moment I think I’m going to make sure with my doctor and make sure it’s nothing more than just a sore muscle.

  40. I have pain in both achilles tendons. Pain in both shoulders. Pain in both hands. Limited motion in these areas. I attributed the pain I was experiencing to arthritis,
    and growing older. I could not understand how arthritis symptoms could appear so suddenly. I then began looking up billing for drugs which were prescribed in the time period when the painful symptoms began. The pain and stiffness began in March 2008, after I was prescribed Levaquin, 500MG for an infection that developed in my thigh where a puncture wound was made to insert a catheter into the femoral artery for placement of a stent in my heart. I’m 73 years old, have always been very active and pain free, but had to quit cardiac rehab shortly after taking Levaquin, because of the pain while using the tread mill and leg bike. I’m also experiencing extremely painful cramping in both hands and legs, and numbness. My fingers lock up, and I have a hard time making a fist. Now my mobility is limited depending on how much pain I’m willing to endure. I am concerned, primarily because the symptoms are not getting any better, and I am wondering if they will get worse, or if permanent damage has already taken place. It’s been just over a year since this all began, and I’m wondering who I can turn to for help.

  41. I was hospitalized with Diverticultis (2nd severe occurance) on 6/10/08. I was prescribed Levaquin and Flagyl for 10 days. On 6/13/08, while I was taking my meds as prescribed, I went to my family doctor out of concern that I was having an adverse drug reaction (breathlessness, dizziness, feeling faint, rapid heartbeat, nausea, persistant metalic taste, and tingling in my hands and feet). I was told I had a sinus infection, and was given a nasal spray antibiotic. On 6/29/08, I was hospitalized again with another bout of diverticulitis, and was again given Levaquin and Flagyl. In the hospital, while I was receiving intravenious doses of these meds, I awoke in the presence of a nurse with severe tremors–which frightened me, because I’ve never experienced them before. After a couple of days with the IV, I experienced terrible pain in my elbow (almost at he site of the IV), and asked for the IV to be removed—which it was. I was given oral doses of Levaquin and Flagyl there-on (14 days worth). I experienced increasingly troubling symptoms—particularly 2 fainting spells, and increases tingling of the hands and feet, rapid heartbeat (and anxiety) and stiffness in the knees and pain at the bottom of my feet. When I awoke one morning unable to bend my knees and extreme pain in my feet that made it almost impossibly painful to walk, I immediately went to the E.R. with copies of my prescriptions & the warnings printouts. The E.R. doctor told me what I was experiencing was partly “normal” and partly “in my head”. I was discouraged, refused to take my meds any longer (he prescribed me Augmentin, which I decided not to take), and I started trying to flush all meds out of my body. A few days later, CNN reported that Levaquin received a black box lable (or whatever they called it). It’s now almost a year later, and though the pain isn’t as bad as it once was, I still experience pain in the hands & feet/tingling in the extremeties, and I believe I now have plantar fascitis. When I supply patient history to doctors, I now list Flagyl and Levaquin as meds I am allergic to.

  42. I am 3 years and 2 months into this and still suffer every day. Took 750 Levaquin for 6 days for a bad case of brinchitis before I googled it at the advice of a co-worker. Was on crutches by that time. Have widespread tendonitis, pain in each and every joint in my body to a varyng degree, ringing in ears, chronic daily pain. Can’t excercise like I used to, or hike or walk on the beach. I pay dearly for the slightest exertion and take painkillers daily which I hate! I have seen several drs including orthopedic, nuerological, pain management, foot specialist and none of them could tell me anything more than I already knew from my own research. In factmost of them took copies of the research I had with me so I essentially knew more than they did! No one can tell me if it will ever get better and still I strive to get the most out of my life as possible. I work full time and can’t afford to lose my job so I work in pain daily. Had I been given ANY information on this drug I might have been able to stop it sooner and unfortunately, my FNP told me to take Naproxen for the pain which made it worse. She didn’t know either. this drug is still being passed out in free samples to unsuspecting people and I have even heard of people receiving discount coupons from their drs for it to use when they pick up their prescription at the phamracy! This drug has significantly altered my life and I want my old life back! My son deserves to have his Mom back who could do all of the things she used to with him. Now he is sad when he sees me struggle and tries to help me any way he can. Thank God for him as he literally gets me out of bed every morning.

  43. I go to the doctor tomorrow to get the results of the MRI on my wrist…previous xrays showed a tendon tear in my wrist…I have taken Levaquin before and heard about the connection with tendon tears. I cannot even turn on my electric toothbrush without being in pain. Taking pain meds and they do not really help. I am losing my right hand; I am a teacher and do not want to lose my job…opening the dryer makes me want to scream. The doctor asked me if I had had an accident with my wrist and I have not. He seemed to be really confused at my response. After reading up on Levaquin, which I have taken at various times for sinus infections, etc., I am now convinced it is part of the problem. I intend to ask the doctor tomorrow if he has heard about Levaquin and tendon tears. Wish me luck; I want my hand back.

  44. Back in May 2006 I fell ill and my family physician put me on numerous antibiotics. One of them being Levaquin. I had never heard of the drug, and unfortunately I trusted my so called expert doctor. I paid the high price for the med and took it faithfully. After the 2nd dose, I had excrutiating pain in the left side of my neck and into my shoulder. I just assumed it was me being sick and I did not think anything about it. I went about my vacation that I was on only to suffer the entire time. I was weak and had severe pains in my neck the whole time I was on vacation. Ended up breaking out into massive hives (I think that’s what they were) and along with my whole body being swollen. To this day I still have a lot of pain in my neck and shoulder which usually leads to migraines. Have lost strength in my right shoulder and have been told that I could have RA. The specialist wasn’t for sure, but that was his safest guess. I keep going to my chiropractor for the neck and shoulder pains and she can usually releive enough pain for me to get by. But I am wondering if maybe I shouldn’t go see another specialist to figure out what is exactly going on w/ my neck and shoulder.

  45. Extremely alarmed now that i am having heels issues! I have been put on Levaquin and Avelox in the recent past. But i know i have at least been on Levaquin twice once was IV in the ER for lung infection. The year was 07/08 and i have complained about pain/s constantly. Cant walk without extreme pain anymore, it was gradual. Also i ruptured something in my left side due to extreme cough when i was sick AFTER DOSED WITH Levaquin. Still dealing with that pain. ok now both heels are stinging ripping type pain and then throb. And sometimes i cant stand on either, have to wait it out till an can apply any weight/pressure on either heel, honestly theres NOT many places i dont hurt anymore. I hardly sleep anymore as well. Neck, wirst, eye ,shoulder,back ,HIP HEEL BOTH of them! many many places have NEW and Elevated pain! Some history here my left foot was injured prior to all this NEW agony! I am disabiled as a result of that injury in ’97. Now i am mentally anguishing over the possibility of more disabilities coming. I will see my primary doctor this week 5/09. as the narcs (oxy) for my disabilty is not taking the edge off the NEW heel and other pains! I NEED SCANS I AM SURE. CHRIST ALL MIGHTY! always something it seems! Best of luck Thanks for posting!

  46. In 2008, I had several kidney infections. I was given Leviquin as in IV and sent home with 7 days of cipro. From January 2008 until May, I was on and off Cipro for a total of 40+ days. due to reocurring kidney infections. I thought I was okay, but my left elbow started hurting — lost range of motion. Got a cortizone shot and it helped. In February of 2009 my kidney infections returned, as did the Cipro. Now, both my elbows hurt and I can’t straighten them fully. I also need knee replacement, but have put it off as much as possible….but I am very concerned I will experience tendon problems with my knees…which would be terrible!
    I’m not sure my kidney infections are gone for good. I never get an UTI before the kidney infections. I have had 3 cat scans, a probe, and checked for kidney reflux. I also have had blood tests, my kidney function is normal. Basically, if it comes back…the doctors want to put me on Cirpo LONG TERM because it is the only drug the cultures respond to. I don’t have any options…either 103 fevers and severe kidney pain or my tendons….YUGH!
    Is there any other drug out there without the terrible side effects????

  47. 4 May 2009 I have taken Levaquin 500 mgs for three days now I am experiencng severe joint pain ever, more severe in my hand,wrists,neck, and feet. I feel extremely tired and fatiqued.This was prescribed for cellulitis on my arm which occured from a bug bite while gardening. I cannot express how awful the pain is that I am having in my joints. This morning I could barely get out of bed not able to go to work. I believe this drug must be extremly toxic to cause this degree of pain!!!! I was lead to the internet in search of information and wow did I ever find it. I will halt taking this drug and would recommend the same to anyone currently taking Levaquin. I can only hope that I do not suffer long term problems from the three doses of Levaquin I have already taken.

  48. I was prescribed Levaquin for a lung infection. I was warned by my sister that she had serious pain in her hands and wrists after taking levaquin. I consulted with my doctor again and she said not to worry because lots of people use it. So I started taking levaquin. After the third day, I stopped because of severe pains in my feet and hands. Since then, three months now, I continue to have pains in various places in the joints of my hands, feet, fingers, elbows, ankles, elbow. It moves around and might be one day the left elbow and right wrist. One day it might be right foot or both, or one finger joint or several. The pain seems to be in different places every day so far. Some days there is no pain but usually a little somewhere. At 58 I have never had any joint pain like this before. It seems to all be associated with taking levaquin 3 months ago.

  49. I was given a six week supply of Leviquin samples by a specialist for a severe sinus infection in late 2007. By the 4th week, I began experiencing a great deal of anxiety and chalked it up to stress at work. By the 5th week, the anxiety was cause for alarm and I started to experience pain in the joints between my thumb and my wrist of both hands. I stopped the Leviquin and told the specialist about the anxiety which was the only symptom I attributed, at that time, to the Leviquin. A month later, I went to my family doctor specifically because the pain in the thumb joints had dramatically increased. He told me it was arthritis. The consistency of the pain subsided after about four months, but it “comes and goes” with the pain radiating to my index finger joint and also down past my wrist, which is at times feels like a dull, persistent tooth ache. When using my left hand in using tools or picking up a gallon of milk, I do not have the maneuverability and the pain causes me to use the other hand or change how I am using an implement. I had never had any problem, whatsoever, with my thumbs, joints of my hand or wrists prior to the 5th week of Leviquin use.

  50. I was prescriped Leviquin for a Sinus infection. I started seeing foot doctors when my heal pain became so unbearable i could not walk.
    My X-rays showed my AchillesTendons were the consistancy of chalk & could snap at any time. My right foot did 3 months ago.
    There is no pain comparable to having your Achilles Tendon snap. Doctors had to remove 6 inches of my tendon.
    I have the same problem with my left Achillies. The pain is so unbarable i am afraid it is going to snap at anytime too.


  52. I was prescribed Levaquin (750mg) by my doctor three days ago for what he thought was bronchitis. I immediately started with it that day and again yesterday. I’m a avid runner (50, Healthy & Active) and I went running,(5-6 times/ week). I was only out for 15 min. ( typical 35:00/time) my calf muscles began to severly cramp I needed to stop & walk (highly unusual). It has now been ~24 hours and I still can hardly walk. Based on what I’ve read (thanks to all), I will discontinue and call my doctor to advise him of my situation. Hopefully the severe calf cramps will go away.

  53. Wish I head read about this drug before taking it!
    Was prescribed 750mg of Leviquin once a day for 7 days for Diverticulitis.
    Day 1 felt OK, but after second pill something did not seem right. After day 3, felt like I was going to die.
    I stopped taking the Leviquin, and have only gotten worse.
    I am 45 professional airline pilot in great shape, and good health. I rely so much on exercise to keep
    myself in good shape for my job, and now I wonder if this stuff will be a career ender.
    I have excruciating pain in my left shoulder joint, can barley lift my arm. Stabbing pain behind my left eye, and pains
    in my thumb joints ankle, and knees. My hands tingle and go Numb, and everyday seems to get worse.
    If your thinking about taking this STOP and run the other direction. Wish I had.

  54. Tendon rupture, severe pain, and many of the other symptoms listed are also symptoms of fluoride poisoning, and Levaquin is loaded with fluoride. Most practitioners in the US are not trained to diagnose fluoride poisoning. When I phoned the manufacturer of Levaquin and asked their “medical specialist” and chemists how much of the fluoride was bioavailable after one dose, they did not know. Cipro also contains large amounts of fluoride.

  55. I have diverticulitis. I have suffered with this for over 10 years. Periodically I will have a recurring infection in this part of my colon. Each time I am given Levequin and Flagyl together. These are always given in a powerful dosage. I have recently had a severe tendon tear in my left forarm. This was very painful and almost required surgery. I also have severe pain in my left hip, both shoulders, left leg and left foot. I never have a good nights sleep and just feel terrible all the time. I am finally happy to know what the problem is so that I can take measures to help with problems. I hope you are able to win this lawsuit and help take care of all the patients that have been caused severe pain and discomfort.

  56. I was introduced to levaquin in1993. I was hospitalized with type A influenza with double pnemonia. I had alot of respitory problems most of my life. After I started getting sick alot in the later 90′s I was put on levaquin either in the hospital with IV or at home and may I add this happened quite frequently. I was also given predizone along with the levaquin. I was diagnosed with tendonitis in my right elbow I believe in 1999. Ater years of battling my respitory illnesses my PCP sent me to a Pulmonologist in 2001 who put me through a high revolution cat scan showing I had a lung desease called “Bronchieactasis” at the time was rare and not a whole lot was known about the desease, only that is was not reversable. My pulmanologist put me on a treatment that was the first 7 [seven] days of every month I was to take levaquin 500 mg to help keep down the infection in my lungs. I took it every month from 2001 until late 2005 and they changed me to avelox, but I was alergic to the antibiotic and could not take it. Since this time I have used levaquin sporadicaly and was told I had RA. I do not have RA but my hands are deformed due to torn tendons. Not only my hands but my ankles, knees, shoulders, neck hips, well pretty much my whole body suffers from severe pain. On a level of a 1-10 I would have to take my pain above that number. I was also diagnosed with tendonitis in my left elbow,recently. I suffer from numbness, tingling, and pain in my left arm. I can not walk in the mornings when I get up, I am 54 years old, but my quality of life has dwindled. I can not hold a coffee cup nor can I fully close my right hand or open it . What kind of company would not tell a person what they would have to face later in life just to take their product, another antibiotic would have sufficed. I knew the dangers and side affects of predizone and I accepted it. It was do or die in my case. Because of my lung desease I can not be put under for surgery and was told to pray I never need emergency surgery, due to the fact of getting off of the resperator. I feel cheated out of the quality I could of had in my life even with this lung desease. Now I face the pain of probably being in a wheelchair. I am not a satisfied person. I am suffering depression as well. We all must push on no matter what life throws at us and with the grace of God I will do so. I tahnk you for listening to a summary of my battle.

  57. I recently too have taken Leviquin, about 6 weeks ago, 750mg for 14 days. Tomorrow I will be having surgery on my left knee. I believe its a torn Meniscus. As I write this I have terrible pain both elbows, the right one I can’t even straighten. I will be seeing my DR ASAP for this, I have nausea, sweats and feel swollen in my joints and hands.

  58. I was prescribed leviquin about a month ago for double pneumonia in the upper and lower lobes of my right lung, and I lost 22 lbs. I am feeling fine and holding steady at 153 lbs.

  59. I was prescribed Levaquin about a month ago for a UTI. I took three pills, one a day, the dosage being 250. I ache all over. I rarely take antibiotics or painkillers. 800 Mg of ibuprofin only takes the edge off.
    I normally have a high tolerance for pain, but this overall ache is constant and annoying. I asked my doctor for a penicillin derivative was told that it would not be effective. I was with Kaiser in California for 15 years, and that’s all they ever gave me – I would be done with the infection and back to normal right away.

    I have weird dreams, hallucinations, and had to change the musical tone on my phones because the song would replay in my head for hours. The first night I took it I heard heavy metal all night long.

    I read the materials before I took the med, but had previously been prescribed a med that I stopped after 3 days, and had refused to take Cipro. Next time I’ll be far more insistent on what I know works for me. Others tell me that their doctors resist the old-fashioned drugs, but if they work, and one doesn’t take meds very often – maybe once every 2-3 years, THERE IS NOT GOOD REASON to prescribe an experimental and very dangerous drug!




  61. Can we hear from the dead patients whose tendons are intact? They’re not breathing but hey, they have healthy tendons!!!

    These lawsuits are similar to ambulance chasing over the deaths of people wearing seat belts. Seat belts, though they save far more than otherwise, occasionally can cause death. The ambulance chasers would love to get settlements from the seat belt makers for these deaths in spite of them actually saving thousands of lives on the whole.

    Levaquin is a great drug to use before the cultures come bach for respiratory infections. Do I tell patients we can use inferior drugs and that they may die with intact tendons? Or do patients want to actually survive their pneumonias and if a tendon tears, well at least they are alive! I would love to see a world without Levaquin and see thousands of patients die and then see what the government does. They pricks suing over tendon tears are the lowest scum on earth.

  62. Several months ago I was prescribed levaquin when I was sick. Since then I have had a constant pain in my left hip and thigh making it hard to get up after sitting for a short period, not to mention when I drive anywhere, its pain to get out of the vehicle.

  63. In March of this year i consulted my doctor concerning an infection and was given Levaquin. Days after taking the drug, I would get out of the bed and would stumble because my leg would give out. It began to hurt and when I tried to walk it seemed to give out. I began to think that I needed to get a knee replacement. The pain got so bad that i began to take pain pills in order to sleep at night. I finally went to an orthopedic specialist and was told that my Patella muscle was very weak. I have very bad bruising on my thigh that has just appeared. i am a 37 year old female and i now walk as though i have severe arthritis. The pain is DEVASTATING

  64. Took Levaquin for 7 days on doctors orders to treat shigalosis. By end of 7 day period, my right knee felt as if I had been hit with a baseball bat, it also hurt behind the knee, my right thigh hurt and throbbed like a toothache, my right ankle hurt and my entire leg was weak. I could hardly walk and climbing stairs out of the question. I also had much difficulty sleeping as I could not find a spot to lay that did not hurt. Dr. told me these symptoms were due to the infection and said my body created antibodies to combat the infection which then attacked my right leg. Dr. said I was a ‘textbook case.’ After reading all of this, however, I now wonder. While I can now walk again, but with some compensating, and to some extent climb stairs, my leg still hurts some and it is definitely weak. It has been no fun, fo sure!

  65. I had taken Levaquin once and now I have chronic pain in my thumb, back of my legs and forearm pain. It never goes away and nothing seems to help.

  66. I have suffered severe pain, tremors, and swelling in my right hand, arm, and foot after receiving Levaquin in 2 hospitals over the course of 15 days back in January 2009. They are also very weak and tired from shaking so badly. The pain is so severe that even 10mg Hydrocodone doesn’t help. I’ve quit taking that.

  67. I was prescribed Leviquin for recurring sinus infections for the past 2yrs.Within the past 8months I’ve experienced excruciating pain on medial side of my left knee with an impaired ability to climb steps. On May 7,2009 I had arthroscopic surgery to remove a torn medial and lateral meniscus of my right knee. I still suffer excruciating pain at the posterior aspect of my rt. knee.

  68. I was given a 7 day prescrition of leviquin back in June 2007 for a respitory infection and eversince I have had nothing but pain in my shoulders and elbows. My doctor said that my job might have something to do with the pain but I have been doing the same work since 1997 and never had a problem until after taking this medicine because I havent taken anything since I took leniquin. I just wish I had been more informed about the side effects and I would have asked for something else.I am only 38 this is not right. Drug manufactures should have to do better testing before drugs like this hit the REAL WORLD. WHAT HAPPENED TO HUMANITY.

  69. my Father was given Levaqiun orally and by IV upon being released from the hospital with swollen legs he developed redness then blisters, went back to the dr.’s nurse practitioner said it was an infection put back on levaquin, took to a local office and that doctor said what I had been saying it’s a drug reaction! finally!! back to the dr’s again, she ordered bactirm, she also said continue with Leavaquin, I stopped the Levaquin. Gave my Father 5 doses of bactrim! He fell one time to many and back to the hospital, where a rash developed on his stomach! over a month in 2 hospitals he is in a short term rehab nursing home.. Is there a lawyer that will file a lawsuit to help my Father??????????

  70. In 2006 I had two lower back pain surgery while after I went home I contracted a infection in my incesion andI had to have another surgery then my Dr. put me on leavaquin and this is now 2009 and my whole body hurts everyday the Dr. keep on saying that it is fibromyalgia now my right thumb in the morning is jammed and I can’t get it to work until up in the day. The suffering with my back has cause me a lot of pain, infection, dieases it has even cause my immune system to get out of whack.If I can be compensated then so be it the makers of the medicicne should inform us of what we are taking.

  71. I’ve taken Levaquin most recently for urinary tract infections, and possibly in the past for cellulitis infections in my legs (I would need to check with the hospital to be sure).
    Last spring, I tore my bicep at the elbow.

  72. I was given Levaquin 500 mg once daily for an infection. I took it for 3 days in the evenings. On the 3rd day, I was watching tv with my wife and suddently broke out in a sweat. I became nervous, my heart was racing. I couldn’t calm down. I did not sleep for over 24 hours, even when the symptoms faded. I began to notice that my hands, wrists, lower back, knees, ankles and toes had minor pain which at times can be more severe. I noticed as well that when I get up from sitting any length of time my knees are stiff and painful. I get burning sensations often. My doctors said that the effects would wear off in time. I called the FDA and they said that may not be the case and there was not a remedy to take that would help with these problems. I have always been active in the gym and now I have pain just lifting light things or typing. My feet and ankles ache when I walk or stand for a period of time. I have noticed that my right shoulder has pain and the outside of my right hand from the little finger down. I called the doctor who prescribed the medicine, but I really don’t think he knows what to do. I might add, I had tried Cipro for the same infection a couple of weeks earlier and it caused me to become dizzy and my vision blurry. I got off it right away and no further side effects. I found out from FDA that these medicines are related.
    I am not sure what to do.

  73. I took Levaquin for over a year.(750 mg a week) from 2003-04. I’m at the point now that it hurt’s so bad just to walk, thumb joints hurt like my thumbs are out of socket. If I’m on my feet for long period’s of time it makes my legs hurt so bad that I can not stand it.When the pain is bad it feels like I’m trying to walk on broken ankles.

  74. I took levaquin for 7days for boils under my arms and i suffered from pain in both of my arms and i just felt heavy all over. when i get up in the morning i cant really walk and i’m 25 years old and i shouldnt be going through this

  75. I could be the poster child for leaquin, I bet I have taken it at least 25 times, for chronic sinus infection. I loved it I thought it was magic, BUT I didnt know I would pay such a price for it. I was recently hospitalized with severe tonsilits and positive strep, I told the emergency Dr. that my body my muscles and joints and like spine were killing me ( pain I had been trying to fiqure out what hell came from) I had been to the ENT earlier that week and had told him about the pain and he ordered blood tests along with his order the emergency DR added some and they found potassium, vitamin D, magnesium, defiency. They put me on IVs and after 3 bags got my potassium up and taking large does of D, but I still have terrible pain, terrible 3 advil every 4 hours just takes the edge off. I am even getting expensive massages not helping. I am very active or was- also have 3 children under 10, I feel like I am 90, and now I think I know what the problem is-Levaquin, I am apalled that Johnson and Johnson would’nt label this properly, Dr.s like the one above who obviously has never taken Levaquin and experienced the wonderful adventures and new DR.s you meet! There are other medications to aid people in getting well, why is this and other drugs available w/o proper warnings- its wrong and all about $. I wish something will come of this just so other people can CHOOSE if they want to take the chance or not. Hopefully Dr.s like the one above realize compassion is part of his job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. I took Levaquin 500 mg.for kidney infection for ten days.it does keep you awake.but I took it July 9-18 2009 and now my left shoulder and both arms hurts so bad i have too take tylenol for pain every day now.

  77. I took Levaquin back in May of this year for only 3days (250mg) for a UTI and have recently had servere pain in my right hip that shoots down to my ankle. I don’t know if its from taking Levaquin or not…but I”m in my early 30′s and dont have any other issues…I’m not sure what to do!

  78. I was given Levaquin 750 mg on April 2 2009. Within two weeks my right thumb was snapping and then wouldnt bend, 2 more weeks the same thing happened to my right thumb. Then within a month and a half my brain started to go. I noticed something was very wrong when I started to make mistakes at work. I had not missed one day of work in 8 years and I have been healthy not even a cold. By the end of May I was experiencing Anxiety attacks which I never had before. My heart was racing and my moods were swinging big time. I had been rubbing my chest for a month now and thought I was having a heart attack. On June 2nd my heart rate was very high so I went to the Emergancy room. Beware…4 doctors did not listen to me or know about this drug. I was scared to death and thought I was going to die. I was having 48 hour anxiety attacks the levaquin depleated my potasium ( Hence the heart pain) I was given an IV after 10 hours in the ER then sent home. Next day I went to my doctor and he didnt catch on to the thumbs or the anxiety but did put me on an antidepressant …I am not depressed I thought. Next day the heart rate was high again and my doctor took off for the weekend Friday at noon so for the second time I went to the ER. This time was worse…the ER doctor said ER was for emergancys of life and death 2 times and then suggested a phyc. I have over $3,000. in bills now and still dont know what was wrong but had a good idea it was due to the Levaquin.I also went 14 days without sleep. Major anxiety now and I was talking to everyone who would listen …thank god to a client whos husband was a doctor. They listen and read the Levaquin site and drove down to me with a bottle of Chelated Magnesium/ Mag Glycinate. He also told me what was going on and not to go to the ER anymore. It was like I was getting into car accidents all day long. He also told me to detox that the Levaquin was stored in my fat cells. Within two weeks my brain was getting better and I lost 20 pounds and have changed my whole life because I never want to experience those attacks again. My thumbs are still stiff and do not bend which makes it hard for me to do my job at work since I am a picture framer and need to use my hands. I have been using a sonic tooth brush on my thumbs hoping to get some movement back. Sometimes after doing it my thumbs start to snap again and I am hoping they will recover one day. It amazes me how 4 doctors didnt even look at my thumbs when I told them my symthoms and they didnt reconize a server anxiety attack. This drug should be taken off the market in my opinion.
    I have read over 100 peoples stories and I hope this will help some of them who think their life is ruined to recover …I feel detoxing is the key.

  79. I took Levaquin in August 2006 for an infection I had during chemotherapy for breast cancer. I was also on a steroid (given because of the chemo). I understand that Levaquin’s tendon damage is increased when given with a steroid. Within a very short time on the Levaquin, I started having severe pain in my heel/achilles area. I talked to my oncologist about it and she insisted that the chemo didn’t cause it and that it wasn’t at all related to my treatment. Obviously it was. A few months ago, I stumbled on information which told me that Levaquine can cause these kinds of issues. I still have very severe problems and my walking is much impaired. It came on when I started taking Levaquin and has not gotten better. I have found some stretches to be helpful, as well as wearing certain shoes, but it is still unbearable most days. I am going to share this information with my oncologist, as this drug needs to NOT be given without proper warning, and certainly should not be given during chemo while also taking a steroid

  80. I took Levaquin and now my girlfreind broke up with me and my dog pooped on the rug. I want to sue. Do i have a case?

  81. The cold chill down my neck is caused by the realization this could explain a lot of what has been going on with me in the last 6 months. Over night seemingly I started to have hip pain, loss of flexibity in my muscles and sever pain in my right shoulder and mild pain in my left. I had been given two rounds of antibiotics to fight off a respitory infection. All of a sudden I started to have problems taking off my shirt, throwing anything, and finding many positions were I felt serious pain in my should/arm. I saw a physician friend of mine who told me it was time to get an mri, but to wait until I was ready to have surgery so they would not have to do another one later.

    The other accounts of what people have written seems to be the same thing I have gone through. I am 43 but I have had the pain in my hands, the snapping of my joints with almost every step along with the problems in my shoulder that apparently will take surgery to correct. I am all in on the law suit.

  82. I took Levaquin for six days in March of 2009. In May I began feeling weak and began having sharp pain in various parts of the abdomen. I almost passed out twice when I had an abdomen “attack.” I had lethargy and brain fog. it grew to pain in and around the chest, around the lower ribs and lower back. I was diagnosed first with atrial fibriliation and later, with palpitations. I went from sitting on the couch all day, to laying on the couch as it was too painful to sit up for long.

    I had been exercising nine plus hours every week before this happened. I am a senior citizen and value a good diet and taking care of myself. My cholesterol is high, even though I eat food that is less than 100 miligrams of cholesterol a day, well below the required allowance. I get hot spells, similar to hot flashes off and on day and night. There were a number of other problems. I went from total workout freak to couch potato in about two months.

    I switched my drinking water to flouride-free water and that seems to have lessoned my problems enough to get me off that darn couch and I’m even doing some limited exercise. I have had several medical tests done and more anticipated so I still don’t have a concrete answer.

  83. I too was prescribed Levaquin on more than one occasion between 1997 and 2006, I ended up having to have shoulder surgery to correct a tear on the lining of my rotator cuff. p.s.shoulder surgeries are painful and have very uncomfortable recovery.

  84. I took Levaquin lots of time I never knew where all of these strange things were coming from the muscles twitching, soreness ,

  85. I took Levaquin beginning August 3-750 mg and for the next three days- 500 mg. On the second day I experienced back and knee pain. The pain was so bad that I called my pharmist to find out if any of the meds the doctor gave me in the office could be causing my problem. I was advised to stop this medicine immediately. I wish I would have read all the comments before taking this medication. Apparently not even the medical community has been informed of all the potental side-effects that this drug can cause or else the warning is not strong enough to prevent people from using this terrible drug. Something must be done to take this medication off the market!

  86. I took levaquin in dec08 jan09 and my knees went out i couldnt walk and my god the pain .i went to 3 hospitals in march and was given cortison and seravent injections .last week i quit my job and filed for disability .i get 203 dollars a month 140foodstamps i am 50 male and i am about to be homeless .the doctor wants to replace my knees .i just figured this out about cipro and levaquin being what caused this.there going to take out my left knee in 3 wks but ive been telling doctor its muscels relaterd and that if it was my knees it would have hurt along time ago it come upon me in winter when i was laid off in winter i need a lawyer im in rochester minn i need a doctors second opiniopn i need a home im on dilada 4mg every 3 hrs and fantenaL .I WANT TO DIE THE PAIN IS SO BAD I TOOK MY GUNS TO MY FRIENDS AND TOLD HIM TO THROW THEM AWAY AS IT WOULD BE EASIER TO KILL MY SELF THAN THIS HAS RUINED MY LIFE I LOST A GOOD JOB NOW IM LOSING MY APARTMENT FOOD STA,MPS IM TO PROUD FOR THIS AND IVE ALWAYS WORKED .I NEED HELP I CANT GO ON EVERYTHING IS PAIN PAIN PAIN THEY GOING TO REPLACE MY KNEE REAL SOON I KNOW LEVAQUIN AND CIPRO DID THIS I WAS IN THE BEST SHAPE OF MY LIFE UNTIL I TOOK THOSE DRUGS HELP ME ED K ROCHESTER MN

  87. I was given Levaquin on April 4, 2005 while in hospital for kidney infection, in a matter of a few hours I had a hand and arm 4 times it’s normal size, blood clots and severe pain. Since that day I’ve been to so many doctors and finally diagnosed with RSD due to the reaction thru the IV of Levaquin. I now go to a pain management specialist every month, take 180 tablets of Norco every month to be able to function at a minimal level. Every 4 to 6 months I have to have stellegate ganglion nerve blocks to control the pain. I am 44 yrs old and it appears this is going to be a problem for the rest of my life. I am mad as heck about it too. The manufacturer should not be allowed to sell this product.

  88. Anyone heard of this connection to levaquin? After prostate cancer surgery I had trouble urinating after my Foley catheter was removed. Doc thought it might be the result of an infection and put me on 5 days of levaquin. After several days I lost most of my bladder control. Just wondering if it can screw up tendons, can it possibly screw up the nerves associated with shutting off urine flow.Standing by with a good supply of Depends, and waiting for any feedback from the forum. Bill

  89. I took Levaquin in April of 2008, in June suffered with knee tendonitis, in September was diagnosed with rotator cuff tear, received cortisone shots, then an MRI showed complete tear, had surgery in January, six months of PT, and now have plantar fascitis so bad I cannot walk on my foot……..LEVAQUIN……..

  90. Jan. of 2008 I was given Levaquin 500 mil.Around the end of Feb. while going down the stairs at work my left knee gave out and I had a Meniscal tear of my left knee. I had surgery the end of May the same year and had 30% of my meniscal removed.I now have pain every day and with my job Iam required to walk alot.

  91. I am 24 years old and I have been prescribed levaquin several times. In the past years i was diagnosed with Achilles tendonitis. It is awful and i feel that I am too young to have these sort of problems.

  92. I am a 78 year old man in generally good health. I was scheduled for surgery to deal with a torn supraspinatus ligament in my left shoulder on 14 November 2008. I developed, sometime around the end of October 2008, a respiratory ailment that may have been sinusitis–a good deal of phlegm, nasal discharge, etc.–and my orthopedic physician told me that I would have to postpone the surgery if the disorder were not corrected beforehand (potential problems with the delivery of the anesthesia during the operation). I consulted with my primary care physician, who prescribed 5 Levaquin pills (750 mg.) to be taken one per day from 5 November 2008. After the first couple of pills I experienced severe swelling and pain in my Achilles tendons, but I continued the treatment for the prescribed 5 days. The medication was effective against the respiratory infection but my Achilles tendons were swollen and painful on the day of the operation and for many weeks thereafter, and my right Achilles tendon developed a large knot which is still present as of this writing (21 August 2009). Because of the swelling, pain and difficulty walking, I visited my primary care physician on 12 November and was advised to put ice on the tendon 3 times a day and stay off my feet as much as possible. The swelling eventually went down and I am able to walk, though with a slight limp. I am not sure if the limp is related to the Levaquin treatment. I am still unable to stand on tiptoe as a result of the Levaquin experience. I still have the box that the pills came in (a reminder to me never again to use this medication). The box has no warning of any kind about deleterious side affects, in spite of the fact that the pharmaceutical manufactuer was asked (requirted?) to include such warning back in July of 2008. I do not blame my primary care doctor for prescribing the drug, since it would appear that he was not aware of associated problems, and he has been on all other occasions a caring and competent physician. I do, however, feel that the manufacturer, Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical Inc., was negligent in failing to provide warning of the serious side affects of the drug, even after ample evidence had become available of such problems, and for failing to follow government orders to label the medication accordingly, even though such orders had been issued to the company at least 4 months prior to my own use of the drug. I might add that the drug was not on the formulary for my health insurance plan and I had to pay out of pocket $114.00 for the five pills issued to me. It would seem to me that the drug company was much more interested in the not inconsiderable profits to be gained from the sale of so defective a drug than in protecting the public from the known negative side affects. Given the adverse notoriety that this drug has received, I would hope that physicians would be diligent in informing patients of the risks they take with this drug, and perhaps seek to use different and less damaging medications.

  93. John, from October, 2008. I have no idea why you were perscribed such an immense amount of antibotic from any doctor that actually has a license and practices medicine anything on the globe. Now, if you read the directions, IT KILLS ANTHRAX. That is the first sign that should have given you a clue of how strong it was. Next, It I eat, Drink, take a over the counter drug, or perscription drug, and feel bad after 2 hours, I immediately stop taking the food, drink, drug, and call poison control if i feel that bad and call 911. It only can be perscribed for 28 days. Who was your special doctor giving five years worth of antibotics. And if it didn’t work maybe you should have asked for a second opion. Next time be careful –PEOPLE OVERDOSE!!!!!!!!!

  94. I recently found out about the side effects of Levequin. I had tests run on pain in my shoulder and it was diagnosed as bursitis and the doctor gave me a cortisone shot in my shoulder socket it has helped a little. I’ve been going to a massage therapist and chiropractor also to help with the pain. I took Levequin in January 2009 and the shoulder pain started not long after that. I recently contacted my pharmacy to see if I had taken Levequin before that, considering I had to quit my job after I developed pain and tendon problems in my wrist in 2005 after being on an antibiotic. I have had pain in tendons and muscles for years and now wonder if all of this was from antibiotics prescribed for UTI’s I had over the years. I am waiting on the information on the pharmacy and will be contacting an attorney soon.

  95. I took cipro back in november after having an emergency surgery. Since then, I have had two torn achilles tendons, and constant tears in the tendons in my feet. I thought maybe I was overdoing it between work and working out, I never would have linked it to an antibiotic! I have been in constant pain since mid November, and I’m not sure how to deal with the pain since I wont take pain pills. My orthopedic doctor has put me in a walking/soft cast, but it doesn’t seem to help. I was begining to feel like a hyprchandriac, and getting anxiety from trying to go to work in so much pain.

  96. I took Levaquin in Feb. 2009 for 3 wks. for a kidney infection. I noticed shortly after finishing the meds. that my arm hurt. The Dr. said I had Burcitis in my shoulder, Tendonitis in my elbow, and arthritis in my hands. I think it’s all related to Levaquin. I read the side effects about tendon tears when I got the meds., but I didn’t have any problems until afterwards. I’m an artist, and I can hardly paint because of the elbow pain. That sucks! Take this off the market.

  97. In october of ’08 I had a cryogenic procedure for renal carcinoma. The procedure opened issues such as adhesions from 3 months of radiation treatment for prostate cancer in 1997. I have had 3 surgerys since the original renal carcinoma to correct urinary problems being blamed on the 1997 prostate treatment. I suspect I was given a Levaguin IV prior to each surgery, and a script for the oral version for 8 days after the last 3 procedures. My last surgery was in early June. I was given the Lev. iv and a script for an eight day oral doseage.
    About a month ago I began having pains in my upper left arm, very similar to those I suffered when I had my rotator cuff surg two years ago. on my right arm. I made an appt. with my Ortho. doc. He ordered x-rays and having not found anything abnormal he suggested I may have bursiitis. I’m 66 yrs. old and can accept that. Now I am having pains in both bi/tricepts, and a periodic strong pain in my right elbow.
    I went to a chiropracter because I was suffering from severe aches over my right buttoks. Had sciatia problems over 20 yrs. ago and these pains are similar but don’t extend past my knees.
    My GP, whom I really like and trust, suggested I take ibuprofen and see what happens. It kinda works sometimes.

    Where can I find a source that can tell me:
    Is there a cure for this problem?
    Is this a long or short term problem?

  98. I am currently on my fourth week of Levequin. No symptoms noted until week 3. I am getting cramps in both calves and both are constantly sore. I am finding it difficult to walk after sitting or getting out of vehicle after a 30 minute drive. Right shoulder also has a catch in it.
    Prior to being placed on Levequin (for serious ear infection) I was on cipro for 10 days.
    I called my doctor today to advise of the issue and was told to call back in the am

  99. 4-2009 we started levequin, next mouth we were told cancer in the blood. the pain started in the lower legs ankles and needles in the ankle was told it was from the chemo but not for sure . now ankles are swollen more painful along with the feet. even with pain med and nerve med can barely walk. tinder to touch , along withlighting pain going up ankle to knee.

  100. Took levaquin for a sinus infection in December of 2008. I am having surgery on Aug. 28th for a torn rotator cuff.

  101. I had an UTI and was prescribed Levaquin in July. I took it for 3 days before reading about this medication online. There were overwhelming comments stating that after the 3rd day, they began feeling tendon pain, usually in the achillies region. The morning of the 3rd day of my medication, I could hardly stand on my left foot. The back of my ankle hurt so bad! Now every morning I can barely walk on it. It’s stiff and it hurts. I discontinued the meds and contacted my doctor with what I read and what I was feeling.

  102. I was prescribed Avalox for walking pneumonia in May. After a couple of days my inner forearms were swollen. I went to the doctor and she gave me a different type of antibiotic and that the swelling would go down. It’s been 3 months and my tendons hurt and are swollen.

  103. I was given levaquin IV and po three times over the period of one year for persistent pneumonia. I have recently suffered a rotator cuff tear with subsequent repair. I am unable to use my right arm for at least 8 weeks.

  104. I was put on cipro in 2000 for a sinus infection. In 2001 my bicep tendon ruptured and I had surgery. I just thought it was a freak accident. I was also put on cipro in 2008 for a prostate infection. Just this July I ruptured my other bicep tendon and had to have surgery for the second time. I know now that it could not be a freak accident. The only problem with contacting the lawyers is that they will only take Levaquin cases and not cipro cases. Does anyone know why that is?

  105. I have lympedema in my left arm. In June 2009 my oncologist perscribed levaquin because the arm was somewhat red and he feared infection. I was to take one 500mg pill per day. The first day my left knee and left hip began hurting. On the second day the pain increased drastically. For several years I had occasionally experienced slight pain in these joints but nothing like this. Between about 12 noon and about 10:30 p.m. I took three Lortab 7.5 and two motrin seeking relief from the intense pain. Finally by about 11:00 p.m. I was able to go to sleep although still in a lot of pain. The next morning I went on line to research the side effects of levaquin because this was the only thing I could think of that was different. That was when I found that others have had experiences similar to mine. The printout I was given did have a warning about tendon problems but nothing that indicated the severity. When I informed my druggist of my reaction he seemed surprised. For four or five weeks the pain was very bad. It ihas gradually gotten better but I still have pain when I bend the knee and still walk with a limp. I only took two little pills and it caused me such pain. My sympathy and prayers go out to those whose pain and injuries may be permanent.

  106. I was given Cipro many times for upper resp. infections. I was then given Levaquin, Jan 2004. I took it for a week and felt aweful to the point of laying on the floor next to the toilet (nausea and spinning sensations) after a week I went back to the DR and the infection had gotten worse!! He gave me Tamiflu and in 2 days I was working and felt great….Since then I have had nothing but trouble with my shoulder joints, major pain and my hands go numb when I talk on the phone for more than a few minutes. Twitching in my thumbs, I thought I had nerve damage from something else, now I am begining to wonder if it’s all tied together……..

  107. In March of 2006 I was diagnosed with a bad sinus infection related to with inlammation around an old tooth extraction. Complicated. They put me on Keflex for 10 days, did nothing, then another 10, still no clearance; went to my own M.D. who prescribed Levaquin for 10 days. Said Keflex wouldn’t touch the infection I had. I felt nothing particular after the first round so she upped the mg to 750 and then I woke up in the middle of the night with my legs on fire. I was screaming with pain. I could not walk. Took time off work; had no idea it was an adverse drug reaction till I did some digging. I felt like the tendons in my legs/calves especially were going to burst. I had to return to work, but I was on crutches. An on call doc told me to get off the drug right away when I called, desperate for help. My own doc noted “reaction to quinolones”. That was over 3 years ago. I still have burning in my legs but not sure if it’s due to sciatica which came on in the last year, or tendon damage. In ’06 I sent in a complaint to the FDA, advising a black box warning on this drug. Oddly enough, I finally went to an ENT about my sinus infection and he said he didn’t think I ever had one. Gotta love those docs, they know what they’re doing. They’re making their Porsche payments.

  108. I am a professional driver and deliver fuel on a daily basis. This involves turning many handles and levers. I was prescribed Levaquin because I acquired a urinary tract infection from ‘holding it’ too long while in the truck. I never had a problem operating mly equipment until just after I took these medications. Now my elbows are both sore. I can’t hardly even lift a coffee cup without it hurting. I have to put it down. Its hard to steer too. Both of my feet go into spasms and the muscle cramps on the underside of my feet are unbearable. To the point of tears.

  109. I had a sinus surgery over a year and a half ago. The doctor, Robert Adair, St. John’s Santa Monica, CA. I was put on Levaquin 500 for two months, was then told, its not working we need surgery. I did this. Never having a sinus proublem in my life, as a 65 mile a week runner, I did not want to have to stop something that is/was a large part of my life. I had the surgery! Still had difficulties, was then put on Levaquin 750 for another two months…this continued for the follwing year…YES, one year after my second surgery.

    Prior to surgery I worked out, was able to put 6 45 lb plates on a rack, with 2 25 lb and lift it with no proublem…after my suregery and Levaquin treatment, I can basicly do the bar, which is a bout 45lb. I am always in pain, 24/7 tell doctors this is what has happened after my surgery…they look at me…as if to say…Sure guy, I’m the Doctor, your not…so what do you know…

    I was on Levaquin 750 and Levaquin 500 for one year, on and off, but for one year.

    The pain I have is very difficult.

    PS I am educated, a screen writer with major films and I need some help with this.

  110. First I will tell you that I am a 51 year old female in good physical health. I work full-time as an administrative assitant. I have been a part-time exercise/aerobics instructor for the past 6 years. Prior to that I was very fit and active throughout my adult life. Now I will also tell you that I truthfully can NOT remember that last time that I had a pain-free day.

    A few years ago I had been treated by my primary care physician for “chronic urinary tract infections” with Cipro and/or Levaquin. The antibiotics were typically not effective so, frustrated and in pain, I consulted a Urologist. In October of 2006 it was determined that I was not suffering from UTI’s but that I have a condition called Interstitial Cystitis (IC) – which does NOT respond to antibiotic therapy. I began receiving DMSO treatments to manage the IC pain. These treatments involve the insertion of medication through a catheter into the bladder. AFter each treatment I was given a “prophylaxis” (2 pills) of Cipro because of the risk of infection from the catheter. I have been receiving these treatments (1X a week for 6 weeks every 3-6 months for the last 3 years

    During all this I began experiencing pain in my left hip that increased in severity over several months. In December of 2007 after consulting an orthopedic surgeon I had hip surgery for a Labral Tear. Since then I have had 2 more surgeries – May 21, 2009 for a Medial Miniscus tear of the left knee and Jun 8, 2009 for a ganglion cyst removal on my left wrist. The cyst originalted from the tendon that controls movement of my left ring finger.

    Just recently, on August 27th, I went to my doctor because of a sinus infection and was prescribed Levaquin. Within 24 hours of the first dose I had to leave work early with stomach upset and a pounding headache – neither of which I had experienced from the sinusitis itself. By the second day I began having pain in my right elbow which puzzled me as I hadn’t done anything to injure it nor did I do any repetitve motion type of activity typically associated with tendonitis. .The knee that I had surgery on also began to have posterior pain. But my sinusitis was improving so I kept taking the Levaquin as prescribed. After work on day six I was in line at a store and I started feeling dizzy, nauseous, and shaky. I left the store and barely made it home before I began vomiting. I was in bed the remainder of the night. I stopped taking the Levaquin that day.

    Since then I have also began feeling pain and stiffness in my right shoulder and neck. I am still experiencing pain in my right elbow to the point that I can’t even lift my coffee cup without discomfort. I can’t even answer the telephone with my right hand.

    I would not have connected Levaquin with any of this had I not spoken with my boyfriend’s sister who is an RN. I mentioned that I became sick from taking Levaquin and she told me NOT to take it again advised me to research it online for side effects. I’m not sure if I what I have experienced places me in the “lawsuit” category. Just reading the testimonials of others in similar situations makes me realize that I’m not alone and I’m not crazy. Good luck to you all….


  112. I a very healthy person until about 3 years ago. I would run about 10 miles a week and bike about 50 miles a week. I started taking oral levaquin for Upper respiratory infections about that time. I have since had 4 surgeries. On my elbow, foot and bilateral shoulers. Currently I am no better. I didn’t realize that it was the levaquin until about 6 months ago I developed severe posterior tibial tendonitis 1 week after a dose of levaquin. I am still in a walking boot and still have bilateral shoulder pain. I have treated symptoms with NSAIDS, Ice, heat, Ionophoresis, P.T., Platlet rich plasma injections, Steriods. I read alot about Leqoquin induced tendonitis, but nothing about what causes it or what treatment works. Is there a specialist that has any knowledge how to treat it or what my prognosis is?

  113. My father has taken Levaquin for numerous infections over the past few years and today he had surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff. When the injury occurred he was doing a normal every day work activity that still puzzles us as to how it damaged his shoulder. Perhaps we have found the answer.

  114. I have had chronic sinusitis for as long as I can remember and have been prescribed Levequin and other antibiotics (ones that have been pulled due to people having liver failure) several times. I have bad knees, bad tendons in my elbows plus most recently have found out that I have deteration of the ball and joint in my shoulder, arthiritis, you name it. My shoulder is trashed and I am only 35, I always thought it was because I had played and worked hard when I was younger but now expecially with my shoulder I feel more like 50 years old. I was told the only thing that is keeping me from being a canidate for shoulder replacement at this point is my age. I normally don’t look into these things but with the amount of antibotics I have taken in my life I guess it’s time.

  115. My husband was given a 7 day prescription for 500mg’s of Levaquin per day. About a week after he stopped taking this medicine he started complaining about severe stabbing pains in his foot and ankle. Then it got worse and he said it felt like he had pulled a muscle or something in his leg(same leg as foot). Within a month’s time after taking Levaquin, the pain was so bad for him that he was taking 2-3 750mg Vicodin’s per day, and some days he would take a Aleve in between. He was given the medication around the 26th of May. The second week in July while in a park at a family reunion, he was walking and a pain hit him in the ankle and heel area of the foot that caused him to fall. After wrapping and soaking in Epson salt for several days he got no relief. I finally got him to go to the Dr. After about 2-3 weeks of x-ray’s, MRI’s and pain med’s,they discovered that he had a torn tendon. He was referred to a surgeon. The surgeon wanted to do surgery to repair the tendon. Unfortunately, he told my husband that because he had Polio as a child and had numerous surgeries on the other leg he would make that his last resort. My husband loss all the muscle, some bone, and lenght to the opposite leg. He cannot support his weight on that leg. The foot is 4 sizes smaller due to the extensive damage from Polio. So he is wearing a boot, and uses 2 crutches to walk at the present time. The Dr. say’s he take a greater chance of never walking if he does surgery, so he trying to see if the tendon can somewhat repair itself by being immobilized. He will be put in a cast for approximately six months to a year, if the tendon show’s no sign of repair in the next month. From the age of 2 until age 11, my husband could not walk. He was in wheel chairs, braces, crutches, etc……. Can you imagine how he feel to overcome that obstacle, only to be given something that is supposed to help him. And later find out that life and prescribed medicine has taken him back to age 2. I have tears in my eyes as I type this. My only suggestion for all who are having problem’s behind this is::: Say a prayer for all of those who are struggling to over come this, and most of all say a prayer for yourself.

  116. I have panic attacks also. I have M.S. and no one in my family history has ever had it. I can only remember taking this drug once. I am having heart problems now on top of every thing else and am going to a doctor because of it. have not been told yet what is going on with my heart .

  117. I took levequin (750 mg) for a month and now I have a weakness in the rear knee-bend. My walking gait is hesitated from the weakness in the back of my leg.

  118. I have been prescribed levaquin on numerous occasions by my doctor and have what seemed to be a gradual development of pain in my neck, shoulders , arms, knees and ankles. Today, the pain is so severe at times, I have great difficulty even dressing myself. I am only 47.

  119. ****update**** I wrote a comment in August 09. I received a list of prescriptions from Walgreens for the last 8 years. I took Cipro 8 years ago and after that was when I was told I had rheumatoid arthritis. I was having pain issues in almost all of my joints at that time. Then 4 years ago I quit my part time job because of joint pain and swelling in my wrist. That was right after taking Levequin for the first time. And then after taking Levequin in January this year, I started with pain in my left shoulder and now am getting it in right shoulder. I can barely lift my arms up. I’ve been avoiding pain killers and going to a chiropractor and getting massage therapy. My insurance company is now questioning all of the doctor visits. I am in pain in most of my joints. My wrists and shoulders being the worst. I went to a rheumatologist in June and after 7 years of being told by GP’s that I had rheumatoid arthritis, she says I don’t. I think it all started well over 7 years ago with antibiotics….

  120. was given large doses for infection after thyroid surgery, as much as 45 days in a row.Now suffer from archilles tendon injury and had to have surgery on tendons in right elbow.

  121. I am a 47 year old female who was hospitalized on 7-9-09 due to a bout of colitis. I was given Levaquin intravenously for 5 days and then took it orally for another 2 weeks before I found out that I was allergic to it. I was in so much pain that I could not even walk. I felt like I was 10 years old and in constant pain. Upon an exam with my primary doctor pinched my Achilles tendon (and I came off the exam table due to the pain), he told me to discontinue taking the levaquin and I started me on Prednisone (a steroid). After about a 15days taking the steroid, the pain went away….., only to returned about two weeks later. I then went back to my primary physician who gave me another prescription for Prednisone but told me not took take it very long because it was a very strong steroid. I’m going back next week as the pain is strong enough now that I might have to be referred to a pain specialist.

  122. I had a severe upper respiratory infection in December 2007, carrying into January 2008. At the second visit to Urgent Care, the doctor put me on 750 mg Levaquin for seven days. After taking it I experienced severe shoulder pain, also a lot of trouble with elbows. I, like many others here, could not even lift a gallon of milk. I have always been strong and healthry previously. Toward the summer of 2008, I began to have severe heel pain, starting in the right foot, then the left foot. I quit my job in Sept 2008, due to this condition. I couldn’t believe what was happening to me, it was like I had become handicapped at 44 years of age. I was watching television this week and saw an ad talking about law suits due to damage caused by Levaquin. I told my husband I was sure that was what Urgent Care prescribed for me. I keep medical documents in my records so I went through it and there it was. 750 mg of Levaquin. Since then my life has been of poor quailty, unable to attend so many events because of the the damage to my tendon/heels. My husband ordered me a product called heel seats that you insert into your shoes, it has helped alleviate some of the pain.
    Levaquin is a very dangerous drug! I had a full and active life before I took this. People beware of Levaquin.

  123. I had a severe Brconcial dease in 2005 I was given Levaquin for it.
    I had several reactions from it, My hears started ringing and they have not quit. I have been to hearing specialist .I have taken drugs just to keep sane because of the higpitch ringing everyday and night.
    I now have pain in my leg and have tendonitis . I have to go to PT every three days just to keep the pain away in my ankle and foot.
    I told my Dr. I did not have all this and people have told me Levaquin wasprobably the problem. I want to enter a lawsuit whenever I can .
    It has changed my life forever. Dr put on my records”allergic to Levaquin”.

  124. I am 62 years old with a husband who has lost his job, and a body that is failing me just when the stress in my life is greatest. My arm has been useless since taking the drug Levaquin last spring to fight an upper respiratory infection. Fianally, my orthopeadic surgeon ordered and MRi and there it was – a frayed tendon in my rotator cuff. After months of PT, I see very little progress and I am still in pain. My life has been turned upside down.

  125. Wow, I took Levaquin and within a month, both my feet hurt so bad. I eventually had to see a podiatrist who said that I had plantar faciitis in both feet and tarsal tunnel. I had to undergo a tarsal tunnel release on my right foot in May, 2008 because that was the worse one. I haven’t had the surgery on my left foot yet, but need to. Both my feet still hurt. Wish I had know that this was the cause and I could have told my doctor that I took Levaquin for an upper respritory infection.

  126. I took levaquin 3 times by prescription and given samples also and had a severe bicep ruptured tendon in 2005. It took two hours to repair.

  127. I took Levaquin in October 2007 for the first time prior to a prostate biopsy I was undergoing. Even though I took the drug, I still got a severe infection which the doctors prescribed levaquin two more times and eventually required 6 months of intensive IV antibiotics, several surgeries and a/ot of pain and agony. I have suffered alot in the last two years, much like many of the comments I have read. I have to take Oxycotin to alleviate the pain. The doctors say I have permanent damage that cannot be repaired, so now my only optios are to take pain medication three times a day just to have some normalcy, even though I have not felt normal for a very long time. No-one wants to admit that the Levaquin actually caused the damage. It is one of those things that you know are true but you cannot prove it. The medical field is covering up for itself. Who is going to pay for the my permanent damage and the life change that I will have to suffer with until I die (I am only 50). I cannot do things that I used to be able to do because of the pain. My life has gotten almost unbearable at times, all for the monetary benefit of a drug company that knew caused permanent damage as is evidenced by the new required black box instructions. This was not required when I was given this drug. I am so angry, but know there is nothing I can do now but suffer in silence and be thankful that I have a neurologist that truely understands my pain and is not afraid to give me the pain medicine my life needs so desperately right now. I just can’t imagine being on pain medications for the rest of my life, but that is my new normal.

  128. On 8/27/09 I was prescribed 500mg for 10 days to treat a sinus infection. After a few days I began to have severe pain in my
    left ankle, my calves, knee, fingers and wrist, forearms,elbow
    and shoulder. I thought I had strained myself, but when the pain
    got worse, and would not let me sleep I went to an orthopaedic
    surgeon who diagnosed tendinitis. He noted that It could be caused
    by levaquin and he put me on anti-inflammatory drugs. My calves feel like I was hit with a fast ball. I also have shooting pain and tingling in
    my hand and forearm so bad that I can’t hold a gallon of milk.I have
    another appointment in two weeks.

  129. I’ve taken levaquin on and off for years and this past year i had a knee problem and it was hard to walk and went to the doctor for the problem and went thru 6 weeks of therapy and it wasn’t getting any better .Finally i received a corisone shot and that helped . But i do suffer from severe anxiety and ache all over.

  130. I was not aware of any problems with Levaquin until I saw an ad on TV. However, since taking Levaquin back in 2007 and being in the hospital due to a severe sinus infection and given Levaquin intravenously, my pain quadrupled. I am a sign language interpreter, and thought my pain was an effect of over use syndrome. So, I stopped interpreting as much because at first I thought it was due to over use syndrome. But, the pain continued even after almost a year of rest. I have been to chiropractors and physical therapist to try and alleviate the pain, but have had no luck. They told me that I was suffering from what is called “frozen shoulders”. I have only about 50% of my range of motion. And I am concerned that I will loose more. No one has been able to tell me what caused this or even it there is a cure. It has been very frustrating because I have not felt any improvement. I don’t take pain killers, because I don’t want to get dependant. What can be done? Has anyone been able to get back to normal? Is this permanent? I can’t take the pain forever.

  131. I went to urgent care on Oct. 14, 2009 because I have a sebaceous cyst on my back that was infected and she prescribed me 750mg of Levaquin for 7 days. She said it was a very strong antibiotic that she normally takes for sinus infections.

    I took one pill and that night I had severe leg cramps, nightmares, hallucinations, stomach ache and fever chills. I went back the next day and I told her I absolutely would not take it anymore. She even tried to talk me into it??? I told her she can take it if she wants, but I certainly would not ever again take it. Esp. after reading the tendinitis reports. It says most over age 60 are more prone to it. BS!

    I’m also going to write my congresswoman to tell her to pass it around Congress to get them to ban this drug. I have no clue as to how it’s even approved by the FDA. Anyone that says they had no symptoms on it are either lying or it will be hitting them soon enough. Reports on this drug can take effect up to 2 yrs. after taking it.

    I’m totally disgusted and any prescription I am now given I google first and I have quite a few (including cholesterol meds) that are sitting in my cupboard.

    In case you weren’t aware – the #2 cause of death in the United States is from prescribed drugs. Yes, from our very own physicians on the payroll of most drug companies. Yes, what was it just a few years ago, sales alone on Levaquin were $2.3 billion!!!! I wonder how many doctors got kickbacks pertaining to Levaquin. From the pressure I got from the urgent care doctor that night I would say pretty heavily unless she’s trying to put a big dent in the population.

    For your own health and safety please make sure you do your homework first and trust no one when it comes to your health.

    It’s now Oct. 21st and my right tendon is killing me and I could hardly walk this morning when I got out of bed. I ONLY TOOK ONE PILL? I pray this goes away for good. I haven’t been able to attend the gym for my classes in two weeks because I just know that I will harm my legs or tendons due to this drug. I’m just so disguted. I’m beginning to think these doctors are buying their way thru medical school. “First do no harm?” I think they missed that class and forgot their oath!

    PA via NC

  132. Im 45 years of age and I feel like I’m 90 since I’ve taken levaquin for infection and for colds since taking the medication I’ve noticed many symptoms such as trouble breathing, tingling in arms, hands,feet shoulder, knee pains also several headaches sometimes the headaches are so terrible that it affets my eye site, I have always been a enterjedic person with lots of energy but in the past and recent times I taking this medication I ‘ve noticed the change in my life and daily activities I deeply sorry for all the people that this Medication has affected and distroyed the life and fulture….

  133. I was taking levaquin for an upper respitory infection and while walking in my kitchen, my right leg collapsed, fortunately I caught myself on the counter before I fell to the floor. I was unable to walk for the rest of the day and needed crutches. On the 7th day, I called an orthopedic and had the knee xrayed. I now have a brace and need to ice the knee for another 7 dyas to see if it gets better. i have never had any problems before and it scares me that the above comments describe my situation to a “T”

  134. I’ve lost a lot of use of my arms and legs and had been prescribed Levaquin 500mg dosage during 2007. I can walk very little and spend most of my mobile time either in my powerchair at home or scooter for grocery shopping and doctor appointments.

  135. I was given levaquin IV for pneumonia for 3 days, after I came home from the hospital I took pills for 2 weeks. I started with severe leg and foot pain. My doctor told me to stop the medication. Now I have lower back, neck and shoulder pain. Some days I suffer from fatique. This medication should be taken off the market.

  136. I was taken to the hospital Jan 21, 2008 because I fainted (for reasons that are not pertinent to this discussion). A cat scan revealed severe generalized sinusitis. (I had been sick for a week but thought I was almost over it.) I was prescribed Levaquin. I was playing tennis at the time for about 2 hours per week, and I pretty quickly developed “tennis elbow.” Although it has improved, I can still feel it when I move my arm (after having been still for a while). Of greater urgency though is the Apr 2009 appearance of “plantar fasciosis.” I still have it 7 months later. Could an Apr 2009 injury be caused by the Jan 2008 Levaquin. I love exercise, and this has put a severe cramp on my lifestyle. My father died at age 66 because of heart disease, and I want to stay active so that I don’t suffer the same fate. Has levaquin created a life-threatening situation for me?

  137. I was on it for a short period of time. I already had a tendon problem with my paroneal tendon in which I had surgery prior to taking the medicine. Now that same tendon is swollen up and it hurts to walk.

  138. i was given levequin and avelox repeatedly in 2005-2006 for chronic bronchitus and sinus infections…. at this point i went to having pain in most of my back and legs and feet… i did not equate these to the leviquin until i happend upon this formum looking for answers to why i keep having reccuring bouts with bronchitus and sinus infections.. in 2006 my primary doc put me on lortab 7.5 3 times aday for the pain then after a couple of months wanted me to see an orthopedic doc which i did… they couldnt find any direct cause of my pain other than disc degeneration in my back and joint inflamation in my knees… in late 2006 i took levequin and within ten mins of taing it i got nauseated and dizzy and went into having seizure type severe twitching which required ambulance transport to the hospital and required heavy dosages of anti seizure meds to get them to stop i was in horrible pain for muscle soreness from the muscle twitching for three days before i finally felt half way back to normal… well the er doc said they didnt know what caused it but told me to continue the leviquin after being released from the er…. which i did .. no more issues… then about four weeks later i got hit with a nother case of bronchitus and my primary doc prescribed another round of levequin.. again within ten mins of taking it same reaction as before another trip to the hospital by ambulance and this time the muscle twiching l asted almost two hrs from start till they finally got me stopped at the hospital.. i was kept that time for three days and the attending physician at the hospital told me that what had happend was i had had a grand mal seizure both times and that leviquin lowers your seizure threshold
    ( i have complex partial epilepsy but its well controlled with my seizure meds)so i was told never to take it or any quinolilone antibotics again.. i havent.. but i still have constant pain in my body from the back of my neck to my feet and migraines too…today three yrs later i now have been transfered to a pain managment specialist i am on lortab 10 five times a day as well as flexeril 10mg at nite and robaxin 4 times a day during the day and have epidural blocks every few months and i still live with pain.. i think i need to check to see if the pain issues i now have can be traced back to the taking the leviquin and avelox. anyone know where to start?

  139. I just crawled out of the Swine Flu cave after 2weeks in bed. I decided to visit my doctor to see what damage if any this flu cased my body. He gave me Levaquin 500mg to take for 14 days. After reading this how could any doctor even consider this High Dollar ($50.00 co-pay) antibiotic? I am on pill #2 and a shore sholder! I survived the swine flu to only what die or become disabled over a tablet? I plan on having a talk with my pharmacict!

  140. I was given Levaquin pneumonia, first by infusion in the hospital, then in pill form for a total of 3 weeks of treatment. No one told me about the side effects. I now have constant pain in my shoulders, hips and knees. When I wake up in the morning even my hands are stiff and sore. I have to hold on the the stair railing and the wall to make it down the stairs into the kitchen and living room. I am currently taking Tramadol and Norco for the pain but it doesn’t help much at all. I can no longer do many things I was able to do before the Levaquin therapy. Something should be done to get this drug off the market before it disables any more people.

  141. WHY are doctors prescribing Levaquin if it is not ABSOLUTELY a necessary? I was prescribed this drug without a blood test diagnosing anything, xrays that were non-conclusive of anything, and they give me a drug that caused tendonitis in my left elbow and left achillis tendon? All the doctors seem to be VERY aware of the risk (non that were given to me prior to taking it) and 7 days later BAMM, here are the conscequences! This drug should be taken off the market.

  142. After taking Levaquin for general infection prevention after removal of my gallbladder, I suffered serious tendonitis in my peroneal tendon of my left ankile and also suffered the worst tendonitis of my right elbow imagineable. I am unable to play tennis but continue to try to make the tennis elbow go away. Neither injury is going away on its own or with therapy and total lack of playing any tennis at all. I may have to give up tennis forever. My arm feels as if something inside might break if I merely hit one forehand shot.

  143. I was prescribed Levaquin for a potential kidney stone/infection about 4 months ago. The first night of taking it I noticed that I felt like my eye on the right side and my jaw were puling and contracting. The meds worked for the “infection” however, now I am spending more time at the Dr.s office than at work.. I have severe, stabbing pain and tingling on the right side of my head and in my ear, so much that I had to get my hair cut very short, because I couldn’t comb it. The Dr.s have ran tests and found “nothing wrong”. I’ve seen an ENT who now is sending me to a neurologist. My other symptom is that I have such pain in my ankles and achileas tendin that I can’t make it down the stairs -without taking it one step at a time and turning sideways. I am thinking my suffering is due to taking the drug. I am still suffering with the pain and it is constant, somedays worse than others. I have been very upset because there is no diagnosis, as of yet.

  144. I was prescribed Levaquin for a sinus infection a week ago. 5 pills one every 24 hours. The first day my heart was racing, the next day I woke up and my left cheek was swelled like a balloon. That night I took the scond pill and my mouth swelled up (the cheek was still swelled badly.)
    Next morning I noticed my eye was swelled up now and I was very dizzy. After just 2 pills! This was Thanksgiving and I ended up in ER. My pulse was extremely edangerously high as was my blood pressure, my face looked like a monster’s. The DR at the hospital told me to throw away Levaquin. Now as of today I am on another safer antibiotic, steroids and benedryl. My eye is still swollen but the check and mouth are down. My pulse/pressure is also down. But I am still having the racing heart off and on. The DR at the ER was surprised this was precribed for me initially for the sinitis instead of a more milder anti-biotics, and over the phone, without an exam. Stay away from this drug, it is life threatening.

  145. this drug almost killed me , i was so sick from it. had the side affects for many months of diahrea and feeling like i had the flu.

  146. I started taking levaquin on november 21st for a sinus infection and bronchitis. I began to notice twitching in my left leg and pain in my calves. also, I am extremely weah my muscles are sore and the joints in my fingers ache. Even the palms of my hands hurt. Can this be a result of levaquin? I have two more doses of 1000 mg. left to take.

  147. This medication was the only thing that helped my chronic sinusitis. Yes, I had some nervousness the first couple of days but was fine thereafter. I cannot take the 750 mg dosage as it causes severe nausea.

    My mother (who was 75 years old at the time) did rupture her achilles tendon shortly after being on this medication.

    I find that there are times when I read all the side effects of the medications that I start to feel some of those symptoms.

  148. I was first given Levaquin for chronic sinusitis in Dec 2001 and then again in Feb 2002. About the same time, I started having severe pain in my joints. In April of 2002 I returned to the doctor with extreme pain in all of my joints and especially my shoulder. I was diagnosed with a rotator cuff injury and since have endured a total of three surgeries on both shoulders and one elbow surgery. I still live in constant pain despite the surgeriesand extensive physical therapy. My life went from being a very active, athletic person to a life of constant pain and depression. I have been forced to give up the things in life that I truly enjoyed.

  149. I had taken Levaquin for sinus infections. Last time in August of 2007, within 12 days I was DEAF in my left ear, has anyone heard of anyone losing their hearing after taking this drug?


    I took two pills of Levaquin 500 mg for a mild UTI. Within a day, I had an excruciating headache. By day two, I had pains in my joints so I stopped taking it. ONLY TWO PILLS and what followed was:
    -joint aches and pains
    -severe dry eye (ducts all dried up a week after taking this drug)
    -wandering and severe pain in my feet bones-on top of feet
    -weak and sprained-feeling ankles
    -shoulder pain
    -muscle weakness
    -caffeine intolerance–I can’t have ANY coffee; it keeps me up all night
    -impossible to exercise, run, jog, anything.

    Before I took this poison, I was going to the gym four times a week for high impact step aerobics. I am 38 years old and formerly, in perfect health. Two months later, I’m still experiencing many of the symptoms re: joints, tendons, dry eye, caffeine intolerance.

  151. I too am having problems after taking this Levaquin 500mg for 5 days now ; I had a ear infection and found myself in the ER the doctor gave me one pill while I was there and a prescription; the ear infection is somewhat improved although it shouldve been gone by now . I am having incredible pain in my ankles my wrists and my knees. I have decided it was the antibiotic and looked for a “double blind study” for side effects on searching for this I came across this website. I only took the stuff for 5 days and I hope that therre are no long term side affects, I am also having nightmares at night which is not usual for me, dizziness,and nausea . About a year ago I had another infection in my sinus in which an antibiotic was prescribed the same day I was given a flu shot and a whooping cough shot I suffered joint pain at that time but thought it was due to the shot it took about 6 months to get over that one and this is exactly why I do not go to doctors, I will be checking to see if the medication I was given in may of last year is this antibiotic if so I know now never to let it be prescribed again although the ear infection is still there I will not be continuing on in the medicine I would rather suffer the pain in my ear than to suffer the pain I am having in my joints and in the back of my head . Its all about the all mighty dollar whatever happened to honesty from what I can see from reading all of your stories this has to been know about and that sucks! By the way I am 47 and somewhat healthy normally

  152. The antibiotic Levaquin was prescribed by a physician in Bloomington, Il for a sinus infection I contracted in February 2009. I asked the nurse at the Prompt Care Health Center about the prescription strength of Levaquin, because I was more familiar with Zithromax used for treating sinus infections. The nurse had not informed me of the side effects of Levaquin. I experienced no side effects when I used Zithromax and my sinus infects were cured. On the first night I took Levaquin, I felt helpless laying in bed feeling as if seemed something had ripped through the muscles of my entire body. After taking the fifth of 5 Levaquin pills over the course of 5 days as instructed, I began to experience problems walking properly as my knees became swollen. All of a suden, I had probIems getting up from my desk in the office after sitting for more than an hour, walking down the stairs (I had to take the elevator), and getting into my car. This was the start of unforseen months of agony brought on Levaquin (some sort of myalgia). I was in a lot of pain for months and the doctors in Bloomfield, Illinois were helpless. I had MRIs performed on both knees and they revealed tears my knees, I never had in my 48 years of age until I took Levaquin. I was hastily told by a prominent orthopedist from the area that I needed to do surgery (i.e within less than 24 hours of my discovery). What a jerk!. I consulted with another orthopedist who suggested I never needed surgery immediately. To this day, I still have problems with swelling in my knees and walking properly at times. This discomfort was brought on by taking Levaquin. What a gross discomfort. I have a question for Johnson & Johnson’s Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc: Who were the test subjects for this drug? Mice?

  153. YESTERDAY! Im 45 years OLD I Was prescribed 750mg of Leviquin once a day for 7 days

    ::::::::::::::ONLY TOOK ONE PILL:::::::::::::::::::::


    :::::::::::::::::::DO NOT TAKE THIS MEDICATION:::::::::::::::::::::::::::

  154. anyone with hip pain (mild, severe or otherwise) possibly associated w/Levaquin use as well? I’ve been rx’d this antibiotic numerous times and recently completed a 14-day course followed by hip pain for which I have seen a RA doc, my PCP and been in the ER.

  155. I am on leviquin for the 3rd time in 3 months for sinus infections. This is the only antibotic that is working. The side effects were so bad that I had to take a day off inbetween each dosage. I don’t know if this caused the infection to remain or not. I had burning skin, rash and muscle pains like I had just spent a day moving heavy furniture or something.
    The only warning I have gotten is from 1 pharmacist the 1st time I got it and she said not to do any heavy lifting or exersizing as this could cause tendon rupture. On the bottle I got today from another pharmacy there was no warning and I didn’t even get a printout about the medication. If I were not suffering from a severe post surgical infection of the sinuses I would not take this drug.

  156. last month i took levaquin, for the 1st time,,,500mg for 7 days. for a sinus infection. about a week later, i had severe … .pains in the back of my heel. finally went to the orthopedic dr………..and mentioned to him,iwas getting over a sinus infection and took levaquin…… that was the starting of something unknown to me. as of now….i have a walking boot on, with severe tendonitis on the achellies tendon. have no idea when it is coming off……it is not any better……i got curious, when my drugest called ( 1st time in 20 years, to see how I was doing ) no black box warning on my pills. being a retired nurse,i got my wakeup call, the hard way.i can’t go work, untilthe dr. releases me.

  157. I have had problems in my left leg and knee server swelling in my knee. I will be having surgury due to this medication. There was no warning lable about tendon damage or I wouldn’t have take this stuff. I have trouble get up and in and out of a car. This has been a major handicap for me.

  158. Update on how sever the damage has become in lft knee from tendon damage as of today 01/03/2009 I got up this morning and my Knee was the size of 3 knees and my right knee has become to pain the same way I couldn’t get out of bed I needed help in doing everything today this is a total embrassment. Tell everyone not to take this drug it has destroyed my life. I’m just wondering how well this surgery is going help will they give something else that will create another problem for me or will this just worse.

  159. I had know idea what has been causing pain in my shoulders, knees, and elbows until I read this blog. I have taken Levaquin off and on now for almost three years for sinus infections. Most recently following sinus surgery. It is a relief to make the connection between my pain and when I have been on Levaquin. I was starting to think that something else was going on. I am currently on Levaquin and have two pills left. I can barely get out of bed in the mornings for the shoulder pain on both sides. I am stopping now and when I see my doctor next week we will need to find an alternative antibiotic for my sinus infections.

  160. There is all this talk about Levaquin but the legal profession is forgetting or turning a blind eye to those of us who have been affected by the newer fluoroquinolone, FACTIVE. I have been dealing with multiple system failures from this toxic drug that was given to me for sinusitis in 2008. I too had to have my rotator cuff repaired. It also torn my gastrocnemus muscle, caused diabetes, malabsorption, vitamin deficiencies, steven johnson syndrome, uclerated my intestine and much more. I’ve had multiple surgeries since 2008. But what about those of us who are dealing with the same harm by the hands of different drug companies like Oscient? In March, 2009, the US Supreme Court opened the door for the legal profession to go after the drug companies when it ruled in favor of a woman (Diane Levin) (Levin v. Wyeth) who sued Wyeth Pharmacutical for the loss of her arm when she reacted to a drug that did not warn about the adverse reaction that caused her to lose her arm. The Court held that the our founding forefathers never intended for the FDA to be the sole keeper our safety–that the drug companies, who in the past, enjoyed the protection of Federal Preemption, should be accountable for what they make. This was exciting news for those of us suffering from the toxic affects of these fluoroquinolones. Sadly, however, not all of the different drug companies have deep pockets, therefore, the legal profession only chooses to go after those they can make money off of. This is not justice, it simply is another way of making money on those of us who were harmed in the first place. So I ask myself “What is justice then?” Is it about helping those of us who have astronomical medical bills at the hands of the drug companies who make millions if not more from these drugs? Perhaps it is cheaper for the companies to just settle and continue to make more of these drugs. Did you know that 1/2 of all of the fluoroquinolones made since 1960 have been removed from the market because of toxic adverse reactions? That’s profound. But the question that begs an answer is, why are the drug companies allowed to continue to make more of these drugs in the first place? The answer use to be that the drug companies were not accountable but the LEVIN case should have changed that for those of us who suffer. Again, sadly it did not because the legal profession is not going after all the different companies who make these drugs, they only go after those who they can make money off of and because of that, these other companies will continue make more of these toxic drugs and simply call them by a different name. The golden lesson learned from all of this for me is to not trust the medical profession since their glass ceiling is shatterproof and they all band together so tightly like the gentleman who wrote about covered wagons circling together to win the fight. We don’t have a chance unless the legal profession takes on the giants but if there is no money in it, then we lose–sad for those of us who did not take Levaquin but took FACTIVE–we are the ones who have been harmed twice, first by the drug, then by the legal profession who fails to go after ALL the companies who made the fluoroquinolones.

  161. At age 46, I didn’t connect the relationship between this drug and my Four joint surgeries, planar facitis, and permanently loose joints until reading several postings tonight, but I now believe there is one.

  162. I took Levaquin on and off for months to fight infections from chemotherapy and many surgeries. Both the tendons around my knees are shot. Every tendon is my body is inflamed. This is two years after the medication.
    The infections would have killed me so, I guess this side effect is not so bad.

  163. I had a nasty UTI and was placed on I believe 750MG Levaquin for 21 days. I developped severe pain from top to toe. My husband and I asked our Uro Doc. if this could be related to the Levaquin. He said right away “Impossible”. So we let it slide. IF he had paid attention or heed to the pain I described he at least could’ve had it flagged in my file. He didn’t. because of that I have been on Cipro (same family) for extended periods of time. Now mind youI am a quilter. I also have ALWAYS done Pilates exercise on a DAILY basis for about 12 years. I also have trained for the 60 mile (3 day) breast cancer walk, and have been able to easily walk 10 miles a day. I used to ski and body surf in the ocean.

    So I had 2 surgeries last year, non related. I gave my body ample time to recover. I did fine and everything healed great.

    My body can not handle most narcotics. I have a choice, be in pain or puke my guts out, even while taking antiemetics. Last Thursday I again tried to get back into my exercises. Some how I have not been able to do my normal Pilates exercises anymore, so I got myself a Wii Fit+. Pain, PAIN and 100 times more PIAN. Okay, lets try to just get back into walking. Walked 1 or 2 miles, easy pace. I have been in Pain since Last week Thursday SO bad that I had to take 1 Norco every 4 hours and all I could stomach with that was 12.5mg Phenergan per 12 hours. besides that all I ate was whole wheat crackers and 7UP. Liquid vitamins and minerals and electrolytes. I’m an LVN (Hospice nurse for 20 years), so I do know how to take propper care of my body.

    I am not only furious with the makers of this drug, but I am also extremely MAD at my URO Doc. who acted so ignorant.

    First of all I would LOVE this product be taken OFF the market. Black warning is the LEAST they could do.

    Next I want to know if I would be financially better off to hire my own lawyer to sui not only the makers of this drug but also to go after this idiot of a Uro Doc. of mine.

    Since I was born and raised in Holland I’m not for frivoloud lawsuits, on top of that as a nurse you do have a better understanding about mistakes made UNintentionally.

    But this Levaquin has ruined my LIFE.

  164. I was in the hospital in 2001 in intensive care due to an infection from a surgery and was given extreme doses of Levaquin. The following year I thought I had broken my collar bones because of the severe pain that i felt, and to find out it was bilateral bicept tendonitis in both shoulders with bloody fluid and bursitis. That year I also was diagnosed with planters fasciatis. I still have issues with both and have had numerous shots and medications to try and control the pain. I think they need to do more studies for longer periods for medications before they release them for use.

  165. I was prescribed Levaquin 3 separate times over a 2 year period for complaints of sinus pain (possible infection), and bronchitis. I felt sick while taking the antibiotic but the doctor said it was the best thing on the market so I took it. I now suffer from extreme ringing in my left ear, and also left eye is blurry. My shoulders ache and I seem to be experiencing a lot more inflammation in my joints. These episodes did not occur previous to taking Levaquin.

  166. I am a registered nurse of 19 years. I worked very hard to become a nurse, and I loved my job. I recently became disabled at the too young age of 55 years, partially due to unexplained, irreparable tears in both of my rotator cuffs. For the past 4-5 years, I have been experiencing severe, debilitating pain in both shoulders, with no known injury having been done to them. However, what we do know is that I have been on Levaquin and other quinolones several times (for some nasty respiratory infections), in the past 8 years. Until the last year or so, I was never told about the risk involved with the quinolone classification of drugs. Now it may be at least part of the reason I cannot work as a nurse any longer. The physical pain is unbelievable at times. However, the professional betrayal is something I cannot even begin to put into words. As a nurse, I trusted the pharmaceutical companies to ensure safe, thoroughly tested medications were the only medications that made it to the general population with a very rare exception. Oftentimes I was the patient taking the drug prescribed by my family physician, but frequently I also had a role in delivering those drugs to patients in the hospital, and they trusted me to be safe, too. I gave the drugs as ordered, telling the patients that they would get better, just like their doctor and the drug company promised. Now I find out that in the case of Levaquin and similar type drugs, the pharmaceutical companies hid the truth, and that their greed has cost a lot of innocent people something that no amount of money can ever replace- their health, happiness, and well-being. May God forgive them.

  167. I was given three Levaquin due to a prostate biopsy–a couple days later I started to experience tenderness of my rght achilles my Chiropractor adjusted my foot thinking a bone was out of line–two weeks later we tried a herbal patch–no relief. Four weeks of on and off tenderness I suddenly hear on an ad on TV–have you recently ruptured or tore your Achilles? an have taken the anti–biotic Levaquin etc.—I remembered my Dr. mentioning a md starting wth a “L”–The dots finally became connected !!
    Sord continued until eight weeks after the distrss started–I stepped onto a slight incline-and SNAP!!!–Complete tear—
    Sown back together etc–That was i June–still have not fully re-established my conditioning lost in my legs–
    Hoping the Class Actions make those guys pay for all our my and all of the above victims misery!!!

  168. 14 day course of Levaquin for pneumonia – one week in I did some shopping and lifted some shopping bags, two days later I couldn’t dress myself, lift anything, had severe snapping of tendons in shoulders. Now 10 days after stopping the drug, I am still very sore in my shoulders and even the slightest increase in activities of daily living leaves me sore in my muscles and joints all over when this never happened before – I used to be fairly active, but not now. It hurts to walk around and do minor activities. My doctor had no clue and tried to tell me this was from a virus, but his nurse had heard of this before and she advised to get this to my pharmacy so that I would never get this drug prescribed by mistake in the future. I just hope I’ll heal intact and not have lasting disability. I feel like an old woman now…. even with a “black box warning,” none of the ‘professionals’ I dealt with said anything about this — I had to read the detailed warning info online to find an answer

  169. my mother just came form the dcotro and now has to be hospitalized, she is showing a 70% deterioration in her tendons, a 65 year old women in the health of thrity year old can barely move and is forced to use a walker and needs assistance in almost all aspects of daily life.

  170. Just from reading a few of the comments i am almost sure this is my problem.I have been treated for MRSA,a very bad bacterial infection called staph.I would get cured from it and then m onths later i would get again for no reason.Levequin was given to me introvenously.I am sure this is my problem.

  171. I was prescribed Levaquin in Sept 2007 and have suffered from pain since then. I contributed the pain to just getting older. My hands have lost most of there strenth. I thought it was just arthritis. My wrist are weak and I can’t lift my right arm up because of my rotater cuff. I suffer from severe pains in my feet and heals after walking or standing for a couple of hours. I have popping and cracking in my arms and shoulders. I have lost my gripping abilities and strenth in my arms and hands.

  172. i amon levaquin now just out of hos why why why ddoes drs prescribe this med kmowing there is a lawsuit against this drug iam very upset with my dr iam praying i will not have any prob since the dr knows i am elergic to almost every antobic donthey know this drug is dangerous

  173. I was given intraveneous Levaquin for two days for listeriosis, food poisoning, two years ago Oct. in a hospital. I had achilles problems within months of taking it not having a clue what was wrong. I have had muscle weakness in my knees and ankles since then.. I have also developed burning pain in my feet and calves which cramp up and are difficult to uncramp. I don’t trust my legs to go downstairs without hanging on to something in case my knees give out. My elbows and shoulders are also often weak and painful. A times now I feel foggy headed and not as alert as I used to be or able to concentrate. I chocked it all up to turning 59.

  174. my mom took that medicine for about 2 years, and its like she is in a trans sometimes, just starring into space. She blinks, and bucks her eyes, constant chewing, moving her hands, rocking all the time, she cant sit still for nothing, and shes not even aware that shes moving. Before taking this reglan, she did not have any of these symtoms. Its really sad, because she is like a different person. The drug makers should be made to pay for ruining peoples lives.

  175. i am 20 yrs old and i have tendonitis in my knee and wrist, after taking levaquin 9 months ago for an infection from a surgery, the doctors never told me that i could have gotten tendonitis, and its in my left hand which i dont even use.

  176. I was given 500mg/day Levaquin for a UTI on 12/30/09. I was on prednisone at the time.

    After taking the first pill, I developed hives on my face after 45 minutes and my doctor told me to take Benadryl and keep taking the Levaquin if the hives went away.

    The next day I took another Levaquin and saw my doctor in the morning; my blood pressure was very high and I was put on BP medication and told to keep taking the drug. By the afternoon it felt like my hands were trying to cramp, so I called the doctor’s office (it was New Year’s Eve) and asked if I should keep taking the medication. No call back.

    The following day, 1/1/10, my thighs began cramping 1 1/2 hours after taking the Levaquin. I stopped taking it after that but every time I took a Prednisone the muscle cramps in my legs grew worse and spread; it felt like icy hit needles were piercing my muscles. The muscle cramping started spreading to my shoulders and jaw.

    I got off of the prednisone but the muscle pains persisted; after several weeks of taking various vitamins and minerals I began to feel better and by 2/9 the pain finally receded to just my thigh muscles.

    Suddenly I relapsed and by 2/12 the muscle pain and neuroopathy returned all over my entire body. This time additional muscles started hurting. After two weeks 2/27 I relapsed again.

    Does this ever stop? Does anyone ever get better? I’ve added antioxidents and muscle massage, but my legs feel weak and unsteady. My arms have been hurting since the first relapse. I’ve seen that Vitamin D (probably one of the only vitamins I’m not overdosing on) could be added….what kind of detoxing have people been effectively doing?

  177. on December of 2007I was prescribed levaquin for a chronic sinus infection I woke up on new years day and could not move my right arm it was frozen in a bent position I went to numerous doctors who did all kinds of test and shots in my arm I was told I had tendentious in my elbow it took 2 months before I could straighten my arm and I still cant lift any weight I lost my job and now I am having all kinds of issues with other joints and arthritis that I never had be for I was in management now I am working in a call center and I have to wear braces on my arm and take pain medication just to do that job and to top it off I have been told the I have arthritis in my spine I cant even sit up to do that job the med’s don’t help any more I’m out on medical leave my finger joints swell to the point I cant use my hands this is just a nightmare I am so tired of taking pills just to get some relief why should we have to live with this much pain for the rest of our lives all the money in the world can not compensate for all this pain just what are they going to do ?

  178. I was very sick last June with a respiratory illness and my dr.put me on this horrid drug. After none days I stopped taking it as I was having pain throughout my body….my left hand still hurts very badly at times and swells up and my legs and knees buckle under me at times with the pain. How this drug can still be on the market is beyond me.

  179. My Mom had taken levaquin for URI.A dark spot appeared on her right ankle and her foot swelled.When she moved it,she was in terrible pain.Not knowing what caused it,thinking she had been bitten,she ignored it until she had a doctor appt.The doctor thought she had been bitten also.She was in the er not long after and was given levaquin for copd exacerbation.Her foot began to swell again and by looking,you could tell there was a tendon tear.She was taken off Levaquin and shortly after she could not raise her toes off the floor or bend her ankle.She is now having to wear a brace due to getting drop foot.All this,I know without a doubt was brought on by Levaquin.She is almost 80 years old and was able to walk 3 miles a day but now can barely get to bathroom and with her foot in condition it is in,she falls frequently.Both ankles swell along with knees now

  180. I have serious congestion and sinustitis along with a head cold and slight sore throat. My personal doctor has just perscribed Livaquin for me. I’m 66 years old and was looking up the product and it’s side-effects. This is scarey to say the least. I’ll be getting the Rx later today and will comment to this website after taking the medication.
    Zephyrhills, FL

  181. I have had 2 unexplainable tendons ruptures. Both of my endo condylitis tendons. I was on I.V. Levaquin for 5 days for celluloid’s and then on oral 750mg for 10 days post hospitalization in January of 2008. My right tendon ruptured in March of 2009, this was very concerning to my doctors as my right wrist had been fused since 1991 and I was not using the tendon as others do. My left tendon ruptured on 12/7/2009 for no apparent reason or injury????

  182. I was given Levaquin by my physician about 3 weeks ago for a urinary infection. About 8 days in I got a small rash on my stomach. I thought it was just a skin irritation. Then the next day, I woke up and couldn’t walk. The pain from my hips to my legs (both) was horrendous. I thought it was just sciatica which my husband has. I fell outside. For several days I stayed home and rested my legs. I continued taking 800 mg of ibuprophen which my Dr. had prescibed with the Levaquin. No relief. I called the Dr. and he saw me the next door. He said I had a severe allergic reaction to the Levaquin and gave me a shot, told me to rest, and come back in a week. Still in pain, he said nothing for pain except Tylenol. He took blood. I came back in a week (last Thurs.). The doctor said my blood work came back fine but he had no idea what was wrong and that I should have all the Levaquin out of my system. Another week has gone by and I have an appointment with a spine and pain specialist. What am I to do? I have constant pain up and down my legs and especially by my ankles and feet. I am a runner ( 7 miles a day) and this is really killing me.

  183. I was given Levaquin on 3/8/10 for an ear infection that had not
    responded to previous treamtment, 500mg for 10 days. Day 2 I came down with what I had thought was a virus, body aches, congestion, coughing, sneezing. I began to have severe pain behind both knees, neck and left shoulder that I associated with the virus and my chest seemed to be sore and tender with shooting pain in my left ribcage, which I thought was from coughing so much.I quit taking the Levaquin after 7 days, I just felt sick and hurt all over. I am still having pain and stiffness behind both knees and feel weak all the time. I am not getting any better and I have not taken a pill for 8 days,still have pain in my ribcage also. I am going to see my doctor tomorrow and see what she says about this, I feel that I have some kind of damage in my knees and left shoulder that is yet to be determined.

  184. Had sinus infection back in January, the doctor gave me levaquin and steriod to clear it up fast. It went away and now two weeks ago I woke up with serious shoulder pain shooting down my arm, back and neck. Pain was so unbearable that I cant even hold my 2 year old son. I went to a doctor who gave me motrin and tylenol, this isnt helping because the pain is still here. I am really confused as to WHY doctors would prescribe this to patients knowing there are serious side effects. Why would pharmarcies sell the drug knowing this. It should be banned forever. It is ruining many lives.

  185. My doctor started me on Levaquin in December 2006.. I continued to take the drug for severe sinus infections and pneumonia. Over the course of 2 years i took Levaquin several times, not realizing that it was causing the pain in my feet and ankles. I received treatment for a tore tendon in April of 2007-physical therapy. Not aware that Levaquin was causing the problem I continued to take the drug. In 2008 I started receiving shots in my ankles and feet for tendon problems that I was having. The shots did not help. I had surgery in August of 2009, the doctor said my tendon on my left ankle was shredded. I still have pain in my foot. I also have ruptured another tendon in my left foot, which I am seeing the doctor for today. The side affects from Levaquin have caused me severe pain, and I have lost the ability to walk without pain. This is a horrible drug that needs to be removed from the market.

  186. I was given 750 mg. Levaquin in emergency for a UTI infection the end of February. After day 2, my head became so sore & stiff I could hardly move it side ways or up and down with such severe pain. I went to the Dr. as instructed by emergency. He said to cut the pill in half. After 2 more days, I was in such pain I had to put a neck brace on. The Dr. said to stop Levaquin and prescribed step-down Prednisone and pain pills. The Prednisone relieved some of the pain the first 2 days and then nothing. The pain was so bad the pain pills didn’t even touch the pain. It has been almost a month now with attacks of pain in the neck tendons shooting up into the head and behind the eyes to the point where I need the neck brace.
    Ibrophen relieves it somewhat, but I have to take it several times a day just to exist. I see the Dr. again tomorrow. Will it ever quit. Why in the world do Drs. prescribe this awful drug when one reads the side effects. It should be taken off the market. My husband was prescribe Levaquin to prevent pnemonia. His reactions were just as severe and ended up with diarrhea for 2 weeks of which he dropped 20 pounds.

    I THINK EVERYONE SHOULD REPORT THESE SIDE EFFECTS TO THE FDA AT 1-800-FDA-1088 OR VISIT http://www.FDA.gov/medwatach to try to get this thing off the market with negative side effects.

  187. Since taking levaquin Jan 13 2010 my muscles are so weak and tender I can not get up the stairs. My Dr. took me off tricor which I had been on for 10 years. Now my cholesteral and triglyercides are skyrocketing.?? I was robust now I am a cripple. I dont want to live like this. I dont want to live.

  188. I took one pill Monday April 5, 2010 before I found this site (same day I took the pill). I cried after I saw what my future (or lack of future) looked like. I immediately took 8 charcoal pills (for poisoning) and several yogurts to induce diarrhea. So far my symptoms are a back-ache and right leg feels funny. Furthermore, the depression is very real and heart-breaking. Per Susan above, if it becomes bad, I don’t want to live. But, what do I do for my family?

    Summary: Male, Age 41, took one pill 500mg

    Will post in a week or so what symptoms or not that I have for the record.

  189. I took 500 Mg of Levaquin for 10 days in Jan 2010 for a lung infection, got another one in March 2010 and took 750MG of Levaquin for 8 days, on the 7th day all my joints started hurting so quit taking it after the 8th day. It’s now 3 wks later and my hips and right knee joints are hurting so bad I’m can barely function. Does anyone have the answer on how to get rid of this pain, the pain changes daily, sometimes better, sometimes worse but always there. Has anyone got over this pain after taking Levaquin?? Is there anything I can take to get my life back. I can’t ride a bike, or walk like I did. Having trouble doing routine housework. I need answers.

  190. I was misdiagnosed by a doctor who gave me levaquin for a month. it didn’t fix what was wrong with me but gave me a messed up digestive system, decrease in sperm production and intense pain in my right knee. make sure you get 2 to 3 opinions when offered levaquin

  191. I am 37 years old and feel like Im 80… I was given Levaquin for my Uterus. I was given a script to take 1 pill a day for seven days and only got to the 5th day… I woke up and my arms,elbows,knees,hips,feet,hands etc. were so inflammed and hurt like crazy.(Still Are) Sometimes my hands tingle and go knumb. I did have blood work done but waiting on the results. I was told it’s possible I have Rhumeratoid Arthritis… I was fine before taking Levaquin… I just had to buy a cane to help me get out of bed in the mornings… Im taking pain meds for the moment and it does help but who wants to live on pain meds… I pray I don’t have to live like this. IT”S CRAZY!!!

  192. Levaquin…never again will I take this….I have had a few back procedures before surgery and they have given me Levaquin…and about 3 months after taking it a few different times…I was rushed to the hospital with extensive bleeding…….well I told the hospital my symptoms and they said you have ischemic colitis….never heard of it before..they said have you been on any antibiotics..yes I said Levaquin….that is what caused it they said…constantly running to the bathroom sometimes not making it……..sometimes in public and can’t get to bathroom in time…this is horrible…I have recently been on it again after 3 years and it was for a bladder infection…and thought I was going to die…was so sick…and in bed for three days…good luck everyone….now when asked what I am alergic to I say Levaquin….very bad antibiotic

  193. In June ’07 I got Ecoli and was treated with Levaquin, Phenergan, Heparin, Lovenox and Coumadin, to name a few. In 2008, I was given Cipro. I was prescribed Cipro again in 2009; I didn’t get it filled. Somewhere in the middle of this, my symptoms lead me to believe that I had been severely damaged by these poisons. Since the time of my first dose, I have torn something my heel where there is now a knot sticking out, both Achilles hurt and Plantar Fascia, both heels, my sternum collapsed to some degree on me one afternnoon when I rolled myself down onto my back on the floor, I have the worse shin-splints of my life, I keep a low-grade fever, both elbows below the joints hurt and both shoulders, the tendons on top of both ankles are extremely tender to touch, standing is difficult for any length of time, I have chest pains, twitching below my left eye, both wrists ache, my joints make popping noise, both knees below the joint hurt, I felt a burning/tearing sensation in my outer thigh muscle as well as my right upper arm muscle. I feel as though I am literally coming apart at the seams. I was running my own shop at the time. I am a new “Grammy” who can’t hold her grandson very long or play. I haven’t worked for over two months now. I can’t do anything like I did just three years ago. They should be made to take it since they say it’s safe.

  194. I have just finished a five day course of levaquin, couldn’t understand why the back and front of my knee was so painful, I all of a sudden couldn’t walk,I went to this website to see if it was the levaquin because I am in so much pain…..trying to flush it out of my body if possible….why were we given this drug?

  195. In early April 2010, I was prescribed Levaquin for a sinus infection by my physician. I read the side effects but thought my doctor knew my body after being my physician for almost 20 years. I took this drug for 5 days and by the fifith day I was in so much pain I could barely walk or move my body. I had to take tylenol every 4 hours for the pain. Now the pain has all settled on my left side – my back, hip, thigh, knee – with muscle cramps in my left leg and pain in my ankle and foot. I also have a rash on my left foot, now going up my left leg, and I have a lump on the bottom of my left foot. Darvocet, Vicodin, and Dilaudid no not stop the pain, even taking two at a time. I find that Percocet, if I take two, will make it so I can sleep. I try to take one every two hours during the day but not if I am at work. The pain is so bad that I have to take pain medication. I have been to my family doctor, a rheumalotogist, and a neurologist, none of who know what is going on with me. This pain all happened when I took the Levaquin – the nastiest medicine I have ever taken. In reading the history of other people who took this I can only hope that I can get relief and not have it for the rest of my life. I have missed too much work already…… I can’t believe any one would ever allow this to happen TO ANYONE!!! I now walk with a cane when the pain is too bad but cannot walk without pain and a limp. IT also affected the left side of my neck up into my head.

  196. On October 31,2009, I was hospitalized for steroid therapy and for five days I received injections of solu-Medrol. Upon discharge the doctor prescribed 750 mg Levaquin for six days. After three days I could not walk. My tendons in both legs were stiff and I lost all balance. Since then I have been treated by a foot and ankle doctor, and have taken physical therapy. Today, April 27, 2010 I still cannot walk far without a cane of a walker, and the pain on the bottoms of my heels is often unbearable. Do not take this drug under any circumstances if you have any allergies to flouroquinalones such as Cipro.

  197. I was given leaving samples twice for sinus infections by my doctor. Once in 2006 and again in 2008. After taking this medication I began to have severe headaches, but did not stop taking the medication the first time. I then started having shoulder pain so severe that I could not sleep due to the pain. I thought it was just arthritis. I then started having neck pain on the same side as the shoulder pain. After taking this medication for the second time I experienced the same symptoms as well as others such as having a numbness on the right side of my body with a coldness feeling, and after having test done nothing was found. I was then referred to a chiropractor and after several treatments of therapy the right side got better, but the left side still bothers me. I was then referred to another Dr. and he stated that I had tendonitis and did ex-rays and I also received a cortisone shot in my shoulder. I am still having problems out of my shoulder and has not been able to go for further treatment due to work schedule.

  198. Wow, lots of bad stories. My wife was perscribed Levaquin for a sinus infection this week. She hasn’t had any tendon problems however she can barely function from the nausea. Are there any doctrates here that can tell me why this is still being perscribed if it has such determental effcts?

  199. My husband was prescribed levaquin on Jan. 4, 2010, for bronchitis. By Jan 7, his ankles were painful and his walking was impaired. On Jan. 8, he revisited the doctor because he was not feeling better. After a chest x-ray indicated air under the diaphram, he was admitted to the hospital for a CT scan and observation. We told each doctor about the ankle soreness; I also think he was given levaquin in IV form while in the hospital. By the time he was released on Jan. 12, my 65 year old husband walked like a 95 year old man. He was given a script for levaquin, but by then I had looked this drug up on the internet and called the doctor’s office saying he would not be taking it. I now list it as a drug allergy.
    Finally, after several months of continued pain and impairment ( all of which was mentioned each doctor’s visit) I made an appointment with an orthopedist who sent my husband for an MRI. He has a complete rupture of the left Achilles tendon with considerable separation between the two ends, and a tear in the right Achilles tendon. We were referred to an orthopedist in Philadelphia who says the only option is surgery on the left ankle tendon which will involve reconstruction and possible resection.
    Wonderful, huh? My husband has other medical issues which may make his recovery difficult. He is very weak (has done very little since this occurred in January) in his leg muscles. Crutches are going to be a challenge. He has orthostatic hypotension which causes shortness of breath and chronic renal disease. He has been on prednisone since August, 2009 for the renal disease. We expect at least 8-10 weeks of non-weight bearing recovery which will be much harder if he can’t use the crutches.
    Everyone says what a great drug levaquin is, but from what I read on web forums, I don’t even think it should be on the market.
    My husband retired on Dec. 31, 2009. I don’t think this is what he pictured his retirement would be like.

  200. back in Dec of 2009 , i was diagnosed with bronchitis , the Dr. put me on Levaquin for 10 days, by the ninth day i was unable to walk , i had swollen knees , elbows and shoulders . Went back to the Dr.s , they couldn’t figure out what was wrong . They put me through a battery of tests which everything came back negative. I am now seeing 2 rheumatologists and they can’t figure it out either . Most of my lymph nodes are swollen now. They did some MRI’s on my knees , both were inflamed with fluid on them. We are now in May and i am very frustrated with all of this . I am on prednesone and gabapentin which isn’t helping . I just wonder how long it will be before all this pain goes away.

  201. Has anyone filed a class action sue against this pharmaceutical co. ?

  202. Had pneumonia, was given a 5-day dose of levaquin by an urgent care doctor. Since he gave me samples, there was no information to read and he didn’t explain the possible side effects. The day after I started taking it, I had pain in both calves, hip and shoulder. Never had a problem in the legs before. It’s been about 7 weeks since I stopped taking it and I have had pain in my calves every day since. Now I have pain behind the left knee as well. It’s hard to get out of bed in the morning, or stand up after sitting for a while. Going up and down stairs in tough. I am an otherwise healthy person, used to exercising every day. That’s hard to do now. I’ve been to my doctor, chiropractor and even a massage therapist. Nothing’s helping the pain. Has anybody recovered from these side effects…and how????

  203. I had surgery last July for a bone spur in the right foot achilles tendon that had broken off. After the surgery, I had a blood clot in September then cellulitis in November. It was in November that I was given Levaquin. In February of this year 2010 I began having pain in my left heel. I had an MRI and it is a partial rupture of my achilles tendon. Could this have been caused in February with the med taken in November?
    Thank you!

  204. On May 10, I went to my doctor for a bad cold. He said I had a touch of pneumonia and gave me levaquin Three days later my right ankle began to swell. Two days later my left ankle swelled. I stopped taking the medicine and started reading about side effects on the Internet.I went back to my doctor a week later, telling him I thought I was having side effects.He said he had never had anyone have side effects from Levaquin. he gave me Prednisolone abd Lasix for bringing the swelling down. I was given an Ultrasound to check for blood clots and blood tests which eliminated many things that could have caused it at this time I no longer can walk and I am in a wheelchair that we had from my deceased mother. I’ve been back to the doctor for more blood tests which will iliminate other causes of swelling in my legs. I am seventy one years old and the drug information said that side effects are more prevalent in people over sixty. I.don’t know if I have permanent damage in my ankles but I’m still not able to walk. this medicine should be taken off the market

  205. My new doctor prescribed Levaquin and Flagyl in combination for what she thought might be diverticulitis. After filling these prescriptions, I read the horrible side effects. My husband got after me and told me I needed to take the meds or notify doctor that I did not want to take them. I felt bad and decided to take them. Now I feel worse from the pain all over my body. I don’t feel like going to work and my husband is (once again) mad at me for looking lame and lazy. He has no idea the pain I’m in and even though I tell him, he does not take it seriously. I am scheduled to see this doctor again and have a word with her regarding her poor choice of medication.

  206. Took levaquin in late 2006, early 2007 for diverticulitis. Was taking it for at least a month and a half. I had flair ups which caused the doctors to keep prescribing it to me (along with Flagyl). Later that year I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, which I was on pain meds early 2007, So I’m not sure if the damage happened then or now. In Jan this year, I started experiencing pain in my Achilles Tendons. I got an MRI in March (wasn’t sure what the pain was, and let it go for a couple months), stating that there are partial tears in my Achilles tendons as well as painful scar tissue. I tried walking boots, therapy, and my therapist said most likely I will have to have surgery. Surgery has not been scheduled yet, but I’m pretty sure I”m headed down that road. I’m in SEVERE pain, and it hurts to walk. I manage, because I have to. But the pain gets to me sometimes and I just can’t walk. I don’t use any support system for walking, which I probably should be using. I need to see my doctor about that. I heard of this issue with Levaquin and wanted to find out more about it.


  208. In Feb.2009 I had pneumonia in which I was given Levaquin,I did not tolerate it well as I was always sick on my stomach and head aches.I then had Rocky montain spotted fever a few months later and again was prescibed Levaquin this time I took it only 2 days and was sick again. I thought that the pain in my feet& ankles was due to my shoes so I bought new ones but the pain was always there, of course I was not aware that this medicine was and still is the cause of my pains’. Is this a rest of my life pain? How long must I and all the others put up with the pain?

  209. I began a ten-day run of 500 mg Levaquin once daily with Flagyl twice daily on May 20th following an emergency lapratomy. I immediately had problems with a terrible metallic taste in my mouth and a diminished appetite. A few days following surgery, I was sitting with my father when I experienced a sharp, stabbing pain shooting through my left arm. I honestly thought I might havae been having a heart attack because I’ve always heard this could be a symptom. But I checked my pulse, and it seemed fine at the time.

    In the last two weeks I have experienced atypical periods of hot flashes and anxiety. The anxiety is interfering in my relationship and with my daily duties as a mother. I was just telling my son’s grandmother this morning about it and stated that I almost feel I need to see a psychologist because of it. This sort of statement–or this condition, for that matter–is out of the ordinary for me.

    I only searched for information on Levaquin after my mother told me this afternoon that there were serious warnings about the drug. After reading this website at length tonight, I am going to be very mindful of any additional atypical problems that might arise, especially sudden pain where none has previously existed.

    I pray I am one of the lucky ones, though, who can detox this out of my system. I sure am going to do everything I can–starting tomorrow morning–to try.

  210. i have tendonites in my left hand which hurts in the wrist and thumb. i have to wear a brace to do anything.i am also starting to have pain in my right wrist.it is very painful.i have taken levaquin for years for different infections
    elaine l

  211. I was in the emergency room back in July of 2006 for severe bronchitis. After many treatments for breathing I was given an antibiotic(not Levaquin) and sent home. He also gave me a prescription of Levaquin with the instructions that if the first antibiotic did not work, I should take the Levaquin. I eventually got better without taking the levaquin. The following year, I got bronchitis again and after about a month of trying to fight off naturally I decided to take the Levaquin sine the expiration date had not expired. I later started experiencing spasms in my hands and forearms a well as pain in the bottom of my right foot. Based on the symptoms, it appears to be Plantar Facitis. I associated this all with getting older and had never heard of these side effects from Levaquin.As of December, I started experiencing bouts of double vision and a headache that won’t go away. Could these latest symptoms be caused by the Levaquin I took 2007?

  212. I was prescribed Levaquin last week for bronchitus. I read the drug pamphlet about tendon problems/ruptures, but I didn’t worry about it too much because all drug phamphlets seem to have tons of potential problems, so you just begin to ignore them and trust your doctors. After 3 days I started having pain in my middle back and my heal and achilles tendon started feeling tight and a little sore. Day 5 the achilles tendon in both ankles is sore and after reading through several of these posts, I am terrified of long term effects/damage. Why hasn’t this drug been pulled from the market??

  213. I was prescribed Levaquin for bronchitis in May 2010. I took the pills for 5 days and stopped because my knees became swollen and very painful. For the last 3 weeks it has been very painful for me to walk. I cannot get a full nights sleep because my legs ache very bad. I can’t sit still because of the throbbing pain. My legs muscles feel very weak and it is difficult getting up from a chair or even trying to sit down on the toilet. I hope there is help out there somewhere.

  214. I went to urgent care on June 2nd. with what I thought was pneumonia; an X-ray determined that it was. The doctor prescribed Levaquin, the first dose of 750 mg by IV. Then four more 750 mg pills on the following four days and instructed me to see my regular physician on the following Monday, June 7th. She re-prescribed a reduced dose of 500 mg tablets for five days and said I was to return on Thursday, June 10th. I told her that I felt as bad as I did Monday and that since Monday I had experienced high heal chord tone and that it was difficult and painful to walk. She said to discontinue the Levaquin at once because in some cases it could cause severe tendon damage. Why was I not told at the outset that this was a possibility? I can barely walk and the pain is constant. I have also been racked with bodily pain and am exteremely tired all the time.

  215. I was prescribed Levaquin in April 2009 within a week I started having heel pain but kind of thought it was my shoes. In July of 2009 I broke my ankle and damaged my tendons and ligaments. I had to wear a walking boot for 8 weeks along with going to physical therapy. I still had heel pain after all of this. 2 weeks ago I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis. So far I have had 2 shots in my foot and given a brace to wear all of the time and a splint/boot to wear at night. I am an avid softball player and this has slowed me down tremendously. For the past 10 years I have played from February through December playing at least 7-12 games a week now since taking Levaquin I can barely make 2 games a week. I don’t want to retire from the sport that I have been playing for most of my life but it looks like I am going to have to. It is very hard to have an excercise or a job that doesn’t involve being on your feet.

  216. The middle of March I was given Levaquin which I had commented on earlier on this posting. This is an update. When my feet swelled, it caused me to be very inactive. I got around by sitting in a wheelchair and moving my feet. The inactivity caused me to get a blood clot in my leg and a peice of it broke off and went my lung and almost killed me. It has been 3 months now since I took Levaquin. After 1 week in the hospital, I went home and continued to have foot pain localized in my big toe and ankle. So they started to give me gout medicine, which don’t seem to be helping. I still have difficulty walking. Why is this medicine still being prescribed? Why can’t we sue them since this medicine changes people’s lives forever.

  217. I have taken Levaquin 4 times for recurring sinus bacterial infections ! Each time I was prescribed this drug, the Dr. said this is what is required to kill this particular BUG ! I began to experience a weakness in my right hand ,[opening the gas cap on my vehicle ] . This problem becme so acute I had to use both hands to open the cap.I am 6 ft. tall and weigh 230 lbs. The problem has turned into Dequervain tendonitis in both hands over a period of 6 mos.I was prescribed apain killer /anti inflamitory diclofenac . After 2 wks. I am still having problems with pain, and have switched to Motrin and am taking 3 doses of 600 mgs. each daywhich helps with the pain. Iam a GUN ENGRAVER and I work with my hands as often as Ican to supplement my Income. I am afraid if do my work, Iwill damage my tendons even further ! I would appreciate some help from the manufacturer if there is a CLASS ACTION SUIT brought or not ! This is an insidious drug that actually does way more potential harm to a body than good and should be removed from the market as soon as possible !!!!!

  218. Took levaquin for four days and stopped because of severe ankle and wrist pain. Luckily read the warnings beforehand. Symptoms seemed to disappear for a few weeks other than some tightness/soreness. About a month after I developed cysts on my heel and wrist. Diagnosed as simple Ganglion(sp.) cysts so no treatment. Really starting to wonder after finding this site. I have pain when I grip things for extended periods. Recently I was lifting heavy items at work and awoke the next morning with a softball sized ankle. Xrays negative but diagnosed with ligament damage. I thought I justed lifted wrong. hmmm………..

  219. I have been prescribed Levaquin 500 mg for treating my bladder infection, over Doxycycline (which does the same thing). After just one time taking this absolutely horrible medication I had side effects like fainting, fast heart beating (thought I am having a heart attack) at 30 years of age. Well, I thought maybe it was in my head so I took the second pill in next day, but simptoms got even far worse. In the mornign of the third day, I have decided do not take this drug anymore, because I also experiencing horrible tight – burning – tingling pain in my right leg. Thank God for the web, where I researched this website with lots of other stories, which helped to make my decision even more clear to me “DO NOT TKAE THIS DRUG” even if somebody puts the knife over your throat!!!! I got myself back to Doxycyline. The conclusion is, every time you get prescription by ANY doctor, READ online all information about it before taking it! I am sure there is some kind of conspiracy going on agains all patients, how to not to treat our problems but HOW to Make our condition even worse, by hooking us on new drugs, making us use more Medical Insurance and pay more for medial services! Doctors are not OUR friends they are OUR WORST ENEMIES!!!! We trust BLINDLY to the Doctors BUT WE SHOULD NOT DO THAT!!!

  220. I went to the Hospital on June 6, 2010 with Pneumonia. They started me with Levaquin intrvenously..then when I left I had 10 days of 750Mg..after that, I went to my regular dr and he gave me another round of it. My arms/shoulders are so sore they few like they are out of their sockets and just hanging. I cannot sleep on them, I cannot even reach behind my back. I am 67 years old and should never have been given a drug that I think after reading all of these comments should have been off the market…now I do not know whether it will go away or I will have to live my life like this with all the soreness. I will never take the drug again…

  221. I’m 62 and was prescribed Leviquin 500mg On 07/09/2010 for 10 days for an infected right testicle. Aside from the initial stomach problems, which I considered extreme for an AntiBiotic i had no detectable problems. Now after being off of Leviquin for 10 days I’m beginning to have problem of pain and swelling in both legs from the Knee down. Both legs are swollen to the point that I cannot see my ankle bones and the bottom of my right foot feels swollen. I have had Tendon Pains in both thighs from Cotch to Knee that seems to improve with exercise but the swelling appears to be getting worse each day. I refused further Leviquin treatment once I found out here about the Leviquin Side affects and Lawsuits. I called the FDA for info and was met with instant recognition of the severity of Problems associated ithis drug.

  222. January 2010 hospitalized for pneumonia gave me Levaquin in my IV an 10 treatment after…I was tender footed after the 3rd day but I was sick didnt pay attention more than that….my 4th day out of the hospital my wrists an elbow the pain I have in that area undescribable it comes an goes often I went to my phsycian an they resfuse to put it off on the meds but that is when all my pain started its like im 80 now an Im only 42..the body aches OMG why did the hospital give me this medicine??

  223. I was put on IV Levaquin while in the hospital for a severe case of Mastoiditis. When I was discharged I was prescribed the oral version of Levaquin and continued taking it for 3 more days. While in the hospital I noticed my right heel was starting to get very painful, along with my elbows and knees. I thought it was just from laying in the hospital bed.

    When I got home my symptoms worsened and I extremely tired and felt achy all over. My heels became so bad I could barely walk and my elbow was so bad I could barely hold a glass full of water or milk. It hurt that much.

    I went to my doc and wanted to make sure it wasn’t the infection spreading only to find out these are side effects of the Levaquin. He immediately took me off of the medication and I’m on day 2 without the Levaquin and I’m noticing I’m getting my energy back and the aching is starting to subside. However, my heels, elbows, and knees are still very sore!

    Had I known this drug had such adverse affects I’m not sure I would have allowed my doctor to put me on it. How do we know though. I was admitted from the ER and was in a lot of pain due to the mastoiditis. I never imagined the side effects from the drug would make me feel worse than the actual infection.


  225. I was prescribed Levaquin for sinus infection and approximately 7 days after taking it, I started breaking out with a rash all over my legs. 7 days after that, I started having severe abdomen cramping. I went to the er and they did a cat scan of my abdomen and saw severe infection in the small intestine. I was admitted to the hospital where I stayed 3 days. Blood tests revealed that my white blood cell count was 17000, my potassium was less than a 2, and my blood pressure was high. the rash has now spread to my arms and looks like blisters. I realy hope this rash goes away soon. I am still having abdomen pain.

  226. Levaquin triggered lupus for me, has anyone had that happen to them? I developed lupus symptoms after being on levaquin for a few days. I have now had lupus for about seven months now, thanks to levaquin.

  227. After suffering a few weeks with a urinary infection, I was put on 500mg of Levaquin for 5 days. I was then told to take another round of Levaquin 750mg for 7 more days to be sure it would cover all the infection. After the first two days of being on the 750mg, I began feeling pain in my left knee. The pain was horrible for a few days. Then it moved into my right knee. That is when I began to wonder if this was a side effect of the antibiotic. I began researching to find out that my feelings were confirmed, Now I know why I could not even get up and walk due to pain in my knees. I immediately stoped the Levaquin! I just can’t believe this drug is still on the market??? I don’t know yet if the damage to my knees is permanent or not. I have to begin tests to find out. Stay away from this drug. It’s not worth the chance of damaging your body.

  228. I was disagnosed with Discoid Lupus some 15 years ago. I contracted an infection in my index finger (don’t know how). While trying to find treatment that would work with Lupus meds, the infection got worse. Long story short, I had to have surgery to remove the finger nail on 08/20/10. I went for follow-up today and was prescribed Levoquin 500mg. I am so glad I googled this drug. I will not be taking this med – there must be an alternative. My heart aches for the writers who have experienced these horrible side effects and I pray they aren’t debilitating or permanent.

  229. In January of 2007, I was prescribed Levaquin for 5 days for a UT infection prior to going on a cruise. During the cruise, my feet hurt me so badly, I was hardly able to walk. I did not know what was wrong with me. I was in extreme pain. When we returned home, I was getting much better. Shortly afterwards, I was again prescribed Levaquin for upper respiratory infection and again, the aching symptomes returned. I researched the Intranet and learned of the dangers of this drug, I called the doctor and he took me off this and prescribed something different. My feet contined to hurt to the point I went to a podiatrist. He informed me I had arthritis in both my feet even though I do NOT have arthritis anywhere else! They have progressively gotten worse to the point I can barely walk without shorts every 3 months. My entire life has been drastically chaned. Traveling is a concern because of my limited mobility and pain. This week, I saw another orthopedic specialist for my feet. He said “I have never seen this much arthritis in anyone’s feet at your age.” I am 64. He informed me that it was so bad that surgery would not be an option as it would only make the arthritis spread. I will go to a radiologist every 3 months for shots for the rest of my life. Although I have no proof that this drug brought this on, I simply know that prior to taking it, I did not have any feet issues. The quality of my life has been greatly negatively affected.

  230. While taking Levaquin suffered a complete tear of my supraspinatus from the bone, now have screws anchoring tendon/muscle back in place, painful all the time.

  231. I too have suffered the brunt of Levaquin. I work out daily & used to surf every weekend. Now, there are days I can barely pick up a glass of water. I have tendon issues in my elbows & knees. It has gotten somewhat better & somewhat worse – going back & forth. My best advice is to KEEP MOVING! Don’t let this stop you. You WILL get better… keep moving, keep your body circulating. Deep tissue massage has helped to alleviate some of the toxic poisoning this has left in my tendons. KEEP MOVING!

  232. My husband was prescribed 750 mg Levaquin along with Prednisone. He took it for 7 days and quit when we realized he was getting very confused about things. He also is experiencing pain in his left ankle and weakness in his legs and joint pain in his legs. He is 67 years old and has COPD. He should NEVER have been prescribed such a high dose of Levaquin, and to prescribe it with Prednisone was unthinkable, especially at his age. He is still very confused and has gotten worse. He hasn’t taken it for 6 days now.

  233. A few weeks ago I was experiencing frequent urination, and lower back pain. A urinalysis was done, and I was told it was a UTI infection. I was prescribed three days of Cipro, two pills a day of 250mg. My symptoms were not relieved. I was then given a ten day order of amoxicilllin, I wish that I had of stopped there. However, when my symptoms still did not get any better, I called my doctor on day five of that prescription. I was given a 7 day prescription if Levaquin, after another urinalysis. They told me that they were going to do a sensitivity test to make sure that this drug would work on whatever was causing my symptoms. However, I was told to not wait for the results for that, as they were concerned of a possible kidney infection. So I foolishly followed their instructions. I finished the seven day course of the unfit for human consumption medication, Levaquin, two days ago. I am now experiencing tightness, and mild pain in both achilles tendons. I am very concerned as I am a personal trainer, and love being active. I am from Canada, and have moved to the states a year ago, I must honestly say, I have absolutely no faith in the medical system here. It is all about greed of money, and patients are only customers. Insurance companies are corrupt, and should no way have the kind of say, and influence that they do over a person’s quality of life, or even over whether someone gets to live or die!! It is utterly ridiculous. America needs to learn from Canada, on this one, their system is not perfect by any means, but it is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better, hands down. Preventive measures, or maybe natropathic medicine is the way to go when you live here. Oh, by the way, the results of my sensitivity test came back, I did NOT have a UTI infection after all, only skin cells showed up in the urinalysis. I had given them a contaminated sample!! Wonderful, medical system, where’d these people get their training?! Oh well, the most important thing is that they got paid. After all, that is really what it is all about.

  234. September 2009-I was given Levaquin for an infection. I took the Levaquin for 5 days. By the fifth day I was so stiff I could hardly move. I started having “popping” sounds in the left back side of my neck and still have it today. I went back to the doctor and had it put in my record not to give me this medicine again. I am sure that this condition was caused by the use of this medicine. I thought it would get better with time but some days it is worse.

  235. Had pneumonia in March 08′. Was given Levaquin at the urgent care clinic from samples. 3 days later my brain was goofy,couldn’t tell time,rash on scalp and face,dizzy/off balance. I figured I was allergic to it and had to call a friend to drive me back to the clinic, I could not drive myself as I had before.
    They put me on an IV and almost to big bags of the stuff was used to clean me out. They sent me on my way after prescribing whatever it was they should have in the 1st place and charging me again. A year or so later I saw something on TV about the stuff and put things together.
    I’d been suddenly unable to take ibuprofin
    or aspirin without breaking out in hives on my face and upper body. Developed painful knots on my finger joints. Have bouts with occational itchy welts below the belt. I have the leftover Levaquin some are 750 some 500

  236. I am a 73 year old female. i took one prescription of Levaquin for uti since that time I have severe pain both shoulders, Doctor diagnosed the pain as tendonitis, Have taken oral steroids and injections in both shoulders with no relief, just recently had severe, burning pain in the right heel. Doctor diagnosed the pain as inflammation of the achllies tendon. Three weeks of physical therapy, special insert for my shoes,home excerises, ice packs,nothing takes the pain away. My knees, thighs,hips, elbows, hands and thumb hurts all the time. I have a tremendous amount of pain when I walk any distance at all. I am a teacher and the pain makes it very difficult to do things that are needed for my job. I have read some of the statements of other patients and have had many more of the same symptoms. Is this going to last forever, will there ever be any pain free days?

  237. I am writing on behalf of my deceased friend whose last words to me were “If you learned anything from me today, never take Levaquin!” She had been given it for kidney infection and was suffering severe joint pains several weeks later. In about two more weeks, she died in her sleep, at age 42, from heart failure. She had been a vigorous woman with no heart problems….this is another side effect of Levaquin, even if it doesn’t wind up killing the person. Her teen daughter is now an orphan.

  238. took the drug levaquin for three days for a sinus infection, ankles been hurting bad, getting off the drug.

  239. As some of you have mentioned, I too have diverticulosis and 8 months ago was prescribed Levaquin and Flagyl for an infection. Next day, I was back in the ER with shoulder pain that was terrible. Ran lots of tests, and swapped the meds. Although I only took 3 pills of Levaquin, it perminately damaged my shoulder. Was in PT for 4 months after, but made very little progress. still cannot straighten my right arm over my head. Incidently, I discovered the link to Levaquin when I went to a shoulder specialist two weeks after the pain started. After explaining the pain, the first thing he asked was “you didn’t take any Levaquin, did you? Sounds like a Levaquin reaction.” Told Swedish Hospital in Issaquah WA (ER that treated me) about my experience, and they contacted me to say they have changed their treatment for diverticulitis to not include Levaquin anymore.

  240. had been taking levaquin over the last couple of years for sinus infection. my last bottle is dated may of 2008. in july of 2009 i had rotator surgery for 4 tears in my right shoulder. they had to attach a titanium strap for stability. i have pictures of the tears, and the bottle dated may, 2008. can you please send me some information on what i should do! the shoulder seems to be ok, but not sure what the long term prognosis will be.

  241. Took levaquin for a sinus infection Nov 2009. Have since had shoulder pain in both shoulders, constant tendinitis in both hands and both elbows, and stiffness in my ankles. My elbow pain is sometimes so severe I cannot squeeze a bottle of nose spray. Also makes it difficult to hold my two young children of 2 and 1. I’m only 37 years old and before taking this nasty drug 1 time almost a year ago, I had no issues with constant pain. I just keep having tendon issues time and time again. Its very painful and if this keeps up it will affect my line of work, as I work as an automotive technician. I wish I had never been prescribed this medicine and warn anyone who is prescribed this medicine not to take it and return it. Along with the pain in joints and tendons, I had extreme loss of sleep on this medication. Nightmares, mode changes, bad thoughts. I only hope that the effects will eventually wear off as I’ve been in pain every day.

  242. I was prescribed Levaquin a few years ago for an eye infection. Immediately after the first dose, I began to ache, whcih I attributed to recent yard work. After a couple of days, it had gotten so bad that I couldn’t hold a garden hose, and actually laid flat out on the cool concrete porch floor for relief. I went back to the doctor the next day, who immediately infused me with 2L of ,0.9NS flush the remainder out of my system. My hands and upper joints were swollen for months after, and I still cannot wear the rings that I wore previous to this episode. I am a RN, and I’ve heard many stories since of problems with this drug.

  243. I was prescribed Levaquin for a first time UTI I got from a hot tub in 2007. I’m sure I went through more than one round of it, as the infection was strange and serious. Within a week of my first dose, I had severe, stabbing back pain. My urologist didn’t recognize it and didn’t know how to treat it. Within a month I had ongoing nerve pains in my legs and feet. My hands and feet started falling asleep and the nerve pains had moved to my face, arms and hands after about 5 months. The UTI became “Interstitial Cystitis”, a bladder disease that involves the nerves around the bladder. I assumed the infection I got was viral and had moved into my nervous system. The ongoing pain and twitching nerves led me to a neurologist, who prescribed Lyrica. But the nerve pains just keep getting worse – they’re in my head now and I have chronic migraines. My fingers and toes get stabbed often. I have been forced to quit work and apply for disability. I also have developed Fibromyalgia. I just learned last week about LEVAQUIN and NERVE DAMAGE. Why didn’t anyone figure this out??? IS THERE A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT???? I have all of my treatments well documented, including multiple EMG and MRI tests in 2008.

  244. During the late nineties and early milineum, I was prescribed Levaquin for severe sinusitis problems. The medicine was very effective for the infection, however it made me feel nauseated. Both my primary care physcian and veterans doctor presciribe it on a regular basis because of the reoccuring sinus infections. The spring of 2002 my primary care physician scheduled several MRI’s and the results were astonishing particularly from the right shoulder. The results revealed three, 3cm ligaments tears in my right shoulder. I underwent surgery in August of 2009 for my right rotator cuff tear and the orthropedic doctor stated ” Your shoulder was in worst shape than the MRI’s revealed.” I receive social security disability and veterans disability and my Levaquin Attorney has filed a claim for my right shoulder.

  245. I went in to the emergency room with pain in my left side they did a cat scan and said it was diverticulitas and put me on levaqinn i think the put it in my i.v.and sent me home with an rx of levaquinn.The first night i took it was terrible could”nt sleep high axiety.pain in my arm later.i had this axiety for about a week.And off and on after that.

  246. I’ve been reading comments for hours on end,I have tendon and jiont damage,I never thought Levequin could be the culprut,my last ex-ray was taken in Minn.by a very well known specilist and it showed I have no cartiledge left in my pinky and ring finger, I’m on workmans comp. because I was injuried on the job, diclocated the 2 fingers ,my surgery was suppose to be for simple dislocation,when they got me in surgery they ended up doing MAJOR RECONSTRUCTION,{during the healing process the fingers ,formed deformities,something 3 plastic surgens could’nt explain,I Believe it was caused by the Levequin,and after reading one mans comment I’m afraid to say something,WSI stopped his benfits HELP what should I do,

  247. I was prescribed Levaquin in Feb 2008. I have had trouble with my feet for years but just associated my pain with my weight. I have lost over 50lbs yet I am still experienceing pain in my heels and hands. I do not trust doctors so I don not go to them unless I have to go. Where should i go and what should I do?

  248. I am a 49 yr. old female. On Nov 18 2010 I was given Levaquin 500 for a very bad repiratory infection. My diagnoses was being change from Chronic Bronchitis to COPD. I was given a 10 day does starting the 18th. I was told by the doctor that Leviquin was a very strong antibiotic and that I might develope a yeast infection, so I purchased acidophillous when picking up my prescription. I looked over the medication fact sheet, but believing that the side effects were rare occurances, I began the medication. Within 2 days I began itching. But because I also have Celiac, which is a wheat intolerace, I thought I might of gotten some wheat in the food I had eaten which useually makes me itch. But the itch has continued till today. Also around the 2nd day I began feeling cramping and stiffness in my legs, calfs, feet, shoulders and back, and began having arthritis like pain in my hands and fingers. My left thumb ached so much that I couldn’t bend it. On the 3rd, through 8th days I began feeling an increased stiffness in my knees, calfs, ankles, feet and shoulders. Almost as if my muscles were hardening up on me. Also dizzieness and icreased tiredness with daily headaches. On the 8th day, in the early morning hours I woke up with servere pain and soreness in my calfs, feet and shoulders. I rolled over onto my leftside and reached for the blankets to adjust them, when I heard and felt something tear in my right shoulder. In the moring as I tried to get out of bed I experienced severe pain in my feet and knees when trying to stand up. After rereading the Levaquin fact sheet, I decided to see a doctor and report the injuries I have received as a result of taking Levaquin. I now understand there is a lawsuit against the manufacturer and that many others have experienced these injuries and symptoms. Why is this medication still on the market?

  249. I was prescibed Levequin for Lung infection. I was so ill, but I am single and it was all I could do to drive myself to the pharmacy. I wasnt told a thing about the drug, I barely remember picking it up other than the pharmacy was closing and they were in a hurry.
    I took it home and began taking it. I felt very scared and shakey while on it. My joints were ok until a couple of days in. I started to have Charlie horses. I have had only one in my life prior. Since taking this medication( for 10 days) I have had about 30 in the last 3 months. I have extreme pain in both heels. Feels like my leg bone is going to pass right through the heel of my foot if I stand too long….about 5 minutes….and I have never been a person who sits.
    *horrible nightmares that ALWAYS involve dead people. (Ive never had nightmares in my life!!!!!!!(and dont watch scarey movies)and Im not taking it now?????…so why?
    * extreme irritation toward people because everything is so hard to do, or finish.
    * Feet that feel like they could fall off.
    * Flu like joint pains that seem to never go away,Shooting calve pain!!! Shooting foot pain!
    * neck locking when I turn it!
    * And a strange feeling of disassociation to the things I love overall. Which probably scares me the most.

  250. I have taken Levaquin approximately three times a year, for the past ten years or more, for chronic sinusitis. I have been treated several times for plantar fascitis and tendonitis. I have taken Levaquin in the past year and currently have pain in my ankles and feet as well as other joints. I need to know if Levaquin is the cause of all this pain as it has been the antibiotic of choice to treat my chronic sinusitis!!

  251. I developed severe cellulitis adjacent to my right ear, and an ENT doctor prescribed 10 days of 750 mg. Levaquin and also Augmentin. The swelling was so painful that I could not sleep on my right side or hold a telephone to that ear. The doctor said that I might develop pain in my joints, and I asked if I could take glucosamine/chondroitin to minimize that. He said that it might. He did not mention the possibility of devastating tendon problems. I took the medications for the 10-day cycle, the swelling due to cellulitis went down significantly, and the pain in my knees became so terrible that I cannot get up from a chair without excruciating pain. Once I am standing, I am able to walk without much discomfort. I began taking the drugs Nov. 23, and I am hoping that by drinking lots of liquids and continuing my glucosamine/chondroitin, there might be some relief. I am now taking 800 mg. ibuprofen once a day in order to function.


  253. My mother-in-law Mabel is 89-she just went through open heart surgery. She developed a bacteria infection UT from the cath, they put her on Levequin.
    It they know this has been going on why are doctors still prescribing this drug in 2010???

  254. I have taken levaquin many times in the past not knowing about this issue. In 2006 I ruptured a tendon in my left ankle that required surgery and is permanatly damaged, and in september of this year i ruptured a tendon in my right ankle requiring surgery. the surgeon said that having both tendons rupture like this is very rare. and i couldnt figure out what i did to cause it. the tendon in my right ankle had to be attached to another tendon because the tear was so bad it couldnt be reattached where it was. I also had a torn tendon in my thumb in 1991 and tendon problems in my shoulders.

  255. This is the second time I have been on Levaquin in about 7 weeks. I had taken 12 tablets, when I could no longer stand the pain I had developed in ALL my joints. I can barely use my right arm, the shoulder is so painful, and have to have help getting dressed and walking. I kept thinking I was developing arthritis. I hurt all over and cannot sleep at night. Work is a nightmare due to the constant pain. I called the nurse at my lung specialists office and asked if the Levaquin could have anything to do with the joint pain, and she said it definitely could, to stop taking the medication at once, and to go to the emergency room if the pain got worse instead of better. This has taken place with the last 2 days. The shoulder and knee pain is about the same, but there seems to some improvement in other areas. I’m in shock. I’m a dental hygienist and have to use my arm and shoulder for my work, but have taken extra time off for Xmas in hopes the pain will be gone when I go back to work. I cannot believe
    what I am reading about this drug and its side effects. I go to my primary physician next week. I just keep praying that I am not going
    to be a Levaquin statistic, but the way things are going, and comparing my experience so far with some I have already read, I am feeling extremely anxious. I have always been very active, and to not even be able to comb my own hair now is almost more than I can handle.

  256. I was given Levaquin 2 times withthin a 3 month period with prednisone for a persistent sinus infection. Shortly thereafter in May I noticed back of my left heel pain which I thought I had pulled during exercise. I ignored it for 3 weeks and then noticed a large red lump which sent me to my doctor. He diagnosed me after an MRI with 3 tears in my achilles tendon and put me in a boot for 8 weeks with 9 weeks followup physical therapy. It has taken a year for the pain to go away and still acts up when agrravated. Also within the next 5 month period I noticed my left shoulder aching and waking me up at night. After 6 montths of intermittent pain I went to an ortho doc who diagnosed me with rotator cuff tendinitis and sent me for 8 weeks o PT. It still acts up occasionally. I never associated the shoulder problems with Levaquin but looks like it could be related. I reported all of this to my allergist right away and he was shocked and reported it to FDA immediately. I warn everyone I know about the dangers of Levaquin and all floroquinolones!

  257. I was given Levaquin twice for a sinus infection.The first time I took five pills and the second time I took 20 pills for a sinus infection that I could not get well from.This medicine has left me with a lot of pain all over my body and in all of my tendons.I have a vitamin D defincy and I am dizzy and my balance is not right.I feel like I am on a boat.I hope no one else has to go through what I am going through so please take this medicine off the market.I feel terrible all of the time.I can not sleep and my knees, feet,shoulders,hands,head, and neck are always in pain. I took this medicine for 20 days and I feel it has hurt my body and I am only 53 years old.

  258. I too am a victim!! I’ll start there. I took it April 7 2009. I was never told about a black box warnig, I was never informed of how dangerous this medication was. i took it. Within days as I recall, I was unable to walk, think clearly and the pain became unbearable. I wasn’t aware at all the problem was from my anitbiotic. I take them on a regular basis and didn’t pay alot of attention to the fact my physician gave me a different antibiotic than I normally take. I took the full prescription. At this point in my life, I’ve been diagnosed with fibromyalsia, RA, and a host of other ailments. I have taken Methotrexate, ( a form of chemo) along with steriods, Arava, (RA) meds. more steriods, pain meds..more steriods. I went to a pain managemet dr. RA doctor, and another RA doctor who then tells me I don’t have RA. He said something is clearly going on with me, but it isn’t RA. Now I see a pain management DR and he is prescribing pain meds and epidural injections for my back. I have an appt tomorrow with a podiatrist for my tendons in the ankle. I can barely walk. that was the last of the body parts to be examined. i had xrays on my feet, ruled out bone spurs and planta ficiitst (sp) now we check the tendons. I have a ruined life now. I was relatively healthy and very active. Now I sit with my feet propped up. I am a very angry person. I did not list all my symptoms,,as all the other posts on here did a great job describing what we all feel like now after taking this poison.


  260. I am forty year old student at Eastern Kentucky University. I graduate in May 2011. I have took Leviquin in the past on several occasions. I have had pain in my left shoulder for about two years now and the pain conitues to get worse. Recently I had an MRI which showed a tear in my rotater cuff. My shoulder also cracks and pops and I can’t lift my arm no higher than straight out from my chest. I am also beginning to have pain in my other shoulder as well. At times, the pain is so severe, all I can do is cry. I fear that even after I graduate school, I will not be able to work.

  261. just putting this out there if anyone reads it…..was put on Levaquin for a lingering…frankly just annoying…case of pneumonia. Was prescribed the drug yesterday and only took one dose. After reading all this….I’m shocked a doctor would even think this is normal….suffice to say I’m calling the doctors office tommorow and telling them I won’t be taking it. Anyone, form experience, possibly know of alternative antibiotics used to treat pneumonia?….safe ones?…

  262. now i am wondering if what has happened to me since taking levaquin is due to this”warning”. shortly after starting a 10 day regimen of this drug i started to have issues w/ my knees, more the rt. than the lft. they feel swollen and the pain is awful. i have a high threshold for pain but when i move my knee at times i just want to cry. i have also had issues w/ the 3 middle fingers on my rt. hand, pain & swelling. have an appt. w/ my Dr. this month & will definitly be asking about these issues!

  263. I am a 34yr old woman I took this medication late 2000 til early 2001 I was going through chemotheraphy. I hav ringing in my ears, pain n my hip that goes all the way down my leg. I took leviquin from about august til bout feb. There are too many things that are going on in my body 2 post.

  264. I had kidney infections back to back and was prescribed Levaquin prior to 2002 and in 2002. From that time to current I have had extension swelling in the shoulders, down my arms, hands and neck. I have had sever migrans,ongoing pain and twitching nerves. Head pain so bad I have had shots (several times) directly in the back of my head. I have continual pain in my neck, shooting pains up and down, stiffness, the pain shoots down the front of my chest and down the back of my shoulders. I’ve had several MRI’s, CAT scans, X-Rays. I suffer so bad I cannot function at work or at home at times. I cannot lift hardly any weight, at times I try to lift even my purse and I drop it. I am currently at home with strong muscle relaxers while the doctors try to determine how to get this under control. I hurt continually!!! My joints in my hands swell off and on out of the blue causing me so much pain I can’t even write.

  265. I was prescribed Levaquin 500 MG Sep 28, 2001. I took it for a respitory infection that I could not conquer. I did not have any issues during the taking and it got rid of the illness. The next month when I was using my shoulder very actively in cleaning a rental house, my shoulder started to hurt like nothing I had ever experienced. I had never had any problems with my joints before. When I finally got to a doctor, the MRI identified that the rotor cuff had separated from the bone and I had to have surgery to correct, which I did on May 20, 2011. The physical therapy was torture, and I still have pain. This is truly the medicine from hell.

  266. April 2010 had dental extraction and was put on Levaquin prior to and after procedure. (Am allergic to penicillin) Within the last couple of weeks I have noticed pain in my one knee and pain at my one hip. (I am active; walk 30 min. @ day, year-round at a fast pace.) Just saw advertisement on TV about lawsuits regarding problems from this drug—will NOT ever take it again. Also, I developed thrush on the Levaquin and dentist took me off of it before the 10-day course was finished. I took Cipro in the past and was allergic to that; nobody told me that Levaquin and Cipro are similar. Why is this drug still prescribed?? People; check out anything that a MD or dentist wants to put you on.

  267. I took this medication several times for infections, when I had the flu, pnumonia and since then I have been diagnose with neuropathy, my back aches all the time, joints hurt to walk, lay, and even sit. My knees hurt, my legs hurt, lower back, when will it end>

  268. I have poly-cystic kidneys and was perscribed levaquin 250mg several times over a period of two to three years to combat kidney infections. The dosage was two pills a day for ten days. At least twice the infection did not go away in that time frame and I had to repeat the ten day dosage. I have such severe pain in my right thumb. I am not able to open a soda can without severe pain. I am 54 years old with the right thumb of someone in their 90′s. Even right now, typing this with my other fingers the ache goes right down to the bone.

  269. I was given Leviquin for a swollen prostate in early 2010. I stopped taking the meds in December 2010 because I am having shoulder pain. I told the doctor that my shoulder felt like it was numb and sometimes I have pain that goes from my shoulder to my elbow. My pain and the tingling feelings have not stopped although I have not taken the meds in over a month.

  270. In 2007 my husband had a heart attack and was put on levaquin. Levaquin caused many problems for him. He had extremely high fever and also his tongue was very dried out and cracked and was oozing blood. This was the first medication that he was put on! After several complaints the medication was brought down to gentamicine.
    My daughter recentenly in 2010 had a fever and the doctor had prescribed her levaquin and her fever increased to 106. I had to take her to hospital.
    Now I have a infection and I was given levaquin. Levaquin increased my fever and I also have sores all over in my mouth. I cant get up without feeling helpless. I really wish this medication gets off the market. It had jeopardized my whole family. I still don’t understand why its being prescribed! Please stop prescribing this medication

  271. Just started this drug last week. The next night, I was woken by a screaming high pitched wire sound ringing in my ears. This has lasted a week. Four days after starting the drug, my achilles tendon swelled up painfully and I am still limping. I am a dance teacher and now, I am unable to teach properly. I went to a walk in clinic and the doctor there took my blood pressure and it was quite elevated. He said to immediately stop using this drug and I have. My ear is still bothering me and I am still limping. I have pains in my neck and joints now too. I am getting quite nervous at this point and am so grateful to the clinic doctor for advising me to stop taking this.

  272. I have not had tendon damage, but have only 40% of one kidney left. Until 2008 when first started on massive doses of Levaquin for my COPD, all CT scans that were done, did not show any damage to my kidneys. One physician said that the condition might be caused by overdosage of Levaquin. Is this possible?

  273. I took this drug for a bladder infection. I had to quit due to a rash that i developed & mucsle weakness followed. I am still weak & have never been the same. i am just realizing that this could be the cause of my weakness & extreme exhaustion. What shoul I do?

  274. To Paula in Cincinnati: I’ve been Type 1 for 56 years and have experienced a good deal of what you have. A lot of the problems you’re experiencing come with being Type 1, no matter how well controlled–and I am. You’re so lucky you could get a transplant; now that I have leukemia, I will never be able to–if I need one. My kidneys were just fine until chemo; but now, they’re hanging in there.

    I also took Levaqun recently and it was the pits…depression, terrible shortness of breath, anemia, lethargy, insomnia, and a bunch of other problems. Stomach pains, no appetite, and terrible edema of my ankle, then my foot and then up my calf. And now I’m told I’m in congestive heart failure. Went on a diuretic for 5 days and now everything is fine….go figure.

    My brother is a pharmacist and said that the molecules are really big and are harder to get out of your system; makes sense. I’ve been flooding my system with fluids (tea and water) and it seems to have helped.

    Gee, was just fine before the Levaquin!!! And I can take Cipro no problem, but not Avelox; it gave me hives for a week!!!

    For all of you with pain, try acupuncture; it really does work. It helped with my herniated disk pain, shingles pain, and pain in general. Even helped my dog’s arthritic hips–and he couldn’t fake it!

  275. i have also taken the drug levaquin and have recently been having trouble in my wrists and hips. i have not gone to the dr. for that pain but have been going to make an appt for that and just heard about this. my wrists hurt so bad that i can hardly lift my pans at work. i am a cook in a nursing home. and also when i walk my hips hurt and i have never had pain in my hips before. could this all be caused by the use of levaquin?

  276. I have taken Levaquin, I have completely tore my ACL and PCL. I am not sure if this is related to taking Levaquin or not as the ACL and PCL are ligaments not tendons. It is something I am definitely going to be looking into.

  277. I have been taking Levaquin for a sinus infection and only have 3 more pills left. Yesterday my left side and heel of my left foot starting hurting so bad I could hardly walk on it. It is still very sore today and continues to ache. Then this morning I saw an ad on TV about taking Levaquin and having ruptured tendons, so I thought I would get online and find out some more information!

  278. i first recieved levaquin during a sinus infection ..i went for months going to several doctors to figure out what was wrong with my feet ..after numerous x-rays and doctors visits with no result …physical therapy . it took me searching the net to find out aboutthe drugs association to tendon damage … I had to inform my docotr of the info and i stop taking the drug that was a year ago i still cannot run due to the lingering side effects and damage to my tendon..who would ever think a anitbiotic to clear a sinus infection could hobble you for life ..

  279. I have taken Levaquin on 3 occassions. Once for 7 days for pneumonia about 3 years ago…don’t remember any problems then. Then several weeks ago I was prescribed Levaquin for 3 weeks for a prostate infection…I’m 62 years old. Side affects showed up within 3 days…tongue burning and taste problems, aches in joints–mostly left elbow and shoulder, and knee, too. As an old fool I finished the prescription. However, my problem returned and the doctor prescribed another 3 weeks of Levaquin two weeks later and side affects were worse especially mouth and taste issues, some ear ringing, bladder discomfort, a twitching from back discomfort and now my left arm is pretty useless due to elbow pain and loss of strength. No fool like and old fool …and I finished the prescription….infection gone hopefully…but elbow pain and dysfunction, taste messed up, bladder discomfort, spine twitch remain. This is bad stuff to take I think.

  280. just yesterday (fri 2/4/11) i went in to get script for cogestion. dr prescribed 10 tabs 500mg of levaquin, take 5 .. if better take a sixth. 1st tab taken yesterday around 4PM .. didn’t sleep all night, racing heart, extreme nervousness, lightheaded, and some dizziness. called the pharmacy after reading product info (after taking first tab). he would not confirm side effect symtoms, “call your doctor”. Googled the drug and here I am.

    my decision having read this info is to stop taking any futher tabs, flush my system with liquid. it is dispicable that the physician did now forwarn of possible side effects.

  281. I have taken Levaquin for several years for sinus infections. Last Sept. I was taking the drug and after 11 days (I normally take it for 14 days), I started experiencing pain in both ankles and knees. After a few days, the pain went away in ankles and left knee, but not the right. The pain (w/medication) was so bad I walked w/a limp. My Dr. told me it was the Levaquin and stop taking it (which I did). I went back to the Dr. after a few weeks and they said it would just take time to feel better. I ended up going to a orthoped. Dr. in Jan. and he gave me 2 shots of cortisone and perscirbed physical therapy for tendinitus. I know what tendinitus acts likes and feels like as I have it in my elbows. The Dr. thought I’d need 5-6 sessions, but I’m in my third week of p.t. 2-3 times a week and the progress is slow. I have a high threshold for pain and am taking an anti-inflamatory/pain med. but I’m in constant pain. People need to be warned about this drug!

  282. i was just given a 10 day dose of this med. i swear i feel like im going nuts.i cant sleep , im more anxious then before.i have the feelings to cry outta nowhere and i feel like i am puffy .i am also more tired then normal(i have lupus).my eyes feel like i have smoked pot fordays(i havent).i have one pill left and i dont think i can bare to take it.my hips are killing me and my elbows hurt.wanna call my dr. but she already has issues with me from my chronic pain from nerve damage in my neck.oh i was put on this for sinus infection that i cant seem to get rid of for over 2 months.A i going crazy????

  283. Was prescribed Levequin in December for 10 days…1 day after I stopped it I had pain in right shoulder, which moved to left shoulder, then to left knee. It settled in the knee and swelled up and was hot and very painful. The Dr. suspected tendonitis. This all started on Jan 3, 2011….today is Feb. 15, 2011 and I am scheduled for surgery on March 8th, 2011 to remove “debris” that has all of a sudden appeared making it very difficult to walk. Swelling is still there. I continue to inform everyone I know NOT TO TAKE LEVEQUIN….I NEVER had issues with my knees…I’m a bowler and a walker….this came as a shock to all of a sudden have issues so severe with my left knee as soon as I stopped taking the Levequin.

  284. A client and good friend of mine was an All American Tri-Athlete before he was prescribed Levaquin in 2009 for a sinus infection. Shortly after his initial course on Levaquin, he ruptured both plantar fascia tendons in his feet. Not making the connection he was prescribed another course of Levaquin for another sinus infection and shortly after that cycle ruptured a tendon in his elbow. This is no coincidence.

    To the gentlemen who criticized those handling Levaquin lawsuits, unfortunately, lawsuits are the only way to bring safe change. J&J was asked to modify their warning labels in 2006 to better warn those taking the medication of its known side effects. Did they listen? No. So a lawsuit had to be instituted in order to get J&J to comply. The profits are too high for pharmaceutical companies like J&J to change what they are doing. The only thing the gets their attention is the loss of money through lawsuits.

    Yes, frivolous lawsuits have no place in society and are a waste of everyone’s time and money. But this litigation is anything but frivolous. It is the last resort for those injured through no fault of their own.

  285. I was given Levaquin for an infection. It affected my mind – I had nightmares, and was severely depressed. I was admitted to the emergency room twice, had severe chest pain in the thoracic area, and a sense of weakness for weeks.

    Doctors should strictly check the records for their patients, I had a stroke 5 years a go, and the medicine I take was very dangerous with the Levaquin.

  286. I have taken Levaquin many times over the years and had no clue of the possibility that damage can be done to my tendons from taking this med. I am allergic to many medications. Levaquin and Cipro are two I can take… but now it appears I’m taking Levaquin off the list too. Last year I took Levaquin for bronchitis twice… followed by tendonitis in my elbow that took months of therapy to get to where I didn’t have to wear the brace… This past December (after Christmas) I had bronchitis again, so my doctor put me on Levaquin. I ended up being on the med for 14 days straight because I couldn’t get rid of the bronchitis. Just last Friday, I was WALKING up my stairs at my home and my right knee started hurting, then after two more steps, my knee dislocated. I can’t get in to see the orthopedic surgeon until tomorrow morning… and I’m counting down the hours until I can find out what is going on with my knee and why on earth it would have come out just from walking up the stairs. I’m fit and go to the gym regularly… but I don’t go crazy with weights…I’ve been doing more cardio (recumbent bike) than anything. There is no reason I can see that would be causing me the troubles with my tendons… other than possibly of this medicine causing this to happen. I’m for sure going to mention this to my orthopedic surgeon tomorrow to see if the meds I have taken will change our plan of action on how he tries to get me back to normal… if normal is even possible… I have to ask why on earth is this medicine still on the market??? What is being done for those who have accumulated medical bills as a result of this medicine?

  287. Levaquin was given to me in July 2009 during/after surgery. My initial reaction was extreme itching which lasted for 2-3 days. Severe pain in backl, hips, knees, heels and most recently right thumb swelling and much pain in my right thumb and hand- currently, not as sever in left thumb and hand. Initially thought it was carpal tunnel – still waiting on results from xrays. I was also diagnosed with shingles after surgery – my vision has decreased and my overall health has been compromised. Working is getting more challenging – what am I to do?

  288. I was prescribed Levaquin for a very mild,maybe even non-existent case of pneumonia.Took the first 500 mg tablet at 4p.m and was unable to sleep that night and began to have bad pain in my left shoulder about mid-night,as well as a racing heart beat.The pain continued until about 4 p.m the next day.Luckily the pain has subsided but two days after taking that one dose I still feel a twinge of pain from time to time in that left shoulder.Hope it goes away completely.I’m glad I only took the one pill but I wish I had not even taken that.

  289. I am brain damaged from Cipro and Avelox. My brother died from Achalasia, failure of the stomach valve. The valve is supported by tendons. These drugs are fed to chickens for rapid growth. Per the Poultry Assn. If allergic do not eat chicken. These drugs also affect kidneys. All pet foods contain chicken. See how many cats have lost kidneys. Kings market sells Free Range Chicken, no Antibiotics. When the hell is this going to be stopped.?

  290. My 62 year old mom was in the hospital with what turned out to be a virus but because she has stage 4 cancer they pumped her full of 4 different antibiotics one being Levaquin now a month after being in the hospital (about 7 days being on 500mg Levaquin) the tendons in her hips will not support her when she first goes from sitting to standing. They shake uncontrollably and she has to brace her self. She gets immediate headaches and low back pain at the sametime. It’s enough she is fighting cancer but now this. Her dr. put her on steroids which seemed to help yesterday until late in the day her legs were back to giving out. I’m scared to death of a bad fall. She also now has a swollen area around her kneck/shoulder no one can figure out and I bet they find out its a tendon issue. We find out in the next few days

  291. I was given Levaquin for a sinus infection in Deceber 2010. Within less then a week of taking it I started to feel tingling in my left hand. It turned out that the Levaquin had damaged my ulnar nerve, making my left hand basically unable to use. I stopped taking the drug immediately as I noticed that in the fine print it says that it may cause nerve damage. It is now mid march and I have still have a slight tingling sensation in my left ring and pinky fingers. This drug is TERRIBLE! !!!

  292. I was diagnosed with kidney cancer in Oct of 2003.I had surgery in Dec of 2003,everthing went fine as per my Dr.Over the yrs from my surgery i had assorted joint pains,but just thought it was the fact that i am active(gym,sports,cycle,runner) and was getting older(i was 43 when diagnosed).I lived with the pain,it would come and go.In April 2010 i had had pain in my left achilles area of my leg,i lived with it thinking it was just like all my other joint pain.Finally it became to much and to the doctor i went.After x-ray,sonograms and mri, i was diagnosed with micro tears in my achilles tendon and tendonitis.My doctor put me in a ridgid boot for 6-8 weeks and then on to 4 month of PT.After my PT and my doctors ok i was good to go,back to cycling and running and all my activities.But mind you still pain in my elbow hand and knees periodically.Now fast forward to feb 21,2011 when i ruptured my right achilles tendon,which required surgery a week later.I sit here casted to my knee recieving calls from friendof good wishes ,after the response of “ewwwww you did what….that has to hurt”.But also people asking me what antibiotic i recieved in the hoptipal for my cancer.I had no clue at all of any of these problems with Levaquin,let alone that i had been given it through my IV in the hospital.After getting my records and information together i saw that i was in fact given it.Well after all my pains and rupture i see that levaquin is the problem.I just never thought that a drug with this history would still be on the market.Or at least someone would notify me that i had recieved this drug and asked if i had any side effects.I guess they really didn’t want to know the answer,so they didn’t ask the question.

  293. I was given Levaquin in November for an URI. Two days after starting it, I was barely able to walk. The pain was almost unbearable putting weight on my right foot. I had been sick that week with a sore throat and had been off work and had been laying around all week. I thought my lower back was out causing my hip to hurt. I went to the chiropractor a few times during December but it didn’t help any. I was in so much pain but being a nurse and having to work I just kept trying to ignore it. I started having muscle cramps all over my body, along with lower back and hip pain. Finally at the end of December my doctor ordered an MRI of my hip and low back. It showed bulging discs in my lower back and also a cartilage tear and extensive bursitis in my hip. I got a steroid injection in it and it didn’t help a bit. I went to physical therapy twice a week for two months. I was unable to work during January and February. I am now back to work, working only 4 hours a day but when I come home and on weekends, I am unable to do anything else. I have been unable to sleep in my bed since this started in November of 2010. The pain is really bad when I lay on either side, so I have to sleep in a lounge chair. I never had a problem like this before. I am also having alot of pain in my opposite knee which the doctors say is because I am favoring that leg because the other one is in pain. I am having joint pain all over my body. Is that because of the Levaquin too? I know the side effects don’t mention the hip very often, but it seems to be a strange coincidence then, that it all started after two doses of Levaquin.

  294. First of all to the doctor and naysayers that are leaving comments. Unless you have experienced these problems first hand and hurt like we do. Please don’t get angry at us for telling our stories. I’m not an ambulance chaser and I absolutely hate going to the doctor. Since taking levaquin my life has been a living hell! I was prescribed levaquin for a prostate infection in 2002-2003 and ever since my body has gone from healthy to haywire. I have chronic back pain, my legs hurt constantly and when I wake up it feels like someone hit every joint with a hammer. I have had horrible bouts with vertigo, and last but not least my debilitating panic attacks and anxiety. I WAS a massage therapist but could not continue working as the pain was getting overwhelming and I couldn’t hardly stand because of the vertigo. The anxiety of just getting to my next appointment each day became horrifying. So somebody tell me this. How could I have felt great one month and so bad for so many years. I was not injured, I took my vitamins and ate pretty well. But took levaquin and things changed. I was given samples at first and then went and got my prescription later. What a mistake!! The samples had no warnings at all and after 4 weeks I finally read them when I got the prescription. Yes the side effects were shocking to say the least and they failed to mention tendon damage at that time. Word is they knew what the problem wasnbefore the FDA stepped in. I am not angry at my doctor he was just trying to help. But why such an EXTREME medication for a prostate infection. So long story short I hurt so bad most of the time and my nerves are a wreck for no reason. I think I was poisoned by the levaquin. It’s been 8-9 yrs later and I had suspected it from the start. It’s no coincidence. Somebody should be held accountable so it doesn’t happen again. LEVAQUIN a huge mistake of science why were we the guinea pigs.

  295. I used levoquin about 4 weeks ago, since then i have experienced : very heavy legs and pains in my feet and all joints. I thought i was just getting sick with the flu so ignored the problem and keep taking motrin which really does not help. Today I decide to look up the drug on google and found all this out Im SHOCKED that my dr. even put me on this medication. My occupation requires me to stand long periods 8-10 hours per day and by night time I have to hold on to the furniture and walls to walk. Can anyone tell me how long this will last. I was a very healthy 49 year old until now.

  296. I have taken LEVAQUIN twice; both for about 1 1/2 to 2 weeks.This was in 2009-2010 Here i am 35 years old and thinking that its just a part of getting older. I cant sleep,so i have been prescribed sleeping medicine. i have been diagnosed with tendonitis in my shoulder, extremely painful, even with steroid injections every three months. I cannot lift over 5 lbs. in that arm. Both my arms go numb as well intermitantly. I also have severe weakness in my lower legs and feet. most of the time the muscles in my legs spasm and i cant do too much walking ; if so the next few days i am paying for it severely. I am unable to walk at all. Since taking this medicine i have to be on another medicine for heart palpatations that are untrolled without medication. I ache all the time, I had a spinal fusion to my neck shortly before taking LEVAQUIN. I dont think this surgery had anything to do with what is going on in my body. I am too young to be going through this…The makers of LEVAQUIN need to be held accountable for not letting people become aware of what they are putting into their body and the possible side effects. I strongly urge anyone who even thinks of taking this medication LEVAQUIN to beware….

  297. I’ve taken Levaquin regularly for years now, both the 500mg and 750mg and I’ve never had any problems with it. I think since the lawsuits came out, it’s like a placebo effect and everyone thinks they’re having symptoms from the Levaquin now. Just saying. With as much as I’ve taken Levaquin, I should have symptoms. I had a friend that used to be a pharmaceutical rep & Levaquin happened to be one of her products & since it is one of the only antibiotics I can take, I had TONS of samples. My MD didn’t have to prescribe it for me because everytime I was sick, I told him I already had samples. I’m not convinced of the hype over Levaquin.

  298. Let me start off by saying that at the time I took Levaquin I was on medical leave because i had surgery. I am 45 yrs old who had been having problems walking for over 15 years and was just recently diagnosed with severe aortal blockage and had a bi-femurol bypass. After surgery and recovery I could walk and walk and walk.

    Then I took Levaquin. One month ago I was prescribed 750mg of Levaquin, 1 a day for 3 days for a UTI. Day 1 felt ok, day 2 felt ok, went to bed on day 2 and woke up the next morning wishing I would die. Thought I had the flu because my whole body ached. DID NOT take 3rd pill. Took about 4 days to return to some form of normalcy. Then the muscle weakness and joint pain started to become more pronounced. Went to my Doctor who has said he believes I had a severe adverse reaction to the Levaquin. He did a full blood workup and everything appears normal. He said the only thing at this point we can do is wait and see once it leaves my system for good if the problems I am experiencing will go away.

    I went for so long not knowing about the blockage, underwent very major surgery which gave me my life back. To have it taken away within 3 months because of an antibiotic is just unbearably painful!

    This drug should be taken off the market!!

  299. I to am still suffering with pain in my tends and want to know how i to can get on on this lawsuite.I to have been takin Levaquin 500mg.

  300. I was prescribed Levaquin 750mg after surgery two years ago. I currently have the same pains described in every comment. I am unable to live my life. The pain is unbearable at times. Besides the pain, the other part that hurts the worst is that my dear wife doesn’t believe me about the pain. She is a PT and blames my pain on in acitivity. I only wish I could have some activity but afterwards it takes days to recover, and be able to walk like a 50 year old instead of a 80 year old man.

  301. In June-2009 I was given levaquin for bronchitis. In Aug 2009 I was having such severe shoulder pain which was so bad I went to the hospital. I was medicated and told to see a shoulder specialist. The shoulder dr. told me after mri that my rotator cuff has a 50% tear. This was not from a fall or accident or injury of any kind, it just came on suddenly and at 50 years old I just chalked it up to wear and tear, but now I have my doubts.

  302. I took Levaquin samples and part of one prescription for chest congestion three years ago. In January ’09 I developed a torn tendon in my foot, and knowing nothing about the side effects of Levaquin, have dealt with tendonitis for the past 2 years. The doctor I consulted wanted to know how I injured my foot. As I told him, I did nothing but walk on it. My doctor says it has now progressed to tendonosis. I have constant foot pain and it has limited my enjoyment of walking, dancing and doing daily things which involve standing such as work.. It was not until this past December that I developed another chest cough and went back to the same doctor. I was given a R/X for Levaquin. I filled the r/x but read about the side effects and refused to take it. I even asked for an alternate R/X but was refused. This was given to me as something which worked really well, but instead has given me a chronic tendon problem. The next step will involve surgery.

  303. I was prescribed levaquin September 2010, for a suspected UTI. Upon starting the medication, my joints became painful. My right shoulder was especially stiff and sore and my range of motion became less and less. I was prescibed a thirty day course of prednisone which helped the joint pain except for the pain in my right shoulder. I cannot lie down on my right side and cannot raise my right arm. The pain keeps me awake and even prescribed sleep meds and 800 mg. Ibuprofin is not helping. In February 2011, I had an MRI, which showed a rotator cuff tear in my right shoulder. I had no idea how it became torn. I came upon this websight while trying to research any meds that I take which may have caused the tear.

  304. In April 2008, I was given Levaquin 500mg for 10 days to treat an upper respiratory infection. Within a few days, I developed pain in my lower back which then eventually spread to my entire body. I went back to my physician who prescribed the Levaquin and he diagnosed me with fibromyalgia.

    I strongly disagreed with his diagnosis since the severe pain I was suffering seemed related to the Levaquin. After a few visits to my physician, he referred me to a rheumatologist. The rheumatologist made the same diagnosis of fibromyalgia which I again disagreed with. I ordered the medical records of both physicians and I discovered that both of them were documenting that I had the “trigger points” related to fibromyalgia even though neither physician ever checked me for those trigger points.

    My pain grew worse and worse with time. It felt like I was being cut with razor blades all over my body. I finally contacted a friend who does alternative types of treatment. She is a D.O. and has no loyalty to the drug companies like many physicians do. She informed me that I had been affected by Levaquin.

    She proceeded to “detox” me with homeopathic treatments. Miraculously, the severe pain that I was feeling is no longer a problem for me. I guess it wasn’t fibromyalgia after all.

  305. I had a mastiodectomy in my youth from a bad ear infection when i was fifteen. That was 1996. Over the years the hole enlarged and i became more and more prone to infections. In late 2004 the infections were so recurrent the doctors decided to try Levaquin because the were worried about me developing an infection resistant to other antibiotics. While it didnt help my infection problems all that much (and i was put on levaquin 3 times for 10 days each) i started having other problems, mainly a tendon problem in my shoulder.As time went on i started having more problems with tendons and joints and the doctors and myself figured i was overworking my body and suffering from some form of arthritis and tendonitis.As yet there have been no treatments able to alleviate the symptoms and the only joint not having tendon issues is my right knee.I dont know if this will help me or anyone else but there it is for all to read. I have no reason to be anonymous about it i am on disability now and have little to lose were i to be given a problem about it.All i want to know is two things 1. are there other problems associated with levaquin and 2. is there anyway to fix these problems.

  306. There is no solution or cure for the damage caused by Levaquin. I’ve spent five months trying to get relief. The only help comes from deep steriod injections, under sedation and x-ray so that the pain management specialist can put the steroid directly into the site of the tears. The greedy drug manufacturers have gone too far with these particular antibiotics and they have the gall to defend what I consider a crime to humanity. I’ve given up all hope that my injuries will ever heal and look forward to a life of severe pain.

  307. I was presribed levaquin and cipro they have ruined both achilles tendons and only once I had suicidal tendencies I am to have a (ftl) on my left tendon, I went to ortopedics and a rhuematologist.The last orto I went to knew the consequences of the drug and has been very helpful. From what I am researching is that the drug co. knew of the side affects. I was prescribed these drugs in 2007

  308. My left shoulder, elbow and arm is in pain as well as my left knee all in the muscle…I took Levaquin for a UTI because I am allergic to Penicillin, I am off of the Levaquin now but am wondering if this is some kind of side effect from the drug, I am only 43 years old.

  309. Levequin has caused me to be diagnosed with Achilles tendonitis in both ankles, and is causing me severe elbow pain. I won’t be able to return to my current job, and will be having to pay lots of doctor bills!

  310. Join our facebook page and please sign the petition

    The Fluoroquinolone Wall of Pain

    Fluoroquinolone Antibiotic Toxicity (Cipro, Levaquin, Avelox, Floxin)

  311. I too, am suffering from debilitating thumb pain in both hands, and no dr seems to know wat the cause is…i was put on levequin for sinus and resp infections a couple years back, but developed an allergy the medication. after reading the comments on here, i strongly suspect it may have something to do with this horrible condition that has afflicted me. I feel like I’m 90 as well… I ache all over and get no relief. Worst thing is, I was a pro piano player and i can barely play anymore.

  312. Was just prescribed levofloxacin in Brazil 1000 mgs per day for 12 days as a last resort for pneumonia. Finally read about it on Wikipedia after 8 days and was shocked. As soon as I finished the course the infection which had retreated to a a slime in my throat immediately dove for my lungs again. I was told about intramuscular injections of a pharmaceutically prepared eucalyptus oil and a couple of other things that are not available in this State anymore but are still available in the one below here. Got some and started it immediately. One shot knocked it 95% out of my lungs and another 24 hours later knocked all of it but less than 1% completely out. I had bought three ampules for three injections as I was told that was the course but will keep the other for an emergency. No idea why the injections are no longer available in this State other than they are very cheap.The medial mafia is very strong here just as it is in First World countries. Apparently this injectable eucalyptus oil is an old remedy down here. No information on it on the net in English and only the product insert in Portuguese is on the web. I am experiencing pains in my wrists and again an old plantar fascitis complaint popped up after the levofloxacin. Have started a complete detoxification procedure with major amounts of water and herbs to hopefully offeset any further issues. I feel this is key for everyone experiencing the same symptoms or worse.

  313. My significant other was prescribed a pill (levaquin) in the doctor’s office and then we proceeded to go for a chest Xray, he walked in and came out of the facility in a wheel chair! The prescription of levaquin was filled and one pill was given that afternoon, the next morning he had difficulty breathing, went to ER there it showed he was having irregular heart beat, I said to his doctor, “have you read the side effects?” he seemed annoyed at my question, and when they put him in a room in the hospital he had been put on an IV with that god awful antibiotic, his heart went into RACE!!! He passed away in the hospital 8-22-09 after 2 days of his gasping as if he had been running for a long distance. Something has to be done about prescribing this killer antibiotic and the doctors who prescribe should lose their license to practice. I would be suing his doctor and the manufacturer if I thought I would qualify. (two weeks prior his heart doctor gave him a clean bill of health, said he had a good strong heartbeat and to come back in a year) So much for the drug Levaquin!!!!

  314. It’s been a year and four monthes since I was precribed leviquin,. In the first four days, mylower legs got aso sore I could barely walk, Then I went to bed and a wheelchair. for a month i was pretty much immobile
    then I triesd cruches, The third day I found that my left achilles tendon was severed, nad boy did that hurt. Bblah,blah with the docs and in
    March I went to surgery, the Ortho doc was great and the patch has held so far, But I tell you, the right tendon is as hard as a rock, my hands,wrists, shoulders and knees are not very kind to me anymore. Some attorney in Texas says hurry up and wait

  315. WOW!!! I really can’t believe what I am reading . I have used a lot of this med. Mostly for sinus infections . Then about 2 2 1/2 years ago I noticed an annoying pain in my right shoulder when I would move a particular way I pushed it into the back of my mind figuring be careful what I do and it will go away. Wrong it has never gone away it has only became worse. My Dr. Had me have an MRI which showed I had a small tear in my rotater cuff I have never injured myself and I couldn’t figure out how this happened. I have had some non steroidal steroid injection ( I am allergic to steroids) it did not help. The bad part is I have been continuing use of leviquin my Dr should have connected the dots. The pain is at times Unbearable. I don’t usually post anything but I feel like this really needs to be out there I wish someone would have told me sooner.

  316. Do any law firm know after the first bellweather trial in Minnesota, is there any possibility that there will be pretrial settlements? I trust that all of the above victims have filed a claim. All of the above complaints should be forwarded to the United States Justice Department. I revealed my situation in a comment made on 15Nov2010 and there still remains no case resolution.

  317. I took levaquin one month ago. After the first pill my neck was sore . I stopped right away because I read the warnings. one day later my hamstrings hurt. The next day I couldn’t turn my neck and my eyes were extremely dry .It’s been three weeks and now my wrists, thumbs, ankles,
    Shoulders,feet neck, eyes, and hips hurt 24-7. I can’t even hold a frying pan without extreme pain. I’m a 30 year old male in great shape . I haven’t worked in 3 weeks. My doctors have thrown out three different syndromes that it has caused. I’m going to loose my job and health care. I looked back 2 years ago and i took cipro for 20 days .I had problems then but never tied it to the medicine . This time I took one pill and I have tendonitis , possible reactive arthritis , vision problems and my life is over . I have been in bed for three weeks. Just filed short term disability . After that is over I have no job or health care and I will be homeless. Thanks levaquin for ruining a healthy 30 year old males life.

  318. I was given levequin for 7 days due to bronchitis. Two days
    Later I developed rotator cuff tendinitis. I also have joint pain,
    Muscle twitches and strange skin sensations. My arms hurt at times and my toes, hands and fingers are very achy.

  319. I had a cat bite in 2001 and had to have an IV right away. Then my Dr. put me on something to prevent any further infection (I assume it was a fluoroquinolone but my pharmacy changed ownership and I couldn’t get the name because of the torn labrium tendon in my hip.) When I went back to exercising (he gave me no warning) my right hip was hurting and I was limping. I went back to tell him and he told me to go in the jacuzzi. Next an xray showed nothing. I continued to limp and get chiropractic but nothing helped. Then in 2005 I got a urinary tract infection and the Dr. at the urgent care gave me Levaquin again. About 6 mo. later, in 2006,I got another UTI and went to my own Dr. He gave me Levaquin again. I was a basket case, I lost my memeory (my husband says it’s like asteel trap) I started having anxiety and depression and just couyldn’t think. My back was hurting severly and in 3 weeks had another UTI. When I told my Dr. I didn’t think the Levaquin was working for me he said that I am getting old and I need to see a specialist and he gave it to me again. I made an appt. but by the next day my whole body was in excruciating pain and I showed up at his office crying. He said it was my back. Since then I have had a complete hip replacement, shots in my knee, shoulder and bicep surgery and continued pain in my back and knee and tendonitis in my wrists, ankles, thumbs and the top of my foot. I have filed multiple complaints with the FDA and Ortho McNeill. The orthopedist that I went to said they know about the harm thid drug can do. This Dr. was our family Dr. for years and when I presented him with the online info he yelled at me that he knew all of it. I questioned why he had given me a pain reliever and muscle relaxer if he knew the side effects. Finally my chiropractor sent me for an MRI, not my longtime Dr. I am a fit 66 year old but I am unable to lift my Grandchildren without pain later.

  320. I went to the ER with symptoms of strep throat and/or Mono. They never tested for Mono though I still feel like I have it after 2 weeks. The Dr. Diagnosed me with PNEUMONIA eventhough I have NO symptoms of it…without even examining my chest! She prescribed me 750mgs of Levaquin for 5 days. I am sooo happy icouldn’t afford this poison! I got home from the pharmacy and researched Levaquin. I think that DR. Gets kickbacks from prescribing it! She never asked if I have pre-exisiting tendon problems or irregular heartbeat- just diagnoses me with something I obviously do not have without regard! I have Tendonitis in my left thumb & am prone to low blood potassium. For all I know this drug could have killed me or rendered me unable to function. What is wrong with the FDA and doctors allowing people to take this stuff into their bodies?!? This drug should be removed from the market immediately! I wish I could file a complaint against that doctor but I was smart enough to NOT take this crap! I guess there’s nothing I can do.

  321. @ years ago I was given Levaquin, Cipro, and Floxin, not at the same time. All I know is that I have never been the same. Im 32 years old, with nuasea, diareahha, and vomiting, sick stomach that cant handle anything.Body aches…its awful… i feel like in 80 years old..my bodies been damaged from medacine. I have been suffering for almost 3 years now…still trying to find out whats wrong, spending all my money and time trying to fix it so I can be a good mother for my family,my family i was and have been too sick to take care of for a long time now. This is a serious matter.

  322. I was given Levaquin in April 2008 and I have never been the same since. I noticed the second day that I was so sore all over my body. I thought the soreness was from tilling the garden, but then I got thinking that it was strange because I do it all the time. I just got worse and so sore I could hardly walk. I got on the enternet and read the side effects of the floroquinolone drugs. That was scary enough. On memorial weekend I started taking Tahitan Noni a over all nutritional drink and I could feel it flushing through my body. It really helped releave some of the pain, but the pain seemed to settle in my knees. In July I went to the orthopedic surgeon and had shots in my knees so I could walk. That did help for about 2 months. Then I was diagnosed with cataracts and had surgery on both eyes. I then started taking both Tahitian Noni and Monavie Juice, which just seemed to help me get by day by day. Then I started having trouble with my right foot and was diagnosed with Tarsal tunnel but opted not to have surgery and limped around for almost a year and then had physical therapy for 4 months which helped the plantar faciistis. In 2009 I tryed shots in my knees again and that lasted only about 2 weeks. I suffered with a stiff neck and went to physical therapy for that. In Aug 2010 I started with plantar fasciitis in my left foot. I have stuffed with it for almost a year even with physical therapy it is still bothering me and I can’t walk very far. I also in Oct 2010 had my right knee scoped and have had physical therapy for that. I have also started having bouts of abdominal pain and bowel problems. I had quit taking the Noni and Monavie and with all the muscle pain that I have had all along and the lack of energy I have started taking the Monavie again and that has helped and I can work hard for about 3 hours a day or every other day. Since I can’t walk long distances I have gained weight and now have to take pre diabetic meds. This has been going on since Spring 2008. Some days are better than others but I feel that the Levaquin did a trick on my body and at 62 I am glad that I am not the 80 that I feel most days.

  323. Was given Cipro years ago for pneumonia. Took it for a couple days and stopped. Could barely walk from the car into the doctor’s office. I’m very physically fit and have been all my life, and that scared the hell out of me. Luckily I stopped before any long-term affects. Doctor said that I had a “rare” reaction. Yeah, right! Just covering her ass. Same thing happened when the doctor and a lipid specialist tried putting me on Statins years ago. I said I couldn’t run after taking them because the muscle cramps were so bad. They dismissed it because it was considered an “extremely rare” occurrence. Now of course it’s seen as commonplace. A big part of the problem is that the docs are in bed with the damn pharmaceuticals because they give them all the free drugs and other benefits. So doctors would rather prescribe medication than work with their patients to find alternative health solutions. What a goddamn scam and we’re their guinea pigs!

  324. I’ve been prescribed Levaquin on 13 occassions. Before discovering the drug’s harmful side-effects, I : tore my anterior cruciiate ligament in off, tore my right bicep off, required sugery on my left hand to restore free movement of my fingers due to tendon swelling, have had several surgeries to repair torn rotator cuffs, I’m now required to wear supports in my shoes (created by a podiatrist) because the tendons in the bottom of my feet have lost their elasticity, and have had recurrent problems with my elbows and knees. I’m to have total knee replacement of my left knee in September.

  325. Please, are you able to Pm me and tell me few more thinks about this, I am really fan of one’s weblog… gets solved properly asap.

  326. Has anyone been able to find out any information about the class action lawsuit that is against these drug companies. That I heard is that a judge approved a suit over a year ago. Whats happening with it now and had anyone been able to collect any compinsation.

  327. My father was prescribed levaquin, took less than 8 of them (out of 10),
    and is now having problems with his achilles tendon. He can barely walk, and has to use a cane. A neighbor just told me about the relationship of this drug to tendon problems. The doctor never warned us about it.

  328. My father is right now in the hospital fighting for his life and we feel it was because of Levaquin 750 mg. Last week we brought my father into an urgent care facility because he was on the z-pak for a sinus infection and was not getting any better. He was short of breath and coughing a ton. They took a chest xray and he was diagnosed with pneumonia. They gave him 750 mg of Levaquin for 10 days. By day 5 my father could not walk and his legs were swollen and red. We rushed him into the hospital and he in in kidney failure. He cannot walk because the pain is so great not only in his legs but his entire body. He is also on his second round of dialysis in the last 48 hours. Did anyone have any kidney issues after taking this drug?

  329. I was prescribed Levaquin for an upper respiratory infection on 11/13/10. By 11/19/10, I experienced excrutiating pain in my right shoulder, bicep, forearm, wrist. hand, thumb & fingers, along with not as severe pain in both Achilles Tendons and also my left shoulder. I was given two consecutive medrol packs which did no good. I consulted a pain management specialist and had an MRI done on the right shoulder since it was the most painful area. I consulted an orthopaedic surgeon who told me there was nothing he could do consulted a law firm who said they would take my case, but today, 6/28/11, I received a letter sayIing they would not take the case.

  330. Wow, I feel like I got off lucky! In May 2011 after several weeks of a flu going around I went to the clinic and after x-rays was told I had beginnings of pneumonia. I was given a 10-day dose of Levaquin. Aches started a couple days later, but I figured it was the illness. I also had shoulder pain and popping, my left hip hurt to lay on, joints ached and my groin/joint of my left leg hurt so bad to walk. At day 5 I felt so bad, I went back to the clinic, I felt like I had been hit with a truck, aching all over. more x-rays were done and I was told to be patient and let the drug work. It is now the end of July and I have aches through my ribs off and on, almost daily. I don’t trust my leg, so use a cane if I am out and about. It can be fine, then suddenly, I am hanging onto walls in order to move.

    When I went to my primary physician and told her about these aches and pains and what I had found out about Levaquin, she had blood test run and said that the tests said that any tendon damage is reversible. That was only mildly reassuring. I am afraid to exercise and of course, who knows how long this reversible will take.

    The irony? The doctors in the walk-in clinic I went to mis-read the x-rays and I did not have pneumonia or any sign of it according to the radiologist who sent the report to my primary! So I took this poison for no good reason.

  331. This is in response to Stephanie:

    In September 2009 I was administered Levaquin intravenously for a dangerous cellulitis (due to a wound to the top of my foot from a feral cat’s claws) that swelled the entire foot to the ankle within a few hours and showed no signs of stopping there. The docs were afraid the pathogen might be MRSA, but the luckily it turned out to be Pasteurella. The infection was defeated, the swelling subsided, and the wound healed, all to my immense relief.
    In early 2010 I noticed a raised nodule on the back of one hand. A biopsy identified it as granuloma annulare, an autoimmune condition that has now spread of the tops of both hands. In May of 2011 I started waking up with pain and stiffness in the finger joints of both hands. Sometimes some of the fingers become locked in bent positions and I have to straighten them out with my other hand. Blood tests have revealed no inflammation or RA, but a positive ANA result of 1:160.
    Also, while I was receiving the Levaquin, my doctor noted that my fasting blood sugar, which was previously normal (~85), rose to about 115. After treatment stopped, it lowered to about 100. But the recent blood work that showed positive ANA also showed blood sugar back to 115.
    So it looks like I am developing lupus, and possibly diabetes, and it certainly looks as if both diseases may have been induced by my exposure to Levaquin.
    I am trying to prevent or reverse the progression of these ailments with life style interventions: weight loss (24 lbs so far – 30 to go), excellent nutrition (plant-based), daily strength training and aerobic exercise, stress reduction, more and better sleep.
    I have an appointment to see a rheumatologist for the first time, but I am wary of taking any standard lupus/autoimmune medications.

  332. I used Lavaquin for 7 days last week. I began by having pain and numbness in my hbds and wrists on about the 5th day with pain in my hip and shoulder. On the 7th day I woke up and couldn’t walk on my left foot due to severe pain in my achelies tendon, I also had a bright red blistery looking rash on my lips. I stopped taking the med, but am now having to doctor due to pain and discomfort as well as numbness and tingling.

  333. Yes, I had to take the drug levaquin, this year in April / 2011 when my doctor said i had pnewmonia gave me a shot at first, from this, legs begain to get norm, one week later i was in hospital for a week . When they gave me the levaquin in hospital it burn so bad that i cried. was going through my fingers like it was electricity , call nurse to slow drip down. (8) months later still having trouble with my hands ,they get so stiff at nite and when i get up in the morning i can hardly move them its as if i have artisridius , which is what my doctor said i had , but i know i don’t this is all from the meds (levaquin) never had any of these simtoms till after taking it. my legs get numn also , my shoulders hurt ,cold weather makes hands , legs, shoulders, ack much worse. reading all the other psted comments i’ll be having this hurt and pain for some time . some i read has had this for four to five years. i’m just beginning.

  334. I was given levoquin for something back in 2002 I think it was and after taking it for about a week I started to hurt al over I went to the emergency room and the Dr said it was reported that the drug could cause that kind of reactions and took me off of it the pain subsided but years later I have had to have surgeries to repair both knees and now I am having excruciating pain in my feet and am now going through surgeries to relieve pressure from nerves to see if I can get relief from this pain I don’t know if this is related to the levaquin or not but befor that I was for the most part quite healthy.

  335. I have taken Levaquin many times over the past ten years whenever I contracted a respiratory infection. In Dec. 2011, I was given levofloxacin 750mg. for 7 days. Toward the end of the round I developed pain in both Achilles tendons. The left being much worse than the right. I did go back to see the doctor. I was put on mo-bic for inflamation. I took the full round, with no results. Had my Dr. make an appt. with an orthopedist…I was given the choice of wearing a full boot, or they would put on a cast. I chose the boot. Very awkward. Was also put back on the mobic. I am to see the spec. again in 1 month. At 62 yrs, old, this has sure put a hold on all my activities. I was told the tendon was inflamed and needed to rest. So hopefully this will correct the problem. I am extremely cautious with walking and etc. I do NOT want to have the tendon break or rupture, which would require surgery. I have enough health problems without this occuring.

  336. I’ve been searching in bing for some items and accidentally found this http://www.aboutlawsuits.com site. Thanks for sharing your talent and useful information with us. You are a bright light!

  337. I was given levaquin for bacterial infection of lungs–one pill a day for 7 days. On the 7th or 8th day, when getting out of car, my ankle felt like it broke. Went home, wrapped it in bengay & ace bandage & hoped for the best. The very next day, the other ankle did same thing—soo, so painful. MRI showed “complete, non-tramatic rupture of both achilles tendon. This was in Aug. of 08— I was 61, with kidney transplant 10 yrs. at the time, on steroids & instructions mentioned NOTHING about blk. box warning, steroid use, age, transplant patient etc. I was fitted with AFO’s (braces) & wore them for 3 yrs. & am now left with no balance, curled toes & using my toes to compensate for balance beside other problems. I have become a statue in my apt. –no more walking & am even leary about going anywhere. This ruined my entire life. Most of you can understand what I mean. I pray for all of us. Thanks

  338. Here it is April, 2012 and Levaquin is still destroying peoples lives !. Levaquin is still being manufactured and still being sold [at huge profit to the pharmaceutical company !], and the devastating side effects are STILL happening daily to unsuspecting people all over this country. The FDA required a “Black Box Warning” [which consumers never see] and that absolved the manufacturers from accountability/responsibility; the pharmacies and pharmacitst began handing out teensy tiny print papers with the Levaquin prescriptions, and that absolved them from any accountability/responsibility. And that leaves the physician who prescribed the medication open to lawsuits…..most people have a good relationship with their physician and do not want to file a legal action against them ! And there have been court decisions against anyone filing actions against the fluroquinalone [generic] medications ! So where does that leave the many hundreds of people who have had their lives destroyed by using these medications ? SOL – manufacturer is absolved of responsibility, pharmacies and pharmacists are absolved of responsibility, filing actions against physicians gets no one anywhere except on a silent unpublished ban against anyone who does so they cannot find a physician to treat them when there is a need, and attorneys who will only take cases that provide them with bundles of money ! Has anyone anywhere insisted the manufacturer do the necessary research into finding out what specifically it is that causes all these tendon ruptures and other serious side effects ? No, no one has been able to make the manufacturer spend the tens of thousands of dollars it would take to get to the bottom of why all these devastating side effects are happening because the manufacturer [with bags of money at their disposal] fight tooth and nail with anyone who attempts to force them into spending all those profits from the sales of this medication.
    Quite a chinese fire drill, eh ? If you are sick and need sstrong wide spectrum antibiotic to prevent the spread of lethal bacteria and to keep you alive, you take your chances of one of the devastating side effects for the rest of your life, and no help from anywhere because everyone responsible has absolved themselves from any accountability &/or responsibility. And there is no legal help if your case isn’t so devastating it will earn the attorneys a great deal of money – not you, mind you – 35% of any settlement in fees, then off come all the expenses [attorneys do not pay those as part of normal costs of doing business, you do !], and whatever pittance is left goes into your pocket, if there is anything left at all so you can suffer the side effects for the rest of your life ! I’m so disgusted with the pharmaceutical companies and the way this whole mess has been handled for so many years. Them that gots, gets more; and those with side effects from taking Levaquin or the generic version suffer on without help forever !

  339. I am also a custodian of this drug. Shame to authority who have given the permission to manufacture and shame to those Drs who without knowledge prescribes it. Shame Government, you are culprit.

  340. My wife has experienced permenant ligament damage to her knees after taking only 2 pills. She has touble walking, sleeping, and it has taken much of her livelyhood away. This medication has ruined her physical life!!!

  341. I took one dose of Avalox two years ago for pneumonia. Within two hours my right Achilles was so swollen it bent my foot sideways. Was on crutches for weeks. Slowly got better and had no more problems until I started increasing my exercise gradually about six months ago…not talking marathins here just added a second mile to my walk every other day. Achilles swelled again and was on crutches and pt for weeks. Writing as a warning that this does not go away…it is permanent damage. Took my kids to the amusement park today and am lame again…feel 90 at 43. I feel very lucky that the warning was on the bottle and I knew immediately to call my doctor and that the tendon did not rupture at the time. For those wondering if this will get better over time like I was… the answer is no I am sad to say. My heart goes out to the many who have posted about constant pain.

  342. I took my first 750 mg levaquin pill today after having been diagnosed with pneumonia on top of acute bronchitis I am suffering from since a week ago. I wasn’t feeling any better, 103 degree fever and I told my doctor I just want to get better! I am so glad and thankful to have read all the comments on the danger of levaquin. Why my doctor prescribed it is beyond me because I told her I want to get better. Soon after taking the first pill today, I had a strange feeling like butterflies in my stomach. I was watching TV and my eyesight got unusually blurry. I thought maybe my eyes were just tired. Then I suddenly felt pain on my right shoulder. Hmmm, that’s when I went on the web to check out this drug. Yes, why is this drug still on the market? And why are these doctors still prescribing them?

  343. Hello everyone,

    I understand I am just another grain of sand at. The beach. I just want to throw my 2 cents out.

    I went into a Consentra they gave me Levaquin
    4 days later I couldn’t walk my job is extremely me physically demanding I did go back to the doctor on the fourth day she told me oh you can’t take levaquin I said why she mumbled something walked out of the room, she came back in after 15 minutes in referred me to an orthopedic doctorI told her I came in here for a chest cold or sinus infection now I need an orthopedic doctor she turned away once again walked straight out without saying word… made me kind of speciesx then I just thought she was being rude person…..ladies and gentleman keep in mind I had absolutely nothing wrong with me before I went into consentra besides a chest cold or a sinus infection,
    well I’ve almost lost everything on home cleaning my wife she is finally starting to believe everything now because they gave her some levaquin and in legs started hurting and I made her get off of it and after 4 week her legs got better. oh yes she said they still hurt but nothing like they did in the pain never goes away and she’s constantly having restless leg syndrome now. I am 57 years old my job is very physical I used to be able to out work the 30 year olds right before I took that antibiotic now I walk the walk of shame……
    I did as the orthopedic surgeon if you ever heard of what levaquin does. 2 tendons he said nope.
    no why nothing but a lie he just wanted to make money off my insurance. I went back to the doctor I did not have any clue the levaquin what’s causing my problem and all my pain. 1 little antibiotic did all this to me I cannot believe it……..

  344. was on simvastatin 80mg per day for 4 yrs . september 2012 started having medical problems;muscles ached and grew weaker , back, legs ,neck, arms. went to 4 different doctors they all tried treating me for something else , no help.Finally in sept. i went to emergency room, trouble breathing. Gave me some meds and told me it was the flu.Sent me home.2 days later i collapsed on my floor. Daughter rushed me to the hospital ; where i stayed for 6 days while they tryed to find what it was. I could no longer walk or barely move without help. I sustained liver damage and both kidneys and came as close to death as i ever want to again. Finally after many tests they started treatmeatment for SIMVASTATIN -INDUCED RHABDOMYOLYSIS RENAL INSUFFICIENCY ,Where they treated me for 6 more days , along whith physical therapy and sent me home. At home i had to completely retrain myself at things ive done all my live. Now some people tell me the federal gov. wont let you sue these people. what kind of garbage is that?

  345. I took Levaquin around Spring of this year for sinus infection. I was only on a 5day dose ‘ but started developing weird symptoms that I had never had before. I knew it caused dizziness, but I had horrible dizziness that still hasnt fully gone away. I also had all kinds of unexplainable pain and numbness, weakness, tingling and buzzing in my hands & feet. It all started when I took the Levaquin and has been on and off since. I’ve also had issues with my eye and my ears ringing. I really wish I could just feel normal again.

  346. I was given Levaquin 500 mg. for 10 days for a very mild bladder infection. On day 5 started to ache all over and had muscle weakness, could hardly move. Day 6 Achilles tendon turned very bruised and ankle swelling. Very painful. Both shoulders weak and shooting pains. Popping cracking joints, insomnia nights. That started Nov.19-2012. Still in air cast boot for tendonitis and weakness in muscles. My Dr. does not take any responsibility for this. My heart med.says do not take levaquin. My foot Dr said overdosed, pharmacist says overdose for problem being treated. No black box warning given to me only no calcium. Age 63 female with prior tendonitis problems and bursitis. Should not have had this antibiotic.Same Dr for 20 years. He knew my health problems and gave no warning only after tried to justify giving it to me. Had MRI eventually showing fluid and swelling. When does pain end? WHAT TO DO???? SCARED OF FUTURE PROBLEMS SHOWING UP .Any help????

  347. I was 62 and I had a small abrasion to my right shin. It was like a srape when you were a kid and fell on cement. I was the wound and put some anti -biotic on it. and covered the wound with a large band-aid. The injury was about the size of a quarter.A day later when I went to check it out because it was very tender. I observed that my leg seemed very warm and red around the wound. I also noticed after removing the bandage that it was infected. I went to my doctor who stated it may be cellulitus . He prescribed Levaquin.and made another appointment for the following week. The wound was hurting even more by saturday my leg swelled up I couldn’t walk or stand on it. The wound was weeping and growing in size. The wound was spreading . I was watching TV when there was a ad from some attorneys about the danger of using Levaquin..I stopped using it when I saw this and that it was the same medicine I was taking. By the following Tuesday when I went back to the doctor I couldn’t walk or stand and had to actually drag my right leg to get around. The wound had grow to the size of a soft ball and still weeping.. My doctor was upset that I stopped the taking of the medication Levaquin. He started me on another medication. Nothing was working he had metioned I might loose my leg. After he had me put in the hospital he called a specialist in this was now about four weeks after I had first gone in . The specialist attempted a culture but because I had been given so many differant anti-biotics that they couldn’t get results. He the specialist put me on some super drugs and within three days I was able to walk and the wound a gone down to almost cured. Afterwards I had problems with my ankle & Achilles tendon was very tender. since then I have a very weak right ankle can barely walk with out pain in my right leg around the knee . also pain in both shoulders . I also had some of what people have said floaters in my eyes which come and go. My right hand feel weak and I drop things and cannot grasp anything with out the fear I going to drop it. I feel like I aged a hundred years. My arms and legs are weak. I know this all started after I had taken the drug Levaquin. It ruin my retirement . I wish I had pursued this right from the beginning. I should have never been given that drug it didn’t cure what I had. It made it worse. and created numerous other problems that I have. I realized this from reading what others have experianced and noted.

  348. I was put on Levaquin back in November for a sinus infection and upper respitory infection. Ended up on it again for relapse 4 days later. Explained to my physician the other symptoms that I was having, and she referred it back to menopause. REALLY… Now needed to go back on it again for a recurrent sinus infection and wala. Did the reseach and all the crazy feeling I am having is the side effects of Levaquin. Did anyone think to mention or pay attention to this? My anxiety, chest pain, sweating, dizziness etc. is from the Levaquin I am sure. Now what???? Just put a call into my Doctor to report the symptoms? Never would of thought all this would be from an antibiotic. Not right….Now I have extreme anxiety and muscle pains?????

  349. The doctor gave me Levquin for pneumonia 750 mg for about ten days. On the last day of taking the pills I started tendon pain ..I could hardly get out of bed , my chair, reach over my head, eyes had dots in them, I had so much pain until I could not sleep at night because I could not sleep on my side…I would scream with pain trying to get into bed and getting up from the bed. Now I don’t know what I am going to do.. I live alone and have been very active and now I have so much pain! I have had fibromyalgia for several years and this tendon pain is so much worse… My pain meds I take for fibromyalgia does not even touch the tendon pain. I need help!! I had breast cancer in 2009 and my ex husband stopped paying me alimony (guess he thought I would die) Now I am having financial problems and have all this pain.and burdens on me…It is hard to walk…My only answer is God said He would never leave or forsake us and He would take care of all our needs… I know it is God’s Will that we as Christians be in good health…He wishes above all things that we prosper and be in health. ..I am trusting in God to heal all of us of this pain and we can continue to live and serve Him until He takes us to Heaven where there will be on more pain and sickness.
    I know the pain and heartache you all have. Let’s pray for one another and ask God to heal us of this pain. God Bless and heal all of us!!!

  350. My tendens burst from use of Leviquin and prednizone, happened 2012 Dec 10th, and I still can t find a lawyer to help me. I still cant walk right.

  351. i took levaquin a while back for a UTI and it almost killed me. i just took one pill and a few hours later i had severe diahherea and vomiting. the food i had eaten when i took the pill never got broken down (it was almost as if it was still on the plate). i could not digest solid food for about 6 weeks after this. i was very weak. i finally went to the emergency room and it was there that i first threw up and started to improve, but it took that 6 week period following the emergency room experience to get over it. a few years later my mom had to have more than 50% of her colon removed and when i visited her in the hospital she commented to me that she didnt think she would make it out alive from the surgery. i was somehow prompted to look at her IV bags and noticed that they had her on levaquin. i made the doctors take her off of it immediately and it was then that she started to improve. this is a highly dangerous drug and i highly recommend others to be careful in its use.

  352. I just had 3 500mg pills of levofloxacin. My right legs feels like it will break any moment. Right Knee aches if I walk few steps. Doctor only told me that he is going to give an antibiotic for 20 days. Unsuspecting, I had 3 pills. Since I read through the leaflet given along with the pills using a magnifying glass, I think I still can limp. I stopped taking it soon after I noticed the first sign of problems. I am not sure if this has helped me yet.

    I think I will have to start treatment soon to fight against disability. A good drug for the health care industry, this one. Doctors prescribe it and dont mention that this has a side effect , that may never go away and could even disable you. They dont give you a choice. I doubt there is something going on behind this drug.

  353. I took levaquin for 18 days in November 2010 and I am still feeling the affects- chronic sore, stiff tendons in feet, ankles, fingers and wrists. I don\’t walk right anymore. I couldn\’t use my thumb for an entire month; it was so sore I had to turn off my ignition with my left hand. When moving the thumb, I could hear the tendons snap if I put my ear up to it. Sometimes I have trouble pushing myself up out of the tub as my wrists hurt too much. Every time I sit for a period of time, I have to carefully walk slowly as I am so sore and stiff. I talked to one lawyer but he wouldn\’t bother with me as I didn\’t have a ruptured tendon and he said that the chronic stiffnees etc. could be attributed to other problems. I believe that these drug companies need to be help responsible. I have heart irregularities which I am not sure if are caused by the levaquin. Doctors cannot seem to find out what is causing them. I can no longer do parts of my job or sleep well at night.

  354. I too had Levaquin for pneumonia in October 2012 and now am losing grip strength in my hands, have skin issues over Achilles\’ tendons and hands, elbows, calf. Have been treated with multiple topicals with no effect. Prednisone helped (given for lung issues) but once stopped, the rages occurred again. Biopsy inconclusive (dermatologist felt is psoriasis – no). The weakness will likely end my career as a therapist.

  355. I took Levaquin for an unknown illness in June 2013 and have been having serious side effects ever since. It started with painful ankles (even to stand for a few minutes) and progressed into my entire head, neck, and chest burning nonstop. This has continued on daily (until this day). In the last month, my ankles have started to vibrate and standing on them has become even more painful. I have developed numbness in my face (cheeks) as well that will not go away.

    I have been tested over and over – blood work for everything, MRIs of the brain and full spine, Cat Scan of the lungs, multiple x-rays, a halter monitor (for heart palpitations that started).

    I honestly have no clue what else to do. Insurance has run out and I can’t seem to stop any of the numbness, burning, or pain in my ankles.

    Please help!

  356. Don’t bother going after Levaquin drug manufacturers as they have been pardoned by Bush and if you do get a recovery on a class action it won’r be worth your time.It is same as Donald Trump running over you and making you unable to work and then he hands you a McDonald’s coupon for compensation.

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