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Levaquin Lawsuit

Side effects of Levaquin have been linked to permanent and debilitating nerve damage, known as peripheral neuropathy, which can last for months or years after last use of the antibiotic.…

Motion for New Trial Denied In Levaquin Lawsuit, Despite Juror Issue

A federal judge has denied a request for a new trial filed by a plaintiff who received a defense verdict in one of the first Levaquin lawsuits to reach a jury, rejecting the argument that a new trial was warranted because it was discovered that one of the jurors had business dealings with the drug’s maker. …

Some Levaquin Lawsuits Settled for Tendon Ruptures

Johnson & Johnson has reportedly agreed to settle Levaquin lawsuits brought by some individuals who alleged that side effects of the popular antibiotic caused them to suffer tendon ruptures and other injuries. …

Defense Verdict in Levaquin Lawsuit Over Ruptured Achilles Tendons

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The trial of a Levaquin lawsuit filed by a man who suffered two ruptured Achilles tendons after taking the popular antibiotic, has resulted in a defense verdict for Johnson & Johnson, despite the jury’s determination that the drug maker failed to adequately warn consumers and doctors of the risk of tendon damage from side effects of Levaquin. …

Levaquin Warnings About Tendon Problems Were Sufficient: NJ State Jury

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A New Jersey jury has returned a defense verdict in the third trial out of several thousand Levaquin lawsuits that have been filed throughout the United States, finding that Johnson & Johnson provided adequate warning on the drug’s label about the risk of tendon problems with the antibiotic. …