Plavix Lawsuits Moving Forward Towards Trial

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By: AboutLawsuits | Published: May 1st, 2009

After months of delay awaiting a Supreme Court decision about whether FDA approval preempts cases against drug makers for failing to warn about dangerous side effects, a U.S. District Judge in New Jersey has reinstated dozens of Plavix lawsuits pending against Bristol-Myers and Sanofi Aventis, allowing the claims to move closer to trial.

Plavix (clopidogrel) is a blood thinner that prevents blood platelets sticking together to form clots. It is prescribed for stroke reduction, heart attack prevention and to prevent clotting when drug coated stents are used in patients with arteriosclerosis. It is a blockbuster medication, generating annual sales of over $6 billion for Bristol Myers Squibb Co. and Sanofi-Aventis.

Hundreds of patients who previously used the drug have filed or are planning to file a complaint alleging that the manufacturers failed to warn about an increased risk of serious and potentially life-threatening Plavix side effects.

The manufacturers promoted Plavix as a safer alternative to aspirin, which reduces the risk of gastrointestinal problems. However, the lawsuits allege that Plavix actually provides no benefits over taking aspirin alone and could actually increase the risk of heart attacks, strokes, gastrointestinal bleeding, severe ulcers and a rare blood disorder known as TTP, or thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpora.

At least 27 Plavix lawsuits pending in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey before Judge Freda Wolfson, have been on hold for over a year pending the outcome of a Supreme Court decision that was handed down in March 2009.

The lawsuits involve allegations that the drug makers failed to provide adequate warnings and information to doctors about the potential Plavix problems. The drug makers had taken the position that those claims were preempted by federal law, since the FDA approved the warning label that was contained on the medications.

The U.S. Supreme Court issued a ruling in the case of Wyeth v. Levine on March 4, 2009, which directly addressed this argument. In that case, the majority opinion held that FDA approval does not preempt drug lawsuits filed under state law, as the manufacturer bears the ultimate responsibility for the content of its label at all times.

On April 2, 2009, Judge Wolfson reinstated that Plavix lawsuits pending before her, allowing the cases to proceed with further pretrial litigation.

According to a report by Bloomberg News, there are thousands of other cases which are now likely to be filed by Plavix lawyers who have been holding off on bringing lawsuits pending the outcome of the Supreme Court decision in Wyeth.

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  1. Thank God !!!!!! , These Big Drug Companies care less about the dangers of their product , they only care about profit, I was one of those poor souls who was strickened with the rare blood disorder ” TTP ” after taking plavix for two weeks, Cudos to New Jersey Supreme Court Judge Freda Wolfson for knowing this was the right thing to do.

  2. Plavix gave my Mother TTP which killed her in 2003, during the time that Medical Professionals were being told this was not possible. This drug, no more effective than asprin, was marketed as some wonder drug and the drug company made million. Now after the fact we are hopeful that the truth might be told.

    My wonderful Mother nor her care givers were told about the downside of this drug. When she questioned it’s use and asked to be taken off of it, her Dr. checked with the drug company who told him it was safe and to keep her on it….


  4. DVT in 2001. Doctor put me on Plavix. Safer than aspirin… yeah, right. Changed docs. He kept me on it. Changed docs again last year. He wanted me to see a hemotologist who FINALLY took me off Plavix. Yes, I could have stopped taking it myself but these were DOCTORS. Now I have MGUS and low blood platelets. Medical costs are rising because of this over-prescribed, dangerous drug. Haven’t sued yet. Looking into it though.

  5. I am shocked. My mother passed away 3 yrs ago from complications of TTP, and I knew she was on Plavix. I am literally in shock researching and hearing all these peoples testimonies. Thank you for opening my eyes and getting closure to a sudden and tragic death which could have been prevented.

  6. My grandmother died from plavix and i am looking for court cases developing in this content,, they gave her a couple of dosis os plavix and she died..if you have any info..please contact me ..Thank You

  7. I am in a state of shock reading everything about this drug. My mother just died on Dec. 15 after being on Plavix in the hospital along with Warfarin. She had a major stomach bleed and couldn’t overcome it. It eventually lead to a massive heart attack that killed her. She wasn’t ready to go and I just cannot accept her death. I am so upset I don’t know what to do. She had longevity in her family and she was only 78. She sat in the chair in her hospital room talking about what she wanted for Christmas dinner and that night she suffered a major bleed. 36 hours later she was dead. She was only on this stuff for 11 days. It IS RAT POISON. This company should pay for this dangerous drug and it’s ill affects on humans.

  8. At age 44, I was put on plavix for coronary stents. I asked my cardiologist over the years if I could come off it as I was badly bruising.
    He did not recommend it. I stayed on it for 10 yrs. and ended up with a
    massive GI bleed and went into hemorrhagic shock. I needed 9 units of blood. If I was not in the hospital, I would not have survived it. I lost part of my colon, had an ileostomy and a reverse ileostomy and multiple complications. I also lost my job through it all as I was out over the FMLA allowed time limit.

  9. My Mom died in 2003 within 2 weeks of taking Plavix after a stent was inserted. She developed TTP. Doctors dismissed visits & phone calls & said the leg bruises were nothing to be concerned about. No lawyer wuold take her case since she was old, they said. She was an active healthy women who went jom many trips with various groups.I wonder if anything can be done now. Their should be more infromation given to patients on side effects.

  10. Began taking Plavix in June after heart cath. GI bleeding occurred almost immediately. My Hemotoligist kept close check of my blood and I received 6 pints of blood between June and September when I discontinued Plavix. Dr. was upset and wanted me to remail on Plavix.

  11. PLAVIX HAS DANGEROUS SIDE EFFECTS THAT ARE DEADLY. My beautiful mother died of gastrointestinal bleeding caused by Plavix. Her interventional cardiologist insisted that she “needed it for life” to prevent her stents from clogging. I now find out that it does not provide any more benefits then aspirin alone. She never had any bleeding before she took the killer drug plavix. Shame on the makers of Plavix for putting greed before lives.

  12. My father, age 57 had three drug eluting stents in 2006, was put on Plavix and aspirin, had problems with circulation in his left leg. Had two bypasses in the left leg. Friday he had emergency surgery to have a blood clot removed from one of the graphs in the leg. Vascular surgeon took him off Plavix and started him on Warfarin right after the surgery. He was discharged from the hospital on Tuesday, Friday morning he suffered a massive heart attack and went into cardiac arrest. EMT used defibrillator, got a pulse and rushed him to hospital who did chest xray and discovered clot, rushed him into Cath lab, removed the clot along with his stent. The late stent thrombosis happened 7 days after stopping the Plavix. He is still in the ICU as I am doing research and finding all this info. Not once has the doctors nor the manufacture info on Plavix mention the increased possibility of this happening. This information needs to get out the public AND the doctors taking the patients off Plavix. If we would have known the possibilities of this, 911 would have been called a lot sooner and avoid the massive damage done to his heart during the MI.

  13. i have been on plavis for 4 years and all at once got dizzy and had to go to the hospital. I had an upper gi bleed and had 4 pints of blood and they said i was eaten up with ulcers of the stomach and throat. This is a deadly drug and i am not in the clear as of yet.

  14. My father was prescribed Plavix after a stent was placed. I called 911 in Sept 2009 and he was rushed to the hospital where he needed immediate blood transfusion due to internal bleeding in his esophagus. His primary care physician told us it was secondary to Plavix.

  15. I was diagnosed with peripheral arterial disease of the left leg/foot, and had stenting, was placed on Plavix at that time and continued to take the medication. Later on, I had clotting of the left leg, had stenting done twice, had another clotting of the left leg a few months later, had a bypass with grafting surgery done, and still remained on Plavix and had started the warfarin. I had to have emergency surgery due to the graft being clotted. Later on, my left leg pain became so so severe that I went to the emergency room and there, I had emergency surgery done of my left leg due to circulation problems and it started around my knee. In order to save my life, I had to have amputation of my left leg. I had internal bleeding the night before my amputation. I am alive but the amputation of my left leg was uncalled for, I believe. If Plavix had done its job of preventing clotting, I would still have my leg.

  16. My father suffered a mild stroke jan 4 2010, Dr placed him on plavix, March 10 2010 he was dead. Neuro surgeon listed cva hemmorage and plavix as cause of death. Does anyone know anything about plavix causing a brain bleed?

  17. I had a heart attack in nov. of 2004 and was put on Plavix and an asprin daily! In May of 2006 I started bleeding internally and lost 2pts. of blood, was rushed to the hospital and was told had I not come in i would have died. needless to say I have been off Plavix since then and told my cardioligst I wouldn’t take it anymore! That drug is too dangerous and should be taken off the market immediately!!!!

  18. Wow !!! so many comments about Plavix , should forward these comments to the makers of plavix , and ask them to explain why more and more people are becoming ill from this dangerous drug , I outta know I was one them who became stricken with TTP after taking Plavix

  19. Put on plavix in 2002 = remained on with clotting until a heart attack in 2006 – had no idea until I saw an ad on TV that plavix could have been the cause – who makes that decision?

  20. Can someone please provide a website / reference point to follow the class action litigation. I would like to follow the Plavix lawsuits pending in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey before Judge Freda Wolfson. Any Suggestions?

  21. Melissa – my mother had a stent put in about a year ago, she died suddenly on March 25, 2010 of bleeding on the brain – she had a sudden headache, and within hours she passsed away – the doctor in the emergency room told me it was “an effect” of taking Plavix and Asprin

  22. i have PAD and my doctor put me on plavix.I have had pain in my stomach now for 2 weeks.I have been on it for 6 weeks and seen a add on TV about the dangers of this drug.I will be going to doctor this week to check out why my stomach is in such pain,with all the information out about the dangers of plavix,I can not understand why doctors would still prescribe it.

  23. as i read this i started crying my husband had a stint put in in august2008 and on july 4th 2009 he had a hemorrhagic strok and a couple of days later a gi bleed he waz on plavix and he is only 44 and now on thursday he has a surgery to close his stomach .


  25. I first started taking Plavix back in 2001 when I had aheart event. Had a stent put in the top of the LAD . I was told I had to take Plavix 75 mg. and aspirin 325 mg. for the rest of my life. This would stop future heart blockages. I developed a blood clot in my groin a couple weeks later. I was also on Prilosec for my stomach because of the aspirin. Oct 2001 I started bleeding from my rectum , back to the hospital. They put me on antibiotics. Could not do test , said I would bleed to death. Had another heart cath. and a restent of the same area Jan 2004. The area was blocked again. 2 weeks late I had another blockage below the site stented and the doctors said it was in the veins below and they could not stent because of the risk of disturbing the already newly stented area. Still continued to have heart symptoms which seemed to be blood clot related. July 2004 I had an angiogram. Doctors said they couldn’t fing anything but then again they did not look for blood clots. Nov. 2004 problems continued and had another heart cath. also done again March 2006 . May 2007 problems continued, doctor had a stress test done said nothing showed up did not do a cath. You see I have never had a bad EKG, Stress test, Echo, or any other heart test othe than going in and looking with the cath. Well things continued and in Sept 2007 they did another cath and had to do another restent in the same area, Gee you would think this would be the end , Ha. I had been having complaints of pain and swelling the different parts of my body, bruising; I knew it was blood clots that were moving from one area to another. March 208 back in hospital for more heart symptoms . Dec 2008 developed a severe headache and swelling of the neck and head. had CT, then MRI , and was told I had a headache, was given very strong pain medication then let me go home . April 2009 had yet another blockage in the same area but longer this time. Had 2 stents put in that time. May I had another cath done, still can’t explain the heart symptoms. June 2009 back to hospital with chest pain and veins in legs and feet just sitting on top of skin , no real explaination and sent home. Sept. 2009 back again with heart symptoms. another cath. and they doc said it could be blood clots causing symtoms and when they move, they can’t find the problem. Well it wasn’t long after that I found out I have been anemic for a long time. Like since Dec 2008. I get frequent nose bleeds, have a slight tinge of blood when I cough sometimes. I am now still having problems with the chest pain and brathing on occassions. They doctor took me off of the Prilosec after I asked him about the news release, we have tried all kinds of medications but nothing works as well. I have to go to the hospital every 2 weeks and have Iron Infusions because I’ve been told I am bleeding from somewhere, but don’t know where. Currently in Aug I will have been on Plavix and aspirin for 10 years. Transfusions are the next step; they say. But after reading these articles I think I’m better off treating my stomach issues on my own and stopping the Plavix. This is a lot for one person and that doesn’t include the other 25 times I have been in the hospital for other matters unrealated to this. It’s no wonder I haven’t beeen able to work since 1993. Gee the doctors did drop my aspirin down to a baby aspirin, about a year ago. I don’t understand if they know you are bleeding internally, why they give anyone these drugs that cause bleeding. Today I refuse to take any medications if it hasn’t been on the market for a very long time and I check out the reviews and side effects. I am tired of being a test subject without my permission. Oh I forgot to tell you, in case you lost track . I now have 5 heart stents, 4 different makes and models all in the same place of my heart. I wonder how many would have been necessay if I hadn’t been on the Plavix.

  26. i am taking plavix to and i had proper to bleed ii had i beeem have a lot properleg big huriting in my leg alo t now

  27. My husband had a splint implanted in 2005, put on Plavix and shortly thereafter diagnosed with APL (Leukeumia). Any other victims? He has undergone intense chemo and arsenic treatments which have the leukemia under control, but in the meantime many side effects including major bone problems resulting in hip replacement. Any other similar stories?

  28. In November 2009, I became ill at work and went to the ER. I was found to have a very slow blood leak, BY the time they realized I was bleeding internally I had to have 2 pints of blood. I had been talking Plavix since 2000.

  29. i was put on plavix in 2007 had a bad stroke and now my life
    is gone i cant do notting with out help cant go anywhere no even out side is not right

  30. Sorry to hear about everyones sad story’s. My mom was on Plavix for about a Year at the end of May 2003 my StepDad found my mother on the floor she was rushed to the hospital, she had to have emergency Surgery. They said that they had to give her 16 units of blood, and that they had never had seen a case like this with someone with so many bleeding ulcers, they thought they fixed all the spots. They had to do surgery again on her because there was another place in the tube or whatever that leads to the stomach had a tear. After that ordeal she was incoherent, I would be talking to her and she would not respond, she just laid there with her eyes open. I really couldn’t take it I cryed every time I went in the room, and had to walk out for a minute to get myself together. She was in ICU for 2 weeks, they said she also had a stroke. And even at the end they said that there was still a bleed from somewhere, and said that her platelets were not working or something like that. On June 6th 2003 she passed away, never did understand how she died from bleeding ulcers, but now I do. I just seen an add on TV about what Plavix can do and was shocked. I miss her every day and my daughter never got to know her grandmother she is almost 9 now, she was around 2 yrs. old at the time of her death. Sorry for writing so much it just brings back a lot of painful visions of her just lying there…..

  31. My doctor has told me to go off the plavix cold turkey after being on it for two years. I had two D.E.S. and have not had a heart attack. After reading all this I am scared to stop it. Can it be tapered????? I have stomach pains often and keep heartburn.

  32. I had stroke in 2000 and was put on Plavix and asprin. About 3 weeks after getting out of the hospital was back for bleeding. Was on and off plavix for the next 8 years and had a small stroke. Then I was going to listen to everything my doctor told me do witch including taking my meds at the beigning of this year after being on Plavix for just 3 months I had another massive stroke all the time thinking that I would never have another one since I was taking my Plavix and asprin as the doctor told me to.

  33. Following a severe heart attack 12/05/09 I had a single medicated stent “installed” due to total occlusion of the LAD. I was originally placed on 10MG Effient (by private sector Cardiologist) but switched to Plavix by the Veteran’s Administration nurse practitioner and assigned Cardiologist since the VA knew nothing about Effient. Neither do I for that matter.

    I have had no episodes of bleeding but do bruise easily (forearms) and I swear I can feel the stent in there. It is a constant awareness (like a small stone in your shoe) and serves to be a constant reminder of what a fragile state I must be in. I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    I’m an idiot… an addicted idiot, and continue to smoke – though consumption is down from 20-30 cigarettes a day to 5-7.

    I wish I hadn’t stumbled across this site/information. Ignorance is bliss. The more I know the more diminished my quality of life becomes. Someone else said it best, “None of us are getting out of here alive.”

    Carpe diem dammit, carpe diem!

  34. I had very bad bruising and bleeding from minor injuries. I wound up in the hospital for one week when I started to throw up extensively with coffee ground blood and diarria. had my stomach pumped to releive some of the vomiting but I still vomited. Not very good when a grown man has to wear diapers. I was in the ER then intensive care soooo many tests done My liver counts were very high and still under care from my GI doctor He may have to do a biopsy on my liver. Plavix was the cause of all this. I almost died!

  35. I suffered a TIA in 2003 at 43 years of age, healthy female according to my doctors, and I was at a teaching hospital, I had many.I have been on 81 mg. aspirin since then. Last Thursday, a neurologist that my primary doctor, an internal medical professional referred me to see earlier this month, 1st visit he ordered a MRI & MRA because I told him I have confusion and memory loss. Last Thursday he told me that I had another stroke or TIA, the last one landed me in the hospital for a week, underwent all tests known to man, he said he didn’t know what to do except send me to a stroke specialist in Dallas TX and put me on PLAVIX. Like I stated, I havebeen on 81mg of apirin for almost 7 years, he told me to continue that as well, I have a LOT of questions. Struggling not to have a spirit of fear, I don’t want to take the Plavix, I have only taken 2 pills. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. WOW!! This company murders people to be the number 2 medication in the world. Just shows you who really runs the country.. I bet none of the presidents have ever taking plavix!!!! SAD..
    My mom ended up in the hospital after three years of this so-called super drug. She was in ICU for a week and had received 5 units of blood because of internal bleeding..
    I am glad that people are speaking out, because this should not be able to happen in the U>S>A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. My mom Kathryn was in very good shape–Took Plavix due to high blood platelets. Two weeks later had a brain bleed-after 2 years, she is only doing below fair–many weeks at Yale hospital, Gaylord, rehab centers and home with full aid–costs are crazy–she thinks now she is dying –so depressed as to what it has done to her–for a long time her hopes were high for rehab.
    Family is devastated

  38. I was put on Plavix after a silent stroke and two BP incidents in which I had memory loss for a few hours. A year later I was told by neurologist I didn’t need it, but advised staying on it for life as insurance. As time went on I began having ferocious nightmares, developed a painful rash, and chronic cough that allows no more than 3 or 4 hours sleep. When I went to dermotogist for some minor angioma removal, I went off Plavix as I was not healing. It is now 3 months later and no more rash, nightmares or cough. I am back to taking aspirin alone. Can’t trust drug companies, or docs who are too busy to do there homework.

  39. I was put on Plavix in June 2002 after I had 3 coronary stents implanted, I have been taking this medication for 8 years. I questioned my cardiologist over the years about discontonuing Plavix, but he stated it was “safe” and has worked. Recently , last 6 – 9 months ago, I have complained about lower GI feelings of being bloated, constipated and occasional pains. Recently, I have developed lower intestine pains and rectal bleeding. I told you I consulted a gastroenterologist in Flemington, NJ who has ordered a CBC Blood test, which I will have done on Thursday, June 24, 2010. In the event anemia or low platelets are indicated the doctor will have me go to the ER of Hunterdon Medical Center in Flemington, NJ . There may have to be surgery done to repair the intestine to fix any perforations caused by the use of this drug.

    I know I have stated to friends over the years my concern on LONG-TERM use of Plavix and stated that “body parts will start falling off.” Now that I have done some research tonight and have seen the testimonials on these websites, I am shocked. I will not take this drug anymore. See comment #8 listed below, very similar circumstances to mine. Check comment #11 out also.

  40. My Mother passed on June 2, 2010 from a major stroke the lead to cardiac arrest. She had TTP the doctors said it was caused from Plavix. She was in the hospital for over a month getting plasma treatments. We have contacted Lawers to see about getting in on the class action lawsuit but are being told we cant because she got the meds from Canada. Its not about the money, nothing can replace her its about making them pay. Or at least making them say I am sorry. This never should have happened. She was 61

  41. I’m not on Plavix nor am I an endorser of BMS or Sanofi Adventis. That being said, you should know that every drug comes with its side effects, thats what we call a risk-benefit profile. Some of you may be experiencing bruising and even less likely internal bleeds. This is an antiplatelet medication or blood thinner thats mechanism of action prevents platelets from activating and eventually clogging your coronary arteries. Your controllable bleeds are the costs of preventing a heart attack and stroke. I’ll take the bleed in order to save heart tissue. Easy choice, right?

  42. It’s about time these large companies seem to only care about their profits and now they can pay for the injuries they caused.


  44. I agree with Nancy, John you have no idea what it is to be ill from plavix, you say you would rather bleed then to have heart problems , if you would have read some of the comments above concerning stomach bleed you would have read some people have died from that, how could you be so insensitive ? , i am a survivor of ttp the so called “rare blood disorder ” I almost died had not gone to the hospital after taking plavix for two weeks, my platelets dropped all the way down , my kidneys almost shut down , I was in a coma for three days, I was one of the lucky ones who caught the Illness in time, i had several plasma treatments to save my life, so before you make a anymore comments do your homework

  45. In january 2009 iwas prescribed a regime of 75 mg. Plavix,81 mg. asprin and40 mg protonix after triple bypass surgrey.i am a E.S.R.D. renal paitent and was perscribed cardio rehab,therfore blood chemistry, pressure ,and heart funcation was highly monitered. In late March I experinced sevre weakness also darking of stool and nauseia. In april I started to experinceing severe drops in blood pressure. the first of May ihad a sevre GI bleed and when questioned about my medications was advised to immediately stop taking plavix and asprin. after 4 major GI bleeds 3 endoscopys 2 colonoscopys a section of my stomach had to be removed due to deteriation from plavix .I count myself fortunate after reading some of these blogs.The deaths and damage that this drug has caused is amazing !! Yet it is still being marketed as a safe and effective drug.

  46. Was started on plavix prior to stent placement could not take was put on the new drug effient! Now cannot use my hands or walk due to side effect on rheumatoid arthritis! Have filed a complaint with FOOD and DRUG ADMINSTRATION and ELI LILLY the maker! Waiting for response! So beware of effient also it has its’ consequences also!Call the drug manufacturer file your complaints with FOOD and Drug speak out! Drs just prescribe on the word of the phamaceutical companies! I have been very upset with my vascular Dr and Cardiologist!

  47. Be careful!! There are so many inaccurate comments on this site it is astonishing. Plavix is not rat posion, you are thinking of Coumadin. I’m sorry for your loss, I too experienced a family death. There are risks & benefits to everything. My family risked taking my grandfather off of this drug, and he had a CV event. It’s a double edge sword. However, if you read the data you can see the risk of bleeding is dose dependent on ASA. And your correct the bleeding of Effient is 7 fold. Effient works better the 1st 30 days after PCI, then a pts should be swithched to Plavix due to the safety profile. Studies have shown that pts are more likely to die within a yr if not on Plavix. I can’t help to wonder if you would stop blaming the drug companies and start taking respondsibility you wouldnt need to be on these meds in the 1st place. You can eat properly, exercise, stop smoking, take care of your diabetes, ect. The only folks I feel sorry for are the ones with family history of CV. There is no magic pill, so try to educate yourselves instead of blaming everyone else. I can tell you Plavix saves more lives than it kills. Try an NNT of 47! Not many drugs can say that!

  48. This is all very interesting. On Aug 27 I was rushed to the ER in an ambulance because I couldn’t walk, heart rate was up past 140 bpm just trying to sit up in bed, if I tried to stand up I fell over because of the light headedness. I was losing color, they couldn’t find a blood vessal or vien because come to find out I had internal bleeding somwhere. I was in the hospital for four days, getting several units of blood put back in, stuff shoved up my butt to see if there was blood in my stoll, stuff shoved down my nose and mouth to find out where the bleeding was coming from. Well, guess what, the Gastrintestinal Doctor found a upp GI bleeding, immediatley took me off of Plavix and Aspirin. An interesting note the GI Doc said was that Plavix was keeping him in business. I had a stent placed in 2006 and did a complete life chage. In 2008 while running, the same stent area reblocked, they tried to fix 2 additional times with 5 more stents, and guess what again, the artery collapsed so now is permanently damaged because they wanted to stent it up. They told me I would be on Plavix for life. Not gonna happen, I’m off of it now. I almost died because of internal bleeding. Internal bleeding doesn’t hurt, you don’t know that your bleeding. I workout 4-5 days a week and stay active, I will take my chances. Bewair of your opinions if you have not experienced anything like this.

  49. I had an angiogram,angioplasti; and an implanted stent laced with plavix spring of 2005. from the day of implant till december 29,2005 I was bruised or bleeding externally, and had three episodes of incident after the implanted stent. they were as follows: first one large golf ball bumps lower legs between my ankles and knees. went to E R . aspirin they sent me home after logging the information. I asked before I left if I could quit the meds plavix and 81 next My eyes filled with blood, the statement made by the er physician was what do yoyu expect, you’re on blood thinners? Next was a colon bleed that sent me to two emergency areas in two diferrent hospitals. The first hospital sent me home after the bleeding subsided somewhat. So I left, and went to another hospital er where I was immediately admitted and units of blood were sent for. I am currently in a lawsuit that is going forward and we are in first phase of discovery after many years Judge wolfson is presiding in trenton newjersey

  50. My sympathies go out to all the people who have suffered because of this drug. My experience hasn’t been nearly as devastating, but I have had my share of problems. I had my first stent in April, 1999, which was not drug coated and I haven’t had a minutes problem and according to the Dr. who implanted my last 3 in Oct. 2008-the older stent showed no sign of collapse. A week after these so called miracle stents were implanted and I started taking Plavix, I became extremely dizzy to the point where I couldnt stand up w/o holding on to something. I took Plavix for 18 mos. all the while telling my Dr. that something was very wrong, only to hear that the drug couldn’t be doing that, he more or less told me that I was imagining my symptoms. I have had an MRI, CT scan, I have seen a neurologist, ENT, balance Dr., family dr. and they can’t give me a straight answer. I don’t mean to be so lenghty in this post, but for nearly 2 yrs. I haven’t been able to talk to anyone about this w/o them looking at me like I am nuts.Not only am I still dizzy, but my balance is way off, I have this horrible ringing in my ears which started immediately after taking the Plavix. Dr. said it is just a sign of getting older. I don’t appreciate being dismissed like that. I was 47 at the time of implant. I have real medical issues and no one will listen, it is so frustrating not to mention the bills have piled up sky high. Has anyone been told they have acid reflux since taking this drug, I have never had problems with heart burn, let alone AR. I feel like I wasn’t given informed consent to use these stents. Now I have to live the rest of my life not feeling like myself. I was in the middle of a heart attack when the stents were implanted, and I swear I felt better then than I have any day since at least I knew what was wrong at the time, now I am not so sure! Have anyone of you had numbness in your arms and legs to the point where they just go limp and you nearly fall or drop whatever you are holding, well I have and nearly dropped my grandbaby. It is a horrible feeling, I thought I was having a stroke, come to find out it is one of the many side effects!

  51. What can I say more? After on Plavix, my wife had a stroke that never recovered, and after 6 mo died by heart attack….That’s all…Never linked this to Plavix until recentlly when red an article…

  52. My father was ok until he started to use Plavix. He had bleeding. And ended have a massive heart attack. He knew the medicine was not for him but his doctor told him he had to stay on it. It the end he could not even walk. What an ugly end for the best father a daughter could of had.

  53. I found this site by accident and sat and read many of these post.
    First off, I’d like to point out that I too am a victim of this drug. I has an unexpected heart attack while on this preventative medication! I also take the aspirin a day.
    One person posted they removed his stent—my doctor told me on several occassions that is an impossible task. I objected to the stents I have after I learned protocol for my circumstances was bypass however, the greedy cardiologist wanted a “share of the pie” so he played Russian Roulette with my life to enhance his own personal gains!
    This issue has just been ruled on by the Supreme Court in favor of PATIENTS! I think that anyone who believes they were a victim of this herendous corporate scandal should definitely seek legal representation. These low life parasites should PAY and PAY DEARLY for their unscrupulous behavior! Hopefully, we will be compensated generously for these ildeeds perpetrated by the lowest life forms known to mankind!!!!

  54. I understand that every drug has side effects along with benefits which you and your doctor must weigh carefully. However, I strongly believe that Plavix has serious, life-threatening side effects which are only now coming into light. I had a series of TIA’s and was diagnosed with a blood clotting disorder which resulted in being placed on Plavix.

    Almost immediately I began to bruise heavily and was told it was a side effect of Plavix but the drug was safe. After only two months on Plavix, I experienced massive GI bleeding resulting in receiving 28 units of blood, an illestomy and 2.5 months in the hospital. My blood pressure dropped to 43/32 once and even lower at another point.

    Fortunately my husband had gotten home from work when the bleeding started as I lost around 2 pints of blood and fainted in our bathroom. I believe this drug is dangerous. It’s a miracle drug alright – because it’s a miracle to survive it’s side effects!

  55. Correction – I was in the hospital for 2.5 weeks instead of months but out of work for 2 months. I’ll have another surgery to reverse the illestomy which will be more time away from work and medical bills.

  56. if i had known that i would have all these side effects, bleeding when i brush my teeth, blowing my nose, bad bruise that last fordays sometimes wssks.the drug makers did not provide the rise of taking this drug , alone with bare metal stent & drug eluting stents i wish i had had the the operation. i don’t know what’s going to happen next.

  57. I just recently had 2 medicated stents placed in me at the VA hospital. I’m asked to take this chemical called Plavix and a aspirin,as of now i haven’t experience any side effects,maybe some constipation. After reading most of the comments this chemical sounds real dangerous. Will update site if any changes occur.I have come to realize that we are natural being. PEOPLE its in the food….. I’m seriously going to change my diet and eat plenty of organic fruits. If they found blockage i’m sure there more blockage,what these so-called Dr’s are doing is treated the system and not tryin to find a cure,which would be natural from the earth not chemical.

  58. I am presently waiting to hear of the progress of a lawsuit against this company and the drug Plavix. It caused my husband his life in 2007. It is a documented medical review by an attorney, and guess what? even though it shows malpractice and neglect, no attorney would take the case, due to my husbands age, he was born in ’45, really old huh? and his multiple medical problems. Yet it is documented proof that the medical professional’s not only caused his death, but failed to respond when he needed assistance, which could have prevented or delayed his death. He had a non bleeding stroke, after surgery, they also placed him on Plavix and asprinin, plus another blood thinner, just two days later, he had massive bleeds, was placed on life support, and they let him die without assistance, when a couple of weeks later, his blood pressure started dropping. You know what still hurts so bad, is the way they treated him, so uncaring, and they didn’t even know anything about ttp which Plavix can cause even after one dose. If I could have taken their license away, shut down that hospital, I would have. There were other people in CCU at the time my husband was which were having massive bleeds also. Every time I see and hear the Plavix commercial, I get upset. I hate what this drug caused and the ignorant minds of the so called doctors that used it on my husband. I hate what they did to him to this day. I hate what it has done to others as well, and am amazed that the people on it that are having bleeds from it are having to suffer. It has been over 3 years since my husbands death, and I am still waiting for someone to do something about what I consider to be his murder!

  59. I have taken clopidogrel for two years since angina attack.
    Had a stent fitted and wish I had’nt. At first I was 150mg
    once aday because I could not take asprin. I fely so ill
    that the drug was lowered to 75mg. I am convince I am
    in a permanant taste of anemia. I have had cancer twice
    and clopidogrel has made my colon inflamed. I am going
    to have a internal exam and came off the antiplatets for this.
    I am a lot better now off clopidogrel and will stay off it Ithink.

  60. I have posted on this site in may, and joined in on the classaction lawsuit. Has anyone else joined?? And if they have, have they heard anything. I am surprised they haven’t jerked Plavix off the market yet. The law firm that I joined said that they have 900 potential cases and that was 3 months ago. Hang in there!!!!

  61. I was put on Plavix in October of 2007 after several cardiac arrests. One stent was placed the next day, two more a couple months later. At that time one stent was used to open a non-drug eluding stent and the other in a new location. I am being told that I will never get offf Plavix due to the condition of my heart and that my blood needs Plavix it may clot and I die again.
    As I understand it the only difference between cardiac arrest and death is when a doctor decides not to resuscitate. I am now a SLAVE to Plavix. I did not ask to be placed on this drug I cannot live without. Has anyone successfully sued the drug company for using a potentially addictive drug, not in the traditional sense, but if I do not use it, my chances of death greatly increase? If yes please post here…
    I want medical insurance for LIFE for any related medical issue paid for by the maker of Plavix. Not to mention living with the fear and precaution of now being able to bleed out due to cut, trauma of what used to be a normal touch. Does anyone else feel same?

  62. i am having a lot of medical problems with plavix or the stents. my hands are numb most of the time & they wake me up at night from deep pain,chest pain,breathing problems & it get worse when i try to do house work.

  63. My mother started to take 75 mg plavix combined with baby aspirin at her doctors request. As a result, she had several nose bleeds. Two weeks later she had openheart surgery.Four months after having open heart surgery she suffered a stroke and passed away . While in the hospital, I noticed she was internally bleeding. I believe plavix played a major role in what happened to her.

  64. In 2007 I had a heart attack and was put on plavix. I asked to be taken off the medication and finally took myself off. I have experienced severe bleeding and three times the doctor has scoped my intestines and clamped off the veins to stop the bleeding. The last time I had to have six units of blood. I had other side effects also while I was on the plavix. I believe plavix caused a lot of the problems that I am having now.

  65. I had angioplasty done in May this year and have been taking Plavix 75mg, Aspirin 150mg, Concore 2.5mg, Aproval 150mg and Lipitor 20mg. I have very little medical advice available where I live on my own. can some one guide me as to how to take these medicines without getting hurt. I take all these medicines together after having my single days meal at 5pm. I have been given Vitamin D 1000mg and Calcium 600mg in addition to a medicine for relaxing urinary bladder muscles as I have enlarged Prostate. Im 54 and live alone. Thanks in advance for any advice.

  66. My father was put on Plavix after a minor stroke
    about 5 years ago. If he cut himself it took a long
    time to heal. I told him many times it was not right
    that his blood was turned into water. Then came
    the massive internal bleeding episode that almost
    killed him. After 4 hours on the operating table,
    a lot of his intestines removed and 13 months of
    recovery he finally got out of the hospital but had
    to live in an assisted care facility. I am starting to
    look at class action lawsuits and with this Google
    Search it looks like there a lot of them

  67. I have been on Plavix for 3 years now, had 2 stents put in after heart attack was surfing the web and found this. this was the first I have heard of all the complcations people are getting, scary. I must talk to my Doctor about this fast

  68. I recently commented about my colon bleed in this area. because my mom who’s now nearly 90 years old and has been hospitalized 5 times in the last 3 months due to big bleeds she calls it as needed. she is taking plavix now.

  69. I just heard a news snippet about the Plavix warning being one of the top news stories of 2010. That’s the first I’ve heard of it and I’m astounded and horrified.

    My husband had a TIA around 10 years ago and had been taking Plavix until August of this year when he had a severe stroke. Assuming that Plavix was working, there was absolutely no reason for this to happen. He was physically active, never had high blood pressure, and although he had high cholesterol, it had been well-controlled for years and was checked religiously. In fact, he’d just been in for his six-month checkup two weeks before the stroke.

    This stroke was so bad that we weren’t sure he’d live through it. He’s been an inpatient for the past 4 months and is dealing with right-side paralysis as well as severe speech and cognitive deficits. Based on hs progress, the therapists are recommending another 6 months of inpatient treatment followed by an outpatient day program and eventually, outpatient speech and cognitive therapy. Even if he survives this, our lives will never be “normal” again.

    The idea that the drug we trusted to prevent a stroke was not only known to be ineffective in some cases but could actually have contributed to one leaves me speechless. I’m also heartsick that it may have been possible to prevent this stroke if we’d come across this information just a few months sooner.

    I still see ads for this drug on TV – why are there no warnings that it might be ineffective or could possibly contribute to cardiovascular incidents?

  70. Was put on plavix in 2003.and then i had a heart attack and had a ppen heart surgery in 2008. after5 year on plavix. i have to be take off of plavix then. So the drug is bad for people.

  71. My mother had a blood clot on her heart valve. They gave her the drug TPA to break up the clot. During this the blood clot got loose traveled to her brain. When they went to try to retrieve the blood clot they also discovered her carotied was 90% blocked so they put a stent in. Mom was then placed on the drug plavix. a week or so later mom started having problems with her platlet counts that is when we were told that mom has TTP which the Drs stated they believe it was caused by the drug plavix. My mother is in intensive care on plasma pheresis fighting for her life. Her platlet count was 7000 when normal is 200.000. I am unsure if mom had ever been on this drug prior to her hospitilization but it seems like one day on this drug is one day to long

  72. Have taken Plavix for over 3 years with 3 stents. Have experienced numerous ER visits since then and other problems that have arised including higher blood pressure and weakness.

  73. heart attack 8-12-2006. stent inserted. put on Plavix. 4-21-2007 sudden onset left eye blindness. 4-27-2007 my condition diagnosed as central serous retinopathy: left eye blood vessel leaking fluid. heart doctor immediately discontinued my use of Plavix. retinal treatment continues. Plavix=stroke, heart attack, retinal (eye) bleeding, abnormal bleeding leading to death. Now I have poor left eye vision: read minimally, dizzy reading, wavy vision, difficult night vision, wear glasses that compensate for vision loss. Beware.

  74. Husband received renal artery stent Dec. 2009; on Plavix immed. plus baby aspirin to prevent clots; Feb. 2010, entered hosp. ER, found bleeding ulcer; received 8 units blood; doctor told him he’ll stop bleeding a week after Plavix leaves system (no kidding)…to this day he’s still anemic and they never found the sourse of his bleed….what do YOU think? Join the class action suits ASAP; we did and we’re waiting to see what happens… of luck to all, hang in there; keep the faith, and stay off the Plavix…

  75. To all those doubters who don’t belive Plavix is harmful read the stories here , they very similar in illnesses after taking Plavix, I am also a sufferer of this dangerous drug , I devloped the so called rare blood disorder TTP after taking plavix for a week , Ive never had this Illness until I started taking this drug. , I am also part of a lawsuit here in nj , my lawers sent me a questionare from the lawers from bristol Meyers Squibb asking so many personel questions : ” asking about my kids health , parents health ,drugs ive taken in the past 10 years , school I attended , job information for the past ten years, THE BOTTOM LINE IS THIER MEDICINE POISONED ME !!!!! , and they need to take resposibility for it

  76. my dad past away 2-12-11.i have to get all the paper work togeather with about when he statrted plavix.two years ago they said my dad had a stroke.he was prescribed plavix had a another stroke,he was prescribed plavix asperin had another stroke.he entered a study which was called the sampris study to determine which was better agressive medicine therapy or a stent in the brain in a artery that was 76 percent blocked.the coin toss was he started on the agressive medicine therapy which included plavix , asperin,and crestor proper diet and exercise.he had a two more one new why,strokes were not coming from his heart or carotid artery.on the second stroke during the agressive medicine therapy his heart was in a-fib when we arrived at the hospital.i told my dad that we finally found out why he was having stokes a-fib was causing the clots.he told me thats what i told him last time.they prescribed coumadin i have to check but i believe he stayed in the study and was on plavix asperin and dad platelets droped to 20000 while making great progress in rehab he must of developed ttp disorder..they took him back to the hospital and gave him transfusion of platelets.while his platelets were so low he could not be on any other meds to prevent stroke,he was a sitting duck and had another stroke that effected both sides of the brain,eyes wide open could not recognize me anymore and it finally killed i am sure you can tell i am in pain and confused over my dads passing.he was 77 playing softball in a softball league and having the time of his life.

  77. Do not take Plavix, my dad experienced extensive internal bleeding within the first month of Plavix and Aspirin combo. Prior to that he had been taking Aspirin for over 15 years with NO PROBLEMS. Better yet, prior to receiving ANY form of a DRUG ELUTING STENT, know what\’s in store. BARE METAL stents are much safer and DO NOT require Plavix.
    I know pray for my dad. My best wishes to you all.

  78. Have been taking Plavix since stent insertion on 9-2-2005. Have had dizziness and extreme loss of energy over minimum of recent months. Upon going to the bathroom on 3-24-2011 noticed a movement of totally black occult blood in the toilet. Also, had an episode of vomiting blood. Had to call 911. Passed out trying to get on stretcher with a BP reading of 98/20. Was admitted to Franklin Square Hospital where 5 units of blood were replaced. IV fluids were started and continued throughout entire 7 day hospital admisssion. Stabilizing blood pressure and blood sugar levels was a challenge. ECG showed no active bleeding but gastric varices were present. Colonoscopy was negative. Final impressions were GI bleeding, anemia S/P multiple PRBC’c, and gastric varices. I’m still very weak….happy to still be alive….and forever off of Plavix!! I am angry as hell and want some very justified compensatory satisfaction.

  79. Last year two doctors told me I should be on Plavix. After reading the side effects I decided not to fill the script. [2010]. Now this year they assured me that there wasn’t that much danger, that all precriptions have A list side effects, so Aweek ago I got another script ,and I had it filled. Then Isaw the ad on T.V. about the law suit. Can anybody tell me if I should keep taking this med. ? thank you.

  80. My mother was taken to the hospital on 04/15/2010 with severe chest pain and light headedness. Upon blood work they decided that there was nothing out of the ordinary. So they released her.

    Then, on 06/13/2010 she was rushed from her place of work to the hospital her heart rate was over 200 beats per minute. While enroute to the hospital they got her heartrate back down. Upon bloodwork they said she could possibly have had a heart attack. While in the hospital they ran more test on her and discovered that the arteries from her heart were blocked or at least partial blocked.

    They fed her plavix within mins of arriving to the hospital. A couple days in the hospital they preformed a triple bypass on her. Continuously giving her the drug. After the surgery they said it was a great success and she was making a speedy recovery. On 06/20/2010 we were at home with her and the was feeling weak. I called an ambulance for her and they rushed her back to the hospital. Within mins of arriving they placed a cath in her. That is when i noticed that what was flowing in the cath was black blood. I informed the nurse and he assured me it was just where she was dehydrated. They put her in a step down ICU unit. Then moved her into the actual ICU. Within a few hours of arriving at the hospital my mother had passed away due to complications of TTP (plavix related). My mother was 47 years old. RIP Brenda (mom).


  81. I posted here earlier but just wanted to add a few things. First of all, our government is “SELLING” services to these drug companies……..NO DOUBT WHAT-SO-EVER! They are supposed to protect us but have choosen to “SELL” approvals for drugs not even tested!! My cardiologist told me this drug has no testing literature for physicians to determine it’s safety! That brings us to the question, WHY would doctors prescribe a drug they know NOTHING about clinically?? NOTHING regarding after effects, side effects, etc????
    I think the drug companies and our government agencies bear EQUAL responsibility for their heneious acts of GREED!! It is the bottom of the barrel when you can’t trust yopur own government to act in a manner it was elected to do! SELLING SERVICES IS AN EVERYDAY THING IN WASHINGTON!! Another prime example was the BP oil spill in which permits were issued when the government knew safety precautions would be over looked!!
    Hopefully, judges and juries will not deny those effected compensation for their injuries resulting from CRIMINAL ACTS!!!

  82. 5 yrs ago at age 27 my husband suffered a heart attack and had a single medicated stent placed. Yesterday, two weeks after having a nuclear stress test, passing with flying colors, and taken off of Plavix after using it nearly 5 yrs, he suffered another heart attack. The Dr. said there was a blood clot at the area of the last stent, they cleaned it out and placed another stent. I am so worried on what meds they will give him and that this is going to happen again. I don’t know what to do….

  83. had two stents placed in oct 2004 and began aspirin and plavix and beta blockers for several yrs. felt weak and tired all the time and began bleeding inside.

  84. My husband died Feb. 1, 2003. At that time nobody and no doctors knew what the cause of death was. They tried plasma foresus Twice and even removed his spleen. He had been on Plavix for about 4 weeks and contacted TTP. None of the doctors knew what was wrong with him. He remained in ICU for three months. After all this time they took all of his medications away, stating that a brain hemmorage would be a painful death. I filed a suit with Ron Israel who took my case. He stated that we had a good one for wrongful death and took in on all the way up to the last Notice of Motion and dropped it like a hot potatoe. I would like this case re-opened since the cause of death on the death certificate was THROMBOTIC TROMBOSIS PURPURA (TTP) caused by PLAVIX.
    I advise everyone I know TO GET OFF PLAVIX.

  85. I posted a lenghty comment earlier today, I do not see it posted. My husband died 2/1/03 of TTP caused by Plavix. For four months no doctors or hospital could find out what was wrong. However they tried frozen plasma foresis twice and even removed his spleen. Cause of death on his death certificate is TTP. Why couldn’t they find this? He was in hospital 4 months.

  86. I just saw on the New Jersey Courts that Plavix cases are going to be Centralized in Middlesex County, finally in the courts!!!!!!

  87. My daughter age 22 was put on plavix after the dr’s saaaid she had a blood clot to her brain. She also has crohn’s and was placed on warfarin and allot of other meds. she was in icu for 1 week and sent home only to collapse in church and we took her back to hospital and icu because she as flowing blood. 8 units were given to her and she finally pulled thru and they told us she had a protien diff. s and c. We got a new dr. that ran test and hemo dr. now says she never has such a thing. So we now have a lawsuit and advise EVERYONE STAY AWAYFROM PLAVIX!!!

  88. i had 2 stints installed and was put on plavix for blood thinner 2 days later i had a massive heart attack

  89. my husband died in 2008 he was 42 from a hemmorriage in his brain witch was caused buy plavix…he had stents put in was put on plavix and died from it not even 6 months later.. what a great loss to me and my family we will 4ever miss he he was the nicest guy u would eva want to meet …these companies tick they know this stuff is not many more will die before something is really done about it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. I am beginning to wonder how long it will take for my law firm to decide to go to court. It has already been a year and a half since they got documents from brystil myers and i am wondering if we even have a case at all. Either they dont know or just not telling anyone what is going on. I may decide to just drop out of the suite.

  91. Hang in thier guys justice will come.My dads name is in a heparin MDL1953 case and I stopped calling my lawyer, if this settlement comes through,my dad suffered for six months,and the lawyers will make more money on their share than my dad made in 6 years.They have your case and signature to go forward and thats it. next call you will get from them is when they settle and need your signature again to get paid.They will contact you/ or your case number when its ready for them.God Bless America

  92. I am, now 62 and had to have stents 2 yrs. ago. My Doctor put me on daily dose of Plavix. After one year on regular check up found out I need two more stents. This was due to Plavix did not have any effect on me. We also did genetic analysis wheathwer I do responce to Plavix or not. The Cytochrom 450 C2 19 I am an exelent for Plavix. This again told me that Plavix did not do it part and now I am on anther medicine, Thank God that we found out very early other wise I could had more serious complecation and even death.


  94. I am one of the poor soals patiently awaiting answers; after finding out a triple bypass i had on 07-05-06 wasn’t a complete success, my cardioligist suggested in 02-08a stint would take care of the lasting angina I suffered daily since surgery; after another hospital stay the end of June 2009I had to think seriously about the stint. On 09-30-09 I decided on the stint, although I had a gut feeling that morning at the heart hospital; my 31 year old daughter said i’d be fine so i went into the heart hospital. Afterwards I was placed on Plavix. 2 days later 10-0209 I had a massive hemmoraghic brain bleed that according to my nero was caused by the plavix, i’m only 52 and paritaly disabled. Thank you very much plavix. I just want the money to have stem cell treatment done so i get my life back. Any suggestions?

  95. My husband was 47 in June 2010 when diagnosed with a unruptured brain aneurysm. His neurologist inserted a y shaped stent into his brain. He was on a regimen of 325 mg aspirin and 75mg plavix alomg with blood pressure meds. He was told by the neuro to stay on the plavix for 90 days. After the 90 days he went off the plavix, however his pcp put him back on. In December 2010 while working out side he became nauseous, got a severe headache. He was rushed to the nearest ER, the dr there said he was bleeding within his brain and was rushed to the hospital where his neuro-surgeon was. It was bad. Upon arrival at the hospital we were told there was basically no hope. He had suffered an intra-cerebral hemorrage, they say literally the arteries in his brain just started to bleed and put pressure on his brain stem, with in just hours of feeling fine my wonderful husband of 25 years and great father to our 3 kids was brain dead.. He was an organ donor and we were able to help other families, but I have always wondered if the plavix was the cause? Why did a man who never had any health issues untl six months prior to his death just have his brain start to bleed? I pray for some answers. I have other friends and family memebers who take plavix, are they safe?

  96. I posted here on Sept 27 but have returned to read comments again as these Plavix cases begin to move forward.
    Having read some other comments, I do agrre that the Doctor/Drug maker relationship should end! There’s no doubt in anyones mind that there is a transfer of compensation for prescribing various medications! I feel that some of these doctors bare as much responsibility as the manufactures of the deadly drugs! These doctors KNOW, they see the patients and here the stories, yet they choose profit over health! Maybe they should have choosen another profession!! Ignorance is not a defense in a court of law!
    I have recently taken control of my healthcare and I am very particular of the doctors I chose! I will not accept a prescription everytime I go to the doctor and I make my position very clear on the very first visit! Find the underlying cause and then we work on fixing it through diet, rest, excersice whatever, but it doesn’t always require a pill! Western medicine has become too reliant on drugs and less aware of other cures! I might also mention that the US has one if not the highest prescription rates and costs in the world!!! You can buy $300 Plavix in Canada for $30!! and in INDIA! and in many other countries as well but our government protects the industry and keeps us from ontaining them outside our borders!!

  97. My dad had a bad bleed after taking Plavix. He was driving and all of sudden began to vomit blood. After God knows how many units of blood and 3 days in ICU he began to recover.
    Here’s my comment….I agree with the fact that mostly all drugs have side effects. However it’s very difficult the do research on a drug if the drug company withholds this kind of information from consumers. They are 100% responsible for every side effect they did not disclose that caused harm to consumers. It’s one thing to take a drug knowing the potential side effects, but not being made aware of side effects this serious is a crime. I hope everyone of you including my father can re-coup the medical care, cost of the drugs, pain and suffering and punative damages from this company. Enough that they and other companies will think more than twice about putting out a drug this dangerous. Shame on our government as well if they don’t hold them accountable. Thank God I still have my dad.

  98. I had triple by pass surgery in April of 2005. I was put on plavix after surgery.
    I had a heart attack in May of 2005,was still kept on plavix.
    In October 2011, I was put in the hospital with black stool, I had test run
    and they found nothing.
    Could this be because the walls of my intestine are thin from plavix? I
    also bruise very easy.
    I was told by my heart doctor that I would be on plavix the rest of my life.
    How short will plavix make that?

  99. I have been taken plavex for a round eight years i was wander if that is why i have been haveing trouble hurtiing in may back where i had my heart a tack the doctor i have cant find it thank if you can find out let me know

  100. i was on plavix for 4 years, after having stinys put in and a heart cap,, i took my self off of it 3 months ago when i was told i have stage 2 kidney failer because of more blocked arterys, also having some leg pain and reg doctor says i need my neck atrerys cleaned, im not sure if the plavix is what caused the kidney deceise the doctors wont say , but is any one else has the same problem i would like to hear from them.

  101. I had a double bp 5 years ago and had a Stint put in iwas put on plavix.I have now have pad in my right leg and posble the left leg .I also have no energy.Iam still taking plavix i dont know what to do

  102. 1/18/2010 had a heart attack I was sent to VA hospital in cleveland OH. received a stent 1/20/10 was ordered to take 75mg and 380mg of asprin daily doctors at cleveland did not tell me to stop the high dose of asprin and drop to 81mg after 6 mo. I started a gastrointestonal bleed 10/30/10 rushed to a small hospital and was told they could not help me I was life flighted to a hospital in Pittsburgh Pa. they stopped all meds after 2 days they started plavix again bleed started back up stopped plavix again on day 4 of icu 2:00 am did angio to try and stop bleeding it was succesfull discharged after 8 days in hospital. went back to cleveland VAMC as I’m a 100% disabled viet nam vet doctor there told me i should have slowed asprin to 81mg at 6 mo. this event nearly killed me I had to have 8 units of blood in Pittsburgh I now have lymphfoma CLL type that I believe was either caused by plavix or the blood transfusion

  103. Hi I’m in the hospital at this moment with my mother she had brain clot the result of Plavix according to the neurosurgeon,she almost die. 6 months ago she had a stroke and was put on more Plavix for her!!!!

  104. I had a heart attack in 2001 , had 4 bypasses and a stent. I was put on plavix and asprin. In 2010 I lost a KIDNEY , doctors said no cancer or kidney disease,hematomiawas from taking Plavis and Asprin . So where do I go from here. Any information will be helpful

  105. I am 45 years old and have 9 stents. I have been on Plavix for the last 4 years and have had 2 heart attacks within a 3 day period while on the drug. I suffer from terrible bruising as well. I reccomend that all who have had a problem with this drug file suit and get these lousy drug makers to stop taking advantage of the people that are already sick!!!!!

  106. Some 12 to 18 months ago, proceeding a heart attack, I was prescribed a script for plavix. I was also taking another drug called Simvastatin. I stopped taking Simvastatin after five days because I suffered all the side effects they said could happen. Igot some heat from a nurse about this. She said to me “what are you trying to do kill yuourself” I told her “no I am trying to live”. So I did some research on it I did the same thing with plavix. I found that it caused constipation problems. I have a formof colitis and I have been careful with my diet so that my bowel movements were regular between 5am and sixam every morning. After taking plavix my for thirty days they became more and more irregular. I am still having problems with my bowel movements. It was suggested I take stool softeners and I said no. I believe if you change your body routine then the body gets so used to something that you change its routine and in time it becomes lazy and refuses to do its normal job. Besides how much softer can you make mashed potatoes. .I am not quite sure how to put this into words After I stopped taking the statins, I kowered my bad cholesterol from 114 to 86 through my diet by including fat burning vegetables like brocolli.

  107. my mother has a stroke take palvix pill and it take hre voice and left side

  108. My beautiful, active, fit mom had a heart attack in May 2008 and had one stent inserted, followed by a prescription of Plavix and aspirin from her Cardiologist. He never rechecked her blood counts, only cholesterol tests were ordered over the next two years. In late March of 2010 she became weak and had a persistent nose bleed that would not stop easily. Her Gen doctor did a full blood panel and the results were horrifying. She was admitted immediately to the hosptial with extremely suppressed platelets and white blood cells. Two days later a bone marrow biopsy revealed Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Because of her age (a fit 75) they had nothing to offer her to treat the leukemia besides supportive care of transfusions of red blood and platelets. Mom passed on June 7th, only 10 weeks after diagnosis. Our family is devastated. I KNOW Plavix caused her AML. When I asked her Cardiologist, G.P. and Oncologist if it was possible that Plavix could cause this, they all said “No, it only affects the platelets.” In my research since losing my mom, I now know this is not true. There has been a report of leukemia in 1% of patients. The doctors are not properly informed and need to be fully aware of what this drug can and WILL do to people.

  109. These stories reading of those that lost their loved one’s to those hideous drugs makes me want to cry. My mother’s former cardiologist had her on Plavix, and insisted she take the drug for life. At 80mg’s per day my beloved mother’s arms were badly bruised and she would bleed just from rubbing her arms! The idiot doctor claimed that this was all normal! My mother even suffered two strokes while being on Plavix! After my mother had been on the drug for almost three years, her bruising got much worse, her stools were black and her urine was very dark! After doing some research I took my mother off of the Plavix and she is now taking a low dose aspirin. After just one week the hideous bruising began to subside, her stools were normal in color and her urine looked normal!!! My mother is improving in health and vitality at almost 90 years old. She has a new doctor who practices alternative and western medicine and who is open minded. My mother is now prescription drug free and she feels and looks so good.

  110. This comment is directed to John above , easy choice right? to bleed>?,Ah I would say bleeding to death is not a good choice ,see my mother bled to death ,she had a brain Hemorrhage an intraparchymal brain hemorrhage ,and you must work for the big pharma .get the hell off this site! Plavex killed my mom a mother of 10 children , you have an agendas ,and don’t belong here! Stay the hell away from plavex folks ,take omega’s they act as an anti platelet as well, do the research . My mother was on it for a measly week after the cardiologist quack more like it put 2 stents in her without her consent .I despise drugs ,and drug companies .All you poor people ,and our mothers ,and fathers ,grandparents etc. are being killed for there greed .My mother will never come back ,but they’re not getting rid of me ,I’m suing the hell out of them!

  111. My beautiful vibrant mom was put on Plavix following stent placement for a major heart attack in May 2008. Doctor said if she hadn’t been so healthy and fit, the attack surely would have taken her, but she had developed good blood profusion on the other side of the heart with her fitness. Cardiologist put her on Plavix and aspirin. He didnt even care whether she took baby aspirin (80mg) or regular aspirin, just take it, he said. In the course of two years, he never did a full CBC blood workup on her, just tested for cholesterol (she was also on Simvastatin). In March of 2010 she was rushed to the hospital with persistent nosebleed, extreme exhaustion and a horrible blood workup from her GP. A bone marrow biopsy revealed Acute Myeloid Leukemia two days later. She passed in 10 weeks. Today would have been her 78th birthday. I am not going to settle for this drug hurting any more people. EVERYONE SHOULD FILE A REPORT OF THEIR EXPERIENCE WITH PLAVIX TO THE FDA. ITS IMPORTANT THAT THEY HEAR US AND OUR CONCERNS. TOO MANY HAVE AND WILL DIE FROM THIS DRUG.

  112. My mother was 70 and 3 days after her birthday she had out patient kidney stone surgery. The hospital discharged her at 10am. She was taken back to the hospital by ambulace at 11am. She hemmoraged and was gone by 4:35pm. Even the uroligist was shocked. Mom had multiple health problem, But we are hearing more and more about plavix. We are confuse and not sure if we should do anything. Is this drug really that dangerous were we could possiblly join this lawsuit?

  113. My husband passed away after taking plavix and the last year of his life was very bad as his platlettes kept dropping and he had to go on a machine called plasma Pherisis which he received donor platlettes . When his platlettes droppe so low that he was in a coma he would go on machine for 3 or 4 weeks and hiks platlettes would come up and then without warning would drop again to dangerous levels

  114. I had a heart attack Nov of 2011 and had two stints put in through the wrist and was put on Plavix shortly there after I began to have a lot of swelling in my legs mainly my right leg, and when it swells it really swells. I’ve had at least two altrasounds done to make sure that there were no clots and so far there haven’t been any but the leg keeps swelling could this be a side affect of Plavix?

  115. My husband passed away 6 yrs ago because he hit his head and the dr. couldn’t operate because he was on plavix. You have to be off of it for at least 7 or 8 days before surgery. They finally did surgery 7 days later but by then it was to late. He started having strokes and other things go wrong, he passed away 10days after his accident.

  116. My step dad who raised me is now almost an invalid. He took Plavix a few years ago and started bleeding in his urine. Took him to the doctor and they continued it for a while and then he got very ill and was hospitalized. Long story short, doctor wouldn’t tell us that he had bleeding on the brain and a stroke. He only said he was a sick man and in decline. Doctor was afraid to tell my aged mother and she never knew anything else. My sister got medical power of attorney recently. She confronted the 82 year old doctor of my step dad.She demanded wjy my step dad has had seizures and has gone downhill for the past few years since that hospitalization. He confirmed that he had cerebral bleeding and the stroke. My sister and I were dumbfounded. Because of confidentiality medical laws, none of the children or even mother was even told about Plavix and what it caused in his brain.. We all know Plavix was to blame. Shame on all those FDA people who allowed this dangerous drug along with all the other drugs that are continuing to harm our nation;s healthcare. Soemthing has to be done!

  117. My Father suffered a heart attack in October of 2009 and had a stint put in and was given Plavix. In April of 2010, my Father suffered a massive head bleed which eventually killed him at the very young age of 66. Needless to say we are very outraged that Plavix was even prescribed to our Father. We were told at the hospital there was no other option other then to turn all life support off. We would not have had to make that tough decision had he not been on Plavix. Not only did I lose my Father, but also my best friend. The makers, doctors should be held accontable for taking such a great man from us.

  118. I’ve been on Plavix since 2005 along with a low-dose aspirin. I’m just hoping that I do not have any of these problems. It seems there is a possibility that I wasn’t aware of.

  119. My beloved husband had 2 stents put in on june 6 stayed in icu until june 8 he was released, went home died june10 ive already gotten 3 letters about the effient he was taking about all the dangerous side effects and you are at a high risk for heart attack and serious bleeding after he passed away you should recieve these papers or have it explained when you recieve the meds not after death.but i did find out later his dr prescribed too high of a dose for his weight

  120. I take 75 milligrams of Plavix and 81mg asprin every other day. I have a-fib and also take 25mg metropolol.

    I have had 2 tia’s and so the doctor believes it is a must that I take Plavix or I will get a major stroke.

    What does one take other than Plavix to prevent a major stroke?
    I will be seeing my cardiologist in two days. Please e-mail me.
    Thanks, Jean

  121. I am always exhausted, mentally confused, black and blue on all parts of my body and scared!

    I have had two tia’s which necessiate me being on Plavix, doctors saying if I don’t take this medicine I will have a major stroke.

    I have atrial fibrillation and blood pressure spikes, otherwise my blood pressure is mostly normal. No one knows why I have these spikes in Blood Pressure.

    I now have a pain in the lower part of the back of my head that does not go away.

    Has anyone found another medicine, other than Plavix that is safer?

    Thanks Jean

  122. I to was on Plavix for my stents back in 2011 I had a bad headache and my friend rushed me to the hospital where it was determined that I was bleeding in the Brain
    next thing I vividly remember was watching the Drs at Albany Med going to anylegths to save me as I was dead
    and to the right of me stood a powerful image who said Son u r needed here and grabbed my hand and we walked towards my dead body I was not suppose to live and tell this but I’m suing for Millions I hope all will do the same ads this drug is a Killer and must be taken off the market I have suffered many thing headache all the time short term memory loss can never work again loss of hearing and eyesite and no balance but I now suffer bad depress and I no longer am able to sleep on my own and have to take meds to sleep
    earth Angel in New York

  123. On October 28th 2012 I had my first heart attack at 54 due to the drug Opana…..
    Ever since yes they have me on Atorvastatin (generic form of plavix) only one at bedtime…should I be concerned that one day my 18 year old will be writing a story about me on here of my death w/this drug? or should I relax & no worry? :(

  124. My husband had three angioplasts in 2010. Two stents were inserted in his heart. The doc tried for three but the artery was two small to stent. They diagnosed him with microvascular disease at that time too. After inserting another drug eluing stent when the first one failed, the doctor put him on Plavix and 325mg of aspirin, plus number of other drugs for high blood pressure. On the third angioplasty, through the groin this time, the doctor missed the artery and another “associate” had to repair the damage and finish the angioplasty. Two months ago, he wemt through another angiogram because of the angina he suffers from, which he takes the highest prescribed dose of nitroglycerin for 6mg, and showed he had clear arteries. They told him nothing was the matter with him even though they still prescribed the same drugs for life. He has a history of DVT from a leg operation and severe bleeding from prescribed Warfarin overdosage by a doctor treating under workers compensation insurance. He landed up bleeding profusely and in the hospital for five days. in the past month, his kidney acted up. Yesterday, he passed a kidney stone. I am now afraid this Plavix and aspirin and massive drug dosing is going to kill him before his heart fails. He took two hours to stop bleeding from a minor razor cut from shaving just four days ago. I had him stop the aspirin. When his kidney acted up a week ago, I had him stop the Lipitor. His kidney stopped hurting as much, but he went back on and it started up again. He stopped the Lipitor again and two days later passed the stone. Stones cause bleeding as they pass. I’m afraid he will bleed to death from passing a stone. Two hours is a long time to coagulate blood. Where can I find more info on all the problems being caused by Plavix and aspiring and the other drugs being used for high blood pressure and alternatives? And how do I follow the class action suit?

  125. Help! I had a stent placed in my left ventricle in March 2012 and then another October 2012. I am on Plavix and aspirin. I have bruising and swelling. The other day my arm was bleeding for no reason!
    I am having chest pain, and this alarms me. Can anyone help me?
    Please email me. Delbra

  126. I suffered from a heart attack in 2005. Wasn’t put on plvix but I had an angioplasty ballon therapy of the heart.In 2006 I almost died from a pulmonary embolism(blood clot) one the size of a 50 cent piece in my lung and one the size of a dime in my heart. They placed me on plavix.I had another pulmonary embolism again in 2007.I have had 2 more heart attacks and 3 strokes since then.8 had circulation issues in my legs…blood clot.My doctors said its Perphiel vascular disease then they said it is arterial vascular disease.Now they are saying it was TTP all along.In 2011 I injured two toes which began to die due to no circulation due to TTP AND SMALL CLOTS THROUGHOUT MY RIGHT LEG.It had gangrene and staph they eventually starting chopping one toe off at a time then my foot then my leg below the knee.In 2012 not even a year after having my amputation I had to have the amputated leg surgery to clear blood clots.I am 36 years old.I have had blood transfusions and plasma treatments.Oh plavix companies you are lucky this is america because if you were overseas your penalty for your crime would be death.My quality of life is zero.I have several children they are in therapy and so is my 24 year old husband.\an you honestly say that there are risks John with any medication?Kill yourself uncle tom stop brown nosing.Your comfortable postion working for the plavix company is coming to a hault.I am out for venegance.I want my life and leg back how much is that worth?I will tell you about 900 billion to me that will take care of my 1.7 million dollar annual cost for my medical bills just for my leg.My kids and husband and improve my quality of life.Plavix have stripped me of my rights and stripped me of my humanity.I am dying daily and my kids and husband have to watch daily while I vomit blood,blackout,can’t breathe.I have spend 99% of my life in the hospital since 2006.52 surgeries to correct my veins.The pain everyday is torture.But I fight for my kids and husband.I will not rest until justice is served one way or the other.Plavix killed my great grandmother and grandmother and now my mother is suffering too.R generations of women who trusted doctors whom trusted companies that produced plavix.Genocide comes to mind.Thinning out the herd.Why not kill a few million sickly people it will save the economy huh plavix?What if all these stories were your mother or sister or your family member you loved?You would kill them.So when you go into that courtroom remember you took lives and its only money.Money you can gain back humans lives you can’t.Make sure your morals are in your wallet when you go.Because even if we don’t get justice here on earth,you still have to face God and explain how you murdered millions of people.Any lawyers on this site?Can I file attempted murder second degree aginst the plavix companies.And murder charges for my loved ones gone?I should be able to because that’s what it is. MURDER…

  127. Jan 2011 I suffered a Subarachoid brain Hemorrage all I remember is watching the Drs and nurses working on me this story is true to my soul
    we watched god and I as they worked to save my life and I should have died that day but God wanted me here to help other people
    I awoke and the Drs and nurses said it was a miracle
    this happened because of Plavix I have lost my emotion I’m unable to sleep on my own loss of sight and hearing and short term memory loss most of all I suffer on a daily basis of no memory I need to take medicine so I can sleep I can’t hear out of my right ear plus loss of vision on my right side I need a cane to walk because I loss my equilibrium and I will never be able to work again
    most of all I have lost myself no emotion in pain 24/7 can’t sleep and I don’t remember what I did yesterday due to the Plavix
    this is a very Dangerous drug and who ever marketed it needs to pay me millions for my pain and suffering and loss of alot of daily struggles so if u r taking this please get off of it it Will Kill u
    I know it killed me but god walked me back

  128. Have any of you had a problem with accelerated wet macular degeneration due to using Plavix? The third month I was on Plavix my veins in my left eye exploed and filled with blood. The retina specialist said it was accelerated due to my use of Plavix.I wish they would do a study as to how many people using Plavix are having eye problems.

  129. I had a brain stroke about 4 years agp and a heart doctor gave me plavics to take, about 2 years ago I suffered another brain stroke, worse than the first one. It wasI a massive brain strike on 12/18/10 and I was taking Plavic giving to me by my heart doctor and all the doctors said that is what caused the leakage in my brain and took me off of it rigt away did not know if I would survuve. I went bling and lost bodily funcrtion for a time. I got my sight back in 2 days and I am now so-so.I now walk with a limp and am in pain and discomfort.

  130. my father has been fighting for his life since Dec 9 when he began hemmoraging from his rectum and had to have emergency surgery to remove his colon. He recieved over 27 units of blood because the plavix he had been prescribed earlier in the year would not allow his blood to clot after surgery. He remains in critical condition. This has been a horrific nightmare for my family to watch my healthy dad go through this. Why is this drug on the market and why weren’t we clearly warned about the damaging effects this drug can and apparently oftentimes does have? Someone needs to be held responsible for what my father is going through. Someone needs to be held accountable for the mounting medical bills that I have no idea how we will be able to pay.

  131. I am delighted that I found this web site, precisely the right information that I was searching for!


  133. Husband went to ER on 10/8/12 with severe flank pain. Found internal bleeding of kidney with no trama. Taking Plavix and 325mg aspirin. Admitted to hospital, within days has paralyzed ileum. From there, low 02 level, admitted him to ICU. Next day became delirious and went into a coma. From there pneumonia and on a respirator, tracheostomy. Cdif followed with several urinary tract infections and later found bleeding of the liver. Today 01/18/2013 is still in hospital and not able to walk due to muscle loss.Will enter rehab within the next few days. No diagnosis to the internal bleeding as of yet, wondering if the docs at the 1st hospital tested him for TTP (1st hospital was a joke, BTW) Our family is financially ruined, no income, waiting for him to be declared disabled by the Social Security Administration.

  134. I have advanced Coronary Artery Disease, have four stents, and on Plavix 75mg for 4 yrs, Last year I was put on 2 a day, I also take a 325mg aspirin a day. I haven’t experienced any problems that I know of that would relate to the medication. I do have a history of metastatic breast cancer, and had 80% liver resected. I have many problems so I’m not sure if they are related to this drug. I get dizzy spells, very light headed, blurred vision, and I do bruise and bleed easily. I did have a ruptured esophagus however, Im not sure if it was from chemo or a result of my reflux esophaghitis maybe the Plavix.
    . I recently went off both the aspirin and the Plavix twice in one month in order to get 2 epidurals in the lumbar spine, now notice my heartbeat is irregular. I need surgery to repair a large ventral hernia as a result of the liver resection, my cardiologist will not allow my surgery until I have a stress test. I am so afraid I won’t pass the test as a result of the heart palpitations. I think I am having a problem with irregular heartbeats as a result of stopping the Plavix and aspirin.
    So, after reading every ones tragedies and those of you who have lost love ones to what you believe to be caused by the Plavix, it makes me wonder if these skipped beats could be a sign of a possible blockage.
    I did read on a website recently that with or without Plavix, aspirin worked just as well for any type of blockage. The study was done with both together and then alone separately and they found that the aspirin worked practically the same, but with less bleeding.. So,,I guess its up to the patient whether or not to continue taking it. Myself, I personally think after reading your stories, I am at least going down to one Plavix a day instead of two. I do however believe I need something to keep my blood thinned, there is history of strokes and blood clotting in my family.

  135. I would like to also add I have white brain matter disease. Is this a symptom of Plavix? I worry about having a stroke because of these lesions or another word for them are bleeds in the brain. I have memory problems, also hard time finding words to use in a conversation. I have such a bad memory I can’t remember if what I did was a few days ago or a week or two weeks ago. I’m only 55, so you can imagine why this worries me. I would have to investigate to see if these lesions began after I started my Plavix.

  136. Hi all, My brother aged 54yrs died dec 2011 from a brain haemorrhage, he had stents inserted the year before he was already on aspirin and other meds for high blood pressure, he was put on Plavix following the stent procedure,in conjunction with his aspirin, when he left the hospital he had a repeat prescription, within a few weeks he was bleeding into his eyes and complaining of blurred vision his G.P sent him to our local eye hospital for tests and treatment, no one seemed to be concerned that he was taking blood thinners and niether my brother or I was concerned not understanding the implications, five months after being put on Plavix I attended his G.P with him his G.P took him off the Plavix and told him he was not meant to be on the plavix any more than 6 weeks following the stents procedure my brother took it for 5 months, on his last check up the doc’s where very pleased with his progress. But in dec of last year,
    I found my lovely only brother dead, the autopsy stated he died from a massive intercranial haemorrhage, I am now wondering if the Plavix use caused this.

    My man died 6 weeks ago after 12 month illness where he required increasing amounts of oxygen. I was told 6 months previously that he was about to die and we moved heaven and earth to get him home from hospital. My wonderful strong man carried on for 6 months despite what everyone said. I stopped work and we spent nights and days together mostly with me watching him almost suffocate to death every day. one day in September when there was no one else around I lay down beside him and fell asleep, when I woke up he had gone. I never believe that my husband death was natural..cos i know those that did not want his progress, every night and day i always cry i fill like killing my self because things where hard on my side, my husband family throw us out of the house me and my children where on the street begging for food and water..cos no money any more. one of my friend that i have not see for a very long time saw my on a street and she called my name, when i turn i was an old friend of mine, i explain every thing that happen she gave us accommodation and told me my husband death was not natural she told me i should not worry she is going to help me, will contact Dr Opingo who salve family problems i explain every thing about my husband to him and he said he will help me know about the death of my husband i was very happy that very day…cos i no something was behind my husband death and i see who is going to help me out, Dr ask me to send my husband picture, surname, and his name i did every thing immediately. After Dr Opingo have use the information i send him, two weeks later my husband step mum confess that she was the one that kill my husband through sickness…i am so happy i am free because the family believe that i kill my husband to take over the properties. thank you once again HELEN my best friend for introducing me to Dr Opingo you can contact his email if you still need his help [email protected]

  138. my friend had stents put in him in 2000 and he is come planing about his head hurting all the time i thank it is from the plavix.

  139. My mother died last year, she bled out and died . The cause of death was blood thinners, Plavix was the only blood thinner she was taking. There is a lawsuit pending.

  140. can you help me I’m suffering from plavix

  141. I too got caught in the trap! First comes the doc letting you know that you need a stent. Nevermind that he doesnt inform you that once they are placed you cant remove them or all the problems they are causing.Then he tells you that youll need to be on medication for about a year which he also forgets to tell you about all the potential dangerous side effects this medicine causes. So therein is the trap. You cant get this metal removed and you are told you have to take Plavix and Statins or youll die.

    personally I stopped the statins after 3 days and considering strongly dropping Plavix and roll the dice.
    somehow the thought of me killing myself sounds better than paying a doctor and a drug company to do it!

  142. I had a major heart attack in 2011 and since then been on plavix and other medications , blood thinners… My mother had a major stroke in January 8 of 2013 now on plavix and warfin and now she is in the hospital with major blockage to both neck arties etc…. and she is bleeding… This is not right for the FDA to be killing people off… I need a good lawyer that is willing to help shut them down… I live in Colorado and i affraid for my mothers health and now mine… Help me God

  143. It sadden me to think that people can be so greedy for money that they could care less about people lives. To make a long story short, in August – November, 1999 my mom was having TIA\’s. Took her to many doctors, the Dr. put her on plaxiv a week later she had a massive stroke and her whole left side was paralyzed and lost sight in her right eye, the doctors say it was so massive, they\’ve never seen anything like it, she was in ICU for 2 weeks unconscious and thy put a feeding tube in her shoulder, took that out and put one in her stomach, after being in ICU for two weeks went to a nursing home, the following week had another massive stroke in went back to hospital in ICU for 1-1/2 weeks on the way to the hospital her heart stopped the EMT gave her CPR and brought her back. Came back to the nursing for 7 years she had to live where she couldn\’t do anything for herself, she relied on other people doing for her. I thank God for keeping her here as long as he did with me. I miss her so much. To the companies that make plaxiv and all dangerous drugs you need to reconsider and make sure your products does help and not hurt nor kill the people that depend on your every word that when a drug is prescribed to them, it\’s for their good. I cried after reading the different stories that had taken place, I had to share mind. I pray it works out for the good of the people and they do not get away with what they did to us and our families.

  144. My brother recently passed away due to swelling and bleeding within his cranium . Every Doctor that had any type of contact with my brother (who was unconscious ), would immediately inquire if ,when and why was he taking Plavix . I found it very odd that that was only medication they were interested in , being that my brother was on an arsenal of medications . So I did a little inquiry of my own and came to conclusion that Plavix was a major factor in my bothers death.

  145. My husband had a heart attack at the end of September 2012. He had a stent fitted within hours, which resulted in a stroke the next day. He was put on warfarin, aspirin and clopidogrel amongst others. He started to bleed almost immediately from the rectum and he also had several bad nose bleeds. He was taken off the aspirin and it did help initially, but occasionally he bled from his rectum. The doctors wanted him to have an exploratory just in case he had polyps . He has been anaemic ever since his heart attack and looks pale and grey. Due to another drug ramapil my husband passed out in the bathroom because his blood pressure dropped like a brick. I had no idea whether he had hit his head or not because I was not there and my husband hadn’t got a clue. There was no visible signs to indicate such and his head didn’t hurt or bruise. Five weeks later he felt unwell and several days later he became unconscious. He had a bleed to his head caused by a trauma. The blood was evacuated and he left hospital a week later after an MRI scan. Ten days later my husband felt ill again and became very confused. He had another bleed to the brain but this time the other side of his head. I was told that it was a direct result of taking clopidogrel. He is in hospital at the moment and is still in a state of confusion. They cannot operate until he has been weaned of this terrible drug. It can take up to ten days. I do not know whether his confusion is permanent or temporary. I have read such awful stories on here and I am so sorry so many people have had to endure such misery. Unfortunately my husband’s saga continues. He is extremely depressed and very despondent.

  146. I had a stent placed in my carotid artery to block a aneurysm. That was in 2005. I was to be on Plavix for life. After starting Plavix my MRI\’s showed small vessel damage in multiple places on my brain. Damage that was not there before the Plavix. In 2009, while still taking Plavix, a bloodclot entered my left eye blinding my central vision. Still trusting my doctor, continued taking Plavix and three months later I was admitted into the hospital sick and throwing up blood. I had two bleeding ulcers and vomited so hard I tore a place in my esophagus. After a blood transfusion, and emergency surgery I spent 3 days in ICU and 10 days in the hospital being monitored! I finally came to the realization Plavix caused me more harm than good. I was anemic for over a year relying on iron infusions to keep me going and help my blood. Plavix did NOT stop bloodclots from forming and damaging my brain and causing me permanent eye damage! My peripheral vision is damaged making it impossible to drive a car. Making it impossible to work when I can\’t drive, forcing me to go on disability at 54 and forcing me to depend on others and being less independent. I suppose I am still one of the lucky ones after reading how many others died when left to put their trust in this drug that works for some and not for others!

  147. MY husband was told 7 years ago to take plavix for the rest of his life but in 20012 he stared bleeding from all areas of his body the blood was coming throe his skin I almost lost him had to give him blood he is still suffering from all this ,still owes the hospital bills that we can not pay
    went to a new doctor that told us that a person was not supose to take plavix no longer then one month now he is taking one 81gms of aspirin
    a day and he has 4 stents PLAVIX IS A KILLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. we are waiting to hear from the attorneys

  148. Plavix almost killed me . Can I sue ?

  149. My side effects include muscle/tendon tensile strength reduction, yield strength reduction, tendon strain rate mitigation from exercise such as running, constant “global” muscle/tendon tears from exercise, constant subcutaneous bleeding (impact resistance/sensitivity) on my forearms.

  150. I dont no whats up with these lawyers. Never had lawyers didnt keep in touch with you about the case. Its going on 9yrs for this law suit things jus dont feel right about this firm they google the case moving foward in the right way then on the phone they dont no whats going on something jus dont feel right. About to talk to some peoples to check on this. I will never send anyone to this firm.

  151. I was on Plavix for two years . During that time I had severe bouts of high blood pressure abd dizziness. My blood pressure would suddenly get very high. My cardiologist would prescribe me different meds. They would work for a few days and then the blood pressure would become erratic again. I finally suggested that I stop taking Plavix. When I did, my blood pressure stabilized . I think this drug is very dangerous!!!

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