Similac Recall Class Action Lawsuit Filed Over Bug-Infested Baby Formula

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By: Staff Writers | Published: September 30th, 2010

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Abbott Laboratories by a mother who says that the company deceptively promoted Similac infant formula as safe, despite the fact that it may be infested with small beetles, which could cause gastrointestinal problems and difficulty feeding. 

The Similac class action lawsuit was filed by Kathleen A. Bradner in federal court in New Orleans. The lawsuit came the day after the announcement of a Similac recall for 5 million units of baby formula due to the possible presence of the bugs.

Bradner claims that the company failed to put adequate quality control measures in place to make sure that Similac baby formula powder was safe and free of beetles. The lawsuit accuses Abbott Laboratories of negligence, intentional and negligent misrepresentation, breach of warranty and strict liability, among other charges.

The class action suit is asking the court to grant buyers of Similac refunds and seeks punitive, compensatory and special damages, as well as court costs and attorney fees. The lawsuit also asks the court to order Abbott to stop misrepresenting Similac.

Abbott recalled Similac infant formula last week after discovering beetle contamination, which occurred at the company’s Sturgis, Michigan, production facility. While Abbott claims that testing has shown that 99.8% of the recalled products are free of bugs, concerned parents have swamped Abbott’s website, social media, news and parenting forums across the internet with concerns and fears that their children may have consumed or gotten ill due to eating Similac with insects. The recall is having a worldwide impact, with Saudi Arabia announcing on Monday that it would ban Similac, despite Abbott limiting the recall to the U.S., Puerto Rico, Guam and countries in the Caribbean.

The FDA has said that the beetle contamination does not represent an immediate health risk, but could cause gastrointestinal discomfort in infants and result in a refusal to eat. Earlier this week, Senator Tom Harkin sent a letter to Abbott Laboratories asking them to confirm the FDA’s assessment of the health risk of contaminated Similac, and also asked why it appears the company waited a week after discovering the problem before issuing the recall.

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  1. I have had my son on similac until i found out about the recall. He was very ill throwing up and diharia screaming and crying. It has been almost a week now and his stool has not gotten any better even after switching formula. He consumed almost 2 containers wich i refuse to take back to the store incase anything which is longterm comes from this.

  2. my son has been sick and we have documented dr visits trying to figure out why. He has been on this formula and I have the container that we used that was recalled. I’d like to join the suit

  3. My daughter has been drinking this formula since she was born. As soon as this recall came out, I stopped feeding her formula. It is inexcusable to find something like bugs in the formula. Formula should be safe.My baby has been sick and not herself. I will take her to the doctors and go from there.

  4. Thank goodness someone is standing up and doing something about this disgusting recall. Having 4 month twins is ruff enough on a mother, let alone making numerous doctor appts and missing work to go to radiology for a scan on the abdomen, becasue my little girl would not eat, and had dehydration from diarreh. And little did I know that I was feeding her beetle larva and parts. The guilt will be apart of our lives forever. And it makes me sick that they acctually waited a week to let us know. I am returning 13 cans to Abbot for a full refund, and I hope the company suffers in a large way. I know people say that many of our foods we consume have some bug parts and such and nothing is done about it, well these are infants! These babies dont have the immunity to fight off investations. And the warehouse should be routingly checked everyday for things like this. Please keep me updated on this lawsuit.

  5. My daughter was sick for two weeks because of similac’s negligence. My niece was sick as well and spent three days in the hospital. We trusted this company to feed our babies and give them nourishments, when in fact they did the opposite.


  7. My now 5 mos old son has been to the Doctor office 3+ times over the last few months due to GI issues that were all misdiagnosed and due to the Similac formula contamination. The doctor said the time line of health issues was right on track with the time that we switched him from Gerber Good start to Similac. He has suffered many rough days and nights and had to endure the changing of 3 types of formula on his little system (Soy , Sensitive and then Regular). The doctors were perplexed as to why he had so much diarrhea, spit up, gassy issues and pain in his abdomen causing extreme fussiness and pain. I am beyond infuriated that my son had to suffer needlessly!

  8. my (7 week old)son was ill with stomach problems for about 5 weeks we had gone to the doctors and they recommended switching to soy we did and that was not working so then we requested a prescription for prevacid and that only made the pain worse.After reading about the recall on the Web we immediately switched formula companys and our baby boy has been fine

  9. we have twins and we feed them a lot of this junk . I am piss off i still have one of the package that is recalled . we dump it in the trash after spending money on this crap . the lot number is also on the 34 oz which they are not tell you that info . I never like the powder i like the can mile but there mom said lets get the powder . I knew i did not like it for some reason now i know i was feeding my kids bugs and bug dodo . i am a parent i did not think i would have to check new milk that comes from a company we feed our babys .

  10. Will this be an action that other parents can be involved in?

  11. I have a question, not comment. How can I have my 2 containers tested to see if they are infected? I filled out a form on similac’s website and they sent me a box to ship the products back. I have not shipped it off yet because I would really like to find out if mine contained bugs. My
    daughter had a horrible 3 weeks of vomiting, not eating, and fussiness and as soon as I heard about the recall, I went and got the ready made and she has been a different baby. I have daycare that can back me up on this. I took her off the recalled container and she has been a happy baby who loves to eat.

  12. My one month and half baby has been crying and very fussy , also having diahrea all the time , and this week she’s having some rush , am taking her to the doctor friday oct 01 again . It’s not right what happening to all the baby’s ….

  13. Now I understand what could have been wrong with my 7 mth old son, up till I changed his formula and several doctors visits.

  14. Grandson ( at 3 weeks old) put on Similac Sensitive powder; began throwing up and having diarrhea. Two ER visits and 2 admissions later, at 7 weeks of age, he underwent surgery to correct sudden onsett pyloric stenosis. When he was discharged from the hospital, we tried the powder again and we had immediate vomiting. I have since found out that the containr we were feeding him from is from the lot that has been recalled. He is now on ready to feed Similac Sensitive and is finally gaining weight, although he is behind for his age. He does appear now to be thriving.


  16. My son is almost 4 months old and has been on similac since he was born. We have been taking him to the pediatrician and specialists since he was about 2 weeks old because he couldn’t poop! He would go 2 weeks sometimes and he was always in pain because of it the pediatrician sent us to Pittsburgh to childrens hospital trying to find out what was wrong! When I found out about the recall I immediately stopped using it and put him on good start formula… That was about 5 days ago and I’m happy to say he has pooped everyday for the past 3 days I’m furious that all those appts and Dr.s and here it was because of the formula! When I called similac they tried to say they didn’t know If it would cause that but I find it funny that he has not had a problem since switching! I would like more info on this lawsuit because I want them to pay for putting my son in pain for the first 4 months of his life!!!

  17. My one month old daughter has been very upset for the past couple of weeks. I took her to the doctor because she was spitting up out of her nose and mouth. The doctor thought it was heart burn, so I started giving her zantec. However, I noticied it was not working and she has started having diaherrea. Then I hear of a recall and I submit my lot number and my batch is apart of the recall.

  18. My four month old has been very sick from this unsanity formula. She’s beeb throwing up has had gas constanly and diarrhea for awhile. I called the company after they recalle it and all they wanted to do is give us some lousy coupons. Ive had my daughter at the Dr. four or five times because she was sick from this formlua and not knowing what was wrong with her is a terrible feeling. Our Dr. couldnt figure out what was wrong with her. These are our children and we’ve beenfeedinfg them bugs for months. And these peoplre are acting like it’s no big deal just because they recalled the formula. I think this company is just horrible they should have been doing there job.

  19. This is a shame. My grandson who was born 6 weeks premature has been on similac then had to swith to similac Advance and he has had nothing but trouble direea and refuseing to eat and tummy pain.

  20. GOOD! this recall makes me sick. I hope no babies were seriously hurt.

  21. My son is less than four months old and I had been trusting similac since the day he was born. I am a single mom and don’t have much money to support my son but trusted similac enough to pay more for his formula. He is normally a very easy baby but about three weeks ago he started getting very fussy and was spitting up often. Being a first time mom I did my best to comfort him but didn’t give much thought to the possibility that he may actually be sick rather than just fussy. Then the recall came and I immediately changed his formula. Within a few days my son was back to himself again and no longer showing signs of discomfort. I could never trust similac again. My son, as well as every baby out there couldn’t tell me what was wrong, it was similac’s job to make sure he didn’t have to.

  22. amazing how across the boarder this hasn’t even been published yet my son has been has had stomach discomfort been vomiting and has been refusing too. But apparently the canadian formula is fine? this is reminds me of a certain occurance in china…

  23. i think this company should pay any one who brought ths similac if it has bugs in it or not how you goin to sell something and cant stand by your word make them pay for this out of their pockets and close down the company for good who want to deal with this company that has a product that can harm babies this is wild open your eyes and mouths we are talkin about our kids lets get something done now lawsuit

  24. my 17 month old still had a bottle of similac before his nap and at bedtime. In august after opening a can of similac my son became sick. He started experiencing diarrhea. Then a few days later after he had a bottle at bedtime he throw up every where in his crib. He threw up two nights in a row. I started thinking about what was he eating every day. I came to the conclusion that this all started after I opened a can of similac. I threw out the half full container of similac. My son started to get better. I didn’t think any more about it until the recall was announced. I started thinking about the situation that had happened with my son. I was disgusted with this whole situation and the fact they say that it doesn’t cause health risks. But throgin up and having diarrhea can cause dehydration which can cause other issues. My son no longer has similac or a bottle before bed.

  25. I found a bug in my daughters formula 4 months ago I called the company and I sent the bax they told me that there was no contamination now several months later I find out that there is all of the formula that I had several boxes some of them empty were recalled. I am ticked off and want answers.

  26. My 10 month old daughter was very sick from drinking similac. She refused to eat, had severe diarrhea and had to be put on an I.V at hospital. She had abdominal pain and they performed an abdominal ultrasound and x-ray on her. A week later the recall was announced and I realized that is what was wrong with her. She was drinking from a container of recalled milk, I’m so disgusted!! I hope that this will be a wake up call for the company and they really feel it where it hurts most. Their pockets!! They sit around and collect billions of dollars while innocent little babies become sick.

  27. My son was sick with diaherra for a week straight. After 2 days of eating good premixed formula and not the powder he finally started getting better. Wish Abbott can reimburse me for my copays to the dr twice, and all the product i had to buy to replace the contaimated formula and the money we spent on pedialyte to settle his stomach and almost the week of work I missed from him being sick.

  28. My 8.5month old daughter was using the Powder (Similac Sensitive Soy) She had been throwing up, having diarrhea and screaming and crying from a very big, bloated stomach. Her school/day care, called me on a Thursday, sept 17 to pick her up at 10:30am, and I saw her with my own eyes, retching and gagging and obviously in pain and sick. I called the doctor immediately and I went in for an appointment that day. The doctor told me it was a stomach “bug” and that there was nothing to be done but wait it out. I was instructed to give her only pedialyte as she was extremely dehydrated, no food, no formula. So that is what I did for the entire day on Thursday. She was in major pain. Her tummy was bloated looking, she was burping and passing gas that was VERY stinky and foul smelling. Friday we had her with with family, I worked half day and went to her. She was still sick and extremely weak. I thought it was due to the fact that she couldn’t eat. I thought she perked up and was feeling better so I gave her 2 – 4 oz of formula along with pedialyte and well, she started throwing up again in a major way. And retching and gagging. So the entire weekend my baby girl is so sick and not able to eat, she is pale and looking very horrible, I have to take off of work on Monday, Sept 20. All I give her all weekend is pedialyte and every time I think she is getting better I give her a little of her formula. Then she gets sick all over again. It isn’t until Wednesday, Sept 22 when the news is broadcasting this recall and bug infestation. Then they talk about upset stomachs, etc. I freak out, I take a picture of the lot #’s and come to find out we have been feeding our baby this contaminated powder formula for about 2-3 weeks!!!!!!! I called the doctor right away and explain to them why I believed that my baby has been so sick, to which they reply, “oh, that is not the cause of your baby’s sickness. We eat bugs everyday in our lives, so this is not why your baby is sick.” I was furious!! I told them again, my baby’s symptoms and was told “there was a stomach bug going around so that was what was wrong with my baby” I hung up very angry and upset. I called Similac to complain and all they said was, “we are sorry but these beetle parts and larvae digestion have not been reported to cause any problems. And I give them my baby’s symptoms and they only direct me to their website to fill out a form to get a full refund on the powder (3 big 32oz). It is very frustrating. And they directed me to the formula that was not contaminated. (the more expensive, liquid one) I AM VERY UPSET that this had been overlooked by Similac!!!!! And they are the reasons that my baby has suffered all this time. She lost so much weight that at her 9 mos well check she was 2lbs less than her 6mos well check. My poor baby!!!! Who is going to pay for my baby’s pain and suffering!!!???? We went back to the doctor on Sept 29 and explained to another doctor the situation and he said “we were the first case he’s heard of” How upsetting.

  29. My 9-month old daughter has also been sick and I am believing it was because of the Similac Sensitve powder that was recalled that she had been on. It started around 9/8. She had been having diarrhea on and off. At times, she would go in the middle of the night and not wake up. As a result, she got a very bad diaper rash. We thought it might be because she was teething and didn’t think nothing more of it. When her diaper rash got better, she had another bad episode and it came back. About a week later, we noticed the rash appearance was changing and would’nt go away. We took her to the doctor for the rash and they treated her for a yeast infection. A few days later, her diarrhea continued, however became more frequent and more watery. She also started experiencing low grade fevers and spitting up. She hadn’t spit up since she was about 5-6 months old! She also began to lose her appetite. Then on 9/23, we heard about the recall and switched out her formula immediately. Unfortanately, she didn’t want Enfamil. I then switched the Similac Sensitive concentrate. I started to think back and realized that when she started to get sick was the time that I opened a new canister of formula. The next day, I was still concerned as her BMs were averaging to be 6+ more a day and her fever was still present. Her doctor could not see me on that Friday but asked that I go buy to collect a stool collection kit. Early Saturday morning, her fever spiked, she continued to have diarrhea, and actually vommited. Her diaper rash came back again. She was clearly in pain because of her rash and fever. I took her to the emergency room. They gave her an antibiotic, Septra. That day Saturday she had 9 BMs and going into Sunday she had 10, however her fever broke and she started to gain her appetite back. By Sunday night, she was more alert and played a little bit. I took her for a f/u appt. on Monday and they decided not to run any test and just let her continue on the antibiotic since her fever broke. By the way, they did check her ears and throat to make sure it wasn’t anything else. She eventually went back to her normal self by Wednesday. So from about the 8th-29th, my poor baby has been going through complete hell. Thankfully, she’s better now. If it was just up to me, we wouldn’t be buying anymore Similac of any brand, however my baby is a picky eater and that’s all she will take. I even tried Good Start. We only have about 2 months until she can go on regular milk. I can’t wait. I did take back all of the recalled formula I had. Unfortanately, I didn’t keep a sample. I just wanted to get rid of it as quickly as possible and get my money back. I did film what I did have and their product numbers before returning it though. Today, 10/4, her doctor called and said her stool sample came back normal but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t because of the Similac.

  30. My almost seven month old was on similac part time during the 1st 4.5 months of her life. At 2 weeks, she projectile vomitted which lead the docs to believe she had acid reflux. I could never figure out why she wouldn’t eat. The older she got the less she ate and of course the less she slept. Trouble pooping, fussy, irritable, and clearly miserable. Most of the docs blamed this on acid reflux and treated her with medication for that. But the medication has made very little difference for her. I started her on a different brand of formula around 4.5 months and ever so slowly is getting better. After the recall came out I still had 11 cans of EMPTY used similac around the house since they are the plastic reusable containers. EVERY single one of them on the recall list. So I fed my child 11 cans of this crap. I’m searching for people with similar situations and what you’ve done. I’m not getting anywhere with doctors or similac. They won’t blame it on the formula… of course… It can’t be good for these babies right??? Can’t anyone in America address this issue that possibly, just possibly this could do harm to our babies? Any comments?? I am truly frustrated!!!

  31. My son has been on Similac Sensitive since he was 1 month old. I was unable to breast feed. I have 9 containers with the recall numbers, 8 of which had drank from. I switched to Enfimil Gentleease when I found out about the recall and he is more normal now than he has ever been. His stools are normal and he doesn’t wake up screaming with gas pains in the middle of the night.

  32. My almost 3 month old was on the similac sensitive powder since he has been about a week old…we started him out in the first week on the advance but it wasnt working out so we thought that the formula was just too strong for his new belly when we went to the sensitive we still had trouble…not thinking a thing about the formula we went on for weeks trying to get his belly to stop hurting him i am a mother of three and i know that the pull up of the legs and extensive grunting while screaming is a good sign of belly pains not to mention the fact that he couldnt poop…i ask his dr about what it could be and she simply thought that it was probably just gas and gave me a few ideas on how to ease it and that was by gently starting at the right side of his belly and using my fingertips to tap his belly working the gas out of his intestines…well again that didnt work…and they dont want to call it constipation til they havent went for 7 days…you try not going for 7 days and see how it feels…i tried the otc suppositories and everything i was up for nites at a time he cried i cried…when the recall happened i immediately went to the ready to feed he has been sleeping longer eating less frequently but more at a time he goes right on schedule…lets just say his first 2 months of life was miserable for him and being that innocent i think everyone is right not just with similac but we trust all of these companies with our lives when it comes to food and essentials and that may be their source of income but they need to look past the money and stop being so ignorant we are these peoples family, friends, neighbors and so much more so why not admit they made a mistake and clean up their acts…what if this was your children and family it wouldnt be something you would just want to push under the rug and protect your image you would want lawsuits and shut downs…and lets not forget about all the egg recalls and the tylenol, benadryl, and motrin recall…and the johnson and johsnon hip replacement recall and the shampoo and the fisher price recalls and cribs…people we deserve better quality of things than this…to tell the truth u never know what you are going to eat, rub on your skin take for a headache and set your child down to play with to be bluntly honest these companies need to watch their behinds and also need to be inspected more thoroughly…i could go on and on about this kind of stuff but what good is that going to do these people are setting back reading these comments and getting mad at us for giving our opinions well the only thing that i have left to say is “if the truth hurts CHANGE IT!”

  33. This is really bad! Our daughter is now 7 mo. I started nursing her. About a month later started feeding her similiac, she would always spit up, through her nose and mouth. We started using sensitive. She would scream and cry as if something was hurting her really bad! A lot of gas, diarrhea, strange loops, w/ foul smell. I thought it was colic. As she got older we thought it she was teething. She would refuse the bottle. Two days ago I went to switch formulas, and found out about the recall. Every can she’s ever drank has the recall number on it! She is nursing right now. Since I stopped the screams, and stomach crenches have subsided. I’m not sure about another formula that’s safe. Good luck to all u parents with infants. I hope our babies all feel better!

  34. @ Yvonne. My dr tried to convince me of the same thing. I believe they just don’t want to get involved. These are babies, and its very frustrating when your baby is screaming in like their in pain and u don’t know why? Or can’t soothe them! Get a second option, I am! My daughter was born 6.6 lb. She. Now was 14 lbs! She is going on 8 mo. She is not gaining good. She was 15 lb @ 2 mo! I feel your frustration. Hang in there!

  35. My daughter was on similac in 2009 and has had digestion problems ever since. I called Abbott labs today and they have no idea how long the formula has been contaminated! She was recently hospitalized for stooling blood! I want a lawyer! Abbott labs says “Abbott is taking this action so that parents know that we deliver the most quality product!” Quality…. These people made us feed our sweet, innocent, precious babies BUGS!

  36. My son is on this formula and has been sick to his stomach every since I bought it. I have been up everynight with him with a bellyache and now I see that the product is recalled. Needless to say I’m not happy!!!

  37. People, please stop blaming a product that has been on the market for so many years… Do you or your kids eat fruits? I am sure that you have eaten a bug a number of times without knowing it! Guess what, there were many times that my baby was fussy, threw up a number of times, so should I blaim it all on Similac? Or you are implying that the FDA and the US doctors are incompitent???

  38. My son is Nine months old and has used simalac since he was 2 months. i have been very pleased with up until the recent recall! my son became very ill vomiting and diahrea whick all started on the 23rd of september and his diahrea has yet to go away! i am still using similac just in the already mixed. Before the recall i took him to urgent care they didn’t know what was wrong with him then i took him to his doctor and she didn’t know what was wrong She gave us some sensitive formula which turned out to be recalled ass well. Then the recall came out so i threw all recalled formula out and started him on the already made the vomiting didnt go away so i took him in to the ER and they gave me medication to stop the vomiting but his diahrea has yet to go away!!!!

  39. Have we become such a society that we think the FDA, the doctors, and big companies are so high and mighty they don’t make mistakes? They DO!
    Clearly there are enough parents even on this site that have had major issues with their babies. It is not just the fact that there are bugs in formula. Maybe a bug or two probably won’t kill us.(except that our littlest ones don’t have well developed digestive and immune systems yet) BUT…Was there pesticide used to kill them? Why is there a possibility of larvae also in the formula. What diseases might the bugs be carrying on them… Dead or alive… These are real questions. Are there researchers, doctors, anyone that could truly address this? Lawsuits or not. Come on Similac, FDA, doctors, and those of you who think this is just about fussy babies, throwing up a few times!!! There are people here with REAL concerns and VERY ill babies!!! Tell us what the true possiblilties could be and how we can help our babies get this junk out of their systems and feel better. What kind of long term issues could we really be in for… A little honesty instead of blowing everyone off that have real concerns would be helpful!!!

  40. My baby was on Similac Advanced, Sensitive and now Alumentum. Now on RX Zantac for GI problems. Was miserable from the 1st week on formula..Was told by Similar to go to sensitive and then to alumentum. She now has to take rx 3 x day vs 2 x. I have the recalled containers. She has been to the doctors a lot..Numerous calls to the peds doctor..Did mylicon, grape water and nothing was helping. She is now sleeping at night but she never smiles and looks like she is in pain. The peds doc said acid reflux but from what? She spits up white stuff..regergitates all the time and cries when awake. She only looks good when she is sleeping. That is not normal.

  41. My 11 month old ingested the larvae filled formula and after taking him to the doctor twice, he was misdiagnosed as a stomach virus or possibly, because I was introducing Vitamin D milk, the doctor told me to put him on the toddler formula for 9-24 month. My son takes the Similac soy in the red can, but I couldn’t seem to find it and they switched the WIC product to the beetle product. My poor son had 8 bloody bed sores on his behind from the acidic poop. He rarely wanted to eat. His stomach rumbled. I couldn’t even use baby wipes on his bottom, I just got a spray bottle with no rinse soap because he couldn’t bear to be touched. I started letting him sleep in a towel so his poor bottom could heal. He had diarrhea for 2 weeks straight. He has scars from where the bloody sores have healed. I will be participating in the law suit because my poor baby suffered and suffered. He screamed just to be put in the bath.

  42. My daughter is 2 months and let me just tell you these past months have been horrible. We started out on Similac Advanced and all she was doing was crying like she was in pain. I couldn’t understand what was wrong with her. She wasn’t spitting up but had horrible diahrea, just crying in pain. She would have the worst gas smell ever. I than decided after two weeks of her crying through bottles, I switched her to Similac Sensitive. I had called similac asking what I should do, they suggested i try the sensitive. When she switched to the sensitive it just was the same. She was just not happy and would constantly arch her back in pain and cry. We tried car rides, walks, nothing seemed to work. I called Similac again and they suggested I put her on Alimentum. I did and she still was not 100%. I was than told by the doctors she has acid reflux. I now have her on the most expensive formula and axid 3times a day. I still don’t think she is right. I than one day found pieces in her formula witht he alimentum, so I called and they said that is not recalled. Well than explain to me how there are pieces of anything in powder. They told me they would send me cases of formula but at this point I don’t want them, I want my money for all medical bills etc that I have lost and the time with her that I lost due to their formula. I had to go back to work knowing that my baby was still not better. It just really sucks

  43. My 8 month old consumed two (as far as we know) of the 2lb. containers of the Similac Advance that were recalled. About 1 week prior to the recall my son’s eating habbits and bowel movement changed. He became not intersted in eating. Normally he is a very good baby as far as beign fussy and sleeping through the night. The last 3 weeks that hasnt been the case. He wakes up 2 to 3 times in the middle of the night somtimes crying like he is in pain. wich causes my sleep to be interupted as well. We had a hard time finding a formula that agreed with him when he was born and found that the Similac Advance worked the best for him. So now with having to change it up again has caused our family disarray and my son discomfort. This has not been a good three weeks for our family.

  44. been on similac since she was born has gotten sick a lot

  45. My daughter who is ten months has been having issues for about a month with this formula. I had six conatiners which all had the contaminated bugs. She has thrown up, diarrhea, refusal to eat, and cause a rash because of the constant bowel movements. So they just made it appear as if it was only one week but it has been much longer. I want to make sure that I join this class action lawsuit. She even has had nightmares during the nighttime and her diahrea has yet to stop.

  46. I am going to have to agree with John on this one. There are millions of infants, my daughter included, that have consumed the recalled product. My daughter has been fussy, uncomfortable and has refused a couple of meals, but I can’t immediately jump to the conclusion that it was because of the formula as it seems all of you are. The unfortunate fact of the matter is, infants get sick. I am not trying trivialize anyones situation, but all a law suit is going to do is put a huge amount of financial strain on another American Corporation. Besides, it was a voluntary recall. If they were trying to put one over on us, they would have waited until someone busted them for it. If you want to be mad at someone, why not Johnson and Johnson who paid a third party to buy potentially contaminated Tylenol, Motrin and Benedryl from supermarket shelves. At least Similac is owning up to the potential problem (or at least the .02% chance of a problem.)

  47. My son is 13 weeks was also on this all the containers i saved were recalled my son was in and out of hospital. pooped blood. vommitting, dehydration, diarea, fussy, in pain you name it all of these symptoms i am reading above he has also gone through. meanwhile we have switched him he is also now lactose intolerant cause of it.. and he is doin a little better it has not fully turned around yet.

  48. My infant was refusing the milk all of a sudden. He just kept crying as if something was hurting him. He lost weight and was very ill due to the contaminated milk. He is still sick and have to take medicine for 10 days. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. Its hurts me because I trusted the company and allowed my son to drink it since he been born and this is the thanks they give us.

  49. My baby used the formula for the first year of his life- had all the GI issues, put on prevacid, zantac, projectile vomiting, diagnosed lactose intolerant, etc.

    My question-
    The old container I was using for odds and ends- over a year old- was contaminated! Meaning my son has been ingesting this crap for an entire year!

  50. I feel this problem goes back further than the complany want to admit. My grandson was born in 2009. My daughter due to unfortunat circumstances was unable to breastfeed. So as recommend by the pediatritian, he was placed on Similac. After a few weeks he started to develop gastric problems, severe gas, diahrea. After three days of 6-8 hours of screeming from this little one – I came to help. My daughter was exhausted no sleep and a baby who could not be consoled. We went to the doctor and was told it was cholic. Well the first time we wen to the doctor I agreed. By the second time again after numerouse days of endless screeming by the young infant little or no sleep – same symptoms and now vomitting. I went with her again and told the doctor. If the doctor kept good notes – it is on record that I state back in June on 2009 there was something wrong with this baby. Again told it was colic. My daughter had colic -for over a year when she was born – I know a baby with colic – this was so different. Long story short – we switched to similac with soy. No change in behavior – again more trips to the docotr – baby refusing to eat – little or no weight gain. Medication after medication to help this little guy – nothing would help. My daughter even made her own baby food with organtic vegetables and fruit to help relieve his pain – since we did not suspect the formula -his symptoms continued. He felt the PAIN until he was weined off the formula in June of 2010. His last few bottles at night he refussed to take – I think he knew that it made him hurt. To bad the little guy could not just tell us – to stop giving him milk. Don’t we feel like idiots. We kept him sick. Do you have any idea how that makes us feel. We made him sick. I say again we made hiim sick by continuing to give him a formula that we trusted. He has been good as gold on whole milk and symptom free since similac was no longer part of his diet. I urge mothers who experienced these symptoms in early 2009 to think of the possibilities that it could have been going on that long. I know that it is costly for the company to have to face a law suit. But this should serve as a wake up call to keep their product safe. A belly ache in 2009-2010 might turn into an unknown cancer or tumor in the intestine later in life after laying dormant for years. We just don’t know. What we do know is that these little ones deserved better. They should now and forever be compensated for their pain. Just bcause these little ones are to young to speak for themselves – they expereinced some severe pain thorugh their first few months of life. The joy of bonding with mom and the joy of motherhood was definately tarnished by the days and days of endless crying and sufferning. This law suit isn’t for the parents it is for the ones who suffered and can’t speak for themselves. This is a very sad time for Abbott. I am sorry for them. What we went through and the toll it took on my family was unnesessary. Abbott – step up and compensate these young lives. A free container of formula is not enough. Show them you care about them and the future of their children who you will want as consumers in the years to come.

  51. I only heard of the recall maybe 2 days after it hit the news. Also the time I was heading to the store to buy more and realized the shelves were empty. I kept the container (unfortunately she ate most of it) with the remaining powder in it. Emma is 7 months old. She’s been on it for 3 months, breast milk before that. She started refusing the bottle (Similac Organic) almost a month prior the recall, but since she was eating enough solids I didn’t think much of it than. I was only concerned about her drinking enough fluids. She plain rejected the formula. After 1-2 ounce she would keep spitting it out, refuse to swallow it. I feel guilty for unknowingly giving it to her by mixing it into her solids. Her stool was loose consider I was expecting constipation for not drinking anything. And she would only eat 3 times a day not between and sleep long long hours between those feedings. Dry lips still she seemed like she didn’t want to wake up for days and was bothered if I woke her up to feed than went right back to sleep. No throwing up, no crying. She just lived through it a very weird way. Hopefully 4 months of breast milk gave her enough protection to prepare for those “commonly found beetles in all our food” as Abbott’s representative commented. I’m still curious to know how long such larvae or parasite can stay in babies’ GI system and what are the long term effects. Whether admit it or not. Something as basic as Lactose intolerance, maybe more severe reaction to contamination, possibly gastroenteritis, worse acute gastroenteritis. I am a parent who cares more about my baby more than another American Corporation that doesn’t care enough of the very consumers (our babies) they are cashing in on. I have enough powder in the contaminated box to send to my sister who is a scientist in Oxford, UK. I will get a real answer!!!!!!! And get back to you with it. I used Similac Organic.

  52. I have a set of 4mth old twins. I was breastfeeding and formula. However my daughter lathches on very well my son never really caught on so he was mostly formula fed. My son had chorinic diaherra for 15 days, we went to the his Dr. twice and the ER four times before we were admitted to the hospital and transferred to Texas Children for 9 days. He was poked and prodded everywhere and all test came back negative. We have now changed his formula from similac sensitive to neocate which is about forty dollars a can.

  53. my daughter was also very sick due to the contaminated formula and misdiagnosed with acid reflux, and treated with zantac which only made her worse! i contacted a lawyer already and he told me i didnt have a case but i dont understand how i couldnt! my daughter drank beetle parts and was VERY sick from it, major GI problems, throwing up, refusing to eat, extreme fussiness (which was blammed on gas) i would like to join this lawsuit, because my daughter was fine once i switched her to the ready feed which was not infected, please someone let me know what the proper channels and steps are that i need to follow to get the compensation that we deserve because not only did she suffer but so did i! it was so awful to see my baby girl go through this!! and i also have multiple dr visits, that i took her too because i couldnt figure out what was wrong!

  54. my daughter was also very sick due to the contaminated formula and misdiagnosed with acid reflux, and treated with zantac which only made her worse! i contacted a lawyer already and he told me i didnt have a case but i dont understand how i couldnt! my daughter drank beetle parts and was VERY sick from it, major GI problems, throwing up, refusing to eat, extreme fussiness (which was blammed on gas) i would like to join this lawsuit, because my daughter was fine once i switched her to the ready feed which was not infected, please someone let me know what the proper channels and steps are that i need to follow to get the compensation that we deserve because not only did she suffer but so did i! it was so awful to see my baby girl go through this!! and i also have multiple dr visits, that i took her too because i couldnt figure out what was wrong!

  55. my daughter was also very sick due to the contaminated formula and misdiagnosed with acid reflux, and treated with zantac which only made her worse! i contacted a lawyer already and he told me i didnt have a case but i dont understand how i couldnt! my daughter drank beetle parts and was VERY sick from it, major GI problems, throwing up, refusing to eat, extreme fussiness (which was blammed on gas) i would like to join this lawsuit, because my daughter was fine once i switched her to the ready feed which was not infected, please someone let me know what the proper channels and steps are that i need to follow to get the compensation that we deserve because not only did she suffer but so did i! it was so awful to see my baby girl go through this!! and i also have multiple dr visits, that i took her too because i couldnt figure out what was wrong!

  56. I have documentation at my daughter’s Dr. office that I was complaining about my daughters health issues for months. The screaming and crying got so bad I considered adoption. I sent my daughter to stay with a kind of foster care for a weekend so I could get some quiet time away from the crying and screaming in pain. The night the recall came out on the tv I was planning and actually looking at adoption centers in my area. I feel so bad. I couldn’t soothe my daughters pains and neither could the Dr. My daughter had not only suffered with the pain, but development delays. She is almost 8 months old and just now begining to sit up and starting to like laying on her stomach. Her weight gain has not been very good ither, she weighs almost 16.5 pounds at almost 8 months old. She weighed 7.9 at birth.

  57. Please help me!! I dont know what to do about this or how to go about joining a class action suit. My 3 month old son had been on the recalled formula from his birth untill he was 2 months old. As soon as i heard of the recall i was so relieved to find out why he had such bad GI problems!! He had been terribly constipated and really sick, for what reason, i did not know. the moment i switched his formula he immediatly was back to a normal baby. his GI problems have gotten much better so i know for a fact it was the Similac!! His pediatrician couldnt find out why he had such bad tummy problems, he just told me that he was constipated and colicky. not the case. he is not colicky. he was in pain!!! Please help me figure out what i should do to get Abbott industires to pay for what they did to me and my son. I had become very depressed and so did my childs father because we couldnt slepp and hads no idea what to do for our sick son! help us find a way to get some piece of mind and some justice here!!

  58. My daughter is almost 7 months now. And for about 10-11 weeks until the recall was announced she was very sick. We had been to the doctor numerous times over 3 weeks and had been to the hospital twice for blood work and chest xrays. She was having trouble breathing and wouldn’t really eat. She just cried and was fussy and that was nothing like my baby. We were told to give her an oral steriod and two inhalants through a breathing machine. And still nothing. She just kept being worse. Come to find out everything I had in my cupboard at the time of the recall was on the recall list. I recycled the plastic containers so lord only knows how many I had given her before they announced the recall. I know most say they had vomiting and such but my daughter had severe breathing problems. After the recall when we switched her formula around she was progressively getting better within a week of switching. Now she is no longer on any steriod inhalants and breathing fine.

  59. There are a ton of people here with almost identical issues. Does anyone have a doctor that has been helpful and with a backbone enough to admit that this formula could have been the culprit to making all our babies sick? I am so tired of people brushing this under the rug. To those few on here saying its just a bunch of fussy babies… I wish that was all it was. If you haven’t noticed, many of these babies have been VERY sick. For those, like myself, with babies who were on this for a LONG period of time, and having great difficulty, I’m very concerned about the long term effects. Is there a doctor reading this who could tell us what to do to help our little ones systems recover. No one seems to REALLY want to get involved and help. I just want my baby to recover and get well!!!!!

  60. My son is already 1 but before he turned 1 he was drinking the recalled similac formula and i noticed after he started drinking that last can he started getting diarreah so when i found out about the recall it was to late because he had already finished the can and still to this day he has really bad diarreah and i dont know what to do.Ive taken him to the doctor so many times and he just gives him more and more antibiotics but hes still the same and also a strange thing that my son does is that he grabs his chest like something is bothering him on the inside and he just wants to get it out. Right now hes drinking regular liquid soy milk but his condition hasnt changed and the doctor also tells me that he is underweight for his age and im really concerned about that please someone help me i really want to join the lawsuit as soon as possible please help me. I want my son to get better please!!

  61. I have been trying to find representation for a lawsuit i would like to file against Abbott’s myself, i live in Balto, Md. in have no attorney willing to confront Abott’s, because their afraid of such a huge company!…My now 6mth old is still sick i believe from the beetle contamination nd i would like to be compensated for my struggles, she has not been able to keep formula down every since this maddness started at 4mths…i have been racking my brains to get a solution to this ongoing stress Abott’s has caused me.PLEASE HELP ME I WANT IN ON THE LAWSUIT!

  62. My son has been on Similac Since Birth. He was born 5 weeks premature with no problems. Except he had all sorts of tummy problems from day one. He would cry all the time.. He would throw up often. The doctors put him on medication to help him with his tummy, even tried switching to soy. I have recently taken him off the medication. He has not needed it since the recall. I sent in 3 plastic containers for a full refund, and recently received a check for $9. I hardly call that a refund. I belive Similac should be accountable for their actions and irresponsibility.

  63. I am outraged! I wanted to breastfeed my son exclusively from the time he was born. I was successful until he was around 4 months old and my milk ducts began to dry up. I tried everything I could to continue but had to stop due to my son (Jaxen) not getting enough. After lots of research, I chose Similac Sensitive. It was the closest to breastmilk that I could find. He did very well on the formula for a couple months with no spit-up, but started developing horrible diarrhea. I was going through twice as many diapers a day and was dealing with a very bad diaper rash constantly. It got so bad, he would bleed in his diapers and he would have feces come out of his diapers! I had to rent a carpet cleaner/rug vac to clean our carpets from all the accidents he was having a daily basis! I tried switching formula but still mixed a little of the Similac into the bottles as to “ween” him into a new kind. I should have just stopped the one all together. I even tried taking him off all formula to try whole milk. I think however, since there was still larvae in his intestinal tract, he was continuing all the symtoms. We took him to numerous pediatric appointments as well as one ER visit (when he went through 8 diapers in 1 hour)! They thought maybe is was a milk allergy so we switched to an all soy milk diet and he has been on that ever since. It just makes me very angry thinking that this was probably not the correct diagnosis the whole time. In fact, we have started giving him milk, cheese, yogurt and 1 % milk and he has been doing GREAT. This makes perfect sense now that I know of the beetle problem. It had NOTHING to do with milk this entire time….it was his infant formula! I would like to be contacted by an attorny and would like to take legal actions. HE is too young to speak for himself and somebody should. As his mother, I want justice for all his suffering!


  65. Hi moms! My daughter is 6 months old. Since she was born she had been on similac. She began having problems shortly after she was born with her stomach. We had taken her to numerous doctor appoitments because she would go weeks without pooping. She was in lots of pain and refused to eat her bottle. Her doctors had said to switch her to similac for fussiness and gas. Well that didnt work either. The problems continued. When I found out about the recall, i checked the 3 recent containers i had at home. All 3 of the containers were recalled! I wasnt about to give another dime to similac. I went out and bought the gerber formula. Let me tell you what, I have a NEW BABY! My daughter poops many times a day..has no stomach problems and eats on a regular basis. She doesnt cry out in is amazing to see the difference! This could have been prevented and i would love to be a part of this lawsuit!

  66. i am not sure why everyone is in an uproar about this. everyone wants to sue sue sue. If u take into account how much these companies put out product that is fine this is actually minascule. yes i understand as a mother of a 2.5 y/o and a 10 week old. my children both ate similiac. of all the crap you r going to give ur kids in the future for instance junk food, processed foods etc bugs are really not that much of a worry. wait till u see what ur kids will put in their mouths. will you sue the state park because they put a piece of animal poop in their mouth and it should not be on the ground?. there is a legal percentage that the fda has allociated for all of our food to contain feces, mice, bugs etc. this is what you get when we have this many people, with this many choices to produce for our ever growing population. hopefully you wont teach your children to be so uptight no children have died yes they were ill but shit happens and dont sweat the small stuff. now if you r so uptight breastfeed or get donated milk next time and you wont have to rely on business to feed our population of little ones. i am still trying to find similiac formula to feed my daughter but because people like some of you that have posted on this page similiac is trying to avoid lawsuits because of illogical thinking people and there is none on shelves.

  67. I was giving the recalled formula to my two week old son. He screamed in terrible pain every day for hours. I felt so bad that there was nothing I could do to help my helpless new born baby in so much pain. We gave him antacid medicine and gripe water as directed by his doctor because we were calling twice a day, and none of it seemed to help at all. After learning about the recall we stopped giving him this formula and two days later he was perfectly fine and remains fine. The two weeks of listening to him scream put my wife and I through the worst thing we have ever excperienced she cryed I cryed we got mad at eachother it was just awful. All because this company failed to complete quality control and put insects into my NEWBORN BABY!

  68. Wow, Natalie. You have missed the point. We want our children to feel better and get better. Some of them are continuing to struggle and thrive. NO ONE is telling anyone how to do that! Some children are prone to issues more than others just as adults. So it stands to reason that some babies have come through just fine and others are still having trouble with this issue. YOU would care if it were your child ill. And these are not ALL NEW moms by the way. Most have more than 1 child. We know what babies and toddlers can eat and do. But the companies and doctors and lawyers do not want to get involved, rock the boat or whatever. Instead everyone stands by hoping…. that no baby dies, or no baby grows up to say “you know mom that similac you feed me as an infant made me sick”. As many have noted, our babies have no one but us to stand up for them. So if we don’t… Who will? And many moms want to breastfeed but can not. So don’t try to make them feel guilty. They are trying to do the best they can and then must put trust in the big companies and doctors to help out. They have been let down, thus the youngest members of our ‘ever growing population’ have been let down.

  69. My son was on similac since birth and was having problems going to the bathroom and holding his milk down he is now 2 months and after the recall we put him on enfamil and like twos day after we did he was going poo and stop the colic crying… I was so mad that the only thing i got from the similac company was a $15 coupon like im going to keep buying their products… This doesn’t come close to paying for the sleepless nights and severl trips to the hospital to only be told to give him suppositories…

  70. My son 15 months old now had been on similac formula since the day he was born and had no health problems or concerns until 11 months old and it a been downhill from there. Since May on antibotics none stop the longest stretch of tim without being sick at a time has been 2 weeks. He is not in day care nor around other children an is the only person in the family whom has even been sick for that matter. He has consumed the tanted formula that ha been recalled. For the ones whom feel that Similac should not be held responsible for irresponsibilty of their company I have to completely disagree once youhave spent the past 6 months i and out of doctors offices and hospitals and see what all a baby goes through on tests and being sick all the time not eating or sleeping because they are hurting and them not be able to tell you whats wrong then i believe you would have a change of heart. We as parents trust these people to have are childrens health in their hands.

  71. “natalie” probably works for Similac……….

  72. My baby is 9 months old n has been on Similac Advance since she was 1 month old. No wonder she has been sick most often n has v poor apetite.Now after the recall my baby refuses to take any other formula…

  73. Yes, we tend to be a litigous society (we sue about everything); but these are babies who suffered so much and moms and families who suffered right along with them. Abbott Labs is resonsible. My grandson is now thriving and nearly caught up to his age standards; but he was a week from death when he had surgery…..He was born at 7 pounds, at 2 months he weighed 7.7 pounds. I have pictures and doctor reports to prove this. He looked like a little old man. Had most of the symptoms described above, and I was so tired of hearing doctors say “acid reflux”, “colic”, “he’ll grow out of it.” He nearly died because he was starving to death and we fed him the poison that caused this. I feel horrible. Abbott Labs should too!

  74. I have twin boys, both of whom were on similac advanced with iron. They are now 17 months old but when they were infants, one of them had SEVERE stomach issues. Every time he had the similac, he cried out in pain then projectile vomited. He went through extensive testing, which included stomach ultrasound, etc. I have all medical documentation needed. Originally the doctor said maybe his stomach wan’t developed until all the tests came back fine. Then, we decided it must be the formula. Once we changed him to whole milk, he was fine….this was almost one year of agony for the poor boy.

  75. OMG!!!! My baby has had diarrea and vomiting for a long time. I thought at first it was just her adjusting to formula, but not I know it was not the reason. She is now off the Similac and still has bad problems throwing up or a lots of spit up. To make things worse, I went to Wal-mart to return the two containers I had and they would only refund SALE price on one of them because I only had one of the receipts–even though the one I did have showed I paid FULL price!!!!! The manager on duty was a jerk and said it was company policy to only refund by sale prices if no receipt was available!!!!! WHY on earth would I keep a receipt on baby formula!!!!! Plus, I explained it was RECALL lots and he still did not refund full price. RIDICULOUS. My baby still has spit up problems and she has been out of the formula for weeks now. I am concerned because she consumed the formula since birth and it seems she consumed the bad formula for several months. Iam so worried she will have permanent damage to her system.

  76. I am 37 years old and had an upset stomach yesterday. I didn’t ingest any Similac, but I did see it on the shelf at a local grocery store. Might I be sick because of the recall??? Sign me up for a fat check. Should I go to a doctor to have my eyes checked?

  77. We also had our little baby girl on the Similac that was recalled. We did everything possible to make her comfortable, including visits to the chiropractor. Nothing seemed to help. She would cry after feedings, would hunch over and grunt after feedings, and had diarrea all of the time. As soon as we switched her to Enfamil formula she was a completely different baby. No one should have to go through what we went through, especially feeling so horrible for your poor infant and not knowing what is wrong.

  78. I want to be contacted ASAP about this case please if anyone knows how…I have almost every single canister of similac formula my daughter has ever drank, thinking I could use it for some type of storage, my hoarding has helped to prove that every container of formula I have fed my 10 month old daughter was on the recall list.
    I have every single doctors visit documented and the multiple prescriptions of AXID for acid reflux in children. I was told my daughter had pyloric stenosis, and now has to use Similac Soy and Similac Alimentum, half and half, due to her constant constipation and inability to pass her BM’s. She still cries and gets very colicky after all these months she gets up multiple times at night. I need help to help my daughter. Please anyone.

  79. Jan…… These people on here want SOMEONE to own up to the mistakes that have been made by “big companies”, or a doctor to help out. SOMETHING… I can assure you most people on this site could care less about a “fat check”. They just want their nightmare with a very ill baby to be over. And by the way, it wouldn’t be a fat check anyway… You are missing the point!!!!! Maybe you should have your heart checked out instead of your eyes and gain some compassion and empathy!

  80. My 9 month old went to the doctor twice in 4 weeks because she was not eating. We returned the 5 boxes of powder and were reinbursed almost a $1000. Since we cashed the checks does this mean we are relinquishing simulac from liability? Now I’m hearing there might be long term side affects!

  81. take your babies to a specialist my daugher is almost 11 months old and has to have surgery to repair the damage done by cronic constipation and diaherra the specialist said it was an allergic reaction to the beetle

  82. Well I have a client that we are unable to help. She lives in Nevada can anyone let me know who is the attorney that is handling this class action lawsuit from nevada or any other state. Thank you


  84. I would like info regarding joining a class action lawsuit. I am in New York

  85. I also would like info on the class action lawsuit I am in Iowa. I have 2 children that were fed Similac advanced exclusively My daughter for the first 12 months of her life and my son for his first 2 months before our doctor instructed us to switch to enfamil immediately. It pains me that our poor babies had to endure this. I have been speaking to a gal at Abbott who doesn’t care…she wants medical proof…I explained to her that I don’t have medical proof because when we bring it up to our doc he said it’s probably just colic or teething…I told her boy you really stuck it to us here didn’t you because your consumer can’t speak for themselves. She obviously isn’t a mother or she wouldn’t of been so horrible. They have not owned up to their mistakes…I also received letters from Sam’s club that this has been known since 2008 so this wasn’t just a weeks issue with the bugs it’s been years. it’s time for them to pay for what they have done to our sweet angels.

  86. my son is now 5 months as soon as i heard about the recall i was going crazy and i checked the cans that he had and every last one of them was on the recall list. my son was in the hospital for 4 days and the whole left side of his face was swollen vomiting fevers and it took a whole month for his glands and the swelling to go completely away and they couldnt figure out why and he just recently stopped having diarrhea now that he is on a new milk i hope there is a lawsuit because people dont understand how serious this is and some people might even have lost children and dont know why this is dangerous

  87. My daughter had beautiful, healthy, full term twins boy/girl in July. Our babies were on the contaminated formula through the WIC program the entire first two months until the recall. Both babies experienced exteme discomfort after eating and their bowel movements were slimey. Pediatrician said that was just “formula fed babies”. Our baby boy died after five days of pain on September 15; then the recall came out. Our baby girl was immediatly switched to another brand and instantly became the happy, pain free baby she is today. Abbott is not “to big” to fight. I think they spent alot of money keeping the contamination information contained until a smooth PR statements by the FDA were in place. Abbott was awarded the government contract to be the sole supplier for state run WIC programs. Can everyone connect the dots so far? Abbott and companies like Abbott should have the responsibility to inform the public as soon as possible.

  88. My little boy was on the contaminated formula and it cause diaper rash so bad his little bottom bled. Unfortunately, he has not recovered fully. He still has terrible diarrhea about 1/3 of the month. We are seeing a pediatric GI doc and are joining in the class action suit. We do not want money out of it, but as a mom that was unable to breastfeed (not for lack of trying), formula companies must be held to a high standard when they are providing all the nutrition for our babies for for so long.

  89. my daughter is now 22 months. she was drining formula for the first year of her life. During the first month she suffered from severe diharea so after taking her to the doctors he recommended that we switch her formula from similac advanced to similac soy. This seemed to calm the diharea down for a few months so we had similac specially ordered from a company tru our insurace every month they would send us ten to fifteen cans of similac soy formula every month. when my daughter was 7 mths old me and my husband stared noticing a constant diharea again and the stool was black and green, the doctors gave my baby girl an x ray that was very stressful on th both of us she is 22 months now and still have constant diahreal problems my 6 month old has no diahreas at all she is on a different name brand formula.

  90. my daughter is now 22 months. she was drining similac soy formula for the first year of her life. During the first month she suffered from severe diharea so after taking her to the doctors he recommended that we switch her formula from similac advanced to similac soy. This seemed to calm the diharea down for a few months so we had similac specially ordered from a company tru our insurace every month they would send us ten to fifteen cans of similac soy formula every month. when my daughter was 7 mths old me and my husband started noticing a constant diharea again and the stool was black and green, the doctors gave my baby girl an x ray that was very stressful on both of us,she still have constant diahreas and poorly formed stools,my 6 month old on the other hand does not have diahreas at all she is on a different name brand formula.

  91. My granddaughter was put on this similac milk and has had stomache problems since the day she started on it …about 2 weeks after she was born….she is now 6 months old. Although she was imediately taken off the milk after we found out about the recall, she continues to half stomache problems and the doctor says it’s colic. Is there anyone else out there that is experiencing the same? It is so unfair to the baby and the new parents to have to go through all this pain and frustration when a newborn should be such a happy time in everyone’s life.

  92. Where to turn for more help/info?
    My twin girls were on Similac during this time. By the time I heard about the recall via a letter from CostCo, being that’s where I bought the bulk of their formula, my girls were already on whole milk. It was in July my twin A was put on an antibiotic for an ear infection. She was also drinking the Similac formula during that time (pre recall). She has not been the same since July. She no longer sleeps through the night with screaming spells 2-3 times during the night and has sever bouts of diaper rash from her toxic poop. She has been seeing a GI doctor for the past few months. Our next step is to test her poop to see if it has a parasite that’s causing all this pain and trouble for my daughter. My twin B seemed to be slightly effected with “toxic poop” (diaper rash) but it has passed for her. She of course has not been on any antibiotics. Not all antibiotics will kill off bacteria and or parasites (good and bad bacteria). My guess is that my twin A would have been fine if she had not needed to take an antibiotic for her ear infection at the same time her GI track was trying to recover from the infected Similac. However I have no proof (empty containers) that my twins even had this infected formula other than the recall “form” letter Costco mailed out to me several weeks after my twins were already on whole milk.

  93. my daughter was on the contaminated formula. she got very sick and still has lingering effects from having been so sick. we have done multiple tests, she has been in feeding therapy for 6 months. i just heard about the class action and would like to join.

  94. my daughter is two and a half weeks old we had to start her on formula six days ago,since then she has had a lot of gas upset stomach and strange blister red rash on her bottom i was concerned and began looking for answers. changed diaper brand,changed diaper wipes brand, let her go without diaper. some seamed to work but then it would come back just as bad as before so i ended up here!
    just to let you know i am a little upset one because the recall of the company abbott, the hospital or the walmart did not inform me that there might be a problem.
    the serial number on the can of SIMILAC ADVANCE is 02156RE this can was not on the recall list but it is causing the same symptoms as the recalled cans of Similac!!!!!!!!!
    I have switched to gerber powdered formula just hours ago and it has already shown progress towards better sleep and less stomach pain.

  95. Its so true about bugs being in the baby formula I purchased a can of the Good Start Gentle for my two month old upon opening The can of milk there was a Red bug like a spider with legs in the formula ..I contacted the manufacturing company with the issue they said they we’re sending someone out to pick up the milk. Yes there we’re bug in the formula

  96. I gave birth to my child on dec16 2010 I didn’t no about the recall my daughter has been on it ever since, she’s one now she was always in the emergency room, til this day we still have problems , I would also like to file a law suit.

  97. My daughter found live bugs in her babys SMA milk and this was simply denied by the compay- see this reply…

    Dear Miss *****

    Thank you for your recent email, and we were very sorry to hear that you found a can of SMA Toddler Milk powder to contain live insects.

    Insects are strictly controlled by inspections on line, by specialised contractors, preventative spraying and the use of insect-o-cuters, and we are unfortunately unable to explain how the live insects gained access to your powder.

    In addition to these precautions, independent research by Trinity College in Dublin, and literature research has shown that neither insects nor their larvae can survive in products that are packaged under modified conditions.

    At SMA Nutrition, quality, safey and hygiene are our highest priorities in manufacturing our infant formula products, and we do hope that the above information has helped to reassure you, however, should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    We would be grateful if you could let us know the batch number details – which you can find on the blue circle on the base of the can, our Freephone number is 08000 818180 , together with your full postal address and a contact telephone number so that we can send you a can, as a gesture of goodwill, via our courier service. Once we have this information, we will arrange for the can to be sent to you, which we hope you will accept with our apologies, as reimbursement for the unsatisfactory can.

    Yours sincerely

  98. my daughter after drinking this has had stomack problems she was trowing up all the time they put her on zantack to see if it would help but it didnt too much. so i think we should get our money back….

  99. my daughter has had stomach problems her entire life and she is now 3 and the doctors cannot figure out the problem, and i can almost guarantee it comes from her using this formula for a full year and then not eating because of it.

  100. Hi im concern does the formula similac still in recall? I just had my baby on 1/27/13.. im feeding him similac advance … is it safe?

  101. I opened a new can if similac sensitive tonight for my son and just as I put the kid on the bottle and went to put the lid back on the can I notice there were two very tiny bugs that Were ALIVE!!! I am not happy at all!!! I contacted the number in the can to similac and all I was told us that they would refund me for the can because they wouldn’t want me to waste my money and they would send me coupons in the mail. My 9 month old son had been very sick for the lady two days including a temp of 102.0 and refusing to eat. My doctor says its a virus but now after what I found tonight I’m VERY CONCERNED FOrMY SONS HEALTH!! How is similac going to tell me it’s not “harmful” to him if he did get the beetle contents he “just won’t eat” REALLY?!? I will be following up with my sons pediatrician and similac will Not be getting away with this!!

  102. Wow!! I have been feeding my baby similac formula since she was born a month ago!! I will not feed her it again, she has been projectile vomitting almost her whole bottle almost every time I feed her and she has diarrhea !! She’s starting to pull away from her bottles and she hunches over a lot as well !!!! Now I know why!! Thanks similac

  103. After all these comments you\’re still feeding your children with Similac????? Read the ingredients label first !!! Don\’t feed your children with this!!!!

  104. I have submitted a claim with Similac, FDA, and working on my state’s health department. My son got Salmonella. After 14 days of pain, Dr. visits and hospital, I came to the conclusion that it was the formula. It has not been tested yet working on it. It smells very different from my other cans. It was sealed and the expiration date is 01/2015. It’s the Similac Sensitive. This is something unbelievable. I feel so guilty. You can only smell the difference when comparing to another can. I never knew of the recall they had before. I would have never started my baby on similac. I am done with that formula. Not to mention my baby is only 4 months now, 3 and a half when he got sick. His symptoms were bloody diarrhea and constantly crying.

  105. My grandson had the tainted formula back in 2010 till this day he is having problems with his intestines and stomach he has been in Boston Childrens Hospital for over a week now and they are stumped as to what could be wrong with him. I say and think that it is from the bad formula that they recalled back in 2010. I am wondering if anyone else is having a problem with their child or children who had the recalled formula back in 2010. If so please let me know it would be much appreciated…

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