Similac Recall Issued After Insects Found in Infant Formula

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By: Staff Writers | Published: September 23rd, 2010

Possible insect contamination has led to a powdered Similac recall in the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam and in some countries in the Caribbean. 

The Similac infant formula recall was announced on Thursday by FDA and Abbott, the manufacturer, after an internal quality review discovered that the formula could be contaminated by small beetles. Infants who consume beetle-infested Similac could suffer gastrointestinal discomfort from the beetles or their larvae and also may refuse to eat as a result. However, the FDA has determined that the infants would not be in any immediate health risk of food poisoning.

The Similac problems were found in one section of one unnamed manufacturing facility, according to Abbott. The company has announced that it is putting in place a plan to address the beetles problem soon. No other facilities were affected by the recall and there have been no reports of illnesses from infants who consumed Similac affected by the recall.

The recall affects certain Similac brand powder infant formulas in plastic containers and offered in 8-ounce, 12.4-ounce and 12.9-ounce cans. Abbott has not released a list of the specific brands and lot numbers affected, instead requiring parents to visit the company’s website to type in the lot numbers of their Similac products to see if they are affected by the powdered formula recall.

The company has not said how much Similac is affected by the recall, but told investors that it expects approximately $100 million in sales returns.

Consumers who wish to know whether their Similac is affected by the recall should go to the company’s website at where they can input the lot numbers, which are located on the bottom of the plastic tubs or cans. They can also call the company’s 24-hour hotline at 1(800)986-8850.

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  1. SIMILAC REALL: I have a friend named Angel J. who has for the past 2 weeks been having problems with her infant ‘s eating habits. The baby is having digestion issues and the doctors are currently running tests but are baffled as to what could be causing the infants digestion problems. She is rapidly losing wieght and is on the brink of dehydration. How would she be able to check the lot numbers on empty cans that she has, previous to this notice of a recall, discarded? How are we supposed to account for those cans and the possiblity that her baby has consumed one of the affected cans? I am outraged! My 4 mos. old drinks nothing BUT Similac Advanc Powder formula. How am I supposed to account for those cans that were previously discarded and the possiblity of consumption of an affected can by my infant. What am I supposed to do? WIC provides majority Similac Products. Do I return the cans to WIC?? Wal-Mart? Where is Abbott Headquarters? I need these questions answered!

  2. My 3 month daughter has had probelms with similac since birth. I have changed her milk several times from similac sensative to soy and and she is still having issue with your milk. I really hope that your product has not been causing her these probelms.

  3. My son was in Urgent care Sunday, ER Monday and Pediatrics office Tuesday, he had an ongoing fever of 102.5. Very random, wasn’t exactly sure why, he is refusing all of his bottles, literally throws them on the floor and has thrown up his gerber baby food twice. He has been on similac powder since he was three months old and this concerns me tremendously. I am now convinced this was the reasoning behind his sudden illness.

  4. I had my child to the doctor yesterday before I was even aware of the recall. About 3 weeks ago my son began having issues with bowel movements, spitting up, and belly discomfort. They recommended prune juice every other day mixed in his bottle and a switch to organic. Now aware of the recall, it was Sept 4th when I began the new container of Similac, which was exactly 3 weeks ago when he began having the issue.

  5. My son became very ill the day before the recall came out he was drinking his similac as usual .Then with the course of the day he had swollen up all around his face he became splotchy so was his body he had thick tears like gel out of his right eye it also became hard for him to open he was sleeping excessively then he was hard to wake not playful not happy at alll i took him to the emergency room that night for them to tell me he had a food allergy to milk they are wrong we havent changed anything in his diet ,his detergents,his bottles or how we wash them nothing is diffrerent he has been drinking similac for 6-8 weeks never had a prob til the 21st of september i was visinting my chiropractor ant the time of this incidence and he witness the whole thing he and his wife were there with me we became scared and thought he had a bug bite.Then boom the next day iwake SIMLAC HAS A RECALL……Talk about upset they poisoned my 5month old and i dont think replacing milk is good enough he is now on enfamil and doing great with the help of benedryl…..Please moms and dad read this …..

  6. Im interested in filing suit against Abbott lab for the recalled similac product which I believe is responsible for illness my daughter has suffered including calls and visits to her primary md as well as the ER. I have the 3 of the cans which were recalled for “beetle and larvae ” infestation , and am reasonably sure that the other 3 cans that were included in the same 6pk case were cotaminated as well.

  7. My son is almost 6 months now, he started drinking similac at birth. He was hospitalized a few weeks after birth due to an unknown illiness. HE EXPERINCED high fevers, vomiting, diareah, yellow eyes, and shivers. He was released from the hosipital a week later, and everyday still has a least three of the same symtoms. Ive taken him to the doctors office several times and still diagnoses unknown. My doctor even signed my a perscription saying that similac advanced was the only milk that was safe for him……what to do now?…

  8. I have been using Similac for years now and I never imagined that a product that was recommended for use by doctors, family and friends would cause me the worry that I am currently experiencing. My 4mth old son has been using some of the affected formula for the past 4 days and has been spitting up and being very cranky for 3 of those days. I first learned of the recall from another new mother via text message on last night (September 22, 2010). In alot of situations, I know that we are all guilty of thinking “Well, that can’t happen to me”. But when I went on to the website and looked up the lot numbers on his containers, I was horrified. My child had injested some of this formula and there was nothing that I could do about it. You are your childs protector and to have anything happen to your child and you have no control of it is a very scary feeling. I sat up all that night with my son in my bed watching him, listening for anything abnormal and afraid that if I did go to sleep something would happen. My children are my everything and without them I am nothing. My son has a doctors appointment in the morning with his regular peditrician so that I can find out what needs to be done and what formula I can change him to. I am too afraid to keep using Similac or any other formulas developed by Abbott. But I do have one main question: Why were the parents who are registered through the WIC programs not notified as soon as they recall hit the news?

  9. Within the last sixtey to fortyfive days my daughter has been having issues passing her stool as well as tummy aches.

  10. My son cried of a tummy ache 4 times last week, then refused to eat on 2 occasions! This is unlike him, he is above average in size and loves his bottle and food too!! I looked on the bottom the 1.45LB container of milk and guess what yep it was one with bug parts!!! I feel so bad that my baby had to ingest this crap!! As parents we put our trust in these companies to make sure what we are giving our children is healthy, and this happens!! My trust is completely gone!! Their response to a solution was to go buy something else, how can I with this fear inside me? I will never trust Similac again and hoipefully after tomorrow his doctor will give us some insight on what kind of formula to use. My son does not like the liquid, since birth he has refused it and since purchasing after the recall he still refuses it, so tell me ABBOTT what else do you suggest I do?? Thanks for making a product so safe that my son has now ingested insects!!

  11. my son drank 3, 23.2 OZ. containers of infected Similac and before we found out it was infected, we had to take him to the doctor due to tummy aches,refusal to eat, and diarriah. which evedently are all the main symptoms of the infected formula being consumed. we typed in the tracking numbers at and sure enough, all 3 containers were infected.

  12. This whole Similac thing has me completely torn apart. My 3 month old daughter has been very ill for the past week or so, vomiting, diarrhea, hours of crying..her pediatrician thought that it might be a severe case of GERD, or Reflux, so they put her on Zantac, changed her formula to a special sensitive formula (Similac Sensitive RS) and it literally did nothing. She became worse and worse. i found out about the recall this morning, and changed her formula on the spot, to Gerber Goodstart. With in hours, the vomiting stopped, and her crying stopped. I can’t believe I’ve been feeding my daughter this whole time and making her worse with each feeding!

  13. My son has been on this formula for 6 weeks and have been sick since he started. Digesting problems, irritably, stomach problems. We have been in and out of his doctors since we started the problem. He now has bad acid reflux bc of all the upset stomachs he has had and now bowel problems. I can’t believe my happy baby who was breasted till 3 months, that has never had problems until we started simulate advanced.

  14. My daughter got extremely sick (vomitting & diarrhea) the past week after consuming the formula. She even spend 3 days in the hospital. Of course, when you call Similac, they give you the canned/sugar coated response of “well you can’t prove your baby got sick because of the formula”. There are too many coincidences for that to be true….I am sure there are not things they are telling the public, but I am ready to fight for my 7 month olds health. By the way, switched to another brand and she is going great and on the road to recovery!

  15. This morning my two month old daughter and I just returned from the hospital because of her severe diahrea and vomitting. I had fed my daughter the contaminated infant formula. I am outraged that my child suffered because of Abbott Laboratorie’s irresponsibility of the sanitation of their formula plant.
    Something has to happen because of this.

  16. My daughter is 9 months old, and a couple of weeks ago she started having terrible “fussy” spells….almost inconsolable. Then she went from consuming 6oz of Similac at each feeding, down to 2-3oz every feeding. She started spitting up occasionally, which is not normal for her either. After seeing the doctor, it was just assumed that she caught a virus. My husband and I took turns staying home with her for several days.
    I just recently stopped breastfeeding, and will now regret that decision for the rest of my life. I cried yesterday thinking about how I had been trying to get her to drink more of that formula. I returned four of the contaminated products yesterday…. and who knows how much of the contaminated product she drank before that. I immediately switched formula brands.

  17. OMG! This is a long story but when i was pregnant i started getting free samples of similac from my OBGYNs office, i saved up about 150 cans of formula. I was lucky enough to breast feed my baby until she was 7 months old and then switched to the similac. She has been on the similac for 4 months. I heard about the recall and thought o it cant be my formula considering the fact that i recieved most of it a year or more ago. I called the number at 7 this morning (9-24-10) to find out that all 75 cans that i have left are contaminated!! So i would think that the other 75 cans that i have already fed my baby where recalled too! I feel horrible for my poor little girl she has been drinking this stuff for 4 months with little problems here and there. The company told me that all they can do is give me one $3.00 voucher for each can of similac that i have left to purchase more similac. Ya right i will never feed my children similac again i do not feel confidant with their product or will i ever again. Its really sad that these multi-billion dollar company’s cant do more testing to ensure our childrens safety. Its hard because as a parent you never would want to give them something that would hurt them

  18. I am starting a Class Action lawsuit against Similac. My son was affected and has been ill for the past 2 weeks. We couldn’t figure out what was wrong. This is unacceptable and if you too would like to join the suit, please email me. I am already contacting Attorneys that specialize in Class Action cases and would like to hear your story as well.

  19. My daughter is 10 months old now, from the start i have fed her Similac as i did for all my kids. From the begining she was on Similac Advanced, she became very ill, throwing up and vomiting.This was in October of 2009 . The doc said she was probably lactose intolerant and we switched her to SOY, still vomiting and diarreah. We then switched her to sensitive, alittle better but still had issues with her stomach. even worse these past 2 months, with a needed trip to the ER and several to the pediatrician. They said it was the FLU at the ER, her peds doc said it was caused by her antibiotics and so on.. yesterday i found out about the recall, so out of curiosity I grabed the old containers that kept from October of 09, ( my kids use them to catch bugs ) and checked the lot numbers on the bottom. Those too were contaminated and these were purchased almost a year ago!!! how long has this been going on? I filed a law suit today for damages caused to my child. I am not interested in the money, but we as moms try our hardest to make sure our children get wahts best for them, never even thinking that this could happen. We put our trust in to this company and they let me down. I will NEVER use another similac product again. Hopefully this gets resolved

  20. I am sickened by this similac ordeal. My 3 month old baby girl has been throwing up every single bottle shes had. Shes had a really upset stomach, crying all the time, really fussy, diarrhea and vomiting. She has always been a real spitty baby since birth, but it has subsided. So now that she has started to throw up (REAL) throw up and hasnt stopped since I bought all these containers of similac, I started to worry. Then the other night I heard about this recall. Immediately I went online and typed in the numbers to every single container of similac I have and turns out ALL of them were recalled. My baby has ingested a bunch of those recalled containers. I took her to her pediatrician the next morning and he determined she definitely has something wrong with her digestive system and wants to keep a real close eye on her in case it gets worse. I am disgusted with this issue. I am appalled that this company wasnt more careful with manufacturing these products especially since all the people that consume them are our young innocent babies! How are we supposed to feel safe feeding them if this kind of stuff happens. I definitely think that the affected people by this recall should definitely be compensated…especially since this formula is NOT cheap!

  21. My daughter has ate 17 or more of the Similac 1.45LB palastic containers. My husband reuses the containers for anything. So I always save them. We have been buying the formula for 4 months. My daughter has had diarrhea since she has been eating it.

  22. My one month old has been throwing up not spitting up, bad belly aches, screaming, not sleeping, and cranky i took her to the doctor they told me to use sensitive (simliac) she was on the regular one before that. Well it ran out and my WIC kicked in which put my daughter on Goodstart…ever since then she has been completely fine…

  23. I feel for everyone out there because I am in the same boat. I too checked out my containers and found that my son’s formula had been recalled. He is now 9 months old. He has had digestive problems also. My husband had been saving the formula containers since he was a month old. I thought he was crazy and had been throwing the recent empty cans away. This morning when I found out that the last three cans in our house were recalled I went out to the garage to see if the cans from when my son was 1 MONTH old (Who is now 9 MONTHS) old were included in the recall. My heart nearly stopped when I saw “Recall.” I feel that Abbott owes me and everyone else an explaination as to why the recall was placed this week and I have recalled formula from 8 months ago.

  24. My son is 8 weeks old and has been eating Similac in his bottles for the last 4weeks, and has had belly issues the entire time. Gassy, constipated, and overall discomfort in his belly. I have taken him to the doctor 3 times for his issues and they have done many tests. They haven’t been able to figure it out, but have only given me suggestions to lessen the discomfort. He was eating the Similac Sensitive and I began to wonder why it wasn’t helping…well now I know.

  25. My daughter has been on Similac Isomil after I stopped nursing her. She was always vomiting and I swore it was her milk, however I do not know how long this contamination has been in effect. She is now 11 months. Does anyone know how far back these contaminated cans of similac go?

  26. I also was so shocked with this recall my son is 5 months old and has been have eating isues he was on the formula for 3 weeks almost 4 all the can were in my recycle bin had the effected lot lnumber I threw them out and when I was told I could get remibursed I was so mad cbecause my lil boy has had non stop loose stop a spots all over his face like an allergic reaction he refuses to eat and is spiting up like crazy. I called the doctor and he told me that it sounded like digestion problems to try a different formula he wouldnt take it them I saw the recall checked my cans and yes hes been on the effected formula for awhile poor baby he is still sick When does the symtoms go away I need to take him to the doctor agin its not getting better.

  27. all the containers were on the recall list. i don’t understand why they are recalling formula from over 4 months ago if the problem just started.

  28. So now that we know that this cold be causing our children these problems, how can it be fixed? Do we take them back to the doctors and have them run more test and they can give them a medicine to make it stop? What stops these symptoms now that we know what is causing it? My niece was drinking this milk until we demanded the doctor change her milk. She spits up almost the entire bottle, is not digesting the milk properly and suffers from stomach aches.

  29. When I stopped breast-feeding my baby at 3 months, I bought him the powder Similic. He refused it, so I put him on the Similac concentrate liquid. He’s been on that for the last 5 months, until about 2 weeks ago, when I finally decided to try the Similac powder again. This time he took it. For over a week now, he has been crawling around the house crying all day (and this baby NEVER cried before), he’s having diahhrea, 5-6 bowel movements a day, and refusing to eat. He’s 24 lbs at 8 months…he has NEVER refused to eat before! I took him to his PCP on Thursday because he was digging at his ears so bad he was causing them to bleed. His Dr. said he didn’t have an ear infection, but it was red and gave him Azithromycin. Also, the same day, he screamed for 3 hours before having a bowel movement. He is in obvious discomfort and distress. When I found out about the recall Friday night, I checked the 3 containers I had in my house. He had already eaten 1 1/2 of the big containers. All 3 have been recalled. Even the one I purchased 6 months ago that he refused to take and I just hung onto it. 6 MONTHS AGO??!!! I am disgusted and outraged. You can bet I will be part of a lawsuit. I have already spoken with my son’s dr. and the poison hotline…both have said his symptoms are probably caused by an allergic reaction to the “larvae.”

  30. My 8 month old baby has been sick for 2 weeks. I had called the hospital and taken him because he had diarriah so bad that i had changed him 25 times in less than 24 hours. He did not want to eat and even started loosing weight. I just found out on Thursday that I had been feeding him the contaminated formula. the doctors are sampling his stool because there is a possibility that he is pooping his stomach lining. My poor baby. We trust Similac with our babies health and lives and they feed them bugs. This is not fair to our little ones to suffer for their negligence.

  31. My son Is just a month and a half old was treated at the childrens hospital 3 weeks ago. He was also regurgitating his formula (similac powder). Had problems eating and with his stool as well. The day of the recall I tried to contact Similac to see which lots were recalled. The website was down and the phone lines closed. I dialed the number on the back and then the number the doctors are suppose to use. I finally got a hold of someone. She explained to me that no one knew which cans were affected. Also that I should stop using all powder forms. So we did that night. When the lot numbers came up a lot later we realized he had drank two of the recalled cans. I had kept my cans to save change in them. Well sicnce the switch he has been doing a lot better. Minor normal spit ups and his stool looks normal now.

  32. I recently too bought swaddlers and my daughter who is 5 mos’s old has a horrible diaper rash with blisters and cracking skin. I just did a google to see if this was happening to other babies who are using the product when I ran across this website. I am truly appalled that this has been going on since May and these diapers are still on the market. Never mind dismissing the findings makers of Pampers do something about your harmful product.

  33. My daughter has been eating similac for 4 months. I saved all the containers and all 17 that we have are on the recall list. Not sure why they are recalling formula from that long ago if the problem just started. I noticed she had diarrhea from the time she started eating it. Switched her to good start over the weekend and already she has a regular bowel movement. Just concerned that maybe the problem has been going on longer then they say.

  34. my 4 month old son was fine for the first 2 weeks of his life when he was on the liquid formula of similac. i changed the formula to powder similac and he has been throwing up milk ever since he has been on two types of medications for reflux that dont work. my son vomits all day since all he drink is similac and now that they have changed his milk he’s holding in down 80%better and yas i do wanna file a lawsuit cause this is not fair to my son and all of the other sick babys do to Similac’s careless actions

  35. My baby is 3 mo old. I am nursing him, but I recently started school, and couldn’t pump enough, so I have been supplementing with Similac Advance. For the past few days he has been very fussy, He doesn’t want to nurse, he’s been spiting up a lot, and last night he had a fever of 102.3 He’s been crying as if he’s in pain. We haven’t gotten any sleep the last couple of nights. I am Making an appointment to see his Dr asap. My poor baby, he shouldn’t have to suffer unnecessarily. I feel guilty for feeding him this crap


  36. My son is 11 months old and I had purchased a large plastic container of Similac sensitive along with other small cans to keep at daycare. I believe this is why I didn’t see all the signs until it was the weekend and he was home drinking his bottles. It wasn’t until the container was almost or completely empty before more serious results happened. He had diarrhea for 5 days straight all day long took him to urgent care, and the Er within in 5 hrs of each other. He at one point had a fever of over 102. And would throw some of his food up too. He wasn’t eating much either for that week. On top of that the doctors said he had a virus and there was nothing to do for him. It is so frustrating being a parent and seeing your child in so much pain. His bottom was raw from all of the diarrhea. And I wish I could have traded him places. The doc at the urgent care wanted stool samples and then at the hospital they told me not to worry about it. By the time I found out about this recall it was all consumed and garbage had already been collected. I did however on Friday night receive a call from the grocer that I purchased it from saying it had been recalled. Wow a lil late aren’t we.

  37. My son who is 10 months old has been on this formula from day 1. He so happened came down with severe dirarriah and diaper rashes from this on a daily basis multiple times a day.

  38. My son has been going thru the exact samething all of you have been mentioning. It’s been about 3 weeks now for him. At first it took me a while to understand why, I thought it was because he didn’t want to eat the Gerber Cerreal (made with similac), so I tried giving him just the similac in a bottle. He STRONGLY refused both of them. He even started refusing his breast milk. I attributed it to him teething. I am SO UPSET with myself for not knowing about this. I am further upset with the way Abbot is handling the entire recall. They’re not releasing any important information, like what regions the formula was shipped to. Anyway BEAWARE PARENTS, I don’t think it’s limited to the specified lot numbers. Two weeks ago, I saw something in my sons infant cereal..I thought perhaps it was apart of the cereal or maybe the baby bowl wasn’t properly sterilized in the dishwasher, so I tried again the next day; afterwards I discarded the cereal, bowl, and the formula. Now I wish I saved the formula. My 6month old is now driniking ONLY breast milk. I am still afraid to give him cereal or food…and I surely think ABBOT needs to start answering to the concerns of parents!! They surely need to stop being so evasive. By the way how are your childs bowls? My son didn’t have a bowlmovement for 2 weeks and during this last week week he’s had one twice…very liquidy and overflowing.

  39. CAM what is your email address?
    Yvette, I know how you feel…I cried too. It feels horrible trying to force your little one to drink something. Only to discover later, that he/she knew it wasn’t right for their little body.

    My sons doc thought he had reflux as well, but he was tested at childrens hospital. Not the case. It’sSurely the similac.

  40. My grandson is 12 months old, he became very ill september 14, he ended in the emergecy room with 105. fever ,diarrea. the doctor prescribed an anitibiotic for ear infection for 10 days and , advised me to continue to fed him milk to stop the diarrea. on his birthday september 17 he was very fussy and cryieng a lot, I was not able to control him all, I just did not what was wrong with him , he did not slept that well either, so we had call the doctor and, again prescribed him more antibioctic for 10 more days, until yesterday he continue with diarrea. he was drinking similac sensitive for fussiness and gas, the lot # 91481T20 and God knows since when he was drinking milk with bugs and yes, I am feel guilty because I was followed the doctor advise, I should listen my inner soul that was telling me not to fed milk if he had fever.

  41. As a lactation consultant I am often in the position of assisting women who must use some formula. And as such I always empathize with the challenges mothers face when they are trying to do their best for their babies.

    By law the ready to feed formulas are required to be sterile. I can’t speak to all the other issues such as the leaching of BPA in terms of which types to purchase.

    For those who have the energy to try through their insurance companies, it is also possible to get human donor milk. Human donor milk banks are tightly regulated — obviously to a much greater degree than powdered formula.

    It has long been known in the academic literature that parents, regardless of education level, do make mistakes in mixing the powder that can lead to overdilution (and hence weight loss) and to overconcentration (and hence challenge the infant’s kidneys). We also know that a study showed that 14% of the powdered formula showed contamination with E Sak — a bacteria that can cause illness in infants. In times of natural disaster when water and sanitation are poor, we also know that powdered formula dramatically increases diarrhea and death. I always advise that when a parent must use formula to stay away from the powder for these reasons. By law, the companies are not required to ensure a sterile product. If you add sterile water to an unsterile product, it is no longer sterile.

  42. I\’m a maternity RN. Last night the Similac rep was on our unit from about 10pm-midnight, which is a bit unusual. She brought pizzas, fresh salad, and a video for us to watch to \”earn continuing education credit\”. She tried to round us all up to watch the video, which was on some baloney topic of no relationship to infant nutrition or newborn care and to learn \”what you should tell parents about the recall\”.

    Wake up parents! Infant formula is garbage! It\’s full of corn syrup and palm oil. Recalls for rodent droppings, glass bits, bacterial contamination, toxic or deficient levels of ingredients, or mislabeling (ie plain formula mislabeled as a specialty one) are not rare. They sell expired or recalled formula overseas in poor countries. The marketing is extremely unethical and deceptive. The incentives and gifts to healthcare providers, to turn your nurse and doctor into formula salespeople, is outrageous. And parents who buy formula are paying 75% of that retail price for this marketing: free lunches and banquets, gifts from tokens to cruises, equipment for hospitals…. I could go on.

    The real truth is what you already know, breastmilk isn\’t just \”best\”, it\’s the only safe and healthy option for the overwhelming majority of babies. So what if you don\’t want to breastfeed or are one of the very small minority that truly \”can\’t\” (not the larger group who get lousy advice from doctors who are under-educated about human lactation but get weekly visits from the formula reps)? Why shouldn\’t pasteurized, banked, screened, tested donor human milk be a more widely available option? It\’s available in many locations in the US, but even more so abroad. Why shouldn\’t formula companies be held to higher standards and scrutiny? Marketing should be regulated so that what you pay for results in a safer, higher quality food for babies.

    BTW, it is very possible to re-lactate and bring back your breastmilk. It\’s often challenging, but women who have never been pregnant can induce lactation for adopted babies and women past menopause can relactate to nurse their grandchildren. If you\’ve given birth or weaned more recently, it is easier. Get help from a board certified lactation consultant or La Leche League Leader if you\’d rather go back to your own, safe milk. If you truly can\’t/won\’t breastfeed, then stand up for your baby\’s right to safe food. The formula companies are making so much $$ while hurting our kids, and we are stupid to let them get away with it.

  43. Similac I will not rest until you satisfactorly take care of this.

  44. My 1 month old Daughter has been on Similac ever since she was born. I bot a few free samples in the mail and I also bought a few for having at my parents house for when she goes over there! She has had diarrea for 2 weeks and it is in every diaper change. She is a masive diaper rash that broke open and bleeds all because she is in a wet diaper all the time. I have been through so many diapers in the past two weeks it isn’t funny. I took her to the walk in clinic and all they did was give her something for her rash and never said anything about why she has diarrea. They thought it was cause I give her whatever I can of brest milk. I took her in 4 days later cause nothing was working. They told me to try and get a stool sample and bring it in. You know how hard it is to get a stool sample with watery diarrea? You pretty much have to put her on the changing table with out a cover and wait for her to poop and than scoop it up. The test resalts came back and everything was fine. Than I looked up online and thought it was the formula. I typed in all my lot numbers for what I had of formula and sure enought, ALL of it was recalled! I now switched brands and her stools are much better. Now only if I could get rid of her rash!

  45. My 6 month old grandson has been very fussy, crying alot, vommiting, diahrea, not sleeping, not eating anything but chewing on his hands alot. I thought at first he was just teething and my daughter said I just have him spoiled but spoiled doesn’t have all of those side affects.
    His doctor has changed his milk twice and now he is on similac sensitive for fussiness and gas. He has been taking this milk for a little over 4 months now. My daughter saves the empty cans for different things from toys to baby snacks. When we found out about the recall last night (09-28-10), we found that every can of each different milk that he has been on was on the recall list. INCLUDING THE 1′S FROM THE DOCTORS OFFICE!
    I feel so horrible for just making the bottles and feeding them to him.
    When I went to the website to check the lot #’s, they want you to take a FedEx shipping label that they are going to provide and return your remaining cans to them for reimbursment.
    Well I say, “What about all of the empty cans that my GrandSon has already ingested for the past 6 months?”

  46. my i month old baby has also been having these problems pretty much since she was born i say we all do a lawsuit my baby has really been in pain with all her little tummy problems from this formula

  47. my one month old baby girl has also been having these problems for about the last 3-4 weeks been to doctor 3 times for this before we knew about this recall and is waiting to go in to the gi specialist and goes back to the dr this friday because of this

  48. my 5 month old has had this problem for a while so dug out an old can and that was recalled also does anyone know how long this has been going on?

  49. my 7 month old daughter has been sick for 12 days. Started with diarrhea and refusual to eat, then a fever, rash and irritability, and sleeping problems (which she never has). My poor baby. She is on Similac Advance -with a lot number that has been recalled. I am so angry!!

  50. My 7 month old has been on similac since birth And I have had to bring him to the doctor repeatedly till about a month and a half ago due to vomiting over and over till he had nothing left he was irritated all the time he would have diarrhea then constipation And vise versa, till the doctors told me quote he has a digestional problem and possably gastrointestinal problems. They told me to change formulas and see if it helped at all, and it did just days after switching similac.. How do u go about making a formal complaint against this company??

  51. OMG my two month old has been having gastral problems for the last two weeks when i figured out that our formula was on recall…at first i thought it was colic but now i know why her poop is discolored and why she has been vomiting so much!!!! What should we do????

  52. My 19 months son has been on ever since he was born. I bought the best formula(both quality & pirce) that i can found in market for him. He has had diahrea& diaper rashes for long time. I have no idea about what wrong and just thought he is my first baby, I don’t have any experience,and I should take care of him more, try harder to be a GOOD mother! I remember changed 3 diapers in 15 minutes, and I thought it is water problem, so I began to use bottle water. Also changed baby powder. Stupidly I NEVER suspected Similac. Yesterday I got a letter “urgent product recall”. I checked my home and found 15 empty can( I use it for sugar or beans, rice etc. ) and ALL WERE RECALLED! Just think what THEY did to my son! SO UPSET! Feel so upset !

  53. I have had our daughter on the sensative one and she has had problems with bowel movments since she was born. I could not breast feed my baby although I wanted to! Recently she has had a lot of gas and twice while feeding she has gotten red blotches all over her face. There have been numerous issues with her belly and gas. I brought the can back to Sam’s club and they refunded our money, but that still dosen’t fix the problem already caused!!! This is horrible!!

  54. i just want to know how do this contamination appear in the product? really it’s a disaster….

  55. What do you do if you throw your cans out after you use them? My baby has had problems throwing up, constipation, and lately doesnt eat half as what he use to. I dont know if he had contaminated formula and it makes me sick to think he could have got bugs in his formula!

  56. My son is 7 months old and got a bad batch of the formula and got realy sick from it and the pediatrician said he had salmonella poisoning and now he will not eat anything from bottles to baby food he clamps his mouth shut and wont even try eventually he may have to have a feeding tube if this keeps up I am very outraged and feel like he deserves some compensation for pain and suffering

  57. Was the retail store (Walmart) informed about the recall before the official recall on 22 September 2010 ? And if so why did they not pull the product off the shelves until the problem was investigated. Evidence has shown that Abbott knew about the issue on 16th September 2010 but waited to post a recall.

  58. Does anyone know if recalled similac soy, could cause c-diff in a 14 month old? he has never took antibiotics, oc was ? could not figure out how he got c-diff… but then i remembered he was given a sample can from same doc, office of similac soy… Stool was positive for c-diff.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  59. All these recalls and death and illness stories amaze and hurt me my baby is 3 months and has Similac the blue can is it still a recall??? I use to breast feed and pump but my milk went away I wish it can come back but after 3 months I don’t think so

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