Victoria’s Secret Class Action Lawsuits Filed Over Bra Rash and Scarring

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By: AboutLawsuits | Published: November 24th, 2008

At least three lawsuits have been filed against Victoria’s Secret seeking class action status for women who have suffered severe rashes, scarring and other skin reactions after wearing defective bras that were contaminated with formaldehyde.

According to numerous media reports, Victoria’s Secret has confirmed that reports have been received from a women who experienced severe reactions after wearing their Angels Secret Embrace, Very Sexy Extreme Me Push-Up and other bras. However, the company has denied that there is anything defective about the undergarments.

The Victoria’s Secret bra lawsuits allege that the severe reactions were caused by the presence of the industrial chemical formaldehyde, which is classified as a probably human carcinogen by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and can cause allergic reactions in some people.

The reported problems with the Victoria’s Secret bras have included the development of rashes, blisters, hives, welts and itching. In some severe cases, consumers have suffered permanent and disfiguring scarring to their breasts.

The first known Victoria’s Secret lawsuit over the contaminated bras was filed in May 2008 in Ohio, and at least two additional lawsuits have been filed recently in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida and the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York.

The cases seek class action status to represent all individuals who wore the bras and suffered damages.

The Victoria’s Secret class action suits allege that consumers were not adequately warned about the presence of formaldehyde and the risk of allergic reactions. The cases also claim that Victoria’s Secret knew or should have known that the garments were defective, yet they have continued to sell the bras.

Victoria’s Secret has maintained that formaldehyde is not used during the manufacturing of their bras and undergarments.

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  1. I too experienced a rash that resulted in scars and discoloration of my skin. i was seen and treated by 4 doctors including having a biopsy of one of the “hives” but none of the doctors, or numerous tests could find the cause of my rash. The itching was unbearable and no treatments worked. I have suffered with this for nearly 2 years. I have now gone to cotton bras but the scares are still very visable. The expense of office visits, tests and medication to no avail is upsetting but maybe now I have an answer that no doctors could give me.

  2. I too had a severe itchy rash in the middle of my chest after purchasing a new bra from Victoria’s Secret. I was afraid because Breast cancer runs in my family and I thought that it was my turn however after I went to the Doctor I was told it was just a rash and hydrocortisone creme should clear it up. I now have permananet scars in the middle of my chest that looks like a severe case of eczema that will not go away. I used to have a beautiful chest now it is ugly and scarred.

  3. I have also purchased Victoria Secret full coverage Body by Victoria bras for years without any problems but the last two bras have created itching, rash and started out as a spider bite looking bump. The straps had been re-designed to be different and I remember the sales woman said the bras had been re-designed. Since the bras were re-designed is when I think the fabric was changed that is creating this problem. I will try Bali or another brand, maybe after we all stop buying their products, they might listen. Bountiful, Utah.

  4. Is ther any information on a suit being filed in Canada?

  5. I have been a VS bra lover for years. I suffer from fibrocystic disease in my breasts and found the Body by Victoria (full coverage) bras helped me tremendously with my pain and soreness in my breasts. I started getting a horrible rash under the breasts and between the breasts the last 2 years and it has been very painful. Went to the doctor and he gave me hydro cortisone cream which I have to buy frequently and use almost daily. I am disappointed that something defective is now in the bras that I have come to love and NEED due to my breast condition. The rash seems to be all in the area of where the underwire is from the middle of the chest where the underwire begins all the way under each breast and out to the sides of my breast toward my back. VERY PAINFUL, ITCHY, SCARRING, STILL HAVE THE RASH AND WHEN I WEAR ONE OF THE BRAS IT APPEARS IN FULL FORCE!!!

  6. I purchased and wore a pair of thigh high nylons from VS (the kind that have a sticky type film that helps nylon stay on the thigh) about 10 years ago. The morning after I wore these, I had a rash on each thigh, in the exact area that the thigh band would have rested on. I subsequently had regular episodes of extreme itchyness and hives for a year plus. I went to my doctor when I first experienced symptoms but was told that it couldn’t have been the thigh high nylons I had worn.

    At time time, I was certain that a the thigh high had a chemical that I was allergic to. I now wonder whether my body was reacting to a carconogen similar to what’s been experienced with their bras.

  7. I work for VS and the media has not reported all the details about the lawsuit that started all this.

    1) The woman who filed the 1st lawsuit purchased a bra that gave her a rash. She exchanged THAT bra for a new one and had that one tested. The second bra is the one that came back positive forformaldehyde. She never actually wore the second bra, so it is not a fact that the rash can be linked to formaldehyde in the first one since it was never tested.

    2) Do some research on all the products that contain formaldehyde. You will be surprised that things you use every single day have higher amounts of toxins than a VS bra.

    3) Rashes can be caused by many things. My first question would be if the women getting these rashes are wearing the correct bras size. If you have one on that is too small , heat will cause you to have a rash where the material is in contact with your skin. There are other factors, such as how often are you washing the bra and with what chemicals. Obiously most people assume if they are in the wrong bra size they will know, but out of every 50 customersI I measure, 30 are in the wrong size. Your breasts change every 6 months, so that is how often you should be measured.

    4) If you believe me or notor continue shopping at VS… doenst matter to me. I wear a VS bra every single day with no worries. When a lawsuit likethis gets put in the media, people freak out and think they “might have a toxic bra”. Honestly people….I would be more worried with what you are putting into your body ( like fast food and junk food) than what you are putting on the outside of it.

    :) Have a good day

  8. This letter is in reponse to CM that works for VS. I am a 54-year-old female, athletic, healthy (contrary to your arrogant statement on junk food), and am not given to histerics or over reactions of any sort. I have worn VS bras for years. Never had any problems, loved them. During their last semi annual sale I purchased online 4 bras. After washing them, and wearing them, I too developed this horrid, stinging, itching rash …. and, oh, please …. ill fitting?!!! My goodness, how old are you anyhow? Since when do ill fitting bras cause this many women horrible rashes?! Trust me, I’m not freaking out thinking I have a toxic bra …. I had never even heard of this problem until a month or two after I suffered from the same symptoms described by many other women. ~ While no doubt you will continue to work for VS, and that’s just great, that does not mean that VS should be not be accountable for a potentially harmful product. I would just appreaciate having my money refunded for the bras I purchased. I am very grateful that my rash only netted minimal residual skin discoloration.

  9. I too have worn VS bras for years. I purchased two new bras last year and have had many rashes under the cup area that even when treated with a triple antibioitic have not gone away. The constant itching prevents the rash from healing and my skin is now taking on a scarred look and feel. I would at least like to have my money refunded.

  10. I purchased 16 bars and 25 pair of underwear when VS had a sale in Jan 2009, I noticed I started getting a rash under my breast in February, first I thought it was the detergent, but that’s not the case. I have developed a rash from wearing the underwear also. I purchased Neosporin and peroxide to relieve the itch but it hasn’t gone away. I spent over $400.00 in the Reston Town Center store and now I have $400.00 plus dollar spent on items I can’t even wear. What a waste of money, no more VS for me, I feel like I have flees and you know you can’t hardly scratch in public without someone looking at you like you are contagious

  11. well my story is like most on here…i too have been a longtime customer of vs. thats the only brand of bra i wear! well surely enough i try a new bra about a 2 month ago and gradually ended up with a massive rash with ugly discoloration that covers the complete area where the bra sits. many days and nite of painful swelling and itching. i went to the doctors not knowing why this was hapening and his said it was hives and put me on steriod cream and over the counter meds. well sure enough its got worst…i am now badly scarred! just want to say thanks vs for taking away what use to be a beautiful part of my body.

  12. I bought the V.S. bra and have had horrible rashes and couldn’t figure out why, until now. If anyone can give me more information about this matter, I would appreciate it. I still have the offending bra.

  13. Bought a new VS bra about 3 weeks ago. Broke out in a very fine, red, itchy rash; washed the bra repeatedly but still can’t wear it. I’m taking it back to the store and will ask for a refund. I don’t plan to purchase another VS garment.

  14. I purchased a bra from Victoria’s Secret and also stated itching after several months. It had been washed and dried in a washing machine and dryer. I could not figure out why that bra was itching me but what I finally had to do was put a piece of paper in between the bra and my skin. I still have the bra, but I don’t wear it anymore. I though it was just me.

  15. I started itching last September, since then I have seen 2 different doctors and have been put on 4 different types of medications, both cream and pill form. I have been tested for allergies, and made multiple changes in everything from detergent, no longer dry cleaning, food, and even how my pets are kept. When I saw the article in yesterday’s Chicago Sun Times I had some relief that I am not loosing my mind – my ENTIRE bra collection, along with underwear, are ALL from Victoria’s Secret. I too have the welts, and scaring left from the cream’s. I am currently still suffering with active hives in various areas, mainly my chest.
    I called Victoria’s Secret and was told someone would call me back – I am looking to take this further and would welcome more info on how to do so. I feel better knowing what has been the cause of all my sleepless nights and endless scratching – however I am appaled at how this could happen – shame on you VS!

  16. I am in shock over all of this, I had been to the doctor many times for this rash under my breast, used hydrocorterzone cream, lanocane, too many to mention to clear it up. I went without a bra to work I had to wear a sports bra but it didn t help

  17. WOW… can’t believe my story is repeated so many times by all of you. I too a loyal vs customer. I bought 3 new bras in Jan.09. I have the hives and redness also.I have had the cremes also a mamagram that was extensive then a ultrasound and yeturday a biopsy of the area.Basically now i wait 7-10 days to find out if it’s a allergic reaction,or pagets which is a rare breast cancer with similiar symtoms. Of course I had no hives or rash before i bought these bras. In 2 weeks I have to have patches put on my back to test for formaldehyde. I thought it was just me. thank you for your stories.

  18. Wrong size bra??? Gee, I was fitted at the store. The rash is under both breasts and the smell is awful. It is vinegar-like and the blisters make it impossible to wear a bra atg all at times. Probably wouldn’t be a problem if I weren’t over 50 and a DD in size.

  19. I too experienced these painful conditions. After hearing Roberta Ritters story on Fox 8 News Cleveland I looked up her home phone number in Parma & called. I spoke with her boyfriend & explained that I too have gone through the same pain & discomfort from the VS Bras and that my husband had actually taken the underwires out of one of the VS bras that was causing this condition & was shocked to see the wirers were pitted as though it was a sort of corrosion.

    I experienced welts, open leaking sores, horrible odor, burning like acid, inability to wear a bra for several days, used cold wet cloths under the breasts to try and ease the pain, hydrocortizone cream &/or triple anti-biotic to help healing. Now I am left with a shiny type of semi circle underneath my breasts.
    I will never buy another VS bra again, Outside of the pain & discomfort, I too am out several hundred dollars from my purchases from VS & on top of which had to go out and replace all the bras with new – safe bras, to which I have experienced none of the symptoms of the VS bras.
    FYI: Take a look at the VS bra tags to see where they are made: Shri Lanka, China, India, Mexico and who knows where else – NOT ONE MADE IN USA. Foreign countries have relaxed guidelines on how they use chemicals on or in fabrics. None of these bras had notification of any chemical treatment; because, if they did, VS would not have been able to sell those bras introducing embalming fluid into a living person. In the U.S. there is such a thing called an MSDS Sheet for anything containing a chemical additive, shouldn’t this qualify?
    P.S.: To the Proud VS Employee – More than likely, I as well as many of these other women have neen wearing bras longer than you have been alive. Inform yourself with all the details before you offer your Goofy suggestions. Throughout the years I have, at times, worn a bra that did not fit properly & NEVER experienced a rash as per your diagnosis. Also, is it your medical expertise that leads you to believe that your breasts change every six months or your VS Sales Training? Furthermore: in regards to your comment ” ….I would be more worried with what you are putting into your body ( like fast food and junk food) than what you are putting on the outside of it”- ALL OF THESE OTHER WOMEN & MYSELF ARE CONCERNED ABOUT WHAT WE ARE PUTTING INTO OUR BODIES & QUITE FRANKLY FORMALDEHYDE (AKA:EMBALMING FLUID) SEEPING INTO YOUR PORES IS A MAJOR CONCERN & THE LAST TIME I CHECKED FAST FOOD OR JUNK FOOD DID NOT CONTAIN FORMALDEHYDE!!! IF IT DID WOULD IT FREAK YOU OUT???

  20. I have just spent the most painful month of my whole life.This was caused by my Victoria’s Serect bra. My right breast, under my arm, on my arm, my back, and my shoulder all were severly burned. I still can not wear good cloths or a bra. It started as a rash then huge blisters came up . They were filled with liquid and burned all the time. The blisters turned into puss ,and then into wounds with scabs. It has never stopped hurting.I have photos of the whole attack. I could not sleep or eat for 10 days from the exterme pain.They must stop hurting innocent women.

  21. WOW! I am sitting here, itching, and wondering what is wrong with my body when I came across this searching for some answers on the internet. I too have a VS bra and it does seem to be worse when I wear the cream colored one. I have a black one as well but it doesn’t seem to bother me at all. My husband bought these for me, as a gift, because I had never had a “nice bra” in my entire life, and I about fell over when a saw the price of these things!! It wasn’t very long afterwards that I started to break out in little red bumps. I honestly thought at the time that maybe I had some acne because I live in a very hot and humid climate. It then went from little bumps to where the skin was peeling and it got really red, crusty, and hot and when I would take a shower the water was excruciatingly painful!. I went to my doctor and she suggested some hydrocortisone cream, to which I have used faithfully, but this has not gone away. We have thought that maybe it was some type of yeast infection because it itches so badly? I now have deep purple, shiny scars and the entire area is affected. It’s like a perfect upside down Y and it looks as though I have had some kind of surgery!! Now that it is summer time again I can’t even wear a bathing suit my skin is so deeply scarred and to be perfectly honest it’s ugly to look at. I too have always had a pretty chest area and my breasts happen to be one of my husbands favorite places and now I am ashamed to even be naked in front of him. Now everyday it seems that I have been breaking out in hives everywhere, from head to toe, and we can’t figure out why? I’m going to stop wearing this bra and see if that’s the problem…it will be interesting to find out????…..

  22. how did you treat these blisters? i got soooo many blisters from a bra a few days ago… but i’m scared to pop them.

  23. I had the same experience and have the scars to prove it.

  24. Did anyone else get the hives all over their arms and legs also? I started wearing VS bras a couple of years ago, I noticed I was always red and itchy around my bra area but I assumed I just had dry skin. Although, six months ago I broke out in horrible itchy hives all over my body, I’ve never had hives before so I freaked out wondering what they were (I thought I had chicken pox for the second time!) … I even had to get a cortisone shot because my face started swelling up. Per my doctor I’ve been taking four antihistamine pills daily and I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on doctor’s visits, tests and medications. I started deleting things from my diet thinking I developed an allergy to some kind of food … I even started wondering if it was our new puppy and we would have to get rid of him (to the dismay of my family). Embarrassed by my hives I became a hermit thinking people would assume I had some kind of disease. With all my tests coming out fine the doctors were perplexed and said it must have been something I was exposed to and sometimes it takes weeks or months for it to get out of my system. About six weeks ago I bought two new Playtex bras because my VS bras were old and needed replacing and I couldn’t afford VS … after a few weeks with my new bras I noticed the hives slowly going away, I would still get them but only a few here or there. I never associated it with my bra until the other day I had to wash my Playtex bras so the only one I had to use was my old VS bra … within hours of putting it on I started breaking out in hives on my chest, stomach and neck area. On a long shot I decided to google VS bras and hives … imagine my surprise when I saw all the posts about the complaints. If it was the VS bra I have to wait for that one day of wearing it to get out of my system and for the hives I have now to go away. After months of agony and distress (and the money spent) I have to say that on one hand I’m relieved if I discover it was the bra causing my hives, but on the other I’m really ticked off that VS didn’t inform their customers of this problem and that they would even put something like that on the market in the first place. I only hope that my scars go away and being exposed to formaldehyde for that long didn’t cause any future health problems. I noticed there are a lot of lawyers with web sites asking people to join a lawsuit but I wonder if that would cover much of the cost spent on this problem, I’ve never been in a lawsuit before but from what I’ve heard it’s the lawyers that get all the money and what we get is a measly amount left over after they take their fees … but I guess every little bit helps so maybe I’ll consider joining if it does turn out that VS is what caused me to pay unnecessary medical bills and to go through heck for all these months.

  25. I have worn VS bras for years. I purchased my last VS bra more than a year ago but did not wear it for several months. A few weeks after wearing the VS bra I began to suffer from a severe and itchy skin rash. Although I was confused about the origin of the rash, I did not make the connection to the VS bra. I simply used anti-itch cream and baby powder to soothe the itching. The rash persisted for several weeks which caused me to finally call for an appointment with my dermatologist. I was not able to obtain an appointment straight away and therefore I had to wait for 2 months to see the dermatologist. While awaiting my appointment date I stopped wearing the VS bra without realizing the possible connection to the rash. Shortly before my appointment date the rash was gone, so therefore I cancelled my appointment. Recently I began wearing that particular VS bra and guess what? The rash is back and it is just as persisted as before. I am again using anti-itch cream and baby powder to soothe the itching. Today I logged into the internet to order new bras from VS. I typed VS into the search engine and lo and behold this particular link came up. I am absolutely shocked to know that my rash could possibly be connected to my VS bra.

  26. I’m very dissappointed with VS for not owning up to this matter. I have scars that will cost almost $1000 to remove:(

  27. I have worn VS Bras by VS for years but last year I started wearing Very Sexy Push up. Within weeks of wearing the bras, begin to get a rash under my arms. Big knots under my epidermus, when squeezed would ooze with puss.Both of my arm pits were sore and my lymph nodes were swollen from the infection..I was on antiboitics for several months & sitll suffering from the rash . Not to mention the scars that have ruined my skin. I was not able to be in the sun at all last summer due to the anitbotics ! I have allergies and sensitive skin but never have i had to look on a bra and make sure of the ingredients. I removed the undewrite from the bra that i jsut bought and it was corroded like it had rusted. ( 56.00 wire does that in six mths.. I DONT THINK SO!!!!!!II am outraged of these “pricey Garments” that are a health hazard none the less. i have spent so much money that has basically went to ruining my skin. i paid for a rash !!!!!!!Thanks Victoria Secret. It seems to be with all the women that are suffering from this that they would take some action.. LIKE REMOVE IT FROM YOUR LINE OF PRODUCTS. (Kimberly) You are my voice. My story is just like yours .. .
    PROUD VS EMPLOYEE—per kimberly “More than likely, I as well as many of these other women have neen wearing bras longer than you have been alive. Inform yourself with all the details before you offer your Goofy suggestions. Throughout the years I have, at times, worn a bra that did not fit properly & NEVER experienced a rash as per your diagnosis. Also, is it your medical expertise that leads you to believe that your breasts change every six months or your VS Sales Training? Furthermore: in regards to your comment ” ….I would be more worried with what you are putting into your body ( like fast food and junk food) than what you are putting on the outside of it”- ALL OF THESE OTHER WOMEN & MYSELF ARE CONCERNED ABOUT WHAT WE ARE PUTTING INTO OUR BODIES & QUITE FRANKLY FORMALDEHYDE (AKA:EMBALMING FLUID) SEEPING INTO YOUR PORES IS A MAJOR CONCERN & THE LAST TIME I CHECKED FAST FOOD OR JUNK FOOD DID NOT CONTAIN FORMALDEHYDE!!! IF IT DID WOULD IT FREAK YOU OUT???

  28. I am both relieved and horrified to be reading all these posts as they confirm my worst fears. I, like all of you, suffered from an extremely painful rash for some time before I identified the source (which means it just got worse and worse in the meantime) and now have I have terrible scarring all over my shoulders/ chest. I will never again be able to wear anything strapless, or anything that shows my chest/ shoulders at all. I feel disfigured. I also now won’t have any wedding pictures as my dress is strapless- I look and feel like a monster in it. I was a longtime VS fan and spent thousands of dollars there over the years. What a terrible, terrible thing for a company to do..
    I welcome any communication on this topic…

  29. I also had a rash from my Victoria Secret bras. It was the first time I ever wore on so I suspected it, but not until a week or so. I went to the dermatologist and had a biopsy done but he couldn’t figure it out. I tried all kinds of creams, etc but it still lasted for weeks even after I stopped wearing the bras. I just threw them away…all that money right into the garbage! I wore only cotton bras since then, but 2 weeks ago, I gave in and bought Barely There Invisible Look bras. They are soooo comfortable! I of course washed it first but by the end of the day, guess what! I had that rash again! I immediately stopped wearing it. I checked the label to see what the cups are made of and it says polyurethane. Then I checked the label on these other Bali bras that I have with some kind of foam cup and it says polyether foam. I never has a reaction to those. Although it’s been a week already, I still have what feels like burns all over underneath where the cups are. The itch is awful! I’m back to my old cotton bras but it still hurts. It feels like a really bad sunburn with an incredible itch. Something should be done!!!

  30. I have a permanet scar from wear the VS bra…i love their bra but can’t wear itbecause i get a allergic reaction from it. it looked like a really bad burn and then turned into a dark and ugly scar. can’t really wear back less tops or dresses because of the ugly scars.

  31. I am so happy to have read these posts. I have been having these horrible rashes under my arms, on my chest where my bras straps sit, and now on one of my nipples! This has been extremely upsetting and uncomfortable. I have been wearing VS bras for years. But recently I’ve purchased several new ones and after reading these posts I’m pretty sure this is what’s causing it. I can’t believe they’re getting away with this!!

  32. I have worn VS bras for years and while wearing one developed a huge welt and blister 4 inches long under one arm and to a lesser degree the other arm. It was painful and sore and took weeks to heal and when it did left a scar. Wondering what the heck could have caused it I wore the bra again and again the welts appeared. That did it, I won’t wear it again but I would like my money back even if the bra wasn’t brand new.

  33. I to have discovered a very servere rash on my right breast I have already had two mamagrams performed, I very rareley wear any bras other than Vickoria’s Secret Very Sexy push-u, is there any information than can be forward over on this class action lawsuit, I would really like to be a part of this.

  34. I just put two and two together today when my rash returned after wearing my Victoria’s Secret bra again last night. I originally discovered a rash on my back approximately two month ago. It was extremely itchy and painful. It was very concentrated and located on my spine near the buckle area of the bra. To say that it was uncomfortable would be quite an understatement. It kept me up every night and made me miserable during my vacation. When I returned from vacation, I stopped wearing it just because I don’t really care for the bra and never did. In fact this was the first time that I wore it since I purchased it in the spring. The rash eventually went away. It was a mystery until the rash returned again last night after putting the bra on for just a short time under my new top, which also came from VS. I ordered the top and a bathing suit from them just before I went away. It was the first time I have ordered anything from the company for years and the bra is the only VS bra that I have ever purchased. I I have never had a problem with skin rashes before in my life until this. The stress of wondering what might be wrong with me was just as upsetting as the physical symptoms. Well my rash is back now. If it does not go away soon, then I will go to the doctor with this information. I was so convinced that this came from either the bra or the top that I my first google attempt to try to figure out where this rash was coming from was “rash on back victoria secret bra”. Imagine my surprise to see this pop up immediately. Although I am glad to know what the cause is, I will now worry about what the long term affects of this chemical invading my pores will be.

  35. Valerie, A mammogram will not show what could be a very aggressive form of breast cancer which can present with a severe “rash”. You should look up breast cancer types and ask your doctor NOW about this type of cancer. A scraping of the skin or small biopsy of the affected area can tell you if this is breast cancer or not. Additionally, this could be a form of skin cancer. Get checked by a dermatologist.

  36. I was givin several bras from a friend of mine that are from Victoria Secret, some were used some brand new she could no longer wear thembecause she lost weight and didn’t fit her anymore. The first one that I put on I broke out into a severe rash under my breasts that was very red, raw, oozing and itched like hell but you couldn’t touch it because it hurt like hell! I tried the antibiotic ointment, cortizone, and another steroidal cream, to no avail. I thought i was because she used a different detergent than I used so I went and bought the one that I use and rewashed all the bras. I put another one on and got the same rash back. Now I know why! I hope somebody is really and trully going to do something about this.

  37. I experienced these rashes from my V.S. bras before the Class Action was instituted. I just stopped buying V.S. bras… NOW, I have the same problem with Playtex Bras. Yesterday I broke out in the same, hot, raised, bumpy, raw welted rash as with the V.S. bras.
    What I was trying to do is to find bras that the elastic was covered in cloth/cotton or another fabric keeping the elastic away from my body, which worked. However, I am finding now that 1. if you wear a full-size cup/bra – they are not making padded arm straps, nor are covering the elastic at the bottom. If you buy a minimizer bra, you will find the padded straps, etc.
    Why don’t the BRA MANUFACTURERS ASK US WHAT WE NEED AND WHAT WORKS FOR US!!! This bra was made in Hondorous, another sympton of MADE IN THE USA vs. a 3rd world country!
    I did break out in huge hives, requiring a trip to the hospital, these hives were along the side panel of the bra and my tongue swelled.
    I was treated with steriods for about 7 hours and sent home.
    I have scarring under my breasts also.

  38. I bought 2 Victoria Secret bras at the end of June, only wear them for special occation. One such occation was this past Sat. wore it all day, don’t usually wear it for long. Sun. morning around 3am woke up with a terrible itch on my left breast. I now have a terrible raised rash that will not stop itching.I have used every cream possible and nothing. Went to the doc. She said she has never seen a rash like it. I am on 2 oral meds and 2 creams. The discomfort is like nothing I have been through! I am puzzled though does anyone eles have it on just one breast?

  39. I too purchased and wore 2 of Victorias Secret Body by Victoria bras.My symptoms started out as what I thought were 2 bug bites and promptly developed into afull-blown red rash over both breasts with blisters,I don’t have to tell you how extremely itchy this was,not to mention the horrible burning,even as far as it would wake me up at night.I have been treated by my family doctor and a surgeon.I have been treated with antibiotic,(Septra) Medrol Dose Pack,Benadryl Atarax and at least 4 different antibiotic ,cortisone and antifungal creams. I have also had a mammogram and a full thickness skin biopsy done to rule out breast and skin cancer.This has been a terrible strain mentally as well as physically.I have also not been able to wear a bra for about 2 weeks now.I just had the stitches removed from my skin biopsy today and I know there will be a scar ,my breasts are still slightly pink,burn at times and the skin looks discolored in places. I am so afraid the rash will come back.that I can’t even think about purchasing a bra right now.However I hope something will be done about this so other women won’t have to go through the hell and expense that I went through .

  40. I’ve worn VS bras for as long as I can remember,a long time. And I noticed that I was itching. Under my breast and breaking out into a rash with red bumps and it hut. I couldn’t figure it ouout for the longest time why this was happening,I didn’t change anything, ie..soap,detergents or anything else. After having my kids I wore a nursing bra and noticed I didn’t have break outs or rashes and no itching then I started wearing my vS bra and viola here comes the brealpout and itching it took me a while to put two and two together . Very dissapointted in vS.

  41. I purchased two new bras from Victoria Secrets several months ago which I loved, until I developed a rash on the sides and under my breasts; and little patches all over. I thought I had just developed a rash because I had worked outside and I was hot and sweaty. Once I got the rash to go away with hydrocortisone cream; I decided to give one of the bras a try after washing it in hot water which I read to do. Well, after wearing it I have the rash again. I was hoping it wasn’t the bra but guess it is.

  42. WOW. i can’t believe i stumbled across this post. i seem to be one of the lucky ones…i recently ordered a strapless bra and have been wearing it this past week. yesterday when i got into the shower i realized there were bumps all over the underside of my breasts that i could see and feel. i have NEVER had anything like that happen before. i should have googled something but i immediately attributed the rash to the bra. it almost looked like sweat bumps all over the area where the bra covered, no itching for me. i immediately decided to call and ask for an exchange or return since i have thrown out my receipts, etc. and was told a supervisor would call me. i was surprised by this response and thats when i decided to google it and found so many websites talking about the same rash-like symptom. the itch has started today and while mine were very small and red im horrified that women have been scarred by this but such knowledge has been kept under raps…its crazy that victoria secret is so well known but this risk outweighs any advice i would ever give someone to buy a VS bra again

  43. I too have experience the horrible rash, blisters in 2008. I an still suffering with shiney patches under my breasts which become red and irritated. I did not buy a VS bra, what I bought was a nightie with the bra attached and a thong. Within minutes after putting them on, I broke out in horrible blisters, experienced excruciating pain and a unbearable burning sensation. I also went to the doctor who gave me an injection and medication. This lasted for months. I would like to join the class action suit.

  44. I purchased 4 VS bras several months ago, washed them and wore them. I also developed rashes on both breasts. I live where it is very hot and thought is as from heat rash, but when the rashes worsened I went to the doctor and used a steroid cream. The rashes went away until I wore one of the bras again. I assumed I was allergic to something in the bras and tossed them because I could not find the receipt. I’ve also read on other posting that women maybe having the same reactions to polyurethane in bras? I am very angry that this is happening to women and there does not seem to be a large media warning or recall.

  45. I have been wearing VS bras for about 4 yrs. and have not had a single problem. I just bought a “newly-designed with new fabrics” (clerk) VS bra. Fits great. I washed the bra, air dried it, and wore it for the first time yesterday. After having the bra on for 12 hrs. I began to ITCH. I couldn’t scratch; wiggle, nothing b/c I was in a board mtg. dominated by men. I thought I was going to die. I came home and ripped that sucker off, went to bed and itched and scratched all night. My husband (dr.) says to take otc allergy meds. I sure has hell hope it works. I am so disappointed. Who else make a great bra?

  46. I am having a rash from their very sexy Low-back multi-way bra with Gel-Curve®
    It is very inchy and goes aroung my neck,shoulders and upper back. I need something to be done.

  47. I recently purchased to bio bra’s from VS and have developed a painful rash along my bra line. After doing research I will never again purchase bras from VS. I was fitted for my bras so the person who posted the comment about ill fitting bras doesn’t know everything. I would like to return my bras because I want my money back but am not sure whether or not I should. Thank heavens I still have my receipt. So what is going to be done??

  48. how do i join the suit? i have a rash under both my breast…. i know its from the braw from vs. thats all i where… its not good! looks realy bad! my husband is very very upset!!!!!

  49. I am having this same very annoying problem! I have been buying my bras from VS for years…I just bought some new ones and have been having terrible itching ever since! I will NEVER buy from there again!

  50. My boobs became itchy last night. When I took of my VS bra I just scatched and scratched. Today my boobs were iritated all day. I searched itchy boobs on the net and came up with this site. I imeadeately took off the bra and saw the welts. I wiped my breast down with proxcide and then a damp cloth.

  51. I am a faithful customer of VS and I purchased a bra which the underwire is trimmed in lace in which the lace caused a 4″ blister under my breast which burst and became very painful to the point that I could not wear a bra for a few days. I also had to see my doctor because it wasn’t getting enough air it started smelling and became infected my doctor had to prescribe me an oral antibiotic. Now i am trying to get rid of the nasty scar it left behind.

  52. I’m not sure if most of these cases are in the U.S. though I am a Canadian and have been weraing Victoria Secret bras for year. It wasn’t until recently that I developed a rash with the Very Sexy bra line. The bra is very lacey and the small rash appeared on my back and became really itchy. I wonder if it is the same case as the others I am readying. My mother on the other hand, has the exact symptoms that everyone else is describing under her breasts from wearing the bra. She has had these scars for the last year or so. We noe both assume it is from these bras. Although she does wear the Signature collection which is all cotton. I find this all very strange and I am amazed that there is not more information out there. It’s also quite disappointing that Victoria Secret hasn’t done something about this considering there are so many cases.

  53. Unbelievable….I broke out bad with a horrible rash. Tested the bras several times just to be sure. Each episode gave me 4 to 5 days off. Not being able to wear anything. This was extremely painful, a burning sensation. I finally went back to the VS store and asked them if they had any complaints about their bras? They said no, and if I had the receipt they would gladly refund my money. I do not have the receipt and figured my loss. The more I thought about it the more upset I got. …I called VS and asked the same question..Has any one else complained about rashes created by your Body by Victoria bra? Response was, we are not at liberty to give out that information and they would have someone contact me . Within an hour someone called back. Asked several questions and said she would be mailing me a free return label and will be refunding the cost of the bras. A claims adjuster has also sent me a letter asking me to give them a call regarding my incident report.
    Shame on VS..with so many of us suffering similar reactions how do you continue selling these defective items? I have spent mega bucks on VS line….saddens me to think how much they care about their loyal customers….20 plus years. I for one will be rethinking my spending pattern with them.

  54. I have worn VS bras for many years with no problem until recently. I developed a rash on my breasts that was horrible. The itching, painful, blisters which wouldn’t heal. I tried hydrocorosole cream which did nothing. Then antibiotics which may have kept the blisters from becoming infected. I am a brast cancer survivor so I was fearful that I had the type of breast cancer reaacurrence that was the skin type. I paid to see my Dr., then a mammogram to rule out cancer, an ultrasound and a specialist in the breast clinic. All trying to figure out what this mess was. The breast tissue was scarring and rough, almost orange peeling look from being swollen. I was scared sick that I had a reacurrence of cancer, not t mention the extreme discomfort. Shame on Victoria Secret for not stepping up and standing behind thier product when it causes problems with so many of thier customers!

  55. I too have had scarring on my breasts. The only bras I have were from Victoria’s Secret. We need more information on this case.

  56. I suffer from breast health issues as mentioned by all and I am just recently learning that my problems are a result of wearing Victoria Secrets and Fredrick of Hollywood’s underwire bras for over five years! When I first experienced problems with my breast, the doctors and the nurses all looked at me as those I had twenty heads! They asked me if I was having rough sex when they saw the swelling and redness! I would like more information on this case as well.
    Thank you.

  57. Yup, me too… Am so sure that the “coincidence” of buying/wearing my recent VS bra (previous VS favorites, no problems) is exactly what is causing this incessant itching these past 4 months, that I’m cancelling PC Dr.’s appt. (I’m sure I’d get the hydrocortisone approach) and just going straight to Dermatology. Thank goodness a spark of memory got me to thinking I’d heard something (AFTER purchasing this particular VS bra in June) along these lines: VS bras/itching. Pretty infuriating that damage continues to be inflicted on the unsuspecting because the bras are still BEING SOLD!!!

  58. I can’t believe I found this website. I too purchased a VS push up bra a couple months ago. Soon after I got a horrible rash that itches fiercely with open sores, from my nipple to a couple inches under my breast. I can’t seem to get rid of it. I’m 54 years old and have never had this sort of horrible oozing rash. I only got his rash after purchasing this bra. We need to do something to stop the sales of whatever is doing this.

  59. I to had on going problems with my breast after wearing VS bars, itcheing,open sores on my nipples, red rashing all around the cup on both breasts. I went to my MD for help she told me to stop wearing the bars and see if that helped it did. I then being very upset over all the money they coat me, I then call VS all they did was ask that I mail them the bars I never got a answer about what the problem was only 2 checks for what I paid for them. I am happy to see they are now being asked to do something about this.

  60. Hi,

    I have had this bad rash that won’t go away underneath my breast. All I wear are Victoria Secret’s bras with the underwire. The rash was off and on. HOwever, this time it will not go away. I have tried Cortizone.10, it is not working.

    How can I get in on the law suit.

    Thank you.

  61. OMG!!! I thought it was the hot humid weather this summer when I began having hives. I stopped wearing my then new VS bras and went to WalMart to purchase some light weight cotton bras…now it is fall and I attemped to wear my VS bras and in about 2 minutes I could feel my skin tingling and itching. I knew then that these expensive bras have something in them that I am allergic to.
    I want either a refund or in the law suit.

  62. Wow! VS had better smarten up. As for everyone who has one of these bras, it won’t get better. Stop using the bras. Your immune system is “trainable” and if you keep wearing a defective bra you will become more and mroe sensitive to the chemicals. Formaldahyde is nasty stuff, it usually kills cells. But it sounds as if the fabrics are chemically unstable, so it could be other molecules. Some “plastic/synthetic” molecules will leach and go into fat cells. I don’t know that that is what is happening but a rash that won’t go way sounds suspicious. Go to your doctor and try an antibiotic cream. Cortisone suppresses immune reactions but can slow healing. So, don’t use it for long. Stop wearing any bra when possible or wear one with a very different construction (cotton sports bra) at home, sleeping, etc.

  63. Amazing,,,,,i have a red rash that started a few weeks ago. It started slowly, but is now under both breasts, and lower on my rib cage right under my breasts. It does not itch, its just red. It does seem to be worse on some days. Probably because i dont wear the VS every day. I have other bras i wear. I will stop wearing the VS and see if it will clear up. I purchased the VS bras around Feb/March of 09, underwire.

  64. I bought my mother a bra for her birthday from Victoria Secret, she wore it for a few days and broke out with a rash/ hives all around her bra area. She realized it was the bra when she stopped wearing it! I have been a vip member of VS for some time now and spent alot of money in the stores mainly on the bras. I have never expierenced a problem until purchasing one for my mother back in October. For days she was wondering why she was breaking out in rashes and hives, itching and scratching all day, she discovered its the bra when she put her Kmart bra back on. Now after wearing the new bra from Kmart the hives went down but we are very frusterated with VS after all the money we spent with them, how could somthing like this happien. Espicially when all the bras are very pricey.

  65. I have worn nothing but VS Body by Victoria bras for approx 15 years. I have suffered for the last 8-9 years with this rash, hives and scarring as described above. I have been to approx 4 dermatologists to only have been told recently that I must have sensitive skin. I have now changed to sensitive laundry detetrgent, soap and lotion and still continue to get the bumps but not as often and I still continue to wear the bras…. OMG who would have thought, I never did…. I think I need to buy new and different bras..

  66. I’m glad to know it is not just me! I bought my first VS bra a few months ago and had no problems until a couple of weeks ago when I started itching like crazy. I went to my doc and he told me to quit wearing the bra and gave me some special steroid cream. It’s a little better. After reading these posts I’m taking these back to the store for a refund.

  67. I swear I was losing my mind until I read all the posts that are on different websites, including this site.

    I am a long time wearer of VS bras (maybe 10 years now). It’s all I wear. I like the front closure ones. I bought two new VS IPEX bras online (I had never bought the IPEX before) and started wearing them (after I washed them in Cheer “Free” laundry soap – I am allergic to soap to begin with) and I have been so uncomfortable with increasing intensity over the past two weeks!

    I have a “lumpy” that goes from the nipple area and radiates out to the more fleshy area of the “cup portion”. I had trouble breathing, sore nipples (and breasts), runny nose, trouble sleeping, and itchy every where the bra material covers.

    I have avoided wearing a bra while being strictly at home for the weekend. Swelling seems to be a little better on the “lumpy” area. I am breathing better. Runny nose is better. Still having some pain and itching, but is a little better.

    I have to say, when I first heard the news report about the lawsuit, I was skeptical – in fact, I was very skeptical. After what’s happened with these IPEX bras – I’m a believer that there is something seriously wrong with VS bras.

  68. I have recently had breast reduction surgery which is where my story starts. I wore the same bra style for the last 15 years but with the recent surgery I had to go shopping for new ones. I purchased Bali bras which had polyurethane foam cups although I was not aware of it at the time. I just assumed they were like all of the rest. Still recovering from surgery I never expected that the rash, itching and burning were coming from my bra. I could only keep in on for an hour or so and then resorted to ibuprofen or Tylenol to dull the pain. On a return visit to the plastic surgeon I mentioned the problems and she indicated I was probably one of the 3% who had extreme sensitivity post surgery. She recommended cortisone cream. I continued to only wear the bra when I had to work and would eventually remove it and put on a camisole.. I NEVER MADE THE CONNECTION until I noticed the burning was getting worse as well as the itching. I did notice it was only when I wore the bras so I contributed it to pressure on the healing tissue.
    Yesterday, for no known reason, I connected the bra and the itching and pain and looked at the label! When I read the label and saw the word “polyurethane” foam cups I immediately though of chemicals, plastic, petroleum and everything toxic….I sat down at the computer and googled polyurethane foam cup bras and was amazed when I found article after article of women suffering from the exact same symptoms. I then found the enclosed article on the pending lawsuit. Although the lawsuit directly names Victoria Secret, I am sure as bras are mass produced and purchased by manufacturers who in turn place their own label on them, there are certainly more brands involved. My bra certainly could have contained formaldehyde or maybe it is just the polyurethane. One, I am sure, is as toxic as the other. If you read all of the testimonials you will see the references to the polyurethane cups as well.
    My bra was manufactured in the Dominican Republic. I had purchased 3 and stopped wearing them immediately. I did in fact wear a sport bra the last couple of days and all of the symptoms have disappeared. I still have dry patches and flaking in the area of the breasts and stomach.
    I hope this will help you or someone you know who may be a victim This Toxic Manufacturing process. I am thinking all cotton and manufactured in the US as the only alternative! It amazes me that this is not plasterd all over the televison. We are being poisoned by our bra manufacturers!

  69. WOW!!! I am appauled at the comments on here and how every one of the stories are exactly like mine!! I suffered from the same bumps and ithching and not being able to wear a bra from the pain!! And now I have awful scars from this episode and I have many VS bras! Not saying this is the problem, dont want to stir too much! But a little curious that we all have the same problems in common and we all use the same brands when these rashes have happened! I think it should be investigated more and let us know we have a right to know the truth! After all we are the reason they are the #1 selling underwear company!!

  70. I have been wearing minimizer bras for the last 2 – 3 years. Since that time I have had the exact same rash, oozing, scarring, etc., that all have talked about. The thing is, they are not Victoria Secret Bras. They are Bali as well as a couple other brands. No matter what minimizer bra I wear, I get the rash under my breast. So… it a problem specific to Victoria Secret bras? I DON’T THINK SO. I believe this is a yeast infection as there can be a terrible odor when it’s open and oozing.
    So, DON’T BLAME VS – I think it’s something about the tightness of the bras….the pulling, pushing etc., to “minimize”.


  71. I am so upset I can’t even put it into words, but I’ll try. I just found all this information about the bra reactions because I was online desperately looking for organic cotton bras because the reaction I had to my Victoria Secret Ipex bras was so severe. Of course I didn’t know it was their particular bras, so I also was looking for hypo allergenic bras when the word allergenic and bras brought up links to allergic reactions to the bras. I’ve been to a dermatologist to whom I still owe money and also got a strong cortisone cream, because the swelling and itch was so unbearable. I literally had to rip y bra off the other day at work and hunch over at my desk til I left. I thought it must be a heat rash or something caused by sweating under my clothes.There’s more but I just don’t even want to think about it anymore right now, it makes me so angry. I’ve had this problem for years and I’ve always worn their bras. I also was fitted at their store so it’s not the sizing. MInd-blowing!

  72. My goodness I would have never thought this could be true, I just bought my very first VS push up bra for $48. I used it one day and it worked great for push up bra. For some reason I was itching all day and now I have rashes on my shoulder and all over my breast area. It looks like I have chicken pox but it is NOT. Why would any company in the USA try to scar their own people by making millions. I have to return this product asap. Personally I am so mad I will never buy anything from VS. I have two kids and I can’t miss work so a 10 hour shift of reddness and itching all day is not a pretty sign.

  73. I purchased a new VS very sexy pushup bra in August 09. I have suffered with itching bumps, panic, doctor appointments, creams which have now cost my family about $1000. I thought for sure I had something terminal. I never contemplated that it could be from my new bra. By process of elimination I finally decided today 1-20-10 to google just to see if by some chance anyone else had complained about their VS bra. Wow, was I amazed and relieved.

    My bra was washed several times but I still got the itchy dry lizard like skin only where the bra touched, so in between I wore my older VS bra which I never had trouble with and the rash would subside. I have worn VS bras for about 10 years. I am so disappointed with this company. They are completely negligent to not post warnings being that complaints started arriving in 07/08. How many of us have had to suffer needlessly because they don’t care about their customers enough to own up. Please contact me if you know of a place to sign my name. I would like to hold them accountable. I have spent so much money in their store and as a loyal customer they owe me much more.

  74. I am itching both breasts right now! I also thought it was my detergent but then remembered that I have recently purchased 4 new bras from Victoria’s Secret. The itching keeps me up at night. I have red welts on both breasts. This has been going on for a couple of weeks.

  75. I have blistering, rashes and permanent scarring where the bra straps are.
    I called client relations for medical infomation dept. They ask you questions like what symptoms, how long, name of the bra.

  76. I have just 1 Vs bra, due to their high price tag. I wear it on occasion, when I go out to an event or something similar. It does bother me; and I find it irritating, esp. to my back and mid front of my chest. I thought it was all in my head. Wow. I am going to take it back and get my $50.00 back. Formaldehyde is bad news people. ANd yes, just a little bit of extra info here: if you drink diet coke, you are drinking formaldehyde- aspartame, or NutraSweet, you body breaks it down into formaldehyde! Bad news this stuff is.

  77. I am so glad I found this information. I couldn’t believe I got such a bad rash from such an expensive bra. Finally some answers!!!
    I just visited my doctor a couple of days ago and was prescribed a heavy dose of a steroid cortisone cream for the painful, itchy, and blotchy rash all over my breasts-right where the cup of my bra rests. I was reassured that it is not a yeast infection (which is the first assumption). The only connection was that I just purchased 3 new VS bras approximately a month ago at their after Christmas Sale. I did notice the itching started as soon as I started wearing the new bras. I have been a VS customer for most of my bra wearing life because I have always wanted a good quality bra, and never had a problem until now. My doctor told me that the only explanation is that I am allergic to that particular bra and suggested I wear an older bra until the rash is gone. Ironically, I have been wearing one of my older (about 1 year older) bras from VS and haven’t had a problem at all. I think the main problem is when VS switched from having their garments made in India to being made in China. We have all heard so many horror stories of the poisonous chemicals used over there (does lead paint ring a bell?).
    I will be calling the 800 number and reporting this to the company. This is unacceptable and I will not allow my health and life to be effected by something like this. I hope all of you call to complain and demand your money back. I really can’t believe this has been going on for so long!!!
    I will gladly be a part of this lawsuit. VS needes to stop selling products that harm the customers they ultimately aim to please.

  78. I have been itching and getting hives for the last several years-all I wear is VS Ipex bras. I stopped wearing them for 4 days and the problem resolved and I figured out it must be the bras. Then my daughter told me a similar story of one of her friend’s mother’s same experience with VS bras.

  79. Due to my size 34 DD I only could get bras at Victoria secret but I had a reaction with my skin it burned, itched around wire area and was painful.I thought it was laundry soap but switched soaps everything.I suffered with pain.I even washed them in plain water several times.It burned my skin and felt like fire on skin.Now I think I am a 32 DDD but no store here has that size so I am stuck and dont know were to get a bra that size.

  80. I also recentlty bought 4 new bras and 5 new pares of underwear and I to have experianced the same type of rash as others are reporting I have been to my Dr. and she did a scraping and the results came back inconclusive I think I will be shopping for new under garments and try to find out what they are made of and where they are made.

  81. I too had severe peeling and blistering rash from VS Body and Ipex bras. My doctor could not figure it out and checked me for breast cancer which was negative. I stopped wearing the VS bras because they aren’t available in Hawaii. It has improved by wearing different bras. I don’t think my breasts are the same though! I called VS and got a partial refund of one bra! Lame. Never shopping there again.

  82. WHEN DOES IT STOP….WHEN WILL SOMEONESTAND UP AND ADMIT THIS IS A HUGE ISSUE AND THE SUFFERING SHOULD STOP? Unfortunate but comforting to know that I am not alone. I WORKED for VS for about 7 years, as a store manager. Just like many of you I love my VS bras and have worn them for a very long time. I “trusted” the product and was and still am a very loyal customer. I purchased a bra, online and after wearing this I discovered what appeared to be a tiny cut underneath my right breast, I discontinued wearing the bra, thinking it was a wire issue. This was “3″ years and 2 months ago. I have spent a lot of money and have been to many, many doctors….I have spent many sleepless nights in fear of dying from this horrible rash, that cracks open, bleeds, oozes a nasty odor and just simply feels like both my breast are being ripped off my chest every time I try to turn over. I cannot count the tears or worry that not only me, but my family has suffered. I feel as though I have exhausted all options of living without the pain and scarring or healing. I have been going to a Dermatologist for a year, prior to that I went to an infectious disease doctor for 10 days, 3 hours, twice per day being treated with three different meds through an IV. I have been to an allergy doctor and many others. I have been scraped, and punched over and over. I even tested positive for MRSA underneath one of my breast, MR. WEXNER, CAN YOU PLEASE FIND A CURE SO THAT WE CAN FEEL SOMEWHAT HUMAN….AGAIN? I just want to be healthy again and cured from this. Oh yes, I was offered a partial refund too if I chose to return my semi-annual sale bra for about $25, how about a partial refund on the expense of doctors, meds, sleepless nights and the humiliation of lifting your shirt and being looked at like you were going to infect everyone around you…what about wondering if you were going to be around to see your children graduate because you are so afraid that this infection would cause you to lose your life. That is what I think about not just once in a while, but everyday. You just don’t know what myself and the many other women are going through physically, mentally and emotionally…unless you walk in our shoes…or should I say wear our bras.

  83. you have No idea how much my daughter has and still is suffering from the vs bra She was and is a devoted customer.The pain and suffering she is going through is terrible, no doctor of any kind can seen to help or find a cure! Please do something to help her! No one should suffer as she does!

  84. I used to work for Victoria’s Secret years ago. And when we were packing the bras and panties my ears and nose would itch when packing the product. I have worked with people who say the same thing. So they do use something in the manufacturing the product. They are just telling lies.

  85. I too am a victim. I have been wearing Victoria Secret’s bras for years. Recently, I suffered with a rash and have been actively fighting the rash. Recently, I went to the immergency room for treatment. I need to know how to join the class action lawsuit.

  86. I truly wish I had known about these bras before I bought them. VS bras are not cheap! I have terrible skin rashes. I have awful scarring. Is there any recourse? VS should be made to STOP selling their bras! It is NOT fair to unsuspecting customers.

  87. I am scratching and itching like an animal (no offense to animals). I had never seen such itchy blotchy bumps right along the lower bra line. I had to take photos of them with my camera phone. Since I purchased these bra, they have been sitting in the drawer until I get around to wearing them. It’s been at least a year ago since I purchased them and the receipts are already gone or thrown away. I don’t know what to do.

    Come to think of it, I’ve had worn panties made by VS, and have had to see a dermatologist because I scarred so badly. He had to do a biopsy and I still have a horrible scar from that biopsy. He couldn’t figure out what was wrong, so I just had to swallow that horrible event.

    So here I am again…except this time it’s with VS bra. Ugghhh…

  88. I wore a particular type of victoria secret bra for five years now. But in January, 2010 I bought four of victoria secret other type of bras that were on sale. I started itching and had painful rash around the area where the underwire covers. now i have red, very painful sores around my breast. i bought the bras back and was refunded my money. I believe these bras were brought down in the store because they are the exact ones giving women these rashes. They were trying to get rid of them. There was a boat load of them on sale.

  89. I can’t believe I’m just finding out about this now. I’ve worn VS bras for years. In January I bought a new IPEX bra, and subsequently bought 2 more bras. I’ve had severe iching, redness & welts, even after washing the bras. I thought I had some rare condition, but after everything I’ve read I’m convinced it’s the new VS bras.

  90. Same here…after a few months of having welt/pimple like marks on my breasts, feeling scared that it was something serious and having my gynecologist perplexed, I began wondering if it was my new VS bras, very sexy and bombshell. I decided to do a search of victoria secret bras allergic reaction… and WOW, this confirms it!

  91. I wore a new bra and new pair of underwear and broke out in bad hives around my breasts especially around the underwire and between them. I have a painful rash from the underwear wear the band is. The hives even started spreading to my arms. This is horrible. I will never buy victoria secret again.

  92. Thank you for this information as I have suffered from a rash but thought it was the material and didn’t realize it could be from a toxic chemical.

  93. I experienced severe pain, rash that started around the nipple area and soon expanded surrounding my breast! It was extremely itchy and my breasts were imflamed! I actually thought I may have cancer — Pagets Disease. Since breast cancer runs in my family, I had a mammography with diagnostics done just to be sure. I got the news today that I was ok…what a relief. Only to uncover that it was due to my VS bras!

  94. After reading all the stories they are all so similar to my story. I have been a VS shopper for many years I started with the body fragrances 5 years ago, and then slowly went into purchasing bras about 2 years ago when they went on sale. I started with the itching right above my nipples, and then at night it seemed to worsen with itching and burning as a couple of weeks went by. I started to notice scaring on my breast. I went to my doctor he suggested I try over the counter creams. As time went it seemed nothing is working not only did it itch so badly, but the burning pain continues however the itching and the pain have now moved to the nipples and pretty much all over my breast. I went back to another doctor she prescribed a cream and gave me pills. The most current doctor I saw told me if it did not get any better in a week. She would be sending me to a dermatologist, I am just praying for a miracle healing. I think our voices need to be louder, I don’t think VS thinks they are doing anything wrong, they continue to make a fortune at our expense and never give it a second thought about the women who are suffering and will continue to suffer until SOMEONE PUTS A STOP TO IT.

  95. I just called VS today. I have two biofit bras that are giving me a HORRIBLE rash. Only in the cup area where the fabric is the crisscross of VS and biofit words.

    It has taken me weeks to figure out that it is these bras. I am actually having a mix of reactions — racing heart/sort of anaphylactic reaction as well. (I am allergic to latex and this is a similar reaction). I have seen the doctor and been taking medication. The rash will not go away. :(

    They want me to send them the bras ASAP. VS is sending me out a shipping package. I am tempted to take them to be tested. I don’t know where I would even do so. Will investigate.

    Now that I have seen all of these comments I at least know that I am not losing my mind.

    I have worn VS bras since I was a teenager and I am 31. This is terrible and I hope that the company can make it right.

  96. I remember when the lawsuit first aired on tv and I saw the lady decribing her systomsof a rash and burning and flaking. It took me a few days to connect the dots. I remember the VS lawyer stating that all you need to do was wash the bra and it will be ok. Will I have washed that bra numorous times and it wasnt ok I still broke out when I wore the bra, I had to throw it away. I figuered it was one time thing the rash will heal,the rash never completed healed and I now have scars for life. I continued to support VS. Stupid I now know. It is two years later and I recently bought another bra and I am having the same rash again.

    Sad to say that I now have to say good-bye to VS. I can no longer support the company that is damaging my body.

  97. OMG, I just figured out it was the VS bras that my husband bought me for Christmas. It didn’t start right away though, but eventually was red itchy painful and all over the breast in the shape of the cup (mostly on the outside side). I stopped wearing these bras and tried to stop wearing any top as much as possible (which is not very easy). The rash got better and almost gone, but now looks scarred. Yesterday worn a VS bra again and it is BACK! Called VS and got their medical alert line (why does a clothing firm have a medical alert staffed live at 7am?) was told to just stop wearing the bras and use cold compresses…. ugh.

    Is there a class action lawsuit to join? I live in NJ.

  98. Christie;
    much like your story my rash didn’t appear immediately. Last year I had a rash of unknown origin under my left armpit. I changed soaps, deodorants and never figured out what caused it, but doc prescribed a steroid cream to rub on it and it cleared up about a week later. I bought two new VS bras a month ago and I have noted some itching under the bra at the baseline. Two days ago this itching became welts, looking like burns or hives with raised red edges and very painful to the touch. I removed the bras yesterday when I realized they are causing this, but the pain remains. How long before this clears up.
    I called the VS line today and hooked up with the medical line guy, kinda weird that they need to have a medical person, but I explained my symptoms and told him I am rubbing the cream I got last year on the tissue but pain remains. He took my name and number and gave me a case number. WHO is doing the Class action suit against this company ? Why are these bras still on the market. For PETES sake, dont you think we could make these in America for $50 each ????

  99. Ok, this is really freaking me out because I only wear VS bras (I have sooo many) and I just wore one that I bought for the first time and the next day I had an itching sensation under my breast. I got home and looked in the mirror and it looked as if someone had punched me. The area was huge and it was very red and parts were black and blue. I said I was going to wait it out to see what happens in a day or so because it could be just a heat rash; however on day 2, I experienced pain as if there were open scratches but there were none visible. Day 3 it looked as if it was beginning to heal and you could see where it had started to dry up and it itched like crazy; later that night I looked again and my skin looked like surgical tape had been applied. It was very discolored (very dark in color) smooth and shiny but depending on how I moved, it would wrinkle. It was weirdest thing I’ve ever seen…I began to panic. I knew I had to go to a doctor after seeing this so I had planned to go the next day after work. The next morning, it appeared the same way, but around lunch time I had gone to the restroom to look at it and I saw something total different! I lifted my shirt (unable to wear a bra) and the skin that was once tight and smoothed over had developed two lesions and my shirt was damp which led me to believe that there was some type of drainage and there was a foul odor. And it burned like hell!!!! This was horrifying for me!!! I went home took a bath before I went to the doctor (embarassed of the odor) and the smell would not leave!!! I went to PriMed and he gave me a steroid cream. I’m still going yo follow up with my OB; however, this has been a traumatic experience for me because Ive never experienced anything like this. It’s crazy because when it happened I immediately thought it has to be the bra!!! Then I was think how could a brand new bra do this? I googled my symptoms and found this website and it makes sooo much sense now!!!

  100. OMG! I never really thought of this until recently but remembered hearing something a while back about defective VS bras. I too had a bad experience with a bra, to be specific the Body Ipex strapless bra. I thought I had found the perfect strapless bra, but I was wrong. It fit good but I had developed ugly rashes on my sides under my arm where the sticky part of the bra rests to make it stay. At first I thought nothing of it since I had it on for a whole day and figured it was from that. But soon after I took it off it started itching badly and later in the evening my husband had noticed red welts across my sides. I knew it had to have come from the bra since the welts matched up perfectly with where the bra rested. That was about a year and a half ago and I still have the horrible scars!! I’ve worn the bra a couple of times since then and the same thing happens (yes, I know I should’ve stopped wearing it but I figured I paid a lot for the bra and it didn’t make sense that something so expensive would do this to you) but obviously from my experiences and from this site it does. I haven’t worn it recently and need to go find a new strapless plus I found this site so I thought I’d share my story…I wonder if it’s too late to get a refund!!

  101. The audacity! We worry about faulty floor mats in an automobile but a woman’s body is no big deal in the USA! I bought 6 BBV Full coverage VS bras a few months ago. This weekend I wore one two consecutive days and guess what. I experienced severe burning and swelling of both breasts and after removing the bra I found a fine, red horribly-itchy rash on both breasts. The rash is shaped like 2 bra cups (surprise). I went back to a JC Penney branded bra but the rash has persisted for 4 days now. The swelling produces a series of stretch marks I’d never had before. I called VS in our local mall and a very curt clerk told me to “bring ‘em back and get a refund or whatever”. Believe me, I will return the bras and NEVER return to the store. If they won’t pull this toxic merchandise, atleast put a warning label on the garment. We worry about the hazards of a Happy Meal! What??? I am sorry for all of you who made the possible connection much further into the disease symptoms. I am a health professional and when wheezing, swelling and rash occurs I start looking for a cause. Luckily I used a search engine engine and after looking for “rash on breasts” came across this web site! HANG in there ladies..Oh wait! I guess that’s what we MUST do with no SAFE bra to support us.

  102. Yes, I have bought 4 Very Sexy Push Up bras and every one I’ve bought since exchanging everyone of them has giving me a rash. I agree I want a refund if possiable. This is just wrong.

  103. I just purchased a VS very sexy bra and i’ve done so before. I used the bra i recently purchased for the first time and the next morning I had a severe rash all over my breast and chest. I’m seeking medical attention, and I’ve called to let them know and they are giving me a refund. They also told me a supervisor will contact me within the next day or so. .

  104. I purchased 2 bras on Friday 07/23/2010 and noticed Sunday 7/25/2010 that I had scarring on my bra line. I’m very disappointed with this product and will share with the store where I purchased these items.

  105. I recently started having intense itching on my nipples and breasts. At first I thought a spider got in my bra and bit me repeatedly-no bug to be found.
    Day after day of experiencing this I told my Husband I think I have hives… it finally got to the point I was googling symptoms of breast cancer. The rash which looks like raised hive like welts come and go. I noticed that they are only in the bra area. It made me think if it could possibly be caused by the materials in my VS bra. I see I am not alone.

  106. Last year I bought two bra’s, loved them , few weeks after wearing them I started itching, thought maybe it was a different detergent, so I re-wshed them, NO relief, I would scratch until i bled, under my breasts is where it started and then between and then the entire breast area. Told a few people about it and then one day my sister called and tols me about all the other women who were reporting this same problem. Too bad I had thrown the bras away. A month ago I tried again and same thing , itching under breasts and thought maybe it was the color etc. all three made me itch, Going to call VS now and see what if they will refund my money, too bad I really like their bras

  107. I wear VS bras also and have for years, I have been suffering for about 5 years with rashes, hives that form around my bra line. Literally the rash shows the outline of the bra. I haven’t had trouble with the cups, but underneath, all the way around and where straps lay I get bright red, burning hives. I wore a VS bra yesterday and by last night I was waking to itching and burning. I looked in the mirror this morning to see hives on my bra line. I have been to numerous doctors who have prescribe cortisone creams, ask me about allergic reactions to soaps, sweat and heat rash was even mentioned, I don’t sweat and I know that during the winter it wasn’t a heat rash. Now I know it is the VS bras, what can I do about it, I have a drawer full that I cannot wear. Is there a class action suit going on that I can join, please give me any information available. VS needs to take responsibility and get their defective product off the market and reimburse those of us who have purchased but are not able to wear their bras because of their manufacturing procedures.

  108. Wow, I just realized that I experienced the same symptoms as everyone else approximately a year and a half ago, while wearing assorted Very Sexy bras from Victoria’s Secret! At first I would notice itching and burning throughout and waved it off as friction from the fabric and sweating, humidity, etc. This turned into rashes. I attributed it to detergent allergies but switching detergents didn’t help. I caught myself subconsciously scratching constantly and ended up with these shiny red scars on the underside and in between my breasts. I never assumed my bras were the cause. Eventually I bought new bras and the symptoms stopped, the scars faded after some time. While I don’t believe all VS bras are defective, I do believe there are some styles out there that are causing these reactions, and VS should be held responsible for that error and any injuries caused to consumers.

  109. Has anyone had problems with Playtex bras? I bought 4 expensive ones this summer for my wedding trousseau. AFter several washings using different detergents and washing technics, my breasts still start to ITCH after wearing the bra a second day. Nothing visible on my skin, but it’s like having something crawling all over my breasts inside the bra. It’s miserable and takes several days of cortisone treatment and a special wash from my medical doctor to make it go away.

  110. I’ve been wearing the VS very sexy bra for years. I would take my bra off to find red, hot, splotchy patches under my breasts and around my braline. My breasts would itch so much that my sister often commented and laughed about my constant need to scratch them. Now, I’ve developed an area on my back (under my bra) that is NUMB to the touch, but itches like crazy ALL THE TIME!! I thought that I had a pinched nerve, maybe…
    Then I stumble across this article as I look to try and find a new VS very sexy bra online. I find out that I can get one from the Official VS website for about $54 reg price or $38 on sale… nice. I put them in my shopping cart…
    I then opened a new internet tab, curious as to whether or not sites like ebay had bras for sale. Imagine my surprise to see Diane Sawyer’s piece on my absolute FAVORITE bra! Now I’m really wondering about that spot on my back, a little scared, a little angry… and I, too, am left wondering, “What bra am I going to wear now??” I had finally found THE perfect bra!! Guess it’s not so perfect after all…. I’m definitely concerned enough not to EVER buy a VS bra again!

  111. I’ve being looking for answers and driving my doctor crazy about my rash under my cups. So I was trying to find an answer, after I read all this, I totally got it. I never bought a bra from VS, but I got as a gift from my sister, after I felt so much discomfort wearing it, the itchy an blisters underneath my breast cup I throw out in the garbage, but I can’t get better.

  112. I am just like all the rest of you, with a rash that has been itching on my back for years. The skin is black under my bra strap from all the welting and itching that has gone on for years. Trips to the doctor and dermatologist have brought no relief. Like so many of you, I bought several VS bras during one of their sales, and love the way they fit. I have been battling this horrid itchy rash since I started wearing these bras, but have been reluctant to throw them away. Now I see that throwing the bras away and never shopping at Victoria Secret again will be the start of my healing. I just ordered bras today from Title 9, and will double check they aren’t manufactured in China before I wear them. By the way, I don’t wear underwires, and the rash has been centered on my mid back, under the area where the bra fastens.

  113. I , too, had exactly the same thing to happen to me. The doctors could not figure out what it was. I did notice after taking the bra off that the rash was only where the bra was! It looked as if I still had a (red) bra on m body! After happening upon this site, we have decided not to return the bras but to hold on to them in case I develop cancer or something later. My purchase was nearly two years ago at the vs in Memphis, TN. It was the BODY bra.
    Tonight I decided to check out the result of the lawsuit and realize THIS IS STILL HAPPENING! THE BRAS ARE STILL BEING SOLD! UNBELIEVABLE! Can anyone tell us what can be done!
    I have changed to Bali and I am very pleased with the fit!

  114. I have purchased only VS bras for about 8 years now and never had any problems. I bought 5 new bras in January and started having horrible, intense itching to the point I’ll bleed. I changed detergents… didn’t help. Even went to an allergist and started getting allergy shots… didn’t help. I went back to the doctor and he gave me cream… didn’t help. I have read a lot and feared I might have some sort of breast cancer since it only affects a certain area. Reading an article about VS bras has really given me hope that this horrible itching may go away just by changing my bra! I would like to know if anyone has information about how to join the lawsuit. I absolutely believe they should be held accountable. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

  115. I too have had a horrible allergic reactin to VS bras. I developed intense itching all over my breasts that kept me up all night and red welts all over that area as well. For a long time I did not realize the VS bras were causing the problem until I stopped wearing the VS bras and the rash went away. I did try the bras again months later to make sure it was the bra and guess what the itchy red welts returned all over my breasts!!!! I do not have this problem with other bras. VS needs to do the right thing regarding this problem!!! I heard that the bras are laced with formaldehyde. Are you kidding? What are the long term effects from having your breasts exposed to formaldehyde???? Cancer??? Not acceptable!

  116. Just with in the last several months, well actually probably around Feb. of this yr. I began to purchase VS bras….Very Sexy PushUp and the Bio fit. My breasts began to itch a few months after purchasing the bras. With the Biofit it was immediate itching.Then I broke out in a rash a few months after that above my nipple area. It itched sooo bad and no matter what ointment I used it wouln’t get any better. I went to the Dr. and she proceeded to ask me questions about any chages and so forth and even asked if I had been wearing a new bra. Well, I had my bras for a more than a few months so I said no. She then thought the worst. She thought maybe I had either pagets or immflamatory breast cancer. That afternoon I had bloodwork done, and the next day a mammogram and an ultrasound. I had swollen lymphnodes in my armpits too. Everything came back negative. But, the hell I went through was awful. All I could think about was if something went bad that my 3 yr. old and my 11/2 yr. old wouln’t remember their mama. I have been on antibiotics and steroid creams. Nothing helped. It took over a month for my rash to go away. Just tonight again my beast started to itch again so I again got online and found this. Guess what? I am wearing VS very sexy push up bra. I have little silver loooking scars on my breast from where the rash was and everyday I am paranoid that my rash is going to reappear. I want a refund. I have spent ALOT of money on my bras. I will no longer shop at VS. Between all the money I spent on these bras and the medical bills I have paid, I am very ANGRY.

  117. I had this same issue going on for a few years,process of elimination,not wearing those bras(body by Victoria) trying everything to get relief,Dr. and many friends said try Gold bond powder, didn’t work.One day got the idea changing grandsons diaper,try his Burts bees diaper ointment.Thank god relief.Went out bought new different brand bras and haven’t had it since. I have the bras and would like to get my money back,also you all know who have had this how itchy and painful it can be.Can’t believe this is going on.someone needs to address this.These posts are over years and years.

  118. I am a size 34 and buy 36 and 38 VS Bras and have open red sores that itch so it’s not due to ‘tightness’ it’s the formelidhide. Who can I contact about the lawsuit I live in Michigan.

  119. I can relate to all of you and I am absolutely FURIOUS. I am seeking legal action for my own reaction to a push-up bra I purchased in August of 2009. I have developed a large area of skin discoloration in the areas exposed to the bra, mainly on my back. It looks like acid was splashed on me! I thought it was from tanning but after much research I am very sure it is from the bra. I never had the problem before I bought it, and I have tanned for years with no problem. My breasts and back are constantly itchy and sensitive. It feels like needles. I am seeing the doctor tomorrow and I am NEVER wearing a VS bra again. If I can sue, I will. This company obviously doesn’t care about the quality of their products! Thank you to everyone who is sharing a story. I hope this grabs more media attention.

  120. I am so upset right now!! I bought two new bras last year two months after having my baby and I started itching really, really bad on both breast!!! I thought maybe it was from breastfeeding. I bought two new bras last week and I have been itching none stop on both breast!!!!! I thought I had Inflammatory Breast Cancer. I was scared half to death until finding this thread. I don’t want to sue, but I sure do hope, they give me a refund. I have one on right now at work and I have been itching from both breast, on my sides and under my under arm!!! My breast are scared from scractching so much. I am 31 years old

  121. I too have permanent scarring and itching, burning, rash, ordor. Thought it was some kind of allergy. Changed detergent, and lotions, ect.. I’m so glad to know that i’m not the only one! I have been a VS customer for 10 years or more and have never had a problem til these last 2 to 3 years. I hope and pray that the women and myself will be compensated for the pain and suffering. The truth always gets revealed in the long run.

  122. just another one for the ranks, ladies! my rash doesn’t sound as severe, oozing, smells, etc. I think it’s going away – it’s only been a week. a bit more terrified now, after reading these testimonials!
    but yes, how do we get in on this class action suit, does anyone know?

  123. We had a VERY HOT summer here in Mo. and when the redness and rash appeared on my breast, I thought it was from the sweat and heat. After about 6 weeks of this, I went to the doctor and she thought it was a yeast infection. Bought the cream the doc prescribed and have used till now with no relief. Made another appointment for next week then I found this website because I remembered that I had bought 2 VS bras just before this happened. I have started using cortisone cream and it has helped ( also stopped wearing the bra) and will tell my doc about this next week. Thanks for the info. I was starting to get scared thinking I might have breast cancer.

  124. I just broke out into breast rash on both of my breasts, of course i have been going online and thinking I had inflammatory breast cancer. And just today it started to get so painful that my boyfriend went online to look it up – instead of typing in breast rash like i had been, he typed bra rash and I have all the symptoms. So just now I decided to validate this by typing in bra rash and freakin Victoria’s Secret came up and ironically about a month ago I bought a new bra from them and have been wearing it without the first wash and ugh!!!!!so frustrated. I am trying this stuff that is specifcally for rashes and using cetaphil soap instead of perfumey stuff. I spent 50 bucks on that thing! does this go away – if freaks me out! I keep looking at them and stressing over this – help!!

  125. I bought a bra in october. I wore It 3 times when I developed an awfull rash on both breast. I thought it was a reaction to a statin drug I stated taking around the same time or a different detergent I used.I went to the doctor he said to stop the statin and using the detergent. Until the rash was gone. Then try one at a time. Not thinking about the bra. I put it on after the rash was gone and in a few hours the rash was back even worse. Then I knew it was the bra. I too thought it could be breast cancer. How can that be allowed? Is there anyone helping the public with these issues?

  126. I use to work for a sister company of VS when this whole class action suit came out. We received many updates of the CAS being invalid and that VS doesn’t sell harmful merchandise.

    I have had a rash between my breasts now for over a year. It is red and itchy and though given a prescription from my doctor it has not gone away.

    I have worn VS bras for years too, like many of you have mentioned. I worn many of the extreme push up that someone else mentioned to give them problems too. This style of bra, by the way, is a bra they are no longer selling.

    The only way I can get my rash to stop itching and subside somewhat is to wear a cotton sports bra, but the rash never completely goes away.

    If frustrating cause i do love the way VS bras fit and make my “ta-tas” sit up nice a pretty like they use to, but is this rash really worth it? I want to be a part of this CAS too

  127. I’ve been reading all these posts and my god. I am right up there with you ladies. I purchased two new bras, about ten pairs of undies, clothes, and their garden collection products. I started breaking out in burn like spots/bumps on my chest and back, then it spread to my arms legs, and groin area. I thought it was the body wash, but the rash hasn’t gone away when I stopped using it. It stopped getting worse when I stopped wearing VS bras and panties, however I know have dark spots where the itchy bumps originally were (It looked like someone had splattered hot oil all over my body, very itchy, painful, forget about taking a hot shower!) I got offered a partial refund for the products I just purchased, which by the way I declined. Does anyone know how to get in on the lawsuit? I’m in the Boston Area

  128. just bought my bras 2 weeks ago. Same thing as everyone else. What is being done about this? does anyone know? This needs to stop!!!

  129. I have had rashes on my breasts and back for months, and I thought I had fleas. I didn’t even know that it was my bra, but this is making sense now. I have been thinking it was fleas for months, but can’t figure out why no one else in my place don’t have fleas. I have unbearable itchiness on my breasts. I found out just recently from my friend, that victoria secrets has been giving bras with Formaldehyde, I was wearing the bra when she told me and I was shocked!! I have unbearable itchiness, I am going to stop wearing these bras. However, I am very upset for what this has caused me.

  130. I have searched all over online trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with me. I started to get horrible, painful, itchy, blisters all along my bra line. Can’t be cancer? It’s on the braline! This is RIDICULOUS that they are selling these. I quote the person above, anything being done?? These things cost a FORTUNE and they are riddled with garbage? No one cleans their bras in hot water, have you heard of shrinkage? Why spent $70 on a bra and then throw it in hot water, doesn’t really make sense. This company needs to be taken down on it’s knees. I have permanent damage to one of my breasts from abuse as a child, now I have to have permanent damage from a bra? Seems a bit unfair.

  131. For over 7 years now, I have been getting these awful rashes under my breasts that would start along the bra line where the underwire sits on my chest and would then swell and spread all around my underarm and on my actual breasts. The rash is painful, with intense itching, and sometimes would cause actual blisters that would bleed and ooze. I have tried several different detergents thinking that something in my laundry detergent might be the culprit, and even thought I might be allergic to the dye in my dark colored bras. My doctor thought it might possibly be some sort of allergic reaction or contact dermatitis, but was stumped as to what could be causing it. She prescribed cream to help with the itching, but the red painful welts took weeks to go away with each breakout. I am currently suffering with the itchy, painful rash at this moment and out of desperation to try to find some information on what this could possibly be, I just did an internet search. I was shocked to find all of these posts with other women having the same types of symptoms and information that there could be a possible connection to Victoria Secret bras. If all of this information I’m reading is true, what I have been experiencing for years now all makes sense, because just about all of my bras are from Victoria Secret. I have even had the same type of itchy rash with welts in the groin area and around the waist band area of my panties, which all come from Victoria Secret as well. It is very disturbing to learn that so many people have been suffering with this, and like me, have been for several years now. What can possibly be done? In the meantime, I definitely will not be wearing any of my undergarments from Victoria Secret to see if my symptoms clear up. How can I get involved and help?

  132. same symptoms here .. but have several different name brands and non-name brands undergarments..bras, panties etc. I believe it is from over production of `Candida` ( too much sugar can cause this ) I use special powder for this, keep areas clean, and try and stay away from Candida growing items ( You can read about candididas on the internet)
    maybe its so much more in our environment today than just the name of a company that makes our clothes..altho switching to cotton may help..don`t know..been going on and off with this for years.

  133. same symptoms here .. but have several different name brands and non-name brands undergarments..bras, panties etc. I believe it is from over production of `Candida` ( too much sugar can cause this ) I use special powder for this, keep areas clean, and try and stay away from Candida growing items ( You can read about candididas on the internet)
    maybe its so much more in our environment today than just the name of a company that makes our clothes..altho switching to cotton may help..don`t know..been going on and off with this for years…I believe its an internal symptom which might be enhanced by outware which intensifies the problems.

  134. I too have been wearing VS bras and my breasts really hurt and itch.. We should all boycott this company in your local area.

  135. My daughter picked up a couple of these second hand and has been using it for a while, but fell asleep in it last night….she woke up in the middle of the night and found an oily fluid inside her bra…apparently, the gel had leaked. She has had an allergic reaction with major itching since then. Does anyone know if direct skin contact with the gel is dangerous? she has washed down….

  136. My problem is a little bit different. I was sitting on the couch last night, talking to my best friend on gtalk. We sign off, and I go to scratch my breast because it’s itchy, only to find some kind of oily substance. Upos further inspection, I found that it covered my ENTIRE chest. I realized that the gel in the bra padding had somehow burst. From me just sitting there. It was disgusting. And, of course, with those chemicals seeping into my skin, I’m now itchy all over and getting a rash. I’m annoyed. That was my favorite bra, too.

  137. i just recently bought two bras from them as well, I do not have sensitive skin i wore the first bra for a day and I started getting scabs around the band area I just thought maybe the bra was a little to tight and was rubbing seeing it was new. , so I went to put on the next thing and wore that for a day and a half when i felt my shoulder was raw and looked like a curling iron scald on it . when I removed the bra anywhere the straps were I looked like someone scaled me with a curling iron. i took photos it am all dry and itchy , broke out across my back ( never in my life have I had this happen ) But i have to say i love their product but I am afraid to ever buy from there again. It has been awhile since I was bra shopping and lost weight and needed to be re sized and i am hard to fit. 32 dd just isnt in normal stores, and if it is they are ugly. I have never had trouble in the past with their products … but this looks terrible the burns on my back and shoulders and i think one of them is leaving a scar..

  138. I also have redness and terrible welts on my breasts. Bought 4 new VS bras in the spring. The irritation just started about 2 weeks ago. I thought it was the medication I am taking – apparently not. I love these bras but I cannot wear them anymore.

  139. I purchased a bra from VS in Feb, 2011. I didn’t wear it until the summer. It was from their “PINK” collection. After wearing it for about 6-7 hours, I noticed that my back was itching. I also felt something wet on my back when I ran my hand across the area. IT WAS BLISTERS! Raised, fluid-filled blisters! I had my friend take pictures of these welts. They lasted for about 3 weeks. It is 5 months later and it still itches. It became raw and nasty looking for about 8-10 days. Now, I have dark scars across my back on both sides exactly where the plastic/rubber material from the bra was touching my skin. I fill strongly that this bra has injured my skin and left me with a long-lasting itchy condition that has the potential of being a problem into the future. I still have the bra and the pictures of the blisters.

  140. I would like to join any action taken toward VS regarding the damaging material used in these bras.

  141. I would like to take part in this law suit. After I bought the first bra I broke out with red blaches, that burned and itched. The company let me replace it with a second bra. It caused the same exact rash. I bought a thrid bra with a gift certifate, thinking it was a different type and would be ok. I had the same reaction. I gave up….. No more Victory Secret bras for me. I do feel they owe everyone who had this experience due to the pain, discomfort, doctor visits and money spent for nothing.

  142. I also have a rash and redness on my breast that burns and itched whats happening

  143. I bought a VS strapless bra (Multi-Way Bandau) —I t appears to have a manufacturing date of 05/11 on the tag and looks to be made in China. I purchased this bra in summer and the first time I wore it I broke out in a raised welted rash all along the band area (mainly on the sides of my torso). It was very itchy, burning sensation and as it healed, i developed scabs and scarring which took weeks to completely heal. At the time I was suspicious and not sure if it was a reaction to the bra or not. I put the bra away and did not wear it again until recently.

    Two days ago, I wore the VS Multi-Way Bandau bra. I felt ok while it was on (about 10 hrs) but when I removed it, I noticed redness which developed a very itchy raised welt all along the sides of my Torso that partially wraps around my front and back. This time, I took photos of it on the first day and the second day to make sure it was not spreading- The itching and burning sensation is constant now (day 3 today). I am still itchy- and very uncomfortable. It is the same symptoms as what I recall earlier-very-VERY itchy, raised red welts–all along where the band made most contact with my skin. The second day was so itchy that I could not wear a bra and decided to Google “Victoria Secret rash and welts from bra”.

    I, like others, was shocked to find this post. By reading through everyone’s experience, it disgusts me that VS continues to sell bras that could do this to. VS should be forced to pull it off the market until safe materials can be used and if they can’t be forced to do that… at a minimum include a warning to potential effects to what “Some” women have experienced.

  144. In comment to Ginger…I just had the same exact thing happen to me. I just felt something on my back and I have blisters that are oozing from a strapless bra. Convertible strapless Angels…

  145. I bought a VS bra (Dec. 2010) that gave me terrible rash with a burning sensation. I thought that maybe it was the laundry soap or something else causing the rash. After I stopped wearing the bra it took about a month to heal up the rash. Months later I tried the bra again and sure enough it was the cause of my rash.

  146. I purchased Victoria Secret bras for years, but when I went to purchase some bras, since mine were so old, they did not carry what I was wearing. The Sales Clerk convinced me to purchase the Body Bra which were made in China and India. After wearing the bras, my breast started feeling a prickley sensation, bumps appeared, itching and a deep red rash on breast. My nipples were very sore. I have stopped wearing the bra and started wearing a cotton top and my breast stopped aching; however once I put the bra back on, my breast were irritated and inflammed again. I only discovered it could be the bra when I went on-line and asked “Has anyone had skin irritation from Victoria Secret Bras” and I discovered I was not the only one. I am seeking medical attention for this.

  147. I’m so glad I found this site. I started wearing a demi Body by Victoria bra about two weeks ago and got a large red bump under my right breast. I then got a raised bright red rash in the same line formation as the underwire. I’m never buying one of their bras again. I’ve never had this problem with any other brands before. It not only burns but itches. What are they making these bras with? Plus these bras are not inexpensive by any means. Never considered that a bra could cause an allergic reaction!

  148. I have had the same reaction, and have spent thousands on getting cured… the rashes start after using the VS Bras… and then go to other parts of my body. I WANT TO JOIN THE LAWSUIT! I have several photos and medical evidence of the horrible suffering and pain VS Bras cause. We must prevent other women going through this!! How can we get together and DO something?

  149. I would like to add my comments to this since I, too, have experiences severe burning, painful rash on both breasts–twice. Both times the rash occurred after wearing Victoria Secret demi bras, however, it did not occur to me that the rash was possibly caused by the bra.

    The last rash occurred sometime in October, 2011. Again, I only briefly associated it in passing with the bra because it began to occur right after wearing the bra (or bras). The first rash appeared some months before that. I have not worn the bras since and have had no recurring rashes.

    The rash was raised, bumpy, red, itchy and painful, awakening me at night. Again, I was puzzled about what could have caused it, but not until after I spoke with my doctor telling her about it and hearing her suggestion that it might have been caused by a bra did I search the internet and discover the comments about these bras.

    I have not worn the bras since and have not had any further rashes, I do not have receipts nor proofs of purchase and my experience is well past the time frame of the other published comments. I simply want to add my experience to this list.

    February 27, 2012

  150. I have been going back to doctor who couldn’t figure out what was wrong only I have the rash along my underwear line as well! At first, I thought it was shingles! The bras and underwear were new from Victoria’s Secret and so were the nightshirts. They all seem to cause my skin to do this when all my old pairs ne er caused a problem.
    I ordered them from USA and had them sent to me in Australia.

  151. I too get these rashes under my breast after wearing my VS bras. Its very painful and red. At first I thought since I am big breasted may be due to sweating, but when I put on another brand of bra I dont seem to get them. I have always loved VS bras they seem to fit me better than any other brand. But since last year getting the new ones this is a constant issue with the rashes. I did a search about the rashes and came upon this sight. This is really scary…

  152. couple months ago i bought the “PINK” collection vs bra. My skin started to itch after wearing it for 6-7 hours. I wear the same size bra all the time. But this particular bra gave me bad scar from the blister and rash.

  153. My daughter and I have used victorias secret bras and underwire all our lives. We moved to ca in May, 2008 and opened a vs charge and purchased all new bras and underware. Within a few days to a week these horrific symptoms occurred. We started experiencing red, excoriated, painful, itcy, scales skin, which has since hardened and scarred leaving discolored lesions all around our breasts and panty areas. We are literally disfigured. We have tried many creams. Nothing works and the damage is done. Just notified vs after looking this up on line. We have suffered since 2008. We thought it was our skin. Didn’t research it until now. Sadly, we are scarred. I’m devastated. She is only 22 and it looks horrible. Mine is horrific also . I contacted vs and they are calling me back. I will seek legal Counceling. This needs to be taken care of. We re being exposed to some harmful chemical. I would agree that Formaldahyde will cause these symptoms. We are taking photos of our entire bodies and the damage and all our items which are several thousands of dollarsd

  154. OMG!! I’ve developed a rash from the VS VerySexy bra too! I called VS and they said there hasn’t been any similar reports. What a liar!! What’s being done about this? Does anyone know?? I’m so scared now.. it’s been about a week now and it seems to get worse everyday..

  155. The padding in my VS VerySexy bra leaked and my breast came in direct contact with the oily fluid. I’ve developed a terrible itch and rash all over my breast and down my stomach. It’s been about a week now and it seems to get worse everyday.. I would also like to partake in the lawsuit! I have several photos and the leaked bra for evidence.

  156. I too experienced the same thing, while at Myrtle beach this past week I wore my bathing suit and when I came home later on that night my inner thighs and pubic area was red, irritated, and severly rashed. It hurt so bad that I could not lay down or go to sleep. I thought it was just me until reading these blogs!

  157. I recently purchased several bras from Victoria Secret this month. I have developed a very painful red elongated rash along the bra line. I am in pain and it is itchy. I have noticed this problem with VS bras of all types has been brought to light since at least 2008! Why isn’t something being done about this? I plan to join one of the class action law suits and I would recommend every woman on here does the same. This is painful!

  158. i recently went to the semi annual sale and wore the very sexy push up by victorias secret. i didn’t know the secret was formaldehyde a toxic carcinogen. i have welts, rashes and the appearance of a burn in the form of the bra.this is insane. the itching is unbearable and im scared of other health issues this may cause. i would like to join the class action lawsuit. does anyone know how to go about this?

  159. I have red, elongated welts in my bra line, an waist line. I just could not figure out what was going on??? Two Dr. appts.—- inconclusive. Just given a some medication, and sent on my way. The reds welt lessen, but come back with a vengence!! I am SO extremely happy that I came across this issue. It explains a lot. No more VS. I do not have scars, but the welts are horrible!! I wish I could share pics. Maybe that would help other women explain their horrible issue.

  160. I have just experienced a similar allergic reaction to a Bali garment (a body shaper). It caused a very bad, very itchy, burning and aching rash around my waist/abdomen/back.

    Because I’ve had allergic reactions to medications a couple of times in the past, I recognized the signs of an allergic response (the area of skin that had the rash was hot to the touch, a dead giveaway of allergic inflammation) and so I didn’t think it was shingles, but I was pretty sure it came from my clothing–and it turned out I was right. I’ve been patch-tested and it’s the formaldehyde resin that is the culprit…and I tried the Bali shaper on again and the rash started to come back almost immediately, so it was definitely the cause.

    Apparently, some garment makers use formaldehyde resin to make garments waterproof and/or wrinkle-resistant; it’s also used on elastic bands, and to keep a fabric’s shape stiff. But a lot of people are allergic to it. So even though I didn’t get my allergic reaction from a VS bra, I thought I’d let people know that other big-name lingerie manufacturers are also using this chemical, and on garments like body shapers in addition to bras. Beware!

  161. I too have permanent scars under my boobs. I’m so disappointed I contacted VS to let them know and they didn’t even bother replying to me. I can no longer wear bathers without the scars on show. I’m so disappointing in it.

  162. I can’t believe that after wearing the new Pink multi-way demi all day, I was shocked to find blistering rash along the bra line. I’m returning it tomorrow and will question why they don’t pull the product off the market! I asked my sister to take pictures of the rash on both sides of my body for proof. I bought this bra few months ago thinking the design will come in handy when I wear a spaghetti strap shirt.

  163. OMG
    I cant believe this, I found this web page and I now know that it was the bra. I have purchased and worn only VS bras, panties and perfumes etc for many many years and I had developed a paintful itchy red rash excatly as everyone else described. at first I thought it was bug bites, I went to doctor 3 times and to no avail. I now know that this was the bra.

  164. I have been sick over what was causing my painful sores. It all makes sense, since it began after a bra fitting and purchase for a new push up bra to wear with my mother of the bride dress. It rash seemed to be slowing down, until after the wedding on saturday when within hours new sores appeared, and the pain has just begun. This rash is like nothing I have ever seen before. They react to meds in that you can’t seem to do anything to heal them. Burn, pain, itching, stress….it truly does make you sick.

  165. I have experienced what others describe on three occasions over the past 4 years. The first experience I developed a rash and a quater size blister which took months to heal. I contacted VS and they said it was not there bra, but sent me a $50.00 gift card in exchange for sending the bra and signing a legal document stating by accepting the gift card I would not be able to take any legal action against them. Of course I did not send back the bra and or utilize the gift card. I was left with a scare, I did however continue to wear a different brand (Pink) which did not have an effect until about 6 mos ago. I had purchased a new pink bra and the first couple of time I wore it I was fine, Then one day an itchy rash began to develop and it was the same area as before. I immediatly stop wearing the bra. I continue to wear my old bras and just this past week I developed a itchy rash and a blister twice the size as the last one in the same exact spot. It is painful and I know it will leave and awful scar just like the last time. I went on line and wanted to see if other people were still haveing isses with VS and you current today there are still postings of this happening to women everywhere…. And still VS has not done anything…. I will be seeking legal advice I am not sure the long effects this could possibly have.

  166. I had gone to vs and bought bras and panties. I noticed a rash in between my legs a couple of days later. Than i experienced survere itcing that lasted for months. I went to so many doctors they could never find anything. They would perscribe cream (anti itch). I could not sleep at night I kept taking showers to try to get rid of it off my skin which in turn started getting raw from showers. I would bag my clothes and sheets and wash them everyday. Never than relating it to vs. I went back again and got more bra’s. I was trying them on in the dressing room by the time i got home the itching was horrible. I thought I was going crazy. I never really wore vs bra’s. So I feel that it definitley was related to there bra’s and panties. It took me months and many doctors visits till it finally went away. No one could find anything wrong they did not know why this was happening. I felt like i was going crazy. Than when i stopped buying there bra”s and underwear i noticed it stopped after a few months. Thiswas a terrible experience for me and my family. I was living off of no sleep and had a job and two kids to take care of. When I spoke to other people this has happened to. I did’nt feel so alone. I racked up doctors bills. Thank god for insurance.

  167. I am so happy to have found this site. I’ve been wearing VS bras for years. A couple of weeks ago I started to get really itchy, burning sensation on my breast. It itches so bad I scratched my whole chest leaving welts and scars. About one week ago it started around my bikini area. I only have VS undies and bras so I now know for sures it’s the brand. Thank u all for posting. I’ve been going crazy changing soaps, detergent, and changing the bed sheets. I will continue to use cortisone cream and not VS anymore.

  168. This is insane…..I’ve spent MONTHS trying to figure out what is wrong with my skin….I’ve worn VS bras my entire life–Purchased the “showstopper” bra at the beginning of this year and started getting rashes under my arms and on my breasts this summer–at first I thought it was the heat but when it persisted into the fall I knew it was something else….I ve changed soaps, laundry detergent, lotion, perfume and have been to the dermatologist 5 times…All the same diagnosis-used cortisone and liquid Clindamycin but nothing works–It always comes back and burns like fire….I even started researching breast cancer to see if I had a misdiagnosis for Paget’s Disease!!! Does anyone know how to get in touch with lawyers in this class action suit?! This is ridiculous!!

  169. I haven’t gotten any rashes, but I have noticed that all of the bras I bought from there recently started to have an acrid, nauseating smell to them after about a day. Even after washing them several times it won’t go away. Is anyone else noticing this?

  170. I would like to join the lawsuit against V.S. I recently began wearing new V.S. Bras and have developed a rash exactly where the bra touched my skin. I can’t sleep at night sometimes because I wake up itching like crazy. I can’t believe this company is letting this happen after all these years of complaints! If anyone can give me more information about pursuing a lawsuit against V.S. Please let me know.thank you very much!

  171. I got my first VS bras in May and started the same rash stuff and changed detergents to no avail the rashes wouldn’t stop. I have been to a dermatologist and told to do the hydrocortisone cream and allergra over the counter. Welts on my shoulders and under my breasts. I have the pictures to prove it. Funny thing is everytime this occurred I was wearing VS Bra. All this time I thought I was going crazy and it must be stress or something in my environment causing this. I never connected the dots but I have been wearing the Daisy Fuentes and the rashes have disappeared all together. So glad I know my cause. I guess I will continue shopping Kohl’s for my Bras.

  172. I have had my VS strapless bra for about a year now and I decided to wear it under a strapless top for the 1st time. The next day I noticed an itching on my back and the area just under my armpit while at work but didn’t think anything of it. When I got home my back was really itching badly.. As I pulled off my coat I reached back to scractch this afwful itch and felt my hand fill w/ a watery liquid. I knew I didn’t scratch that hard, so I went to take a look in the mirror. I found two 5 inch blisters running across my back along my bra line, And although scratching had popped the blisters they refilled with the watery liquid immediately and they itch like crazy. I have had to stay in my bedroom as I can not put a shirt or bra on due to the itching and fabric rubbing on the oozing blisters.I am concerned about healing and scarring and trying to figure out how to go to work w/o wearing a bra until it is something that can even be considered. Who knew a sexy bra could cause such issues and discomfort???

  173. I too, like @Jamie, have not gotten a rash, but my Fabulous by VS bra REEKS after wearing it for one day. Its almost like a horrible case of body odor. At first I thought it was just the bra making me produce more sweat, until I decided to do some research and found multiple complaints about the smelly bra. I read that when the padding it against the skin, the heat causes the smell. There was also comments about VS shipping their bras overseas and using formaldehyde to preserve the fabric, and this is a possible reason as to why so many women are experiencing rashes. With how much each of those bras cost, this is just ridiculous. I am the 172nd person to comment about this and yet NOTHING has been done. Horrible, just horrible.

  174. Thank God I found this. For years I thought it was just me. I’ve been buying VS bras for years and I’m sitting here at work about ready to pull the damn thing off. I have discoloration and scarring from years of wearing thier bras. I’ve probably spent thousands of dollars and still have this problem. I just got a new one a few weeks ago and the odor from wearing it only a day or two is unreal! I’m not a sweaty or smelly person anyway….this is all new to me. How can we go about getting refunded for thiese shitty bras???

  175. I live in Toronto. In the summer I purchased about 4 bras from VC. For the first time… I started wearing them. Then about 4 months later I started to get a horrible itchy burning sensation on my boobs. It was so bad that I was waking up at night. I we t to my dr and she suggested I look at my bras. So my husband googled VC and found this info. I stopped wearing them straight away and all the redness and iitcyness went away. I was so surprised that such a big popular store has this problem..

  176. I bought 3 victoria secret bras(body by victoria,no wire,made in india). At the begging I had not connected this to the bras.The longer I wore them the worse the itching,redness,pain,scarring.

    My detergent is all natural, have been to the doctor and allergists.
    I wash well and after each use. I could not find my receipt so I was looking for a replacement online for another brand.

    None of my other clothes itch, of course my first clue. I wanted to warn others.If the company is willing to do this to customers,what about employees? I will never buy anything from VS again.!And the price………painful.

  177. I had the same problem with persistent rashes after buying new bra from VS in March 2012 and Calvin Klein in Nov. 2012. Never had this problem before. I contacted VS and they returned the money and asked me to destroy the bras, which I did. I don’t think it’s formaldehyde because other people don’t have reaction and washing did not remove it. More likely a component of the foam that is used or perhaps mites that live in the foam. Two of the bras were made in China, one in Shri Lanka. The allergy is very persistent and it takes a couple of weeks until it goes away.I have a strong allergy to dust mites. Therefore, my guess that it would be nice to have someone look under the microscope at these bras to find if there are no microscopic mites in the foam. Another option is the foam or the plasticising agent (the glue) contains residues of phenol and since it is (the foam) very dense the chemical cannot be removed by washing. Don’t have any problems with older VS bras that were also made in China nor with Triumph. I am surprised that the company did not stop the use of this technology in 4 years.

    I have been very itchy only under the bra & back were it hooks together, after getting something for the itching, I called Victoria Secrets & they said they had never heard of such problems. I have only used Victoria Secrets bras for seveal years, This is the frist time I had a reaction. I love this bra, its pink lining & sexy. I hate giving it up. I only had a rash with small bumps. VERY ITCHY. I will send it back.

  179. Yea yea add me to the list for itchy rash post wearing a VS push up very sexy bra! Dang! I love their braes, but for that price..?? It dang sure shouldn’t give me a itchy/painful red rash under and between my breasts!

    So I’ve done a little experiment..$10 Wal mart push up bra DOES NOT cause a rash but $60 VS bra does? DURNIT!

    Where’s that lawsuit? I need to sign it too!

  180. Sadly, this isn’t just limited to VS bras. I bought some Barely There bras and a Warner bra about 5 months ago, and just a little over a month ago started having the itching and rash. Through process of elimination (changed laundry detergent, stopped using my lotions, etc). After reading this and other blogs, I have come to understand it is my bras –other women have complained of the same issues with Barely There and other brands in addition to VS. The common thread? All are made in China. I am not against China per se, just the use of dangerous (and cheap) chemicals on or in our bodies. Luckily my rash is not as bad as some folks have described, best of luck to all of you.

  181. Unbelievable…… can companies continue to take the big profits from their below standard products!
    I too am a very disappointed consumer who after making a Xmas online purchase has 2 chemically smelling bras!…..
    And……Yes of course….they are made in China!
    VS…… will be the ones that loose if you don’t start listening to your consumer base!
    Why has there not been more in the press about this…….???????

  182. I have been a VS customer for years. I have always purchased the Very Sexy underwire bras. I had discovered a lump in my right breast right along side where the wire in the bra was, but thought nothing of it until one day decided to get it checked out. Well in May of 2007 it was confirmed that I had breast cancer. I also had some lymphnodes removed as well which leaves a scar in the armpit area. I was asked by doctors and nurses what type of bra did I wear and when I told them VS underwire, everyone told me to NOT wear them! I stopped for awhile but then I started wearing them again.In the last 3 years I developed an infection in my armpit area on and around the scar. The 5 year old scar has now opened up to nasty sore and is itching and oozes with and without blood. I have to change my shirts up to 3 times a day! Here in the last year I started to develope itchiness in my right breast as well. I dont know what is going on, but to have to deal with this everyday for the last 3 years has been painful, not to mention embarissng! I cannot wear anything that shows your underarms. Everything has to be short sleeve or long sleeves. I dont know what to do. I wished I could add a picture so everyone could see how horrbile this looks. Has anyone else have expierenced what I have?

  183. I never imagine something like this will happen to me and of course not with vs products this is my 5 day in pain and I. Don’t have insurance and I can’t afford to pay a doctor visit I don’t. Know what to do I will like to sued the company because they don’t want to pay my doctor visit or treatment that I will needd. S count me in my phone # is 2534322743

  184. Yes Hives hives and more hives all along the parts of my body where only the bra touched it’s as if I am wearing a bra made up of huge welts and hives :( I am devastated and so itchy my VS Bra goodness

  185. I can’ t believe this problem is still ongoing with so many women aft 4 years! I, too, had problems with VS bras quite some time ago, stopped wearing them and the rashes & itchiness went away. I switched to Cacique bras sold by Lane Bryant with no probs at first. Now i’m back to having an even worse rash and severe itching. The rash left behind skin bumps, like skin tags, btwn my breasts! Has anyone else had probs with Cacique bras, too? What the heck is going on with bra manufacturers?!?

  186. I went to the doctor yesterday because I had this horrible rash around my bra strap area that itched like crazy. I was wearing victoria secret bras. My doctor told me I was having an allergic reaction to something in the elastic of the bra and to stop wearing it. She prescribed me a steroid cream in hopes of clearing up the rash. If anyone has any information on the class action lawsuit against Victoria Secret please let me nkow

  187. I have been wearing Victorias secret bras for 20 years and never had a problem until now. I recently purchased two new Body by Victoria full coverage bras, that smelled strange upon opening package. I washed them as usual and have worn them each once and developed a painful red welt like rash under both breasts where the cup support is. This is horrible and it also created a strange odor. I am currently waiting permanent dissability and have no health insurance to have this looked at. Help!!!

  188. I too purchased a sports bra late 2012 and shortly after developed a rash on my right breast. I thought it was cancer. Severeal doctor visits and I never thought in a million years that it would be the bras. The rash was so bad that I had a discharge as the damage was done. I just found this page and will look further into this. I am in Canada and am not sure how many other Canadians have had issues.

  189. I just broke out last week around my breast area and thought what the heck could be causing this itchy, stinging, burning rash. I went thhrough the most common ideas like, maybe I ate something? but the rash is only showing up in this area. I put some cortizone on it and it feels a little better in the morning, but by the end of the day oh my gosh, itchy again. I did a search by chance on the internet and came across all of these stories since 2008! I have had these bras for a couple of months then all of a sudden – very wierd. I am going shopping tomorrow for new ones, but am disturbed by the fact that so many women have reported this issue for quite a long time and this is still continuing to be reported as happening. There must be some accountability and responsibility by the company for their product. This company needs to seriously look at their quality assurance and chemicals used in their products.

  190. I’m 48 and had never worn VS bras before a few months ago. Within the last few weeks, I started noticing itchy spots on my breasts, especially on the sides where the “push-up” action happens and where the cups touch the breasts. There is no irritation from the band, straps, or metal fasteners. I assumed the allergy was caused by the Woolite I was using to wash the bras in, so I started to do some research on soap allergies. I’m not really an “allergic” person, so this had me puzzled. I ran across the threads on the VS allergies, and now it all makes sense! I’m just trying to figure out what it is in the memory foam that is causing this allergy. I don’t think it’s formaldehyde because that’s a commonly found resin in textiles and I’ve never had this reaction before to clothing. The VS bras that are causing this problem for me are the Body By Victoria Push-ups.

  191. British Home Stores refused to believe me when I complained about intensely itchy rashes under the breast that recurred every time I wore their white Chinese-manufactured bras (bought summer 2008). They did the usual ‘no-one else has complained’ number and attempted to blame it on me. I even sent them one of the bras for testing, which they obviously could not be bothered to do. They refunded me for the bras, but I have been left five years on still unable to tolerate wearing any bra for long because the reaction I had has made my skin so sensitive. I live in England, and the medical treatment offered me was a mix of antibiotic, antihistamine and corticosteroid, which I was not so keen to use as I am a naturopath, and was convinced there was something in the bra that caused the problem, as no other bras produced this immediate and severe reaction. It is really great to read this accumulation of comments. I have also met other women who had similar problems. I wondered whether it might be the hard edge of the nylon trim that rubbed, but you would not expect a rash like a heat rash to form.

  192. It’s happened to me twice and I never could figure it out. I changed laundry detergents, soap, etc and no relief. I just purchase a new bra from VS and the pattern repeated. I have thrown both bras out and not wearing them anymore. The itch everyday gets better. Will never get bras there anymore. The itch was unbearable

  193. I have been having problems similar to these for over 7 years now.. It started as a red sore that itched and continue to get wose, turning into a boil that several times had to be drained.. I am still having medical problems that have continued all this time from the Victoria secet bra.. I have even had to have surgery on the area.. I have several scars under my brest due to this..

  194. I have the same problem with rashes and scars under and in between my breasts from Victoria Secret bras. I’d like to be apart of the class action law suit.


  195. I just recently purchased the Body by VS push up and I’ve been wearing it for a few weeks. I’ve had a constant headache, sweating, musty odor, rash, severe itching, and as of today shortness of breath. I contacted VS and they informed me that they have had no reports of any problems. They told me to wait for a supervisor to contact me. I feel stuck

  196. Wow, I just stumbled upon this because I was looking to find information about my rash. The rash is in between my breasts and underneath. I have been a VS customer and have worn their bras for years. I went to get a bigger size of bra (after being fitted) and bought several Body by Victoria bras at their semi-annual sale. Ever since, I have been getting this rash. I am worried it will scar. I haven’t changed lotions, medications, detergents, etc… and I never put my bras in the dryer. I am wondering if not wearing these bras will make the rash go away or if I am just stuck with it now.

  197. Updating my lingerie drawer, I brought underwired per una memory foam bras from Marks and Spencers in the UK. At first I was really pleased, they were soft and comfortable but I did I immediately notice one of my breasts was itchy but just put this down to heat not the bra. However the itchiness got really intense to the extent that I couldn’t wait to take the bra off. It was under the arm and around the nipple area. I couldn’t see any rash at first, just intense itching that subsided when I took the bras off and had a shower. But months on the penny has dropped, particularly as I noticed that the problem is more related to the white bra not the black bra. I now have a small area of exama type spots and flaky skin. Funny enough it is particularly the white bra that causes the instant reaction. I am going to the DR to get it checked out as I know that some forms of breast cancer give similar symptoms but I really think that it is the material in the bra cups. If I leave the bra off the itching dies down – trouble is I threw all my old bras out!! Imagine my surprised when I googled and came across this thread and to see that it started in 08 and is still running! The bras are made in china. Anyone else have this trouble with Marks and Spencer bras from the UK? I am now having to go and find some non padded bras that have a good fit. I hope this post helps anyone else in the UK experiencing the same problems and not putting two and two together. We are not good at complaining here! I also hadn’t given it a thought as to the type of metal used in the underwiring. So will check that out too. I also initially purchased a padded bra in a different range over the internet from M&S, it didn’t fit so I returned it, but I did notice a really strong unpleasant strong chemical smell when I opened the plastic packaging. The per una bras are sold on hangers so I didn’t notice any strong chemical smel. I will take my bra back to M&S and see what they say. However, I would stress you do need to see a Dr to make sure that these symptoms are not breast cancer.

  198. I am shocked but glad to see I am not the only one with this issue. I only and I mean only ware the Bombshell bra because I have small breasts and these help me not to feel like I have the chest of a 12 year old boy. However 2 weeks ago I started to get very ichy under the bra and between my breasts. A lady I work with said do you ware VS? and I replied with yes, and she said right away it was my bra! I couldnt believe her…3 days later I had to leave work and head to a walk in clinic because I was in so much discomfort and pain, they gave me two shots, and two rounds of different steroids to take. After this occured I finally started to believe her and I see all of your post for the same things.

    Its so strange to me I have been waring these bras for 3 or more years and now just all of a suddon they are breaking me out. well I am going to start waring a new push up I got at target last night. It wont add 2 cup sizes but maybe and hopefully my rash will go away and I wont have horrible scaring or I will be lived!!

  199. I have had a terrible rash, itching, scabbing, bleeding on my back for almost a year. The itching keeps me awake at night. There is considerable scarring. i’ve been changing soap, diet, everything to figure out the cause. This morning, on a whim, i decided to Google “Allergy” and “Victoria’s Secret Bra” and i was shocked at what came up! I have worn VS bras for 20 years or so. Last June I purchase two new bras–new styles because they no longer make the style i wanted. One of the styles is “BODY BY VICTORIA RACERBACK DEMI” and it is made in China. Something needs to be done. I can’t find any recent info on that class action lawsuit that was filed in 2008. Does anyone know what is going on with this now?

  200. I have had the same problem….it cause my breasts to itch and hurt its so painful that I can’t even touch them….and they itch constantly…. its very frustrating…..

  201. I have this problem too! Has anyone found something that helps the rash go away or at least feel better? I’ve tried all kinds of things and nothing seems to help. Finally realized my VS bras seemed to be causing it, and stopped wearing them but the rash hasn’t gone away after a few weeks.

  202. Omg! My VS very sexy bra started corroding on the rings where the bra straps connect to the bra. this corrosion caused a itchy painful sore in my back that went away after I didn’t use the bra anymore, but I have had itchy, sore, sensitive skin right in that spot ever since. There are no visible markings on my skin, but it is super irritated all the time.

  203. I am experiencing similar symptoms, itching and rash also and never had an issue until I purchased several vs bras. The Fabulous, to be exact. I stopped wearing them but still have symptoms.

  204. I am sitting here in amazement! You have no idea how much money I have spent on dr’s, tests and medicines to try to figure out what is causing my rash! and to think it could be my $50 bras, im in shock!

  205. WOW, I am going through the same, red bumps that itch and sting like crazy under my breast and on the sides , the left breast bothers me most very red and itchy bumps, I thought it was a heat rash , for I ride horses in the hot humid weather and sweat , but never had this problem before until i bought a VC push up bra. Great.

  206. I\’ve been a VS customer since 1999. Never found a bra to fit me good, until I started using VS (t-shirt bra and cotton ones) About a year ago I started having those rashes. Went to my doctor and she prescribed an ointment that somehow helped with the itching and redness. My skin went from red to normal, but I kept using the bras because it was hard for me to find another brand with the right fit. That was the worst thing I could\’ve done. Now instead of red skin I have this two brown patches under each breast where the underwire used to touch. They\’re not going away, not even getting lighter with ointments or medicine. What was before an area of my body I was proud of, it is now an uncomfortable and gross looking place. I can\’t wear a swimsuit because those two dark patches show under my tops. And let me make clear that I wash my bras by hand and never dry them in dryers, because I know it damages the fabrics and fibers, also your skin. I wish I could show a picture of my current condition to help others understand how important is to take action before the condition gets worse. My skin went from a simple dermatitis to something else. If you don\’t have any problems with VS bras, it\’s up to you to keep buying from them.. But if you\’ve had this rash or other symptoms mentioned here, please take action, don\’t wait until is too late and you cant get rid of the scars.The bras that gave me the first rash (cotton line) were made in Thailand.The rest were made in China ( t- shirt line). As I\’ve heard VS is not the only company with this kind of situation.Something has to be done.

  207. The accurate diagnosis of any skin lesions can be made by histologic examination of a skin biopsy. However, clinicians must gain the clinical acumen to correctly identify common benign skin lesions and to distinguish those skin conditions that do need a biopsy and possible further treatment. *,;^

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  208. I live in Australia and i bought my VS bras while holidaying in the US, ever since then i have been getting these rashes, they are so irritating and ugly, I always knew it was only when i wore one particular bra (my VS one) but it’s doing it with both now. I love VS but seriously what a joke, people are already self conscious enough, women dont need this making them feel worse, i know i dont. :-(

  209. I have develop a rash by using the angels secret embrace convertible strapless bra . It happen before but now I definitely know its the bra it’s a rash line on both side redness the skin is pealed off. It burns and it hurts ant it’s itchy. It’s a horrible sensation for sure ill get a horrible scar. It looks like a burn :(

  210. This is unbelievable and scary – I developed a burn mark on the outer breast area where the “wire” outline was this past Monday within an hour of putting on my bra that I purchased in march and have worn it many many times before and finally had to remove my bra at work – I noticed my bra fabric felt damp but I just assumed that is what caused my burning raw sensation. Then I returned to wearing the same bra again for a couple of days Friday and again Saturday – then around 10:30 pm on Saturday night I started feeling a raw burning sensation on my nipple and surrounding breast tissue. Within 10 minutes of this burning sensation I had to remove my bra but it was too late my tissue was already raw and burnt , I again noticed that the fabric was damp. It was extremely painful the next day still so I went to the hospital and ended up getting an oral antibiotic and a topical antibiotic ointment as I was already showing signs of infected areas on the breast tissue. I have done nothing different nor have I used new products detergents soaps creams or deodorants. I’ve never heard of such a thing happening? What is in the bra that’s labelled Demi lined ? It feels like a gel padding ? Is this what is causing these burns on people ?

  211. I bought vs bras for the first time a couple of years ago when they finally expanded options for the DD sizes. I bought 3 different styles and within a week, after trying washing them and cornstarching them in case it was heat rash, I had to take them back due to a BRA SHAPED rash on my breasts. I was able to get a full refund and started looking into the bras. turns out it is the POLYURETHANE lining they use. it contains formaldehyde. (this is a fact, when you look up the chemical makeup). It took almost a month of itching and peeling for the rash to go away completely. Other brands use it as well, I know Bali does and Vanity Fair caused a similar reaction when i tried them (they list nylon and spandex, but spandex has formaldehyde in it as well.) i took the other brands back as soon as the itching started. I think manufacturers should be required to list all materials. I have come across numerous bras that do not list what the lining and padding is made of, it is ridiculous.

  212. I bought a vs very sexy push up bra back in 2009, i didnt get to wear it very many times because i got pregnant and since then have not fit into it. Well i got it out a week or two ago and i wore it on and off. About two days ago i noticed blood streaks on the wire line around my rib cage and a tiny rash. Well i didn\’t think it could be my bra. I wore it all day yesterday and i woke up this morning and my rib cage is red with a rash as well as the bottom half of each breast. It is very itchy. I looked it up on the web and found this site, thank god! I have only had the rash for like 3 days total so i am hoping it will go away fast and will not last to long. I am going to try cortisone. Also…which may or may not be related…i just finished nursing my one year old like a month ago and this last week i saw that my bra was soaking wet on one side…and it felt very oily and looked shiny…i thought that i randomly was leaking (even though my milk was gone) but now i am not sure what happened there…

  213. omg! ABOUT 4years ago i too bot 2 bras from VS stared witha small rash and itchy, I washed them a couple of times just to make shore they were clean but, still the rash did not go away so i returned them. I was ready to argue with the sale lady and show her my rash but, she was very nice and returnee my money. I then went to Macy\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’s.
    Now i just had a baby and gained wight and my boos got big i am now a 36DDD I saw a sale at Cacique bras, and was really happy to fined a nice bra that fit, after wearing and washing it i am getting a milled rash. I thought it was this diet pills but, i stop taking them but, the rash did not go away. This weekend i did not use the bras and the itching has come down but,i still have marks. this is way i stared looking for answers as to y and came to find this site. Know i am going to have to forget about using my $25 off coupon on a Cacique bras,.

    women with large breast is not easy to fine good support and stylish bras so, it really suck :( when you think you have found the jack pot and the manufacturing of this bras don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’t care what material they use just a long they can make a buck!!!!!!!

  214. It\\\’s still happening, and it isn\\\’t just VS bras. I bought a couple of Hanes bras that had polyurethane cups. At first wearing (bra was laundered first), I developed an itchy rash, but I assumed it was a heat rash because I had worn it all day walking around in 85-90º heat. It itched, and burned and took a couple of weeks to clear. I didn\\\’t connect it to the bra at first.

    But then about a month later, I put the bra on again and wore most of the day. I noticed the itch again, and took it off. Later that night, I woke itching and my whole chest felt like it was on fire. The itching was as intense as it gets with poison ivy, but it burned as well.

    I got up and looked in the mirror. I looked like someone had traced the outline of the cups onto my skin and filled the shape in with sunburn. The chemical burn was exactly the shape of the bra cups on both breasts, even down to a straight line at the sides and a pointed top where the cups were sewn to the straps. This left no doubt as to the cause of this agony.

    I don\\\’t have sensitive skin, really. And I\\\’ve been wearing bras with no problems for around 45 years, so I am not going to be someone who accepts being told it is somehow something I did, or that I have a random infection or preexisting allergy.

    It is only those bras that caused the reaction. This second episode of intense itching and rash started about 5 days ago, and I have not worn those bras since. But while it is starting to fade to splotches instead of solid areas of inflamed skin, it is still mighty uncomfortable, and it still burns and itches enough to affect my daily activities.

    I\\\’m very concerned that bra manufacturers have been aware of this potentially disfiguring reaction, and seem quite happy to continue to manufacture and sell the offending materials. I\\\’m not surprised, though. It seems profit comes before anything else.

    I\\\’m worried at how this will all heal, but I\\\’m very sad for those of you who have had extreme and disfiguring consequences. It\\\’s another lesson in how little we can trust companies to put our health in front of the bottom line.

    Lesson learned.

  215. I was thunderstruck to have found this webpage. I had not heard of these lawsuits and bought three VS bras this past spring. Since then I have been dealing with bad rashes around the bra area which have spread to my arms. Some otc remedies have helped part of the rash but nothing seems to be helping the rash on my arms (at bra level). I am going to need to see a doctor, and I don\’t have insurance. Who would I contact about the class action suit?? I am otherwise in good health and have never before had a rash like this.

  216. I purchased two VS Incredible bras. Approximately 1 year later while wearing one of the bras, I broke out in such a profound rash ALL OVER MY BREASTS, there was essentially a RED BRA-SHAPED continuous hive, that I had to go to the doctor. I felt as though the allergic reaction was actually affecting my breathing. It was awful. I was on Prednisone and Atarax for the itching which helped immensely. However, the reaction lasted approximately 4 days. When I went back to VS and asked about the bras, I was told no, they were just redesigned and that they had never heard of an issue like mine, and that perhaps I was just allergic to elastic. Because I had not heard anything in the news about such a strange occurrence I thought it must be just my bad luck. NOT TRUE! This company should FALL ALL OVER ITSELF making sure this never happens again. VS pretends to be all about women, but whatever is in their bras is MAKING WOMEN SICK.

  217. I purchased two VS Incredible bras. Approximately 1 year later while wearing one of the bras, I broke out in such a profound rash ALL OVER MY BREASTS, there was essentially a RED BRA-SHAPED continuous hive, that I had to go to the doctor. I felt as though the allergic reaction was actually affecting my breathing. It was awful. I was on Prednisone and Atarax for the itching which helped immensely. However, the reaction lasted approximately 4 days. When I went back to VS and asked about the bras, I was told no, they were just redesigned and that they had never heard of an issue like mine, and that perhaps I was just allergic to elastic. Because I had not heard anything in the news about such a strange occurrence I thought it must be just my bad luck. NOT TRUE! This company should FALL ALL OVER ITSELF making sure this never happens again. VS pretends to be all about women, but whatever is in their bras is MAKING WOMEN SICK.

  218. I was wearing a vs secret bra this summer. I started itching around my breasts and around the bra line. I thought it was just the heat so I just kept adjusting my bra straps. A few weeks later I had developed what looks like a few bug bites and a rash on my right lower breasted and bra line. I had never had rashes in this area before in my life. I am trying to treat it with cortisone cream. I now am sure it is the vs bra. These bras are dangerous. I want to be part of the class action lawsuit.

  219. For 5 years I thought I suffered from psoriasis on my breats, and never in my life would I have thought that the cause was my bras. I do not have psoriasis anywhere else on my body except for my breasts. Coming across all of these forums has brought me to tears because I thought there was nothing I could do and I was bound to live with this rash forever. This past week, after wearing one of my VS bras, it has gotten SO BAD, pustular bumps, red hot itching, burning, you name it. I’m almost positive I’ll suffer from scarring since the area has lost all pigmentation. For years doctors told me I had some type of rash, dermatitis, etc., and nothing fixed the problem. Finally yesterday a doctor told me I’m having an allergic reaction to my bra and now here I am, blown out of my mind seeing that I haven’t been the only one!

    If there is not a current class action suit against Victoria’s Secret, I will happily start a new one.

  220. For 5 years I thought I suffered from psoriasis on my breats, and never in my life would I have thought that the cause was my bras. I do not have psoriasis anywhere else on my body except for my breasts. Coming across all of these forums has brought me to tears because I thought there was nothing I could do and I was bound to live with this rash forever. This past week, after wearing one of my VS bras, it has gotten SO BAD, pustular bumps, red hot itching, burning, you name it. I’m almost positive I’ll suffer from scarring since the area has lost all pigmentation. For years doctors told me I had some type of rash, dermatitis, etc., and nothing fixed the problem. Finally yesterday a doctor told me I’m having an allergic reaction to my bra and now here I am, blown out of my mind seeing that I haven’t been the only one!

    If there is not a current class action suit against Victoria’s Secret, I will happily start a new one.

  221. My first purchase of a vs bra my breast was on fire burning, itching, welting an itch that you have to scratch. I had swelling and very red irritated breast after being scared to death that I had inflammatory breast cancer my test came back clear yet doctors couldn’t say what caused my sudden rash I was told perhaps dry skin I was given hydrocortisone cream and sent on my way. Needless to say I didn’t want to hear that I had all of a sudden developed dry skin that attacked my breast only as nothing else on my body showed signs of dry skin. So this sent me on a mission after thinking back I hadn’t had a change in diet, detergent, environment so that led me to clothing the only thing new was the bras. So I stopped wearing them took great care of my breast washing moisturizing making sure they were clean and dry, my breast started clearing up getting back to normal and then just to see if it was the bra I put it on and bam! I’m scratching burning like crazy swollen and welted and red again. So that sent me to the www and lo, and behold I see I’m not the only one that connected the dots. Complaints of similar issues since 2008. Formaldehyde really vs really wow. I’m relieved to find out the problem so that I can fix it by never purchasing a vs bra ever again

  222. I just recently bought a VS bra and after washing it the smell is absolutely horrid. I thought maybe it was my well water. I tried washing it over and over with different ways, detergent. Everything. It still smells to high heaven. When I tried to wear it, it burns. These bras cost women lots of money and for what?….to risk their health. I would be willing to be part of a lawsuit also. This is ridiculous VS

  223. So glad I found this website, I could not believe I could be allergic to a
    Bra. I purchased 3 lovely VS bras while on holiday in Florida in December 2013 but every time I try to wear them I break out in red
    Itchy rash. This does not happen with my other bras from other
    manufacturers. I intend to complain to VS on my return to Florida
    this year and am interested to hear an explanation considering what
    I have read here on this site.

  224. I used a cream called utter cream. Normally used by farmers but it worked. You can also use heavy diaper rash cream. Wash with a mild soap, even medical soaps will work. And keep the area dry. Get a bra that has good lift and separation (cotton is good until you heal) Keep the area dry. Weight loss is also a plus.

  225. I have battled this rash, bumps, hives, swelling, believed to to PUPPS (pregnancy rash) half way through my pregnancy is 2012. I was enduced 2 weeks early to see of my rash would cleared. I laid in in labor medicated on Benadryl even after my delivery. I still am batteling and just had a biopsy last week to my dermatologist. My obgyn, 2 family doc and now dermatology. Before my biopsy he said I think it may he your bra it’s only on your breast in the cup part. I get my result the end of the week but I set aside my my VS bras and now my breast finally seem to be clearing up after TWO years of misery. In the summer I would go insane scratching and bleeding and it kept spreading across my chest. So many people go through this torture and hell they need to pull these bras and not sell them if they keep putting junk like this in their bras!!!!

  226. Here I am joining the club for the same reason, I too have a complaint about the VS bras, I bought a strapless bra and decided to wear it for Mother’s Day since I was going to wear a long strapless dress that evening to go out with my kids and husband, well the weather was good and everything went fined until we got home and I was removing my VS strapless bra…..OMG the worst pain I have felt on my back, my 14 year old daughter which is also a VS lover just like me, looked at my back and was shocked , my skin had peeled off completely and was bleeding, I have been in pain and not wearing a bra for days, needless to say I have not been out of house since that day waiting for my skin to heel. I can’t believe that after so many complaints VS has done nothing to at least help us!!

  227. I wa doing a google search on sjin discoloration and stumbled on this. I wear VS push up and I have sever discoloration on my back exactly where my bra hooks. I don’t and have never had a rash on breasts but the discoloration and severe intchiness of the middle of my back is worrisome. I thought I had a allergic reaction to metal but I never get irritated by earrings or deoderant. My fav bra is the vs bra I bougt in 09. crazy to think it may be the culprit of my discolored back.

  228. About 6 months ago I decided to use a gift card I received to vs. Anyways I bought 2 Demi bras . I know one of them was called fabulous and let’s just say I love the way it fit and made my breasts look at first, that was until I really wore it and broke out in a fabulous rash. I had a few bra’s from other places and I never broke out like this on my breasts before. I know it was the bra for sure now after finding this. I don’t know how they can get away with making so many people suffer with this rash. I was practically scratching my skin right off , unbearable itchiness and I was trying everything. These bra’s aren’t cheap and this is ridiculous .

  229. Wore my vs very sexy push up bra, and had itching under the wire so scratched it and when pulled my hand away it was oily. Thought to myself thats weird that I am sweating so much and was trying to remember putting on lotion that it would feel oily. I decided to take the bra off as I had been wearing it all day and was home getting ready for bed. When I took it off I noticed red bumps on that side under my breast where the underwire was, none on the other side (so far). and the underside of my breast was all oily. Out of curiosity got on line and googled leaking vs bras and found all these posts. I told my husband what I found out and asked him if Formaldehyde was oily…he said yes, and is now very concerned about the risk of having that carcinogen seeping into my breast all day. I am horrified that a huge company like VS is charging so much for these bras and putting so many women at risk for cancer, the least they are doing is maiming the very thing they are in business to make beautiful. What I do not understand is why they are still able to sell these bras???

  230. I can’t believe how similar our stories and experiences are!!! I bought a VS push up about two weeks ago. I thought it was because I did not originally wash the bra that this happened BUT after finding hundreds of these stories I know this is not the case. My skin under the cups and wiring has also become oily and had a damp feeling like sweat. The itching was and still remains unbearable…always having to find privacy to satisfy this itching at work!!! I have sores especially at the bottom of my breasts and putting lotion on has not helped at all!!! Gold Bond calms the itching slightly but the only thing for almost complete relief is not wearing the bras at all!

    ..and since I finally found others who have this issue I do recall this happening a while back again when I purchased a VS bra. I just never put the two together.

    Has anyone called VS??? So UNBELIEVABLE that they are still on the shelf!!!

  231. I had the same problem. First vs purchase. I washed my bra before I wore it. I broke out in a rash within a couple of hours. I knew it was the bra right away. I do get heat rash but this was not the same. (Now I know why) I threw the bra away. 40.00 bucks in the trash.

  232. I was looking over the internet to check if there was some information on a rash that I always get after using 2 bras I have from VS. Glad I stop by this post as I thought I was being crazy.

  233. OMG i have the same problem i never had this problem before with my other and cheaper bras i brougth an VS bra the pink line everytime i wear that bra i get a blister so bad on the side of my back!!!!! only from this one bra i wear its i only wear it when i go out but when i take it off i get a horrible mark that sworn!!!! im call VS tommorrow

  234. I recently bought two bras that caused a rash all over my breasts I was also affected just before the time of the original crap class-action lawsuit. I didn’t make the connection until after I had thrown the bras away and the rash and cleared up. I didn’t shop Tori is secret for a long time but I finally bought two bras recently figuring that the problem wasn’t a problem anymore, especially considering that they were being sued over it. I contact Victoria secret about my issue. They gave me a link to the survey specifically about my rash. I decided not to return the bras to them and instead would like to pursue legal options. I am horrified this is still being allowed to happen and that they will not admit any responsibility.

  235. It’s not just bras. I’ve never purchased any VS bras but I have purchased the swimwear. I recently purchased a VS bathing suit top. I’ve worn it 3 times and each time I break out in a rash of raw, oozing blisters around the back of my neck where it ties. The last time this happened, I started researching and came across this page. I am obviously fortunate to not have had the worst of the symptoms like some of the above but the first 2 times, the rash cleared in 4-5 days. This time around it seems to clear some and then blister again just a little. Was my fave bathing suit top but it’s officially retired before anymore damage is done. Hope the rest of you get or have gotten some relief!

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