Victoria’s Secret Class Action Lawsuits Filed Over Bra Rash and Scarring

At least three lawsuits have been filed against Victoria’s Secret seeking class action status for women who have suffered severe rashes, scarring and other skin reactions after wearing defective bras that were contaminated with formaldehyde.

According to numerous media reports, Victoria’s Secret has confirmed that reports have been received from a women who experienced severe reactions after wearing their Angels Secret Embrace, Very Sexy Extreme Me Push-Up and other bras. However, the company has denied that there is anything defective about the undergarments.

The Victoria’s Secret bra lawsuits allege that the severe reactions were caused by the presence of the industrial chemical formaldehyde, which is classified as a probably human carcinogen by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and can cause allergic reactions in some people.

The reported problems with the Victoria’s Secret bras have included the development of rashes, blisters, hives, welts and itching. In some severe cases, consumers have suffered permanent and disfiguring scarring to their breasts.

The first known Victoria’s Secret lawsuit over the contaminated bras was filed in May 2008 in Ohio, and at least two additional lawsuits have been filed recently in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida and the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York.

The cases seek class action status to represent all individuals who wore the bras and suffered damages.

The Victoria’s Secret class action suits allege that consumers were not adequately warned about the presence of formaldehyde and the risk of allergic reactions. The cases also claim that Victoria’s Secret knew or should have known that the garments were defective, yet they have continued to sell the bras.

Victoria’s Secret has maintained that formaldehyde is not used during the manufacturing of their bras and undergarments.

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  1. Veronica Reply

    What lead me to thus site is I bought a bra by Wacoal… Me with removable straps and it’s the elastic that runs around the borders of the bra and the cup line that keeps the bra in place, from moving around or falling. I wore it ONE DAY and noticed the itchy sensation immediately in the exact areas of this elastic, plastic, gel like band. I knew it was the bra immediately. I stayed away from the bra for 2 weeks and the itching went away. I then wore it one more time. The itching returned stronger this time accompanied by 2 welts on my back at the bra line. I took it off and the next day the welts opened up releasing pus. That’s what lead me to this research. One of the posters mentioned that it’s formaldehyde that’s being utilized in these bras. Formaldehyde is a carcinogen, a cancer causing agent. Topical creams that people are mentioning may relieve your symptoms but formaldehyde is a toxic substance. You must take steps to detox your body especially if you’ve been wearing the garments a while and just discovered this information. I wore these bras twice in my entire lifetime, and 5 days later I still have a noticeable welt on my back that still itches like crazy. I’m currently using an oral detoxificamt and exercising to sweat these toxins out of my system. Today visible bumps that were itchy appeared as I was exercising but I believe it’s because these toxins are leaving through my sweat and is very itchy as it leaves the body and it only itches around my chest area…. No where else. It’s disgraceful that this information is virtually unknown and lawsuits began in 2008 and yet these bras are proliferating the market in 2015!!!!

  2. Lisa Reply

    My $50.00 Victoria’s Secret bra gave me a severe,painful rash.

  3. Lisa Reply

    i dug out an old Victoria Secret bra while my regular was in the wash. I wore it a few times and oh my god, I remembered why I stopped wearing it. I am in agony with an itchy rash on my breasts. It is so unbearable. I took the lining off of it and it feels like a lately material. It’s made in China and it’s practically brand new, I’ve never washed it.
    It is such a terrible itch I cannot stand it.

  4. kaloveslinks Reply

    Washed newly bought panty and they have a STRONG CHEMICAL SMELL!!

  5. Tina Reply

    Victoria Secreta BBV, 3 Bras and a horrible rash. 2015 the issue continues to be ignored by VS

  6. coastalgal Reply

    I have worn VS bras for years with no problems, but I purchased a couple of Body by Victoria Perfect Shape bras a couple of months ago and have had severe problems since. I don’t have a visible rash but my breasts itch terribly and hurt. My nipples are so painful that I can’t hardly stand to have anything touch them. Went looking for answers on the internet and found this site. After reading this I truly think these new bras are the cause of my problems.

  7. Laney Reply

    I recently purchased VS bras almost 3 weeks ago, and almost instantly had a severe rash consume my breasts! It’s so painful, I’m forced to ice my breasts from the burning sensation this rash causes. It is a horrible NEED to scratch the rash and no itch cream seems to help eliminate the itch! Wearing bras are exrtremley painful at this point and its now interferring with my job duties as I work for a Fire Department. Is there anyone out there that has had any luck contacting VS directly regarding a refund or any help about this issue?? I have never had a rash like this or so severe in my life!

  8. Minazchi Reply

    I had purchased this orange push up bra and I used it for a few days all of a sudden I felt a burning sensation n something in the bra was burning my skin . I can’t believe this.

  9. Tess Reply

    I have the problem of bra leaking oil just yesterday. These were Victoria’s Secret bra. I stored all my bras in a nice box. Yesterday I pulled one out and put it on OMG in about two minute there was some liquid leaking out ! First it was leak then it was like gushing. So horrible I thought something had happened to inside my body. What a freaky incident. It was oil like liquid all over my chest. When I took it off it was dripping. It is just a mess. I called the customer service today. The first representative didn’t know anything about these bras. She then put me on hold and came back saying yes there are some complaint on this Very Sexy Bra that are push up and the filler is mineral oil filled. They can leak and drip they discontinue making it. She then transferred me to claim and complaint department. I said I have about 9 of these bras. I don’t want it. The lady then asked how many is leaking. She then offered me a gift card for the one that leak. I ask can I just mail them all to your company? She said you have to go to the store and see if they will take it. It is a defective bras and first thing she ask me can you look at the tag and tell me where it was made. It was made in China. She took down all the information and give me $9.99 for each bras. I paid for it like $40.00. They said that all they can do. She was being a bit sassy with me. I just said ok then tell me what other bras that have liquid inside. She said the only one now is Faburous bra which is filler with liquid cream. I would stay away from all these liquid filled. It a major mess and who know what chemical they dilute it with. Some of this chemical could cause cancer. So terrible. Very upsetting situation. I’m glad I didn’t wear it and went to work or out. It would have been an embarrassing moment for sure.

  10. DLR Reply

    I have a painful blister/sore about the size of a half dollar on my back after wearing a beautiful strapless bra I bought at VS PINK. It is tye dye color pink/purple. I have been enduring this pain for over two weeks now I am not healing. I have to work 10 hr days can not go bra less I am a painter & I wear white shirts. I am HURTING.

  11. GM Scarpa Reply

    Got physically sick from wearing a VS Demi bra yesterday. First notice a strong chemical odor coming from the bra after exercising, then soon after I had irritated eyes, nose, throat and breathing difficulty. Then the massive headache hit. I took it off, washed the area and went to bed. This morning I woke up with a slight headache. Soon after the severe stomach cramping started and diarrhea. I was walking my dog and had to hold on to my boyfriend, they pain doubled me over. I know that was not from something I ate, because I skipped dinner due to feeling ill. I know have bumps on both breast.
    Wondering if it is formaldihyde (I’ve been reading stories) or the foam padding?? Either way, VS bras are toxic! Buyer beware.

  12. Amanda Reply

    My vs pink bra burst and an oily substance leaked out causing skin redness and irritation:(

  13. Windy Reply

    I started with a rash on the side of my left breast approximately 6 weeks ago. It then appeared on my right breast in the same exact area as the left. Now I have a rash on my chest both breast and ribs. The rash is itchy and burning and painful. I went to a dermatologist and almost $500 later nothing the dermatologist has prescribed has helped. I have missed work and sleep. Out of despiration I was on the Internet trying to figure out what could be causing my symptoms. Low and behold I came across website after website about the victoria secret bra rash. I had just purchased a new VS bra about the same time mystery rash started. It was a style I had never worn before. I hadn’t connected the dots but as I read all the discriptions of the other “victoms” and see the pictures I am convinced this is exactly what is causing my rash! I have ANOTHER appointment scheduled with my dermatologist and I am going armed with this information hoping that there is something that will give me some relief. If there is anybody out there that has successfully gotten rid of this rash I would greatly appreciate the info!!!!!

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