Acer Aspire Notebook Recall: Risk of Overheating and Burns

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A defective microphone wire in some Acer Aspire-series notebooks could short circuit and overheat, resulting in a recall for about 22,000 computers.

The Acer laptop recall was announced on Thursday by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), indicating that Acer has received at least three different reports of computers that short-circuited and got hot enough to cause melting of the external casing. Although no injuries have been reported in connection to the overheating laptop computers, this could potentially cause users to suffer burns or result in property damage.

According to the CPSC recall announcement, the computers have a defective internal microphone wire located under the palm rest that can short circuit and overheat.

Several notebook computer recalls have been issued in recent years due to problems with overheating, starting with a 2006 Dell battery recall involving more than 4 million lithium-ion batteries that were found to overheat and potentially catch fire.

In September 2008, Sony recalled more than 430,000 VAIO-TZ series laptops due to wires that were misplaced internally that could overheat. In addition, Sony issued a laptop battery recall for about 35,000 lithium-ion batteries used in Toshiba, Dell, and Hewlet-Packard (HP) notebook computers in October 2008, after the company received at least 17 reports of computers bursting into flames due to the defective batteries.

In May 2009, an HP battery recall was issued for about 70,000 lithium-ion batteries after two reports of laptops erupting in flame. The recalled HP notebook batteries were used in certain HP and Compaq laptops.

The latest recall of Acer Aspire notebooks affects the Acer AS3410, AS3410T, AS3810T, AS3810TG, AS3810TZ and AS3810TZG models with 13.3-inch monitors. Not all of the computers in those series are affected by the recall, and anyone with one of those models should contact Acer to determine whether their notebook is affected by the recall and to receive a free repair.

The notebooks were sold through Radio Shack, ABS Computer Technologies, Fry’s Electronics, SED/American Express, only through and from a number of other retailers nationwide from June through October 2009 for between $650 an $1,150.

The CPSC recommends that anyone with an affected notebook should stop using the recalled computer immediately.

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  1. Morgan Reply

    my acer is Aspire 3102WLMi. Is it is the group to be recalled.?

  2. Charlie Reply

    I have a Aspire 6930 it works great should i worry?

  3. Olivia Reply

    how about AS4810TZ?

  4. Brad Reply

    where do i look on my computer to find if my computer is being recalled

  5. DUSTIN Reply

    I have an Acer 5538 that I bought through the book store through Shelton State Community College. I was wondering if my computer was one of the computers on the recall list.

  6. bonnie Reply

    i would like to know if my laptop is on the recall list i have a Aspire 5610-2762. thanks

  7. Melinda Reply

    I have Aspire 5532-5535 is it recalled?

  8. anthony Reply

    My acer Z65 was not more than 6 months out of the store when the screen just went black. I was in Iraq when it happened and unable to have it repaired. I got it fixed when i returned from iraq in Oct and it went again. Acer will not even give me recommendations since the warrenty is now gone

  9. Brittany Reply

    My acer has went through two charger in 2 weeks! and they are not cheap. my computer is melting them, and was smoking if i hadnt smelled the burning rubber it could have possible blew up. How come my moodel has not been recalled?

  10. John Reply

    my acer is Aspire 3102WLMi. Is it is the group to be recalled.?

  11. Jennifer Reply

    I bought an Acer Aspire 4810T-8480 on 7/28/09. I loved it until 5/18/10 when I turned it on, set it down, and picked it up 3-4 minutes later, and it burnt my thumb! Something must have shorted out or something. I moved my thumb to find a glowing orange hole about the size of a peppercorn with smoke coming out. I turned it off immediately, and no further damage was done, but I called Acer (in friggin’ India), and they transfered me to someone in Texas.(I live in WA). Now I’m without a computer for 2+weeks! WTF?

  12. SHAUNA Reply


  13. J Reply

    I have an acquaintance whose house just burnt down, and the fire investigator ruled the initial epicenter of the blaze originated exactly where his Acer Aspire notebook was located. Does he have any legal ground to pursue a lawsuit, and who should he contact?

  14. Betty Reply

    I have an acer aspire 5715Z/5315 series, have used it less than 5 times as the little box on the electric cord gets exteremely hot, I am afraid it could start a fire. Is my acer a danger?

  15. eddie Reply

    i have a acer 5100 it get so hot still now my sound dont work took too shop to repair in memphis tn couldnt repair say sent back too acer i hope someboby can help me with this issue i bought this lap top from office max horn lake ms

  16. Galr Reply

    I have three of the Acer 5532-5535, are they on the recall list? If so do I call Acer or take it back to the store I bought them from?

  17. angie Reply

    we have an acer as5725-4972 the outer caasting of the computer melted and caused two dime size burns to my son’s arm. Any one with similar story?

  18. Tammy Reply

    I have a 5610z an the front zaps me. Where can i find if this is a common issue. .

  19. terrence Reply

    i have a 4810T that has only worked for six months, and then it over heats, then the screen becomes black . change the screen it worked six over heated, and screen is black again. cost me the first time 140.00 to replace the screen will not replace it. what can i do?

  20. martha Reply

    My Acer Aspire 5630-6288 keeps getting hot enough to burn the hand. It then shuts off abruptly. I have to wait a few minutes to restart, get notification that start windows now. 2 years ago it was doing the same thing and I had to pay over $100 to have it fixed, since Circuit City went out of business about 4 months after I bought it (along with a 4 yr. insurance policy). Now this laptop is doing the same thing again. Is it under the recall?

  21. Barb Reply

    how about the 5810tz Battery My Computer Was Charging and i unplugged it and it cut off. I plugged it back in it came back on and it said 49& available (plugged in, not charging) when i unplug the battery it says, no battery is detected. I tried asking Acer but they want money upfront. Can some one look in to the problem. I think that this may is a faulty battery and i saw on the web other people having the same problem with acer battery.

  22. Jose Reply

    My Acer Aspire 5100 gets so hot my palm and finger tips hurt. I feel the tip of my fingers itch. I tried a high performance cooler and still would overheat. And just moments ago I lost connection to my disk driver.

  23. Ellen Reply

    I have an Acer Aspire 5251-1805, Is this part of the recall? Also, I am having problems with the battery holding a charge.

  24. marjorie Reply

    My Acer Aspire 5610z-2762 Box heats up and shuts me down is there a recall on my computer ???????

  25. Melissa Reply

    my acer model is aspire 5720-4126 was it in the recall?

  26. Tabatha Reply

    I have a Acer ZG5 and left corner burnt a bit and screen stays black!

  27. Diane Reply

    I have an Acer Aspire 5735z and the outer case is melting. We can not even turn on our computer anymore, because it seems to have short circuited. This looks like a HUGE problem for all of Acer’s laptops. Very scary stuff!

  28. edoc Reply

    Our Aspire 5535-5452 had had a chronic overheating problem since new.

    We have the bottom plate off, it’s sitting on a good quality laptop cooler, and it has a fan blowing directly on it — and it is still running so hot that it crashes now and then.

    We have tried several versions of Linux to see if that helps but it did not – in fact the version of Linux from which I am typing is designed for Netbooks and laptops and it keeps flashing a pop-up warning that thr Temperature is very high!

    I have read of many others with this problem. Sure seems to be a design defect that requires a recall or replacement.

  29. chuck Reply

    acer aspire 5538 comp. 5 months old. was workin with just battery power the battery went low, it shut down now when plugged in there is no power, no light up front or power to unit.

  30. tara Reply

    i have the acer aspire 5534 and it is overheating and i have gotton a few burns so far.. how do i konw if its a recall.

  31. Samantha Reply

    I need to know if my model has been recalled, Aspire 5515. It is always overheating and if you touch the battery area while it is on it will shock you.

  32. sam Reply

    I have an old ACER 3630, an ACER 5715 and the newest an ACER 5542.

    The old 3630 runs beautifully, never overheats, no probs. It’s a real workhorse.

    Both the 5715 and the 6m old 5542 overheat like crazy.

    The 5715 I just use infrequently as a back up machine (hey, the OS is Vista and such a quirky pain in the neck). The 5542 I’ve underclocked to 1100 (half its Mhz power) and use fan pads underneath both all the time.

    FWIW, my opinion is that ACER now overclocks and over-specs their laptops way beyond their capacity. The basic case and cooling design specs are completely inadequate.

    AND guess what I discovered with the 5542? THE FAN VENT UNDERNEATH WAS ACTUALLY BLOCKED – the factory hadn’t cut out the pre-molded vent slots. (I’m running it underclocked and well-cooled until it’s out of warranty, then I’ll slice the slots out – I really can’t be hassled with sending the machine back and all the aggravation that I know I’ll have to go through with service agents refusing to concede that the problem is ACER’s). Acer owners may wish to check the underside vents on their machines. I’ve read posts elsewhere reporting the same problem.

    Look at all the ACER overheating complaints here. We’re only using our laptops for what the box claims these machines can do. If I buy a 2200Mhz machine, I should be able to run it at that capacity instead of having to underclock it permanently.

    Surely there’s a not fit for purpose class action in this?

    Having been a loyal ACER customer for 7 yrs , sadly I’ll be looking elsewhere for my next machine.

  33. BRIAN Reply


  34. Jim Reply

    My Aunt bought an Acer Aspire 5542 laptop, she didn’t use it for the first year, now she has tried to use it the thing is overheating and shutting down. Please note that I am assuming its overheating as when it sits for a while it will work again for a short period of time and then shut down again. It will even shutdown while in the bios screen.

    How can I underclock this laptop? I don’t see anywhere in the bios menu to change the clock speed, there is actually very little adjustments available.

    The vent is blocked off below the computer, so I can’t even use a cooler as there would be no air flow, does anyone know if this a common problem?

    Best Regards,


  35. Sylvester Reply

    VERY BAD BAD DESIGN !!!!!! CPU running at 83c and GFX at 102 c when in use and then it shuts itself down !!!!

  36. Donna Reply

    I have a problem with my Acer 5534, when I plug it in the connection between the plug and the computer seems loose and you have to wiggle it round and apply pressure to it to get it to charge. Now it will not charge at all. My daughter purchased the same model and her’s is doing the exact same thing. Anyone have any ideas?

  37. Gail Reply

    I have Acer Aspire 5735-6211, I also have problems with charging my laptop. I had to wiggle the cord, apply pressure and/or hold the card in a certain position until it completes charging; now it will not charge at all. I plan to contact the company for repairs.

  38. gwendolyn Reply

    I have a Acer Aspire One zg5. It stop working four months after I received it. I send it back, the mother board was replaced, but it never really worked properly. Now it will not work at all.

    What can I do concerning this matter.
    Should I try to send it back again for repairs?

  39. Laurie Reply

    I have an Acer Aspire 5538 it is over heating and shutting down . it gets Hot in the upper left head area of the laptop. it started right when my warranty ran out and its not included in the recall . it’ eactly doing what the recall is for . I got it in end of September 2009. I use a notebook cooler to keep it cool but even that now doesn’t work. What can I do or anyone else with same model have this problem?

  40. Brooke Reply

    I have an ACER Aspire 5610-2089. It has overheated since the day I bought it. I even had a nasty burn on my leg from it. I had the fan replaced but it still does it. And just turns off when it gets too hot.
    What can I do about this if anything.

  41. debi lovejoy Reply

    Acer aspire 5515 battery won’t hold charge this is the second acer I have bought I am very disappointed. Somebody tell me something.

  42. Brenda Reply

    I have an Acer Aspire 5534 and it has always ran hotter than my previous computers, but now it overheats and shuts down all the time. After it cools fo a few minutes, I am able to turn it back on. It gets really hot.

    The battery also won’t stay charged for more than 20 minutes or less. I have never had this many problems with any computer I’ve purchased.

  43. Paul Reply

    I have an Acer 5742 / 5742z/5736z/5552/5336/5252 series (not sure which as all the material list all those #’s) The laptop is just out of warranty and heat up (especially the top left hand corner were it becomes to hot to touch) and then closes down.

  44. h.dewar Reply

    I have an Acer 5552-3942, and was looking up why it was sometimes overheating when I came across this site. Hopefully there is a recall as I have only had it 1 year.

  45. Mike Reply

    I have an Acer Aspire 5534, I overheated so much it won’t turn on at all anymore, the computer repair shop took it apart, the logic board (mother board) had the solder melted and shorted out. We took it home and plugged it in, sometimes it ran sometimes it didn’t, but when we plugged it in the charging side had fire shoot out of it.

  46. Rosie Reply


  47. david Reply

    i have an acer aspire 5542, i have had it for just over 16months , i have had problems with the keys falling off ,which were replaced under warranty ,but when the machine came back the computer started overheating ,after it cooled down windows would not start and would go into start up repair which would take up to 37hours to fix itself i sent the computer back to acer ,now out of warranty , i paid to have it collected and returned ,the engineers came back as a fan problem , i paid to have it fixed ,got the machine back when i turned it on it went straight into start up repair , it is exactly the same as when it went for repair , i have been very disapointed with the computer which never works and acer are a joke ,i will never buy an acer again such a rubbish product ,they should be ashamed

  48. Phaser Reply

    Computer service tech. Sometimes you just get what you pay for. They’re the most popular because they’re the prettiest yet cheapest. Acer/eMachines/Gateway, more-so than other manufacturers, cuts corners in places you can’t and won’t see. Looks great on the outside, but on the inside they use skimpy and sometimes scratched heatsinks, very poor quality batteries, and fail to perform adequate testing on products before they’re released to production. Some models ruin harddrives by running them too hot.

    When you buy products like these, you’re not just risking your own dime, but sending signal to other manufacturers to follow suit and cut more corners on their products. Their netbooks are okay, but avoid their laptops and desktops. Plenty of other choices available. Most consistently reliable (didn’t say perfect) and widely available brands include ASUS, Toshiba, Lenovo, Samsung, Dell, HP, Sony.

    On a side note, I just love it when people spend bottom-dollar on a computer then complain about how terrible Windows has been. They then spend nearly two and three times the cash on an Apple computer, then boast about how perfect their experience has been. Save now, pay (me) later. Pay now, save later. (…and don’t blame Microsoft when *you* keep infecting your computer either looking to get something for nothing or/and being gullible)

  49. mary Reply

    i got my daughters acer from walmart about two years ago and she would have to keep wiggling the charger to try and get it to work it worked for a little bit then stop so i got new battery and charger worked fine for about a week now if she trys to get on it will turn on but then shutts right back off

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