Zoloft, Paxil During Pregnancy May Delay Child Development: Study

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The results of a new study suggest that exposure to antidepressants like Zoloft and Paxil during pregnancy may delay infant developmental goals, such as sitting and walking. 

In the study, published in this month’s issue of the medical journal Pediatrics, Danish scientists at Aarhus University in Denmark found that children born to women who took antidepressants were later in hitting developmental milestones than children of mothers who did not.

Sifting through a database of 82,000 pregnant women, researchers examined 415 women who used an antidepressant, such as Paxil, Zoloft and Prozac, during pregnancy to combat depression, and 489 women with depression who did not. Among children born to these women, looking at the six and 19-month milestones of their development, researchers found that children exposed to antidepressants learned to sit upright 16 days later and to walk a month later than children who were not exposed to antidepressants.

Researchers concluded that the children still learned to sit up and walk within an accepted time frame for development, but it was clear that the antidepressants were delaying fetal brain development, which could result in a reversible or permanent effect on the brain. Researchers said the amount of developmental delay could also be affected by when the pregnant mother exposed the fetus to antidepressants.

The use of GlaxoSmithKline’s Paxil during pregnancy has already been linked to an increased risk of persistent pulmonary hypertension in newborns (PPHN) and other heart problems The drug maker faces more than 600 Paxil lawsuits, in which plaintiffs allege that GlaxoSmithKline hid test data and misled doctors and consumers about the risk.

Paxil (paroxetine) is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor prescribed to treat depression. Approved in 1992, it has become one of the most commonly prescribed drugs in the United States, with sales of just under $1 billion in 2008. GlaxoSmithKline has reportedly paid about $1 billion to settle lawsuits over Paxil, which have included allegations of birth defects and suicide. And with hundreds of Paxil birth defect lawsuits still pending, the company is likely to spend substantially more to satisfy jury verdicts or settle all Paxil cases.

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  1. Erick Reply

    Is there any evidence that makes it reasonable to conclude that these medications taken during pregnancy affect development into toddler years and beyond? My oldest, soon to be 4, has fits of uncontrollable screaming and crying and we’ve tried numerous methods of reasoning, discipline, positive reinforcement, with no positive results.

    With my oldest and my youngest, 2, their speech and linguistic skills are significantly underdeveloped compared to children of the same age.

    Potty training is also delayed compared to other children of some age.

  2. kathy Reply

    My son was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease. Renal Tubular Acidosis. Symptoms include:growth retardation; lowpotassium; bone disorders;kidney stones;kidney failure; etc. He outgrew this disease last year at the age of 5. He now has Inflammatory Bowl Disease and we are waiting to find out if he has Crohn\’s Disease. (GI issues) He has learning disabilities i.e. speach; major retrieval processing issues; visual spacing and memory problems as well as regressed physical and emotional maturation. He will be 7 in june. I on the other hand was not on any meds. with my second child. She just turned 4. The children are just about the same hieght. She has no issues with health and learning disabilities. etc. I wanted to know if the issues with my son may be related to the Paxil I took during my pregnacy? The comments made by the parent Erick on March 2010 fit my son as well. Iwas going to contact the top nephoroligist in the contry ( he was my sons first doctor) in regards to the amount of women on the meds and the link to the kidney disease.

  3. Michelle Reply

    I have a 10 year old daughter who from age 18 months has thrown uncontrollable fits, screams, anger, throws things, hyperventalates, puts herself into a asthma attack, bangs head against wall while screaming, clinched hands, pulls hair, etc. At times, she almost seems that she is unable to control these once they go beyond a certain level. Usually they increase around season or time changes, when schedule changes like school starts, or when she don’t get her way. I was almost 2 months pregnant when taken off of Paxil because I learned I was pregnant. I also took klonopin. She also has sensori neural hearing loss with auditory processing disorder.

  4. joanne Reply

    i took paxil during my whole pregancy, and my doctor said it was ok , however my 5 year old son vhas fits of rage and agressive behvaior ,he was also slow to start talking and socializing.Does the drug have an affect?, or is it just a typical little kid acting out?

  5. leslie Reply

    I was diagnosed w/clinical depression around my 4th month of pregnancy.The dr. prescribed zoloft (75mg. daily) I questioned the saftey,but was reassured not only by the neurologist who made the diagnosis but also by my obgyn. I took zoloft during my entire pregnancy.Now I’m hearing about the effects on the kids born to mothers who take it.My son was diagnosed w/adhd at age 5,exibiting aggressive behavior was one symptom he has.Is this linked to zoloft?

  6. Andrea Reply

    I have a now 8 year old daughter that when I was pregnant took Paxil. I have two older children that have not at all had the same issues with. I realize that all children are different but I am really curious if her problems are from Paxil. She is very aggressive, throws terrible temper tantrums, very slow to start talking, has great difficulty with reading in school. Recently went to the doctor because she had a significant weight gain with activity, complains of being tired all the time. They drew blood but nothing showed up. I can’t seem to get anyone to listen to me; I really feel like there is a significant problem

  7. Tara Reply

    I was also taking Paxil when I learned I was pregnant with my now 3-year old son. The OB recommended that I switch to Zoloft and so I did. I, too, have a child who seems to have uncontrollable raging fits. He screams, hits his brothers and becomes very aggressive. It is very difficult to calm him when he gets to this point. We see this at least once a day, generally over little things. They tend to come out of no where. He also has some speech problems and potty training issues. It seems to me that there are far too many experiencing the same symptoms on this site alone for it to be coincidence.

  8. Barbara Reply

    I took 50 mg zoloft throughout pregnancy. My son needed to be suctioned at birth and hypotonia. He has had digestive issues such as reflux, diarhea and recent scoping also revealed ilietus (inflammed part of GI tract). He has to eat a special diet with no sugar or grains which is very expensive and very inconvenient socially. He was delayed in every stage and he has executive functioning issues, social skills issues, regulation and sensory issues, mild tics, trouble sleeping and phobias. He is in regular education but it is a struggle in all regards. He can’t run well and I am going to get his heart checked because he says it “hurts” when he runs. I tried so hard to find research 10 years ago but there was none and I was encouraged to stay on zoloft. I have been stuck on it myself for over 20 years and have been slowly tapering and I’m down to 25 mg. I am determined to avoid all medications for my son and am proud to say we have not medicated him. He does also get into rages too, but it helps to do certain things like preview when he has to transition off electronics and making sure he is not hungry. It has been a very hard life with this child, very very hard. His speech is still somewhat mushy and can be hard to understand at times. He will look like a special needs person his whole life, the way he walks, talks and his immature face. I fear for his future and deeply deeply deeply regret taking zoloft or any medication that would have been in it’s place.

  9. terri Reply

    I too was on zoloft for depression nwhile pregnant with my now 7r old daughter, i was reassured by obgyn andn psychatrist everything would be fine, in first grade(last year) my daughter threw huge tantrums, screamin kicking hitting, i took her to psychatrist an was told she has PDD(perrvasive developmental disorder, which falls under autsim spectrum. she is on abilify which seems to help control her severe explosive tempers) at birth she was colicky, had acid reflux and screamed all the time. has never slept well and seems to have emotional response of 2 yr old. Iam convinced this was caused by the zoloft. any others with this?

  10. Niccole Reply

    I too took Zoloft and Wellbutrin when pregnant with my now 9 year old daughter. the day she was born I was told she was 100% normal and healthy inspite of being born 5 weeks early. She had since then been diagnosed with ADHD, hypotonia, chronic malnutrition, sensory processing disorder, severe vision problems, severe language developement disorder, graphomotor aphasia, PDD-NOS, motor incoordination,and cognitive deficits. She has uncontrollable tantrums and behavioral problems as well that at times feel like I am dealing with a ferral child. She is very loving and affectionate too but sometimes that too can be a problem due to the fact that kids at school will push her away because she likes to hug everybody and at her age it is considered inappropriate. she functions approximately the same as a typical 3 1/2- 4 year old. She is about the same size as a 4 year old as well weighing 37 lbs and she is 4 ft. tall. My daughter also exhibited the same problems at birth as terri on Aug. 4. She had reflux as a baby, was collcky and screamed unconsolably rather frequently. she also has never taken naps. My daughter also suffers from periods of regression and memory loss.

  11. Jane Reply

    I was on Prozac my entire pregnacy and while I breast fed for 14 months. I was told it was safe to take, but now am concerned with all the issues my son now 9 has gone through. He has many developmental delays, from walking to speech therephy and now learning. He has been in speech threphy since he was 2 and occupational therephy. We were told he has hypotonia and CP. He also has some learning disabilities and newly possible silent seizers. My son has gone thorugh so much hell his whole life with many tests from MRI, EEG, EKG’s and develpmental test. He is always tired and he never has an appetite. I would not suggest using any drug during pregnacy. I regret ever taking anything.

  12. Heidi Reply

    I was prescribed Paxil one month before I was pregnant with my third daughter.I continued to take the medication after being re insured by the Doctor that the baby is in no harm.My daughter is 8 years old now.When she was young I always wondered why she was always behind in all of the developmental stages.Now that\’s shes been in school for 5 years she still has a concentration problems.In reading she has difficulty in remembering the letter names or sounds, she knows them.She knows how to wright her name but yesterday she stopped in the middle and took a pause like she had to remember what was next.Shes had testing at school every thing come back average on the slow side. We\’ve worked hard and her intelligence level is struggling.Shes had headaches and very tired,had blood tests and nothing showed up. She needs something more and I don\’t know what to do Paxil?

  13. Michelle Reply

    I took paxil while pregnant with my son who will be four years old in three weeks. He was in the neonatal intensive care unit for five days due to breathing problems. Since then he has had behavioral problems and speech problems as well. I knew he was different from my other kids but did not know why. His pediatrician had him go to the university for hearing tests to find out why he was not talking like he is suppose to. His hearing is good but his speech is struggling. You can only understand a couple of his words in a whole sentence if you listen carefully. His social skills are suffering because none of the other kids his age knows what he is saying so they ignore him which he acts out aggressively with. He lashes out and breaks things and falls in the floor with temper tantrums. If someone can give me some answers please do about what I can do to help him.

  14. Sara Reply

    I too was on Paxil while I was pregnant with my oldest daughter. She will be 9 this year. She was born with a renal birth defect where her ureters were attached directly to her urethra, not her bladder as they are supposed to be.

    Also, she’s very aggressive and intense and seems to “brain lock” on certain things and you cannot reason with her to get her to understand anything different.

    She has had recurrent issues with fluid in her middle ear, has had her frenulum (skin under tongue) clipped twice b/c she is so tongue tied and has years of speech therapy too – just like many of you had mentioned.

    She is also going through occupational therapy for balance and low muscle tone especially in her core and weak hand strength. Her coordination has always been off and often tripped as a little one.

    I’ve always thought that all of these issues could be a result of the paxil medication and it makes me very angry to think this, but anger will get me nowhere. I’m hoping to maybe find an answer.

  15. aeysha Reply

    I was diagnosed with post partum depression after my second son, so my doctor prescribe zoloft while I was pregnant with my 3rd son. My son is autistic and I always question did this medicine have anything to do with it. When he was 9 days old he fell into a deep sleep, and had to ne hospitalized for 10 days. They told me that the vicodin I was taking was coming through my milk and that the zoloft was completely safe. They told me to pump and dump until I was off the meds and its safe to resume breast feeding again. My son is very high functioning but he had delays in speech walking etc. He also had aggression . I would love to know this answer for myself.

  16. Jeneane Reply

    I took prozac during the 2nd half of my pregnancy and my now 11 year old daughter was diagnosed at 3 with Developmental & Speech Delay, then at 5 I was told mild mental retardation, at 8 she was diagnosed PDD-NOS (Autism Spectrum Disorder) Now at 11 she has made a lot of progress but is still in a special Ed class at school and continues to have significant Developmental & Social Delays. I would also like to know for sure if taking prozac may have caused it.

  17. Chris Reply

    My wife was using paxil throughout her pregnancy and at the age of 10 months our son was diagnosed with an Grade 3 ependymoma brain tumor and I was wondering if any other cases have been reported

  18. shannin Reply

    I took 100 mg. of zoloft with the last four children while I was pregnant. My youngest is 2 so she is not in school yet but the other three are. Each child either have Individual education plans set in motion through the committee on special education, or heading in that direction. My children have been classified with adhd and learning diabilities. My oldest son whom I did not take zoloft with is in middle school and is on high honor roll. It seems too coincedental to me and am interested in any other info. anyone might have to share.

  19. joevaw Reply

    I have 4 children, the first 3 have developed into normal adults, no issues. My youngest I took zoloft during my pregnancy, was told no problems, and my son at first was diagnosed with Autism, but now his diagnosis is Asberger, Pervasive development disorder, ADD, learning problems, he has social issues. I am now convinced there was something with the Zoloft. I am furious at myself and my OB and the makers of zoloft for taking advantage of pregnant women like me.

  20. Holly Reply

    I have 3 children, took paxil with all three. Oldest has ADHD. My middle boy has uncontrollable behavior and rage, he is 5, screaming fits for hours for no reason whatsoever, extremely violent with no remorse, finally had to be put on an antipsychotic medication because any ADHD medications were having the adverse effect, he also has developmental delays..I could go forever…my youngest is 4, she has ADHD and developmental delays and speech problems which you can hardly understand anything she says. Could any of this be linked to paxil. It seems from the other comments that I am reading above that they certainly are similiar.

  21. Stacy Reply

    I was on Zoloft during my second pregnancy. That baby had screaming colic for 3 months before he turned into a high-needs inconsolable child. He turns 8 next month and has irrational fits of rage and is unusually aggressive, like I’m reading so many other people writing. All his life I have always wondered if it was related to the Zoloft but until I stumbled on this page, I never heard of anyone else questioning this. Who collects this data?

  22. Michelle Reply

    I had anxiety prior to becoming pregnant and was on zoloft. The doctor wheened me off only to put me back on it. My son who is now 3yrs 4 months old has has his adenoids removed which they thought was causing speech delay. His hearing has been tested and that was not an issue. We just got his results back from speech therapy and he is at a 1.5yr old level!!!! He isnt potty trained ive been trying for a yr. He went to daycare one day and they called me within ten minutes of dropping him off because he was hyperventilating. He goes through intense moments of pure energy. He can only lead us to what he wants. He forgets things hes already learned b4. He will get so excited he digs his chin into me and squeezes me, not out of anger but excitement.Hes very loving but I dont know what to do. I feel horrible about taking meds during my pregnancy. In the paperwork from speech therapy the long term goal is to get him at a 2.5 yr old level….I could just cry. Im applying for SSDI for him. We are having problems with insurance. Has anyone else done this? Is there anything else I can do for him? I dont want to put him in daycare. people try to talk to himand he doesnt respond and they get a look like ….idk. and with him still in pull ups its hard. PLEASE HELP!!!!

  23. Deanna Reply

    This is to Michelle….Apply for SSDI…be vigiligent! They usually deny at least once so dont get discouraged. Don’t worry about him being in pull ups. He’lll get potty trained when he’s ready! Remember, some day we are going to have to go back to them any way. If you don’t want to put him in daycar then don’t. If you are having problems with Insurance….take your anger out on them (but ask to speak to a supervisor….the lower level people can’t really help and have no power). The thing you can do for your son is just love him. It also sounds like he might do good with some Occupational therapy. He may have sensory issues. If he is hyperventilating that sounds like anxiety. Talk to your PCP about anxiety issues. Or take him to have a battery of test that cover all areas that include anxiety, sensory, mental, etc. Your peditrician should be able to refer you or check in your area for child therapists that do play therapy and they should be able to refer you to someone. One step at a time. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Breathe and love your wonderful little boy!

  24. Amy Reply

    I took Zoloft throughout my whole pregnancy with my son. He is now 4 years old and has been diagnosed with a severe speech disorder. He has childhood apraxia of speech and I’m wondering if any other mom’s have experienced this with their children.

  25. kimberly Reply

    I’ve been taking paxil for about 15 yrs. not sure it’s helping me, and now i’m definitely going to get off. my son is 5 and i have been taking him to doctors since he was 2. it’s one thing after another! He’s definitely high functioning autistic. and there’s other things that i can’t get a diagnosis for? I know there’s other things wrong, so I’m taking him again next week.

  26. kimberly Reply

    my son is high functioining autistic.

  27. Lisa Reply

    Took Paxil while pregnant. Son was born in 2000 with hypospadious, slight heart murmur (which he still has), PDD(NOS)-a form of Asperger’s spectral disorder, breathing problems @ birth (he still has shortness of breath now and has been prescribed Albuteral at times) , Delayed development with speech and motor skills (still), short-tounge syndrome in which he needed to have the tissue clipped, gastro-intestinal problems (still), URI problems and crystals forming in the urine (still), extreme sensitivity to sound (still), delayed social skills to this day. My son’s been through hell with all of this. I’m sure I left a few out many other side-effects…a broken heart. I quote, “no one knows what it’s like to be me”, as he struggled through the tears to try and explain why he was “alone”. Other children don’t understand and my child has been emotionally damaged by bullying and simply being misunderstood and lonely.

  28. Laura Reply

    With all the commercials for birth defects and anti-depressants recently I did a random google search and found this – Now I am feeling really guilty. My son did not say mamma by age two – or walk – started physical and speech therapy. He is now 8 – last year diagnosed with ADD – still continues with speech therapy about 1 grade level behind – but completely caught up with physical skills for his age group. We continue with private tutoring and have started ADD meds which seem to help – but sure would have liked to have spared him all this. I did not start taking Zoloft until third trimester – thought that there would be less chance of side effects then – obviously I was wrong

  29. Laura Reply

    Got to this site looking for answers concerning any possible correlation between the fact that I took Paxil during my pregnancy amd my 5 year old son’sout of control behavior.Reading the other posts, they all sound like a day in MY life. 2her has to be a connection because all of our children are exhibiting the same behaviors- unwarranted aggression, the inability to concentrate or control themselves in school, extreme hyperactivity. These are just a few of the issues I am dealing with right now but all are so extreme that I have had to quit my job in order to make myself available to my son’s teachers at any given moment. As a single mother, this is almost impossible for me to handle on my own. I am wondering if there are enough complaints of this nature to support a lawsuit for our children. Although the
    damage here is not physical, isn’t our kid’s emotional wellbeing just as important? Please advise. Thanks.

  30. Deelanea Reply

    I too took Zoloft while pregnant with my now 3 year old twins and my youngest on was just diagnosed with autism. He has a developmental delay and a speech delay and I too was wondering if it could be because I was giving zoloft while pregnant.

  31. Stephanie Reply

    Living in France,I too was on zoloft during my two pregnancies.
    Both my children suffer from speech delay especially my eldest who suffers from dysphasia.
    I was told not to worry about zoloft when expecting my children and now I wish I had known better.
    I now feel so guilty that the médecine I was taking has made my kids’ life harder.

  32. Heather Reply

    I started taking Paxil almost 9 years ago because I was suffering from severe anxiety attacks. To the point that I couldnt function. I have 3 children ages 12, 9 and 5. I wasn’t on any meds with my first 2 pregnancies. I was on 40mg of Paxil with my 3rd child who is now 5. He was born very healthy with no health issues what so ever! But he now has uncontrollable fits of crying, hitting, screaming, throwing things etc. He is extremely hiper and has a hard time being still sometimes. He also has a severe speech delay. I can’t always understand him. And people that arent around him all the time cant understand him at all. I am very curious if any of the symptoms he has are because of the Paxil. I feel so guilty, but my doctors were fine with it. I even went to a perinatologist while I was pregnant with him. Im scared because I am pregnant again and still on Paxil. What do I do?

  33. Jessica Reply

    I was on 50 mg Zoloft while pregnant and I also asked the doctor if it was safe and was assured it was. However, my son was SO COLICKY! He also had reflux. He is now three and is going to have to start speech therapy due to his speech. I am about the only one who understands the majority of what he says and sometimes I have to take a guess. I never put the speech problem together with the zoloft until I started seeing the commericals for birth defects and anti-depressants but after reading this it makes me wonder is the zoloft to blame for the speech problems?

  34. Anonymous Reply

    10 year old with Autism Spectrum, severe prolonged refux, intellectual disability, seizure-like eye rolling & just generally impossible. I was on Paxil (Aropax) at conception and for several weeks in first trimester.

  35. Carrie Reply

    I took Zoloft through my third pregnancy. My son is just about to turn 9. When he was born he had a failure to thrive and didn’t gain any weight for 2months. He was slow to achieve goals like rolling over and sitting up on his own. He is very immature and can be very emotional. He has speech delays and memory issues as well. So different from my older children who excel academically.

  36. melissa Reply

    my last three kids were born early and one of them stillborn07then one 08 then 10 he was 1pound and now he has c.p blind ,feedin tube he looks 8 or 9months … been on zoloft for last three pregnancies doctors said ot was safe last two born early and one stillborn… my daughter is delayed my son born 03-10-10 1pound daughter born 3.6 my placenta ebrupted three times…

  37. Melissa Reply

    I to was on an array of medication prior to my pregnancy, mostly for anxiety and depression, but while pregnant I took Prozac, as well as a sleep medication. When my son was born he had some breathing troubles and had to be placed in a warmer, his APGAR tests were low, his skin was jaundiced, he had to be delivered via c-section due to being frank breach. While a baby, then a toddler, he experienced delays. Now, 15 years old, he has been diagnosed with Asperger’s Disorder, ADHD, and Mood Disorder NOS. He has socializational and organizational difficulties, and is clumsy at times. He has Asthma, Acid Reflux and other digestive issues, sinus problems. I am unsure of what the law can do for us. I am looking for a response.

  38. Becky Reply

    in 1999 I was taking Paxil when I found out I was pregnant. i discussed risks with my OBGYN and he assured me the benefits greatly out weighed any cons. My daughter was born 3 weeks 1 day early (I know not to early) She had colic so so so bad. Ever since she could really communicate well she has complained of cramps, heartburn, loose bowls, etc. Sometimes so severe she vomits or has to stay home from school curled up in a ball in pain. We have had test after test and they have diagnosed her with pediatric GERD and IBS. Still need to do the colonoscopy, but she is so tiny, i just keep holding them off. I am back online researching as she is now 12 and barely 70 lbs and suffering worse than ever. None of the medicines work. Nexium helped heal some of the irritation to her esophogus, but did nothing for her systems. I guess I just want to know so what do we do now. After all the reassuring everything will be OK and we are left with the sick kids and the medical bills. Now what???

  39. Caroline Reply

    I have six children, 5 were born healthy with no problems. During my 6th pregnancy I was on Paxil and was told he was completely safe to remain on it during my pregnancy. My daughter was born profoundly deaf caused from improperly formed cochlea’s and enlarged vestibular aquaducts. She has extreme ADHD, off the charts. Very violent temper, fits of rage. We lived as shut ins for many years as you could not take her in public as you never knew when she might go into a fit of rage, try to jump out of the moving car, run into traffic etc. She cannot sit still, has trouble learning because of her sever ADHD and also has suffered from sleep issues since she was born. I strongly believe that this was all caused by the paxil.

  40. Dawn Reply

    I took zoloft during my entire pregnancy with my son 9 years ago. He was admitted into the hospital at 5 days old with high bilirubin and lethargic/low temp. Since this point he has had a developmental delay, Hypotonia, physical therapy, learning issues, ADHD, speech delay, processing disorder, sensorary intergration. I am probably forgetting some other problems.

  41. Staci Reply

    My son is now 7 going on 8 years old. I took Paxil through out my entire pregnancy. When he was first born the Dr’s said he had fluid in his lungs and he spent 3 days in an oxygen tank. They also said his lungs were not completely developed yet. He was late crawling, walking, and talking. We even started a program called “First Steps” through the state to help him develop his speech. Have been to countless Dr’s for his medical and emotional problems. He has been diagnosed with encopresis (still has this) and ADHD, ODD, and we are now getting him evaluated for LD. Any of the medicines we have tried have not helped. My Dr had assured me that Paxil was safe during my pregnancy. With all of these issues and ADHD does not run in either families, I’m wondering if I made a big mistake in taking this drug.

  42. jhorning Reply

    My four year old grandaughter suffers from sensory integration disorder. My daughter was told that taking zoloft while pregnant was safe. Two words keep popping up in these posts-aggressive and tantrum. I don’t think this is a coinicidence.

  43. michelle Reply

    Hi, my child devleoped autism after I took paxil

  44. Andrea Reply

    I took zoloft while pregnant…lowered the does to 50mg. My daughter is now eight. She was born fine and healthy normal fun loving happy child….at age six, she was diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety. Many would argue it’s hereditary and there is truth to this, but my gut instinct tells me that taking Zoloft didn’t help, as the medication is designed to work with Brain chemistry. Of course the fetus is affected. I was given the same line – that if the mother is happy and well then it’s better for the baby. It was convincing….but in hind sight, nine months of my own anxiety would have been better and more tolerable then my daughter being faced with the challenges associated with ADHD and child anxiety. What have I done…. I have guaranteed the drug companies one more patient dependent on their meds. How’s that for a business continuity plan!

  45. jamie Reply

    I was on paxil when i was pregnant with my son. He had breathing problems at birth, and was put on oxygen immediately. I did not see him for his first 24 hours of life. He now has asthma, acid reflux, was in speech since 3 years old he completely stopped talking at 2, and now I find out he has Central Auditory Processing Disorder.

  46. Naomi Reply

    Thank you to everyone for sharing. I am devastated on behalf of our children for the incredible similarities in these stories. I had been on anti-depressants sInce the age of 19, and was taking the maximum dose of paroxetine for three years prior to falling pregnant with my son, born 10 weeks premature in 2000. He was quite healthy as an infant, though has suffered asthma and associated pneumonia throughout his years. The most serious concern, however, is the apparent neurological and other issues he seems to have – aspergers, dyspraxia, auditory processing disorder, motor delays, speech disorders, dyslexia or perhaps idleness disorder. The effect on my son of these challenges is social isolation, loneliness and depression, as he is highly intelligent with an incredible vocabulary, emotional IQ, can comprehend difficult problems and appropriate solutions, is incredibly creative, can yet cannot recall the alphabet, recognize the individual letters or relate the associated sounds they represent. He cannot recall sequences, although can have total recall of a visual experience and knows where everything is with one glance of a room, and can recall a conversation word for word. He understands these challenges are preventing him from achieving traditionally expected milestones, and expresses great sadness and frustration because of this. His school is highly supportive and works to help however at grade 5, he cannot progress beyond a grade 1/2 reading level, and is teased for this, exasperating his emotional and social issues and requiring cognitive support from mental health professionals as he questions hisife. We need help, and feel I have tried every option I know of, and have enrolled him in Steiner school as the traditional learning system is constantly focusing on the identification of his weaknesses to the point where I worry about his mental health as he becomes an adolescent. Thank you for providing a possible cause to our significant issues. Perhaps I can take this information to our next pediatrician appointment as we look for a positive future direction.

  47. Andrieeta Reply

    I was taking Paxil when i was pregant with my son. He started walking after his first birthday. We took him to LSU due to him not crawling correct and him not walking.He’s been doing bad in school. January of this year they have diagnosed him with ADHD. The teachers said my son is not on the level he is supose to be on. HE’s been doing bad since kindergarten.Kentravion supose to be in 3 grade but they failed him, he is back in the 2 grade this year. The teachers say he is slow at learning i have all proof and paperwork since he started school to prove that.

  48. Marcos Reply

    My wife at the time was taking zoloft and paxll,my son has been diagnosed with adhd,odd and he’s speech delayed.he’s. Very aggressive.. my son has also been reffered to a cardiologist for a possible hole in his hear. My x wife is now remarried and her 1 year old child has clubfoot and adhd. All because of these pills… working on this case now

  49. Erin Reply

    I can’t believe that there are so many of us that are dealing with the same exact things with their children from taking Zoloft or an anti-depressant while pregnant after being told it was safe by their doctor! It seems that about 9 or 10 years ago, doctors were over-prescribing these anti-depressants as many of us have children that are around the same ages.
    I have 9 year old twin daughters and a 10 year old son. I took Wellbutrin with my son & Zoloft with my twins. (I also have an 18-year-old with whom I took no prescription medications and he has none of these issues.) All three of my younger children have anger issues, but my daughters have other problems including developmental delays, auditory processing disorder, emotional delays, delays with normal milestones, ADD, and treatment for this as everyone knows is ongoing.
    As I was reading through everyone’s comments, I started crying because we are all going through almost the exact same thing with varying degrees of severity. My daughters are 9 in 2nd grade, and some problems are speech delays, emotional and anger issues, problems retaining information, etc. One of my daughters has more severe symptoms than the other. It seems like no matter how hard I try, things just don’t “stick” with her. Not to mention her control issues and trying to get her to calm down, understand, etc. It was perfectly described several times above by different people. I can’t believe how common this has turned out to be and it makes me so angry that doctors just handed these medicines out like they were no big deal.
    I think this is an unfortunate thing, but I’m glad there are many people who have experienced this because it has or hopefully will put an end to these drugs being prescribed to pregnant women and also knowing too that we aren’t alone in dealing with these issues.

  50. Monica Reply

    I took Zoloft during the last trimester of my pregnancy 10 years ago. My doctor was quick to prescribe, and assured me that there were no side affects to my child. My son is almost 10, has the social mentality of a 6 year old, has been diagnosed as being ADHD, has fits and tantrums EVERY day and cannot function normally in school without being on medication. He has difficulty understanding consequences of every day situations and tend to be completely irrational on simple concepts a boy his age should understand. The tantrums, violent behavior, and aggression we deal with every day is heartbreaking, to say the least. I wish someone would have told me not to listen to my OB under any circumstance! What needs to happen now is, someone needs to stop the irresponsible prescribing of these medications to any more pregnant women.

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