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The hypertension drug Benicar has been linked to cases of sprue-like enteropathy, which causes chronic diarrhea, weight gain and other serious gastrointestinal problems.

BENICAR LAWSUIT STATUS: In July 2017, the makers of Benicar agreed to settle litigation over gastrointestinal injuries for about $300 million. As a result of the drug maker’s failure to properly warn about risks associated with the medication, Benicar lawsuits are being pursued by lawyers on behalf of former users who have suffered:

  • Chronic Diarrhea Resulting in Hospitalization
  • Sprue-Like Enteropathy
  • Celiac Disease Misdiagnosis
  • Chronic Malnourishment, Dehydration and Stomach Problems


MANUFACTURERS: Daiichi Sankyo, Inc. and Forest Laboratories

OVERVIEW: Benicar (olmesartan medoxomil) is a hypertension drug that belongs to a class of medications known as angiotensin II receptor blockers (ARBs). A family of drugs containing the same pharmaceutical ingredient have been developed by Daiich Sankyo, including Benicar HCT, Azor, and Tribenzor.

An estimated 1.9 million people received prescriptions for Benicar or a related drug in 2012, and about 10.6 million prescriptions for Benicar products were dispensed altogether that year. It is the third highest selling ARB blood pressure medication on the market.

Recent studies have suggested that there is a link between side effects of Benicar and chronic diarrhea, which may have gone undiagnosed in patients for years. In many cases, these stomach problems were misdiagnosed as Celiac disease, which may actually be related to Benicar enteropathy.

BENICAR DIARRHEA SIDE EFFECTS: In July 2013, the FDA issued a drug safety warning indicating that Benicar may cause sprue-like enteropathy, resulting in symptoms like chronic diarrhea, weight loss and other gastrointestinal problems.

The drug regulatory agency indicated that at least 23 cases of diarrhea from Benicar were identified among adverse event reports submitted by users of the drug, where symptoms improved after use of the medication was discontinued. In 10 of the cases, symptoms returned against when the medication was resumed. This led the FDA to indicate that there is “clear evidence” of an association between Benicar and enteropathy.

In August 2012, a report was published by the Mayo Clinic highlighting a number of cases involving symptoms consistent with Celiac disease after taking Benicar. At least 22 cases of long-lasting diarrhea were identified among patients treated at clinics in 17 different states, where signs of improvement were seen after Benicar was stopped. Among the reports reviewed:

  • 100% experienced chronic diarrhea lasting 3 to 53 months
  • 100% experienced weight loss between 5 and 110 pounds
  • 68% experienced nausea and vomiting
  • 50% experienced abdominal pain
  • 41% experienced bloating
  • 68% experienced fatigue

BENICAR SPRUE-LIKE ENTEROPATHY LAWSUITS: Benicar lawyers are reviewing potential lawsuits for individuals throughout the United States as a result of Daiichi Sankyo and Forest Laboratories’ failure to provide adequate warnings fur users or the medical community. To review a potential claim for yourself, a friend or family member, request a free consultation and claim evaluation.

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  1. Zanatta Reply

    I was taking Benicar for years, and suffered almost two years with chronic diarrhea, stomach pains, and bloating. My normal life was totally disrupted. I was hospitalized once for dehydration. I have not been taking Benicar for at least two months now and conditions have improved.

  2. Philip Reply

    I have been taking Benicar 40 Mg. for almost 8 years. Recently have found myself going to a gastrologist for severe stomach pain, diarrhea, constipation, passing blood and in general upset stomach with no appetite. How would I know if there is a connection?

  3. Elizabeth Reply

    Has anyone noticed severe muscle and joint pain while they were on Benicar? For two and one half years I was treated for arthritis with so many drugs I could hardly function and it just kept getting worse. I could hardly walk anymore and I lost muscle tone in my legs. I finally began to suspect this wasn’t arthritis after all and went off the Benicar. I began to feel better and I was able to walk. I went back on just to see if the pain would return and it did. I am now off the drug and am slowly getting better. I also lost weight and am now at 96 lbs. scary stuff. The drug manufacturer listed joint pain as “less severe.” Who would think? The doctors never suspected it. I would be real careful on this drug, yes it lowered my blood pressure but it ruined two and a half years of my life. I never had theses problems on my old BP meds. Why my the cardiologist changed it I will never know. Now I’m afraid to take anything.

  4. Della Reply

    I was on Benicar HTC for over 9 years. After a few months, I started having severe stomach pains and many urges a day to go #2 and could not control myself to get to the bathroom on time feeling nauseated and throwing up as well. It got to the point that I did not want to leave my home in fear that I would have to severely go or throw up in public. I spoke to my Doctor’s nurse about all these symptoms and also my Doctor who put me on this med and both said that it was just symptoms that I would have to deal with until they go away, if they ever do go away. I was told that Benicar HTC was the only Blood Pressure medication that would control my blood pressure and I had to stay on it. I did not seek a second opinion because I trusted my Doctor to be telling me the right thing and I continued taking Benicar HTC because I had to. After a few years went by and I developed vertigo and went to a specialist in this field and was told that it could all resolve after the treatment or I could have minor episodes of this vertigo indefinitely. It is still present. As time went on, I started developing new health issues and began to be concerned that it was Benicar that was causing more health issues, heart attacks, being barely able to walk because my arms and legs have almost stopped working, headaches, back problems, my whole left side is numb and painful head to toe, I have a very dry cough and I am clinically vitamin deficient in several vitamins that I need injections to heal my body to become better. I knew Benicar HTC was doing me damage, and so did my Doctor, but I had to take it or end up having a heart attack. I tried to get my now Doctor to change me off Benicar HTC and just this year, he agreed to on a trial basis and now the Losartan that I am on has a lawsuit going on with this as well. I can’t win for losing!!! Eventually, I will just quit taking anything for my blood pressure as the risks are much higher to take Blood Pressure meds than not to. Everyone on Benicar needs to drop this drug and try to get something else or try to remedy your blood pressure yourself.

  5. evon Reply

    Reading the complaints of others about this medicine is very scary.I had a heart attack at 49 yrs.old while on benicar.The doctor put me on losartine and topral after this happend to me .I was on benicar for years and had severe episodes of diareah and nausea the pain was like i was gonna die and sweat so bad during these episodes .I would be dripping wet from sweating and pain.Never new it could be my medication.

  6. JANICE Reply


  7. Alicia Reply

    Experienced chronic diarrhea
    Always experienced nausea and vomiting continous
    Always Experienced Severe abdominal pain
    Experienced bloating continuosly
    Experienced fatigue
    Continuous weigh gain
    ive been off the drug for a month & have already lost 12 pound

  8. Kenna Reply

    I was taking Benicar for 4 years. now I got a ulcer.

  9. INITRA Reply

    I have been on Benicar for years now. I started having stomach, muscle, back, and joint pains about two years ago. Also lately I Cant eat nothing without it making my stomach hurt and I have to go to the bathroom. Now I don’t want to take no more I am scared.

  10. Alfredo Reply

    Was having pain in stomach. Abdominal. Pain then they switch my meds to a lower dose but the pain was bad but now the pain of the adomial stop when they gave me a lower dose of benicar

  11. Brenda Reply

    I also am having a lot of these same problems .I have stomach pains and diarrhea so bad I have to go to the bathroom at least 20 times a day ,then I will hurt so bad inside my rectum that I cant hardly stand it .Sometimes I am sick to my stomach and don’t know why ! I also stay very tired ! I have taken Benicar for years. 40mg

  12. Jerilynn Reply

    I am having the same effect of bloating stomach pain, tired and diarrhea everyday and I work so you know how bad I feel. I thought maybe it was something I ate but all along it has bee the medicine. I take Benica 40 mg. and I have the joint pain, my back and side hurt as well. It make me angry to see we are taking something that hurt us more than not taking it and companies are getting rich. I have a double issue cause I take ongliza and it has the same effects and risk factor. What are we going to do?

  13. janice Reply

    I had black stool pain in stomach constant diarrhea and I’m dehydrated. I ve been on benicar for eight years.

  14. Lawrence Reply

    I am a health care professional, who yes, is on Benicar. The side effects described by everyone on this thread are not imagined, they are real. In my opinion the doses described for adults by the manufacturer (20mg or 40mg daily) are way, way to high. I immediately went down from 20mg to 10mg daily, but many of the side-effects persisted. For a while I even went down to 5mg. daily (the manufacturer and pharmacists insist you cannot split Benicar’s film-coated tablets….but you can). On 5mg daily, the side-effects were 85% gone, but blood pressure control wasn’t always optimal. So at this time, I just take my blood pressure regularly and that tells me when I need to go from 5mg/daily to 10mg/daily for a while. This drug should be taken in the evenings towards bedtime and yes, the stomach should be protected with anti-ulcer meds… either ranitidine 75mg or sucralfate (half of a one Gram tablet) or both. Hope this helps.

  15. Tyrone Reply

    Started having diarrhea problems in April of 2016 still going on now went through all kinds of test my primary, G.I. could not figure out my problem I was hospitalized twice for dehydration the symtoms said Celiac or IBS but the test came up negative. Last week went to see a G.I. at Northwestern in Chicago he said to call my primary and get off the Benicar and go to another B.P. medicine so I did been off Benicar for 4 days and already see and improvement. I have inflammation in my small intestine and had chronic diarrhea for a year.

  16. Roosevelt Reply

    I-a.m-having-the-same-effect-stoma ch–back-joint-abdominal-pains

  17. Shellie Reply

    I’ve been on Benicar for almost 4 years, about the same time I was diagnosed hypo thyroidism. I went through hell, felt like a dead person walking in a fog most of the time. I had unexplained facial and lip swelling, white tongue, fatigue, dizziness, hair loss, joint and muscle aches, unexplained rashes, cough – my blood work was all over the place and was told by a doctor that I should be having a stroke with my cholesterol and triglyceride levels. I was checked for arthritis and other immune disorders and tested negative but soon developed Hashimoto disease, Had a CT scan of throat/thyroid area checking for cancer and nothing. My salivary glands were sore and swollen and told it might be plugged, anxiety and eye sight was worse. I went from running almost daily to barely getting out of bed. This last 6 months I am living on IMODIUM and it’s still not stopping the watery diarrhea day or night no matter my diet. I will wake up in the middle of the night just to run to the bathroom! Stomach gurgles so loud that co-workers can hear it across the room. It was getting to the point I was passing bile and blood and in severe pain this week I decided to look up the medications I am taking and was shocked and mad that I have several of the listed side effects and lawsuits were started in 2017! Why wasn’t I notified or warned? Didn’t hear anything until I started researching. My mom was also on this medicine, she passed in Oct 2017 but spent much of her last days experiencing what I am, almost afraid to to out in public for fear of having an uncontrolled BM again. Her dr’s and specialists blamed it on her Rheumatoid arthritis and IBS. I quit taking it yesterday and waiting to see a cardiologist in March. I pray I start seeing some relief soon.

  18. galina Reply

    I having a lot of these same problems .I have stomach pains and diarrhea so bad I have to go to the bathroom at least 20 times a day ,then I will hurt so bad inside my rectum that I cant hardly stand it .Sometimes I am sick to my stomach and don’t know why ! I also stay very tired ! I have taken Benicar for years. 40mg also I lost 50 pounds

  19. Riley Reply

    I’m experiment the same problemsdiareea weight gain,upset stomach joint pain hard to get around anymorre,been on the benicar for about 10 yrs..think they put it on market to was good for blood pressure.but it has damaged to much more.of our is really questionable thanks! Riley

  20. Patricia Reply

    The attorney that was handled my Bencair case was crooked as they come they just took my case so they can get enough people so they could qualify for the settlement they never got my rights information I am messed up behind this medication yet I don’t qualify for a settlement gtfoh this class action is Bull!!!

  21. Irene Reply

    .eversince I started taking benicar.i would throw up for nothing.i had no virus or anything and I would just throw up.i had no idea y I was throwing up.sometimes I wouldn’t eat anything and still throw up.i always have diarrhea everything I eat goes right threw me.i live in the bathroom.finally I read somewhere that benicar causes these symtoms.i told my dr about it and she switched me to a different blood pressure pill.i still have the diarrhea and I have lost a lot of I’m still going threw this.not throwing up as much.but still have the grandson had a virus in the stomach.he lasted 2 still going threw it.he gave me his virus.and I’m still sick

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