Bone Fracture Warning Added to Nexium, Prilosec, Other Hearburn Drugs

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The FDA is requiring that additional information be provided by several pharmaceutical companies about the risk of bone fractures from Nexium, Prilosec, Prevacid and other heart burn medications

In a drug safety communication released on May 25, the FDA announced that all proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) will now include a warning that they may increase the risk of fracturing bones in the hip, wrist, and spine. The labeling change came after FDA drug safety reviewers looked at a number of epidemiological studies into PPI bone fracture risks.

One such study, published earlier this month in the Archives of Internal Medicine, found that women who took PPIs were 25% more likely to suffer a Prilosec or Nexium bone fracture over an 8-year period than women who did not. The new labeling changes will indicate that the fracture risks appear to be linked to long-term use. FDA officials say that although the studies have looked at people who used the drug for more than a year, the drug facts section of the labels will indicate the possibility of risk after 14 days of continuous use.

Drugs that will be affected by the labeling changes include the prescription drugs Nexium, Prilosec, Zegerid, Prevacid, Protonix, Aciphex and Vimovo. The labeling changes will also be applied to over-the-counter drugs including Prilosec OTC, Zegerid OTC, and Prevacid 24HR.

“Epidemiology studies suggest a possible increased risk of bone fractures with the use of proton pump inhibitors for one year or longer, or at high doses,” said Dr. Joyce Korvick, FDA’s Division of Gastroenterology Products deputy director for safety. “Because these products are used by a great number of people, it’s important for the public to be aware of this possible increased risk and, when prescribing proton pump inhibitors, health care professionals should consider whether a lower dose or shorter duration of therapy would adequately treat the patient’s condition.”

The prescription drugs pull in about $14 billion in U.S. sales each year, and many are prescribed for indigestion and heart burn, although with the exception of Prilosec, they are only approved for treatment of ulcers, acid reflux disease and erosive esophagitis. There were about 119 million prescriptions for proton pump inhibitors in the U.S. last year. Some medical experts estimate that as many as 69% of proton pump inhibitor prescriptions were written for “off-label” uses, which have not been approved as safe and effective by the FDA.

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  1. Judy Reply

    I am A RN and have missed several months of work over the past 10 yrs. 6 yrs ago i experience a fracture of my right tibia, and this spring a fracture of my right wrist . I also have degenerative disk. What bone is next????

  2. Lisa Reply

    So, I guess I am doomed.

    My “silent reflux” causes sinus infections and asthma. I get sick if I don’t take medicine for acid reflux. Even if I had surgery to correct the condition, the doctor said I’d have to take this medication.

    My wrist has broken.

    I bent over to pick something up, and a rib broke.

    No one would blame the Prilosec because I am an old lady now.

    They told me to take Fosamax…I’d never take that.

    I wonder if all my calcium and Vitamin D can hold this off.

  3. Tina Reply

    I have Been on Nexium Prilosec Prevacid and Protonox for over 15 yrs Nexium and Prilosec the longest I have never put 2 and 2 together but I have had many Broken toes My wrist and hip give me problems I have had my wrist xrayed several times I work for a Dr My Knees back wrists and hips hurt all the time Im 45 yrs old not long ago I had a Bone Density Test and was told I have osteopenia the onset of osteoperosis and was told to take calcium suppliments I need something for my stomach which I have GERD so Im gonna see if Zantac 150 will do it gonna try it for a couple days all the stuff Im hearing is scaring me and truthfully I dont want this getting any worse I hope we can get a laywer to listen to us there is no way I want to get older any faster than I have to and the way my body is feeling I dont like it all as I am writing this I am thinking of all the things how many times I could not walk and heard my ankle crack when I twisted it I hope some one will help all of us with this problem I am really pissed no Doctor ever told me about any of this

  4. lili Reply

    I have been taking nexium for a year i have been hearting so much my back killing me my hip it came to the point where i could not walk sometimes i was crying i did not know what was going on we run out of insurance and i could not aford to go get it after only couple of days without nexium my back start feeling beter my hip its not hearting so bad anymore it really help me for gerd but i will never take it again but i feel my bones cracking when i get up from bed or doing anything around the house and im only 28 what is next.

  5. Tom Reply

    Well, it finally makes sense! I’ve been having symptoms of osteoporosis for a few years now. About 10 years ago, I began having symptoms of acid reflux and was put on a sample prescription PPI. Not being able to afford the prescription, I started trying out various over the counter relievers. I ultimately decided on Prilosec and have been taking Prilosec OTC daily for about 9 years. I’m 42 years old, but joke around that I feel 72. My pains began a couple of years after taking Prilosec in the joints of my fingers. I would occasionally bump them into something and the pain was tremendous – feeling like I had broken the bone. I was advised to take some Glucosamine supplements, which I have daily for about 7 years. Six years ago I had bent over to pick up my 2 year old and was treated with sciatica. Over the years, the sciatica returns off and on quite often, with variation levels of pain. I thought my quality of life went down then…it was just the beginning. Since then, I can “throw” out the back with just plugging in a lamp, coughing, sneezing, or just driving somewhere for more than 45 minutes. I have increased headaches to the point of having a brain scan performed to see what the issue was. I have been tested for diabetes, have had various blood tests, have have had MRIs performed, and numbers of x-rays, but never a bone mass scan. I went on a walk for diabetes about 2 years ago and was given a neroma in my left foot, where it feels like I’m walking on a rock all day, every day. I see a podiatrist every three months to have a shot to temporarily alleviate the pain. I have had tennis elbow and “reverse” tennis elbow in both elbows, and currently have dealt with the pain in both elbows for about 4 months now. About a year ago I fractured a rib by leaning over the center console in my truck. I have had my knee just “go out” on me at times, leaving me in pain for weeks. I don’t sleep well due to the pain. I don’t enjoy life like I used to. At times, I just want to sit and cry, but it won’t do any good. When I miss a dose of Prilosec, the acid reflux comes back with a vengeance. Currently, I have pain in my shoulders, lower back, fingers, elbows, head and stomach. My memory has gotten pretty bad that it’s starting to worry me, too. I thought it was just due to me dealing with pain every day, but after what I have read, perhaps it’s the Prilosec. It’s also hard to tell what kind of bowel day I’m going to have, as those ‘habits’ have changed, too. My stomach gets upset at the smallest thing, and will be really loose and watery, while other times I feel so compacted and full that it tears/rips when leaving the body…sorry so graphic, but it is what it is. I honestly don’t know what I want to do, cause there is tremendous pain either way, here….should I stop the Prilosec and try to deal with that pain, or should I continue with the pill and try to supplement my body with minerals and vitamins. I already take vitamins and extra calcium every day, along with glucosamine.

  6. Pam Reply

    I have been taking Prilosec for ony 4 years (works awesome) but during this time period, I have broke my arm and knee in falls. I work out, brisk walk and also lift weights, I should not have weak bones. We do need a lawyer. I’m tired of heartburn, if we can put a man on the moon, we sure certainly be able to cure heartburn without added risks!

  7. cyndi Reply

    Regarding Maggie’s comment about her teeth…mine are also disintegrating at the gum line and above. I first noticed it about a year ago on one tooth, and now I can see little beginnings on the majority of my teeth. The initial one I noticed has gotten much worse. I have been on PPIs for probably close to ten years. I have always had strong bones and no dental problems. Last Feb I barely rolled my ankle and ended up with a fracture. I have severe reflux 24/7, but I will stop taking it immediately.

  8. Linda Reply

    I have taken Prilosec OTC for over four years now. (I think I took Prevacid for a month in the middle of that time period.) I have tried to stop a couple of times and the acid reflux/pain is unbearable.

    I have had bone loss in my teeth, and have had a compression fracture of L-1 and a broken wrist from stepping off a 18 inch stone wall 4 months ago.

    I am a 47-year old woman who walks 5-6 miles per day and have always been in excellent health.

  9. Leslie Reply

    I have taken prilosec or nexium for Acid Reflux for at least ten years. I have had 4 back surgeries and i knee replacement and i fell and broke my hip in 2009. I cannot stop taking these drugs. I have and Tums or Milk of Magnesium do not help. Right now Nexium is the way I get any relief. If someone had told me the drugs could weaken my bones I would have tried jarder to find relief !

  10. Marilyn Reply

    Early this year, I had a very severe tibia plateau fracture (in two places) and the fibula broke as well. I had stepped onto a high, bouncy surface and it threw me into the air, and my leg made a Crack, pop, pop sound as it broke in 3 places. I had been taking Prilosec and Prevacid over the previous 3 to 4 years. I take lots of calcium, have been a huge user of dairy products over the years, but still had this severe break. Another culprit is carbonated beverages. If you drink a lot of carbonated beverages you also increase your chances of severe bone breaks. Unfortunately, since Prilosec and Prevacid are OTCs I’d think it would be difficult to prove usage of the products. My physician just gave me a prescrip from Nexium but I have told him I won’t be filling it. Tums and Maalox are relatively safer and effective.

  11. Joy Reply

    i have been on nexium 40 mg for a very long time,was told to keep taking it from my gastroenterology doctor this was just about a month ago after having a colonoscopy and a endoscopy done,went to doctor because of severe pain in my joints,ankle ,feet,knees, i was sent to arthritus dr he then diagnoised me with rumitoid arthritis,since then my hips and back have started hurting the same way,the pain is to the point that i can not sleep at night without extreme pain meds, went to a podietrist for the feet and ankles due to not being able to stop the pain, didn’t know about the warning of nexium till a friend told my husband just yesterday,now i am wondering if some of this is caused by the long use of nexium.

  12. debbie Reply

    I’ve been on prilosec for 2 years and also have Barrettes I also heard that it can cause pneumonia has any one else heard this? The reason I ask is I went to the doctor yesterday for chest congestion which my doctor said would have turned into pneumonia if I hadn’t come in. This happened back in October also. I would like to get off this but if I don’t take it my acid reflex is unbearable.

  13. Kerry Reply

    I am 35yrs and have been taking Nexium for about 4yrs now. I have had a scope and it was determined I had a small hiatal hernia and the gastroenterologist said Nexium 1-2x’s per day, no surgery necessary. Without the medication, I ended up with a severe throat infection with every simple cold because my esophagus was raw from acid reflux. Now today I noticed 4 of my front teeth are severly cracked and others just starting. After reading all these posts, it seems I should stop the medication imediately…but then suffer again from the acid reflux. I fear what this has done to my teeth…and the rest of my body. Not to mention the horrible migraines I’ve increasingly gotten over the last few years…another side effect?? I will find out soon what these doctors now have to say or recommend. Unfortunate!

  14. Herb Reply

    I see lots of questions. Does anyone have any answers?

  15. Sean Reply

    Omg my shoulder my arm to fingers my ass my feet chest my head panic attacks,Gettin surgery on carp,tunnel and elbow,should I just stop takin this pill the dr said I have to take it or get cancer in my esophagus ??????????? F this pill I’m done and I’m getting a lawyer

  16. brenda Reply

    also, i forgot. to the people having gum or teeth problems; try taking at least 800 mg of folic acid daily. after a while you will notice a tremendous difference

  17. Deidre Reply

    I started taking Prilosec at age 30. When I became pregnant at age 33, I discussed with one of my OB’s, which med should I switch to, as the acid reflux was almost unbearable when I was not pregnant. Just newly pregnant, I was told by one of the doctors NOT to take the Prilosec, as no tests are ever done on pregnant women. Five months later, after trying “safer” meds and eating Tums by the handful and still having the reflux, I was told by a different doctor in the same clinic, that we had to weigh the risks and that I was far enough along that the Prilosec should not effect the baby. Our daughter was born via c-section and the following weeks were hell. I continued to take the Prilosec, as no one told me not to and attempted to breast feed. Our daughter pretty much screamed the first 9 weeks of her life. Repeatedly told she had reflux/colic, we did everything the baby books said. When we finally insisted there was something more wrong, x-rays were done, and revealed multiple fractures. We were then investigated for child abuse and our daughter was tested for Osteogenesis Imperfecta(brittle bone disease.) We were cleared of the abuse charges, almost instantly. But almost 2 1/2 years later, we are still searching for answers on why she broke, as the OI tests came back negative. I stopped breast feeding at 6 weeks after I lost my milk and our daughter never broke past 9 weeks old. The doctors in the clinic we went to, all stand behind that Prilosec couldn’t have caused these problems. But if it can leach calicium out of my bones, it is a known fact, that the baby gets everything first. If a class action suit is filed, I want to know about it. Our daughter is now 2 1/2 yrs old and has never born after 9 weeks. I now will eat the handfuls of Tums and only when I am desperate, will I take the Prilosec.

  18. jeff Reply

    i’m a 46 year old male.6 years ago i was told that i had several spine fractures and also ribs..back in 2002 i started taking previcaid for three years and then some over the counter drugs .then they put me on nexium. i have been on disability for five years i live in severe pain lot of pain meds and also i had to have a spinal cord stimulator put in my back.i have three bad disk in my lower back but my bone density is a -3.7 so i can’t have surgery my whole body hurts. i just seen a advertisement for these drugs today and now know what is going on. my doctors couldn’tfind out what was wrong .i will see them asap.i’m sorry to hear how this drug has hurt so many people.

  19. Gary Reply

    In 15 years I have progressed from taking Zantac to taking Prilosec, then Nexium in the past 10. I am now sitting here with 3 broken toes and a fractured elbow with bills mounting to 15,000 dollars. I can’t work, can’t pay my doctors, and waiting for the next side effect of Nexium to hit me. I have compressed disks in my neck and have lost 2 1/2 inches in height and suffer neck and back pain continuously. The next step may be surgery on my neck to stabilize my vertebrae. How long has Nexium known about this? My right knee collapes frequently and caused the fall that shattered my elbow. I am 58 and have the structure of an 80 year old.. What now?

  20. Traci Reply

    I suffered w/ heartburn to point of almost everything including water gave me heartburn. When I started on first Nexium, then Prilosec, it was like a God send. I think people gain wt with this medication because they can eat again. I am 53 and starting to have S/S of arthritis and have back pain. No fractures. I take vit D, calcium and I exercise. I would do almost anything besides quit taking Prilosec. I feel it saved my life.

  21. Joanna Reply

    My 4 year old daughter was born with her small intestine and duodeum (sp) not connected. This was not discovered until she was 7 months old. In the mean time she was given liquid prevacid to take 3 times a day by mouth.. She was on this for 7-8 months until they found what was wrong. About 2 years ago she started to have her wrist pop and her elbow coming out of her socket. The Dr. have said this is nurse’s elbow but no way it happens on its own. The dentist is saying that her tooth density is bad she has already had to have 2 teeth pulled. Just curious if this is why?

  22. Toemettrae Reply

    My Mother has been on these types of medications for over 10 years and has been in severe pain in her bones. She has suffered from two or more bad disc and deteriation in her back. She has extensive pain in her hands, legs, back, and arms. Some days she can’t even move and she is only 49 years old. What can we do to help these people, like my mother, that has been suffering due to taking these drugs over the years. That is only hurting them instead of helping them.

  23. taylor Reply

    my wife was started on prilosec several years ago due to GERD, I am a RN myself and last year my wife sustained a pubic ramus fracture that over a year later is still hurting her to a point that she requires motrin and tramadol for pain control in order for her to work. I have a long history in the medical field and now I find out about this side effect, which it may or may not contributed to her fracture and chronic pain. If it did and they knew about this risk then they are liable and I am interested in discussing her situation in more detail.

  24. mary Reply

    I have been having pain in my bones i said to my dr. i have been having a lot pain in bones like went siting in my chair i will have my bones snap all the time i hurt so bad that i’m up all night in pain. i tride talking to my dr. i get no were.i need to no want to do?

  25. Sharon Reply

    I was taking Prilosec for about 15 years and then was put on Nexium. I noticed that my ribs was hurting so I went to the doctor and found out that I had fractured my ribs. I never did fall or get hit at my ribs. What is being done about these medications that is causing us all to have these fractures. Who can I go to, to file lawsuit.

  26. tjcole76 Reply

    I have been on Nexium, 40mg twince a day, for at least 9 years now and other meds before that. In just the last few years I have broke my toes, arms, wrist and last fall my femor broke in many places just from falling from standing up, this includes breaking the femor completely accross. I may never walk again without sometype of aid. and I am still using a walker and cane after 5 months and in quite a bit of pain too. I have lots of screws and a large plate to match my scar that runs from my lower knee up to my thigh. They ran a bone desity test and its was normal and only lost 7% in 4 years. This scares me but may explain all the bones I have broke latley and I am only 52. Yet I do not know what I will do without Nexium, this medication makes it so my chest and stomach make it through each day, its a great medication. Can we take something to help prevent further broken bones?

  27. Rhonda Reply

    I’ve been taking Nexium for 4-5 years and within the past year I’ve broken my pelvis in three places and most recentlt my wrist in two places. I’m 51 but athletic and in good shape overall. I thoght how odd that I would have these kinds of fractures in a one year period. Now I’m really wondering if this is the real problem!

  28. Ann Reply

    I have taken a proton pump inhibitor for about 10 years. At the beginning I was started off with Protonix, Prevacid and Prilosec. In each case I had side effects including very intense bone pain as we shuffled through the various drugs. I could not and still can’t go a day without some kind of help with very bad GERD. The resulting solution for me became Aciphex. No problems at all, no bone breaks in all these years and had a bone density test last year and am still within normal tolerances for my age. Not sure if I just hit on a good alternative or just have good genes but this medication has been a God send to me. The only problem I now have is my insurance company has just notified me that they refuse to fill it anymore. I had been paying much more for it on a co-pay than other drugs but now they won’t dispense it at all. There is no generic until 2013 in the USA and it’s very expensive. So my plan is to get it from a Canadian pharmacy at considerably less cost for the name brand and they also have a generic. Shows you how intolerable our medical system has become with this kind of financial ripoff. I’m posting this in case any of you need still medication but haven’t tried Aciphex. Bone pain is a serious and known side effect of proton pump inhibitors so I don’t understand if you reported it to your doctors why they left you on the drug(s). The bone pain started for me almost immediately and relented when I went off of the above noted prescribed meds but it was horrible enough that I refused to continue taking ithem and moved on to others until I found one that worked for me. Good luck to all of you, especially those that have bone damage.

  29. millie Reply

    i have been taking nexium and have had 4 breaks in all this time. what gives. i also take things for my bones and once a month bonivia and hopefully that will stop the breaks.

  30. Gail Reply

    I am 58 years old and I started taking nexium in 2007 for acid refex. Now my teeth are disintegrating at the gum line. I take 40 mg a day, sometimes twice a day. Did Nexium cause this. I am looking at losing all my teeth. This started about two years ago. When my teeth first started losen up, I had a feeling it could have been cause by the Nexium. What can a person do about it. I work part time at min wage with no medical or dental coverge. I don’t know how I can afford the dental work.

  31. Char Reply

    I have been on Nexium for about 1 1/2 yrs, due to ulcer and previous and continous hi-pylori, i lost strength in my legs back arms, weakness where i couldnt even push a cart, in walmart. or walk a very short distance, back problems, and a sik had to be removed in my neck and a cadaver bone put in. i quit Nexium and i am regaining some of my strength back, however an hour ago i fell just getting up for a chair, I need answers, i am in pain and i don\\\’t want to live on pain pills.

  32. MARY Reply


  33. Terry Reply

    Get off acid reflux meds. Try eating organic foods. Google acid relux or Gerd, and you’ll see that the major culprit is pesticides. My husband had a problem with orange juice. When we switched to organic oj, no more problems.
    I’ve “cured” my hi-pylori stomach problems with Manuka honey from New Zealand. One or two tablespoons a few times a day soothes the throat and stomach.
    Another interesting thought is, why would someone want to eliminate stomach and digestive acids when they’re so important for proper digestive functioning. This has to cause more health problems down the line.
    Before 1970, acid reflux was an occaisional problem. Then the chemicals were added to our foods along with the side effects.
    In 2001, I was poisoned by Levaquin and Cipro. I have a torn tendon in my hip. So far I cannot find a lawyer to take the case since tooooo much time has gone by and they can’t pinpoint exactly when the tear occurred. They’ve known about the tendon problems since the mid 1990’s.
    If we get back to organics and basics, and off all the medications, a lot of problems would be eliminated.

  34. lisa Reply


  35. Debra Reply

    I have been on Nexium for almost 10 years or more. They gave it to me for portal hypertention. They didnt want me to get any ulsers. Never had one , nor did i have heartburn. They last 5 years has been constant pain they said I had severe arithitis and was nothing tey could do. I needed a new hip and my left ancle stayed twice its size. I’m now in a wheelchair because it is to painful to walk. The pain was so bad I would lose my balence and fall. My faamily don’t understand they tell if I just walk more it will get better. I feel like i’m fighting a losing battle. At 53 years I can’t do the things I use to. I am confined to the house and somehow it don’t seem fair.

  36. Lori Reply

    I have been on gerd medications for years. Prilosec, Prevacid and Nexium. Over the years, I have suffered facial and jaw pain. Two yrs ago I was walking my puppy when she seen a cat and tried to pull me. I grabbed a tree and my wrist snapped and broke in two places. To this day it still hurts and henders my daily activities. I have also experienced a lot of shoulder pain over the years. All of which has been documented by doctors. I just heard about these medications causing these problems. I’m interested in getting more details on this issue.

  37. Stella Reply

    Not only do I have osteoporosis, spinal stenosis severe scoliosis and spondylosis, causing severe lower back pain, I realized after stopping omeprssole, (Nexium) that my hair is growing back, my dizziness stopped and I believe other problems were caused by this drug.
    I took Nesium for a few years, then omeprazsole, a total of ten years. I am unable to do any activity withou pain. I also had extreme oiliness of my forehead, and other skin issues, not necesssarily resulting from the drugs, but possibly so.
    I was having recurring UTIs which didn’t have usual symptoms, such as itching and burning. Why? According to Harvard Medical School, these meds can interfere with normal bacteria, as well as absorption of calcium.
    I was in very good physical condition until about 3 years ago, but have gradually deteriorated to serious problems. I still only take a blood pressure medicine (pain causes higher blood pressure). Acid reducers such as Tums etc. are helpful with acid. From age 75 to 85 I have apparently destroyed my good health.

  38. Pat Reply

    Four years ago I started taking nexium and now I can’t hardly walk, both of my knee are bone on bone and my ankle and foot on the right leg hurt all the time. I’ve went thru all the shots and gel shots in both knees and still pain all the time and most days I can’t walk. I never had any of this problems until the last few years. Now I take Prilosec,celebrex and cymbalta to help with the pain. Is there any help out there?

  39. Mark Reply

    I am 47 years old and have acid reflux. I started taking Nexium 8 months ago. I take 40 mgs per day. I recently started getting serious shoulder pain. After I had an x-ray done the Dr. said I had a calcium deposit. Could this be caused by Nexium? I think I am going to stop taking it after reading these horror stories.

  40. Judy Reply

    In 2001 I was diagnosed with esophegal cancer Today I am cancer free but still suffer with Gerd and have taken at times 4 nexiums daily. I am in so much pain sometimes I think I am crazy. The 24th of August I will be undergoing a shoulder replacement due to bones crumbling away. I am on 40 mg hydrocodone daily without relief. Glad to know I am not crazy but do greive over my poor quality of life

  41. Robert Reply

    I’ve been taking Nexium for 5+ years. Mysteriously fractured a rib that took forever to heal. Doctor had me get a bone density scan. Now, I’ve just been diagnosed with osteopenia (esp. in hip). I’m a man in his 40’s!

  42. tina Reply

    i started taking nexium about 6 years ago i havebeen diagnosed with fibromialga and recently fell and tore mr rotor cup, also haveneck problems and now they want meto take calcium.never hadany problems before

  43. mike Reply


  44. Karla Reply

    My 38 year old husband began taking several different omeprazole medications including Nexium, Prilosec prescription & OTC, & Zegirid over 10 years ago. In 2008 he suffered a stress fracture in his left foot. A few months later he broke his left wrist from a fall however not the type of fall that should have required a plate & 8 screws to repair as his did. He has severe arthritis in his right wrist however he has never injured it and was told it looks as if he has the hand of a 70 year old. He suffers from cronic back and hip pain and is currently waiting for the opportunity to take off from his place of employment to seek medical care. I hope and pray there isn’t damage as some have mentioned above. We were never informed of the possible side effects to his bones. I do strongly believe now that all of his issues revert back to taking these medications.

  45. LC Reply

    I have been taking Prevacid or Prilosec (depending on which my insurance covered) for 20 years. Two days without it and the burning in my throat and esophagus makes me miserable. I was recently prescribed weekly mega doses of Vitamin D for 2 months in conjunction with daily vitamin D and multi-vitamins (the daily vitamins are to be continued).Maybe it is time for pharmaceutical companies to come up with a better alternative. I require several maintenance meds and they all have potential side effects. If I don’t take the meds, I feel a lot worse. At this point, I’m willing to take the risk.

  46. Shawn Reply

    I have been taking Neium for close to 3 years for GERD and in this time have suffered a fracture of my right ankle and now a fracture of my tibia and fibula both times completely unexplained circumstances. Will be getting bone density test in the coming weeks . Needless to say I will not be taking Nexium anymore.

  47. Emily Reply

    I am a 53 years old woman using nexium before, now prilosec for over 5 years. For the last three years I’ve been suffering severe joint pain. Reading the comments, I see I’ve been lucky I haven’t had any fractures. Right now the joint pain is unbearable and I am taking Nsaid for the pain on a daily basis. I don’t know what is worst, losing my bones, losing my esophagus, or losing my kidneys. Something should be done. Please let me know if there is a class action suit.

  48. Frank Reply

    Dealing with the same problems. 53 year old male with Osteoporosis, no family history but over 10 years on Nexium. Canadian class action suit filed but nothing yet. Any other Canadians dealing with this?

  49. phyllis Reply

    2002 on actonel fractured T10 of spine. Switched to fosamax T12 of
    spine blew apart. Next forteo injection daily for 9 months-caused calicium
    in my blood to raise- very dangerous. Stopped everything, except prilosec-one every 5 days, which they now say causes fractures. I find that if I eat 1/4 of an apple, that takes
    care of acid reflux- working on that at the moment. Am 83 yrs old wear a TLSO brace & have lost approxamately 8 inches since 2002. Went for a bone density test 2 weeks ago & the report said due to degeneraion of my spine they could not do a bone density of my spine????

  50. Bill Reply

    I have been taking Nexium for 2 years daily now. Within in the past year I have broken 3 ribs from coughing. A friend of mine told me the other day that Nexium weakens ones bones. I had severe back pain mid back on Monday, went to the doctor Tuesday, had an MRI Thursday for the thoracic spine, and the doctor just called me this morning (Saturday 6/15/13) and told me I have compression fractures at T6, T7, T8 and T9. I think it is time to stop taking Nexium after reading everyone else having the fractures in their bodies.

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