Cameron Missouri Class Action Lawsuits Filed for Cluster of Brain Tumors

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Class action lawsuits have been filed on behalf of residents of Cameron, Missouri, a small town that has seen a cluster of brain tumors develop among residents and their children.

At least 68 people have been diagnosed with a brain tumor in the small community of Cameron, which has a population under 10,000.

Environmental tests conducted by the Department of Natural Resources have found that high levels of lead and arsenic are present in soil samples taken from the land around a Rockwool Industries plant in Cameron.

Arsenic and lead are chemicals that can damage a person’s nervous system, and could potentially cause cancer.

State health officials are conducting investigations to understand whether there is a link between the brain tumors and the arsenic and lead which apparently came from the industrial plant. They are also investigating ground water and air contamination to evaluate potential exposure factors.

The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has asked for details pertaining to past and present manufacture of insulation in the area. The federal health agency will also look into pesticide, chemical use and other common factors which could explain the cluster diagnosis of brain tumors among residents.

Two Cameron, Missouri class action lawsuits have been filed on behalf of the people living in the area. The suits were filed against companies who operated on the sites where the harmful chemicals were discovered. One of the lawsuits seeks funding for medical monitoring, and the other seeks compensation for property damage suffered due to substantial drops in home values in the area.

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  1. Michelle Reply

    Now that a cluster has been identified, is there any indication that there will be any research done on behalf of current and past residents of Cameron, MO as to whether other cancers and deceases could also be related? Will there be any medical testing provided for us who have moved away? I was born in Cameron in 1973, my brother in 1981, and my daughter in 1989. I moved from Cameron to Liberty in 1999. I have been diagnosed with Vertigo, which I believe to be a seasonal alergy issue. Should I seek a CAT scan for myself and my daughter? I can’t afford such an expense and I feel that the Sesquahana Corporations Parent Company should provide tests for everyone who lives or has lived in Cameron(including the Prisoners) since the Rockwool Plant was opened in 1974. Do we have to be part of the Class Action Suit in order to be covered in the future should we develope issues later?

  2. Patty Reply

    My son was incarcerated at the Cameron Correction Facility from 8/1999 to 5/2000. He was then transferred to another facility and released a few years later.

    In May of 2005 he was diagnosed with a Astrocyyomas Brain Tumor . The Dr, said is was a slow growing tumor about the size of a large plum and had surgery to remove the tumor in May 2005. He received radiation treatment and seemed to be doing fine.
    In October of 2008 he had a seizure and went to the Dr. a few weeks later, they did an MRI and it was determined that he had another tumor not as large as the first one but more invasive. He had surgery on January 5, 2009, the Dr removed most of his frontal lobe as well as the tumor. We go th the Dr tomorrow to get the results of the pathology report and to see what kind of therapy they can do such as Chemotherapy. His name is Kevin West. I would Like to know who I could get in contact with concerning the possibility of the connection of his brain tumors and the ones in Cameron and if any studies have been done concerning any other inmates from Cameron having Brain tumors.

  3. tony Reply

    i now have this tumor and recently moved out of scameron mo, my neighbor that lived 2 doors away lost her life now it seems i will be fighting for mine too, never got the notice prior to moving to this town that after several years i could be fighting to live its all so unfair…. i need to know who is handling this situation in scameron mo?

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  6. Fabeion Reply

    I was incarcerated in Cameron Missouri. I started having severe headaches and sinus problems. I also have unexplainedlumps on my body. I have not been able to get anyone to help me with these matters

  7. Anthony Reply

    Hi I am Anthony wife and He has went threw a series of testing he was just released from cameron mo county jail.I am needing to know the reaction of the tumors caused and what to look for.

  8. larry Reply

    My dad was on fosphenytoin 100mg and had surgery for a brean tumor

  9. Ruthy Reply

    My husband spent t from may 2007 to july 2008 in a cameron correctional center and was sent back last year for 4 months until he could get transferred, when his level dropped. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor recently and I was hoping someone could tell me about a good attorney that only gets paid if he wins.

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