Consensus Knee Replacement Lawsuit Filed Over Implant Failure

  • Written by: Irvin Jackson

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According to allegations raised in a recently filed product liability lawsuit, design problems with the Consensus Total Knee System makes the implant prone to fail, which may result in the need for revision surgery after just a couple of years.

The complaint (PDF) was filed last month by Robert Best in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas, indicating that Consensus Orthopedics, Inc. and up to 10 unidentified John Does, who may have been involved in the design, manufacture, sale, supply, distribution and marketing of the implants, provided an unreasonably dangerous and defective knee replacement system.

Best indicates that he underwent a right total knee replacement in March 2014, at which time the Consensus Total Knee System Replacement prosthesis was implanted in his body. Although a knee replacement is typically expected to last about two decades, only three years later the Consensus knee failed, according to the lawsuit,

On September 19, 2017, x-rays of Best’s right knee showed that the polyethylene insert component of the Consensus implant had failed, resulting in the component becoming dislodged from the tibial tray, according to the lawsuit. As a result of the knee replacement problems, Best underwent revision surgery to have the implant removed in February 2018.

“Consensus Total Knee System Replacements and its components were defectively designed in that the polyethylene tibial insert would dislodge from the tibial tray causing dangerous instability, injury, and pain,” the lawsuit states. “Additionally, the Consensus Total Knee System Replacements and its components were defectively manufactured in such a manner as to cause the tibial insert to bend, move, slip, and/or break.”

Best presents claims of strict product liability, negligence, gross negligence, and breach of warranty. He seeks both compensatory and punitive damages.

The lawsuit is one of the first over the Consensus Total Knee System. However, similar product liability claim shave been brought against the manufacturers of other knee systems introduced in recent years that featured design defects, including the DePuy Attune knee replacement, which has also been linked to tibial tray failures.

When the knee replacement loosens and fails, it can cause pain and wear away the bone. This can lead to restricted physical movement and severe pain, which continues until the pain becomes unbearable, or the device fails, resulting in a loss of knee function.

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  1. Shavon Reply

    I have the same problem. My knee replacement that was done in 2016 is loose now. I am actually walking around in pain because this is the 2nd time that it became loose. I had a revision already on this same knee.

  2. stanley Reply

    my wife has a similar problem , but with the consensus bi polar hip two weeks after the replacement surgery ,while still in the hospital, the unit broke . a second bi polar hip was put in and it broke within a couple months requiring my wife to be confined to the bed until she was able to have another surgery, it has been one year and four surgeries she is now walking with great difficulty

  3. JimC Reply

    you need to investigate Consensus device cleaning, packaging and sterilization

  4. James Reply

    Had knee replacement June 2019. Caught staff infection around knee.. Back in the hospital for a week. January 2020 back in the hospital with fluid and stitches removed that had made a sore from first surgery. Consensus was the name of the replacement they put in me. I’m hurting worse now than I ever have!!!!!!

  5. jody Reply

    Had TKR December 2018 4 months after started have pain and swelling. Finally got a ct scan found tibial loosening need to have a revision surgery to fix.

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