Ford Issues Five Recalls Over Fuel, Brakes, Sensors and Other Problems

  • Written by: Russell Maas

Ford Motor Company intends to recall over 200,000 vehicles in five separate actions initiated in North America alone, citing a number of different problems, including leaking fuel lines, defective fuel filters, improperly installed steering shafts, brake pedal switches, and potentially faulty air bag sensors.  

The five Ford recalls were announced on November 4, after consumer complaints identified a number of potentially serious safety risks. However, the auto maker indicates that it is aware of only one accident that may be linked to the defects.

Among the recalled vehicles are 134,947 Ford Flex and Ford F-150 vehicles from the 2014 model year, which may have issues where the front passenger seat air bag sensing control module will fail, potentially resulting in the non-deployment of the air bags in certain frontal collisions. This may increase the risk of injury to passengers.

Ford believes an estimated 113,418 impacted vehicles are located in the U.S., with another 19,975 in Canada, and 1,554 in Mexico. The automaker is preparing notice for dealers to repair the issue by widening the gap between the manual seat frame and seat track assembly and re-calibrate the seat occupant classification system free of charge.

The second largest recall involves 38,645 Ford Crown Victoria, Mercury Grand Marquis and Lincoln Town cars, due to a risk that the vehicles may have been improperly repaired during a prior recall involving an issue with the lower intermediate steering shaft. These problems could could cause drivers to lose steering ability, leading to an accident.

Ford became aware of the steering problems with the cars after receiving at least one accident report where a driver indicated that all steering ability was lost while the vehicle was in motion, resulting in a crash. However, the automaker indicates there were no injuries suffered in the accident.

An estimated 35,888 of the vehicles are believed to be in the United States, with another 1,757 in Canada. Dealers will inspect and replace the upper intermediate steering shaft if necessary as well as inspect the steering column lower bearing and install a bearing retainer kit if needed.

Ford Motor Corp is also recalling 27,597 Ford Transit Connect vehicles from the 2014 model year, due to a potentially incorrect fuel and vapor line routing, which could cause the lines to rub together and cause a leak in the fuel lines over time. This could result in a vehicle fire in the presence of an ignition source. Ford dealers will inspect the fuel line routes and reroute and replace the fuel line if necessary.

Also being recalled are 950 Ford F-150 trucks that may experience problems with a brake pedal position switch, which may have been incorrectly adjusted. This could result in a delay or a non-illumination of the brake lights when engaging the brake pedal, increasing the risk of rear-end collisions. Ford has prepared notice for dealers to remove and reinstall the brake pedal position switch free of charge.

The last recall of the five includes 92 Ford Transit vehicles from the 2015 model year, which may have weak brackets holding the fuel filter to the frame. Over time the brackets may become detached causing the engine to stall due to lack of fuel filtration, posing a crash hazard to drivers who may not be able to restart the engine while idling. Ford plans to inspect the vehicles and reinforce the underbody structure if required free of charge.

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  1. Marilyn Reply

    Recently rented a ford focus . Lost control of steering pushing me into parked car. Avis blaming me. Stating accident caused steering rack to break. I say it broke and caused me to hit parked car. Minimal external damage just s small scrape on fender

  2. Ann Reply

    2010 Ford Fusion Power Steering Class Action Lawsuit. I bought my 2010 Ford Fusion brand new December 2009. My car was in the shop twice in the last 2 months for power steering default messages. The first time for three days and the Ford dealership could find no problems after multiple diagnostic tests (and $150 later) and returned my car to me. My car continued to have power steering default problems continuing to default while driving down the road or just starting the car, which made it very difficult to drive in manual steering mode. Then finally, in May, the power steering default message remained on for good, making the car very difficult to drive. My car is only 5 years old, with only 75,000 miles on it at the first instance, and 80,000 the second, I contacted the Ford dealer where I purchased my car to check the warrantee. I was told the warrantee on the power steering was for only 3 years, 39,000 miles, which was unbelievable for me to believe. The car doesn’t even have 100,000 miles on it. And this isn’t the only problems I have experienced with this car. I took my car to the dealership, who had to keep it for a week, and the cost was $2,500 to repair the entire steering system. After crying, I coughed up my credit card to pay for the repairs, not having any choice. In addition to being extremely dangerous with the power steering default turning on in the middle of driving down the road, it is unbelievable that the entire power steering system having to be replaced. Very frustrating and shocking that Ford didn’t even warrantee something as vital as the power steering system for more than 39,000 miles. Apparently, they are aware that after that the power steering most likely with go out. Only 39,000 miles. Really!!!!!!!!

  3. Roy Reply

    Have 2010 Ford Escape son was driving power steering went out . Vehicle was diaignoised with bad torque sensor called ford was told to take to dealer .my son took the vehicle in he was told it wasn’t under recall and that his warranty was out.on top of that they wanted 150.00 for diaignoises even though he told them the code and that I had called ford about the problem. I picked up the car refused to pay them called ford back only to be told not under recall. Will never buy another ford product and as far as I’m concerned these vehicles should be taken off road. Ford should have to buy them back.

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