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Fresenius Medical Care may have withheld important information about the potential side effects of NaturaLyte and GranuFlo acid concentrate drugs for dialysis treatment, which may have caused thousands of people to suffer:

  • Cardiac Arrest
  • Heart Attack
  • Sudden Death

STATUS OF FRESENIUS DIALYSIS LAWSUITS: These lawsuits are no longer being reviewed after Fresenius agreed to a $250 million settlement agreement to resolve the litigation.


OVERVIEW: Granuflo dry acid concentrate and NaturaLyte liquid concentrate are used during dialysis treatment together with a bicarbonate buffer to help clean the blood for individuals suffering kidney or renal impairment.

These products are manufactured by Fresenius Medical Care, which operates thousands of dialysis clinics throughout the United States and also sells equipment and medications used at most other dialysis centers, including DaVita Dialysis Clinics, DCR, Renal Ventures and others.

Before 2012, individuals may have faced a serious risk of suffering a sudden heart attacks and cardiac arrest during dialysis treatment with Granuflo and NaturaLyte, due to Fresenius Medical Care’s failure to provide adequate warnings and instructions with their product.

Granuflo and NaturaLyte contain sodium acetate, which is converted into bicarbonate by the body during and shortly after dialysis treatment. However, the manufacturer failed to warn physicians that these products contain higher levels of acetate than most other dialysis treatment products, requiring physicians to carefully monitor and change bicarbonate buffers administered with Granuflo or NaturaLyte, to avoid a risk of cardiopulmonary arrest and sudden death from heart problems.

LAWSUITS OVER FRESENIUS DIALYSIS TREATMENTS: A number of families throughout the United States filed claims after their loved ones died or suffered a catastrophic heart injury during or within 48 hours after dialysis treatment.

According to allegations raised in Fresenius dialysis treatment lawsuits:

  • Fresenius Medical Care negligently manufactured and sold unreasonably defective products
  • Granuflo and NaturaLyte were insufficiently tested and unsafe as designed
  • Inadequate warnings and instructions were provided with Granuflo and NaturaLyte, which did not fully inform the medical community about the nature and extent of the risk of heart attack, cardiac arrest, sudden cardiac death and other health problems
  • Even after Fresenius Medical Care knew or should have known about the problems with Granuflo and NaturaLyte, they continued to sell the products and attempted to convert clinics to use of the products by offering pricing discounts and packaging Granuflo and NaturaLyte with other dialysis products
  • Fresenius Medical Care provided critical information about the risk of heart attacks and death from Granuflo and NaturaLyte to doctor’s at their own clinics before warning other dialysis centers that used their products
  • Information was withheld in an attempt to maintain Fresenius Medical Care’s market share and maximize profits, at the expense of the safety of dialysis patients receiving their products

FRESENIUS DIALYSIS TREATMENT PROBLEMS: According to an internal review of patients treated at Fresenius Medical Care clinics during 2010, there were at least 941 cases where patients suffered a sudden cardiopulmonary arrest at the dialysis center.

In November 2011, Fresenius Medical Care issued an internal memo to their own physicians warning about the potential concerns associated with Granuflo and NaturaLyte, and highlighting that bicarbonate buffers should be regularly monitored and adjusted to reduce the risk of heart attack, cardiac arrest and death. This same information was not provided to other clinics that used Granuflo and NaturaLyte.

In March 2012, after receiving an inquiry from the FDA about the internal memo, Fresenius Medical Care issued an alert to other dialysis clinics that may use their Granuflo or NatruaLyte products during hemodialysis treatment.

In May 2012, the FDA warned about the risk of hemodialysis dosing problems with NaturaLyte Liquid and Granuflo Acid Concentrate, indicating that these products can raise bicarbonate levels in patients going through dialysis treatments, causing a condition known as metabolic alkalosis, which can increase the risk of heart attack, cardiac arrest, stroke, low blood pressure and death.

In June 2012, it was reported that Fresenius dialysis problems have resulted in an FDA investigation, examining whether the manufacturer of Granuflo and NaturaLyte failed to adequately warn doctors that the products could cause heart attacks and other serious injuries during hemodialysis.

In February 2016, Fresenius proposed a $250 million settlement agreement that is expected to be accepted and funded by August 2016.


  1. Judy Reply

    Thank you so much Laurie it help me a great deal. Keep posting all information is good to hear at this point

  2. Carolyn Reply

    Torrianna, I too have Branch and I received the same letter. With them, it appears to sign off for the alternative or nothing. And I am will to bet we get nothing with the alternative. But, as I’ve stated before. The only reason I got embroiled in the mess is to make sure my darling Bill didn’t die in vain. At least his name is known and his death helped others.

  3. Walt Reply

    Apparently it seem to me, not all “opted-in” cases will be evaluated by the claims administrator, Mr. Green. Branch Law firm, last week, sent a letter of denial to my neighbor, who lost her husband during dialysis of cardiac arrest at Davita in 2009. The death certificate stated so. Branch accepted the case. She had opted-in. The letter stated that the product was not used at that facility contrary to what she was told. They could have told her years ago she was not eligible. I am normally a very optimistic person and this take a lot of nerves for me to write this.
    My 39 year old daughter with 3 minor kids also died after having dialysis hours pass the 12 and 24 hours(she died 32 to 40 hrs after dialysis) time frame already predetermined before the MDL even started. she died sometime during the night but was found the next morning, documented on the death certificate as natural causes. She did not start having strokes(3) and a final heart attack until she was faced with using this stuff. I was told by Branch personnel that they would submit the records but has already determined the outcome of $1500.00 before 40% and expenses (no choice). “we have made that decision, not the claim administrator” I was told before all of this opt-in mess a year ago or so, that I will have to opt-in so they can get “their money”.
    I was initially denied as a client in 2012 by Cory, Watson and Crowder personnel “that since she did not die within 24 hours of Dialysis they would not take the case. Someone had already set the time frame criteria even back then. I saw on the web that they were taking cases that stated within 48 hours and contacted Branch. My daughter last hemodialysis was at Fresenius. They told them it was Naturalyte. Fresenius clinic personnel told me years ago it was Granuflo. I can’t prove it. There are only 6 eligible cases in Alabama. I wonder why? People are still dying after dialysis here.
    I have contacted the Attorney General Office when Luther Strange was AG. Did not contact my Alabama Senators, they seem to me to be for big business. Emailed Senator Elizabeth Warren, who serves on the Consumer Protection Committee in Congress. Contacted the attorney of record who seem to be just the between man. Contacted Judge Woodlock clerk office and was told that “it between the lawyers”.
    This kind of thing should be apart of “criminal justice reform”. Someone should go to jail. I have concluded that this was a setup deal from the beginning. This allows lawyers to be bought off, in my opinion, from weak cases chosen and cases not properly vetted by law firms. If law makers (lawyers) reform this practice, would that be like the “fox guarding the hen house”.
    This is my first and only post to a blog. There is a disclaimer on television and radio commercials for lawyers in Alabama that reads “No representation is made that the quality of the legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers”.
    Thank you all for the information y’all have posted and for allowing me to vent to help me find closure in the death of my daughter. May we continue to pray for all who has suffered thru this tragedy of losing our love ones.

  4. Joe Reply

    Thank you for that information in what your lawyer stated. I have a little bit of a issue with it however.If you look back at the posts there are multiple people that told everyone their lawyer stated that they are able to submit documents now to the claims administrator it wasn’t just me that stated that There have been multiple people that have stated that. My lawyer told me claim submission to the claims administrator. Will stop end of September. Your lawyer is telling you the portal has not even been opened yet, that concerns me. How can all these other people say Their lawyers told them they were able to submit. Information to the claims administrator but your lawyer is telling you the portal have not even been opened yet. I could see if it was just one person saying they were able to submit documents to the claims administrator but there has been multiple people that stated that there lawyer told them That. I would email my lawyer if I were you and tell her how come there are a lot of people saying their lawyer has told them that they can’ submit the documents now to the claims administrator but you are telling me the portal has not even been opened yet I don’t understand that. I am a little confused can you please help me understand it a little better. Look the fact is you are not going to change anything at this point but it would be nice to get accurate information from your lawyer. It seems like they are being a little deceptive toward you. I know for a fact and so do a lot of other people so-called portal have been open for a long time now in fact from what I was told it has been closed End of September. I am not trying to disrespect you I am just trying to help you I hope you understand that.You know sometimes in these lawsuits the lawyer will say well we tried but we were unable to submit your documents to the claims Administrator it takes the blame off of them . You obviously had problems with what she was telling you or you would not of posted what she said on here. I also call bullshit on all the other lawyers telling people the claims were not filled out correctly. These lawyers have gone to law school and your trying to tell me they can’t fill out a claim submission for a MDL. That’s not reasonable reasoning I call bullshit on that. What law firm is going to work for free to fix other lawyers Mistakes it’s unrealistic think about it.

  5. Joe Reply

    Category 2 receive only 50% of what you would have received in Category one category two is for
    Naturalyte cases only. If They say you’re in category two good luck getting anything from this lawsuit. I hope that helped.

  6. reese Reply

    Joe you were correct all along.

    Funding date 11-28-17.

    I appreciate you!!

  7. Marie Reply

    I spoke to my lawyer Monday. They stated that they are just now getting the paperwork submitted to the claims department. He said that there was a hold up due to the $1500 settlement being paid. He could be telling me a story though. They could be one of the law firms that had errors and had to correct them. They actually called to ask me if my mom was on the transplant list or not was the initial reason for his call. My mom was not yet on the transplant list, but was working on it. She had to have dental work done before she could be listed. I assume if you are on the transplant list you get more points which equals more money. And he said payout will be sometime in 2018. Just telling you what I was told.

  8. Laurie Reply

    I am so sorry I posted that information. I regretted it the minute I did it. Do not know why Joe you have to say those things but if you disagree with what I posted I am again sorry. I should have known better. This is your forum, as I can well see. If anyone disagrees or posts something you dont like you lash out. Very sad that you feel you have to do that.

    You could find better ways of saying things instead of calling “BS” and being sarcastic with “I hope that helped.” That is not helpful. I think your a very unhappy person and this is your only outlet.

    God bless all involved with this case, we are all going to need it.

  9. linda Reply

    reese where did th information com from that th funding date is 11-28-17. I’m only asking because my lawyer stated it will be the first part of 2018. I could have heard wrong, but this is what i understood him to say. Joe have you heard lately when that date is??

    Thanks in advance

  10. Debbie Reply

    This is what I think about the lawyers not submitting the claims correctly. That is almost impossible. When you, any of you people out there, let alone a lawyer, are dealing with large sums of money, don’t you check and recheck to make sure your forms are filled out correctly before submitting them? You know what I do? I even will put a call into the other party on the receiving end if I’m not sure of something to make sure I did it right and I have them go over it with me before I send it in. In this day and age with lawyers who have legal secretaries or paralegals working for them, that is so hard to believe they weren’t submitted properly. If that’s the case, I’m going to law school. I’m not saying Laurie’s lawyer didn’t tell her that because I think that’s what my lawyer told me too. That the other lawyers sending in forms incorrectly was the holdup. I call bs on that one too. I also know that sometimes cases that are lingering will settle at the end of the year for some reason, so look for either the very end of this year or like my lawyer said in 2018, hopefully the first quarter.

  11. Debbie Reply

    P.S. we all know that Joe has it all going on here. He seems to have a lot of info which is great, but Laurie you sound like one smart cookie to me! I appreciate anything that anyone posts even the ever so controversial JohnB! He just tries to be an aggravating nuisance to ruffle our feathers, can’t you tell?

  12. Judy Reply

    FYI my attorney told our family 2018 no sooner that’s all he has ever stated.

  13. Reese Reply

    I was told this by my attorney. I think that datte is when it starts, but it will probably continue through 2018. Keep in mind things can always change. My lawyer have been upfront with me from day one. Also, Joe has been giving the same info that my lawyer’s have and then some. According to my attorney the judge has given a dead line of 11-10-17 for all claims to be submitted to the claim administrator. He has also instructed the claim administrator not to accept any more claims after that date. The settlement should trigger by 10′-12-17. So basically like Joe said some tine ago, claims submission should be done by November. In addition , since they started submitting claims, back in August, they have already been reviewed or processed. So by the time those remaining claims are submitted most of them should be done by then. That part is my own assessment. Remember things can chsnge and I could be wrong. But this is what i was told and this is what Joe has been stating the whole time. Thanks again Joe, you kept a lot of us encouraged. Good luck to all.

  14. Joe Reply

    Laurie,I have no idea what your issue with me is. For one I did not start this comment section on this website, so don’t say I own it. I don’t think it was ever meant to be any type of blog,but I don’t know that for sure. It was simply a comment section for people to post on thats what i Believe. I have nothing to do with it. I did not start it. I also will have nothing to do with when it ends. I am simply a person like you posting information I find out or have. There is no reason to get pissed off at me. If you Have regrets on something you posted on here It’s not my fault. Look if I disagree with what someone says or with what a lawyer said to you. I am going to post it and you are not going to stop me. It’s not directed at anyone person,if anything its directed towards the lawyer that gave you that information. I have no idea what lawyers are telling the truth and what lawyers are not. All I know is what I have posted ends up happening. . All I was saying was there have been many people on here telling everyone the lawyers are submitting documents to the claims Administrator now. Your lawyer told you the portal is not even open yet. Don’t you find that a little questionable? What I posted wasn’t directed at you specifically it was more towards the lawyers. What I was trying to say was a lot of lawyers have said the portal has been open to submit documents now. How can your lawyer say it’s not even possible yet ,when other lawyers have already submitted The documents to the claims administrator. At least that’s what people are saying on here. This is not my blog. If you Even want to call it a blog,it’s more like a comment section. I may post the most on here. I just happen to Be able to see the court documents and I am posting what they say. Don’t say I lash out. What I don’t like it when people give false information or information that is known to be untrue. How can your lawyer tell you the portal has not been opened yet,when you know for a fact It has been open for a while. That’s not lashing out that’s just telling the truth.People have been posting for quite a few weeks that their lawyers have told them they are submitting their papers now to the claims administrator. Then you come on and tell everyone your lawyer is telling you the portal is not even open yet . Then when I question it you lash out and tell me how rotten I am . That is so far from the truth it’s pathetic. Lash out at your lawyer not me. I’m sick Of you telling me how I lash out I am questioning what you are saying because it doesn’t fall in line with what everyone else is saying. You are The one that is lashing out. When people disagree with you. Every-time i post something you don’t like about your post you write a rude comment about me. You post I am a unhappy person. You are so wrong.I am actually a happy person and enjoy life to the fullest. You are just giving wrong information that is inaccurate. I am sure other people realize it to. Before you accuse me take a look at yourself. Look what some of these lawyers have done. Making people wait years and years and then telling them they are only receiving $1500. So yes I am blunt and to the point. The reason behind it Is because as you can see. A lot of lawyers are miss leading people. Making people believe things that are not factual. How would you feel if you waited five or six years thinking you were in category #1 Then you find out you are only going to receive $1500 Have some common sense.You have to believe what your lawyer tells you but you also have to question it. If it doesn’t sound reasonable or if it doesn’t add up with what everyone else is saying. Just for you know it wasn’t just one law firm there are more $1500 cases that will be receiving letters in the near future. If you’re not careful you will be one of those people.Its just a heads up. I used the word BS Because lawyers at telling people that other lawyers did not fill out the paperwork correctly or there are issues with it. Now doesn’t that sound like Nonsense. What law firm or lawyer Doesn’t know how to fill out a claim in a MDL? If that was truly the case that lawyer or law firm should not be practicing law. Laurie It’s pretty amazing how you post mean things about me, but try to make it sound nice How astonishing.

  15. Joee Reply

    You could be right. I don’t know,they may have extended the submission time for forms to the Claims administrator. I haven’t heard anything about that. All I know is what my Lawyer told me I can’t remember the date he told me but this is what he said.

    “The claims submission process will most likely end In September. There will be a period of time that the Claims administrator will be reviewing cases. We believe this will occur in October and end sometime around November Or very early December. You will receive a determination letter with the amount of the award shortly after, likely December we will keep you updated, thank you for your patience.”

  16. Melany Reply

    Joe, my lawyer has also been very evasive. She said this whole suit has been unusual from the start, and she also told me not to expect a windfall. All I know is, I wish I had the life back that I had before January of 2011. I had the sudden death episode while I was on dialysis. I was in the hospital for a month, trying to relearn how to walk and use the right side of my body. It’s been a long, rocky road, praise God I’m still alive, but I’ll be glad when the worrying is over with.

  17. Amanda Reply

    Well today marks 6 yrs I picked my mom up from dialysis took her grocery shopping and left to tend to my babies. All seemed well had one of the best days with my mom. Shortly after I received a call saying my mother had been transporated by ambulance and during that ride was shocked 15 times trying to revive her. They got her to the hospital and put her on machines. Packed her in ice to keep her from convulsing. That phone call forever stays implanted in my mind how is it possible? she was just fine we just talked she was eating fish sticks we had bought earlier that day now she’s dying. Fast foward a year later starting this process trying to recover medical records from dialysis that claim she was never a patient. So glad my mom’s Dr was a great man he released everything and every document. I know Dr’s aren’t supposed to develop a relationship with their patients but I can honestly say this man cared. He even showed up to my mother’s funeral. Still to this day ask about my mother and offers any help he can. Sorry needed to vent it’s been a long day and the night just getting started. The tears,anger,hurt,sadness and all the emotions are all brought back up

  18. Debbie Reply

    I actually just read Laurie’s post again about what her attorney wrote her and I think it sounds like she is misinterpreting when her attorney said the “portal is not opened yet” with “the settlement has not been triggered yet” which is what my attorney told me. Could that be what happened? I don’t think she is intentionally trying to mislead people, but you can see how those two phrases can sound like the same thing when your not familiar with these terms, although she is supposedly repeating what her attorney wrote her and that attorney SHOULD know the difference. When I said Laurie was one smart cookie, I meant her lawyer, in the fact that I am in agreement when she said about how these big companies should not get away with the damage that’s been done and the procedures they are going to follow up on, so we’ll see what happens with that. And aren’t you guys all in agreement with me, (-and I think Joe said it too), when our attorneys told us some law firms didn’t submit the claims properly and that’s one of the reasons this is taking so long? I don’t want to sound cruel but What kind of lawyers are they that they dont know how to submit paperwork properly on something so crucial? I am in disbelief that actually happened, so I’m gonna say it one more time, I call bs on that one.

  19. Sharon Reply

    I just sent my attorney an email asking for an update. He said “Settlement triggered yesterday. We can now moved forward.”

  20. Laurie Reply

    Your right Debbie I am not smart to post what my lawyer sent me in an email or told me over the phone. Will not happen again. If my information is incorrect or misleading I apologize to all here. As Joe said if I am not careful I will be one of the ones getting $1500 since I do not recognize nonsense when I hear it. I meant no harm to anyone and certainly did not deserve the response I got from Joe but I am a big girl and will smile and move on. Good luck to all and God bless.

  21. Anthony Reply

    Stop fighting with each other we were sold out by everyone from day one the lawyers and fresenius was working together. How you go to court with 10.000 cases and lose. You telling me none of those cases fit the Criteria to win the suit. See how we were sold out and the lawyers want 40%

  22. Joe Reply

    Melany. I do understand,it seems your Windfall was life Itself. The money large or small you get from this settlement will just be a bonus. Remember every day is a gift. Whatever the amount is going to be we will just have to except that there is nothing anyone is going to be able to do about it. Just remember I don’t have any amounts for any One specific case or claim. I do know however there will be some people that get far more than others.

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