Fresenius Dialysis Treatment Lawsuit

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Fresenius Medical Care may have withheld important information about the potential side effects of NaturaLyte and GranuFlo acid concentrate drugs for dialysis treatment, which may have caused thousands of people to suffer:

  • Cardiac Arrest
  • Heart Attack
  • Sudden Death

STATUS OF FRESENIUS DIALYSIS LAWSUITS: These lawsuits are no longer being reviewed after Fresenius agreed to a $250 million settlement agreement to resolve the litigation.


OVERVIEW: Granuflo dry acid concentrate and NaturaLyte liquid concentrate are used during dialysis treatment together with a bicarbonate buffer to help clean the blood for individuals suffering kidney or renal impairment.

These products are manufactured by Fresenius Medical Care, which operates thousands of dialysis clinics throughout the United States and also sells equipment and medications used at most other dialysis centers, including DaVita Dialysis Clinics, DCR, Renal Ventures and others.

Before 2012, individuals may have faced a serious risk of suffering a sudden heart attacks and cardiac arrest during dialysis treatment with Granuflo and NaturaLyte, due to Fresenius Medical Care’s failure to provide adequate warnings and instructions with their product.

Granuflo and NaturaLyte contain sodium acetate, which is converted into bicarbonate by the body during and shortly after dialysis treatment. However, the manufacturer failed to warn physicians that these products contain higher levels of acetate than most other dialysis treatment products, requiring physicians to carefully monitor and change bicarbonate buffers administered with Granuflo or NaturaLyte, to avoid a risk of cardiopulmonary arrest and sudden death from heart problems.

LAWSUITS OVER FRESENIUS DIALYSIS TREATMENTS: A number of families throughout the United States filed claims after their loved ones died or suffered a catastrophic heart injury during or within 48 hours after dialysis treatment.

According to allegations raised in Fresenius dialysis treatment lawsuits:

  • Fresenius Medical Care negligently manufactured and sold unreasonably defective products
  • Granuflo and NaturaLyte were insufficiently tested and unsafe as designed
  • Inadequate warnings and instructions were provided with Granuflo and NaturaLyte, which did not fully inform the medical community about the nature and extent of the risk of heart attack, cardiac arrest, sudden cardiac death and other health problems
  • Even after Fresenius Medical Care knew or should have known about the problems with Granuflo and NaturaLyte, they continued to sell the products and attempted to convert clinics to use of the products by offering pricing discounts and packaging Granuflo and NaturaLyte with other dialysis products
  • Fresenius Medical Care provided critical information about the risk of heart attacks and death from Granuflo and NaturaLyte to doctor’s at their own clinics before warning other dialysis centers that used their products
  • Information was withheld in an attempt to maintain Fresenius Medical Care’s market share and maximize profits, at the expense of the safety of dialysis patients receiving their products

FRESENIUS DIALYSIS TREATMENT PROBLEMS: According to an internal review of patients treated at Fresenius Medical Care clinics during 2010, there were at least 941 cases where patients suffered a sudden cardiopulmonary arrest at the dialysis center.

In November 2011, Fresenius Medical Care issued an internal memo to their own physicians warning about the potential concerns associated with Granuflo and NaturaLyte, and highlighting that bicarbonate buffers should be regularly monitored and adjusted to reduce the risk of heart attack, cardiac arrest and death. This same information was not provided to other clinics that used Granuflo and NaturaLyte.

In March 2012, after receiving an inquiry from the FDA about the internal memo, Fresenius Medical Care issued an alert to other dialysis clinics that may use their Granuflo or NatruaLyte products during hemodialysis treatment.

In May 2012, the FDA warned about the risk of hemodialysis dosing problems with NaturaLyte Liquid and Granuflo Acid Concentrate, indicating that these products can raise bicarbonate levels in patients going through dialysis treatments, causing a condition known as metabolic alkalosis, which can increase the risk of heart attack, cardiac arrest, stroke, low blood pressure and death.

In June 2012, it was reported that Fresenius dialysis problems have resulted in an FDA investigation, examining whether the manufacturer of Granuflo and NaturaLyte failed to adequately warn doctors that the products could cause heart attacks and other serious injuries during hemodialysis.

In February 2016, Fresenius proposed a $250 million settlement agreement that is expected to be accepted and funded by August 2016.


  1. Arthur Reply

    The paralegal from my attorney’s office called me today and informed me that the claim administrator has finished assigning point value to our case and we will receive a letter via fedex soon. This is the first time in 3 years that someone actually called me with information. I am really hoping this case is about to end.

  2. Joe Reply

    The $1500 payments are done in rounds. So one specific group of people could be part of the first round of payments. So it could be possible that some people did receive their payment for the $1500 but that does not mean all APA claim have been paid. Not sure how many are in round one of the $1500 paid out claims. In fact I don’t even know if the first round have been disbursed yet. I know the 9 cases that were At issues The judge let those cases submit there claims late I believe The judge gave until July 3rd for their attorney to submit the claims to the claims administrator. Don’t know how long it takes for the claims administrator to Review nine cases but I wouldn’t think it would take long. Like I told everyone before there was one case after the administrator determined everyone’s claim not including those nine. There was one case added to this MDL. It’s unclear how they are going to handle that. It Definitely doesn’t make much sense. Not Sure if that will have a impact on payout dates.

  3. adam Reply

    Yes, Just spoke with my attorney today.Says we have 150 point.$700 a point. That’s bout the only good news. Said he won’t get a sheet with net figures til end of Sept cause government doing Medicare and Medicaid lein checks and will take two months to finish. Then in Oct they have to post three Times in your local paper a notice to see if any additional beneficiaries come forward. She sais this will go on Oct and Nov. Then near end of Nov or Dec she will send final letters to clients to sign and send back to her. Then money will be sent after your local judges approve the final deal. So in other words in my case I am prob not looking to get my $$$$ til Jan or Feb 2019!! What a joke. What a scam. I won’t someone to tell me who has been drawing interest in this $250 million dollars that’s sitting in a bank somehere. Fresenius, the judges, lawyers, administrators??? Still sounds like something fishy going on to me. These people just keep going on and on and on texting this already frivolous lawsuit. It may never END. Every higher body involved in this lawsuit should be ashamed and embarrassed with the handling of this case. Would like to hear any other comments clients have received from their lawyers…

  4. arthur Reply

    Hey Joe how long do you think it will take to receive letters from the claim administrator stating the point value of our claims. Then I wonder when will checks be mailed out…..I am hoping it does not take FEDEX years to arrive. Do you know how many people ended up in the group that died within 24 hours@

  5. ricky Reply

    Got verbal confirm from my attorney. I’ve been waiting- what 6 years or so on this case.I have 125 points.At bout $700 point totals to $87,000. Attorney gets 45% right off bat so down to $47,000. Take away medical records, medical liens, filing and recording probate estate fees, other misc fees totals $19,000, so after gross of 87,000 there was net of $28,000. To me that’s ridiculous. Split amongst 3 others, we each get bout$7,000 each for my dad’s death!! No justice at all for Fresenius killing him.Plus told don’t look for the $$$$ til bout February or March 2019. Saw earlier post. Who indeed gets the interest on the $250 million just sitting there since Nov 2017?? Bet Fresenius, the lawyers, judges, and administrators are splitting this interest money??

  6. Kimberly Reply

    I spoke with my attorney and was told I will receive a document to be signed, returned and then check for $1,500 will be mailed to me. Timeframe is end of August would get check.

    He told me 16,000 were in suit at beginning. Then 6,000 of which 4,000 were in the $1,500 category.

    The fact that we are out of the point category by a few hours is devastating. It is not just the timeframe change from 48 to 24 hours after treatment. it’s that the repeated treatments led up to her passing. None of this is fair to us. Money brings too much power and the fact that they leaned on the premise, what we do saves lives, is ridiculous.

  7. CYNDIE Reply

    Does anyone know the final number of cases that were approved for payment. I questioned my attorney and ” I don’t know”

  8. arthur Reply

    I received my award letter today…..point value is 706.00

  9. Ken Reply

    Something is just not wright with some of these blogs.I just talk to my Lawyer one of the big groups and I was told no payments until Oct.
    I was told that Administrator has not look over all of there cases.
    Also I ask about whats up on these blogs about payout they said no funds Have been sent out.

  10. Texas Reply

    Have Anyone heared that September will be the Payout month.

  11. Arthur Reply

    It will be over soon $706 and change per point. Checks will be delivered either late September or early October. According to my Attorneys. The fees are crazy.

  12. Marie Reply

    I got my letter from the lawyer on my exact settlement amount. It states that payouts will be in October this year. Let’s see if it happens. Good luck.

  13. jim Reply

    spoke to my attorney yesterday for first time in a year he said pay outs will most likely early part of next year but they are shooting for end of this year also each point is equal to 707.00 dollars due in part bad news they are negotiating the liens and fies that are against that money like medicaid and medicare courts and others things. also maybe necessary to open an estate with probate court which can be expensive and take 2-6 months to obtain depending where you reside he said they really cant give a more accurate date until they receive the monies in there accounts

  14. Joe Reply

    Status report from Green. these are true numbers actually.

    “I am pleased to be able to report to the Courts that the exhaustive claims processing, evaluation, and appeals process is virtually complete. Based on data provided to me by the Claims Administrator and Liaison Counsel, a total of 7,541 claims were processed with 6,557 found to be eligible for compensation from the fund and 984 determined to be ineligible after all internal appeals and appeals to the Special Master. I believe six claimants have filed for further appeal to Judge Woodlock and one to Judge Kirpalani Of the more substantial claims (Granuflo and Naturalyte), 1,790 claims out of a total of 2,262 were found to be eligible. Of the APA claims, 4,767 out of 5,279 claims were found to be eligible.As Special Master, I reviewed 375 claims seeking an award from the Extraordinary Injury Fund and granted the claim in 227 cases. I also heard appeals from the Claims Administrator’s determination in 426 cases and granted the appeal in 103 of them.”

  15. jr Reply

    talk to my attorney checks gets sent out Sept. 21

  16. larry Reply

    Concerning this suit- what my attorney has informed me is that the $1500 check payments were going out in different intervals!! She said they are on like the 3rd group of APA( or $1500) payouts!! She said only about 14% of the original almost 12,000 claims were in the top injury settlement!! Courts are only now doing Medicare and Medicaid lien checks, and knowing the government could be in Sept or Oct before they get through!! Then after lien check completes they will send attorneys spread sheets with their deductions!! Then attorney will deduct their fees(45% is what I hear), med records!! Then she will send clients a letter of their net awards!! But she said they must fille a notice in paper 3 times over a month make sure no other beneficiaries come forward!! Sounds like no $$$ til Jan or Feb 2019 to me???

  17. Betty Reply

    My advice is to call your attorney. The first round of $1500 claims were paid already, but not all claims fell into that category because of state medicaid programs. Also, Fresenius and the attorneys don’t see a cent of the interest from the settlement fund. Some of it will go to pay the claims administrator (hosting a website for over 7,000 claims and their uploaded medical records is expensive) which will keep those costs down. Otherwise, interest often goes to a Client Protection fund that compensates people that lost money due to dishonest conduct by an attorney. Every state has one.

  18. Anthony Reply

    If many people not satisfied with this case did anybody trying to reach news agencies or the Department of just happy to be alive after going into cardiac arrest three times 2 minutes after treatment

  19. Elle Reply

    Follows is the verbiage from The Da Vita class action for wrongful death lawsuit which has initially been awarded $125 M each for 3 families. While I doubt that this will rest as is, the proof is undeniable that granuflo and naturalyte caused these ills as the following words will attest to. One of the steering committee Attorney’s stated that they could not prove the solutions to be responsible and get a jury to understand, so they agreed to
    The settlement without additional bellwethers trials, after the first case was won
    For the defendants. Our lawyers didn’t try.

    “A wrongful death lawsuit brought by the families of three dialysis patients resulted in a $383.5 million verdict against DaVita, which provided dialysis treatments with GranuFlo, which allegedly caused the sudden cardiac arrest for each of the patients.

    The verdict was returned by a federal jury in Denver on Wednesday, determining that the company was responsible for the cardiac arrest deaths because staff members used the dialysate GranuFlo, and knew or should have known that it may increase the risk of heart problems.

    The lawsuits alleged that DaVita employees ignored a number of health signals, such as major blood changes, and reports of deaths and severe injuries within the medical community involving GranuFlo dialysis treatments.

    The verdict awarded the three families between $1.5 million and $5 million each for compensatory damages, and then added another $125 million in punitive damages for each family, which was meant to punish DaVita for recklessly endangering dialysis patients.”
    Please advise if ur take away from the above case assessment, ie., DaVita, is not clearly stated so that anyone with thinking ability would be able to see the facts and judge accordingly. Why did our MDL Attorney’s not negotiate, work harder for the 12000 cases they agreed to represent.

  20. Me and my Reply

    What will be the different in payouts between granuflo and natural lite

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