Fresenius Dialysis Treatment Lawsuit

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Fresenius Medical Care may have withheld important information about the potential side effects of NaturaLyte and GranuFlo acid concentrate drugs for dialysis treatment, which may have caused thousands of people to suffer:

  • Cardiac Arrest
  • Heart Attack
  • Sudden Death

STATUS OF FRESENIUS DIALYSIS LAWSUITS: These lawsuits are no longer being reviewed after Fresenius agreed to a $250 million settlement agreement to resolve the litigation.


OVERVIEW: Granuflo dry acid concentrate and NaturaLyte liquid concentrate are used during dialysis treatment together with a bicarbonate buffer to help clean the blood for individuals suffering kidney or renal impairment.

These products are manufactured by Fresenius Medical Care, which operates thousands of dialysis clinics throughout the United States and also sells equipment and medications used at most other dialysis centers, including DaVita Dialysis Clinics, DCR, Renal Ventures and others.

Before 2012, individuals may have faced a serious risk of suffering a sudden heart attacks and cardiac arrest during dialysis treatment with Granuflo and NaturaLyte, due to Fresenius Medical Care’s failure to provide adequate warnings and instructions with their product.

Granuflo and NaturaLyte contain sodium acetate, which is converted into bicarbonate by the body during and shortly after dialysis treatment. However, the manufacturer failed to warn physicians that these products contain higher levels of acetate than most other dialysis treatment products, requiring physicians to carefully monitor and change bicarbonate buffers administered with Granuflo or NaturaLyte, to avoid a risk of cardiopulmonary arrest and sudden death from heart problems.

LAWSUITS OVER FRESENIUS DIALYSIS TREATMENTS: A number of families throughout the United States filed claims after their loved ones died or suffered a catastrophic heart injury during or within 48 hours after dialysis treatment.

According to allegations raised in Fresenius dialysis treatment lawsuits:

  • Fresenius Medical Care negligently manufactured and sold unreasonably defective products
  • Granuflo and NaturaLyte were insufficiently tested and unsafe as designed
  • Inadequate warnings and instructions were provided with Granuflo and NaturaLyte, which did not fully inform the medical community about the nature and extent of the risk of heart attack, cardiac arrest, sudden cardiac death and other health problems
  • Even after Fresenius Medical Care knew or should have known about the problems with Granuflo and NaturaLyte, they continued to sell the products and attempted to convert clinics to use of the products by offering pricing discounts and packaging Granuflo and NaturaLyte with other dialysis products
  • Fresenius Medical Care provided critical information about the risk of heart attacks and death from Granuflo and NaturaLyte to doctor’s at their own clinics before warning other dialysis centers that used their products
  • Information was withheld in an attempt to maintain Fresenius Medical Care’s market share and maximize profits, at the expense of the safety of dialysis patients receiving their products

FRESENIUS DIALYSIS TREATMENT PROBLEMS: According to an internal review of patients treated at Fresenius Medical Care clinics during 2010, there were at least 941 cases where patients suffered a sudden cardiopulmonary arrest at the dialysis center.

In November 2011, Fresenius Medical Care issued an internal memo to their own physicians warning about the potential concerns associated with Granuflo and NaturaLyte, and highlighting that bicarbonate buffers should be regularly monitored and adjusted to reduce the risk of heart attack, cardiac arrest and death. This same information was not provided to other clinics that used Granuflo and NaturaLyte.

In March 2012, after receiving an inquiry from the FDA about the internal memo, Fresenius Medical Care issued an alert to other dialysis clinics that may use their Granuflo or NatruaLyte products during hemodialysis treatment.

In May 2012, the FDA warned about the risk of hemodialysis dosing problems with NaturaLyte Liquid and Granuflo Acid Concentrate, indicating that these products can raise bicarbonate levels in patients going through dialysis treatments, causing a condition known as metabolic alkalosis, which can increase the risk of heart attack, cardiac arrest, stroke, low blood pressure and death.

In June 2012, it was reported that Fresenius dialysis problems have resulted in an FDA investigation, examining whether the manufacturer of Granuflo and NaturaLyte failed to adequately warn doctors that the products could cause heart attacks and other serious injuries during hemodialysis.

In February 2016, Fresenius proposed a $250 million settlement agreement that is expected to be accepted and funded by August 2016.


  1. Joe Reply

    Not Exactly sure what this means. i think because it has medical information Involved They are asking for a protective order for the lien payouts. After that we should know the amount. They probably have the liens all figured out but before the liens are actually paid they want this protective motion for order to be approved by the judge.

    Monday, October 30, 2017
    1977 motion Protective Order Mon 7:59 AM
    MOTION for Protective Order Concerning Production of Certain Information Maintained by Government Third-Party Payors for Global Settlement Lien Resolution Administration by Plaintiffs’ Executive Committee.(Gotz, James)

  2. Joe Reply

    Amanda,I am not doubting you, I am just saying. I have not heard anything official from my Lawyer. As you said,It’s not official. Your lawyer just told you there were six from your state. Thomas messed with my head for a few minutes. I came back to reality. I now know he was full of it. I realize there’s not going to be very many people in categorie # 1. I know it’s going to be based on a point based system. I just did not want to post anything about the amount of people left because nothing is official and I do not want to post In accurate numbers. That’s all, I have not got any specific dates. I have not talk to my lawyer in a While. Remember I told people a long time ago The timeframe.At least the months. it’s playing out exactly like I said it would. Or should I say exactly how my lawyer said it would. I think you also said 2018. I think it is going to be at the end of 2017, like I said before. They are just about ready to pay out the liens. The lawyers are asking for their 11% . I don’t know where these different dates are coming from. This settlement has already been funded. How could they be asking for Lien Resolution Administration by Plaintiffs’ Executive Committee. If the Settlement has not been funded yet. How could the lawyers be asking for Their 11% if the settlement has not been funded yet. Only my Opinion but makes sense doesn’t it .

  3. Denise Reply

    I received a letter from my attorney on 10/26/17. My deceased loved one is in the NaturaLyte category. “A claims package is submitted to the settlement administrator for your case and includes all the documentation to show that your case meets the settlement criteria.” That’s just a snippet of the letter. I will be notified “when the settlement administrator has completed their review and makes their determination for your case.” That being typed, we shall see what happens. Howeve, my lawyer also stated in my letter that the process will be ongoing throughout 2017. 🙁

  4. Joe Reply

    No Thomas wrong again.I never said,I did not opt in look back at my post. Someone asked me if I opted in and my answer was given. So you are twisting things around. I never said there were 200 claims. I agree with it but I never said there was.I did say their may be less Then 200 and their maybe less. For one You come on here and say People are messing with peoples minds And not telling the truth. You think all these people are collaborating against you and they are giving these dates and amount of people to mess with your mind. That sounds wacky. The information May not be exactly accurate but do you really think people are on here to mess with peoples heads? That is Irrational thinking. I can’t be 100% on the dates that have been given out or the amount of people. But what you posted is completely wrong you said they don’t even know what category anyone is in yet. As you see somebody just received a letter stating they have met all criteria for the
    Naturalyte claim. if they did not know what category,how could they send a claim for Naturalyte If nobody knows what category they are in. How could Their lawyer send a letter to them About submitting a claim to the Naturalyte fund. You said nobody knows what category they are in at least according to your lawyer.. At one point there were 2 People posting under the name Thomas one fell under the $1500 category the other was in category #1 which one of the Thomases are you? Look this lawsuit is going to play out the way it’s going to play out you cannot blame anyone person for the amount of compensation you receive. If it is less or more than 200 It is just the way it’s going to go. You can’t blame anyone for saying there are only 200 claims. If it’s true then fine if it is not that’s the way it goes.Everything I read on here I take with a grain of salt. I believe somethings and other things I am not too sure about. The only completely accurate information we’re going to get will be from your lawyer. Never know settlement could have already been funded which I think it may have been but the lawyers are not telling anyone yet because they need time. Liens need to be payed Lawyers need to get their 11% that’s for the whole settlement not per lawyer. They have to figure out their cut 40% There are some other things they need to do also. So for all I know it may have been funded already. Keep in mind I said may have. Sure I get pissed off when people post in accurate information. It has nothing to do if the information falls in line with what I say. If it’s not accurate it’s not accurate. There is nothing more to it. I go on pacer I get information from that website I can’t get everything about this case there is limited information I can Obtain so I know for a fact some of the stuff that is posted on here is not accurate at least from other people. I am not saying all people but some people..

  5. Joe Reply

    One more thing Thomas, You say you do not know what category you are in? Did you not receive a opt-in letter That stated what category your lawyer believed you are in? I know that It still needs to be looked over by The claims administrator. It should be clearly stated they believe you are in categories one Two or whatever of course the names are used not Categories.That’s why when you say nobody knows what category they are in it doesn’t make sense. Maybe you didn’t receive a letter like everyone else has. Stating what category they believe you fall under.

  6. Joe Reply

    Look Thomas, I hope you are in category #1 I have no animosity toward you as a person. I understand your dilemma you are probably worried about your case. You see everyone posting dates and the amount of claims, that Some people have been told . You probably wonder why your lawyer is giving you different information. Who knows maybe your case is more complex. Maybe your case will be moved to Category 4 the extraordinary injury fund and it is taking more time than some other basic claims., who knows.

  7. Joe Reply

    Just received information from my lawyer It was similar information as Denise received . However i am in Granuflo. Amounts will be known buy November 30. Payouts will be received End of December When I say pay out dates,that means when you will receive Your compensation money. Appeals will take place Within 15 days after November 30. So payout dates will not change. Well God bless everyone. There will be no more info from me to post. So that will be it for me. Good luck to everyone and I hope the best for all of you. I know, Some did not get long with me. But my intention was always to help and I hope there were a few people that I was able to help. Everyone will be receiving that information I posted soon. Probably within the next couple weeks.

  8. Laurie Reply

    Thank you Thomas.

  9. Ann Reply

    Joe, I have followed all of your information through out this whole process. THANK YOU for all your information regardless of what others said. May the Lord Bless you for all your efforts. The information you have been providing has been the most accurate then anyone else. Every time I would call my lawyer, she would say the similar things you had already posted. Be Blessed.

  10. Pat Reply

    Thank you Joe
    Your posting and comments were the only real information I have really had over the past year. I thank you dearly.

  11. Debbie Reply

    Can someone answer this question for me because my attorney has never talked dollar amounts and he still hasn’t mentioned it. But just for speculation purposes, if say 1,000 people end up in category 1. After the 1,500 claims get paid, and the attorneys take their 11 percent fee for their court costs and fees, what would be the estimated approximate amount that will be split by those 1,000 people. I was Just curious as to the estimated amount before the the attorneys take their 40 percent fee. It’s all just speculation until we actually hear from our attorneys, but I was just wondering if someone could give me an estimate. And will we have to pay tax on that? Is it considered extra income that we claim that will get taxed? Thomas, Arthur, Joe? Can anyone give an estimation? We don’t have to worry about inaccuracies because we are just estimating right now. I just wanted someone to do the math for me.

  12. linda Reply

    Thanks Joe for all you did and all you will do as you advance in this life. I just knew about this cite a month or so ago. I enjoyed your post and was very impressed with your post. I understand how you feel, when you do all you can and people still bad mouth or criticize you that’s a hurting feeling. Just know that God got you Joe, keep your hand in the master’s hand and surely you will receive your starring crown. Again, I thank you and appreciate all you’ve done the little while I’ve been here.
    On the other hand you can always e-mail me any information you have concerning this manner, my ears are always open and i’m a really good listener and would feel really special to hear from you. May you be covered by grace and mercy all your days.

  13. Arthur Reply

    Debbie a rough figure would be about $200,000. Minus your lawyer fees between 33%-40% . I asked my Accountant and he said it wasn’t taxable. I would still ask your tax person about that before you touch your money. The only intangibles I don’t know and it would be the point system or add-ons. But pretty much that’s it.

  14. Debbie Reply

    When I look back at all the negative things people have posted on here in the past it doesn’t bother me and it shouldn’t bother joe. Anyone can say anything on this forum so for all you know it could be someone’s kid that’s just bored. They can even shoot out numbers just to get a rise out of all of you but the only thing I pay attention to is when people start saying the same things from what info their attorney gives them and post It. Then we know all the attorneys are starting to be on the same page with each other and the information forthcoming SHOULD BE accurate. Does this make sense?

  15. Laurie Reply

    Hi Debbie
    I have posted what my attorney has sent me in emails and was only criticized for it. That is why I will no longer post anything. I hope and pray all involved in this horrendous suit find peace and can move on from all of this. It has taken a toll on all here from what I have seen. My mother is long past but I was not giving up until the very end for some kind of justice in all this. The people at Fresenius will have to live with themselves. Only God can judge them now.

  16. Debbie Reply

    Thank you Arthur! that gives me a little more info. I also realize it’s just an estimation but your answer has given me some insight.

  17. Ramonia Reply

    Thanks how for your information. It has helped a lot

  18. Donisha Reply

    I spoke with my lawyer today and was told that they are fighting to have my case reviewed again because it has come about that my loved one who passed away during their last dialysis session was using naturalyte and not granuflo although they both were shipped to the place she where was a patient but during her last treatment there was only granuflo being shipped in. Has anyone else run into a situation like this? I was told that if things went well I would probably receive no more than 30k if it goes bad I will be asked to take the 1500 payment

  19. johnB Reply

    These are very bold and possibily misleading dates. This settlement is NOW in the hands of a third-party administrator who will now resolve the claims upon this settlement. He will determine who qualifies, and for those who qualify what they receive in proceeds. He will use certain criteria in his judgement to make his decisions. I have followed this settlement and also received a letter from my attorney firm. It leads me to believe there have been some changes made involving the criteria for determinining elegilibility. The most significant one: lab values prior the last dialysis prior to the cardiac event had to have noted certain levels of a certain electrolytes in the blood. (this is a quote from my letter from my attorney firm)
    Best of luck to all. It has been a long,slow process and most of us were patient and listened in silence to other contributors of this blog. Again best of luck to all in this lawsuit. I plan to continue efforts to call attention to members of congress concerning this lawsuit and this company, most hated company that did so much harm and was effectively given a slap on the hand for harming and killing ppl. I will not be posting further…

  20. Linda Reply

    Before everyone stop posting, can someone plz tell me the different in granuflo and naturalyte cases. I just hate that I’m just knowing about this site, as I found out about this site, the most important peoples decides to quit supplying information. I guess after this I want be posting anymore either’ It was nice reading all the responses from each of you, believe it or not, you all shares a moment in my heart. Thank God for each of you.

  21. Linda Reply

    I received letter from lawyer along with letter, supposedly, frim administrator. It gave an amount, which is not much. When I got in touch with administrator to ask questions, which the letter states if I have “any” question, they stated that I need to get in touch with lawyer and ask. They would not answer any question, but ask me to get in touch with my lawyer. With the last question, my lawyer emailed me and ask that I get in touch with them about any questions. That lead me to believe they are working hand in hand or it was their administrator and not the settlement administrator. Am I the only one here that got a letter from settlement administrator?

  22. Elle Reply

    Recently spoke w attorneys para n they r working at least on our medical records to submit. Advised that I am in cat 1, however, had not as yet checked on whether it was granuflo or naturalyte. I would have thought that had already been known but cardiac arrest would be the first criteria, I am thinking.
    Really upset that the solution has not yet been determined. Had a rather large estimate of the number of total qualifying cases to date. And that the 97% was not complete but is confident that it would b or close enough. Also the Lein issue to b sorted out. I believe each firm has a path based on their work load. I was advised w the amount of work remaining it would not be all settled this year but into 2018. I been fairly overwhelmed by all of this as most have. I have accepted the little I can do about it. I don’t even know if the medical records they have are accurate. Or what other information would be beneficial in determining what is to be considered for my family. Little contact, maybe 3 phone calls in 3 years, one question, no meetings, 2 letters. They must have an enormous amount of
    In house work to warrant their fees. I wouldn’t know I talk with a non lawyer and get little information. So we wait for them to decide what anyone is entitled to without proof or discussion to each plaintiff. Quite the position to be in. These are pros at Mass Tort cases and I would say it is a formula and we r part of it. Scripted
    It has been a comfort to be able to visit this blog. Thanks everyone and I hope for all.

  23. Linda Reply

    Hi, Linda, guess I’ll say I’m Linda #2 I’m kinda excited that you got letter at this time, I’m sure you was just as excited to open it. Don’t look like I can get responses or nothing at this point from my lawyer, ain’t saying much except everything in the Judge and lawyers hands and I will receive a letter soon. I’m very excited to see what the amount is due to we was all informed that we wouldn’t be getting much. If i’m allowed to ask was it enough to say it wasn’t enough but satisfactory. I’m just anxious to know about figures. Did the letter state on or about when you’d receive it? Thanks in advance. Have a Blessed Day

  24. Debbie Reply

    JohnB my attorney told my a long time ago about the numbers reflecting the blood work values before the treatment and after the treatment so that’s nothing new. And please everyone keep posting good or bad. It’s comforting to see I’m not the only one going through this. I’m not sure why people would stop posting it’s not over yet.

  25. Amanda Reply

    Linda, not sure why they couldn’t tell your what settlement you fell under. I’ve known for quite some time. I do know that in regards to the nuralyte cases where even harder to prove than the granufloor and the criteria was much more stricter. As we’re granuloma had 24 hr window the nuralyte was 12 if i am correct. And as of the other my lawyer didn’t give exaCT numbers went from thousanda down to hundreds. but a lot of the cases got put into the 1500 claim because there just wasn’t enough proof that it caused the persons event. The 1500 is basically saying ok you took granuflo, here’s 1500 sorry not sorry. As of the other comment about the amount unless you fell into that category of the 1500 payment I’m not sure how they can give u an amount already because they have to review each patients files and some of those medical records are thousands of pages.

  26. Susie Reply

    I’ve been reading these comments for 2 days trying to figure out what’s going on.. I assume my case is cat 1 my mom passed while in the chair.. I’ve received nothing about 1500 nor has my lawyer said we have been dismissed or need any further information…. We where informed that it has been triggered and we are waiting on paper work as to what amount we will receive… we are in louisiana .. I know for a fact she was given this medicine!!! She has been gone 9 years.. Oh the life she has missed out on.. I pray this comes to a close this year.. I pray for all involved and loved ones lost!!!! Thank you all for this info!!

  27. Torrianna Reply

    First I wanna thank, Joe! you were more helpful during this painful process than the lawyers. You are a blessing and appreciated. My lawyer told us since my dad passed 48 hours after his treatment he didn’t qualify fully. I’m Like, “so since my father is strong, he wasn’t murdered? His death certificate clearly states he was poisoned.Then was basically told to take this little bit and seek local, legal action. Mind you, we may have to pay fees out of the pennies their nice enough to pass off for my father’s murder. And I will seek local legal action. Just feels like they always let big pharma get away with murder. Best of luck to you all!

  28. Torrianna Reply

    Yes ma’am Mrs. Carloyn I was just outdone when I received that letter. Then to call and someone acts like I’m bothering them after all these years. After they had just told me weeks before to get a probate lawyer and blah, blah, blah with a separate account and make sure he owes no debt. The only explanation I could get in short was; your father lived too long after his heart attack. My father was a very strong man. Still had his body builder physic well into his late 40’s. Then to be murdered by meds that were supposed to help. I agree, Mrs. Carloyn, it’s that or nothing. Unless the individual expired within 24 hours of their treatment, they’ll be rejected…smh

  29. johnB Reply

    Dear Debbie I direct this to you only. I the case of a death occuring during diaylsis.. is blood work done after the patient died? I dont think so. I know so. I dont mean to insult you, but if you read carefully what I posted earlier you would have come to a different conculsion about blood work up before and AFTER. The after doesnt exist my dear when ppl die on the table or chair during the dialysis. They have to die from an electrical cardiac arrest (very special type which is use to qualify ) not a heart attach but an electrical cardiac arrest to qualify for consideration in this settlement. And this has to be documented clearly in the medical records or from a death certificate.
    Suggestion to you Debbie, read carefully the posts on here before commenting on what you obviously dont have knowledge about nor does your lawyer who advised you.

  30. Debbie Reply

    Look Mr. JohnB I distinctly remember my attorney stating that my father died of a cardiac arrest (which is what the death certificate states) which is why he qualified. He DID tell me they are going by when he passed which has to be in within a certain proximity of time of his treatment. He distinctly told me it HAS TO BE A CARDIAC ARREST NOT A HEART ATTACK to qualify. I know the difference between the two because he distinctly explained it to me! He also stated they are going by the blood work values AFTER the dialysis treatment to determine how much was in his system. That is how they determined how much Granuflo he received. P.S. please check your spelling and grammar before you post.

  31. Debbie Reply

    Look mr. Jon B. I distinctly remember my attorney stating that my father died of a cardiac arrest, which is with the death certificate states, which is why he qualified. He did tell me they are going by when he passed which has to be within a certain proximity of time of his treatment. He distinctly told me it has to be a CARDIAC ARREST not a HEART ATTACK to qualify. I know the difference between the two because he distinctly explained it to me! He also stated they are going by the blood work values AFTER the dialysis treatment to determine how much Granuflo was in his system. P.S. Please check your spelling and grammar before you post.

  32. Linda Reply

    If anyone get letter from Administrator, scan the barcode and see what website you are directed to. I cannot get in touch with administrator on my letter. When I send email I am told to ask my lawyer. I thought I would get separate letter, but the letter from Administrator and from lawyer were in same envelope. When I scanned the bar code I was directed to website of a vacuum settlement from last year. What do you make of this. Was it a mistake?

  33. Ron Reply

    Just spoke to my lawyers office , they said they just sent all cases to claim administrator last Friday as that was the deadline for submissions . Could not even guess how long it will be for cases to be reviewed and categorized and approved -. The wait goes on …..

  34. Linda Reply

    I have been trying to post with info, but for some reason I am no allowed to. That tells me a lot about this lawsuit and this forum. Hope things go well for all of you.

  35. Arthur Reply

    Debbie it doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be on Death Certificate. The EMT’s report counts as well. Because they witness it first hand by being there and by trying to revive them. They know all the syptoms and the difference of a Heart Attack and Cardiac Arrest.

  36. Debbie Reply

    Correction**** about the blood work values. My attorney got the amount of granuflo my father received from the medical records, so yes you are right about that one JohnB and I will hurry and correct my post when I’m wrong about anything. I always have done that. Just trying to be helpful to everyone. This has gone on so long sometimes I forget what he told me IT WAS SUCH A LONG TIME AGO….

  37. Carolyn Reply

    Ms. Torrianna, Branch like most lawyers , are greedy [email protected] The bottom line is a we mean to them. We are sheeple. But. Again.. my goal wasn’t the monetary. It was to make my darling Bill’s death not .. noted. He was in and out of hospitals more times than be accounted for. They gave him 6 months and he lived for four years. I relish each day we had.. but in truthfulness.. resent them as well. He suffered more than enjoyed his last days. In and out of the hospital. On the vent 3 times before he went septic and I had to pull the plug. While he’s on the vent.. still under going dialysis and spasming when the say he can’t feel pan?? Having to see this most amazing man suffer because they posoned him? Gee.. may I have issues years after he died? And Joe. While you aren’t posting I know you follow. Sir.. I like to have a cup of coffee with you

  38. Sharon Reply

    Linda, you said you got a letter from your attorney and the administrator. What was the letter about ? Was the letter the settlement amount ? Did you figure out the barcode problem ? Thank you for your time. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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