Goodyear Tire Lawsuit Filed Over Fatal Accident Caused by Tread Separation

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A product liability lawsuit has been filed against Goodyear, claiming that defective tires were responsible for a fatal auto accident, where the tire tread separated.

The Goodyear tire lawsuit was filed on August 17 in the Beaumont Division of the Eastern District of Texas by Esther Chavez, on behalf of the son of Raul Esquivel Navarrete, who was killed in the August 23, 2003 crash.

The complaint names Goodyear Dunlop Tires North America and Dunlop Ltd. as defendants and charges them with liability for breach of express and implied warranties, failure to warn, failure to issue a tire recall, negligence, gross negligence and fraudulent concealment, according to the Southeast Texas Record.

According to the tire tread separation lawsuit, the Goodyear tire on Navarrete’s vehicle failed, killing Navarrete and injuring five other passengers. The complaint alleges that the tire lacked a nylon cap that would have reduced the effect of heat along the belt edge. The claim also accuses the company of failing to warn consumers about the potential risk of Goodyear tire failures caused by tread separation and the loss of vehicle control that it could cause.

A number of similar lawsuits over Goodyear tire problems have been filed in recent years over crashes involving tread separation. In April, the Mississippi Court of Appeals upheld a $2.1 million verdict against Goodyear and Big 10 Tire Co., in which a jury found that a failed and defective Goodyear tire led to a 2000 accident that killed the driver and injured two passengers.

According to an ABC News report, nearly 50 lawsuits have been filed over Goodyear Long Range “E” tires made between 1991 and 2000, which are used on sport utility vehicles, pickups and vans. Although Goodyear claims that they are “quality tires,” the plaintiffs claim that the tires are defective and have a propensity for tread separation.

There were reportedly 15,000 incidents involving tire separation with Goodyear Long Range “E” tires between 1991 and 2001. These incidents resulted in 87 crashes, 158 injuries and 18 deaths, according to ABC News. However, a Goodyear tire recall has not been issued, as the tire maker maintains that the crashes they investigated involved either overloaded vehicles, under-inflated tires or misuse of the vehicle.

Chavez’s Goodyear lawsuit seeks $6 million for mental anguish, emotional pain and torment of a child, loss of consortium and other losses. The lawsuit also seeks exemplary damages of $24 million.

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  1. Hugh Reply

    I just started to experience Goodyears total lack of concern for the wellfare and safety of their customers. Even before I formally filed my claim they claimed their tire to be defective free!! The on my 2002 Z06 corvette separated causing damage to the right front area. The tire was forward to Goodyear by Discount Tire so the tire arrived before I received Goodyear’s claim paper. Thankfully, no was hurt, except my pocketbook.
    Good luck on your on your cllaim. I’m looking to file a claim in small claim court soon.

  2. Jeff Reply

    I disagree that Goodyear is not concerned for the welfare and safety of their customers. In fact Goodyear has several projects to promote social responsibility. One of them is women with drive which helps to inform women about service techniques to keep them safe on the road. Another is the program where Goodyear provided youngsters with reflective slap wraps to help motorist see youngsters and to remind children to think about safety. They support Nelson Mandela’s HIV/AIDS organization. Goodyear has a child safety seat inspection program where they provide free child safety seats and training on how to use them properly. Also Goodyear funds driving schools to encourage safe driving.

    So to say Goodyear has no concern for the welfare and safety of their customers is preposterous.
    Tires on a zo6 corvette or any high performance vehicle have to have a specific speed rating and are tested and retested for optimum performance and liability. They are not responsible for misuse of their tire or debris on the road that can contribute to tire separation.

  3. Ellen Reply

    We just had a horrible blow out on our RV. Goodyear Marathon Trailer Tire. The tire had 1200 miles on it. The tread all the way around the tire came off and part of it wrapped around the axle, tore up the electric breaks and the side of the trailer. The insulation was ripped from the bottom of the camper. I could see just having a flat but this is rediculous! This will cost a substantial amount of money to fix our RV. I sure don’t want a Goodyear replacement.

  4. Karen Reply

    I recently called good year to replace 2 tires and wanted to match my other 2 tires they said they no longer carried the that brand. I asked why and he said with technology they made a better comparable tire. Today while on the highway my tread separated from my tire and pulled me off the road the tire appeared perfectly normal before that. It tore my truck up and the tire was still inflated except the tread was gone. I will not put another good year on any of my vehicles. I did not know their was a recall on these tires until I looked it up. Good Year distributors are not forthcoming with this information even when asked the Question. This put me and others on the road at risk. I feel Good Year has integrity issues and that is not a company I’m willing to do business with!

  5. Steve Reply

    I recently had two tread separations (two days in a row) with Goodyear Marathon’s (boat trailer). Seems like a defective product to me. Sheriff looked at them both nights and said “that doesn’t look right to me and I see tire issues all day.” Boat and trailer are exceptionally well maintained so that is not the issue, either was road debris etc. Milage was minimal. You get 4 years on these tires then you need new ones. Period.

  6. Charles Reply

    I just had 2 Goodyear Wrangler tires fail with 4500 miles on them. They are 3 years old.. The sidewalls separated, and an egg formed on one, and chunks of tire blew out from both tires. Nothing had hit these tires…i carry a lightweight truck camper on an F250 diesel truck. We could have been killed if these tires blew….it was close. We are looking to replace them with a better tire. Goodyear should recall the bad tires…let this be a warning to others with these tires.

  7. William Reply

    I just had massive tread separation on a Goodyear Wrangler tire. It tore most of the back fender off my Jeep and did other damage. Fortunately I didn’t lose control of the vehicle, but if it had been on the front axle it probably would have ended differently. I looked on the Internet and found 6 or 8 pages of complaints, lawsuits, etc. etc. I went to the Goodyear store (they rotated that same tire less than 6 weeks ago), and they said they knew nothing of any problems with tread separation. They gave me a Customer Service number and the lady there said Goodyear hasn’t had a recall since the 1970’s and anyone can put anything on the Internet. I asked her if Goodyear was denying there is a tread separation problem and she just repeated that anyone can put anything on the Internet. If I take it back to the Goodyear store, they will give me $20 pro-rated tread life (how can they tell?? the tread is gone – somewhere on the freeway with my fender.). Anyway, I totally agree with those that say GOODYEAR HAS NO CONCERN FOR THE SAFETY OF THEIR CUSTOMERS. HOW CAN THEY IGNORE ALL THESE COMPLAINTS. I’VE BEEN DRIVING 49 YEARS AND DRIVEN MANY HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF MILES AND NEVER HAD ANYTHING LIKE THIS HAPPEN BEFORE. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER GOODYEAR TIRE!!!!

  8. Tmehrkam Reply

    It is not just Goodyear.

    I have had thread separation on five Goodyear Marathon trailer tires in the last five years. Three in one 60 mile trip and two on another short trip. None of the tires had over 5000 miles one them.

    I have blown about 25 radial trailer tires in the last 12 years. The tires were made by General, Maxxas, Carsile ,Denman and Goodyear.

    I weigh my trailer regularly. Run tire pressure/temperature monitors, Check tire temp on every stop with an infrared thermometer.

    Store the trailer indoors.

    Nothing helps. No problem with the bias ply tires I ran for 20 years before that.

    Goodyear adjusted the last two tires. The dealer claimed that it is the nature of trailer tires. Good grief that is unacceptable!

    I had about $3000 in damage on the previous trailer and probably $800 in damages on the current one. Not counting the thousands paid for defective tires. Luckily no one has been hurt. Many trips have been compromised. I even had one blow out on the spare never being on the ground. Belt just let go. The tire was only six years old and had been stored in the Garage after I replaced the entire five tire set due to repeated blowouts. I remounted it as a spare on a utility trailer where it blew out.

    I carry three spares every time I go out. Some times that is not enough.

  9. Jon Reply

    My wife and I took a trip to Texas from Arizona on October 15, about 200 miles into the trip our travel trailer had a blow out on a Good Year Marathon tire, the tread had less than 5,000 miles on it, the tread looked like new. they were bought in 2008 It was always protected from the sun… The tire completely came apart leaving only the rim on the trailer, this was going to Texas, I bought a replacement tire to continue( not Good Year) Now on the return trip the other Marathon on the other side blew out too again complete separation, both times the tires tore the fenders. I had a bad time because both blow outs we were 30miles from help on first, 70 miles from no where on the second, no cell phone service at either place and my being 72 years old, it was not fun for me to change to my spare. I am not happy about to say the least.If Good Year new about the problem, they should have not have told me that they were the ones to use, or installed them.
    Take them of the market……

  10. Robert Reply

    I have a 2007 hi-lo trailer with 205 75 R 15 load range C Goodyear Marathon tires. Hi lo is a very light trailer. I checked the air in my trailer, then left on a trip from Florida to NY. In 300 miles I had a blow-out that damned near destroyed my trailer. Another 700 miles later the other tire blew out with very little damage. BOTH tires blew completely apart! I bought a different brand tire to replace these crappy Goodyears, and will NEVER buy Goodyears again!

  11. Jon Reply

    Today I took the remains of two Good Year load range E Marathon tires that came apart on my fifth wheel,to a dealer here in Kingman Az. one was a whole tire with the entire tread gone,. the other was a very small piece with no marking. It was all I could retrieve. the store manager said we will accept the one tire but not the piece with no marks . I was not in a mood to here that ,and I said oh yes you will and so will Good year… I had photos and showed them to him. one was just a rim left, still he balked at taking the small piece. he said it would be up to a inspector to decide. I said give it to him. I will talk to him if necessary. he and another woman said that the problem of tire separation had be resolved in 2004. I then said my tires that came apart was made in 2007 so the tread separation problem must still exist, they the said well maybe your problem was tire pressure or some other problem. I had 80 lbs of air when cold, that what they call for . the tires looked like new when we left. I check them each time plus wheel lug torque before every trip I take, made me angry that they were looking to blame any thing other that the real problem. earlier the manager had said he was not aware of the problem so I gave him seven pages of commits about Marathon tire failures about accidents and several deaths. I asked him before I left if he will continue to install them knowing they might cause a accident. he replied the new ones have been re engineered. I left I will not give up. I want the remaining two Marathon tires removed > I don’t trust my family’s life with them . they will come off too and I will be compensated for them also.

  12. Arthur Reply

    I have 1998 Mercury mountainer and it is well maintained and clean. have been driving with GoodYear Wrangler Radials for three yaers and each month the noise and vibration coming from the probable tire tread seperations has been so bad it is almost impossible to drive the vehicle with this annoyng vibration and noise. I am also concerned with the way the car handles if I hit a bump as it is very difficult to control the vehicle.I would not recommend these tires to any one with a SUV.

  13. Balraj Reply

    I was driving my 2004 Yukon Denali on May 1st 2011 down Interstate I-5 In Sacramento California when the GOODYEAR Wrangler p 265/70 R17 tire tread seperated while I was driving approximately 65 miles per hour causing my vehicle to swerve out of control and slmost causing me to collide wiith other vehicles on the freeway after I was finally able to gain control of the vehicle and pull to the side of the roadway i was able to observe that the tire tread had separated from tire lining. I have photos of the tire in question along with information proving these were the tires that were furnished with the vehicle when I purchased it.

  14. Jon Reply

    Yes I did have a problem with Goodyear tires on my travel trailer, I had two of them blow out leaving only the rim. at first I was very angry with a the trouble but in the end and after
    contacting Goodyear they did treat me very very fair. They reimbursed me for the original tire price, paid me for the replacment tires and for damage to my trailer. Goodyear accepted responsability and was fair to us. I will still buy Goodyear tires. I have Goodyear tires on my pickup and they have been great tires, (silent armor) I will buy them again..

  15. david Reply


  16. Josh Reply

    Apparently Goodyear still has not fixed the problem with the Marathon series trailer tires. Fortunatly My RV was parked at the time our tire blew up. The trailer has not moved for several weeks, And there was no apparent reason why the tire would blow up. our outside tempature was 90* with high humidity, but it is parked on the north side of our garage with no possibility of direct sun light. I can’t imagine how much damage would have been caused if we had been driving.

  17. Doyle Reply

    I own a Montana 3750Fl 5 slides 2011 model, since I have owned this unit I have replaced all four Good Year Marathon tires. Everone of these tires blew out while traveling.. Thanks to Good Sams Road Side Asst. program I save alot of money. If you have Good Years Marathon Tires Get rid of them. The dealers will encourage you to buy them ,, stating that they have no knowledge of any problems with them

  18. kim Reply

    I have a 2012 ford f-150 with 18″ goodyear tires, they have 22000 miles on them. Ihave belts breaking and tread separation on 2 so far. I contacted the dealership and exlpained the problems and he asked if they were Goodyear tires, I stated they were, he said” thats typical of Goodyears”. Why does Ford use substandard tires on their vehicles, economics will be the blame. Instead of private lawsuits, their should be a class action by hundreds for health and safety, maybe then Ford Or Goodyear will do something about these tires.

  19. calvin Reply

    hi I by 2 goodyear tires and thay caused me to roll my car and tolled it so you better seen me a setillment to 523.south 3rd raton n.m 87740

  20. John Reply

    I bought a used montana 3750fl on Friday November 27. Had the mechanic fill out paperwork showing tires were good and aired to 80psi cold I checked myself pulled out made it abt an hour down the road and had a blow out going 60 mph.. The tire damaged the whole side of my camper and underneath it . I had that tire changed and made it about 50 more miles and the driver side front tread came off wrapping a bunch of wires and the tread around my axle I was going 30 mph I contacted good year and they made a claim number and were supposed to send me an email that I still haven’t received.. The tires were less than 4 years old and had full tread on them.. I brought it to a good year dealer and he was rude and wouldn’t even look at it told me I didn’t get there early enough

  21. Carlos Reply

    I was driving August 3,2018 coming for Atlanta to Ft Lauderdale. It was raining I was doing 67mph and suddenly the tire comes out of the rim. I had a bad accident my car was total. The tire in my car were Goodyear Michelin. I purchase my Cadillac CTS October 2017 with the tires on. Can anybody suggest what I should do.

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