Gynecological Malpractice Lawsuit Filed Over Undisclosed Burns

  • Written by: Staff Writers

An Ohio woman has filed a malpractice lawsuit against a gynecologist who she says botched an endometrial ablation and failed to tell her that she suffered severe burns to her genintal area from scalding liquid during the procedure. 

The gynecological malpractice lawsuit was filed in Hamilton County court by Pamela Williams, who is suing Bethesda Hospital and Dr. Alan Altman, head of the hospital’s Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Williams herself is a Bethesda Hospital employee of 14 years, and works in the public relations department.

An endometrial ablation involves a procedure where the uterus is filled with a saline solution heated to about 195 degrees Fahrenheit in order to destroy the endometrial lining of a woman’s uterus. The procedure is usually used on patients who suffer from excessive bleeding during their menstrual cycle and do not wish to have a hysterectomy. The procedure is contraindicated for women who want to get pregnant. Women are usually given a local anesthetic during the procedure.

According to the complaint, Altman failed to keep the hot liquid inside of Williams uterus, and it flowed out and caused tissue damage to her vagina, rectal and other areas. Williams claims that Altman never told her about the error and she did not discover the damage until she developed second and third-degree burns.

Altman, who has allegedly admitted to never having read the operator’s manual for the hot saline-filled wand used during the procedure, has accused the two nurses assisting him of failing to turn off the machine in time to prevent the liquid from overflowing, according to a report published by Altman maintains that he did not deviate from standards of care.

However, the two nurses have said that they never heard Altman give the warning to turn the machine off. The lawsuit claims Altman ignored warning beeps from the machine trying to alert him to stop the procedure to prevent Williams from being burned.

The lawsuit seeks an unspecified amount of damages from the hospital and Altman for Williams and her husband.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    You shouldn’t always believe what you read. If you weren’t there, you don’t really know…and for the record…she sued for 1.2 million but only got 30,000….I don’t think that’s a win!

  2. Karri Reply

    After procedure I bleed just as heavy for one year after.( or heavier) My pain is worse now than before surgery. I have to take 4 advils and 2 tylonels …….that often doesn’t do the trick. Now I have had other symtoms……..I wish i never had this procedure. I FEEL its better to have a complete removal of female organs …….

  3. mary anne Reply

    i had ablation done damaged all of my pelvic organs had to get 2 surgeries ablation done in 2005 dr did not know what she was doing do not get this preocedure ihad scar tissue all over my pelvic organs had to get cat scan from another dr 2 surgeries 2009 2011 still trying to recover I missed 5 months out of work I had pockets all over my organs do npt get this procedure you will burn when I had ablation done I did not know what I was signing get a hysterectomy I had endometriosis did not know it you will suffer if you get scar tissue

  4. Adzie Reply

    i had the ablation also.It stopped my period for two months after that every time a week befor my period until it goes off also.i was in so much pain !!I told my Dr. he kept talking about if the pain consists that I would have tgo have a hysterectomy,I told him no i’m not ,i’m only 38 then,I was.i’m 39 now I got a second opinon and that Dr. fixed my problem this year in january 2013.My hole some how closed after the ablaton and it would not allow my menstrual to flow out,so when the second dr.did my sugery he saved me.It should be a law suit out for endometriosis ablation,that stuff not no joke,i thought i was gone die!!!!!

  5. frances Reply

    Please contact me for information on a class action lawsuit against the procedure. I had nova sure in january of 2013 I am 41 and Im not sure but I think I died on the opperating table because a nurse came out of the surgical area where i was having this done and told my family that they thought they lost me but i survived, however when I got my medical records from the hospitol after a couple days following the surgery there was no mention of this incident. I have since had sever pain, blood clots and discharge bad enough to scare me to the er 2x and also back to gynocologist who performed procedure. I can\’t control my bladder anymore and this is destroying my life. I have to change clothes and panties 4 to 5 times a day I refuse to wear a fucking diaper or huge pad between my legs when I am i n the prime of my life. I am also sick of my 16 year old being embarrased in public when his mother smells like piss. I was told i wouldnt gain weight bullshit I have gained 40 fucking lbs. I want to squish the bitch who ruined my life along with the makers of this botch surgery. I am waiting for appointment with different gyno and really scared what he will tell me. Apparently doctors push this bullshit surgery because it pays alot really fast and surgery doesnt take long. This is in humane I have been to other sites where stories are worse than mine. These money hungry bastards are destroying lives all for money. And there has been death. Why the hell is this fair. Its not and power comes in number. Please dont just complain lets make these evil sons of bitches pay!!!

  6. Brian Reply

    My wife had the procedure done a few months ago, she now has the worst abdominal pains every month. She cries from the pain, we\\\’ve been to the E.R. and they can\\\’t find anything wrong. cat scans, ultra sounds, blood tests show nothing. The obgyn put her back on birth control, nothing helps. I feel so sorry for her because she is not a complainer or a hypochondriac. Don\\\’t know where to turn, she\\\’s 33 and this is ruining her quality of life.

  7. lou ann Reply

    I had the procedure done I still bleed it didn’t stop mine and I still have pain and my back hurts me

  8. Teri Reply

    Nova sure put me back on the operating table 1.5 days after the procedure because it burned thrum my uterus and small bowel. 7 days in ICU..hysterectomy…bowel resection..and full of infection!!!! 1 year of deciding to have the procedure has made my life hell not only for me but also mu finance…I am in pain sec drive..severe pain with sec and since the surgery awful weight gain..bloat …water retention..gallnladder attacks and just plain miserable and I have no way to turn….. Angry and sad altogether with young children and one severely autistic…. I would take back my decision almost a year ago if these complications were listed!!!!

  9. Tracy Reply

    I had an ablation done about 3 years ago. The first maybe year was ok. Barely any period at all. Thought it was a miracle! The the pain started. The first time I felt the pains, which were worse than LABOR pains, I went to the hospital. They thought it was appendicitis! I had multiple tests done, including STD screenings (how embarassing when you KNOW you dont have any) and ultrasound, only to be told they dont see anything. I went to my ob/gyn a month or so later when the pains hit me so bad at work I had to leave. My gyn sent me to have a vaginal ultrasound ( extremely uncomfortable and embarassing). This showed nothing as well. Dr recommended a D&C which I refused. By now I am scared to death to have any additional procedures done. The pain still comes. Not every month, but about every other. I am very upset I was not informed this could happen at all. The pain is so bad it makes you cry. I cant function when in pain. These people need to be sued for our pain and suffering.

  10. Precious Reply

    I had this procedure done December 2013. The doctor told me I would only have a few side effects that was a huge lie. Two weeks after the procedure I started my normal period and bleed for a month. I still was in pain and bloating out of this world I looked 6 months pregnant. When I went in for my two weeks check up I was bleeding. After waiting 8 weeks I tried to have intercourse with my husband but I was in soooo much pain and started bleeding again. I have a low sex drive now and I’m only 30. I have cramps even when I’m not on my period and have to take Tylenol often. My life really sucks and all the doctor wants to do is make me have a hysterectomy. I’m more than sure if enough people come foward something will be done.

  11. sheila Reply


  12. sheila Reply

    i had novasure 2006 had pain right away coughing up blood when i woke up uti all the time pus in urine had urinr cultures went to emergency rooms just to be accussd of being a drug seeker then nexst one have i been screwing around could i be pregnant i said husband had vacetomy then i went a third time to emergency room cause i was in so much pain passing blood clots in urin they telling me its period blood it was not then told me i was having panic attacks i was in pain i told them that had 8 or more ct scans ultrasound uroligest doctor after doctor i would bring my urine in to which had white settlings in it sad felt like i was on fire everything wore me out felt like a poisoning i had to lay down all the time i cried myself to sleep i could no longer take care of my dogs i had i had to find them homes i ust to do 10 things at once this changed my life completely i dont wish this on no one the called me after week coughing up blood to go get checked to see if i had blood clot lung2012 wen had hystertomy my doc says i had a fistula to he said he would sign a paper showing that if i found someone that is doing class action lawsuites i dont want no one to go threw what ive been threw its been along rough road

  13. debbi Reply

    I had novasure Dec 2009. I did not have any periods since then as they were extremely heavy. Oct 2010 galbadder was taken. I have had blood found in urine many times since then and was sent to urologist and told I was fine, kidney was fine. Blood kept showing up, infection uti all the time severe pain in stomach and back. To my dismay I sent to get a ultrasound this last month. I was told I had 2 large cyst on my left ovaries. Doctor sent me to a new obgyn and a vaginal ultrasound was done and was told my ovaries where fine. Doctor told me my ablation was not done properly at all. That it was left open at the top and all the blood has been filling up in uterus causing a chocolate … effect. So I have 2 large blood pools on the side of my uterus. I can’t believe this. I have been feeling awful for a year now and now I have to have a hysterectomy and I am only 42.

  14. Karri Reply

    Many problems after procedure. I had it done in 2009. still have problems due to EA . I never thought about taking any issue for legal help. But for all this discomfort I will consider.

  15. Dawn Reply

    I had nova sure ablation about 3 years ago for bleeding except for one week out of the month. I would take the bleeding back now for sure! I had a light period for 3 monhs following the procedure. The bleeding stopped and I had a nice pain free time of things for maybe 6 to 9 months. I could still tell it was that time of month because I had some moodiness and headaches. For almost 2 years now every month I feel like I am about to give birth. It maybe even worse than labor pains. I am spotting again, I have severe lower right pelvic pain that is similar to when I had an ectopic pregnancy, my whole tummy area bloats so bad that just walking hurts me so bad. I saw my GYN last year and was handed pain pills and told pretty much I would have to live like this now until menopause. My husband wants me to go back to the doctor but they either are not taking me seriously or afraid they are going to be sued for something. I am not sure why nothing is being done. I just feel like it is a waste of time but I am not sure what to do about the pain and how to live with it for 3-4 days a month it is disabling. I found 2 extra strength Tylenol and 2 ibuprofen all together helps relieve the pain a little. I was given Tylenol with codeine but it did nothing for me. I am positive this is something from the nova sure procedure, I do not know what went wrong or what is causing this horrible pain since I can’t seem to get a doctor’s attention about it. If I bring up nova sure the doctor I saw didn’t even think it was a possibility-at least that is what he told me. I 100% believe it is from the nova sure!

  16. Lou Reply

    I had my ablation did in 2013 I’m still bleeding heavy some. I was in and out of the hospital to receive bloodi ask for a hysterectomy they wouldn’t give it to me they gave me other choices so I had no other choice but to go with the ablation I stayed constipated a lot and still have that problem

  17. Chris Reply

    I had a Novasure endometrial ablation performed in 2009. My uterine lining grew back or was not completely removed as my cycles returned within 2 years and I developed severe hematometra when my cervix was completely blocked by the returning scar tissue. I endured five trips to four different emergency rooms in a six month period and when the VA kept me in a holding pattern for more than a year on this same excruciating pain, I ended up seeking a hysterectomy surgery at a local hospital. I was told that my uterus was nearly “completely solid” upon removal. I filed for a Chapter 7 bankrupcy early this year and was granted it, which included the same medical bills for the hysterectomy. I am currently searching for a class action or attorney to explore litigation for pain and suffering, lost wages, and malpractice, as I was unable to work while this was all going on and have since read that the Novasure was never recommended for people with large uterine fibroid, which is what I presented to Navy doctors with as the source of years of menorrhagia that eventually led to severe anemia. I should have just gone with the partial hysterectomy then or had the fibroids removed themselves. The resulting pain from the Novasure ablation was beyond anything I have experienced before, including child birth and gallbladder removal.

  18. Tangie Reply

    I had novasure endometrial ablation done in May 2011. At the VA hospital I was find afterwards for a few days. then I call my doctor because I was having serve cramping. for several months after I was in and out of the hospital. Last year may I ended up having hysterectomy due to the Novasure.

  19. Elsa Reply

    Had the procedure done like 5 years ago, in 2012 started with horrible abdominal pain once a month. Not sure why the doctor did not disclose the side effects from the procedure. Abdominal pains is horrible, lasts for at least 5 days. Get constipated to, back pain. I think the doctor was getting some kind of commission on this procedure!

  20. karen Reply

    I had nova sure ablation in Dec 2008. I was sent home the next day I called 911. I had to be taken to hospital for emergency surgery. the ablation procedure the day before burned through my uterus in two places. It damaged my small bowel which opened up at home. I needed a full hysterectomy small bowel resection and appendectomy. I had sepsis. I was in th hospital six days. I have no family near me and work friends had to care for my eight year old son with autism. I missed four more weeks of work. my son had a mental breakdown and had to go into a facility for stabilization. this was very traumatic time. no local atty would take my case because it was a low to med case and they did not want to front the money even though I had retained a great expert witness witness from Philadelphia. one atty said if I had died or needed a colostomy bag then it would be a large lawsuit. Wow really. very troubling to see dumb lawsuits but real serious wrongs like mine and many of you all gets no attention.

  21. Delia Reply

    I had this E.A. 2011 very painful till this day. A lot Of health issues. I complained to my gyno. He refused to listen and said I was going through menapause after showing him a exam report from an ultrasound. Every pep exam was OK so I was told. 2014 vagina ultrasound confirms due to E. A. I have hematometra. I knew something was wrong the abdominal pain swelling……..( I have a tilt uterus no vaginal births due to the tilt uterus, had all c section) due to the tilt I don’t believe I procedure should have been done due to this. I wasn’t told about any side affects and damages that could occur.

  22. Sharon Reply

    I had always been a heavy bleeder. Perimenopause hit early,and I started bleeding really bad to the point of constant exhaustion. I decided to skip the doctor and go right to the gynecologist becasue he should know all of the options right? He heavily pressured with the EA. I had the EA done in March of 2011. Things were fine for awhile. I was even givena clean bill of helath in May of 2012. But I noticed that things felt different. I noticed that things had started to slide. I assumed it was part of aging. I was at work (school) and my organs fell out of my vagina (my bladder, cervix, rectum, and uterus). I had to excuse myself from my students, go to the bathroom and shove them back in. I went back to the gynecologist. he performed a hysterectomy, cyctercele, and a rectocele. To this day. I am in constant pain. My bowels are sluggish, and I have great issues with pooping. Being in constant pain, they could not figure out what was wrong with me. They tried to tell me that I had interstiatial cystitis (I don’t). Then they also tried to diagnose me with fibromyalgia when I told him I didn’t have it (I have a friend who has it so I knew what it was) They told me I had lupus instead. (again so happen to have another friend with lupus) I told them I didn’t have lupus, I knew what it was, and to send me to a rhumatologist to prove otherwise.,, They told me to accept the fact that I wasn’t going to walk and that it was chronic. They were signing me up for ssi, disability and a handicapped lisence plate. I was someone who ran 4 miles every day. I climbed rocks, kayaked, hiked, you name it I did it. I never had any of these issues before the novasure Now I can barely walk. I have gone to other doctors Most couldn’t find anything, some told me it was in my head. One doctor was honest. She stated that what happened is that he had the setting too high, and that he burned my insides, which caused the molecular bonds to change aned loosen, which caused my insides to fall out. (Although she told me not to use her name and never to talk about this to anyone else) I do believe because of these burns I am in constant pain, it damaged my bowels, and it is difficult to walk. No one should have to go through this. I am now only 43. Do I really have to put up with this for the next 40- 50 years of my life? How will I keep up with my five boys? I would prefer the heavy bleeding and constant exhaustion to this. I have since learned that there were many other methods he should have tried before the novasure, but being uneducated at the time (my first gynecological experience) I did not realize it. He also has a huge/high reputation here, but I have since learned that is because he was the only gyne in the area.

  23. Cheryl Reply

    I had the novasure endometrial ablation procedure done in 2012 per the advice of my gyno. I wish I never listened to her. I have never felt such pain and discomfort in my entire life. I get cramps/ sharp pains I can barely walk makes me sick to my stomach. The monthly cycles last about 3 days. Black and the smell is unbelievable. You would think something died inside of me. I have problems with my bladder and bowels. I have to take a pill everyday to have a bowel movement and I cant control my bladder. I have unriated on myself in public several times due to not being able to control or hold it anymore. The humiliation. I can go on and on but I cant believe they have not stopped this procedure from being done and why there isn’t something preventing it. It is causing more harm than good to women.

  24. Spring Reply

    I am36 yrs old … I had this surgery done August 15, 2014 dr . said that it wuld b best since I’ve been cramping for the last 23 yrs I hav 6 children and I had my tubes cut and burned sept. 15,2010 after my son was born. I had heavy bleeding n cramping out of this world… They suggested this surgery to me not reading up on it til a few days ago… All the horror stories.. I had this surgery done and I had brown icky stuff for 3 days after that I Ben pouring blood n having 50 cent size blood clots n talkn bout the pain o my…. Dr said it should all stop cramping bleeding all it Ben 15 days n I still havn all symptoms of feeling sick can’t go to bathroom peeing constantant and blood buubles coming out no matter which way I turn… Pain is horrific.. Hydro’s arnt helping any more pain n rite side is terrible I been off Wrk since August 15,2014 n still off Wrk as of today..August30,2014.. Superviser told me to go Hm due to couldn’t even walk but, I had to go in to keep from losing my job at pilgrims I stand for 8 to 9 hr days shoulder cutting. And Dr said it was an in and out patient surgery n the 3 days they Gav me was more than the recommended amount of days givn I just now startn to get up and walk bout 5 days ago .. I warned a woman that was n Dr. Office Friday morning bout the affects and problems I’m havn n it frightened her but, mayb that’s wat us wemon want something secure not something to harm r bodies more kids do plenty… Of damage … But this surgery is not for us wemon there using us as guinie pigs… There’s something total wrong with my surgery I can’t handle the pain I just feel like walkn out n front of a truck it’s that bad. The ER Dr. told me that there is something deffinatly wrong wen I went Monday afternoon due to hurtn.. He called it pre optive surgery.. Which means they Fukd up some where… We should hav a rite to fight for our pain and suffering and if this keeps on I might not hav a job due to this surgery because I can’t preform my duties.. We need to let all wemon this surgery is not all its cracked up to be.. They said if this $900.00 surgery don’t help, there hav to do a $2000.00 hysterectomy and that’s both wit insurance from my job…. I think they should warn us of this procedure n not just tell us we only cramp 6 to 8 hrs n bleeding will stop after a few days. That’s a BIG lie cuz its been 15days n I still pouring… God help us wemon that don’t understand the danger of thus surgery… Its life wrecking… Thanks Spring

  25. Tiffany Reply

    I have the same story as just about every commenter on this page.
    Had the NOVASURE procedure, had lots of pain for a year, urinary incontinence and many other symptoms and ended up having a partial hysterectomy and having a sling (Monarch hammock) to hold my bladder up.

  26. Jennifer Reply

    I had NovaSure done in 2011 and all was okay until this year. I was experiencing severe pain and cramps. After many ER visits and a colonoscopy and endoscopy which found nothing an ER nurse finall suggested I go to my Gyn. After an ultrasound they discovered the trapped fluid in my Uterus. My Dr. said there was a spot where the procedure did not take effect which is where the bold is coming in from. The pain is in unbearable lake the doctor and ER bills coming in. Not to mention the money I have to pay upfront to have the surgery. I wish I was told all the complications that could occur prior to the procedure cause I would not have done it:(

  27. Paula Reply

    This is the worst surgery u have ever had! Had ablation done March 2013.The smell is horrible & pain in my right side hurts so bad I can barely stand up but doctors claim I’m okay seeking second opinion you know something just ain’t right with your own body! Thus us the surgery from hell that is the only way & word to describe it!!!!

  28. Jean Reply

    I feel terrible for all of the women who have commented here with their horrid experiences. I was very fortunate with my experience, but have learned some valuable things to look for before undergoing the procedure. I only learned them after having talked my good friend into getting it done. She had a bad experience and then we compared jotes. OMG! First, my doc had done this procedure hundreds of times and is a well respected physician in our metro medical community. You know… a doc that docs say they would want their wife or daughter to see. Next, he said that the very best success is to do the procedure immediately following your last period. But my girlfriend’s doc wasn’t all that impressive to my friend (I tried to talk her into my doc for a second opinion) AND, her doc never mentioned the timing of the procedure. So it was not done right after the bleeding had stopped. My friend never asked what her doc’s experience was with the procedure. For my friend, the pro edure did not work. Now that I have read all of these entries, I realize how fortunate she is that it wasn’t much worse. All of this is so disgusting that women have to go through this. There should be a protocol in place before ever doing the procedure. Also… why in the world does a doc need TWO nurses in the room for the procedure?

  29. Constance Reply

    I had the novasure procedure done in 2009. I was flooding my clothing and anemic. No one told me six years later I would have fibroids massive scar tissue and need a D&C to clean up half the mess.At the end of this month my uterus has to be removed. I can’t control my bladder. I had a discharge UTI’S and the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life.

  30. Ruth Reply

    I had NovaSure done in Dec 2011 the first 4 months after I was still menstruating for 6 days but it was much lighter then before the procedure. Month 5 was the first time I had pain with a period. My periods where heavy but not painful before this procedure. The pain hit me like a train out of no where and it felt like my water broke. Thank haven I was at home when this happen because when I stood up the I had a puddle of blood in my chair and now dripping into my shoes. My eyes began to water and I was vomiting from the pain. My husband thought I was going to die as did I. He called 911 and I was rushed to the hospital. I was given IV pain meds in route and by the time we got to the hospital I was feeling nothing. I was still bleeding very heavy and they sent my for a vaginal and abdominal ultrasound. After 9 hours in the ER I was told there was nothing they could find and to follow up with my gyno. Sadly I went to the Dr who did my procedure and she told me there was a lump in my uterus and they needed to byoipsy it. Two weeks after that her office called said no cancer and I should consider having a historectomy. When I asked why I was told to make an appointment to talk to the Dr. But that I would have to see one of the other Dr in the office as my Dr was now only see peregent women. I never went back to them and with out health insureance or a job I am still suffering from this one stupid mistake.

  31. Tiffany Reply

    I had the Novasure procedure done April 2014. I had this procedure done to stop my heavy bleeding. I would soak my clothes in 45 mins. I had to miss 2 days of work every month. But never did I cramp like I cramp now after Novasure. The pain is so severe that just last night it landed me in the ER. They had to give me morphine and I still felt the pain. They did a cat scan only to find nothing and sent me home with pain meds and I’m suppose to follow up with gynecologist. I’ve been in and out of her office since I’ve had the procedure. I’m going to a new gynecologist next week. This pain is so severe that I can’t even walk. I have to stay in the fetal position. I don’t want to have a hysterectomy but that’s what my gynecologist is suggesting. I also have fibroids but I read if you have them that your dr. Should remove them before the procedure which my dr. Failed to do. I am in dire need of answers. Before the surgery my period was controlling my life now after the surgery I don’t have a flow but this pain is controlling my life. I thought I was dying. I have 4 children and this pain is worse than giving birth. Please help, this procedure should be banned!! I feel like I’ve been slaughtered. I’m only 36!!! Please HeLp me!! I want my life back. These dr. Bills are horrific. I have been getting calls about garnishing my check! And I’m making more and more dr. Bills!!

  32. Kathi Reply

    I had an ablation in April 2014. I was hospitalized three days after the procedure with severe labor like pains and bleeding. They gave me morphine around the clock. Two days later I was back in the hospital with a 104 fever and severe pain. I was diagnosed with a uterine bacteria infection and put on 3 antibiotics. I bled continuously for 7months at first it was heavy with clotting. It then turned to a brown sometimes black thick discharge. I am scheduled for a full abdominal hysterectomy on May 26,2015. I had to sign papers with my gyn that he may repair my bladder and bowel and anything else that maybe damaged. My stomach looks as if I am 7 months pregnant. My clothes don’t fit and I go to the gym daily I am a health nut but I continue to gain weight. My doctor has put me on two water pills as my legs, arms, feet swell. This has ruined my sex life with my husband as it is too painful. My gyn stated that I have severe scar tissue in my uterus and my cervix I am retaining the blood in my uterus. He fears my Fallopian tubes will be full of clots.
    I apologize for the length of this. It has been a long difficult year. Not to mention in July 2014 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I completed my treatments and I am cancer free today.
    I was told by my new gyn I was not a candidate for NovaSure because of scar tissue from 4 C-sections and several fibroids that should have been removed before the ablation.

  33. Jeff Reply

    WoW! This is very eye opening. My wife just had this procedure 5 days ago. The doctor was unable to get the device to work because the uterus was too large, so she claimed. Come to find out she ruptured the uterus and left over 1.5 liters of saline running through my wife. She no has an infection and the doctor is trying to cover it up. She never followed up post procedure and waited until 4 days later to prescribe any antibiotics. We have no idea and come to find out the doctor knows when the uterus is ruptured. I am sitting here while my wife is fighting a serious infection hoping she will be fine. We will be taking action.

  34. Mona Reply

    Has anyone had any success with a Lawsuit for a botched Ablation procedure? I had one 6 years ago and was told the Novasure company who is the maker of the machine that’s used, was protected from any lawsuits. Please advise.

  35. Leslie Reply

    I had an ablation a couple years ago and am currently in a medical malpractice law suit because of the burns I got as a result. The doctor didn’t even give me basic first aide for the burns before sending me home and I still suffer from pain as a result of these burns. It has been a long invasive process since the lawsuit was filed. I would never recommend this procedure to anyone ever

  36. Lucia Reply

    I spent yesterday in the hospital having a cat scan just to be told that everything looks good. What I can’t understand is how “does” a person who is bloated to the point of looking 3 months pregnAnt be told that everything looks “good”. Doesn’t anyone care ? I had the Novasure procedure done in December 2014. A couple of weeks after having the procedure I noticed I smelled horrible. Went to the dr and was told I had an infection. It was treated. February and March, April 2015, I had really bad cramps but my menstrual bleeding was slight but I was severely bloated. I took a couple of Alleves and the pain was tolerable. I said to myself at least I’m not bleeding uncontrollably The pain will get better. The swelling will subside. I noticed that along with the ab pain. I also had leg pain. In May 2015, my whole world came crashing down. It was Mother’s Day weekend and the pain was so severe that I left like I was in labor. I looked like I was 3 months pregnant and nothing stopped the pain. I thought of going to the hospital but insurance companies are crazy these days so I laid in bed in fetal position all day. I felt like my body was trying to push something out and it couldn’t. Urination and bowel movements were intolerable. The next day I calledy gyn ASAP and explained the situation. She could not believe how bloated I was. She immediately sent me to have an ultrasound. The results indicated nothing was wrong. I had a small amount of pelvic fluid but nothing else. As I write this I feel lost and sad. Keep asking myself why can’t anyone tell me what’s wrong. I can’t live like this and I can’t keep call out of work. Help.

  37. jessica Reply

    Well my obgyn did my ablation without me being sterilized.. I have 5 living children but have gotten. Pregnant 3 times with the iud condoms and 2with my tubal…I just found out they made the mistake because now they want to remove my tube to cover the mistake .. Now I cant even bend or left my legs I’m soar all over horrible headaches. Nausea and sever fatigue also I swell so bad mainly. Legs and feet

  38. Sharonell Reply

    doctor used wrong distending media during my ablation, cause machine to malfunction. Told me everything went great. One month later I’m having periods still, had an infection. Now he says do the ablation again because he and hospital messed up and it will all be free

  39. Tracie Reply

    I got the surgery done in 2012. I have had continuous uti’s, I can’t control my bladder.. I have pain and bloating every month. I have put on alot of weight. Lower back pain . This is crazy. I have the same problem when I go to the doctors they say I have blood in my urine, it always it must be a uti. I have pain aND went to the hospital, had cat scan and they they don’t see anything!

  40. DW Reply

    I also had this procedure done in Dec 2005. A week later, I hemorrhaged and had an emergency hysterectomy. It appears that this procedure only destroys women. Sometimes, things work out okay for a short time, but eventually women suffer greatly. All this because it is cheaper to perform the NovaSure (ThermaChoice is another bad option) than a hysterectomy. However, there are many contraindications that exclude women. Unfortunately, doctors still perform this procedure. In addition, contraindications are added over the years. Clearly, Hologic, the makers of NovaSure should add “Novasure should not be performed on Women that want to avoid worse suffering than before”.

  41. SMBJ Reply

    Wow! I feel compelled to reply to this post even though it’s old. I had a NovaSure ablation procedure done 1/15/2016 and felt great that evening. The normal discharge they describe for about 2 1/2 weeks and then nothing. I was on the high road to living a more simple life after having bleeding for months without stopping.
    I didn’t have a cycle, spotting, discharge or anything. Fast forward to 3/21/2016 – roughly 9 weeks after surgery. I am getting the worst cramps ever – especially after urinating. I passed it off as a UTI, began to drown myself in cranberry juice and blew it off since my symptoms got better for about a day or so.
    Then on Saturday 4/1/2016 I had cramps so bad that I looked up my local Urgent Care facility and went to the them the next morning as soon as they opened. They took a urine sample, no UTI and not pregnant. They gave me 3 Rx’s for pain and a referral for an ultrasound and asked me to follow up with my GYN that Monday. I went home, then got my nails done, had lunch with a friend and returned home.
    While watching a movie with my husband that evening I began to cramp and took a Motrin 800. 2 hours later no relief. As a matter of fact, the pain got worse. I went to try to lay down in the hopes that would relieve the pain, no dice. It continued to get worse. I got dressed and my husband took me to the ER. While there I was given an IV and a dose of Morphine. the Morphine did nothing for the pain! All it did was make me feel relaxed/high.
    I continued to complain and they gave me another dose of Morphine – again, no relief from the pain! I know this has to be completely unbelievable for you all to read, but let me tell you, it’s unbelievable to me and i went through it. I got an ultrasound which I was told looked “normal”. and I again requested more pain meds. This time they gave me a pain med cocktail of Torodol and something else that I cannot remember. This also relaxed me and did barely help with pain. I was so tired and sleepy, and by this time, midnight was approaching. I was told that I couldn’t go to sleep because I wasnt breathing deep enough and my oxygen levels were dropping, so they began to give me oxygen and had my husband wake me every 5 minutes to remind me to breathe.
    My GYN was finally called in and told what was going on. He did a vaginal exam and told me to put up my index finger when it hurt where he touched. As soon as he touched my cervix I was in the worst pain ever and I wanted to jump out of that bed! I requested a 4th dose of pain meds after that and I finally began to get a small bit of pain relief, but not without the side effect of severe nausea. I was set for surgery at 2:30am to drain everything from my uterus along with a D&C.
    Honestly, I talked to my Dr prior to having NovaSure and the things that could go wrong, and I knew that tissue could be missed or grow back, however, i didn’t know it could get trapped and cause excruciating and debilitating pain. I have an appointment with my GYN in 2 weeks to follow up from surgery.
    At this point I am no longer fighting the idea of a hysterectomy. There is no way in hell that I would ever want to go through what I just went through again, just for the sake of a womb I will never again use. I don’t blame my GYN for what happened. It wasn’t his fault the procedure didn’t work for me. Things happen. I’m just onto the next step.
    I posted here to tell what happened to me and maybe help someone else who could be going through the same thing I went through but is blowing off the symptoms like I did. If you are having those severe cramps and little/no period, PLEASE see your GYN right away! Don’t put it off.

  42. Kimberly Reply

    My ablation was done a few years ago to stop some heavy duty bleeding. I was told I wouldn’t bleed anymore or very little. Right away I knew something was wrong. I had pain after sex and reported to my Gyn. I started having pain I my back that I attributed to scoliosis or my bulging disc. Imagine my horror when I finally saw a neurosurgeon who told me my back pain should not be coming from my spine as they are minor issues. My back pain is excruciating whenever I get my period and i am starting to watch hunched over because of the constant pain. My uterus has grown so much scar tissue that it is now pulling on ligaments and muscles causing me pain. I take about 2400 mg of Motrin just to cope during my periods. I really wish my Dr had been more up front about the dangers and pain associated with this procedure. I’m exhausted from the back pain! If 1 in 4 fail they need to stop these!!! I’m getting a hysterectomy

  43. Hilary Reply

    This procedure almost killed me had it 10 years ago and 2 corners didn’t take to the ablation so they formed pockets that needed up filling my uterus completely by the time I got a doctor to belive the pain I was in because it shows in no tests no ultrasounds I am now 4 weeks post op hysterectomy feel better than I’ve ever felt but the doctor who did it said he barely touched my uterus and it exploded he said I was close to being toxic and having my uterus rupture inside me . Please don’t have this done . It only a temporary fix then new more issues come fro. It

  44. Donna Reply

    I had this procedure done. The fan shut off during the procedure. While attempting the procedure the Dr. put a hole in my uterus. He removed the fan and tried again…..adding another hole in my uterus. Had he went further he would have ruptured my bowel… Needless to say the surgery was not a success.

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