Humira Lawsuits

Potential side effects of Humira may increase the risk of serious and potentially life-threatening injuries, including fungal infections and cancers, as well as a possible risk of permanent nerve damage that may result in multiple sclerosis, transverse myelitis, optic neuritis, neuropathy or other problems.

STATUS OF HUMIRA LAWSUITS: Product liability lawyers are evaluating whether individuals may be entitled to compensation through a Humira lawsuit for vision problems or nerve damage that may have been caused by Humira.

MANUFACTURER: Abbott Laboratories, Inc.


OVERVIEW: Humira (adalimumab) is a tumor necrosis factor blocker, also known as TNF blocker, which is approved for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, Crohn’s disease, moderate to severe chronic psoriasis and juvenile idiopathic arthritis, which was previously called juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.

HUMIRA NERVE DAMAGE AND VISION PROBLEMS Adverse event reports have suggested that Humira may increase the risk of nerve damage, which could cause:

  • Optic Neuritis or Vision Impairment
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Transverse Myelitis
  • Neuropathy

Lawsuits over Humira have alleged that Abbott downplayed the risk of nerve damage from Humira, including a risk of Central Nervous System (CNS) demyelination and harm to the optic nerve. While other drugs in the same class, such as Enbrel and Remicade, contain warnings about the risks, Abbott has not provided adequate warnings to physicians and consumers, which could have prevented serious injury and permanent nerve damage.

During clinical trials, at least three cases of demyelination with Humira use were reported, compared to no reported cases among those taking a placebo. Of those nerve damage problems, two involved optic neuritis on Humira, which could result in vision loss or sight problems.

In addition, an analysis of FDA adverse event reports during the first two years Humira was on the market identified at least 9 reports of neurological problems with Humira, including two cases of optic neuritis. Since that time, a number of similar Humira problems have been reported. It is widely accepted that the number of such problems reported to the FDA likely only represent between 1% and 10% of all actual adverse events.

HUMIRA CANCER SIDE EFFECTS: A study published in the May 17, 2006 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) indicated that Humira side effects could increase the risk of developing cancer. Warnings have been added to the prescribing information about the possible cancer risk.

In August 2009, the FDA announced a Humira black box cancer warning after investigating the potential association between Humira and Lymphoma and other cancers among children and young adults using TNF blockers.

Approximately half of the cancers seen in children and young adults taking TNF blockers were lymphomas, including bother Hodgkin’s and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which is a cancer of cells in the immune system. Lymphoma is not a recognized complication of JIA (Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis) or of Crohn’s disease. Other cancers reported included leukemia, melanoma and solid organ cancers.

HUMIRA FUNGAL INFECTIONS: A number of users who were receiving TNF blockers, such as Humira, have experienced fungal infections, such as histoplasmosis, blastomycosis and cocciioidmycosis. In several of these cases the infection resulted in death.

In September 2008, the FDA issued an alert to healthcare providers to provide new information about the risk of Humira fungal infections. At that time the agency also indicated that new information will be added to the Humira black box warning to ensure that doctors and consumers are aware of the risk, especially for those who live in or visit areas where fungus is prevalent.

Unfortunately, many cases of fungal infections from Humira go undiagnosed by doctors, since the symptoms are similar to the flu. Symptoms could include cough, fever, fatigue, loss of weight, sweating and shortness of breath.

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  1. Paul Reply

    I was diagnosed with chrones disease in 11/2008 never had any health problems never had been in any health problems till then went to dr recommended Humira supposed miracle drug immediate systems started getting blister inside mouth throat and digestive track was getting very ill couldn’t digest food properly would double over in pain starred taking humira 4/2011 took it until 11/2012 was scheduled for surgery 12/27/2012 has a flare up the day of surgery had to be post poned rescheduled surgery and also hospital actual surgery was 1/14/2013 had several infections in gastro track and also developed fistula’s had illeostomy done was in and out of hospital for several infections spent most of 2013 in hospital was discharged from hospital 12/2013 was released to go back to work 1/2014 I was a truck driver was told by employer that I was not needed so I went for dot recertification physical and failed because of very rapid heart beat was told to go see cardiologist and was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy heart failure never had any problem with my heart now in 11/2014 was told my heart was only pumping at 15% normal heart pumping is about 60% told that I could drop dead by cardiologist at any moment put it off as long as I could the symptoms got worse went back to dr in 6/2015 was told that my heart was getting weaker told it was now at 7% was told didn’t have much time put on transplant list I now have an electric pump inside it is Heart Mate I
    Drs agree that it was caused from Humira I can’t believe it’s. Still on market I feel that they gave me a DEATH SENTENCE was never told the side affects seen on TV asked dr and he said he would ask the company and they told him that the odds were astronomical 1to 1 million and said not to worry who can u trust ur health I feel like I was experiment I think someone should pay my life has been pure HELL the last 3 yrs

  2. Daniel Reply

    At 81, my wife was diagnosed with RA for the first time. Her rheumatologist started her on prednisone, and she felt better immediately. Then this doctor started her on Humira with the aim of getting off the prednisone as soon as the Humeria worked. My wife had the first Humira shot on 12/7/15. My wife felt fine until late in the evening on 12/18, when she developed a severe, bloody cough. The EMTs took her to the ER early 12/9, whereupon she was diagnosed with severe bacterial pneumonia, placed on a ventilator, and put in ICU on IV antibiotics immediately. On 12/20, less than 48 hours after the first symptom, she died. I believe that older RA patients should not be given this drug, as it is too dangerous.

  3. Lisha Reply

    I have been taking humor for over 5 years for sarcoidosis. I had to have an eye surgery last year. I have vision issues as well as high pressures in my eyes. Sometimes my eyes hurt really bad for no apparent reason. My left eye has began to have hi eye pressures and my Dr stated that if we can’t get them under control I will need to have surgery on this eye as well.. I take humor once weekly

  4. Rklewis2 Reply

    Humeria should be a (not responding to less side effects 1st line disease treatments) medication & (Not unless disease progression is as severe as potential side effects)! There are safer meds & many folks get decent responses with them. Any Dr that willingly skips those should be avoided and held accountable. Humeria (1- dose) can stay (in your system effecting the immune response; or “lack” there of because humeria slows down the natural ability to fight infection(s) & cancers) by up to 5 Months. People who take 1-dose are NOT allowed to donate Blood or Blood products because it may effect the person getting the bloods ability to heal. That being said patient(s) self injecting are expected to read the data and understand the data supplied by the pharmacy. If any medication comes with such severe warning(s) it should ONLY be administered by the Doctor or ER or Hospital. No (Dr.-ER-Nurse)wants to be (Held Responsible)for these side effects; Thus (pharm companies)transfer that responsibility onto patients. This should change. The ability for self injection(s) has become way way too easy and thus though some greatly recover from severe disease One wonder(s) how blurry the side effects of meds vs disease symptoms really have become… I do not think Anyone cares; Not the drug company-not the doctor & patients that take any medication without Reading about it Along with getting a Doctor that will tell them the Full Story! One person may benefit another die. Another loose eye sight another get pain relief. This isn’t a drug the manufacturer can guarantee side effects because its a gamble drug. Not a understood how everyones immune response will react because no individual immune system nor disease response is exactly alike. The lack there in of (dose per lb/kg leaves much to be desired) said. A 300lb vs 50lb person child-adult-elderly (all get 40mg SC) though the injector (puts it in more intramuscular) the drug company recommend(s)SC sbucutaneous. Another BIG (blunder)?!obviously humans are being given a GMO Biological that sounds amazing but needs More Research IN a STUDY & not on us.

  5. Ron Reply

    I am considering Humira for my colitis. I was surprised to hear that one shot of Humira would stay in your system for 5 months. I’ll need more information.

  6. Lori Reply

    I was battling Psoriatic Arthritis dr put me on Humira. .I ended up with the worse case of bronchitis that lasted 4 months, coughed so much two ribs cracked..I have nodules in my lungs, also I got colon cancer stage 2, but found it in time had surgery. ..I will never go.on any bilogics ever again. ..only herbs, naturalpath

  7. mary Reply

    my dtr. died last month from met. melanoma, after 2 years on humira. I believe humira caused her cancer and death.

  8. Brianne Reply

    I took Humira for about 5 months for plague psoriasis. I started having nerve pain and muscle spasms. My legs and arms give out all the time. Some days I can’t even walk. I just had an Emg done but no signs of nerve damage. I need someone to help me please. Tonight even when I could walk and stand I kept getting these horrible pains in my arms like someone was snapping my veins like rubber bands. My hands and feet claw and ball up. My doctor said just give it time and doesn’t think it’s from the medication he proscribed. I need help

  9. Barbara Reply

    I was on Humira for Crohn’s for about 4 years. It certainly helped Crohn’s but some of the side effects were not good. Developed warts which popped up everywhere. Have had 5 skin cancers detected and removed. Developed shingles and it was a very bad case. Been off for two years and still having skin issues. Humira weakens your immune system and in turn you can develope various issues like I did. My shingles was so bad that I wanted to kill myself. Although Humira did not cause the shingles, my immune system was weak so I had an extra bad case. Wanted the shingles shot to help prevent another case but learned I had to be off Humira for 6 months before I could get shot. I went off the shot during the time of shingles outbreak because the doctors said it would worsen the shingles. After 6 months I got my shot and have chosen not to go back on Humira. It’s been two years and I am taking alternative medicine and I am much more careful about avoiding foods and stressful situations that might cause a flare up. Doctors warned me that I would have to do Humira again if these alternative medicines don’t work. I will fight the battle to avoid this. I am tired of having warts frozen, tired of Moh’s surgery for skin cancers. I do truly believe that continuous psychological analysis of one’s ailment plays a large role in keeping down flare ups in any illness. I personally play my own cheerleader in every waking moment of every day to create a positive attitude about my condition. This helps me a lot.

  10. Melissa Reply

    I once had a good friend the bed in the world.
    She had psoriasis and went to the doctor and they prescribed her she took it for 5 years and kept it under control today I have to say goodbye to my friend because 6 weeks ago her liver started to fail and tomorrow she will be buried rest in peace friend

  11. Heather Reply

    I was on humira for 4 months. At 3 months I developed pustular psoriasis (which I never had before) all over my body. I was advised to continue taking it. The injections quit working all together after my 7th injection. My arthritis returned worse than ever.. In joints not previously affected (my knees were once the only problem, but now my fingers, wrists, elbows, knees, ankles, etc are chronically in pain and stiff). I also have spasms all down my esophagus that hurt like hellO and make eating difficult. It also has caused all over muscle pain and weakness. Humira is responsible and shouldn’t be prescribed to people. I’m now way worse than I had ever been before. This drug has been life changing, and not in a good way! I want to warn anyone considering it to think twice.. Your doctor will tell you some bs about it being the natural progression of the disease, but that’s a load of shi_!! Rheumatoid arthritis does not progress to esophageal spasms so severe u assume the fetal position and refuse to eat for days at a time, and it doesn’t make ur muscles so weak u can’t raise ur arms above ur head or take a shirt off. So eff u humira!!

  12. suzanne Reply

    My husband started having these unexplained neurological problems and then nerovacular he also asked the dermtoligist was these problems from taking embrel she said Know he became so sick and was admitted they then said it was possible the embrel and he was to stop talking it he has know feeling in both feet to his calf’s and both hands he has lose feeling he has very little balance and it has affected his short memory .
    He is only 61 two years ago he danced at his daughter wedding by 5mths he had lost his job and could not stand buy him self and was getting worse.

  13. Lisa Reply

    My husband started taking Humira for psoriatic arthritis. He took a total of three injections, one every 2 weeks. After the third injection, he began feeling extremely tired and slept for hours on end. We took him to the hospital for this and that he felt like he was going to die. After 2 separate visits to 2 separate hospitals and test after test, we ended up in a large hospital in the city. They finally did a spinal tap and found inflammation in his cerebellum and diagnosed him with Aseptic Meningitis and Encephalitis drug induced from humira. He has constant dizziness, blurred vision, speech problems, personality changes,Ataxia, poor balance and coordination. He is completely dependent for all activities of daily living. He is 53 years old. He has gone thru extensive therapy for 3 weeks and now at home. He sleeps most of the day due to the disease, we are unsure what damage is permanent but we never expected this from a drug after only 3 doses. I am now not working because I have to take care of him and he will not be working for quite sometime if ever.

  14. Mike Reply

    I lost my wife Mary In November of 2014 She suffered From Radiation cystitis caused from cancer of her female Organs. She was on Enbrel for 2 years And Humera for 6 year’s. When the doctors discovered her cancer She immediately had a radical hysterectomy. Followed by Chemotherapy And Radiation. The radiation Is what took her life. It ruined all of her organs. She suffered for 7 years. Her small bowel intestine was severely damaged and had to be fed by TPN which is a tube in the carotid artery for two years. Her bladder And her liver And her colon Were all affected.She was 62 years old when she passed And before Enbrel and Humira She was a health nut But Rheumatoid arthritis Changed all of that And that’s when she began Infusions With those deadly drugs

  15. Sally Reply

    Husband used Humira 2yrs then Enbrel over 1 yr. Slowly lost much weight, was getting black like blotches on arms, started just not feeling good, one day started running high fever, hard time breathing, got scared & called ambulance, he died that night. When on Humira he broke ankle, compound fracture. For 6 wks I fed him 35 grand, interveinious anti biotic. It took over yr. for skin to barely grow over the wound, and that was with mos. of wound vac. I watch that medicine slowly take him down but when it did, it was fast. Death certificate said sepsis shock. Where did this terrible infection that was in his blood come from and why did he have NO IMMUNE system to help fight it off. I need an attorney, running out of time And I forsee a Lot more of this to start surfacing after long term use, like the 4 yrs that my 40 yr husband took . it took my life from me as well. And this should not be. People shouldn’t be used as ginea pigs for drug companies , they get filthy rich and I got heartbroken & left alone. They need be responsible for they knew the side effects were bad or they wouldn’t advertise it while doctors are paid to say that it won’t hurt you, we’ve not had any problems with it. It’s all a scam!

  16. wendel Reply

    I took humira for crohn’s for 14 months 40mg shots every two weeks then since blood work didn’t show humira in my system I was prescribed a shot every week. After that month my chest area was severely swollen and very painful. I went to Va. hospital in Sacramento and after CT scan showed about a dozen lymph nodes from golf ball size to tennis ball size they should be the size of a grain of rice. It was Hodgkin’s aggressive lymphoma cancer. I went through pure hell with this. I talked with Abbot labs they don’t care sited black box info. I have other problems related through chemo or Humira good news now cancer free. Would love to sue have lots of documentation. This drug should be off the market check out this site humira side effects.

  17. Linda Reply

    I have only had one injection but it knocked me out and I am not taking it anymore. Went to see my PCM and he said I only have minor inflammation not psoratic arthritis. I am going to get a second opinion from another rhemy. Just don’t feel right since he would not show me my XRAYS or go over my labs when I asked how bad it was he said I had minimal inflammation and was at the beginning stages then why would HUMIRA be the first drug I take.

  18. Momoko Reply

    I have RA and is currently on the traditional medications. My doctor suggested I take a biologic so that I could get off Prednisone (currently prescribed 4 mg, but was able to slowly go down to 2 mg). My insurance only approves Humira, and I have been going back and forth about doing this. Now that I have read all these horror stories, I am not going to take this medication. I believe you can control the inflammation through food. I noticed that I had a bad flare when I got the flu shot in 2012 and have not taken shot since then. It took 2 years to get back to normal with minimal pain. I believe that RA and other autoimmune are caused by viral, specifically in the class of Herpes (that includes Chicken Pox, Epstein Barr – kissing disease). I am trying to get rid of that as I have read that could be done – not sure if that’s true, but at least there’s no side effects trying natural remedies versus pharmaceutical. I might have to change doctors if she keeps recommending the Humira when I’m still functioning at 90%. Thank you all for your stories.

  19. rodney Reply

    I took humira back in 2006 or 2007 for crohns disease. I am now having vision problems that has started to impair my vision.

    Thank you

  20. Sam Reply

    I took humira ended up with hand and feet nerve damage blisters all over hands and feet and psoriasis over the rest of my body. I am in so much pain I can’t walk or take care of myself. I now have home care coming to my house 6 days a week. I am 45 years old and can’t work.

  21. Jo Reply

    I have been taking Humira for the past 3 years. It has done nothing to help me. Now I am battling breast cancer. No family history of breast cancer. I have 3 sisters and none of them have any signs of cancer. I think it needs to be looked into. It is odd that there is no history and then boom, I have cancer. My life since Febuary has been a living Hell. I go in a couple of weeks for geneitc testing and will know for sure. I am not very happy right now and scared for my kids and I.

  22. Robert Reply

    I am 37 yrs old I was on humira for 6 months about 3 months in I started noticing bruising called my dermatologist to let him know he said it was ok keep taking it noticed some other things he said it’s ok keep taking it. July 6,2016 I was taken to hospital and put on psych ward the ER doctor said it was side affects of humira. I have many doctors stating that these are all side affects of humira I used to travel across the country for my job now I can’t even drive outside of my housing area most of the time without freaking out. I get anxiety and panic attacks which are severe blurred vision severe migraine headaches have a hard time trying to even look for a job. My mental state is not all that great I have been seeing a neurologist, psychiatrist, mental health counselor, and my primary regularly for over a year and still having many issues been off humira for over a year and is said this will pretty much be the rest of my life. I used to be a lineman if you don’t know what that is I used to work on high voltage power lines. I am trying to reach out to get some people together and get a lawyer to take on the case one in my city said they would like to take it but just doesn’t have the resources to do so. This is ruining my life, my marriage, and my family we can’t hardly pay our bills cause I can’t even work. If it affected you I would like to know please thank you. I don’t want this drug to ruin somebody else’s life like it did mine I am 37 yrs old I should be in my prime.

  23. Sam Reply

    I took humira for three months first day four needles two weeks later two needles and every week one needle. Started in feb till end of April. Ended up with blisters all over my hands and feet and psoriasis over my legs feet arms. It gave me blister for psoriasis and server nerve damage to my hands and feet. 4 months later and tons of meds light therapy and 41 pecription creams it’s starting to get better but it keeps returning. The nerve pain has not improved. I never feel cold always hot. I contacted the company was told that now that I stopped the meds they don’t need to follow up with how I am doing. Humira dropped me the day I stopped taking the needles. My life has changed I get sick so fast my immune system sucks and my energy is gone. Expecting my first grandchild and I am scared that my health will keep me from being the grandparent I want to be. I have homecare 5 days a week and can’t even wash my own hair because my hands and nails are so infected with blisters that it’s to painful. Went from being totally independent to needing so much help. Wow one med changed my life to the point that sometimes I think that is it worth living like this. This med ruin my life.

  24. Wayne Reply

    HUMIRA caused me to stay in Mercy Hospital for 62 days. The hospital is located in Bakersfield, California.It caused my kidneys to malfunction. It caused a hole in my right lower lung and scared my left lung It very difficult to breathe. I am crippled and unable to walk. Sleeping is very difficult because of the pain in my legs and lungs.There are more but my cognation is lacking a lot.I would very much like a feed back. I have been since 2006 of October

  25. Cheryl Reply

    I’ve been on Humira 40mg every 10 days and I feel better than I have since mid twenties. No side effects to speak of. Sometimes I take a wonderful 4 hour nap the day of or the day after injection.
    I have Ankylosing Spondylitis HLA-B27 type. This form is very rare in women.

  26. Tanya Reply

    I too started taking Humira in March of this year. I started at 4 shots the first week, 2 shots in week 3, and one shot every week thereafter. At the end of August, all of a sudden I began having hives. First a swollen tongue right out of the blue. I was referred to the allergist, and had a prick test done to see if I was allergic to anything. Nothing! 4 weeks later, I was back to see him with Chronic Urticaria with Angioedema (hives with severe swelling). No medicines, prescribed or over the counter are working, and now I have to have a monthly shot for this. I have also acquire pustular psoriasis on my hands and randomly on my body, as well as psoriasis on my legs. I have also been dealing with a strange pain in my neck for days as well. Humira is worse than the ailment one might have. I was a healthy woman at 42, and now I have spent the last 5 months hiding in my home in pain. Frustrating isn’t the word for us guinea pigs. I stopped taking the Humira, on my own advice. It’s been two weeks, and I’m wondering if I’ll get back to normal soon. How long does this crap stay in your system if you took it for 8 months at the max dosage?

  27. CJ Reply

    I have a woman from Humira coming out to my house tonight for a consult and to show me how to do the injections. I always believed that they send these so called…ambassadors out to cover their own butts once something goes wrong, as it will be these ambassadors who seem so caring that will be the first to throw us under the bus. Humira now sits in my fridge waiting for me to take my first dosage tonight and after reading so many horrific stories, I will not be taking it. So sorry for all of your struggles and losses yet so grateful for you sharing your stories.

  28. Deborah Reply

    I was on Humira for 5 years with great results until I had my first heart attack. My Cardiologist imediately took me off of it. Now at 49 I have had 5 heart attacks and quadruple bypass and my kidneys have started failing. No doubt related to tumors.

  29. Chuwanna Reply

    I have been on Humira for 2 1/2 months. What seemed like a simple rash on my hands turned into my WHOLE entire body covered with red itchy burning rashes. Dermatologist prescribed medicine that my insurance has to authorize that takes 3 days which means I have to suffer for another week. And the cream costs $30. This is so unfair that my body has to go through this change for several months. It literally hurts to walk. Im just so effing pissed.

  30. Tammy Reply

    I was prescribed Humira for rheumatoid arthritis,I now have chronic myloid leaukemia and basal cell carcinoma.I am constantly sick and will be affected for the rest of my life.My life maybe short lived and my Doctor did not forewarn me of the possible side effects.Please reconsider your decision before starting this medication.

  31. Bob Reply

    I am on Humira now.After reading this I will not take a shot today.I went to my eye doctor complaining about symptom seeing things.last July I thought I was going to die with coughing.Short of breath.I tell the doctors they say “they don’t think Humira has any thing to do with it”

  32. Julie Reply

    Humira killed my mom in 24 hours. My mom was perfectly healthy in her 80th birthday May 13, 2020. Two days later she was in pain and throwing up and the next morning she was gone. We never understood the severe dangers of this medicine. She was my best friend and we are all broken and in shock. This drug is deadly. Do not take it.

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