Hyland’s Teething Tablet Lawsuit

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On October 23, 2010, the FDA warned that consumers should stop using Hyland’s Teething Tablets due to a potentially serious risk of injury for children. A Hyland’s Teething Tablet recall was issued after an FDA analysis discovered that the over-the-counter homeopathic remedy may contain varying amounts of belladonna, a potentially toxic ingredient.

STATUS OF HYLAND’S TEETHING TABLET LAWSUITS: As a result of belladonna toxicity or a Hyland’s Teething Tablet overdose, infants and young children could suffer a serious and potentially life-threatening injury.

Product liability lawyers are evaluating the potential for a Hyland’s Teething Tablet lawsuit on behalf of children who may have experienced side effects.


MANUFACTURER: Standard Homeopathic Company

OVERVIEW: Hyland’s Teething Tablets are an over-the-counter homeopathic product that is marketed for providing temporary relief of teething symptoms in children.

The Teething Tablets are manufactured to contain a small amount of belladonna, which can cause serious harm at larger doses. Although it is important for the amount of belladonna to be carefully controlled, the FDA has determined that Hyland’s Teething Tablets may contain an inconsistent amount of belladonna. A number of adverse event reports have been associated with belladonna toxicity or overdose from Hyland’s Teething Tablets.

HYLAND’S TEETHING TABLET SIDE EFFECTS: BELLADONNA TOXICITY: Belladonna is a plant whose leaves and berries are extremely toxic. It is also commonly referred to as “deadly nightshade”, and has been historically used as both a poison and a medicine.

The FDA has received a number of adverse event reports involving belladonna toxicity from Hyland’s Teething Tablets, and it appears likely that the manufacturer has known for some time about the risk of problems for young children

Symptoms of belladonna toxicity or Hyland’s Teething Tablet overdose could include:

  • Depressed Level of Consciousness
  • Seizures
  • Difficulty or Slowed Breathing
  • Lethargy or Sleepiness
  • Muscle Weakness
  • Skin Flushing
  • Constipation
  • Difficulty Urinating
  • Agitation, Disorientation or Hallucinations

HYLAND’S TEETHING TABLET RECALL: On October 23, 2010, the FDA announced that Standard Homeopathic Company has agreed to recall Hyland’s Teething Tabets after FDA analysis and testing determined that tablets may contain varying amounts of belladonna. Substandard control of the manufacturing operation was identified as a reason for the recall, as well as a lack of child resistant caps.

Standard Homeopathic Company has indicated that they are refining their production, packaging and testing protocols.

As a homeopathic product, the FDA has never evaluated and tested the efficacy or safety of Hyland’s Teething Tablets. Such products are not required to undergo FDA approval, and the regulatory agency indicates that they are not aware of any proven clinical benefit offered by Hyland’s Teething Tablets. Once a safety concern has been identified, the FDA can require the manufacturer to have the product approved.

It is unclear whether the manufacturer will be required to submit data establishing Hyland’s Teething Tablets are safe and effective before they are able to market the homeopathic product again.

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  1. Misty Reply

    that is crazy! i gave my first daughter these and they worked wonderful. i just bought my first bottle for my new baby yesterday. i guess they will be going back to walmart!!

  2. ilona Reply

    my grand daughter took them during teething and it was the only product that helped…iam sure contaminated ibuprofen is a lot worse than the teething tablets ..i thing tylenol and ibuprofen makers may not like that hylands pills actually work…and for babies that ate more than they should have i have to question where the care givers where when the infants got a hold of the pills ..PUT the darn things up….i never seen any adverse affects …on our grand daughter while she took them..

  3. Uncle D Reply

    Thank you for this valuable information as my daughter Inlaw just bought a brand new bottle of the teething tablets for my Grandson.

  4. John Reply

    Hey folks, its more than just parents giving the wrong amount. The pills were recalled because of a lack of control on the amount of the main ingrediant. The active ingredient is a toxic(poisonous) plant called belladona. Belladonna is strong enough that it kills cattle when they eat it. In VERY small doses, Belladonna acts as a pain reliever. If they don’t have perfect quality control in the manufacturing process. [they didn’t] the child can be thrown into a seizure or killed. Think along the lines of using cobra venum as a teething pain reliever… and then getting the dosage wrong.

  5. unknown Reply

    This stuff is terrible for babies. now some of you people above state that its the parents fault yea maybe in some cases yes there are alot of stupid people out there. but for them to actually allow a product for babies and children like this one and use poison as an ingredient is rediculous. my daughter has been taking these tablets for 5 months 2 tablets (it recomends on the bottle 2-3 at a time up to 4 times a day or 2 tablets every hour for 6 hours) right before bed. after she started taking these tablets, she had had some problems with going number 2 and we couldnt figure out why? we went to the doctor, changed her diet, gave her milk of magnesia, ect… nothing was helping or is still and she has been off them since the day we heard this. when i say problem i mean that my 1yr old daughter is shaking and screaming when she has to goto the bathroom because the number 2 is so hard when it comes out if it comes out. she has also had some problems with being flushed or red for no reason at times. so after reading the symptoms here on this page i will probably be taking legal action to make sure this doesnt happen to anyone else.

  6. wendy Reply

    my 8 month son was using these tablets and they seemed to work great but all of a sudden he started haveing these episodes where he would go into a blank stare then stop breathing to the point where he would turn blue, he was rushed to the hospital where the dr said it was seizures so they gave him a med for seizures and sent us home but the episodes didnt stop .we went to vanderbilt medical center in nashville tn but they only added another medicine and put him on a monitor that he has to wear 24/7 that will go off if hes not breathing or his heart rate were all along thinking its seizures and then a friend called and said these tablets had been recalled because or belladonna poision so we immediatly stop use of the tablets there has not been one episode since we followed up with our dr he hadnt heard of this so he checked into it and said these tablets looked like the problem all along and that having as many seizures as my son had will train his brain to have more so he will remain on the meds and monitor for at least a year to be on the safe side. my son is behind on his motor skills compared to his twin brother and i blame this on the tablets also. so please DO NOT GIVE THESE TO YOUR CHILD.

  7. Jacqueline Reply

    I and my family have been using these tablets since they came out. They are a blessing for our babies. i have not ever heard of any problems with this product in all the generations.

    I am now a Grandma now and would still use them. My grandchildren have had them also.

  8. Debby Reply

    Please be carefull if you give your children Hyland Teething Tablets. My Grandson died of what I believe to be Belladonna poisoning. He had been taking the teething tablets at the time of his death.
    Please contact the FDA if you have had any problems.

  9. Jenny Reply

    I started giving my 3 year old these tablets when she was about 20 months old years and have been giving my 1 year old the tablets as well. My 3 year old has been having problems with seizures since she was about 2 years old, for reasons unknown. These seizure episodes involve complete loss of consciousness, convulsions, complete body stiffening and would stop breathing. She has experienced about 8 that we know of in less than a year as well as absense seizures we now believe. We never gave her more tablets than directed on the bottle and she never got into the bottle on her own. We have tested her extensively to try to find a reason for these episodes, with no avail. When I heard about this recall, it raised red flags for me since we used these tablets on a very regular basis. My husband and I are now questioning so many other symptoms she displayed that make sense now. I am currently consulting with our neurologist to look further into these tablets as a possible reason for her seizures…the timeline for when she started taking these tablets, regularly, and when her first seizure occurred doesn’t appear to be just a coincidence…needless to say, the 2 bottles we have left will not be used.

  10. Chris C. Reply

    Can anyone show me actual citation of an infant’s death regarding this Hyland’s teething tablets product? My son exhibited these symptoms and died in April while giving him the product? Final ruling was a heart attack of unknown etiology but the half life of belladonna is so short the medical examiner said it wouldnt be in his system or tissue since he was in the hospital for 3 days on life support.

  11. debby Reply

    Chris, I am so sorry about the death of your son. I think my Grandson also died as a result of taking these teething tablets. It is important that you file a report with Med Watch. You can also request information from the FDA Freedom and Information Act regarding adverse events reported by taking Hyland Teething Tablets. Go with your heart on this one.

  12. Valerie Reply

    My 4month old son, MATEO My 4 month old son who was perfectly healthy and strong and beautiful in every way,passed away on Nov. 13,2010 for unknown reason.

  13. Debby Reply

    I am sorry for your loss. Please file a Med Watch Report with the FDA to report what happened to your son Mateo.

  14. nancy Reply

    Just a friendly reminder ANYTHING can become deadly if handle by dumb@$$. i have worked and owned health food store went to school. belladonna can be deadly IF MISTREATED…Look at all the recalls of medinces for childern that are deadly.. Look at the foods… LOOK AT THE CHIT THAT COMES FROM CHINA… and the goverment still wants then to trade More… That s what is DEADLY our own Goverment doesnt give a CHIT as long as ther is a dollar o be made..

  15. Sarah Reply

    My daughter had a seizure while on the Hylands teething tablets. I stopped giving them because they didnt seem to work as well as the oragel did. Thank God I did because then came the recall. They performed many tests that showed she has no disorder. I realize that I am very blessed to still have my daughter and have no permanent damage. But I need closure, I am still so angry that they have no Quality control at that facility. My daughter could have been killed and they are at fault.

  16. Debby Reply

    You need to file a Med-Watch report with the FDA regarding your daughter having seizures while taking Hylands teething tablets. In my opinion, Hylands is not paying enough attention to adverse reactions to their teething tablets.

  17. Keistina Reply

    my 3 yr. had used these since about 3months till all her teeth were in. she was giving the recommend dose it always seems to help calmed her down(times made her sleep). I just searched for this product cause i haven’t been able to find it for about a month and I was using on my now 9month and ran out. Now that I have read the stuff that can happen it explains alot of what my now 3yr. had. like I said it would knock her out make her calm but she was always having problem pooping. to the point of screaming like someone was killing her. nothing helped to relive it and (everyone thinks I crazy for saying it) because of always having this hard poop her anus has been stretched out (its like she has an adult anus not a small kid size one saids weird but dont know how else to say it. NOW I KNOW WHY. also she was always flushed colored thought it was cause she was just so faired skinned. wish I had known about this recall last year would have never started giving it to my second child( now 9months). are there any lawsuits againts this company? Just hope the problems my 3yr had does effect her as she keeps growing 🙁

  18. Teri Reply

    As a practising homeopath of over 30 years, I am concerned that Hylands have been using a potency of Belladonna as low as 3x. This means that there will still be some molecular structure of Belladonna in the teething medicine. Hence, if taken for a prolonged period of time – or where a child is particularly sensitive to Belladonna, there may well be problems. I believe it would have be safer for them to use a higher potency and one that has been produced on the centisimal scale and not the decimal scale.

    To explain further:
    once a medicine has been serially diluted and succussed 30 times to obtain a 30C potency (note: succussed means shaken as per the homeopathic potentisation process) it ceases to have any molecular content. As a practitioner I would prefer to use a 30C potency for this reason.

    Potencies of medicines are either serially diluted in a ratio of 1:10 (the X potencies – otherwise known as Decimal potencies ) or 1:100 (the C potencies- otherwise known as Centisimal potencies).

    This means that if the Hyland 3X potency has been produced as per established protocols the Belladonna would have been diluted and succussed (shaken) as follows:

    one drop of Belladonna to 9 drops of liquid (ie usually a water and alcohol base) and succussed to obtain the 1st potency. To obtain the first potency, one drop of the 1st potency will have been added to 9 drops of water/alcohol and succussed again and to get the 3rd potency, one drop of the 2nd potency will have been added to another 9 drops of water/alcohol and succussed. This would have given them a 3X potency that would have been used to medicate the milk sugar tablets that are packaged as teething granules.

    Compare this with a homeopathic medicine produced on the centisimal scale (ie 1:100) where one drop of Belladonna will be diluted with 99 drops of water/alcohol and succussed to obtain the first potency. To obtain the 2nd potency then one drop of the 2nd potency will be diluted with another 99 drops of water/alcohol … and so on.

    Okay, so now can you see that the Centisimal potencies are considerably more dilute than the decimal potencies. Hence, if you want to use a homeopathic remedy and concerned about toxic effects, use a potency that is around a 30C. At this potency the mediicine is working on an energetic rather than on a material level.

    One other point to remember: No homeopathic medicine should be taken for a prolonged period of time. With acute symptoms like teething, Belladonna can help to reduce the inflammation that causes some of the pain However, I have generally found that if it only needs to be given for a few doses at a time in the 30C potency to ease the inflammation and pain. If it doesn’t then you probably need other homeopathic medicines to help with the teething process. In which case, you should obtain the guidance of a qualified pracitioner.

    Any homeopathic medicine given for a prolonged period of time is subject to the patient producing “proving symptoms” ie symptoms that are characteristic of the medicine itself. These are not the same as “side effects” commonly found with certain types of pharmaceutical drugs. “Proving symptoms” can occur where a patient has been given a medicine for many weeks or months at a time – or where the patient is particularly sensitive to that medicine.

    Homeopathic medicines are safe when they are used safely. In order to do this, you should always consult a qualified homeopath or a medical doctor who has trained extensively in homeopathic medicine.

    I hope this information is helpful to those interested in treating themselves or their family with homeopathic medicines.

  19. Randi Reply

    I had been giving my daughter this product when she started teething and until they all broke thru. She is now almost five and has had constipation issues since being given this product. I always wondered what I did wrong. She still having issues its a challenge daily. She hates to poop goes days without pooping. She has been torn from pooping. It is so horriable. Its all my fault. Well the manufatures fault… They do not even understand how much pain she goes through now 🙁

  20. Betty Reply

    I never gave these teething tablets to any of my kids, but my youngest son had a problem with constipation. I tried everything I could think of to help him and nothing seemed to work. My sister suggested I started giving him Juicy Juice. I tried it and it worked. I don’t know if this will help any of you with your kids, but if you are like I was you are willing to try anything to help them. Hope it helps.

  21. Grandma Laurie Reply

    Please, Please DO NOT USE HYLANDS TEETHING TABLETS OR ANY OTHER TEETHING TABLETS! AKA homeopathic meds!!! I cant urge people enough not to use these UNREGULATED products. Hylands has an unregulated amt. of atripona belladonna plant which is also called DEADLY NIGHTSHADE, this hallucinegenic drug can Kill be fatal. The little kids with teething pain are being given this over the counter med in tablets that are extremely dangerous because they are not regulated by the FDA. My grandchild was given these by her parents because the bottle said 100% safe, all natural ! Bogus, she had extremely high fevers, held her head with dizzy(hullcinations!), muscle rigidity, seizure. Raced to the Emerg. Rm. We are very lucky she is still alive, I held her in my arms on the way to ER and kept her from aspirating on her vomitt while having Grand Mal Seizure. Thank God I am a nurse and questioned/researched thiese tablets. Please I am working on stopping anyone from using these to help their children, I do not want 1 more child to go thru what my Grand daughter did. We now have it posted in our hospital. This med also caused her to stop standing and walking, she could only BARELY crawl! Thank you for reading this post, I will continue to speak for these infants/children.

  22. valleygirl Reply

    Just found this. My daughter had two seizures while taking Hylands when she was 6-12 mos old> I really cannot remember the details any more as she is now 5. This happened in 08 before this recall ever occurred. She had no lasting effects but the teething tablets being the ONLY different thing in our routine at that time we had done, I stopped immediately and never had another problem. Proving it would be difficult for sure but I have suspected all along these tabs were the reason. I no longer recommend them to anyone and would never use them again. Be careful.

  23. anonymous Reply

    since the recall, are they not now regulated more strictly? why would they still be available if there was a recall and a problem?

  24. Terry Reply

    My son was 16 months when I gave gave him his first Hylands teething tablet – just 1. He slept for 32 of the next 36 hours, had 4 seizures, an episode of lost consciousness, a fever of 103.4, and 6 STROKES! He could have died!!

  25. Carilynn Reply

    I have been using these tablets since February for my son cutting his i-teeth off and on and now I am using them for his 2 yr molars. I have noticed his one eye blinking randomly which started in february and hten went away after cutting the teeth. Now he is blinking again and appears to be maybe having absence seizures. Does anyone think the connection is to the Hylands teething formula I’ve been using? I thought it was stress from teething or something. Are the tablets better now or are they still controversial??? Please help, I’m so so worried. Also, when some of you stopped the tablets, did the seizures also cease? Any help would be really really appreciated… thank you….

  26. tonya Reply

    I do not understand why these are easily available if there has been a recall. And How is it hat the FDA can issue a recall but not require any guidelines for its manufacture?

  27. Mary Lou Reply

    My Grandaughter started having seizures for unknown reasons when she was about 1 1/2years old. She also has severe gastrointestinal issues. She has seen a neurologist, geneticist, gastrointestinal specialist,immunologist,anda developmental specialist. She has also been through two sleep studies and has been diagnosed with sleep apnea. The only thing different in her life around that time was the use of Hyland Teething Tablets. We have just found out about the past problems with this product. We are in the process of talking with a lawyer concerning a possible law suit.

  28. Vanessa Reply

    my son always took these and he had twitching spells which we never thought to link to this. he had to see a nuerologist and everything and now that Im reading this Im wondering if the two were linked:( I hated giving Tylenol and thought these were safe..we recorded him twitching on a few different occations and it was very scary. We still don’t know what the problem was since he no longer does it, but hes always 1.5yrs old and hasn’t been on this product in a long time.

  29. alecia Reply

    My Son has taken these tablets since he was 4 months old…. and I thought they were working great!! My son who is now 2 started having seizures had a very large seizure at 17 months, took him to hospital they gave him meds did a ct scan and sent us home went to his dr next day ct scan was ok…. had another one within 24hrs and we took him to a different hospital, the rushed him by ambulance to Rileys Children hospital, where they kept him for a week… did a sedated MRI an EEG and a sleep study… Nothing… they went ahead and put him on 2 seizure medicines Phenobarbital and Keppra. We slowly took him off the Phenobarbital bc it is found to cause liver and kidney failure in the long run!! so its been very scary n to see all this I am like WOW~!~

  30. Dina Reply

    I saw a link on my fb that a mothers son got brain damage from these pills. I’m so scared now to give her anything for it. They said baby largely is no good either bc if they swallow and cough it can go in their lungs and cause pneumonia. FYI for those constipated children…I give my daughter some pear juice with water and seems to help. Thanks for all the info!! Hope pear juice helps!!!

  31. Lorie Reply

    On Aug 5th I gave my 13 month old son this product because he is cutting back teeth. That evening he had a severe seizure, stopped breathing, turned blue, eyes rolled back, and unresponsive. My father-in-law had to perform CPR on my son twice before the ambulance arrived. Hospital did all kinds of tests, EEG, MRI, etc. and everything came back as normal.

  32. Vera Reply

    I bought the Hyland teething gel for my grand daughter July 2013. She started having seizures. We were able to record her doing it. We took her to the hospital they strongly suggested we take her to a neurologist. After researching the only thing we were giving her at that time (the hyland\’s gel) I found a website that stated the tablets were causing babies to have seizures in 2010 and were recalled. Even though we gave her the gel its a strange conincedence this happened. I\’m very concerned damage was done her apt with the neurologist is Monday.

  33. David Reply

    There seems to be many families that have suffered adverse affects from these types of products. As an individual case, the big corporations can fight them easily. As a group, however, they will have a tougher time of it. I was recently contacted by a family who\’s child was catastrophically injured following ingestion of a Hyland product. I would like to speak to as many people as possible to find out if there is really an association.

  34. mia Reply

    Ok So here it is in Dec 2013. My daughter is 4 now. In may 2010 She had been teething hard. I recall buying prune baby food, apples all to help her w #2s. I recall her staying awake for 14 straight hrs at 8mo old.

    But now she is 4. She hasn’t had tablets forever. But are there long term effect to this poisoning? A week ago she woke up at 5am crying her eyes out. terrified. She was seeing and feeling bugs. A few months ago she started therapy for behavior.I’ve thought ADHD, Autism. But now I am really considering her behavior being a long term effect to these tablets from 2010.

  35. Melissa Reply

    Does anyone know the long term effects of this product? I gave these to my children now age 22 and 20. My 22 year old has learning disability and my 20 year old an unknown autism..

  36. Debby Reply

    This comment is for David and others concerned about Hyland Teething Tablets. My beautiful Grandson Tristan died in September 2007. He was talking Hyland teething tablets at the time of his death and had symptoms of belladonna poisoning. His official cause of death was interrupted SIDS. I filed a med watch report with the FDA shortly after his death. In 2010 the FDA contacted me and picked up the teething tablets from my house in California. They were transported immediately to a lab in Virginia for testing and less than a week later the product was nationally recalled.

  37. Natalie Reply

    I am so appreciative of all of the above stated comments and experiences. I relate most with the December 2013 posting by “Mia”… my daughter also is now 4 and in April of 2010 had such a severe episode which I know to be from toxicity from the tablets. We found her in her crib after napping half dead and completely unresponsive and struggling to breathe. We rushed her to the ER where she seized for 35 minutes on one side of her body and the doctors finally were able to get an IV in her after that since her veins were collapsed that whole time. They gave her 2 doses of Ativan and 1 dose of Phenobarbital. She was in the ICU for about 48 hours, where they did an EEG, MRI, Ct scan, Lumbar Puncture, blood work, etc… and all came back normal. We were told it was a “complex febrile seizure”. Low and behold after 3 1/2 years of no further episodes, in October 2013 she stood up from the couch and froze. I thought she was playing and I kept saying whats wrong and she would say “I,I,I,I … ” like she was stuttering and couldn’t make out a sentence. Her eyes seemed stuck in an upward towards the right position. Then I heard belly noises so I thought she would throw up… I brought her to the bathroom and instead of throwing up she turned completely blue and collapsed. I called 911 and by the time they arrived she resumed breathing but was lethargic, withdrawn, and exhausted for the next hour. The ER diagnosed a simple febrile seizure since she had a 100.3 fever at that point. Then in December we were on the beach and my daughter was running around. She stopped suddenly and said her belly hurt. All of a sudden she froze again like in October, and had a glazed look on her face. One eye went up to the right and the other eye stayed straight ahead. She collapsed into the sand, although never stopped breathing. She recovered about an hour later. She had NO fever during this episode. We began seeing a pattern here that was unrelated to fevers so we consulted with a pediatric neurologist that sent us for an EEG. 3 days after the EEG, we still hadn’t heard results yet, and my daughter went into a real seizure. She turned an awful yellow green color, her eyes were distant and not going in the same direction, and then her abdomen began convulsing like an alien in it. Then her arm was jerking also. This lasted for a minute or so and so we put her in the car and rushed her to the ER (about 10 minutes away). As we pulled into the parking lot, she had another seizure. When we arrived in the ER, they gave her a dose of Ativan and she had another seizure in front of them right then and there. Her arm was jerking. They gave her more Ativan and she was finally sedated after about 30 minutes. I told them to look up the EEG results. The EEG showed activity indicating epilepsy although 2 different neurologists say that the activity and her age indicate “absence seizure disorder” although her seizures are not absence seizures they are more generalized like grand mal seizures. They gave her Cerebyx / Dilantin that first night after the Ativan and the next morning started her on Keppra. She had a wicked behavior reaction… my sweet little girl became nearly bipolar over the next 36 hours… crying one minute, smiling the next, ultra sensitive to anything we said, and then even violent… she bit me in the leg and pinched me and my husband both. I told the Dr’s this was a bad reaction. Of course they kept saying it was because she is a 4 year old in the hospital. They did an MRI, Ct Scan, Chest xray, Abdominal xray. All clear. The next day they discharged us and we were home only a few minutes when we noticed a bright red rash across her face. Like slapped cheeks. She kept holding her face saying her face hurts. The pharmacists said this is a bad reaction to the Keppra. We were readmitted to the hospital where she was given round the clock Benadryl overnight. The next day she was put on Depakote. It has been about 2 weeks on the Depakote and she seems to be doing ok on it. However, I am frustrated that the neurologists don’t seem to have a solid diagnosis. She’s a mystery apparently. I recently called Miami Childrens Hospital and made an appointment to speak with a famous seizure specialist – an epileptologist. I’m waiting for that appointment which is about 6 weeks from now. I can’t help but feel all of this is from the Hylands tablets. When she had that first episode in 2010 she was 11 months old and I had given her the tablets multiple times a day according to the directions on the bottle. I heard about the recall 6 months later and contacted attorneys about it… they said “Well do you still have the bottle?” I said “Of course not… it was 6 months ago.” So that was the end of that. But how is it my daughter now has a seizure disorder that seems to be a mystery to the doctors. Please feel free to email me if your personal experience is similar to mine. All of the posts I read are from very recent reactions and I never hear about a few years later how it has impacted the childs health years later. My email is

  38. Naomi Reply

    My heart goes out to the parents/grandparents having to go through a this with their child/grandchild. I am a parent to a 3 yeard old daughter. My daughter was born in 2011 . A few months before age 1 I started giving my daughter Hylands Teething Tables thinking it was better than giving her Tylenol or Teething Gel. At the age of 1 she had a complex Febrile Seizure several test where done and everything came back as normal . After this seizure I noticed once in a while she did an odd jerking on her stomach. Usually happened 1-3 times a week lasting 5 seconds. I worried but same time didnt seek any medical advice from peer pressure . I was told I was overanalyzing her and it was probably normal. At the age of 2 her episodes increased to everyday 2-5 times a day 15-20 seconds. Her episodes consisted of her eyes widening left arm out right arm stiff and upper extremities stiffening and at the end of the episode her stomach jerking .. and always consicous throughout the episode. I then seeked medical advice from a pediatric neurologist (with decades of experience)he looked at her and immediately ruled out she had epilepsy. As a precaution she had an EEG that came back normal. His medical advice was that she was going to outgrow it . He could not diagnose her as he was not 100% sure what she had. I was not satisfied so I had a second opion at a university hospital. They did an overnight EEG with monitoring and found there was some activity on the LEFT side of her brain. They diagnosed her with Partial Seizures and prescribed her KEPRA. They have yet to do an MRI and find out the exact cause. I continued to give my daughter Hylands up to the age of 2. Not only teeting tables but also cold tables and cold/caugh syrup. I am saddened, worried and desperate to know what exactly is the cause for my daughters seizures.. I am beyond disappointed and angry in myself for thinking HYLANDS product was safe for my daugther . How could this happen . How could I have not known … If it wasn’t for a friend of mine sharing this with me I would not have thought of associating HYLANDS with my daughters seizures.

  39. TrulyJen Reply

    You all realize that at the same time babies are teething, they are getting vaccinated regularly right? In on package insert for a vaccine I read that in the clinical trials children were having seizures 7 days later….

  40. Kayla Reply

    My oldest daughter now 3 started hyland teething tablets at about 3 months old until all her teeth were in.. She has serve pooping issues to the point where she screams like someone is killing her shakes uncontrollably can’t sleep refuses to eat or drink anything. it started when she was 3 months old. we have tried everything you can imagine to ease her pain from mirlax to suppositories she has been going to pediatric gastrologist since 3 months old and now has mini seizures. stares off blankly has had bloody stools difficulty swallowing and has been put through countless test all came back normal… my youngest daughter is now 2 and was on hyland teething tablets since 3 months and her eyes dilate differently one is bigger than the other and acts like she hurts when they are different.. neurologist said she has serve mirgraines when the eye dilates.. all in which started around the time of the teething tablets.. What are the long term affects of this?

  41. Heather Reply

    I gave my son these back in 2010. I didn’t realize that they had been recalled when I was giving them to him for quite a few months. He passed away at 11 months old on DEC 22 2010. He just all of sudden went unconscious, he was rushed to the er where they automatically transported him to the nearest children’s hospital. He was there for 24 hours and was pronounced brain dead. I don’t know if it was a result from me giving these to him. He was a perfectly healthy little boy and the doctors thought he was having a seizure to begin with because he ewas jerking andcshaking and his eyes were rollibg in the back of his head and he was poretty much unconsious but then they ran all kinds of tests and couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary. It just makes me wonder if this may have been something that caused it. Due to the fact that I didn’t know they were recalled. I will most definitely be Keeping my eyes open and making sure I know the recalls out there.

  42. becky Reply

    The beginning of december 2014 my daughter 14 months at the time had a seizure. We ran EEG test lab work and mri test on her and it all ame back normal. I found out abiut belladonnaand hylands tablets ttoday j called ber doctor and shs said thdres a very very high possibility that the tablets caused this!!!!

  43. Jennifer Reply

    First, my heart goes out to all you parents with any health issues with their children. It’s so very sad. Now anyone thinking for one second that hylands tablets didn’t cause these issues, is seriously mistaken! Some people are just born with seizures and some are maybe genetic. In these cases I’m reading are very similar to my case . Only difference is almost every persons body may react different. Epilepsy is associated with allergic reaction or allergic to something in general. I’ve done deep research about. Also, I’m consumed because there is NO DOUBT in my mind that hyland’s caused my sons seizures to begin with. Belladonna’s so toxic that eating a small quantity of its leaves or berries can be fatal to humans, particularly children, and some animals. Simply touching the leaves can irritate your skin. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), it is not safe when taken orally. The problem with these people saying that it didn’t happen to their child is because you ONLY HAVE TO be a hair allergic to something for it to cause these problems. I can’t understand anyone that gave it to a 3 month old at all because children don’t typically start teething until they are about 6 months and even then I wouldn’t give them anything. I didn’t even consider it until my son had is bigger teeth coming in around 13-14 months old. Not that it’s ok but definitely not 3 months. I just read a post saying this lady’s baby died at 3 months after she gave him teething tablets. It straight poison no matter how small the dose. I’m sick bout the fact I didn’t know this before hand. I’m writing in hopes on hopefully saving just one baby from health issues or death. It’s normal for babies to cry and we as parents have to deal with. I also now WILL NEVER give my kids shots either. That’s a whole other world. I also do suggest every mother trys to breastfed if it’s possible because that would be your babies natural immune protection better than any shot( poison) they give are children. I’m not a doctor but after this long year of stress and sadness for my son I should be one. I hope some reads this and makes the smart choice of NOT giving this to their baby.

  44. Jessica Reply

    Just gave my 5 1/2 mth old daughter 2 tablets of hylands because she was in so much pain. Used humphreys with my son years ago and I loved it. She immediately looked loopy and slightly dazed and her cheeks and chin are completely flushed like she has slapped cheeks. She knocked out quickly and seemed relieved but watching her very closely and worried she had an allergic reaction to an ingredient. Will not use them again.

  45. Lindsay Reply

    Jessica – Was your daughter OK? I just gave my son his first dose on a reccomendation from a friend and then saw all of these comments/stories. My son had the same initial reaction as what you described.

  46. Shana Reply

    I just want to know how long the symptoms last. Me my husband have 4 children (2 together). 3 of our 4 children have ADD, sensory seeking high energy, can take mile + long walks with us. My 5 year old we gave hyland teething pills to. He is sensory avoiding, continually complains about muscle and joint pain. Gets worn out ridding his bike to the end of the street and back home (about 8 houses down). Usually has to take several breaks during gym class and when playing outside. Me and his doctor have no clue what could be causing him these issues, up until he was about 7/8 months old he was an active baby who crawled and walked early.

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