Hyundai Sonata Recall Issued Due to Steering Problems with 2011 Vehicles

About 139,500 Hyundai Sonatas from the 2011 model year have been recalled due to steering problems that could cause a loss of control.   

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), which announced the Hyundai Sonata recall on September 23, connections in the steering column were either improperly assembled or insufficiently tightened on certain vehicles. The manufacturing defect means that the driver could suddenly lose the ability to steer the vehicle, possibly resulting in an automobile accident with a potential for property damage, injury and death. 

The NHTSA opened an investigation in late August after at least two customers complained that the steering shaft came loose on their Sonatas, causing them to completely lose the ability to steer the vehicle. The Kia Soul, which has different parts but is also made by Hyundai, is also under investigation after an owner complained of the same problem. The number of reports for the Sonata has since grown to a total of eight, according to company officials. There have been no injuries or accidents reported. 

The recall affects certain 2011 Hyundai Sonatas manufactured between December 11, 2009, and September 10, 2010, at the company’s Montgomery, Alabama facility. The recall of the vehicles is expected to begin during October. 

According to the NHTSA, Hyundai dealers will inspect the steering column’s intermediate shaft universal joint connections to ensure they are properly assembled and have the correct amount of torque. Dealers will also update the power steering software. Hyundai owners with questions can call the Hyundai Customer Assistance Center at 1-800-633-5151.

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  1. ronnie Reply

    I too am having the same problem with my 2011 sonata I have the platinum warranty and I called to see if it was under that warranty and they told me it was covered I will be taking my car in tomorrow to get the couplar fixed and this will be my last hyundai

  2. Shane Reply

    Same problem with my 2011 Sonata. I called Hyundai and they said my car was produced after all the ones with the same exact problem were produced. Last time I buy a Hyundai. I was the original owner!

  3. lynn Reply

    Well my 2011 it wasn’t my intended vehicle. I was set on a jeep Cherokee. But this time last year I was in a bad way. I had issues with the fuses and the electrical system. then I had to have the motor gutted from the car cause it seized up due to that recall . Now there’s a embarrassing clicking noise every time I turn left or right I know the motor have a warranty on it, but I brought my Hyundai sonata from a private dealer and I wonder if it’s the steering couplar. Or cv boot

  4. Jonathan Reply

    Same Problem with my vehicle. No longer under warranty and my vehicle was made 1 month outside of that recall window…

  5. Damaris Reply

    I took my sonata to the hyundai dealership by appointment they werent trying to be helpful or take a chance to diagnose they try to take money out of your pocket like that trying to tell you your not under warranty up to 65k miles thats not true. if you have extended warranties you should still ask for them to call the 1800 # to check and see if the part is under warranty. And it is. they fixed mines today! so you can go get it checked out and fixed.

  6. Shirley Reply

    I have a 2011 Sonata….my steering has gotten stiff….has anyone else experienced the symptom?

  7. Robert Reply

    I have a 2011 Hyuandi Sonata having problems with the steering column, popping and jerking.

  8. velta Reply

    I have a 2011 sonata and my steering is slipping and jerking. Since that recall doesn’t fall under my Vin They are refusing to fix my car nor will they furnish rental while they fix my car so I’m having to pay for their mistakes. Ridiculous

  9. Jason Reply

    I have a 2011. There is a popping noise in my steering and none of my buttons work on the steering wheel! I’m going to take it to the dealership today.

  10. Chelsea Reply

    Just got notified I need to get my steering coupling replaced. This is seeming more like a complete scam for companies to get more money out of us. They purposefully make parts like crap so they need to be replaced at our own expense.

  11. Dale Reply

    Steering coupling on my 2011 Hyundai Sonata went bad common problem part was $9.93 labor to replace $441.00 well over a thousand complaints should be a recall

  12. Brenda Reply

    Steering coupling made of rubber…pathetic. Part $12 labor $390 I’ve been the owner of 3 Sonatas and this 2011 will be my last.

  13. sherry Reply

    Our 2011 Sonata has 20,000 original miles on it. We recently took it to the dealer (approximately 4 weeks ago) because of the recall and it was repaired/covered under warranty.

    Three (3) days ago, my husband noticed a clunking sound when turning the steering wheel. Same dealer today, claimed it was a bad bushing. The repair cost us, out of pocket, $345. You can’t tell me Hyundai wasn’t aware of this issue as well, yet simply ignored it.

    Way too many recalls on a vehicle that originally rated as 2011’s mid-size car of the year. This family will never again buy another Hyandai product. At this point, I’m genuinely concerned for our safety.

    Perhaps NHTSA should be made aware of this issue as well. A lousy piece of rubber between the car owner and the highway!

  14. Karen Reply

    In January 2016 I paid $2.38 for a coupler and 322.68 for labor. Now September 2016 I’m told I need the bushing in the steering wheel replaced for $350.00. Is there a difference in the coupler and bushing or shouldn’t these been replaced at same time if the problem is the same complaint?

  15. Ed Reply


  16. Michelle Reply

    Also have the 2011 sonata and its costing me around 350 dollars to repair the coupler in steering column, i also reported to hyundai and the man said he gets and has heard NUMEROUS reports personally over this coupler issue but there is No recall yet. This is pitiful, other people laugh at me because i get a new recall on my sonata every other month and i watch it fall apart with problems NOT COVERED by hyundai yet every other sonata driver is having the same issues. ILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER HYUNDAI AGAIN.

  17. Roy in NJ Reply

    Sept 12 2016

    Brought car (2011 Sonata-122,000 miles) to dealer a month ago to get the Power Steering Circuit Board replaced under the recall. We soon started to notice the car was making noise when steering, and also had a notch in the steering wheel. We just brought the car to our local mechanic who thinks, based on the TSB, the problem is the $20 Bushing (with 3 hours labor).

    Could the problem be related to the recall ?

  18. julie Reply

    I think it IS related to steering problem recall. Had the recall fixed. Drove out of the dealer parking lot and noticed the steering was VERY loose; extreme play, but I had been there awhile; had the dog, blah,blah and just kind of got used to it. But going in to dealer wednesday. It also does the clunk noise others have mentioned. Dealership said they were sure it was the coupler. It seems like a big coincidence to me that it all went bad while it was in for the recall??? Car has 34,000 miles first owner.

  19. Donna Reply

    Clicking noise when steering, told by a hyundai dealership it’s the coupler. Cost to fix it $350! I dont understand why this is not under the list of many recalls with the 2011 sonata. Im putting in a complaint no way should a problem this dangerous should be ignored.

  20. DEAN Reply

    Mine is a 2011 Sonata made at the right time frame for this to be an issue! I brought it back to the dealer ship here in Pittsfield with paperwork off the internet that showed the plastic gear in the steering column. He acted like he did not know about this problem. The service tech. had it looked at and said it need a ball joint in front and had loose end links in the back and was going to cost $ 416 to fix ! I jacked it up and looked at everything and nothing was wrong with the right side ball joint or rear end links ! At this point he knew about the plastic gear. Seems fishy to me !

  21. John Reply

    I picked my ’11 Sonata up from dealer after sitting on their lot for 7 weeks due to the blown engine recall. Luckily it was covered by recall. After driving away from dealer, I noticed issues with steering and a noise. I took it back to dealer after rotating and rebalancing the wheels. The service guy told me my car was not in the recall for ’11 Sonatas doing the same thing. After speaking with the service manager, he gave me the little bushing. It’s less than $2 for the part. I found a video on YouTube where the guy was replacing the bushing in less than 30 minutes. I know what I’ll be doing this Saturday.

  22. Amber Reply

    This better include the replacement of the coupler that is causing the knocking noise…after all in order to even get to the connections in the steering column they probably will have to remove the plastic coupler, and what were they going to do place the bad coupler back on there. Ive had my sonata for less then a year now and this is the 4th recall Ive had. This is terrible.

  23. Souphon Reply

    I am extremely disappointed with my 2011 sonata !! There has been problem after problem . My steering wheel makes a noise and shakes when I hit a bump or am driving over 60 mph. Also, the backlights are both burned out. I will never purchase another Hyundai .

  24. bobby Reply

    My 2011 Hyundai Sonata is also rattling when I accelerate over 60 MPH. When my car isn’t in motion moving the steering wheel from left to right a clicking noise can be heard. How is there not a recall for this?

  25. Kim Reply

    My daughter’s car is having this problem too and needs to be fixed and we were quoted the $425. If we get it fixed and they change it into a recall do we all get our $ back f or this repair??!!

  26. Leslie Reply

    Taking my 2011 Sonata in today for 3 different recalls only to find out I have to have the coupler replaced. It has been making a clicking noise when turning and the steering wheel shakes terribly when going over 65 miles per hour. Cost is $375. This should be a recall. This is terrible.

  27. Norma Reply

    My 2011 Hyundai sonata made the same clicking sound that you all described. I now have to pay $400 to have it repaired but was advised to call Hyundai and complain and have them open a recall for the couplar since its a steering issue. Once the recall is out I will definitely get reimbursed. So we all should call and complain so they open a recall on it. I was advised by a different mechanic not by Hyundai that since the steering wheel was locking up because of the couplar that I was at risk to have an accident. So this is definitely a safety issue.

  28. Latoay Reply

    I have the 2011 Hyundai Sonata also and my wheel just started making the same noise, I have a appointment next week but since I listen to some of these comments I am calling them tomorrow to demand they fix my car….. I am so disappointed

  29. Davis Reply

    please let me know what they say! Too have the same noise with the steering but my car was made after the recall dates. I cannot afford $400.

  30. Brian Reply

    My 2011 Sonata steering coupler is also shot. They want $400 to replace it. However, KIA has chosen to extend the warranty on the SAME PART on Kia Optimas to 100,000 miles in certain high-humidity states. But, Hyundai chooses to screw us all over!

  31. Pam Reply

    My 2011 Sonata has the same clunking problem as others posted here. My Sonata came from Alabama plant too. Dealership says coupler is not covered in recall. Cost to me $390.
    Until this, I have enjoyed this car more than I thought I would. Not sure what my next step will be.

  32. felecia Reply

    My 2013 is having the same issue. I spoke with customer care and the dealership who say the steering wheel is only covered under 60k mile warranty. Yet they recalled vehicles manufactured before 2013 for the same issue. The dealership said eventually you will loose total control of the steering wheel. He went on to say the part cost $5 and the labor is $300 plus. Hyundai is despicable. They continue to make faulty unsafe vehicles and dont make improvements in later models. They keep using parts that aren’t built strong yet campaign on having genuine reliable parts. Its ridiculous

  33. Catherine Reply

    I have a 2011 Sonata and so does my co-worker. We both have the same problem. The clunking in the steering wheel. Took my car to be inspected and the first thing he says when he gets in the car is you have a coupler going bad in the steering column. Right? A $20.00 part and two hours to repair at the cost of 211.00. I guess better than what I’m seeing here but this should be a recall on Hyundai? Why is it not if there is a possibility that one could loose control of the car? Really Hyundai step up and fix this part as a recall!!

  34. Amber Reply

    I have 2011 Hyundai Sonata. I have the same knocking noise and excessive clunking when on rugged roads. I was told 3 months ago Steering Coupler had deteriorated and it would be $400.00 for the fix.
    After saving the $400.00 for the fix I try to call my local Hyundai dealership for one last shot at it being covered due to everyone having the same issue in their 2011 Sonata. And I’ll be, they actually told me that they would submit a “web acceptance” to Hyundai to see if they will cover cost and let me know in a week. I asked the manager at Hyundai what it takes to get approved because I assumed it was going to not get me anywhere no way, and he said based on things like the number of miles on your car and your loyalty with Hyundai They called me one business day later and said it was APPROVED, and I made an appointment for this Saturday-NO CHARGE!. I hope this helps some of you guys….

  35. Jay Reply

    That’s great amber. I too have the same issue and left the dealer today after they said that it will cost me around $400. How many miles?

  36. stephanie Reply

    I have a 2012 Sonata and had the same thing happen. Steering Coupling went out. Why not issue a recall for that, since it seems to be happening to cars older then 2011

  37. Bruce Reply

    I also have a 2012 Sonata and had the same thing happen. Steering Coupling went out. Agree there should be a recall!!

  38. R Reply

    Disgraceful …I have a 2011 Sonata and the dealer demanded $175 just to look at the problem, because I am past the warranty period. I went to my own mechanic and it cost me $20 for the coupler and 238+tax for the labor! Hyundai should be ashamed of itself, putting a plastic piece of crap in their car, possibly causing death! This is a safety issue, the dealer should have fixed it for free, ESPECIALLY since they had already worked on the steering column because of a previous recall. This is the only Hyundai purchase for this family!

  39. hung Reply

    i owned 3 of hyundai sonata..and 2 of 2011 hyundai sonata..2011 sonata had steeling clicking noise get more worst metal bumping noise now. they putting a plastic piece of crap in their car and never try to listening when i call them. Hyundai chooses to screw us all over! i am not going to buying anymore hyundai…..

  40. Kevin Reply

    This is happening in my car. Took it to the dealer and they told me it is the intermediate steering shaft. My car was manufactured between these dates out of this facility yet my VIN is not eligible for a recall. Absolute bullshit.

  41. Renee Reply

    I have a 2011 sonata and I’m having a problem with steering wheel had someone to look at my car and they said if was the coupler the part cost 2.86 and labor cost is 285.00. Called the dealer and ask if there was a recall call on the steering collar and they said it was back in 2010 and that it had already been fixed but the lady couldn’t tell me exactly what part in the steering collar was fixed they would have to look it up when I came in. This car has had way to many recalls I have had to get a alternator which should have been a recall because the piece they put on there is plastic and it shouldn’t have been. Also when I called the dealer to inquire about the steering collar which was today they also told me that there is a recall for the senor unit and for the assembly board so for those who have 2011 sonatas better call the dealership to see if there is recalls on your car i will never ever buy another sonata if this many people is having problems with the steering collar then there must be something wrong!!!!!

  42. Brandon Reply

    Have same problem and they said it costs $500. No more Hyundai in my life!

  43. CP Reply

    My 2011 Hyundai sonata have steering noise. Dealer suggested to replace steering column which will cost $1300. Agree, no more Hyundai car in life.

  44. George Reply

    I just had my 2001 Sonata in for a recall on some other issue. I asked about the clicking in the steering column. The rep said it is a $500 job for a part that costs about $1.00. I watched a video which possibly was a Hyundai dealership. It took about 10 min for the tech to repair this problem. The rep at West Broad Hyundai said that the part is at the bottom of the steering column and after the work it is repair the front end has to be checked for alignment to make sure it is done right, BS. This should be a recall.

  45. Denise Reply

    Just took my 2011 Sonata in for the recent recall to the steering. Was so disappointed when they told me the steering coupling is bad. $225.00 to fix. Of course I said not to fix, wasn’t planning on paying out that day, it was suppose to be for the recall. Now I look and see the part is about $1.50, and if you pull up on google the video on how to replace, it is very simple. Not $250 worth, I don’t think. I will be looking around for a better quote. Seeing these comments, this is a big problem, should also be a recall on this steering coupler.

  46. Robyn Reply

    So I have my car, 2011 Sonata, at a dealer right now for the steering problem. Bad coupling. It is covered under recall. When I first got notice of this recall I had taken my car to a different Hyundai dealer who said they fixed it. I wasn’t having issues at that time so I didn’t know if they actually fixed it or not. Apparently they didn’t! I had the whole popping, loose steering and it only got worse and I was afraid to drive my car. Thankfully this dealer is fixing it. Said it would take about an hour and a half. I hope they dont come back and say it was already fixed by recall. That will be a hell no moment!

    Also a few days ago the buttons on the steering wheel that function the stereo have gone haywire. Try to change the station, it mutes my radio. Try to turn up volume, it turns it down. Try to turn it down, it opens the phone function. Ugh.

  47. Amy Reply

    I have a 2013 and it has the same problem – clicking when steering. Wonder if they are doing a recall for that year.

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