“Just For Men” Hair Dye Class Action Lawsuit Filed Over Skin Irritation, Allergic Reactions

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A class action lawsuit has been filed against the makers of “Just For Men” hair dye products, seeking compensation for anyone who suffered skin irritation, burns, allergic reactions or other injuries within 96 hours of application.

The complaint (PDF) was filed earlier this month in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York by Ray Du Boc Ali, Izell McCloud, and Clemon Williams, seeking class action status to pursue damages against the manufacturer, Combe Incorporated.

All three men suffered severe, painful reactions which led to permanent skin discoloration, blisters and other side effects. As a result of the “Just for Men” hair dye reactions, all three indicate that they have been permanently disfigured and scarred.

The lawsuit indicate that “Just For Men” according to FDA rules, an allergy test described on the packaging, which is recommended to test the product on the skin for at least 48 hours, classifies the hair dye as an unadulterated drug.

“Defendants impose upon consumers, with no training, no guide for interpretation, no control over the amount, area or actual extent of product exposure, an inadequate observation time, and no negative control for comparison, the responsibility for determining whether they are having a reaction to the product. Further Defendants do not instruct consumers to consult their physician if they experience the listed symptoms during the 48 hour allergy test,” the lawsuit states. “Defendants also fail to instruct consumers to discontinue the use of systemic antihistamines, cyclosporines and oral steroids several days prior to conducting the open allergy test because use of these medications could cause a false negative result. Moreover, even if such a warning were made, many consumers are unlikely to recognize whether the drugs they are taking belong to these pharmaceutical classes, or further it may not be safe for them to discontinue these medications.”

The “Just for Men” lawsuit claims that the problems come from the use of a chemical known as p-phenylenediamine (PPD), which has been known to be an irritant and cause serious injuries since the 1930s. Darker dyes contain more PPD than other types, which results in men of color being more susceptible to irritation and allergic reactions due to the higher amounts of the chemical in products targeted at them, according to the lawsuit.

Just For Men Risks

The concerns about reports of Just for Men allergic reactions gained nationwide attention following a 2012 report by, which noted that it was receiving a number of new complaints involving skin irritation, itching, blisters and chemical burns following Just for Men application.

Consumer Affairs has received more than 400 reports of burns or allergic reactions to “Just for Men” since the group first warned about the risk of allergic reactions in 2012.

Many of the men report using Just for Men dye for years without any issues, which some some suggest may raise questions about whether the manufacturer’s suggestion that users do a “patch test” on a small part of the body may be useless.

Additional Just For Men lawsuits are likely to be filed in the coming months, as a number of individuals throughout the U.S. have already contacted lawyers after suffering injuries that were reportedly caused by the hair and beard dye.

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  1. Ryan Reply

    I’ve been using the product now 1 year I’ve noticed that I’ve gotten blisters on the side of my chin about four times I never related it to just for men but now it all makes sense

  2. Jamie Reply

    Skin discolouration. Not happy.

  3. Rayon Reply

    It really did a number on me have hospital bill to prove it 2,400 later. Almost died it make seance now.

  4. Da’Shan Reply

    I use just for men product on two separate occasions. Had severe skin irritation and burns where is though I had to go to the emergency room. I explained to the emergency room doctors about what product I have used.

  5. Deldrick Reply

    I’ve felt my skin burn after using the product and also seen it blister never knew that it was from the product. I have pics I wanna submit how do I do that?

  6. Jamie Reply

    Within just 8 hours of using just for men beard dying products, my face was swollen up almost double in size, my breathing was severely restricted and I had bright red blisters develops all over my skin. I had to seek emergency treatment and have a Cortisone injection to relieve the swelling and aide my breathing. It was horrific and I spent three days at home off work putting ice and anti histamine cream on my face until I was finally able to go outside.

  7. Russell Reply

    I have had blisters that have went away. My cheeks are darket than the rest of my face from using this product. I try to keep hair on my face so you cant see it

  8. Antionette Reply

    First let me say that I am a female. Product states that it is safe for women to use, however when I used it my hair broke off in a huge patch at the top and front of my head! I used the product for approx. 2 months everything was fine after, the 2nd month within a week after the last use it was all gone. Now my scalp itches and burns all of the time. I went from having a healthy head of hair to less than 4 months later being bald.

  9. Eldridge Reply

    There are bald spots and thinning where my hair was very thick.

  10. TREVOR Reply

    My experience was very frightening I woke up in the middle of the night and could not open my eyes ,my head and face was swollen ….After alerting my wife she then rushed me to the emergency where I was given a few shots of Benadryl….went home a notice my pillow had blood stains…. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!!!!!!

  11. Michael Reply

    I used the product after 2 weeks of beard growth and developed severe itching for about a week. I didn’t relate the itchiness to the product, I just thought I was itchy because of the new beard.

    The second time I used the product, which was about 2 weeks later I developed a severe rash under my bearded area. At this point I suspected there might be a problem with the product.

    About 3 months later, just a few days ago I used it again and developed severe swelling, pain, discoloration and itching. It has been 3 days and I’ve been taking benedril and have been using hydrocortizone cream. Although the swelling has somewhat subsided, I’m still in pain and am still itchy and discolored.

  12. Thaddeus Reply

    I used just for men hair dye and this is what it did To me. I still have pictures to show what I look like after I used just for men hair dye

  13. Robert Reply

    Have been using the product for about 4 months, Greg hair regained color, itching, scabs and burns on head. Thinning hair and not sure what to do about it. I have stopped using the product and would have never used it in the first place if I would have known of the side effects. Have neuropathy that has worsened as a result of using this hair dye. Seriously affecting my life.

  14. Arthur Reply

    I’ve used it for a while I’ve notice short of breath and breathing and thought it was from my high blood pressure. But It happen every time I used it. I’ve alway got the irritation when wiping it of and soreness but the soreness was very different with blister and my skin started to discoloration around my face it very embarrassing so I went to my doctor and he prescribed me some peels and hydrocortisone and my face is still discolored.

  15. Nathaniel Reply

    I need assistance my scalp is itching and I’ve washed my hair sixteen times in the past 2 weeks, I have sores on my scalp and my hair is falling out. Please help!

  16. Arthur Reply

    I have been using Just for Men for years. The Jet Black, I first started out using the hair coloring then eventually switched over to the Beard and Mustache version. I used it on both head hair and beard and mustache. I don’t recall having any bad reactions, but after reading about this I will no longer use it. I had no idea there was issues with this product until I saw it in a lawsuit commercial. But the drug stores that I frequent still sells this product. SMDH.

  17. Fariborz Reply

    I used just for men two years ago almost every two weeks when I had grown a beard with no real issues. I had not used it since. Last night after using it on my chin/goatee I started feeling tremendous itch and burn and it started weeping constantly. It’s still weeping. The burning and itching sensation is so intense and uncomfortable I can’t even fall asleep. I am worried about shaving it and see what a mess it is. I work with clients and can’t have a face that is scarred up. I can see in the mirror all the weeping blisters in between the hair. I am sure they will leave ugly scars. How could they let something so dangerous like this pass their quality control. I hope I dont have any permanent facial damages.

  18. Harvey Reply

    I started using just for men in my early 40s been having big bad scabs, inching, didn’t think it was the product until I grew my beard that’s when I notice the blood, nasty scabs and yes it inched and still I have disfigured colors skin behind my ears I will never use just for men again

  19. Antonio Reply

    I used just for men beard dye an got burn an blisterd an pigmentaion on my face an i am going to the emergency room or the doctor in the morning i had to leave work early to night i use it about a week ago an i been bying creams an stuff an the first time use it it didnt do me like tha a year ago an ive got pic of my burns an discoloring of my face

  20. Syed Reply

    I have been using this product since 1996, never had any issue with it. I did not even know about this problem until few days ago when a women at Walmart saw me holding “just for men” box and told me the burning and itching experience her brother had few months ago, using “just for men”. I am assuming not everybody is allergic to it…thought to share my experience but sorry to hear others who are effective by this product.

  21. Benjamin Reply

    I have used just for men products at max 3 times. My beard was longer at the time. I noticed everytime I was using it that my face would burn after and itch extremely bad. I thought it was environment related since I just moved to NC from Florida. But within a 1 month period of using it I have literally developed a bald spot on my chin and mini bald spots on my face. I have shaved my whole face now because it is embarrassing to walk around with a bald spot on my face. I haven’t shaved my face in close to 2 years. This is horrible.

    Product M-35 (Medium Brown)
    Mustache and Beard J.F.M

  22. Sidney Reply

    blotchy skin on face and head

  23. Darren Reply

    Ive been using just for men jet black beard and mustache dye for about 3 years and now i have a blister on each side of my mouth and a lot of dryness and itching in my goatee .i never knew what caused it until now

  24. Shawn Reply

    I used the just for men on the 26 of Dec.2019 on the 27 of Dec. About 20 hours after I dyed my beard the massive itchy skin started on the sides of my face .The itching continued to progress all the way around my face and under my chin up to the front of my chin and all over my bear.then the swelling began that night into the 28th of Dec went fo sleep because the irratation was gettin intense the 29 my face jaws right where my beard was .Were extremely swallon. My face looked like a chipmunk now it’s the 30th of Dec. 2019 I can’t leave my home my face is weeping clear substance,my hair is stuck together from this weeping and painful itching.i put neosporin on the irratated areas which is starting to heal a little bit but still swollen and weeping still swollen and now it’s the 30th.of dec.2019 cant go to my parties nor new years celebration because I don’t think the healing of my face will. Be completely healed.this is quite uncomfortable still looks and feels terrible they need to be taken to court.seems like this beard dye jet black is directed to men of color. Iam not hearing no other race going through or complaining about this problem. December 30 2019.still In fectected and broken out weeping swollen and sore. Please help.

  25. James Reply

    I used just for men beard dye and rinsed it off in the shower and within a couple hours 90% of my body was covered and red blotchy blistery severely itching skin. It took me to the emergency room and six days on prednisone and banophen and a lot of scratching to get rid of it. Now I hope there’s no after effects

  26. Micheal Reply

    I followed the instructions to the letter. Patch test and all. Applied to my hair loved the color. Woke the next morning and couldn’t stop itching my head. Fingers coming up wet from the blisters. Had to grease my scalp with hydrocortisone just to get to sleep the following night.

  27. Raymond Reply

    I have been using just for men for over 10+yrs now,17 days ago i did an application and have had swollen, oozing clear fluid from under my chin going up the sides as well.I have been to my Dr. and have been told to discontinue use of this product,Prescribed a topical solution to try,The Dr. took photos of the affected area said it looked very angry,As well as a lesion under the chin area that continually oozes,The pain is manageable but i would prefer Not to have it,All Dr.s records are available upon request,Thank you for your time,Raymond Nadeau

  28. Fredrick Reply

    I recently used just for men beard dye the jet black and I’m currently experiencing severe is raw and blistered with lots of skin weeping my face and under chin began to swell within 12 hrs of applying product. Had to visit the Emergency room for treatment of 10 days worth of two different antibiotics plus a antibiotic ointment that I’m still taking face has went down some skin is still irritated and weeping it’s cold here so when air hits it it dries up a becomes stiff and very sore to the touch or movement..still have some type of knot under my chin maybe a swollen limpnod.I have taken pictures of the start of it to recently..missed 4 days of work to deal with this issue and currently having to stop every two hours of my shift to wash my stiff irritated beard. Product needs to be pulled of store shelves…

  29. Hugo Reply

    I started using just JFM hair dye back in 2008 with no problems until 2015. I had always used the darkest brown hair color. Between 2015 amd 2019 , I noticed tbat the dye that comes in the small bottle began changing in viscisity as well as color hue. I figured it was just the comoany coming up with a better formula. Instead, the product has irritaded my scalp severly. Within 6 to 8 hours if use I’ve gotten burns, aggressive itch, blistering and welts on my scalp that have caused oozing and bleeding and now scarring. I had to visit urgent care on several occassions.

  30. Patrick Reply

    I used Just for men Jet Black hair dye on 2-20-2020 on that Date I used it later on I went to Johnson Memorial Hospital in smithfieldnc 27577 I had burns on my face lips swollen blisters on my lips they gave medacaition for couldn’t move mouth around to good do to swelling around my mouth and face lips hit hurts real bad still going threw the symptoms right now as I speak in pain I used this product before I wonder face would allways burn now I see why now I took pictures of my face and all so after the hospital They gave medical assistance and medacaitions pills to take the swelling down and cream for the itching and burning in still hurting from the pain right this morning face on fire and the swelling hurts

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