Just for Men Lawsuits Filed Over Risks Associated with Hair and Beard Dye

  • Written by: Irvin Jackson

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A number of consumer lawsuits have been recently filed over the risks of “Just for Men” hair and beard dye, alleging that the popular products may cause severe chemical burns and skin reactions.

At least two new class action lawsuits were filed last week against Combe, Inc., the manufacturer of “Just for Men”. One complaint (PDF) was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Illinois on February 16, and another similar complaint (PDF) was filed in the Eastern District of Missouri on February 17.

“Just For Men” is a popular hair and beard dye marketed for removal of grey hair among men. However, concerns have emerged over the past year about a growing number of reports involving problems with Just for Men, indicating that the hair and beard dyes have caused burns, scarring, allergic reactions, anaphylactic shock, skin depigmentation and other injuries.

Both recently filed cases seek class action status for men who purchased the hair or beard dye, indicating that Combe knew or should have known about the potential Just for Men risks, yet failed to provide critical safety information to induce consumers to purchase and use the product.

The Illinois lawsuit was filed by Garnett Davis, who purchased Just For Men on numerous occasions before suffering a severe reaction in December 2014. According to the complaint, Davis experienced redness, irritation, sores, blisters and burning and had to obtain medical attention.

The Missouri lawsuit was filed by Bryon Belton and Randall Collins, seeking to represent everyone in that state who brought the hair dye as well. Neither man reports suffering physical injury due to a Just For Men skin reaction.

“Defendants actively marketed Just For Men to consumers knowing that it would cause serious and severe reactions to consumers and failed to warn or disclose this fact to consumers and the public in general,” the Davis lawsuit states. “Defendants have a duty to monitor the safety of their products and it is reasonable for them to conduct multiple clinical trials and/or studies related to the safety of their Just For Men products. However, Defendants have failed to do so. Defendants knew or should have known of the high number of adverse reactions and injuries related to their Just For Men products from a multitude of sources, including but not limited to their internal claims process, making their failure to conduct any studies or clinical trials particularly egregious.”

Last month, another “Just for Men” class action lawsuit was filed against Combe, indicating that an active ingredient in the products, p_Phenylenediamine (PPD), is know to cause severe skin reactions, particularly among African-American men and those with darker hair colors.

Just For Men Risks

The concerns about reports of Just for Men allergic reactions gained nationwide attention following a 2012 report by, which noted that it was receiving a number of new complaints involving skin irritation, itching, blisters and chemical burns following Just for Men application.

Consumer Affairs has received more than 400 reports of burns or allergic reactions to “Just for Men” since the group first warned about the risk of allergic reactions in 2012.

Many of the men report using Just for Men dye for years without any issues, which some some suggest may raise questions about whether the manufacturer’s suggestion that users do a “patch test” on a small part of the body may be useless.

Additional Just For Men lawsuits are likely to be filed in the coming months, as a number of individuals throughout the U.S. have already contacted lawyers after suffering injuries that were reportedly caused by the hair and beard dye.

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  1. David Reply

    I use to darken my hair. I does burn skin and causes allergic reaction.

  2. Joe Reply

    I haves used just for men and paid for it with my debit card and used it to color my hair

  3. Hamilton Reply

    I haved regularly used Just for men hair and beard dye for several months. I am continuly finding bumps and sores in my hair and beard. Plus I am always scratching my head uncontrollably. I wash my head every other day and my beard w ery day and yet new bumps seem to crop up. Some of the bumps grow into blackheads. One particular bump on my beard has never left even after instructions from my doctor on how cure the bumps.

  4. Timothy Reply

    Please go to consumer affairs and read the reports before using just for men even if you have used it before with no problems. on or about 4/28/2016 I had to go to the emergency room after using just for men it burnt my face so bad I actually had flesh falling off in my hand when washing my face. it looked as if I had a flesh eating disease . I also got an infection and my lymph nodes swelled and I had large knots throughout my face . please do not use this product without knowing you could actually have your face falling off in your own hands . I wished I could share my pictures with you it is awful . please take this product off the shelf before more men go through what I have went through. I only left it on for three minutes because I didn’t want my beard to dark . I did the allergy test with no results and I have never been allergic to anything in my life so had know concern’s . just for men knows there is a problem yet they minimize the warning on the box and they continue to sell this product for the big profit.

  5. DW Reply

    I have used it for about twenty years with no issues. Within the past year, however, it has caused severe itching and burning. Sometimes blistering. Just For Men claims not to have made any recent ingredient changes, which seems odd since many men have used it for years and have only recently begun experiencing problems.

  6. Roy Reply

    Tim is absolutely right something has to be done i had the same problem he had please take this off the market

  7. Wes Reply

    Yes, I have tried this product in many ways and amounts….each time I have had a bad skin reaction. I would love a product that didn’t do this. Because it makes me look so much younger…. it is like a drug that you don’t want to do without….but the pain lasts me three days each time…. I am open to suggestions of other brands!

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