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“Just for Men” hair, beard and mustache dye products may cause users to suffer severe chemical burns and allergic reactions, resulting in swelling, scarring and disfigurement.

JUST FOR MEN LAWSUIT STATUS: Product liability lawyers are reviewing “Just for Men” lawsuits on behalf of individuals throughout the United States.



OVERVIEW: “Just For Men” hair coloring was originally released in 1987, and is advertised as a hair, beard and mustache dye specifically to cover up gray hair for men.

There are a host of products in the line, from beard and mustache coloring kits to hair and side burns and even some that are designed to add a touch of gray to hair.

Over the past few years, concerns have emerged about the growing number of reports involving severe chemical burns and other allergic reactions among “Just for Men” users.

The side effects of Just For Men may include:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Burning of the skin
  • Swelling of the skin
  • Severe itching
  • Blisters and weeping sores
  • Trouble breathing due to throat swelling

“JUST FOR MEN” ALLERGIC REACTIONS: Hundreds of reports have been submitted by men who had used the product for years but suddenly suffered severe chemical burns and swelling of the face. In many cases, the “Just for Men” problems emerge long after the dye was first used.

While some have speculated that the company may have changed the formulation of Just For Men, Combe officials have publicly denied that. Sudden allergic reactions among men may also be linked to changes in body chemistry among users.

“Just For Men” dye contains p-Phenylenediamine, an organic compound that is considered one of the most prevalent allergens in the world.

In May 2009, the medical journal Dermatitis listed it as the tenth most prevalent allergen in patch tests, and it was declared Allergen of the Year by the American Contact Dermatitis Society in 2006.

CONTACT A “JUST FOR MEN” CHEMICAL BURN LAWYER ABOUT SETTLEMENTS: Free consultations and claim evaluations are being provided by Just For Men lawyers for men throughout the United States who have suffered chemical burns and other severe allergic reactions after using this product.

As a result of the manufacturers failure to warn about the risk of severe allergic reactions and burns, financial compensation may be available through “Just for Men” settlements or legal actions.

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  1. Kazi Reply

    I just started using JFM M-45 beard color last month. First time, my skin became itchy. I stopped using it for couple of weeks and then tired again yesterday. My face turned completely red, it is burning and itching. My beard is always getting wet with some sort of secretion. I am constantly using napkins to dry it off. I need to see the doctor immediately. I will never use this product again.This product should be removed from the store-shelves immediately.

  2. Luis J Reply

    After applying the area became red and start itching. First time I used I it happens a the same thing but I thought it was the sun because I went to the beach. But I applied again and the whole area turn red immediately and I can feel the burning sensation.

  3. Dre Reply

    I’m having the same issues as others. “ My beard is always getting wet with some sort of secretion. I am constantly using napkins to dry it off.“

    I used this product years ago with no issue. They must have changed the formula. Never again, never again

  4. Esteban Reply

    If most of all the comments are just about the same in the horrible things that we have endured by using this product why haven’t the people who are responsible for this not got in trouble yet and are still making a lot of money off of this awful stuff! That they call safe and effective without thorough knowledge of their harmful effects on people! Please let’s just get some real answers

  5. Chris Reply

    I’ve used their product for almost 4years now. I have a beard and for some reason half of my face grows in white/clear hair. (Just for men)tm
    Always made it all one color.
    I used it last night. Measured right. I’ve done it hundred times. Now??
    My face is killing me. Yellow scans and pussing. Sorry I know it’s gross. Deffin some sort of chemical burn. Hurts to open my mouth. Can’t shave! Dear god no!!
    Something has changed. I just hope they change it back. I won’t use it again!
    Good luck all of you!

  6. Kaysar Reply

    Started using this product recently at first it seemed ok followed the instructions as stated. My skin started having a stinging burn sensation when I took it off my beard was red. After I noticed some blisters & bumps. Was so painful to comb my beard.
    I headed about 2 weeks later went to a proper salon asked them if they could do it which they kindly did. My beard was stinging and I immediately took the dye off & washed it with cold water. Realised the chemicals used damaged my skin. Never ever will I buy or recommend this product to anyone. They should be off the shelves for safety reasons.

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