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“Just for Men” hair, beard and mustache dye products may cause users to suffer severe chemical burns and allergic reactions, resulting in swelling, scarring and disfigurement.

JUST FOR MEN LAWSUIT STATUS: Product liability lawyers are reviewing “Just for Men” lawsuits on behalf of individuals throughout the United States.



OVERVIEW: “Just For Men” hair coloring was originally released in 1987, and is advertised as a hair, beard and mustache dye specifically to cover up gray hair for men.

There are a host of products in the line, from beard and mustache coloring kits to hair and side burns and even some that are designed to add a touch of gray to hair.

Over the past few years, concerns have emerged about the growing number of reports involving severe chemical burns and other allergic reactions among “Just for Men” users.

The side effects of Just For Men may include:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Burning of the skin
  • Swelling of the skin
  • Severe itching
  • Blisters and weeping sores
  • Trouble breathing due to throat swelling

“JUST FOR MEN” ALLERGIC REACTIONS: Hundreds of reports have been submitted by men who had used the product for years but suddenly suffered severe chemical burns and swelling of the face. In many cases, the “Just for Men” problems emerge long after the dye was first used.

While some have speculated that the company may have changed the formulation of Just For Men, Combe officials have publicly denied that. Sudden allergic reactions among men may also be linked to changes in body chemistry among users.

“Just For Men” dye contains p-Phenylenediamine, an organic compound that is considered one of the most prevalent allergens in the world.

In May 2009, the medical journal Dermatitis listed it as the tenth most prevalent allergen in patch tests, and it was declared Allergen of the Year by the American Contact Dermatitis Society in 2006.

CONTACT A “JUST FOR MEN” CHEMICAL BURN LAWYER ABOUT SETTLEMENTS: Free consultations and claim evaluations are being provided by Just For Men lawyers for men throughout the United States who have suffered chemical burns and other severe allergic reactions after using this product.

As a result of the manufacturers failure to warn about the risk of severe allergic reactions and burns, financial compensation may be available through “Just for Men” settlements or legal actions.

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  1. Ron Reply

    I used JFM on my beard the same way as I have many times previously-
    immediately felt burning sensation followed by blistering, open sores and weeping of a clear-yellowish liquid, stomach pain and swelling of entire face restricting my vision and labored breathing from swelling of neck. An ambulance and local police were called and I was whisked off to the local ER with lights flashing, sirens blasting. I had tubes coming out of both arms and was administered IV’s

    This was the scariest episode in my entire life and feel Just for Men should be held financially responsible.

  2. Robert Reply

    Used JDM beard coloring for years, recently suffered severe burns and blistering. Swelling and inflammation

  3. Mark Reply

    I used JFM for many years….I had to stop using it because my scalp would itch constantly. Even weeks after applying it. The itching finally became too much. It seemed to be getting worse after each use. I also had/have bumps (pimples) and scabs on my scalp. I was just diagnosed with Acne rosacea and rhinophyma nose April 3, 2018. This condition has been a constant source of embarrassment. I currently have a large lump on the back of my head. I stopped using JFM in 2017.
    My hair is really fine (thin) so I used to divide the bottle into thirds…..this was enough to cover my entire head. This was also applied to my eyebrows every time.

  4. Lauraine Reply

    About 5 years ago my husband used this product for the first time. Within 2 minutes he started yelling for me to rinse it off. Within hours he had huge blisters on his scalp that later turned into scabs. He was in his late 70s and did not leave the house for weeks as he was so ashambed at his appearance, He has since past away, but this product is dangerous and should be pulled off the market.

  5. Paul Reply

    I used just for men. For beard. Goatee take gray out I had goatee looking best finally grew out like I wanted it I’m in my fifties wanted hide grey used just for men burned my skin under bottom lip and itched and caused bumps seeping sores. And also hair loss now my goatee won’t grow in middle full it looks terrible with lumps and sores I had to shave it it looked gapped so bad my goatee was my favorite feature now after years. Of keeping neat trimmed goatee or beard I can’t grow it full any more So I shaved it completely

  6. Thomas Reply

    Used JFM year before last when I decided to attemp to grow a beard. After about 2 months decided to shave. 4 months ago I decided to attemp again. Used the box I had, and color was weak. Got a new box 2 months ago and begin to notice some itching and burning the afternoon after using that morning. Sores came up on my chin that were weeping and would scab over. Itching made me rub and tear scabs off to weep again. 4 days ago I used it again, but this time used a comb to pull hair out and apply dye with comb holding hair. Waited 4-5 minutes and jumped into shower to wash off. Used shampoo to soap hair and my beard. Rubbed my beard while rince my hair and face. About 2 hours noticed itching and burning on my chin. (My facial hair is on my chin and mustache, not on sides of face). This itching and burning has been for the last 4 days. Scabs have formed on chin and itching. Perhaps the formula has changed? My daughter is a hairdresser and has used chemicals to dye my facial hair 2-4 years ago before closing her shop. Never had problems with her chemicals. During my career as a Funeral Service Professional, I was exposed to many different harsh chemicals and have never had these kinds of reactions.

  7. David Reply

    I had the same problem as many of the others that posted here. Have used the product for years with no problems, all of a sudden, since the last time I used it, my scalp at the temples began itching a great deal, had an open weeping sore and swelling. Not sure what’s going on here, but will never use the stuff again.

  8. Jerry Reply

    There has definitely been some type of change. I’ve used Just for Men beard coloring for about 15 years and had been happy with the product. I have recently suffered the chemical burns immediately after applying the product. It appears to be the same as what others are describing. It results in blistering that goes on for several days and I’ve had to apply Neosporin ointment to try to heal. After 15 years I cannot use this product anymore. I do not believe that I suddenly developed an allergy as is suggested.

  9. Bill Reply

    Have used this product for years , just applied day before yesterday and felt burning before the five minutes and and washed off at four and a half minutes and I use liight to med brown my beard was black and very itchey have irritation on sides of face and beard and moustach areas still itching and tried using anti itch meds and burned like crazy .
    This is first time Ive had reacation like this .

  10. Nathan Reply

    Small bumps turned into open sores that weep and won’t heal. I’ve tried almost every topical cream with no relief. It burns and itches like crazy. I have to see a Dr now. They just get larger and I’m worried about permanent damage.

  11. Nathan Reply

    My burns are now the size of a quarter. I constantly have to blot my skin with a napkin in order to keep the ooze at bay.

  12. Derek Reply

    I put Just for men on my face and felt burning, I immediately washed it off. I had what looked like welts on my face. The next morning when I woke up my face and chin were swollen, my face now has open weeping sores and still swollen. I can’t sleep from the weeping sores and pain, I have to keep cleaning and trying to keep my face dry from the open weeping sores. Its been 5 days and I don’t see any progress. I’m scared that this won’t heal. Is there any relief in sight?

  13. scott Reply

    I have used JFM for my beard on and off for a few years. I only let it set 3 to 5 minutes and then rinse off. And I only use it once every few months or so, at the most. Always been totally fine. I recently got a new box, Medium Brown, but it was Much much lighter than the prior medium brown I used. It was definitely very light brown, and I couldn’t understand why they changed the color so much. Anyway, I left it on a couple minutes longer than normal. I didn’t notice til a day or two later that my skin underneath seemed to be discolored along the places where I applied it. I didn’t think anything of it and figured it was just a little stained and would dissipate. Just a bit ago, a couple days later, my beard was itching a little, and I started scratching at it as I was laying on my bed watching TV. I noticed some flaking, and kept picking at it, thinking maybe just a little dry skin/dandruff. Then as I was scratching at it a little, it started feeling wet and I was easily pulling out hairs. Every light scratch at my beard was wet and it started to feeel more like burns than an itch. I suddenly jumped up, realizing something definitely is not right….Is this blood ??? I ran to the mirror and to my horror I could see my chin was all red and looked burned and bleeding/weeping, and patches of my hair were gone. The skin that used to look just a little discolored was now red and burned/bleeding. I immediately realized that it had to be related to the JFM. I jumped on my computer to Google what remedy there might be for a reaction to JFM, and was horrified to find all these stories!!! I am definitely another victim, and am now freaking out about whether this will heal, whether I have permanently scarred my face, and whether I have lost my gotee that I have worn for over 35 years!!!!!!! It is my look, and I would be devastated if I’ve now lost it overnight!!! I am shocked that this could be allowed to be on the shelf with such a risk of this bad what is apparently this common of a reaction to the FACE!!!!!

  14. Antonio Reply

    I have been taking JFM for about 5 to 6 years. The last couple time I notice that after applying this product I kept breaking out with rashes and severe itching which would not stop. Constantly scratching my beard to the point where it would start to bleed. this went on for days. So finally my last application is when I realized that It was.from this product. I had the itching and rashes and even swells to the point where I had to scratch I finally realized it was just for men product that was causing this. Something must have been changed in this product this never happened before. they need to do something about this. perhaps even pull this product from the market, I’m sure they must know this is a issue with this formula and still alone people to use it.

  15. ramon Reply

    i been using JFM mustache and beard for couple of months and I notice recently after I apply the product i felt burning on my skin.I jump to the shower to rinse it off and after couple of hours a red spot appear under my mustache and it swell and a liquid coming out of the sores.I immediately stop using this product and now I try to nurse the sores,the swollen redness and the scabs on my face.I will never use this product again.

  16. Joshua Reply

    Just started using this product. First week was fine, used it again yesterday immediately got a burning sensation. Tried to rinse it out but it burns so bad now and it looks like chemical burns on my face and it’s painful to swallow anything. I will never use this product again!

  17. CURTIS Reply

    I’ve been using Just For Men over the last few months and here lately I’ve been having really extreme itching sensations under my beard and very badly irritated skin after shaving the beard. I’ve cut out all other products and lotions that I’ve used on my face and have narrowed it down to the Just For Men beard dye product

  18. Anthony Reply

    I have been using the dark brown beard dye for the past 5 years, the last two times I have used it I have come out in oozing sores on my face. My beard is also extremely itchie. I am convinced a recent formula change is the cause of this, especially taking into consideration all of the recent comments. Just hope I’m not permanently scarred or else it is a permanent beard for me.

  19. Rick Reply


  20. Gerry Reply

    I’ve used the beard dye for the past twenty years with no problem but within the last few months I’ve been getting red itchy welts under my beard where I apply the dye. I would wipe what was left on the brush onto my head and that area has itchy bumps. I find it hard to believe nothing has changed in this product with so many others complaining. I’m not trying to sue I’m simply passing on information hoping something will be done so I can keep using this without the problems.

  21. Dave Reply

    Have been using the product for months and then, this past summer, I purchased a new package at Walmart. I started showing signs of redness, sever itching, bumps filled with fluid and was told I have burned my skin. That was in August and in November, the redness, blotchy, puss filled marks have not disappeared and I am itchy as all hell. I am so confused as nothing like this occurred prior to the summer. They must have changed their formula. This is crazy and I just want my skin to go back to normal.

  22. John Reply

    just for men air regrowth 5%Minoxidil topical Solution .i had a reaction after using the product burning of scalp headaches and tenderness .

  23. Dwon Reply

    Hello Im a master barber who been using just for men on myself and my customers for years but this time after using just for men my face become swollen blisters in my beard breathing problems and broke out in hives all over my body and had to be hospitalize twice!

  24. Mark Reply

    Have been using the product for years and then, just recently, I purchased a new package at Walmart. I started showing signs of redness, sever itching, bumps filled with fluid. The redness, blotchy, puss filled marks have not disappeared and I am itchy. They must have changed their formula. I want my skin to go back to normal.

  25. Gary Reply

    Does anyone know what the class action suit is seeking for compensation?

  26. Christopher Reply

    I have been using jfm for ove 2 years. My face has blistered up , severe itching, swollen neck , and i have trouble breathing at night , and losse of hair on my beard

  27. Douglas Reply

    Yes, have used this product for years, but the last few times when used on my hair, I noticed that my scalp gets very itchy, Even a week or two after I’ve used it. Or when I use it on my beard, I’ve noticed that in places, the hair is spotty. I thought it was my hair clipper that was cutting unevenly, but now I’m wondering if it’s this product. I want to throw what I have left of it in the garbage. And maybe let the barber put color in my hair from now on, and make sure it’s not just for men, and maybe find another product for my beard. Might be joining in with a lawsuit.

  28. Roy Reply

    First use of the Just for Men Beard and Mustache everything seemed just fine. This last box that I bought has caused my face to itch tremendously and burn. I have completely quit using the product and will never use this product again. Don’t know what happened did the skin test before I ever started using it. No problems. This last time problems. Still trying to clear my face up. Don’t know if anything was changed but I am not using this ever again.

  29. Michael Reply

    I fearful to even try.

  30. Grant Reply

    I have been using Just for Men H-25 Light Brown hair dye now for over a year and a half. In 2018 I used to get light irritation after using it, mainly on my forehead if I was wearing a cap, but this was only light irratation and only lasted for a couple of hours.

    I bought some early in 2019 and 48 hours after applying it, I had burns on my ears, these broke out into blisters and weeping. When the weeping stopped I had flaky skin on my ears for weeks.

    I used it again in May 2019 and followed the instructions thoroughly (as I always do). After 48 hours my ears were really bad with blisters. I went to a chemist and they told me to go to a doctor if it wasn’t better by the next day. I bought some Savlon Antiseptic Cream and put it on my ears. It did start repairing my ears, but this had been such a worry for me. I will never use this stuff again. I researched hair dye on the Internet and studies have thought that hair dye can be linked to leukemia. I think that Just for Men products should not be used and I will never use it again.

  31. kevin Reply

    Second time using the beard color. applied it Wednesday and by Thursday morning my face was burning and i was noticing small blisters all around my face. went to work for a while but had to leave. I had yellow puss coming out all the blisters, my cheeks were completely swollen and i was having a hard time swallowing anything. went immediately home to shower and shave the beard off. Its day 2 and i am still dealing with the swelling and blisters.

  32. Lee Reply

    My experiences have been like many I have read on this page… I have been using JFM for years. Lately, I have experienced burning long before 5 mins are up and afterward have had sores on my head that would not go away accompanied with itching.. I couldn’t figure out what was going on until I stumbled across one of these articles…

  33. Jeffrey Reply

    This stuff is to unpredictable, I tried it on a small area as suggested, didn’t do anything until I applied it to the grey beard and mustache. S now i’m suffering,hoping it goes away with over the counter antibiotics and ointments. Has to be a better and safer product out there!!………..

  34. James Reply

    I first used JFM June 2018, on my mustache, beard and goatee to cover gray and had no issues. I used it again January 2019 for a job interview and within hours I had developed painful burning-blisters that we’re weeping yellow puss and blood. It was excruciating and embarrassing to say the least to keep blotting the puss and blood during my interview. I decided to try JFM one more time, this morning, thinking I may have purchased a bad batch or it was something else and again the same within hours. Pain, blisters and oozing.

  35. Victor Reply

    I’ve been using JFM for over 20 years. As I being using it, I started showing signs of, thining hair. Recently I’ve been noticing redness and itching in my neck, bumps filled with fluids. I don’t know what to do. I might be joining in a lawsuit.

  36. Shaun Reply

    I only started using JFM in January 2019 and it was absolutely fine. I used it maybe once a month on my mid length beard. I purchased light brown and was happy enough. However last month after application I felt an irritation and itchiness. This was very uncomfortable for about a week. Took some ** on advice from my pharmacist and it cleared up. Came to apply JFM just last week and by the following morning I was in a lot of pain. Weeping from beard and red around it. My lips felt numb and swollen and the itching is beyond description. I shaved my beard off. My skin is red, swollen, cracked and hard. It is now 6 days since application and I can only describe the pain, the itching and the sleepless nights as low grade agony. I have no doubts whatsoever that Just For Men light brown beard dye is totally responsible. This product is dangerous. I don’t know what you guys did but you need to address this promptly.

  37. Pete Reply

    Well at least I’m comforted in knowing I’m not alone. I first used the product a few months ago (March 2019) and had a mild reaction but it was the first time I used JFM ‘M-45 Dark Brown Black’ moustache and beard haircolour. After about a week I shaved my beard off because of constant itchiness. I’m an intermittent beard wearer and thought I was irritated by the beard. Well the beard returned in June 2019 and I used the same product again. After two days of insane discomfort and itching I shaved the damn thing off again. I am now left with a swollen neck and chin, small weeping blister patches around my upper lip, chin and redness/discolouration around the areas I used the product. The stuff is not fit for human consumption. Clearly the problem is widespread and JFM should immediately be taken off the shelf with a recall notice. I will NEVER use this product again. I’ll put up wth the grey hair in my next beard thanks…and that’s assuming it grows back and the JFM product hasn’t damaged my hair follicles! Why do I feel like we’ve all been treated like Lab rats and this is just a world-wide human experiment being conducted without our consent by the product owner Combe International Ltd (USA)! I’m assuming if you change a product’s formula (assuming that’s what has happened here) then you would first need to test it to ensure it isn’t damaging. But that would put a negative dent in world-wide sales revenue for the company I hasten to suggest. By the way I’m a consumer from Sydney Australia. In conclusion I would like to stress that my comments are limited to the ‘M-45 Dark Brown Black Moustache & Beard Just for Men’ product as that is the only product I have used to receive these damaging and painful results.

  38. Greg Reply

    Used JFM recently. Broke out in hives, blisters and oozing, runny, itchy sores all over the area it was applied to. I will never use this product again. I used a topical prescription steroid in cream form from a doctor friend and applied it to the boils. It has really helped stop the itching which seemed to aggravate the boils. Hideous!!! The manufacturer should be sued.

  39. Mary Reply

    I am an 82 yr old woman who wears a wig and uses the JFM beard & mustache stuff to color my sideburns. My son left it laying around the bathroom a couple of years ago and I decided, for convenience sake, to try it. It matched my wig perfectly! I loved it! I’ve been using it ever since. However, this last bottle is causing intense itching in my temples. Imagine trying to itch it while wearing a wig. I can feel what feels like little pimples on the scalp and am afraid it might be starting to spread down my face. Too early to tell. Ears are also getting very itchy. Even worse, after shampooing today I found a lot of hair in the sink when I combed it. I can’t afford to lose any hair. I have very fine thin hair and that’s why I wear a wig! Is there anything I can use for the itching? What about vinegar?

  40. clifford Reply

    I have the same sores and skin discoloration and they don’t want to heal its been years

  41. Howard Reply

    I have been using just for man hair dye and mustard dye for years I have started to get sores in my head all my hair in the middle of my head started to come out my head was itching so bad that my wife got some medicated selsun blue shampoo but it really does not work just for a couple of hours she got neosporin and other ointment to put on sores on my head and some cream for the bumps on my face and my side buns I still have pimples on my face my hair just will not grow back I don’t know if someone else has had swelling bumps on their face I mean big ones I have spots on my face and they will not go away

  42. Winston Reply

    I have been using Just For Men beard Dye for about 7 years and within the last few months my the skin under my beard and mustache started to burn and change color; now I have a chemical burn on my face that won’t go away

  43. John Reply

    I’ve used this on my beard for the last 20 yrs and never had any problem. Last couple of time my skin itched like the devil. I noticed that the local drug store has it on sale for almost half price. It used to never go on sale. The color of the color tube went from dark black to a light brown. Still colors black… just itches like the devil.

    Something is different in it.

  44. Michael Reply

    After decades of being clean-shaven, I decided to grow my first beard. A few weeks later, in May 2019, I used JFM Dark Brown to even out some grey spots. For a few days, I felt some tingling that I simply dismissed as being normal for wearing a new beard, my getting used to, etc..

    In June, on my second application, I had the same result but the itching was more intense, lasting about five days.

    Then last week, I purchased a new refill of JFM, and literally within minutes of using it, a massive ear-to-ear redness outlined my beard followed by the most intense itching of my life with dozens of open sores and clear running fluid from all of the unstoppable scratching.

    I didn’t sleep that night, and by morning it actually worsened. I went to work and had to call it day after my second patient from the constant itching and chemical burn-pain that made it impossible to concentrate. Over the following ten days, I took various antihistamines, applying beard oil, allergy ointments, steroidal creams, clear water rinses, all of which did little good.

    I’ve taken pictures of my beard from every angle and the damage is obvious. Gathering from other stories on this board, there most likely has been a change to the composition of the dye. I hope that the product is not yet another example of stuff that is made overseas that are shipped back to North American consumers with toxic unknowns.

    Stay away from this dangerous product.

  45. LACHLAN Reply

    Does anybody know a way to heal my face after using this Sh*t they call JFM Beard Dye..?? Nedding desperate help!!

  46. Joseph Reply

    I have been using JFM beard and mustache for at least 15 years with no problem at all. However, the last few months, I have noticed lots of itching and flaking under my chin. I thought maybe my beard was too thick and maybe the skin underneath was not getting enough air, so I trimmed the beard lower. Still after trimming the beard close, I was still getting itching and flaking. I finally shaved the whole thing off today and to my surprise, underneath there was definite skin discoloring and what seem to be blisters though not oozing. I took pictures with my cellphone. I cleaned it and applied topicals for healing. I have worn a full beard for years and now it’s gone. I pray this is not permanent. I like my full beard, but if it causes health issues like I have read here, I would rather be healthy with a grey beard or none at all.

  47. Ray Reply

    Like others, I used JFM for my beard and mustache for many years. Last week will be the last time I use it. The severe burns, weeping sores and swelling on my upper limit are painful and itchy at the same time. I’ve been reliant on powerful and sedating allergy meds to be able to sleep at night.

  48. Robert Reply

    I used just for men black dye on my hair it burned and itched on and off the first day, the next day it iched and burned, I washed it again and it felt ok for an hour and then my head felt real heavy and there was a feel of pressure around my skull. I saw myself in a mirror and my head had swollen like E.T. went to e.r. got a prescription written up went home wound up back in the E.R. because my eyes were swollen shut throat was huge (looked like I got my face speed bagged by money Mayweather. Oozing sores all over my head right now been 8 days of trying to keep my head from touching anything when I go to sleep because this stuff is like syrup in your hair and its stains pillow cases or whatever it touches. Why do they get to put something on the market without having to display a warning that your life is going to be hell after using the product in big bold letters in all caps right above the name of the hair dye.

  49. Saurabh Reply

    I bought this Just for Men black one for the first time three weeks ago to dye my beard and mustache. I followed every instruction, waited for 5 minutes and washed with the shampoo. But only after 15-20 mins of washing, it started itching very badly with burning sensations. The burning sensations were so severe that even applying an ice pack or splashing cold water on face, it did not stop. It’s been what 3-4 weeks, it still itches like hell.

  50. John Reply

    Similar reactions…please list product serial numbers on box or share link to find them…thankyou!

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