Levoxyl Recall Due to Odor Problems Leads to Thyroid Drug Shortage

Reports of a bad odors have led to a recall of about 52,000 bottles of the thyroid drug Levoxyl, which is likely to create a drug shortage for the rest of the year. 

Pfizer announced the Levoxyl recall (PDF) in a letter to healthcare professionals sent last week. The recall came following reports from pharmacists and patients of an uncharacteristic smell emanating from the bottles. The odor is believed to be caused by oxygen-absorbing canisters in 100-count and 1,000-count bottles.

According to the letter, there are not likely to be any health consequences associated with the recalled Levoxyl and patients are advised that they can continue to take the medication. The recall has been issued out of an abundance of caution and following consultations with the FDA, according to Pfizer.

Levoxyl is a prescription drug used for the treatment of hypothyroidism and as a preventative treatment for some types of goiter.

King Pharmaceuticals, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pfizer, will likely not be able to return Levoxyl to the market until 2014, which could result in a shortage for the thyroid drug. However, there are generic levothyroxine sodium pills on the market.

The recall affects all strengths of Levoxyl (levothyroxine sodium) in 100-count and 1,000-count bottles distributed by King Pharmaceuticals. The recall is at the retail level, meaning it is being removed from pharmacies, but patients are not being asked to return their supplies.

Last year, Pfizer issued an Advil gel tab recall that affected more than 650,000 bottles. That recall was also due to a foul odor linked to a processing error.

Levoxyl patients or doctors with questions can call Pfizer Medical Information at (800) 438-1985.

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  1. Maureen Reply

    I have been on Levoxyl for a long time. This past Jan ’13, I refilled my script (different mcg’s). When I opened the bottle, I do recall smelling something but didn’t even think about it being the medication. To my surprise yesterday (when I went to Rite-aid to renew my script because I am running low), they told me there was a RECALL of my thyroid meds. My question is this, if Pharmacys and Endrocrines and PCP’s were notified of this recall, what about the PATIENT (WHO IS DIGESTING THE MEDS)???

  2. Claudine Reply

    I just received today my prescription from MEDCO for my refill of Levoxyl. I have taken this for years prescribed by my physician.
    Instead of Levoxyl I received L-Thyroxine tabs and no where on the correspondence does it say that this has been substitued for my Levoxyl. I called MEDCO and was informed that the Levoxyl is no longer available. I checked on the internet and found out that Levoxyl has been recalled. Why do pharmacist just flat out lie instead of telling you it is no longer available. I cannot believe the way customers are treated regarding are own health. Something is wrong here!!

  3. J. Holmes Reply

    I just received a generic brand of Levoxyl from my insurance company. I was not informed of this change. When I called my insurance company, I was told, “we had to give this because your doctor did not authorize brand name”. The representative was adamant about her answer. I was not satisfied so I called back and was given a different response . I was then told that the company would not produce the medicine until Jan. 2014. Wow, there is clearly no concern for the patient.

  4. Mary Reply

    Like the above post why are the ones of us who take the drug only being notified of this drug not be available until we go to to pick up a refill. I called for refill 4 days ago went to pick it up this evening, and was told they had been recalled would need to contact doctor. Not easy to get Dr late Saturday afternoon. If I were out Would be a bad spot. Shame on my Dr and Wal-mart Pharmacy for not taking care of this problem.

  5. Gail Reply

    I’ve been on Levoxyl brand for over 15 years and was just told by my pharmacist that there was a recall on this drug. I asked the pharmacist what the recall was for and he didn’t know; but, I’ve read on the internet now that it was because of an odor after opening. Hopefully it’s not a serious recall. Other information on the internet just said they were not making it until next year. The thing is it’s the only one that I could tolerate. I was given the generic for it; but, it’s not good to change thyroid meds because of different binders that are used I was told by one pharmacist and I wonder why the people that are taking this drug weren’t notified.

  6. Sally Reply

    It is a shame that we are treated so bad in the USA. I agree about the Levoxyl. What a joke. I do not believe it is a shortage or anything else. Drugs are disappearing since the Benadryl that really help people. We will have to find something else.

  7. Elizabeth Reply

    I have been on brand name only Levoxyl
    for 13 years. I called the company….are they
    insane? Wait until 2014? No pharmacy
    help, no warning! Go bald trying something
    new? This is OUTRAGEOUS. Patients do
    not have rights? The manufactuer will be
    very tired of getting many letters from me.


  8. Tealover Reply

    Hey guys, is anyone else worried about the Levoxyl shortage? I’m being told that it isn’t being produced anymore, or if it is, it’s had a major recall.

    My Endo has been talking to me about the Levoxyl interchangeability with Synthroid and Armour Thyroid. Anybody else had any experience with these? prefer one over the other? Is my doc full of crap? I just need a little guidance here, because I’m starting to freak out a little. I feel like I’ve finally got things under control again with Levoxyl, and I don’t want to have to suffer any more while my body adjusts to a new drug.

  9. Connie S. Reply

    I have been on Levoxyl since 2002 when I had my thyroid removed. Since then I had a R-N-Y Gastric Bypass… Basically ALL my medications have to be crushed , dissolved or have the dosage upped simply to get my blood levels of my meds where they need to be. Like everyone else, I was given no warning or consultations about when Levoxyl was being recalled, or what /how much to take in the meantime. My PCP was in India when this happened, and there was no one covering his patients….to call in a new prescription. I eventually got a substitute drug; BUT IT DOESN”T AGREE WITH ME ! My blood levels of thyroid are very unstable, and I feel just awful; gaining weight by leaps and bounds; after staying weight stable for over 10 years ! If the problem is with the oxygen absorbing thingy…then WHY STOP manufacturing Levoxyl until a YEAR from now ?????? Simply put another brand of oxygen thingy in our meds and GIVE THEM BACK TO US !!!! Alot of us can NOT take another brand or form of thyroid medication. But then again; it’s probably just another way the big Pharma Companies can MAKE US SICKER TO GET US ON MORE OF THEIR DRUGS ! More MONEY for them; while the American people get sicker ! NOT FAIR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Diane Reply

    I am so with all of you. Was originally on Synthroid when I was first diagnosed but it became increasingly difficult to take- flushing, jitters etc. So I was switched over to Levothroid about 10 years ago. It was working fine, and then IT was recalled in 2012. So I started trying out different meds and was lucky enough to find Levoxyl. It was working great – and now it’s off the market. In the last 2 weeks I have sampled : Sandoz ( a levothyroxine), L- thyroxine the generic and Armour Thyroid. ALL three presented with different problems – either flushing and tingling and extreme nausea or heart pain and jitters. My Levoxyl is running out ( 2 weeks left) and basically I am terrified. My doctor ( GP) is wonderful and trying to help me get quick mini scripts to other meds but I am beyond FURIOUS that Levoxyl was pulled without giving us notice or the chance to stock up. I have no idea what my immediate future is……

  11. Tracey Reply

    I also have a problem taking sythroid or generic. My blood levels show normal but I feel horrible. Makes me furious that I’m forced to feel miserable for the next year. We should have a right to continue the med if it is just an odor issue.

  12. Jsun Reply

    I’ve been taking levoxyl for 15 years and am running into the same issues as everyone else with the shortage. Here’s what I’m trying to figure out: is this an opportunity to find a better medication? While most of my symptoms seem to be under control, I get terrible muscle twitching and muscle fatigue, and I think that’s related to my hypothyroid issues.

    It’s so hard to know what to trust on the net, but a lot of people apparently recommend Armour? I also read that the effective version of Armour has changed and is no longer available. Synthroid, armour–anyone have experience with these meds?

  13. jco Reply

    I have been having the same experience for several months on Levoxyl. I finally took the shortage for mysterious reasons as a good wake-up call to try the natural dessicated thyroid hormone. I figured I couldn’t feel WORSE than I was already feeling on Levoxyl and other synthetic generic and branded synthetic substitutes that were NO longer working if I made the switch. Within 48 hours I felt an immense difference on NATURE THROID. I was on Levoxyl for 7 years. I will never go back. The change could be felt from day to day. I still have not found an endocrinologist to prescribe it to me becasue there is SO much resistance. I got my GP to let me have a try, and had to wait for the pharmacy to get it in stock but I have not felt so good in YEARS! I highly encourage anyone out there on a synthetic to not be afraid to make the change. I am no longer bloated, achey joints. I am full when I eat – I digest my food in a couple of days not hours. I get full nights of SLEEP! I have never felt so good. I finally have the energy to exercise again. please do yourself a favor and just try NATURE THROID and see. My thyroid numbers got back to normal after 3 weeks being off the charts. The biggest issue I am having now is: I think the levoxyl damaged my LIVER!!! DOes anyone else have elevated LIVER ENZYMES FROM LEVOXYL???

  14. Jsun Reply

    JCO!! I have elevated liver enzymes as well. That’s crazy. I never even thought that it could be due to levoxyl, I just assumed I had one too many beers during the week, though I honestly don’t even drink that much.

    Sounds like we’re in the same boat. I never would have switched off of levoxyl because my thyroid tests were coming back normal, and the one time I tried to switch to generic was a nightmare, so I’ve just stuck with it. But now with the shortage, I’m looking at what other options are out there and I’m amazed at what I’m finding.

  15. brenda Reply

    I am so pissed !!!! NOT ONE company, pharmacy, Dr office could inform us !!!!! REALLY!! I am totally out !!! called for a refill and was told they aren’t making it anymore !!!! Drug company sells to pharmacy !!!
    WHAT THE HELL DON’T THEY COMMUNICATE WITH EACH OTHER!!! Walgreens said ” I don’t know why they quite making it!!!
    In my opinion this is negligence !!

  16. Betty Reply

    I began Levoxyl in 2004 because it was the only hypothryoid product that did not have acacia or povidone in its inactive ingredients. Many of you should realize that it is these (or other) inactive ingredients that often can be dangerous for the health of different individuals or cause serious allergic reactiions. For these reasons, I think both Pfizer (and its subsidiaries King and Monarch) and the FDA are being extremely callous in the manner in which they are handling this issue. The FDA showed the height of callousness when it authorized a generic Levoxyl (a Mylan product that contains povidone) that now is preferred by BC/BS Federal program and opened up a Pandora’s Box of ignorance when it comes to hypothryoid medications. These medications cannot be switched easily. I think that a law suit should be pressed against both Pfizer and the FDA for what appears to be an abuse of patients rights with regard to this medication. It is extremely difficult to believe that Pfizer is incapable of analyzaing and correcting the problem before 2014. We are not talking about a car parts recall here that can be alleviated by a care rental. We are talking about unique medication that is critical to the well-being of at least tens of thousands of people in this country and around the world.

  17. Mary Ann Reply

    I too just found out today when I went to refill my Levoxyl prescription that is has been recalled. I was able to get my prescription refilled with the 50 mg, my pharmacist cut the pills in half since I take 25 mg. It is very concerning that patients taking this vital medication were not notified by either the pharmacy or our medical doctors! I am going to ask about the Nature Throid, I have not heard this option but will check into it. Can the person who posted it tell me more about where to get this product? Thanks!

  18. Joan Reply

    I have been on Levoxyl for 9 years. About 6 years ago a Pharmicist at CVS changed my thyroid medication to something else. After taking the new drug for 9 days I thought i was having a heart attack. Also was not able to sleep more then an hour or two at the most. I t was so bad I called the pharmacy at 3.00am and talked to the pharmacist, she told me to bring the meds. over to her and she gave me Levoxyl. again. She told me it was against the law to change the brand of thyroid medication.So, my question is, what do we do now??? Do we stop taking this for how long before we start another brand. And then, if and when Levoxyl ever is on the market again, why should anyone switch back????

  19. S Reply

    I have read all of these comments and I too have high liver enzymes!!! I am paying thru the nose for tests being done on my liver!!!
    Now, they want me to get a liver biopsy that is even risky!!
    Are we just stupid guinea pigs????
    We deserve to know the truth about this medication!!!

  20. Cindy Reply

    I wish someone…anyone had told me about the recall of levoxyl, then I could have avoided the last 30 days of being extremely ill. I must have got a bottle that was contaminated. I’ve been taking this medication for 9 years after I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and my thyroid was removed, with no problems with the drug. Who would have thought this medication was causing my illness. After picking up my last bottle 30 days ago, within 24 to 48 hours I developed a fever, then extreme nausea, then full blown throwing up and the most horrible pain in my stomach, all while having a powdery, chemical taste in my mouth. I thought it was extreme stomach flu, but it wasn’t. Then the dizziness set in…it was horrible. I couldn’t see straight…my head felt swollen….thought I was dehydrated, but I wasn’t. I downed a gallon or more of water and sports drinks every day. That didn’t work, went to pedialyte…got some relief, but but it was only temporary. Found out I was helping to dilute the contaminated medication. Went to the doctor, he said I wasn’t dehydrated, put me on prednisone to see if it would help with the dizziness…it didn’t. Then I started having blackouts, and my heart was beating rapidly and abnormally, also shortness of breath. I was absolutely miserable. It was like a fog was over me and I couldn’t get any relief. The doctor couldn’t figure out what was going on, either. I thought it was maybe my BP med, so the doctor changed it to something else. I was still extremely ill, then I called to have my Levoxyl refilled and lo and behold, they said it had been recalled. My husband looked it up, being that I coudn’t see straight by now and read about the foul odors coming from the canisters that hold the medication. A lightbulb went on in my head and I immediately stopped the levoxyl. It’s been 48 since I last took it, and by yesterday afternoon I was already getting some relief. This morning I almost feel normal again, but I know it’s still in me, because it takes time to get every trace of it out of your system. Last night I had a dizzy spell just for a second, but it went right away, but I’ll take that any day compared to what I’ve been through. My heart is still beating abnormally, but all the other symptoms are almost completely gone. Last night I kept waking up and would feel my heart skipping beats. Calling the doctor today…again. Please, if you still have levoxyl, don’t take it for your own sake.

  21. Carol Reply

    I’ve been on levoxyl for years. I went to have it refilled and the pharmacist said it was recalled and I could not get my prescription. I was pissed when no one let me know about this before hand. My husband is also on levoxyl. Both of us had our thyroids removed. Now what. The doctor put me on synthroid and I got severe dizziness. What are we suppose to do??? If we had known we could have stocked up. What is happening to this world. Noone cares anymore not even the doctors. Now I am ready to try an holistic approach. We don’t know what to do ???

  22. Shirley Reply

    I would like to hear more about the Nature Thyroid!!!
    I would also like to hear from any doctors out there on this subject.
    The question is ,”Does levoxyl damage the liver and if so to what degree and what can be done about it?”

  23. Wendy Reply

    I found out about the recall a month ago. My doctor put me on Unithyroid. A little background: I’ve had thyroid issues since 1996/1997 which,come to find out, was a secondary medical issue the first being pituitary. Was finally diagnosed with a pituitary tumor in 2003. Had the tumor removed. I am unlike most with the typical ‘thyroid’ problem in that my TSH is always 0.01, typical for a pituitary patient. Yes, for some doctors/endorinologists they would say I was on too high if a dose of thyroid meds and drop the dose which would lead to all kinds of problems. My doctors have tried everything-Armour thyroid, didn’t help at all, Cytomel a major reaction and combinations of different levels of Levoxyl. Levoxyl is the only drug that pseudo works for me. It is a game trying to run after symptoms with medications. Personally I feel most doctors have no idea what they’re doing with endocrine issues that includes endocrinologists. As most of you know doctors like to claim ‘it’s all in your head.’ That’s an easy way to say ‘we have no idea what to do,’ so the easy way out is to blame you! Another easy way out is to put patients on medication like Levoxyl etc… Unfortunately it is the fillers and dyes that create the problems as many thyroid patients can not tolerate these additives. What to do… There is little you can do. You’re at the mercy of a system that has no clue. I had other doctors, my ENT and gynocologist, even write a pituitary ‘specialist’ I had at the time indicating my thyroid meds were too low because of all the edema I had especially with my vocal cords. FYI I am a proffessional singer and try keeping jobs when you can’t sing anymore. Three years of doctors playing around with my medications and finally back to Levoxyl. I never tried Synthroid due to some intolerance to the fillers in the drug. I’ve been reading about Tirosint but not sure and so have been put on Unithyroid. Have to say not working either. There has to be more to it. Due to my pituitary issues I have very little production of Growth Hormone, so low I have to be on injectable GH, Norditropin. That is an issue into itself! Could go into how bad insurance companies are about this expensive drug that keeps me alive. And every year I get denied by these insurance companies but due to a stimulous blood test, not IgF1, I’ve had to do twice now and fail each time it’s just a roller coaster of chasing, running and being an advocate for myself even with my own doctor. It’s a snowball effect when any of my medications change. So this drug, Unithyroid, that supposedly has been on he market for ‘years’ and was the first FDA approved thyroid drug, even before Synthroid, I am trying it. It’s all trial and error, unfortunately it takes months to see if a medication works and by the time you’ve been taki g it for three/six months you’re sick…again! Just wondering if there’s ever been any research with stem cells and thyroid/pituitary problems. Maybe in the future but probably not in our lifetime. Most endocrine patients, minus diabetes patients, are always jumping from doctor to doctor because the doctors have no clue what they’re doing because they don’t listen. It always seems to be the same symptoms-weight gain, hair loss, joint pain, swelling, brain fog, skin issues, teeth and gum issues, gynocological issues and the list goes on. Maybe if a few doctors get together and really listen, there could be a break through. Just a thought from someone who’s been pushing the envelope for a long time. Good Luck to everyone. Our voice needs to be heard! There are so many if us with these problems yet the problems still seem to be brushed off. Maybe strength in numbers could work. Keep being an advocate for this disease. Wonder if a lawsuit will happen due to this ‘recall.’

  24. Erica Reply

    I have been on Levoxyl for years and for the last couple of months i have been throwing up, bad headaches, at times my throat felt swollen, heart beating abnormal , and anxiety.i just thought maybe my thyroid was to low and was going to doctors soon for my yearly appt. I have been switched to synthroid i hope it makes me feel better.

  25. elizabeth Reply

    I have been on Levoxyl for years and also was surprised no told me about the recall. My tsh was 2.88 just 8 mos. ago and now .03 which is bordering on hyperthyroidism. I have been having many awful symptoms for the last several mos. I just found out there was also a recall not only for the smell but the dosages were off. I am sure my dosage was not what it was supposed to be.

  26. Jean Reply

    I am just now finding out about the recall after trying to refill RX. Can\\\\\\\’t figure why my endo didn\\\\\\\’t contac all her levoxyll patients to let them know. My pharmacy was very honest and told me the recall was due to inconsistent dosages. Such a bummer as synthroid was horrible but at least now I know why I have felt worse and worse over the last two months. I am going to try a compounded formula any thoughts ?

  27. gary Reply

    I went to pickup my .88 mc levoxyl refill middle of June. That\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’s when I found out about the recall. I was told a foul smell was the reason. I don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’t believe that to be the case. I receive a 90 day supply. About 30 days in, I began gaining weight. All my old injuries began acting up. Torn or severely strained pectoral muscle. Torn or severely strained quadriceps muscle. Constantly swollen & achy knee. General lack of energy. New injury, a strained groin from over compensating. I believe the levoxyl wasn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’t working, period. Why? I don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’t know. I speculate some ingredient was missing or not working as it should.

    I was prescribed the generic thyroxine. After a week, I was back to feeling normal. All my injuries/aches & pains, \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\”healed\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\” themselves again. There is more to the story than a \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\”strange odor\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\”.

  28. Judy Reply

    Have been taking Levoxyl for over 9 years. It worked great. Was on 1.25 daily and what a difference it made. Now since the recall I have been placed on two other brands and cannot tolerate the side effects. The flushing, the tremors, not sleeping, jittery, who is paying attention to our needs? Don’t know what the doctor will want to try next but do dread as you do not know what to expect.

  29. Ruby Reply

    If I die I hope my family sues!! Has anyone contacted the media about this???? I guess they are waiting for the first fatality. This is insane.

  30. Mary Ann Reply

    I was on levoxyl for 13 years and last November started to feel terrible aching joints, memory loss heaviness in arms and legs and my heart was beating so loud in my ears I was up all night. My thyroid levels start rising. I was so sick I thought my thyroid cancer came back. I had blood test and found out my tsh was up a lot. In the meantime I went to heart doctors, emergency rooms I was getting sicker. Then I found out about the recall. I’m on a different thyroid medication now and starting to feel alittle better. I believe there,s more to this recall than odor also.

  31. Karen Reply

    Since the Levoxyl recall, I have tried the Mylan Thyroid and felt okay, but not as good as my Levoxyl! So I am trying the Lannett (Unithroid) generic brand and again, feeling so-so. I felt so good for 10 years on Levoxyl! It changed my life! I lost 25 pounds and had my beautiful hair back and mentally, I became a 4.0 student. Now not to have it and be forced to try all these other generics with so many BINDERS!!! Binders make the difference. Oh and don’t even mention the pig pills! I had migraines all the time because of the high T3! And Synthroid is simply Sinful! I would never take that medicine again. It will leave you brain dead for sure! I hope they don’t change Levoxyl’s formula, because my TSH was always perfect and I looked great and felt great! This is ridiculous how something like this could happen. I am extremely sensitive to everything and make a great little guinea pig! I tell you, Levoxyl was as close to perfection for me as could be! Please bring it back Pfizer!

  32. Amber Reply

    I can only take Levoxyl because I\’ve had reactions to synthroid and generic. My mom has the same problem too and did some research and spoke with her doctor. We are now on Tirosint and has been working great. It is more expensive but there are coupons and such online. It is a liquid gel capsule and does not have the fillers or so I was told. My doctor had not heard of it yet but researched it and prescribed it to me and didn\’t need to change strength. Hope this helps.

  33. Karen G. Reply

    I was on Levoxyl from the beginning of hypothyroid problems (14 yrs. ago. 8 yrs. ago pharmacist changed meds every month for 6 months. My doctor didn’t even know what I was taking at that point. Therefore with the changes each month I blew up like a balloon. Three yrs. and 4 doctors later I was BACK on Levoxyl and the same dosage. Yes, 7 different thyroid meds one after the other before I returned to Levoxyl. It went from generic to name brand and my pharmacy didn’t want to fill Levoxyl. I switched to Kaiser and requested problem till now with the recall. Finally, I was getting my body back and now this. I just talked to a pharmacist with Pfizer that couldn’t have cared less!! This is the second time I’ve contacted them the first was when pharmacy couldn’t refill in May. So, now I have in 53 days LOST half of my hair!!! I have been taking Levothyroxine 100mcg by Mylan. I could tell when I got meds from Pfizer and King there was a difference and now they merged…oh yea. So what do we do now…I’m on the band wagon!!! Nothing else worked but Levoxly and Pfizer said today it will NOT be on the market till sometime in 2014. That means The HELL with us that have paid for their multi billion dollar business. I’m sick in more ways than one now…tired, hair loss and no energy along with depression…prior to recall back on Levoxyl felt just fine. For the record never noticed odor with Levoxyl. I noticed change in one week of taking Levothyroxine..dry hair and second week falling out major and the hair loss has not slowed down nor stopped. Law suit sounds good to me!!! Something needs to be done!!!! Pfizer doesn’t give a ____ that’s a fact!!! Do we go to Canada ( different maker?) would that be possible!! Help anyone and Thanks to all of you for sharing!!

  34. Beverly Reply

    I started out on my thyroid quest 10 years ago. My first drug was Synthroid. After the first month or so I was having severe heartburn,man burps(loud &harsh),fatigue,big weight gain and rapid heart/panic attacks.Had an ekg done,came back fine. Before Synthroid felt completely fine,after Synthroid I was a total wreak. My Dr. switched me to Levoxyl which at first was great,felt better,lost weight.They kept changing doses,88 mcg to higher and higher doses,up to 175mcg. I got to the point of losing 30+ pounds,not sleeping or eating and bad panic attacks. My Dr. finally got my dose evened out after 3-4 years.I was doing great then the Levoxyl recall and now I do this all over again. I\\\’m on Levothyroxine 100 and I feel like I\\\’m dying. Massive side pain/gas/constipation,heartburn,fatigue,emotional swings. After reading forums I believe it\\\’s the levothyroxine.What do you do,who do you trust.Too many conflicting info. I\\\’m thinking Tirosint will hopefully work.

  35. Karen Reply

    I go to the specialist tomorrow. I’m not doing well on Levothyroxine at all ;85 pills later!! Hair is half gone, night sweats, crying, so very tired ..NOT myself at all. Brain function, memory is getting so bad; I’m scared. I did so well on Levoxyl!! It was what my body likes not the 7others I’ve been put on at times. WHAT IS THE ANSWER FOR ALL OF US???? LEVOXYL HAS BEEN MY LIFE LINE AND NOW what??? King/Pfizer should be sued!!!! What price do we have to pay to have a normal life?? However, doesn’t seem they care much if we have a life at all!!

  36. Sue Reply

    I\’ve switched to the generic Unithrod from Walgreens and don\’t seem too much of a difference-blood tests will come back and suspect I;ll need a dose increase as I tire more easily.

    It is quite normal to need a different dose when switching between brands-this isn\’t because one med is \”better\” than the other, it is how our body processes the binders and is able to absorb the thyroid med.

    This has definitely been a PITA, but this is life and life is seldom fair and balanced.

  37. kat Reply

    I am going through the same nightmare as all of you. I cannot take the synthroid and have been on the levoxyl for thirteen years and it worked perfect. I contacted Pfizer CEO Ian Reid and the FDA and reallydid not accomplish anything. I will give you the phone numbers and I hope that you all call. The FDA phone number is 1-855-543-3784. Corporate office for Pfizer is 1-212-733-2323 and ask to speake to CEO-Ian Reid. Also, calling your Senator and Representatives at the Federal level could help. I agree that going to the media both newspapers and social media may do something. I am a diabetic and have ahd cancer five times in the last six years. I cannot afford to “play” with the generics until one works or kills me. Finally, I learned from another blog that the Sandoz levothyroxine is the most like levoxyl. My doctor gave me enough samples of the levoxyl to last until September. If we all stick together and persist maybe we can make the “big” giant Pfizer quicken the process of making the levoxyl available.

  38. Karen Reply

    I miss my Levoxyl! I pray that Pfizer will bring it back on the market and not change the formula! Since the recall, I have tried all the generic T4’s and the Tirosint, which gave me nausea and then I finally threw up violently one day! Needless to say, it didn’t work too good. Unithroid causes tingling in my hands and feet. Sandoz thyroid gave me a whooping migraine and body aches! I am truly a sensitive guinea pig and if I can use it, about 99% of the world can too! Pfizer, Levoxyl, was perfect and made me feel good just about every day! Please don’t change it! There was nothing wrong with the formula. The accudose formula with the fewest binders was the best! You had a winning formula that was helping many people to get their lives back together again. This recall should have never happened at the expense of so many people getting sick! Facebook changes, Youtube changes, Coke Cola tried to change their formula………It is sick how we feel like we have to change things all the time. “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!” Whoever wrote this saying was not kidding! It is the truth!

  39. Karen Reply

    I just want Pfizer to know that a lot of people that have hypothyroidism have become sick as a result of their negligence! If you couldn’t handle the responsibility for manufacturing thyroid medicine, then you should have never offered King’s Pharmaceuticals a billion dollars, at the expense of screwing with people’s health. I wonder if this is just an American Pharmaceutical problem; how so many viable, (useful) medications bounce from one Pharmaceutical manufacturer to another, only thinking of the almighty dollar and never thinking that there are real people, possibly (including some of your family members) taking these medicines. Remember, if someone has their thyroid gland taken out due to cancer etc., they will have to be medicated for life or they will die!!!!!!! The thyroid gland controls all the metabolism in the body; the brain, heart rate, respiration and as my Anatomy teacher once said, that there are still some unknowns about this much needed gland. Just because there are other medicines out there like Synthroid, Unithroid, Mylan, Sandoz, Armour, Nature throid, West throid, Tirosint; did I miss any? I personally have tried them all and for my body chemistry, Levoxyl was close to perfect as can be. No side effects!!! Right now, I am taking Unithroid and feel horrible! Even my vision is off!! Yes, some people are more sensitive than others, regardless of the reasons why; Levoxyl had/has a much cleaner or smoother feel to it. You had a winning formula here that helped many people to feel their best. When I got on Levoxyl, after being on Synthroid for years, I lost 30 pounds without even trying with the same equivalent dose. When I took my pill, I would just go about my business and have a decent day. Now that I, over a period of now 4 months, (tried 4 thyroid medicines) when I take them, I know something is different. They are not smooth and come with some body aches, headaches, heart palps, vision disturbances etc. This is real, and I know probably millions will be affected negatively by this. I pray in the future that the laws in this country will change for the better and that the patients that are doing good on a medicine; that the formula will not change and that the Pharmaceutical company will sell to a company that has integrity and really cares about the consumer! American has gone the wrong way and needs to make amends for putting the almighty dollar before the man/women. I also think there needs to be some sort of thyroid union that can ensure that we will have access to our life saving medicine, and if a medicine has a certain amount of consumers; that they cannot just say that they won’t be able to manufacture for a year of so! For some people, a year can mean death if they can’t find a medicine that makes them feel right. Trust me, not all these thyroid medicines work in each body the same way. In theory that would be ideal, but in reality, it just isn’t going to happen! Pfizer, please bring Levoxyl back and do not change the formula! “If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it”!

  40. Karen Reply

    I called FDA and Pfizer today to once again relay our issues not having Levoxyl. I took Mylan Levothyroxine from June thru Sept. very dark thoughts and no quality of life. I didn’t take it for the past 7 weeks; blood work shows I need to be on something. So, now I’m going to try Sandoz Levothroxine. However, on another message board it was mentioned there is a natural Westhiroid P (WP thyroid) medicine that might work. Latest is Levoxyl will return Jan 2014( who really knows) when I have Levoxyl in hand is when I know it’s back.

  41. Susan Reply

    Well it has now been 3 weeks I have been without my Levoxyl or any Thyroid Meds at all . I really feel as though I am ready to jump out of my ever so growing body. I can\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’t function for being so very very tired . I really feel as though I could pop someones head off and well you all know the rest . I have gained a whole jean size . My face is breaking out . My Head hurts so so bad . and I can\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’t think straight . I secretly cry when no one is watching , I just don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’t feel good at all ………………… My voice is getting hoarse again . I stay cold and achy.

    I had some Levothyroxine that I was given a few months back by the Pharmacy . I thought they made a mistake and I called them and they corrected it and gave me my Levoxyl. Little did I know until just last month They wouldnt be making Levoxyl any longer . HAHA yeh this is what I was told by the Pharmacy. I knew that couldnt be right and looked online to see what in the world , and where I could get some . Then learned of the RECALL . not once but twice Pfizer has had to recall Levoxyl this year . Once for Odor and once for the Chemical compound not being right .

    I hope you all understand . Thyroid medicine is not like most drugs , you can\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’t just switch from one to the other and back and forth . They are different Chemical Compound structures . They work differently . So if one does work the others may or may not . SO don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’t be fooled if you start on one of the others and don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’t feel like yourself . Tell your Doc and don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’t stop until they listen .

  42. KG Reply

    check out
    it is another message board sharing their bad/rough times without the Levoxyl lifeline
    Pfizer and the FDA don’t seem to care…year has passed
    one thyroid medicine put me in such a dark place so again I’m taking nothing. My last hope is finding a compound pharmacy and my doctor writing me a script. Who knows when Pfizer will return Levoxyl even though we all know the cost will have gone way up

  43. KG Reply

    call Pfizer 1-212-733-2323
    CEO Ian Reid
    FDA 1-855-543-3784

    Voices be heard!!! What if we were their loved ones

  44. KG Reply

    Since May of 2012 I\’ve tried two meds. 1st one almost cost me my life. Not until I missed a dose (Mylan) and then another did I really know the dark place it had sent me. My brain felt better and suicide wasn\’t my every thought. I had lost 2/3 of my hair, night sweats, tears, no energy, no sleep, no job now. Not my normal life at all!!!! Seven wks with no thyroid meds and then I tried (Sandoz) five wks later heading right back into the dark place, night sweats, crying etc. hair loss wasn\’t as bad however did begin toward the end. I stopped it and now 2 wks later I\’m taking nothing. Blood shows I do have to take something but Levoxyl is the only one my body will tolerate and I had already experience this yrs ago. Sandoz also made me retain water and blow up. Pants that fell off in 2 wks were skin tight. I really hate the hopelessness this recall had put upon me. What has helped are the message boards I found with all of you sharing. Strength in numbers!!! Thank you all!!! You are special and dear people!!!! Happy New Year to all and may we get our lives back 2014!!!!

  45. Tammy Jan 17 2014 Reply

    thanks so much for the info. Ive been taking levoxyl and it was changed to levothyroxine and strenth raised from .75 to 1.0. Now i have headaches, sweating, neck aches, twitching that i didnt have before. Some thing else more serious though; has anybody had trouble with their eyes like involuntary squinting? cant read, have trouble driving my car. please let me know!!!

  46. KG Reply

    I called Pfizer today…they say mid 2014 now, April or later. At this point Pfizer could not return it at all because they don’t care about us for sure!! I had hoped another drug company would have produced Levoxyl and got our business. Makes me angry that this has happened and Pfizer gets away with robbing us of a doable life.
    Tammy….yes I have had issues like you. No squinting though just affected vision. Pfizer should be punished!!!! Another message board
    Levoxyl Shortage Affecting Thyroid Patients

  47. Bobbi Reply

    I was on Levoxyl for 20yrs, worked great, had my gland removed, on levoxyl I maintained my weight, my hair came back, my nails became strong, I take supplements.
    Then it went off the market and nothing is working for me that I can afford.
    I DISLIKE THE SYNTHROID. My nails are weak, hair has become very thin, struggle with my weight.


  48. Tina Reply

    I agree with alot of the coments being made, I was on levoxal for 8 years. I had my throid glands removed on September 26,2005. After the surgery they originaly put me on Syntroid, and could not get my levels straightened out. I then switched to an endo doctor that said I was on the edge on being a diabetic, he switched me to levoxal and after about 3 years finally got them leveled. Still after that I still had blood draws every 6 months with some increasing. Now I had to go back to synthroid, Im tired alot, I have gained weight, hair loss and my nails are hard and brittle, my toe nails grow really weird. I dont sleep very well. Is there anything we can do about this? I would just like to feel good and feel good about myself but its hard at times. No matter how many blood draws I have my levels are never the same.

  49. barbara Reply

    I was taking 125 last sept 2014 by oct 2014 I went blad will I get my hair from this meds call levothyroxine I was never on 125 mg I think i’m still getting too much in me I cry when I lost my red hair from this meds none wants to help me get my hair back now they put me back on 112 mg I hate this meds I been on over 15 years

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