LG Washing Machine Recall Issued Due to Injury

  • Written by: Russell Maas

About 457,000 LG washing machines have been recalled, after hundreds of reported involving problems where the appliances vibrated excessively, causing property damage in nearly 200 cases and at least one personal injury. 

The LG Electronics top loading washing machine recall was announced by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) on December 18, after 343 reports of washing machines vibrating excessively. The problem can occur when the drum comes loose, which could pose a risk for consumers.

An unbalanced washing machine load can cause violent vibrations, which could knock the drum loose while in use. This could cause the machine to fall.

Water-proof or water-resistant items such as mattress pads, mattress covers and similar items may increase the chances of loads being unbalanced, the CPSC warned.

The recall consists of six models of LG and Kenmore Elite Brand top loading washing machines. The recalled LG model numbers are WT5001CW, WT5101HV, WT5101HW and have serial numbers 002KW******* through 111KW*******. The Kenmore Elite model numbers are 29002, 29272, 29278, and have serial numbers 005KW****** through 111KW*******. Both model number and serial numbers can be found on a label located on the back of the machine at the top.

The LG models were sold at Best Buy, Home Depot, Kmart, Sears and local retailers nationwide and the Kenmore Elite models were sold at Kmart and Sears. Both models were manufactured by LG Electronics Inc. of South Korea and sold in beige, white, and graphite steel colors nationwide throughout the U.S. from April 2010 to December 2012 for between $899 and $1,099.

The CPSC advised consumers to immediately stop using the recalled items and contact LG at (855) 400-4639 or visit and click on “Public Notices” for LG models. Consumers with Kenmore Elite brands should contact Sears or Kmart at (888) 812-2934 or visit and click on “Customer Service Home” and proceed to the “Product Recalls” link. Owners of both models will receive a free in-home repair of the machine, new caution label, and supplemental information to be inserted in the owner’s manual.

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  1. rahim123 Reply

    The origins of the Schulthess Group goes back over 150 years. In 1909, they began construction of their first washing machines. In 1949, the Schulthess Group backed the creation of punched card control for washing machines. In 1951, production of Europe’s first involuntary washers machines started. In 1978, the first microchip-controlled automatic washing machines were produced.

  2. Lisa Reply

    I received the letter about this washer machine and called for the service required. (I have the Kenmore with 29278000 model no.). The repairman said LG sent the letter prematurely and that it should have been model no. 29278900, so mine wasn’t included; however, he highly recommended I get an extended warranty since this model breaks down often and now that it’s 2.5 years old it’s out of the warranty period provided when I bought it. He said he would have charged me over $100 just for the service call. Of course, he offered to sell me the warranty. I declined and mentioned that my washer does shake and rattle when in the spin cycle, but I had never tried to wash anything waterproof to know if the item would catch on fire.(as mentioned in the recall letter.) He replied if he changed the software in my washer it would make it run indefinitely when I started it. What is going on here- I wondered if this is a scam or something to sell the extended warranty-is there a class action lawsuit about these washers?

  3. Susan Reply

    Lisa, same here – the technician told me as well that the software “fix” will not work. Good thing you didn’t have it done because they cannot (or will not) revert it back. I wasn’t so lucky. Had the software update and my machine is toast. It will not complete a cycle at all. Fills up 4 times and each time becomes unbalanced. After the second tech left, he told me that it will never be fixed. It’s been a complete nightmare with Sears. I’ve been 3 weeks without a washer. When you purchased your washer, were you told you had limitations on what you could wash? (i.e., no waterproof items – rain coat, mattress pad). Well, the tech told me even after the “fix” these items still cannot be washed.

  4. Perri Reply

    Susan – I am having similar problems after the “fix” when my machine was completely fine before. Have they been able to fix your washer?

  5. Adele Reply

    , WT5101HV, This is my model number. I received no letter about the recall. I just happen to call again about the foul scent coming from the washer. Ours was bought in June 2011. They came out for the recall, however while fixing that they smelled the foul scent. When removing the bottom the tub inside underneath, it was built up with mildew and I believe mold, there is still black stuff in the tub next to my washer. The person that came said he is an engineer for Lg, told me to get whirlout to clean it. These washers are a hazard to ones health..but that’s just me talking and I’ve asthma.

  6. Bruce Reply

    Does anyone else find it strange that they are doing a recall to fix the result of a problem with the design of their machine rather than fix the problem itself. LG\\\’s solution seems to be to tell people that they can no longer wash certain items that normally you would expect to be able to wash in LG\\\’s or anyone elses machine. This is rediculas when you spend this much for a washing machine. Now you have to go to a laundromat to was these items or buy a new machine.

  7. Ginny Reply

    They came out to my home to put a part in the machine for this recall but I still can not wash a raincoat, bathroom rug or a any other article of clothing that is water resistant . Are they crazy they did not fix the problem. How about giving the customers a washing machine they can actually use to wash their kids winter coasts in . We need to take this to the attorney general

  8. Linda Reply

    Been without our LG washing machine working for ONE MONTH now since the recall \\\\\\\”update\\\\\\\” was done in July. NO help from the LG company. Just \\\\\\\”run around\\\\\\\” from them and disrespect from supervisors causing me especially, and my husband anxiety and stress! I worked hard to pay for this washing machine and it was working perfectly before LG did this recall \\\\\\\”update\\\\\\\”!

  9. Cory Reply

    Having a real problem between Sears and LG purchase the machine LG not on the recall list yet but shaking and about to come out of its skin anyone else having this problem please post

  10. kristin Reply

    I was also never told i could not wash certain items. Also bleach dispenser is rusting, agitator, motor replace and now i am told the transmission is bad. LG will take no responsibility

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